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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 1, 2015 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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[applause] because i turn down tens of millions of dollars and i will feel so stupid. really, so i hope it's appreciated. no business of any size from a fortune 500 company to a mom and pop shop how many people own a
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shop? grade business, right? when you were in the same category now because the taxes are too high. is that right? no business of any size from a fortune 500 company to a mom-and-pop shop to a freelancer come you have a lot of them in new hampshire, freelancers, living from gig to gig who will pay more than 15% of their business income. we are not going to take all the money away anymore and people aren't going to create jobs if you do that. we are going to have -- this is a job creator. this is real. this will be really dynamic. this will be something special. a lot of people that don't know, they don't get it. many people that do really get it. a one time repatriation is what
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i'm talking about all the money coming back in of a corporate cash held overseas at a significantly discounted rate of 10%. in other words we will tax than 10% and they will have the money in our country instead of having it oversees. [applause] a tax rate of 10% and the end to the of taxes on corporate income earned abroad. so what you are going to do is you are going to tremendous incentives for people even if they are doing business abroad. but you will bring the money back into the united states and they are going to put the money back even if they just give it out in dividends because the people getting the dividends are going to spend the money. you are talking about trillions of dollars. trillions of dollars and believe me i told it before they say it's 2.5 billion, i say it's much more than that. nobody even knows. so corporate inversions and we
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will have companies not leave. in the old days people would leave new york and they would go to florida where they would leave new jersey and go to texas where the taxes are low. now they leave the united states and they go to ireland and they go to other countries where they have lower taxes. with what i'm doing they are not going to be leaving and we will have say you are staying. they are not going to leave anymore so it really works. what we want to do now is reduce or eliminate many of the business loopholes because we are lowering the taxes so much that we can get rid of these tremendously complicated loopholes and in the end of business taxes are going to be lower than they were before but you're not going to have accountants for you have tax returns that go up through the ceiling if you have a business. it's going to be simple. it's going to be less taxes and is going to be simple. we are going to be in a position
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to do some amazing things and so many people are so thrilled about what i've said about taxes. i thought i would review this for you. at trump tower we had a great turnout so let's talk a little bit about isis and let's talk about our country. we spent so much money, so much money in the middle east, just spends trillions just in iraq $2 trillion just in iraq. not to mention more importantly the lives and those who i love. these are the greatest of all. we don't take care of them but these are the greatest of all, the wounded warriors. [applause] we have a president who doesn't know what he is doing. we have a president who looked
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like remember he said it was the jv. he looked like a jv last week when he compared us in new york. [applause] so now we have putin saying i'm going into syria and i'm going to not hell out of isis he said and i'm saying what's so bad with that? that's okay. but i also say we want to be strong. we can't let him push us around. the problem we have is we have a president who is not respected by putin. he's not respected. he leaves new new york, new york, leads the united nations. a couple of days later he has massive amounts of artillery and planes and everything else. all quickly done. we would never act like that. we would never act like that. i saw one of the jentleson i
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won't mention his name one of the top generals who said what do you do about isis, can we went? oh i don't know. i don't know. do you think general george patton would say i don't know? [applause] do you think he would say that? i don't know. he smacked the reporter in the face, kick him in the lips. he would give bass to that guy. for general douglas macarthur the highest marks. i'm a big person in academia. the highest in the history of west point general macarthur. can you imagine him saying i don't know what the do about it? we have people though now. either they are so constrained by politics that they won't say that we have to be tough and we have to be strong. at the same time i want to rebuild this country. we have riches that are falling
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down. we have 60% of our bridges that are in danger. we have roadways that are coming apart. we have airports that are third world. if you go qatar and saudi arabia and you go to some these countries, china you see airport likes of which you have never ever seen before. and then you come back in the land at laguardia. potholes, potholes. you land in laguardia or newark or lax and you walk into a filthy terminal that's falling apart and that's what we have. we used to be the leader. we have to rebuild their own country and when you are 19 trillion you want to take care of the fed of the feds anyone to build up the military because i will build up the military so strong. [applause] nobody is going to mess with us, nobody. nobody. with that being said you have to
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know when to use it. you have to know when. so in 2004 and 2003 i said don't go into iraq. i didn't know that much about iraq but i knew this. iraq and iran were always fighting and they are equals. go 10 feet this way and go 10 feet this way and they use poison gas or saddam hussein who is terrible but then they rest for a few years. nobody ever moves. is that right? so i said i don't know if they have weapons of mass distraction and it turned out to be false but if they do they will use it on my ram. that was iraq but if you were one of those two powerful agents of the other one's going to take over. you will have a totally destabilized middle east. that was in reuters 2004 in june or july. a big story, trump opposed them
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doing it. again i'm the most militaristic person in this room but you have to know when to use it. of all of these guys that blew up the world trade center they sent their families back to saudi arabia. why are we going after iraq right now? the family sent back to saudi arabia. they didn't go back to iraq. we know nothing. we know nothing. so here's what happens. we totally wiped out iraq, totally destabilized the middle east, gave other people ideas that you can knock things out. iran as you sit here tonight is taking over iraq which by the way has one of the richest oil reserves in the world.
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they are unbelievable in iraq, underground. one of the biggest in the world. so they totally take over and they are going to very soon so we spent all this money and all the slides in all these wounded warriors and we have nothing. we have nothing because we have stupid leadership. now, if you know anything about the soviet union you want the real truth is soviet union broke up because they spend so much money in afghanistan. they spend so much money that they were going bust and that's the primary reason are certainly one of the primary reasons that the soviet union broke up. the afghanistan people, a friend of mine is a big war historian among the best fighters in afghanistan. so now we have the soviet union who wants to go to syria and they want to knock the in hell out of the people and we are fighting beside and we are
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fighting serious. just put it together. they say that's not a good reason. give me a break. we have isis that wants to take on a side -- assad. why do you let them fight for a while? i right? [applause] i guarantee assad is sitting back saying that president is one of the dumbest human beings on earth. it's true. [applause] so you have isis that wants to fight assad and we are bombing them. we are not doing the job but we are certainly hurting them so they're not going after him. now you have russia and iran. iran became powerful because it gave them so much money aside from the nuclear but we gave
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them 170 billion. there will be terrorists all over the world who have so much money into them 150 billion is a little money. with us not the same. you have iran and russia on the side of assad but they both want want -- russia once isis because because they come don't want them coming into russia. they don't want them coming into russia. you have the migration because serious such a disaster and i hear we want to take in 200,000 series -- syrians and they could be isis, i don't know. did you ever see a migration like this? they are all strong looking guys. there are so many men and there aren't that many women. i say to myself why are they fighting to save serious? why are they migrating all over europe? so now, now you have secretary
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kerry. i think he will go down as the worst secretary of state after hillary clinton because of the deal. she was terrible but i think he will go down as worse because of this deal. the number i'm hearing is inconceivable. started off with 10,000. there are 200,000. we are going to take in 200,000 syrians were but they from. we have no idea. there's no identification and there's no anything. i will tell you right now and i'm putting everybody on notice and hopefully this gets outside of the room and i guess it will with all these crazy cameras. i'm putting the people on notice that syria is part of this mass migration that if i win, if i win they are going back. i'm telling you, they are going back. [applause]
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because military tactics are very interesting. this could be one of the great tactical flaws of all time. a 200,000 man army may be. or 50,000 or 80,000 or 100,000. we have got problems and that could be possible. i don't know if don't know for days but it could be possible so they are going back. they are going back. i'm just telling you. if that combats great and if i lose i guess they are safe but if i when they are going back and i know a lot of people are saying that's not nice. we are taking care of the whole world and loosing our shirts on everything we do. everything we do. [applause] tonight i'm doing a show on "cnn" at 10:00 and the question was asked to me why don't you
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give us policy with respect? your attitude is someone the middle east. middle east. why do you tell us exactly what you were going to do in syria what you're going to do in iran. i don't want to tell you. i think my biggest other -- everybody says "cnn" did a poll. i'm through the roof on jobs and through the roof on leadership and everything other than some people don't think i'm a nice person. i am a nice person. i love people and i want to help people but you know. think you. [applause] actually a to the best in new hampshire i won south carolina because they have gotten to know me. i am here so much. once i get out i think people will find out. i just want to do the right thing and i tell the story about
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a woman. she said you think you are nice enough? people are tired but i said to this nice person don lemon i said don i want to be unpredictable. i do business article and i love winning. i beat this group for something and it turned out to be great. one of my opponents not in a bad way but a respectful way said the thing about trump is he's so unpredictable. we don't know what the hell he's going to do. and i said i want to be unpredictable. so when they ask me. [applause] said as patton and macarthur and anyone who is smart so when they ask me what i want to do is serious. i know what i want to do but i don't want them to say trump is going to do this.
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i want to be unpredictable. it's so important. we have to do it. does anybody agree with me? [applause] and maybe if you are unpredictable the stupid people are going to say well he doesn't know. when obama says we are leaving iraq on a certain date these iraqi soldiers that comprised isis. they didn't want to fight for iraq because iraq was a corrupt government. $50 million in cash. i want to know who were the soldiers that are carrying cash of $50 million cash? how stupid are we? i wouldn't be surprised if the
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cache didn't get there. i have to be honest. but remember when obama was saying we are leaving iraq as of a certain date. now the opponents said wow that's great. let's just wait a year and a half. that's what happened and this in this way left they knocked that that -- he out of everybody. [applause] they not the hell out of everybody. obama. this great person. we will leave. he gave a date certain we will be out. and these are tough fighters especially when they have something they want to fight for. they do want to fight for corrupt government. i want to be unpredictable. i would never have given the dam. i've might have said we will stay there for 20 years and stay
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fraternity and these other guys would say we give up. honestly they would have said that. we shouldn't have been there what we were doing okay towards the end and then we took everybody out. we are going to be there forever and i didn't want to go in. i would have said we are never leaving. we are never leaving. they would have said okay this guy is leaving, we are out of here. [applause] so i love the people of new hampshire. i love you. [applause] i love the people of this country. i didn't really want to do this. people thought it would run because they say why would he do this?
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the press is horrible. maybe not all of it but horrible. it's hard. they say why would he do at? i do it as we have a chance to make this country greater than it has ever been before. i really believe that. [applause] and if i didn't believe that i wouldn't do it. i wouldn't do it. the one thing i will warn you about i don't think we can go on line is much longer. i think this election is so important because we cannot continue going like we are going on right now. we need a real leader. we want somebody that loves the country, truly loves the country, truly wants to make it work. [applause] and i can promise you this. i can promise you this.
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if i get elected president we will indeed make america great again. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. [applause] thank you. [applause] thank you everybody. the senate committee hears from congressman scott -- scott tipton about the consequences of the august wastewater spill
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caused by an epa cleanup team method gold team mine. thursday's senate judiciary subcommittee considers the fiscal and security implications of the obama administration's plan to increase the number of syrian refugees admitted to the u.s.. studentcam a c-span's annual documentary competition for grades six through 12. it's an opportunity for students to think critically of issues of national importance by creating a five to seven minute documentary in which they can express those views. it's important for students get involved because it gives them the opportunity and a platform to have their voices heard on issues that are important to them so they can express those views by creating a documentary.
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we do get a wide range of entries. the most important aspect for every documentary that we get is going to be content. we have had one as in the past created by using a cell phone a cell phone and we have others that are created using more high-tech equipment but once again it's the content that matters that shines here in these documentaries. we have had many different issues that they have created video content that are important to them ranging from me environment and economy showing a wide variety of issues that are important to students. >> we have come to the consensus that humans cannot run without food. >> children with disabilities were given the opportunity of an
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education. c what is the most important thing that you want the candidates to discuss in the presidential campaign? it has fallen into the campaign season and there are many different candidates. one of the key requirements in creating a documentary is to include c-span footage. this footage should complement and further their point of view and not just dominate the video but it's a great way for them to include more information on the videos that further their point. >> the first bill i will sign today is the water resources reform and development act also known as word up. >> fish sticks and mystery meat tacos. >> is a vital role that the federal government plays that is especially vital for students with disabilities. >> studentcam web site.
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they will find teachers tips rubrics to help them incorporated into the classroom and more permission about prices incorporating c-span video and ways to contact us if they have any further questions. the deadline for this year's competition is january 20, 2016 which is exactly one year away from the next presidential and not duration. former massachusetts governor and republican presidential nominee was interviewed at the washington ideals form wednesday. he spoke about his own campaign, campaign finance reform and donald trump. this is 30 minutes. [applause] governor romney thank you very much for joining us and i'm
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hoping we can do a little politics and the little policy over the course of the time that we have with you and i would love to start out with the race on the republican side if you don't mind. ronald reagan has his 11th commandment thou shall not speak ill about a republican candidate and i will ask in your capacity as a party elder what do you make of this and the amount of name calling much of it emanating from donald trump. >> i think mr. trump's entry into the race and yesterday he said some of the things he said about other candidates have been childish. that's a fair characterization coming from him and for a long time the other candidates that i'm just going to ignore it and not respond and i think that they found that did not help them.
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carly fiorina did that well in the last debate. i think that is help them so it's unfortunate to have had the kind of personal attacks that we have seen in the process but i think the 11th commandment was quickly lost in this race and that makes it harder for us in general. >> one of the unusual things we are seeing right now is the three top candidates on the republican side have zero government experience whatsoever in utah a great deal about how valuable it would be to have the governors president of the united states. we have seen two governors dropout so far. is that concerning to you? >> it's been a while. we have had people that didn't have extensive government experience. dwight eisenhower comes to mind and it's a guy who came in the business world i can't denigrate business experience as preparation for government
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service but surely having had some experience with the legislature and executive branch and so forth would be of value but i wouldn't disqualify someone just because they haven't served in washington or in the statehouse. we do have however two brackets some people say in our party and the insurgent brass get -- bracket the mainstream conservative bracket and i recognize right now there's a lot of attention given to the insurgents bracket but i think you will see one or two people emerge on the other side and they will get the visibility and it will come down to a race between one from each. >> just to be clear are you comparing donald trump to dwight eisenhower? [laughter] >> the parallel does not immediately jump to mind. but that said you don't have to
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have government experience to serve as the president. >> one of the areas that trump's been getting traction is with his criticism and assertions about the corrupting nature of money in politics and i would like to hear your take on that. how serious a problem do you think it is? tuc candidates saying things are not saying things as a consequence of the donations are the actions of super pacs and other players in the process? >> i think we have got a mess in the financial system with regards to campaigns right now. prior to president obama people are living by the federal spending limits and accepting federal matching dollars in the system was pretty well balanced between two parties. the president brushed aside the federal spending limits and now we have the funding. i think john mccain raised 30 or 40 million his campaign. we had to raise 1 million in
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mine and the numbers seem to be a good deal larger this time around. ..
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>> >> you experience terror politics from the inside with the trope that politics is broken and somehow. the way we run our campaigns. is there anything else you have pointed to. >> with the attacks and counter attack and that half-truths' leveled back-and-forth is part of a process that yesterday or the day before that former president bill clinton who said his e-mail troubles are only the fault of the media
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and the opposition party. i thought who else would it be? that is how it works. >> truth but told the media did not put the server in her house. >> he blames the fact the attention is drawn to this mistake on her part from the opposition party in the media. so i don't know if i have a lot of concern about the primaries the and the debates i take it is an open process i like with my party be have a lot of candidates running. the democratic party have given more visibility but i think one of the reasons you see as much anger is the sense that nothing is happening in washington.
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that goes back to their rules in the senate is that basically says unless you have 60 you cannot get anything through the senate anymore and it makes sense for the senate leadership to consider a modified filibuster rule that if the white house in the senate are in different hands, then perhaps you don't, the filibuster rule and ago tuesday white house with a simple majority may be for certain times when dash types and not others but there is nothing happening bad bills don't get to the president's desk. i would like to see more get to the president's desk.
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>> you said you do have a lot of candidates in your party it is a cacophonous race. will you support donald trump? >> i will support the nominee at all the fed is donald trump. [laughter] my party has nominated a mainstream conservative someone with a foundation of policy over the weekend tromps said it is a good idea to let isis takeover
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syria and we could pick up the pieces and that is absurd and dangerous in that proposal will lead him to be the nominee and that process can add a mainstream conservative because they have been so far to the right. do you agree that is the dynamic? >> look backers christie and marco rubio and jeb bush and lindsay gramm.
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and each of them has staked out territory that is not extreme. i don't conclude it is possible for a republican to win the general election actually i think we will. in part because we have such strong and capable people as the ones i have mentioned. >> any chance you could still get it? >> no. [laughter] >> colin powell said we often go into libya and iraq
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without an understanding of what will come next. he said in syria we have to focus on isis and removing a side -- anyone else is secondary. >> i will get to with your question but i will step back because what i have found with the president is that he consistently paid some self into a corner and say now what would you do? with the up options are limited. said the ambassador to syria and this president said we have no good options now. to say coalesce leadership
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and and we did not do that. that the combination of these events is mutual objectives and the president has been a foreign policy disaster. rhetoric is soaring but the results are terribly disappointing and foreign policy is disastrous. basically it was of policy of pulling back from old and leadership but to reset relations with russia we
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will give you more flexibility to walk back to privet to asia to not do that. the right answer for syria is for mayor cut tuesday and by its word when real stand by something we do it. we will not shrink our military in and we will exert leadership not just military leadership but a leader of the world stage again if you agree your disagree with the policies and the mistakes that he made are well known progress least he believed america should be of peter if we're going to be successful we have to be a leader there and around the world.
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i do believe you have to concentrate eliminating crisis and that means using our resources but they tell us we cannot fly over syria to eliminate a crisis that is our first priority at the same time. >> is that boots on the ground? >> you don't eliminate that as an option and say we will get rid of them but not do certain things. we will do whatever it takes if we take it the support from the nation's or others sufficient and then to put additional support and ultimately we want assad to go also. russia complicates things right now and once again we
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cannot allow them to be diverted but those who have been with the first day in office you agree with that? >> it was a lousy agreement i don't want to see that put in place we will see how iran responds but to do envelop a nuclear weapon over 10 years. did a nuclear rand is not acceptable. so it allows iran to read a its nuclear capacity of the technology to have the inspection regime we will
12:42 am
see how they go. and assuming we will be frustrated by the process. to put in place with the much tougher station regime. >> are they more restrained than her 50 years from now? >> the agreed rate gives enormous funding toward terrorist activities that it can use over the next 10 years and allows them to pursue nuclear technology so it doesn't huber their nuclear capabilities and that i don't want to continue. >> you brought up the assessment of this presidency and foreign affairs.
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it is of the quadrennial schedule of washington to enter the legacy evaluation period. and i wonder where you think of legacy will be? >> disappointing also. going back to the convention speech the elevated nation we will come together he has been extraordinarily divisive. i think what a lot of us had hoped for and poverty as the all-time high, a generational poverty. with our education system continues to fail the also generally we're not competitive globally with the competitive capacity and our military has been devastated in many respects
12:44 am
that debt is double. >> the recession's end is over but then all the recession's end. the federal reserve has continued with their pedal to the metal at now to give them a lot of credit for that but another bright spot is the energy sector but positive or negative the
12:45 am
rate of health care inflation has slowed down. but i think obamacare prosy and cons the people that have pre-existing conditions can get insurance but domestically ukraine and china and the south china sea. and now having capacity in jerusalem and israel but to
12:46 am
attack our friends in israel rather and africana end libya it is a devastating series of events. >> you saying better off with it and without? >> alan like to see them eliminated which does a better job that everybody gets insurance i would like to see personal hell savings accounts and those treatments that are mandated in a comprehensive plans taken hausa people could get a catastrophic policy. >> anything you could point to is it good for america?
12:47 am
[laughter] >> the answer is yes. i imagine a bit of a loss. [laughter] i mention in the recovery. ice said he could have made it worse. but poverty and education education, the deficit and race relations in these major issues and help the inflation rate has slowed down. that is positive. >> class question mark. >> there has been so mu>> thereh analysis of 2012 and presumably you have as well.
12:48 am
>> i am reminded walter mondale had the misfortune into block against ronald reagan he said of life and wanted to run for president in a the worst way and that is what i did. [laughter] so i go back and i wish i could do it again. >> uk and. [laughter] >> you learn from your experience. there are things there would do differently but clearly one of the things we have to do differently as a party that campaign on this french to of better job to connect with minority voters we believe those principles will help middle income and
12:49 am
minority families but that may make that clear the reason i am a republican or a conservative as i am convinced the policies are the most designed and effective to help middle-income families have higher wages am happy to sit back down there and argue that out. with anybody. >> said democratic policies are associated with the big heart but have not helped. but the challenge for candidates to talk about growth in gdp without making the connection.
12:50 am
and with small business formation because those of working properly create more word jobs when there is competition for more employees, wages go up and middle-income families and poor families to better. the only way i know to have real incomes rise. you can make inflated incomes rise but they don't have their real income increase that is something i did not communicate well enough. to say to the hispanic and asian americans they are designed to give a better education to gatt as of
12:51 am
poverty to create more jobs and better wages that is why we believe what we believe. i think we get minority populations to support our party. i wish i could do that properly and i will try to help others i believe our nominee will have that capacity. it is unfortunate some of the rhetoric has clouded the picture that people think we are anti-immigrant. nothing could be further from the truth. [laughter] my party is. the goal in negation massively of the top 25 companies in america top 2560% were founded '04 co-founded by
12:52 am
first-generation second-generation immigrant. we have a system that attracts the best in the brightest we need that and we want that to create more good jobs we want immigration to work with a one illegal immigration to swap illegal but the rhetoric is terribly unfortunate in many respects. but i want to stop legal immigration to be an ongoing source of vitality for our country it is the big plus. [applause]
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>> you can say the first to finance planted at the mission in sonoma with the 1830's that nobody in their right mind without wine label we were beginning to be better known. >> to purchase the rich and the late '50s they saw quite
12:55 am
a change in the industry and then to be though wine country and also here in sonoma county. >> we're on his beauty ranch also the range of good intentions this is where jack london lived until his death. he probably would have been right t long can run people came upon him in his office but he was productive year. 2/3 of his writings was published after he moved here white fang, 1906. the one year after he bought the ranch property. little lady of the big house
12:56 am
, jack clinton claimed he worked two hours a day writing he would write 1,000 birds a day before breakfast but the bill lot of that was spent he was trying to build the ranch so it could be a model and that took a lot of time. >>
12:57 am
>> tutus tactical difficulties we start his remarks already in progress. >> speeeighteen. >>translator: the
12:58 am
governmental instructions given with peaceful palestinian demonstrators where do you see this happening? why? ladies and gentlemen, do not respond to the israeli occupation instead we are working to spread the culture of peace between our people and in our region. to witness the day when our people and all people in our region will enjoy peace. with continued occupation in and the colonization and the burning of people. i will say it again. the burning of people.
12:59 am
of youth and children and infants. and the rest in and detention of people. to be an oasis of democracy. how could such as states except such assistance -- and existence of the organization that paralyzed and intimidate the holy sites? all under the israeli army which do not deter or punish.
1:00 am
mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, is it not time to end this injustice? is it not time to be dismantled with checkpoints hand barriers. to be removed for israeli blockade so our people cannot learn in freedom and dignity with racist than terrorist that is to destroy the two-state solution.
1:01 am
with the detainee's to live a long the families and communities in history. we ask you this question. >>. >>translator: ladies and gentlemen, despite all the obstacles see that establishment that they have worked to build the foundations at the national institutions. we have made real progress on the ground especially the
1:02 am
world bank and the imf. we will continue our efforts of our brothers and friends to be committed to international standards and their rule of law as a democratic state of law and in this context, we highly value the better life for our people and state institutions. with those international
1:03 am
organizations is not directed against anyone. but rather a in dash protecting our people with international standards to strengthening the international legal status. is this a mistake? going to that palestinian situation between them and our people we will maya accept temporary solutions or a fragmented state. we will not allow this or for those who are seeking to do it, but to do it really
1:04 am
would rather have a government of the organization but this is the country of holiness and peace in now to have benes journey this has been assigned it is still looking for peace. this is by the culture but
1:05 am
just recently or specifically on the 17th of may to be from palestine were canonized as scenes by his holiness at the vatican in the presence of tens of funston's from over the hill. on this occasion that they recognized in their agreement made between them and the state of palestine. this is our hope and to see
1:06 am
them go among the community of nations. and then to contribute the economic culture tuesday focus of the civilization. to have the effects on our people and the region. and with palestine comes peace. [applause] those who would like to speak with peace but they should stop but in favor of
1:07 am
the resolution for palestine as the united nations headquarters. [applause] today was the day when we raise the flag of palestine. >> but they have condemned
1:08 am
the right of the people. >> ladies and gentlemen, a member of european countries from the state of palestine but we live like to thank for the sake of palestine. [applause] speenineteen tune perform
1:09 am
once one in the netherlands and other? >> in this country so those doing it by the justice will require petty's. but for peace and justice. but to uphold these possibilities.
1:10 am
that they would fill their responsibilities. >> you were underwear that is really undermines the air force after kerry even that the treatment through negotiations. and the positions of the prime minister lead to nuclear conclusions that they are working in order to destroy the two-state solution it is a solution by
1:11 am
the security council. that we call for a peaceful solution with a two-state solution. and that is the timeframe since it is no longer useful to waste time in negotiations then what about the international airports? i caught up on the united nations particularly the secretary general of the
1:12 am
general assembly. >> we are asking for your predictions we cannot maintain the status quo. we are being hit from every corner. the results we have time. to find that tuesday's mission for the israeli government.
1:13 am
>> and the other system is
1:14 am
admissible. >> said of the traditional agreement but they should be implemented wherever but then with the israeli occupation and those that represent and more than 60%
1:15 am
and to be breached but it to be the boss in cairo, the president gave and speech by obama he called for the cessation but that is what is upon the '01 states of
1:16 am
ocean. the occupying power is under that jurisdiction so with a bs they have also violated but it refuses to review the ofs economic agreements to double up a and become independent for the palestinian the economy. i repeat. and to exploit their natural
1:17 am
resources. these foundations upon which these agreements are based and the measures taken to a new gate that traditional phase and all this has made that situation untrusting. >> but it's israel has no
1:18 am
choice that we will not remain the only ones committed by israel continuously. therefore we declare that we will not continue to be bound by these agreements and israel. because that status quo cannot continue but to be specific but they're not
1:19 am
permitted to those agreements. [applause] that is their responsibility for that situation. this is a decision taken but they are not listening.
1:20 am
but during this second world war. is to be 157 states or state. that was four times the number that they claim. but it be wonderful. >> host: other countries with the recognition and it signifies the status and
1:21 am
that organization with the senior parliament. why given all of that israel does not accept that? i must reiterate because a situation is unsustainable and we should implement what we just announced but looking at the position of power from the occupations they must believe bear the responsibility. at the same time and but to
1:22 am
when people continue. >> she is number 40 in line to confront with international law. we did not do so before with people with occupations. >> and to find among the international criminal court. >> yes as a member that
1:23 am
international law and international courts must see us from committing crimes. [applause] the deere not like to go here. in addition we would seek support including the international criminal court. ladies in and gentlemen talk about freedom and human dignity of state to all the papers to the israeli people , pieces did your own
1:24 am
interest. a and your future generations and our future generations. to be introvert is to be destructive. pour you to put to the future to except a the palestinian people or for yourself did you find that will be possible but the is the use. >> i thank you for your kerry detention. [applause] -- your kind attention.
1:25 am
1:26 am
live coverage at 12:30 p.m. eastern delancey spanned three. -- c-span and three. >> the supreme court is more than its opinions but to address the end of fully warned about the injustices personalities to personal dynamics with each other and with their clerks.
1:27 am
>> john marshall established the court is the interpreter of the constitution and. the decision he wrote in marbury vs. madison. >> madison is probably the most famous that the court averred decided. >> but with the playoffs
1:28 am
plaintive samba landmark class sizes and for background order your copy of a landmark companion books holding a hearing on wednesday about cyberstrategy said national security agency director was so long ago wises this is just over two hours.
1:29 am
>> the meeting will come to order. we will welcome our witnesses for the second hearing this we get the full committee level on cybersecurity. we're pleased to have told -- have a distinguished panel of witnesses to help in this challenging area. for those you are able to participate we heard from the private sector and and academia at think tanks about the challenges we are and should private industry be able to have backed off with those who tried to steal intellectual property. what is deterrence means when it comes to cyber? a number of difficult questions that we talk about
1:30 am
the we will continue to pursue that line today. cyberis a new domain of warfare. what that means for the department of defense and for our country's national security is very much at board year the top of the agenda for those that are involved. before i turn to our panel i will defer to the ranking member for any comments. >> thank-you. the outside experts basically said the strategy found in the implementation is key and obviously this is a very difficult area of public policy that is constantly evolving. the threat changes every day we have to prepare to meet that threat. a lot of that is having the right person now very smart
1:31 am
people who understand technology we have to compete but that is definitely a challenge. wasn't charged of strategy because the big problem is that a single point of failure. you get everything right to add it isn't easy to do so when is there attacks bouquet? what are the rules of the road? as we deal with iran and others.
1:32 am
how do we respond if somebody crosses the redlines? high node the agreement that was reached with china on this is unsatisfactory to many in in the also myself as it is a long way to go but soon period -- to say we could get to the point sabine that we don't but we hear from earwitnesses on how of course, . >> i yield back. >> think you're. again i want juditha one dash they carry and mrs. the
1:33 am
fed chief and horatian an officer. without objection in your full written statements will be made part of the record. pray, that you would like to make thank you floor of friday u.s. is and we grapple with this every day. we will come this type of meeting but cyberattacks by state and the ninth state to actors. >> with this cyberactors and matching they were irresponsible and but the
1:34 am
cyberevents that have been in a cracked bone dash up package -- with those three separate state actors in the just as the dodge of convenience but a threat to national security. that his job number one. seconal to defend the nation of significant consequence
1:35 am
also offering support and contingency plans to support the combat and commanders and cybercompanions baby called to conduct other peppermint agencies as appropriate to determine the strategic threats. now my submitted statement had sufficient detail how we're moving to achieve these goals by a bite to highlight the poultry and cyberdeterrents this was the big issue yesterday. i want to acknowledge up front that in the terms of deterrence we are not where we need to be as a nation or as a department and there are some things that the apartment chewing is working >> it will work it from what
1:36 am
they can get from and. of the nile and resilience and and but it is their objective is prepared to ensure that they can continue to perform their military task even in the contested environment or well under attack. it cost as our ability to make sure they pay a higher price for those militias activities than they had hoped. now to dive down deep into these three pillars, to impact missions first and foremost, we have made a lot of investments in this regard and we're starting to
1:37 am
bear fruits. and up to this point we can trace them to a multiple of buyers to raise your overall level of cybersecurity awareness and performance but regis published thus hamper security implementation plan and the score card. >> reporting to the secretary and resolve a monthly basis holding people accountable to direct compliance with the overall policy.
1:38 am
it also means defending the nation of significant consequence. the president has directed dod to be prepared to stop the most cyberevents of the nation and there may be times when they direct and that means. >> and extremely challenging a mission that exchanges heats and this adherents in
1:39 am
that means verbalizing and. >> and what that means to impose cost the administration has made clear they will respond in a manner of our choosing.
1:40 am
successfully executing our missions require a whole nation approach it is a much more difficult problem they and those over nuclear weapons eyelid forward to
1:41 am
all of your questions but
1:42 am
for your efforts in this area, i am pleased to be working on the deere deal were to hit 81 dash 80 fuds. but the u.s. cybercommand have been given a responsibility to direct, operate in cities -- a sister -- with those submissions. as they rely on us to build side curve rural new york are good they look to us for cyberoptions of baez faces
1:43 am
but separate command continues as we bring more capability on line but the rapid the beecher with the hard work of the men and women of the u.s. cybercommand. >> we have whole nation and responses and we are set for
1:44 am
radiation but to make any
1:45 am
challenge of warfare is be net assessment. we can talk about what we're doing that what really counts is the results of an adversary's. so at the very highest level as you look at cyberas a demesne of warfare, how would you describe the net assessment of where we are today and where the trend takes us? are we and a good direction to freeze the of vulnerabilities and injury and then how would the you
1:46 am
just and and then those that we pay close attention to the increase investment, the capacity and capability. the tidies get the most attention but they are not alone by any stretch. the challenge for us in many ways we were attempting into over the and then those platforms the sensibility redundancy and resiliency and tell only recently were characteristics and tended to be something.
1:47 am
>> this is all about privatization to step back and assess where do they lie? where the opponents' most interested touche generated cancer testing and how do we forestall their ability to do that in broad terms? >> so to summarize we are getting better but not fast enough. >> data is better. >> if i could add something mr. senator all that we face generally are authoritarian and we're the most open nation on earth and it is a tremendous competitive a
1:48 am
vantage to provide much more open on our internet than an hour adversaries are on their own country. that makes us vulnerable and those to defend against our larger. so in terms of that assessment it is what we try to sort through a. >> mr. secretary on the three core missions there has been some to me to wear and and then we have to prove that with our actions. we're not where we want to be right now. >> but how effective for you to figure out but how
1:49 am
effective are you to trace back the attack to say that is the person who did it? >> we continue to be in increased knowledge the p at this you use the very. >> that is why they saw a policy response because of the high level of confidence. is a very sound though we've are watching your preening
1:50 am
is funny to use a different from us this and it demanded the dynamics. >> that isn't going to change anytime soon. >> we have a policy in place at a time is and manner of never own choosing. sometimes it happens very quickly. sometimes we go through the attribution phase was it cybercrime, independent actor? and what did the appropriate responses? maybe law-enforcement economic sanctions or it could be military depending
1:51 am
that is where we kidded tribute that it than an immediate lead but with those response of june to read eddy. >> this is the new world of real live-in. i will get to my question but i day get the credit union here. last saturday i went to see but was in my account. and as of today but we are
1:52 am
constantly hear and washington worried about a shutdown, i will never forget to call the admiral on a show they different and but would i would like to note as i move forward to get the best protection protection, what type of financial commitment should the taxpayers rand congress to understand we need to
1:53 am
make to ensure we have the best protection? >>. >> we have been very clear that a president has requested the absolute minimum to national the -- and we hope to and we will of what any shut down it says back six months to prepare our cybermission force we believe though level is the absolute minimum in the with like to say over the last. >> each of those injured in the facility but we hope
1:54 am
that will be resolved as quickly as possible. this is important i hope we can resolve our differences on the budget level to provide for national security. >> q via their common is there shouldn't be a 1 gallon anyone's mind perhaps as the department we quickly realized there are competing resources and re-enter stand that but there is a cost component and that may change over time but i don't think it will get cheaper in
1:55 am
the near term released without level of activity we see out there every day. >> regardless of the level of our budget secretary carter has made it clear cyberdefense and cybersecurity will be at the very top. so what ever budget we've received cyberwill get the attention we believe it deserves. >> i believe the shutdown will probably be avoided and it will grow in and the threat becomes more and i yield back.
1:56 am
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