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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  October 3, 2015 2:50pm-3:01pm EDT

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i thoroughly enjoyed it and so many things in their marriage more discussion than we have time for this evening. to help explain to us in language that is very accessible that contains the science of this very enigmatic man. [applause] our thanks touche charlotte jacobs the meeting is now
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adjourned. [inaudible conversations]
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>> good evening. i am the president of the richard nixon and validation i am pleased to welcome you and the foundation and jeff shepard. and a first of this position just name was identified as a person very active with the of the nation going back to the domestic policy group with legacy forms across the united states to achieve the of policies i heard he was right to a book when i finally met jeff he is a good friend in the book he
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is writing is finally here. we're honored to have them here with the real scandal. jeff shepard. [applause] >> is an honor to ruby your as part of the nixon foundation and. as it turned out there real watergate scandal is part of the bill of rights with the successful effort to drive nixon from office with the senior aides do realize political power we will get
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to that in a couple of minutes but i want to start why i think i am in good shape to write this book and why you think that i know what i am talking about. end california i think of myself as normal and then something changed for me and got a scholarship to harvard law school and i did well coming from the uncultured west coast. [laughter] and i graduated with honors. with the tender age of 24 to study the federal government for a year and i did that
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staff on the domestic issues the counterpart to the national security council. but my main assignment is the and department of justice. so i worked with and to everybody involved in watergate. i knew them on the personal basis. has somewhat similar to what clark gable does in the end with "gone with the wind" when all seemed lost but i
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would just demand ac at the defense table for nixon and. i believe then and now we're about to lose a president because of inadequate legal representation. with the principal deputy i transcribe the tapes and the documents and i would brief the senior staff but you may remember that ended rather badly. not that i just lost my first case of lost a president and i left a rather bitter end maybe you remember the mantra that no
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man is above the of lot. but 12 years ago i decided i would have another look to see how watergate unfolded that the special prosecutor's the government employees that the files are kept at the national archives it takes some time to put it in the foia request but if you persevere you can read the documents of the opposition this is like years have you lose discovering 30 yes have you lost the to be and ship football game to have access to the coach's play both from the other side to see what they're doing to exploit your weaknesses and you we're doing to exploit
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there's and defend yourself. as they started to read the documents a pattern appeared that forms the basis of the book because there is documentation of flagrant violations of due process and cheating there is no other word for it to a cheated to get to nixon to imprison the top a. these people were the of law brought in to clean up the of watergate mess nobody was reviewing their work so they twisted and tortured to suit their own purposes it is an age-old problem who will protect us from our protectors? they were prodded to cleanup the watergate mass.
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but they were highly political and they twisted that are round and that is why i have uncovered and that is the scandal. why is it coming out now? watergate is an old topic. it is 40 years old. what happened is three of the lead prosecutors took their files with them. it is not like having your own private server then to decide later what you will turn over read what you will destroy be cousins like those they are government documents they should be preserved for researchers. by taking those documents there is the cover-up you could not get certain documents they filled up their legal careers that is
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the appropriate thing to do to see what they will make available i am not the first person to go through the papers by the first to realize is what is there and that is documented proof of collusion between the prosecutors and the judges. you don't have to watch too much crime there called expert table eating strictly forbidden but that is what happened in the watergate scandal. much of what you have been told to is out to be true.


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