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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 8, 2015 10:00pm-12:01am EDT

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permanent employees, is found in the contributions of other organizations, and just a couple of weeks ago i had the opportunity to host director comey as he spoke to 60 or so fbi detailees who are doing trick work. so, jugs to say there's always room for improvement in the way we work together. we're constantly striving to get better but i'm proud of my work force and also the work forces that i get support from the dhs and fbi. >> thank you, director. ...
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i thank you for your picture just him and your service to this country. >> i am tom carper and i agree with this message. >> this hearing record will remain open for 50 days until october to record at 5:00 p.m. so you have time senator baldwin for submission of statements and questions for the record. thank you all. this hearing is adjourned. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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just hours before the expected elections for the speaker of house majority leader kevin mccarthy removed himself from consideration. it's been reported that outgoing speaker john boehner only learned about the decision moments before mr. mccarthy spoke to members of the caucus. we spoke to a capitol hill reporter for an update on the situation. prescod joining us on the phone from phone from the "washington post" newsroom is someone who covers congress. thank you for being with us and what has been a very busy day. >> guest: it has indeed. we started out today thank you we knew the end result and we know was going to happen for her would be the next speaker of the house of representatives. that was of course kevin mccarthy republican from -- and at 8:30 this morning republicans had their caucus meeting. mccarthy seemed and his allies
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and his allies seem convinced he would have enough votes. the magic number 218 to get elected as speaker into play speaker boehner. then things started evolving in a noon meeting with republicans, where apparently mccarthy had told republicans hey, i'm not going to do this rate i'm out. i don't think i have enough support and from there went public. he gave us a public statement where he said that exact same thing. he said i think we need a new fresh face in congress and right now it's just chaos. representative king of new york told my colleague it's like a banana republic on the hall right now because what we assumed was a sure thing we have a new leader by the end of the day has completely turned into a situation that could drag on for new who knows how long? >> host: we have heard description of chaos and
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disarray. speaker boehner was supposed to travel generic city to appear on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. he canceled early in the day. will he stay on as speaker in the long-term and what's next for him and what happens next? >> guest: what happens next is anyone's guess. basically the bottom struggle we are dealing with right now is conservative or pat -- fractions of republicans kind of holding court against the more establishment group of republicans that boehner belongs to and that's her sensitive back conservative faction decided they were going to vote for him and they wanted to put up their own challenger a little-known congressman from florida and that caused dissension among the republican party. boehner was going to essentially hand this off to mccarthy at the end of the month when he was expected to retire. now he says he will stay on for as long as it takes to elect a new speaker. there's also talk by the congressional committee chairman
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greg walden is going to step dennis and trim speaker until republicans can figure this out which suggests weeks to months without an actual leader. >> host: we heard from kevin mccarthy as he spoke to reporters. he was asked about his interview last week on the "fox news" channel by sean hannity and then he made the announcement yesterday at the freedom caucus endorsing daniel webster so how much of this was self-inflicted by congressman mccarthy and how much of it was due to outside forces saying he is not the person? >> guest: if i had to put percentages to this i would say his comments about the benghazi select committee investigating hillary clinton was like 20, maybe at most 30% attributable to this. it didn't help mccarthy when he needed to rise as speaker so some of the dissension among his party but i don't think it's seriously hurt his chances.
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i think more what we are dealing with is the fundamental division really within the republican party. that not boehner and clearly not mccarthy could impose. >> host: is that a long-term commitment and will he stay in the house over the next year and a half? >> guest: it's unclear. i started my afternoon going back and looking and if there were other house speaker battles that sent the congress and the chaos to chaos and most republican speakers or speakers once they decided to not go that route bob livingston being an example step down soon after so if history is any indication mccarthy may not be in-house software. >> host: supplement to go back to my point because you and your colleagues have been covering this from all the angles. put the day into perspective. what's it been like? >> guest: yeah, this is a victory for the conservative process in the house.
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this is in fact a second victory in almost as many for this caucus. i think we can draw parallels and draw comparisons between what's happening in the campaign trail with republican primary for president with donald trump and ben carson and carly fiorina prospect of the world and affect the well-established well-liked conservative lawmakers find no path forward to step down in the face of this conservative dissent. there really is as my colleague wrote a revolution happening right now within the republican party. the next question is what form does that take besides just saying no to establishment leaders. >> host: and go back to 1986 when democratic house speaker tip o'neill's death down. he was the last speaker to do so do so on his own terms. everyone since then either forced out or losing a majority are resigning from office.
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>> guest: yes that's exactly right. congress has not got an easier place to govern and i dump it will going forward. >> host: amber phillips part of the team of reporters covering today's story from the "washington post." thank you for being with us. >> guest: thank you.
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all campaign laws, c-span takes on the road to the white house. unfiltered access to the candidates at town hall meetings, news conferences, rallies and speeches. we are taking your comments on twitter, facebook and by phone and always every campaign event we cover is available on our web site at next republican presidential candidate donald trump campaigns in las vegas. he spoke about the economy, foreign policy and made comments about representative kenneth mccarthy removing himself from the house speaker race. this is one hour and 10 minutes.
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[applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> you won't hear this in the media -- but donald -- [applause] donald gave $20 million to the st. jude's children home, $20 million. [applause] he decided to give it to children with cancer. that's donald trump. by the way donald has more hispanics, hundreds of thousands and they'll love him, believe
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me. [applause] >> thank you everybody, thank you. thank you very much. thank you. so nice, thank you. thank you very much. what a great career. you know they have hundreds and hundreds of people standing outside the can get in. they didn't get the good real estate. you got there good real estate. i feel badly. i feel badly. [applause] bill ruffin owns this hotel and he has been a friend of mine and we did deal together. it's a great thing to be involved with somebody that is so talented and so smart. such a great business person bill ruffin and he's a great poker player.
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i at least put my money on him and make game of poker and he always walks away quietly and takes everybody's money and goes on to the next one. that's what we want. thank you, i love you too. i want to start by saying kevin mccarthy is out, you know that right? [applause] and they're giving me a lot of credit for that because a city really need somebody very very tough and very smart. like me, thank you. i like that guy over here whoever it is. it's bedlam in washington right now, it's a mess. i've never seen anything like it. i've been doing this for a long time. i've always been in politics.
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for three months have been a politician. it's so embarrassing, i'm a politician. i never wanted to be a politician but at some point they said we are going to make our country great again and everybody assumed. [applause] but kevin is a nice guy and i hope they find somebody that's going to have those qualities where we can negotiate and use the debt ceiling is coming up very rapidly and do something really significant. if we don't we are going to be really we are going to be in very big trouble. we are going to be in very big trouble. we are in a big beautiful bubble right now and i predicted the last couple and i'm telling you we are going to get her act together or we are going to be greece on steroids. that's what's going to happen. there's nothing wrong with
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republicans taking a tough stance and sticking with it. [applause] i wrote the article deal and i think is the biggest selling business book of all times. who doesn't have that? i the way of coming out with anyone in about three weeks. do you know what it's called? crippled america. can you believe that? what a difference. that was a long time ago. now i am doing one called crippled american as much as i hate to call it that it sort of happened by mistake. we had a photographer of a great book publishing company simon & schuster, the best. maybe i shouldn't say that. we want to keep it here but you know it's a really great company and they sent this fantastic tugger for andy took pictures.
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i'm smiling. like life is a bowl of cherries. in the meantime china is taking our jobs we are losing to isis and we don't know what we are doing. is it true? so i have all these pictures smiling but i had a couple i guess i wasn't prepared and i was nasty looking. and then i said maybe we should use that picture instead of the nice pictures. i'm not going to give it to my family are anything but maybe we should use it so i have the nastiest looking picture. honestly for a period of time that's what we have got to do. we have got to put our heads down and straighten out this mess. nobody can do it like me. nobody. nobody can do it like me. [applause] i will bring our jobs back. you know what's interesting "cnn" did a poll.
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look at all the cameras up there. every time they had me on live of these other guys make the same speech over and over again and they read it. if i say the same thought twice i get criticized. he said that three weeks ago. how many thoughts and you have? jobs think the military is in trouble and the vets are being poorly taken care of and we are going to straighten it out. [applause] we are going to reveal obama -- repeal obamacare. [applause] we have to. we have to. we don't have a choice. look at the response i get. sometimes it's not the biggest response. my stance on immigration is first of all i just met with a whole group of hispanics. and what else that i really appreciated. i did know he's going to say
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that but currently thousands of hispanics, incredible people. my relationship is great. they did a poll and everybody probably saw the poll. i won with hispanics in the state of nevada. [applause] they are incredible people. and i think i won for two reasons but one of them is they know i'm going to bring jobs back to this country. we are going to take their jobs back and people are going to have jobs because this 5.3 and 5.5%, we have close to 100 million people that are out of work. they're out of the work worse. we have 50 million people in poverty. they are considered poverty like third world. our infrastructure, our airports are worse than third world. you fly into kennedy lax were like a third world country. i get along with everybody.
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by the way i do, i do. i don't dislike -- i have the biggest bank in the world like seriously big. the rent comes then, boom like clockwork i don't have to worry. i have tremendous relationships with mexico, with china, with everybody. the problem is we are not being led right. when china japan brazil, name a country anybody. name any country, they are taking advantage of us. france, they are taking advantage of us. you know that because you know what they are doing with iran. you could name any country. russia, that's a pretty easy one. russia. he's having a field day dealing with our leaders because our leaders are incompetent.
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they are incompetent. [applause] so we have had -- or even israel. if you look at israel we are taking advantage of israel if you think about it because what we did with that stupid deal with iran is the worst thing that has probably happened to israel since the initial israel, since day one. i would say maybe, maybe potentially the worst thing that ever happened as israel and i have so many jewish friends now. some continue to support them. it's almost like what are we doing here? they support them but they say say -- and the whole thing is crazy. he has been so bad to israel and bb is a great guy. i know him.
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i thought he made a great speech the other day the meditations. i was one of the few people, he asked me to make an ad for him. i was honored and it took all credit for it. full credit. but we have a problem with somebody different things. i love talking about this, the media. do we love the media? [booing] the level of dishonesty is incredible and i always ask the press, not all of them, some are fun but the level of honesty in the media is so dishonest. i will do a crowd and i'll have a crowd like this and the cameras never panorama. they never panned the room. it's true. they don't do it.
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[applause] they don't do it. pan around. go ahead, panic but they won't. i was in oklahoma the other day, unbelievable. we had 20,000 people in this massive park and there were more than 20,000. i'm now going low because if i tell people more they say oh it wasn't. i had one crowd with a group from politico who is totaled -- totally dishonest, politico. bernie sanders in the look and i have far more people than him but it's important because it shows the dishonesty. when i was in oklahoma the other day and we had 20,000 people at least. we added band show with a thing the thing in the back all chrome crete. you can't see anything. we must have had two or 3000
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people. i was saying they can't see anything. there was a stage with this massive wall behind me. we had much more than 20. i have actually become very conservative and this is what i get criticized. i went home and my wife said how was it? was a crowded? it's true. she said they had the camera on your face the entire time and they never panned the crowd. they are terrible. the media is terrible. i'm going to go into a whole thing. no, they are terrible. pan, they won't turn the camera. and they won't put this part on because they never put it on. what are you pan the camera's? they don't want to do that. [applause] it's terrible.
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look, they don't move. my wife tells me, how was the crowd in the home of? i said it was amazing. i thought you watch. i did but they never showed how many people were there and then the reporter got on. donald trump is here and it made a speech in oklahoma. and he left. [laughter] i said every record. he was here and he made a speech , little controversial. he's a little controversial. they are really dishonest people. the same thing in dallas. i went to dallas and they treated me fairly good they are. mark cuban called me up is a good guy and he owns the mavericks and he said i would love you to use the place. i said when? it was thursday when he called. how many seats? he said we have 20,000 seats so we had the floor filled up and
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we had the place a few days. i think they sold 12 or 15 the first day. it was a holiday and i got there and it was incredible. but they don't really -- i will tell you a great story. today in one of the big newspapers "new york times" we never did better. we are hotter than ever. i think we were 32 of 35. remember this. [applause] it's disgusting and the reporter that did the story was totally inaccurate, and calls of my people and says i want to meet with mr. trump. he never even spoke to me. so they did a story. is he winning? yesterday morning i won the state of florida. i was at 28 or 29. so think of this.
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the governor of the state, bush, former. no, hey honestly and rubio the senator. [booing] rubio was the gang of eight. very weak on immigration. bush is in favor of common core. so that means your children, right? that means your children are going to be educated by the bureaucrats in washington. i don't think so. so this reporter called up my people. i have great people. i would love to speak to mr. trump. she writes this horrible story and she didn't say we had 24 million people at the debate. the biggest -- and the history of "cnn" and fox had the biggest audience in cable i think they said. and by the way those were the
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preliminary numbers. i have a big chunk of the apprentice. i get a lot of the profits on the apprentice so you cannot tell the enemies i left. the head of is an amazing guy. he came up along with the head of reality television and they come out to my office. they said we want you and we will do anything. he's one of the biggest executives. i said honestly i think i'm going to run and i want to make our country great again. i think i'm going to run, i think. and he said i don't know but just in case so they had there up front. usually the biggest place in manhattan and they announced their schedule.
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they announced that the apprentice is going to be extended with donald trump. season 15 and they didn't want to go beyond that. they said if you run, it's called equal time so if i do the apprentice you have to let other people let's say lindsey graham to a two-hour show on television. i don't think so, right? so basically you are precluded. what happened was i said no, no so they announced it and they sell the advertising and it's is one of the easier shows on television. even after all these years, 12 years 12 million copies and now they extend the extend. i'm honored and i get a call from mark or net. he said i can't believe you are turning down an extension. nobody turns down an extension. i'm giving up a lot, believe me.
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on top of it, on top of that i'm self-funding my own campaign. i'm putting up my own money. [applause] i'm the only one. [applause] it's amazing the response. all these guys are totally controlled by the special-interest and the lobbies. i've been there. now all of a sudden i went like this. so i turned it down and begin the story from a very dishonest paper. donald trump gets fired from nbc. [laughter] they know it's not true. in fact i did a big chunk of the show. i created it with mark or nat.
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they said trump gets fired by nbc. and they know it's not true. they said yeah we knew but it just sounds better. they are such a dirty, rotten liars. so i gave up the apprentice and then i said we had to put down in certified numbers and they said they be trump won't run because that's a big thing. then they say he will never do for me. he would never do it, too smart. that's the kind of guy we need but he's not going to do it. he's happy. got a great family and lots of rate things so they will say he never filed for me. he will never file financials because maybe he is not that rich.
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by the way i was one of the few that filed on time. these guys have one page. i work with some companies. it's true. and they were late. they needed extensions and i filed on time. i actually filed ahead of schedule. they found that my company and phil would know because he knows my company is much bigger much stronger much richer than they ever thought possible. they couldn't believe it. from that day i had done this and my wife, it's very interesting. has anyone heard of avon to and milani asked. they are two great women. you watch they are going to come out and start campaigning pretty soon they're going to be great. they believe so strongly in women's health issues that bush by the way didn't want. hillary puts on the vote, how
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dare he talk about it? she acted indignant. here's a woman cheating the united states government for years with her e-mails. [applause] they gave petraeus, has a criminal record now and for doing one tenth of what she did. and i don't know i think she's going to get away with it. can you believe that? i think she's going to get away with it. general petraeus, good guy. they destroyed his life. what he did with 2% of what she did. i look forward to running against her because frankly that's come to be such a big issue. it's going to be such a big issue. [applause] and don't forget she will fight very hard because she has to win because the statutes of limitations in six years and do you know what that means?
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there is some guy up there that's probably a lawyer and he's laughing like hell. if a republican gets in and they have to look at this, 60 or so she's fighting for her life. i think the democrats are going to leave her alone because it's a corrupt system and we have a corrupt system. i think they will leave her alone but if a republican gets in i'm not saying she's guilty, they have to check in but if they get a republican in they have a six years statute of limitations. so she's really fighting. so she's really fighting for her life in a sense and it's very interesting she said i don't like donald trump's tone. i don't like his tone reagan bush said the same thing. and rubio said it to. they said i don't like donald trump's tone. i say wait a minute we need a
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tough tone. are we tired? [applause] weak, pathetic, sad people that don't have a clue that won't do anything we are going to make the country better than it's ever been before. we have a chance to do it. [applause] so they said we don't like mr. trump's tone. they want to be low key. lets fall asleep and china did you ever see china's tom? believe me i deal with them. they don't talk about it's a beautiful day mr. trump. this guy is so beautiful. it's all business. we want to extend lease. there are no games. there are no games, no smalltalk there is no smalltalk. there is no how is the weather?
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it's all business with these people. when i deal with china and i love china, love the people. i love the mexican people. they are great but i deal with china and a walk in with waves of people, smart people. but i will tell you china can come in and you are sitting there by yourself and you have 25 people. if you are good you can do deals that are unbelievable. so i asked my people last week, i said and tell me what is the trade imbalance with china? i was surprised. it's almost $400 billion a year.
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essentially that means that means we are losing 4 billion. it gets worse than that it does they devalue the currency so they are taking our jobs, they are taking our base and our manufacturing and then on top of it think of this one, china is our largest creditor along with japan. wheat you owe each of them one point $5 trillion of a steeler jobs, they take her money and we owe them money. how do you figure that one? not too good. i call it a magic act. we owe them $1.5 trillion. we owe japan 1.5 trillion dollars. i was in los angeles and i saw the bigger ships i've ever seen. the cars are pouring out of the ships like the long island expressway. the are going 50 miles an hour up the ramp. it's almost like the ramp, and a
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few cell last week it was in one of the papers. they have a wall, the great wall they built a ramp. the wall was so small they didn't have to bother tearing it down. how stupid are we? but china we have an imbalance. almost 400 leading dollars a year. if that's the number you know what's worse. and the government gives you number they say 5.3% unemployment. the number is probably 32% rate i saw one report done by a credible guide saying our unemployment rate is 42% because when you add back 100 million people you are right up there with those numbers but its half of 100 so we have a 25% unemployment rate. this is done by politicians so that they look good.
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if you stop looking for a job statistically or considered that you have a job. then they say unemployment is down and we are down to 5.3. we are not down. i wouldn't have caught on to be honest. i would have been catching on if the economy were real. the phony set of numbers. they cooked the books. have you ever heard the expression? the politicians cooked the books so what happens is they get the reports yesterday in the reports are amazing. i love polls. somebody said they talked about polls and the other people down. that's because i'm winning and the other people are losing. i saw last night on television. there may be a time when they stop talking about it. if i number two, three, four or five some of these guys have nothing. they have zero.
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out of 20,000 people they have zero. how do you do that? to me that's more impressive than leaving. it's true. i saw a television ad. i was in iowa yesterday. aipac's overflow crowd amazing to you. the like you they want to see the country be strong. i was talking about the polls. one of the reporters is here today. they said on television mr. trump talk about the polls. i thought to myself maybe i can talk about polls too much and then i realized i've been waiting since i came out. and maloney a my wife and my daughter said you know dad if you ever run you're going to win. why do you say that?
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because nobody thinks you are running. when they pull you before i signed my life away because that's what you do. you know it takes guts to run for office. especially if you're not a politician. nobody understands what's going on. so here's what happens. florida winning big. florida. 28, 29%. that's it great importance today. anybody from pennsylvania? we love pennsylvania. i'm leading big. ohio. ohio. so the poll comes out and it's quinnipiac which is a great polling company. it's the real deal and they just hate it. i'm leading ohio and i'm leading
10:44 pm
with a good governor. he is the good guy and i'm leading by a lot. people say what's going on? than they have a poll come out which is a great pull and i have 35%. 35%. [applause] so we get as i said the highest ratings in the history of "cnn". the highest ratings and by the way, i love these things. who won the debate? every single poll, "time" magazine, and drudge, places i never heard of everyone said trump but then i hear on the television donald had a bad night tonight. i thought i won. first of all, i like "cnn."
10:45 pm
i think roger ailes is great from fox but i go home and i watch it and i say i'm going to watch myself on television. who wouldn't do it? then i see the pundits coming, these highly paid guys. and they say they didn't like it and i was good in the first debate. and they said for 28 minutes i didn't say anything at the end. i wasn't asked any questions. i wanted to say but it was so dishonest. so for the first two hours everything was me. it was either question to me. these guys are honorable guys. stand up. they are rich guys. these guys are loaded. that's why they are in the first row. of course i was hurt in the theater the fourth rows with us. so they won out and they do this
10:46 pm
thing on television. i'm saying i can understand it. my doctor says that every single polling organization they all say you one. but on the "cnn" debate, it was two hours. a two-hour debate. it was two hours and they made it three hours. it was a two-hour debate when i got there. don't ruin my story. it was a two-hour debate and then a day and a half or two days before what happened is it was in variety and hollywood with porter. a terrific group. they did a nice cover story on me. i like them but they did a story about rates. they took the raids, in the case of fox and "cnn" $4000 for the
10:47 pm
30-second ad to 200,000 so it was a 4000% increase. now he is really perking up. that's her language. so they went from $4000 to $200,000 and they sold out. so i get there and i didn't know this because all my people didn't tell me this. they said it's a three-hour debate. the reagan library, was a method that many people and it was about 100 degrees in there. i didn't care. but you had a couple of people on the stage that were serious. they were melting. they went home and i lost 10 pounds. but they go out and i get there and i hear it's a three-hour debate.
10:48 pm
actually i was asa good athlete but who the hell wants to watch a three-hour debate? but they did it just to make money. so the first question was mine and the second and the third question in the fourth question was to the other guy. mr. trump said you are horrible guy, that truth sex and then they go and mr. trump doesn't like your face. what do you say? have you respond? do you world will watch. then they say you debated so brilliantly. the entire thing was either questions at me or a question to the other candidates having to do with me. i think they came out specifically 48% and in the third hour of people started getting -- i am a ratings machine. it got to be too obvious so for 28 minutes they did and asked a question. here's the press, he didn't do
10:49 pm
well in the final hour. they didn't ask many questions. we have fun with it but i have fun with what i'm doing and we are making an impact like i've never thought possible. [applause] they have seen great dishonesty in other ways. iowa stud real estate guys in new york were -- a lot of real estate guys in the room. politics is a much dirtier business. so i get a call from club for growth. i've never heard of it but my people said club for growth, what is that? they are growing the wallets in their pockets. club for growth supposedly conservative. a guy wants to see me so he comes to my office and we have a perfect nice talk and he's
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telling me about club for growth which is nice. he then sends me a letter and asked me if i would make a 1 million-dollar contribution. think of it. i said 1 million? i'm rich but i'm not stupid. a million dollars. so he wants a million dollars and a letter. he stupid enough to put it in a letter. how many in the broom would say he was in my office for a half an hour give him a million bucks. i can't do that. what happened was we say politely no and all of a sudden it comes out in the news conference. i'm not a conservative and i'm not as some i'm not that. i believe in eminent domain which i don't believe in. sometimes we have to use it. every once in a while you have to build a road. i don't love it but sometimes you need it.
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you wouldn't have any roads. sometimes you need it. the good news was that had no impact. the pictures were so beautiful. i was 20 years younger. i look so handsome. i never knew i was that good looking. i looked so good. so they spent a million dollars on advertising. that shows you how dishonest politicians are. people came in, club for growth does have a news conference. they absolutely invested in and they also said he raised taxes. i cannot with a tax bill lowering far more than anybody else. [applause] in fact, so much so "the wall street journal" which was bought for $5 billion and is now worth $500 million but they will
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criticize me. they did an editorial. now you tell me. you buy something for 5 million and it's now worth 500 million and maybe a couple of bucks more and then they write this nasty editorial. can you believe that? so i get criticized but one of the things i'm criticized for is my tax break is too big. what i'm doing is taking care of -- because frankly we have lost the middle class. then they give you that editorial and here's the good news. i have never heard one person say that was bad. i get these editorials and they say that's devastating but they criticize me also. it has to be a personal dislike
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but the amount of the tax reduction is massive and it's going to put people to working people are going to be energized. the middle west is going to come back. [applause] i put them in the same category because people have forgotten about the middle class in this country. middle him -- middle income people is with out the country. you know who they have forgotten about that time, maybe even worse? the veterans. they have forgotten the vet -- they have forgotten the veterans. they have totally forgotten the veterans. and i will tell you what, if i get elected, i'm running against against -- do you know what the
10:54 pm
power is? i have to knock on wood but so far when people attack me they get. they go down. it's true. so i get attacked by rick perry governor of texas. he attacks me viciously. he was a friend of mine. i got along with them great. i'm leaving practically from the time i got in. i think it's over three months. they said michele bachmann. she lived for a week and they said herman cain, he lived for a week. i've been here three months. that's a long time. stand up, stand up and say it. do we love this guy? >> love him. [applause] but if i win -- i like that t.
10:55 pm
again you know what? aoa city people how do you react? pressure is very interesting because i've seen people that are really smart and that don't make it. they put on forest pressure on themselves. am i right? i got a call from one of the biggest reporters who i have respect for but one of the biggest. i don't know him. from a major newspaper. his name art our day mentioned he said to me could i ask you one question? how does it field? he said you've done something that nobody else has ever done. i think i'm on 14 covers. i'm on more covers than any supermodel in history. can you believe that?
10:56 pm
by the way "people" magazine, i didn't love the picture. they did something with my nose. it's true. i love "people" magazine. they screwed around and i said just leave me alone. but milani looked good, ivanka looks good payday might take the picture i don't know. come here, come here. [applause] where you from? >> i am from columbia.
10:57 pm
>> is this a set that? did i ever meet you before? >> we vote for mr. trump. mr. trump, we love you. we love you. [applause] >> i swear to you, i think she is totally beautiful. i never met her before, i swear. this all started with the "people" magazine. a nice story, right? couldn't be nicer but i don't know what happened. so i'm looking and you tell me. i have a wart on the end of my nose. terrible. but that's okay.
10:58 pm
i've always wanted to look like kerry grant but anyway you are beautiful. [applause] [applause] >> you are beautiful. >> thank you mr. trump. [applause] that's so great. never met her before. she's amazing. she is amazing. thank you, appreciate it very that's my relationship. they did the polls in nevada and nobody believes it but that's my
10:59 pm
relationship. new york we have a hispanic station and the emcee of the station, i don't know him and he's talking about trump. how bad is trump? they love them, all hispanics they loved trump because they know i'm going to do the right thing. i love the hispanic people. they know i'm going to do what's right. [applause] a couple more things. i want just to talk about -- so we have the 2nd amendment and they want to take your guns away. [booing] we can't let it happen. the press wants me to put policies together because they say we agree he's leading in the polls but he can't go much longer because he doesn't put policy favors up. i guarantee mine is much higher than any of these people.
11:00 pm
[applause] by unical is one of the great professors. i put policy out on tax and i put policy on immigration and the 2nd amendment which is basic we you are allowed to protect yourself, okay wax. [applause] and they said don't you think it's important to start talking about policy. it's not important to the people because they know i'm going to do the right thing. they know my stand but now i'm keeping the press happy. in the end it's all that simple. i will say this. i love being here with you. i loved my trip to iowa and i was in new hampshire and south carolina.
11:01 pm
somebody said -- i'm doing a business but i'm giving it to my kids and my great executives. i can be doing this all the time i have to to because we want to win. we want to win. i don't want to focus on the deals. what's important to me and i just saved over the past couple weeks. one of the networks today said i could trademark the expression make america great. who would think of it? i had a couple of candidates. i had a couple of candidates.
11:02 pm
aye and go and they say make america great again so they started using it but the responses are the same. they don't believe in politicians. i was going to tell you before where these guys that came out were friends of mine but then they cannot viciously against me. walker was a friend of mine. i get a lot of flak. i use them to put pictures of my family n.. but he came up and he gave me a plaque and he thanked me very much and he was so nice. one of his guys came out and he said bad things about me. chop his dad. he's a bad guy.
11:03 pm
i said oh thank you. he was supposed to win. he was favored to win. i gave the real numbers. in one paragraph that said big deficits schools are in trouble and votes are in trouble. i didn't know this. i thought it was all good. so i'm standing in iowa and he got wiped out and then he left and when he left he said everybody has to leave. one person to take on trump, we have got to be trumpeted as want to do the right thing. [applause] no, think of it. then we have lindsey graham. [booing] he was always nice. he called me because he wanted a reference or something and then he wanted campaign contributions and it left me his number. he gave me his cell number and
11:04 pm
this was three years ago. it's true. i found it. i have a whole pile of junk. that's stuff that will never be used again. i had a news conference and i held up his number. they said read it out and i ratted out. he was a nice guy and he wanted contributions and that was fine. i had a previous life. mine nonpolitician and my politician. i gave him a hard time. i don't start these things. everyone says these mean. hit me with that beautiful red hair. look at that beautiful hair.
11:05 pm
i wish i had that hair. it looks good. [applause] said he hit me really hard. i'm in my 20s and 30s and the hits the hell out of me. he was a nice guy, what happened? he said i will never leave. why not? just leave, it's not working. then they have the polls in south carolina. i met 29 or 32 or something like that. he's at 20, so something is wrong. he's probably not going to run for office again. i think these guys have been mortally wounded. and then we have rand paul. [booing] he was expected to win and then he goes around for the last debate in these telling everybody i'm going to attack trump. he's not a true conservative.
11:06 pm
e what i like his ideas. [applause] i am a conservative guy. and these are vicious guys. just take it easy. he said news conferences telling everybody what a bad guy a.m.. he is another one that is expected to win. i have great respect for the people of kentucky. i love that state and i love the people but what are they second-class citizens? take your place. i think it's unfair for the people of kentucky. how do you do that? so he starts getting really vicious. every time i see him, i won't even say it. then he said i would get him in
11:07 pm
the debate. am i right? asus right? i'm going to get him in the debate. i'm going to go after him. he's not going to have a chance. i'm going to do numbers on them that are unbelievable. the first question i attack him. after that he was perfectly nice. he backed me up twice. so this is a crazy thing. jeb bush is doing great. he is a nice guy but he was doing great. when i think of the president i think you need somebody with tremendous drive and energy and up here. [applause] i didn't see the fire in jeb. stand up. what was the expression? low energy he said. sometimes she will say something about somebody.
11:08 pm
sometimes like i called rubio a lightweight. water, yeah water. remember the response on live television in the present state of the union speech? they said be careful because he's a young rising star and is talking in a sweating. i'm watching saying is he going to be okay? and he's sweating and to keep sweating and the waters pouring down all over. i said was that live television? but i called him a lightweight. he may be a nice guy. i really don't know him but he attacked me viciously and booked booked -- bush attacked me viciously. it wasn't all that vicious that vicious is a nice person. i said he's a low energy individual and somehow that
11:09 pm
one-stop. i don't know if lightweight is going to stick with rubio. then i attacked carly's record because her record running a business was a disaster. she was named to the ceo hall of fame as one of the worst in the country. but she's got that good patter patter like a machine gun. i said if you listen for 10 minutes you get a headache. [applause] you get a headache. the press loves her. i am at 29 and she says six and here's the headline. carly is surging. i mean honestly she is surging. then said something very nasty. i like him. he said something really nasty
11:10 pm
about my face. i'm a religious person. can you believe i'm protestant? i was all set to go after him and then he took it back. i can't do that. he took it back. i was all set. i was disappointed that he took it back. i didn't want them to take it back. i didn't wanted to take it back. and i couldn't do it because he stood up and he said no the press talked me into saying something that i didn't mean and i'm taking it back and i said that's really cool. [applause] why do you say something bad about me please? yesterday i stuck up for him because the press killed him. the press was saying he made a statement essentially there were some maniac over there shooting people. they said that's terrible and that's disrespectful to the people.
11:11 pm
i didn't see it that way and i said i think he was treated unfairly by the press. it became a big story. actually stuck up for him. it's the first time i've ever done that. i don't do that. [applause] so i just want to tell you we are going to bring jobs back to this country. [applause] we are going to have caro icon one of the greatest businesspeople of all times. we are going to have phil. we are going to have the smartest the best negotiators in the world and i know most of them and believe me i know people you have never heard of that are better than the ones you have heard of. i turned down millions, i feel so foolish. one guy wants to give $5 million. he wants to give a fortune. i don't want it.
11:12 pm
i feel like a jerk. i said no. and i go like this. i was in iowa and i asked a question. supposing, i'm so funding my campaign other than the tiny ones. we had a woman $7.59. how can you send that money back? first of all it cost you costs you more money to send it back. it's cute, it's beautiful. they feel invested in your campaign. if you wrote a letter saying i'm sorry i don't want your money, it's nasty. i don't want the big money. so i turned them down and it's so different from what i really am. i was in iowa and we had a packed house. they said i don't feel good about turning these people down. i said i feel like a schmuck.
11:13 pm
how many jewish people in this room? am i right? i feel like what am i doing? i'm turning down millions of dollars and i said okay look how about if i take the money but i swear to you i won't do anything and you know what they did? do you stood up and they went crazy. they hated it. i said i promise you and here's the thing, let me take millions of dollars from these people. i will not do them any favors. i will go out of my way not to do them favors and everyone stood up and said one thing, don't do it. if i lose i was stupid. i don't think i get enough credit for cell funding. i get so much publicity. i feel crazy but put in an
11:14 pm
advertisement. what do i need for? at "cnn" they say all trump all the time and then you put an ad in. they say i can't take it anymore. so it's zerocome and you will see than the filings. i don't know if i get credit because of cell funding. do people know that i'm self-funded? [applause] so we are going to bring back our jobs. this last trade deal is a disaster. by the way hillary came out saying the same thing i've been saying for five months. i took a commercial saying the trade deal with no good. it's no good. 11 countries that are ripping up united states and taking our jobs. china is going to come in the backdoor and make a great deal
11:15 pm
with us. they always make a great deal with us. we are led by very stupid people. so hillary came out against it. obama wanted it. hillary came out against the president. be careful hillary, you may be indicted. be careful. [applause] that's very dangerous for her to do. i give her credit but the reason she did if she thinks someday she's going to be debating me. i our day have the pipeline, which i love. whether it's good better and different it's not going to hurt anybody. it's not going to have an impact she changed her mind yesterday. you saw that. i'm telling you obama is angry at her. this could be the end of e-mail. this could finally be the end.
11:16 pm
she's going to end up like general petraeus, seriously. this could be the beginning of the end but i want to run against her. i really do. i want to run against her. i don't want to run against bernie. that's too easy, right? some people say communists and some people say socialist. i've always wanted to run against a socialist/communist. in this country i don't think it plays but we are going to take our jobs back. we are going to make our military so strong, so powerful that nobody is going to mess with us and we will not have to use it in my opinion. nobody is going to mess with us. [applause] but. [applause]
11:17 pm
[applause] as part of that we are going to make our vets the cherished people that they should be. there are very special, special people. or wounded warriors, our vets are going to be taken care of properly. we wouldn't be here for wasn't for them. [applause] we are going to come up with a health care program that's going to be unbelievable. if your premiums will not be racing 55% like you're doing now. we are going to terminate obamacare. we are going to come up with a plan that sub good that everybody is going to be taking
11:18 pm
care of but we are going to come up with a plan that works. [applause] so just remember the look in neighboring look at the people you are sitting next to because this is more than just a group of people listening to a speech. if you came here to listen to other candidates he would have 10 rouson front and you'd have an isil chat and everyone would say boys have warning. this is a movement. [applause] this is a movement. this is a movement to take our country back. this is a movement to take our country back. it's like this everywhere. i'd like to say you treated me so nicely but the truth is it's like this everywhere i go. there is a movement on in this country to take our country back. they used to use the term silent majority.
11:19 pm
it wasn't politically correct to use it because i think it had to do with nixon. nobody really knows but whatever. there is no more descriptive term and i'm bringing back the silent majority. before a type of silent majority have realized that i brought it back a couple months ago and i was in front of a group from south carolina that was going absolutely wild. i set the silent majority and i realize it doesn't work anymore. it's the loud noisy incredible majority. that's what it is. [applause] we are tired of being pushed around. we are tired of being led by stupid people. [applause] we are tired of having our negotiators give iran $150 billion. 24 day inspection periods, self inspection. we don't get our prisoners back. we are tired of having them
11:20 pm
approach us two days ago and saying we should have had our prisoners back. saying we want to give your three prisoners that we want 19 people from you and they want many other things and that should have been included in the deal. they are tired of it. we are tired of surgeon bergdahl who is a traitor. [applause] he's a traitor, a no good traitor. should have been executed. the. [applause] we get surgeon bergdahl and they get five of the biggest killers that they wanted more than any people, more than any people for years they been trying to get these five killers and they are back on the battlefield and we got bergdahl. yesterday i heard he probably won't serve any time. 30 years ago he would have been shot and people are tired of it. so just remember this day
11:21 pm
because things are happening. if at all happens, and i think it might very well, we are going to make this country great again , greater than ever before and it's going to be something special. thank you very much. thank you everybody. thank you. ♪ ♪ thank you everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪
11:22 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:23 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ nun. ♪ ♪
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11:26 pm
next the house judiciary committee hears committee hears testimony about the practices of planned parenthood and considers whether the organization should be federally funded.
11:27 pm
his hearing is just over three hours. [inaudible conversations] c good afternoon. the judiciary committee will come will come to order without objection the chair is authorized to declare recesses of the committee at any time. welcome everyone to this morning's hearing on planned parenthood exposed examining abortion procedures and medical ethics in the nation's largest abortion provider and i will begin by recognizing myself for an opening statement. before i go to the statement on bad i would like to take a moment to remember the life of former congressman william john edwards who passed away this month at the age of 100. don edwards was first elected into congress in 1963 where he had a distinguished career working on the voting rights act
11:28 pm
, the civil rights act and served on the house judiciary committee during the investigation of the watergate scandal. during this time don edwards served the former congressman caldwell butler who i worked for at the time. when don edwards left office in 1995 after 32 years of congressional service, he was succeeded by our own zoe lofgren and her 15 district that i rate i had the opportunity to serve for two years with congressman edwards myself and appreciate his service. it's now my pleasure to ask a member to share a few words about our former colleague terry espymack thank you mr. chairman. members of the committee and our witnesses and all of our friends that are here in the hearing room, i knew congressman don edwards and worked with him and he has left a lasting legacy.
11:29 pm
he was a progressive sensible demands and never stop believing that the coercive power of the government should be subject to the highest levels of scrutiny but and i think we still carry on that tradition in the judiciary even now. he also wanted us never to forget that our government exists to the consent for the purpose of preserving and not eroding our rights. i am grateful to have been a colleague of his daring his service and career in congress and we will miss him and remember him. and i thank the chair. >> mr. chairman? >> the gentlewoman from california is recognized.
11:30 pm
>> thank you mr. chairman. i briefly would like to join in the eulogy for congressman don edwards. in 1978 graduated from stanford university and came out to washington without a job and don edward tired me. i worked for him for nine years here in washington and also in the california office when we went through the incredible impeachment of richard nixon along with your prior boss and many other issues. he was a marvelous man, a mentor for me and someone who was widely admired not only in the congress but where he served. ..
11:31 pm
>> i had the honor of serving with him for two years. i was elected in 1992. and i knew of him well before i came to congress, one of the leading defenders of civil liberties in the united states and i admired him from afar. when i came to congress and i told the speaker, i was asked what committees you'd like to
11:32 pm
serve on, i was told that if i wanted to serve on the judiciary committee i had to get mr. edwards approval is my attitudes on civil liberties. so i had an interview with him and i must have satisfied his interest in my attitude because he approved it and i became a member of the committee. such was the esteem, he was giving it and he was a leading voice of civil liberties for many years and he served his country well and we should thank him and his memory for that. i yield that. >> the chair thanks the gentleman. now i will begin my opening statement.
11:33 pm
>> by the fifth week, her heart begins to beat pumping blood throughout your body and her arm and leg buds begin to grow in her brain begins to develop, her eyes and ears began to form, by the sixth week, her hands and feet began to form. during this time elites nine through 12, the baby could begin sucking her thumb and then by 12 weeks, which marks the end of the verse trimester, she is capable of making a fist. upon any given day, her developing heart, including her heart and brain, may be harvested at many planned parenthood clinics to
11:34 pm
participate in this practice across this country and that moshe will be referred to as a product of conception. despite the horrific nature of these practices and planned parenthood has not been so much about harvesting of baby products for the people talking about them doing it on video. planned parenthood argued that the video is released by the center of medical progress are highly edited. but it is noteworthy to point out that the group hired to review this video found that the analysis reviewed substantive manipulation. the second analysis commissioned reached a similar conclusion. according to that report, the recorded media files in the
11:35 pm
state of the video recordings are authentic and show no evidence of manipulation or editing. today's hearing is about the content contained within the videos, including admissions made i planned parenthood official is they raise serious questions about the treatment of our nation's children who may be born alive following a failed abortion. for example, the vice president of planned parenthood of the rocky mountains, babies are being born intact in some instances. she said that sometimes we get, if someone delivers before we get to them for a procedure, then they are intact. but that is not what we go on. to ensure that babies born alive in such instances are given necessary care, the house passed the born alive abortion survivors protection act which were wires a baby surviving an abortion be given the same treatment and care that would be
11:36 pm
given to any child naturally born premature at the same age and that includes to prevent the killing of innocent babies born alive. these indicate that practitioners may have adopted new procedures to avoid the risk of violating the partial-birth abortion ban act. in the first video the senior director of services stated that the federal abortion ban is a law and the laws are up to interpretation. today's hearing is intended to explore what interpretation has arisen. i look forward to hearing from everyone today. i now open and to mr. conyers
11:37 pm
for his statement. >> thank you, mr. chairman, and members of the committee. we want to take a moment to walk through the events that have led up to this hearing done on. >> on july 15 of this year and others were posted online. three different committees launched simultaneous investigations. on september 9, this committee
11:38 pm
held its first hearing at which the witnesses for the majority refused to discuss this at the heart of the matter. [inaudible] and that they are extending the so-called investigation indefinitely. we are able to draw some conclusions. but first, there is no evidence in the record whatsoever, on behalf of the 59 affiliates, the
11:39 pm
planned parenthood federation of america has provided this committee with hundreds of documents. and that includes three investigations of the house. the documents we have reviewed so far allow us to go point by point and created by the highly edited misleading video that nominated to investigate these very determined that sincere, running his own investigation, has agreed to this conclusion. last week we asked the gentleman from utah, is there any evidence
11:40 pm
that planned parenthood has broken any law. and no, i am not suggesting that they broke the law. i would like to conclude that this hearing, much like the broader attack on planned parenthood may be a political theater. designed to rally the conservative base of rollback. in practice, these investigations have had little to do with the videos which some went to great lengths at the last hearing. and that includes the most conservative elements of one of
11:41 pm
the parties during an interparty leadership crisis. we may have a legitimate difference of opinion but it remains the law of the land and many women in the health care system go to planned parenthood coming back from a six in 10 women who received services at a family planning center consider their primary source and it makes up an incredibly small amount of the services it
11:42 pm
provides. [inaudible] 80% detected abnormalities that could have signaled a greater of cancer. so many others, planned parenthood saves lives. so until they attempted a fun planned parenthood, it places each of those lives at risk. we should be grateful that the effort has been almost entirely unsuccessful, at least so far on the federal level.
11:43 pm
>> as we head into the second election season, this committee has been -- that they could do a lot more to restore an enforcement mechanism with the voting rights act. we have done little to advance comprehensive immigration reform. and the proposals remain overwhelmingly popular and will probably easily passed the house. we have to start acting. and i feel that this time they will have to wait even longer. although the scores of gun violence has touched everyone of
11:44 pm
our districts, we have all been called to strengthen us and close this loophole. all of them are consistent with the constitutional right and the list of missed opportunities is long and our time is short. we should not spend one more minute or one more taxpayer dollar vilifying planned parenthood without a speck of evidence to back these claims. this committee has too much important work to do and i urge my colleagues to help us put this kind of theater behind us. we can do better. i think the chairman and i appreciate the opportunity to express my views.
11:45 pm
>> thank you, gentlemen. there is a minute remaining. head to the floor and we will stand in recess until these votes conclude and resume immediately thereafter. [inaudible conversations] >> we are going to reconvene. i would like to welcome the gentleman from arizona for his opening statement. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, the tiny diaper that i hold in my hand is one made to fit an micro preemie.
11:46 pm
once all of these diapers to move my heart because i saw it in the context of the numerous video recordings that were released in recent months that tragically demonstrated that they have no monopoly to unborn children and little babies that actually survived the trauma of going through an abortion. and the little babies of exactly this age and stage of development at these little diapers are made to fit. and i would like to talk about the shrill response to discredit them in every way possible. they really have no choice.
11:47 pm
and they know that anyone with a conscience who does watch these videos are finally going to see planned parenthood and the abortion industry for who they are. and this murderous industry will be rejected in the hearts of the american people. however, a forensic analysis of these video recordings conclusively indicate that the videos are indeed authentic and show no evidence of manipulation or deceptive editing. and this includes the folder and file. the uniformity from the two
11:48 pm
different investigators also confirms the evidence that these video recordings are completely authentic and the house of representatives very recently passed hr 3504. the born alive abortion survivors protection act. i'm told that democrats in the senate intend to filibuster this bill that protects not unborn children but rather little children that have been born alive. no one can obscure the community and personhood of these babies or claim conflict with the now completely separate interest of the mother and the child. nor can they take refuge within
11:49 pm
this schizophrenic paradox that roe versus wade has subjected the country to. the abortion industry has labored for all of these decades. to convince the world that one children and unborn children should be separated. unborn children are not persons to some and they say they are not worthy of protection, but those same people who now oppose to protect the born alive children suddenly have the impossible of trying to rejoin these born children and unborn children back together and then to try to convince us all to condemn them both, it has collectively been a part of this and neither are worried about
11:50 pm
this at all. to anyone that is not hardening their heart and soul, and honest consideration of this absurd inconsistency, as you can see this country has faced such paradox before. we have faced such self-imposed blindness before. [inaudible] at that debate did come in with that came a time from the humanity of the victims with what was being done to them finally became so glaring to the hardest of hearts that it helped an entire generation find compassion and courage to change their positions.
11:51 pm
>> first, is deliberately turning a blind eye to the helpless of our children born alive in the united states who we have become as a nation? and is voting against were filibustering against a bill to protect born alive human babies from agonizing death whom i have become and want to be remembered for as a member. and so with that, mr. chairman, i yield back. >> we now recognize the subcommittee member, the gentleman mr. cohen, for his
11:52 pm
opening statement. >> thank you, sir, i appreciate the time although i don't appreciate the subject matter. second time in 30 days that we have held a full committee. as the ranking member and many others including jason take that have made clear, there is no credible evidence that they have broken any law. want to pastor somebody wants for civil rights and move this committee forward. knowing that there is no ground to stand on regarding the legality of planned parenthood, many have chosen to move the goalpost. i suspect this will ultimately dissolve in the never ending argument of where this import decided roe versus wade, which for more than 42 years has guaranteed a woman's constitutional right to choose. is it is the law of the land
11:53 pm
this is lawful, a woman's choice and within a certain period in a time. >> many think that the court got it right with roe versus wade. i suspect that my colleagues believe the opposite. different values, different backgrounds. the court agrees. i also suspect that they agree with me and most of my colleagues who believe in planned parenthood in the 97%. critical health care include health screening, particularly women's cancer, these are especially important with minority women from whom planned
11:54 pm
parenthood receives medicaid reimbursement for treating and observing and testing women for cancers and giving them birth control and advice. in fact, it is against the law. and so i would like for you to have a scattershot, a pointless discussion over the constitutional right of women to make discussions about their bodies. a question that we entered a 1973 but here we are today. we could be talking about voting rights, something that john edwards voted for and we agree with the order of. a friend memorialized on tuesday that they had taken a big step back. we could be talking about gun violence, people dying around this country, but we are not doing that. we could be talking about nonviolent offenders in this committee will do more action on that with a comprehensive bill
11:55 pm
and i think the chairman for working with the ranking member on that. but we are not. let us not forget this entire exercise is based on heavily edited videos. which it is not including the for-profit sale is. i ask consent to play a compilation prepared by committee democrats and a portion of the unedited video. those that we do not see in which we make clear that planned parenthood does not sell tissue or profit and to enter that into the record. >> if we could start playing it at 30 seconds and edited at one minute 55 seconds. ♪ ♪
11:56 pm
♪ ♪ [inaudible] [inaudible]
11:57 pm
[inaudible] [inaudible] >> at the end of the day what you are trying to do is take money out of what you are trying to do not. >> thank you. i think that that is a telling testimony. and it wouldn't be seen in those videos that they are talking about. where she makes clear it's not about making money, it is not planned parenthood's policy, some might donate it for free,
11:58 pm
it's a woman's decision and it's not our deal. he kept saying bright, like stop saying this, this is what i want to hear. last night the cubs beat the pirates for nothing. [inaudible] this investigation is based on false premises, one after another and it's time to stop wasting time and stop picking on women and try to take their toys away. i yield back the balance of my time. >> the time of the gentleman has expired. we welcome our distinguished witnesses and if you would all rise, i will begin by swearing u.n. the u.n. each of you swear that the testimony that you are about to give shall be the truth and nothing but the truth so help you god?
11:59 pm
>> thank you. the witnesses may be seated. and let it be known that they responded in the affirmative. the first witness is doctor anthony who is a word certified obstetrician gynecologist, over the course of his career he has practiced obstetrics and gynecology in private and university settings including as an associate professor of ob/gyn at the albany medical college. the next witness is susan there that work for nearly 18 years as a center manager of the planned parenthood panic in er l about a abortions. [inaudible]
12:00 am
[inaudible] >> and she is a frequent guest on television and radio shows. before joining american constitution society, caroline served as the director of the aclu washington legislative office and general counsel and legal or of the pro-choice america. our final guest is a public speaker for operation outcry, a ministry that seeks to educate the public about the devastating consequences of abortion. she is a resident of davenport, iowa. we welcome you all, your written statements will be entered into the record into their entirety and i ask that you summarizer testimony in five minutes or less to help you stay within that time, there is a timing light on your table. when it switches from green to yellow, you have one minute to


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