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tv   Julian Assange on The Wikileaks Files  CSPAN  October 12, 2015 1:15am-3:01am EDT

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if you keep focusing on things like marriage what's going to happen is the other side you will get with us because you are the ones that are going to suffer and you will have less autonomy yourself if you don't go this way. and by the way here's another interesting thing everyone can be behind in the south some republicans are making a big issue of this. we had a crony capitalist contest in the atlas society we just did the first one we have winners in four categories not surprising barack obama won for individual politicians and i think warren buffett buffet on for individuals but here's the point nobody likes the crony system that we are in that is the nature of the welfare state they must do did generate either to the authoritarian system or the crony system in which it's not i produced it decides that a
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contract who's been to give me a special privilege and that is what bernie sanders says is popular right now. they see hillary as the queen of corruption and at least sanders is like a left-wing version of ron paul. >> host: some of the essays include the high ground for political liberty, the fourth revolution. we have been talking with the editor of the republican party civil war. edward of the atlas society.
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with a discussion about the fire was a files a collection of the most important of the 2.3 million state department cables released in 2010. jeremy talks with julian who joined the conversation over video link a video link from the ecuadorian embassy from london. this is the launch of the finals and the director and we have been working on this project for about four years now and so this is a common notion of a lot of collaborative editorial and political work that we are very proud of and we are thrilled to be able to publish this.
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you should have gotten a copy and it has an amazing roundtable discussion of what we can really learn from the huge leak of the empire and foreign policy and i'm proud to introduce jeremy who is going to lead the conversation with julie and a staunch divvied corsage. i'm sure you've heard of the author of blackwater and dirty war. please come up. [applause]
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it's really great to be here i live in this neighborhood and i never imagined i would be on the stage i'm used to listening to people that are good singers and i thought there was a miscommunication they thought i was going to sing and that's like the last thing that any of you would want to hear. i am honored to be able to help launch this incredibly important book because we are gathered here at the time when there is a war in this country not only against journalists but against journalism there is a war in the united states government who dare to speak out without permission and to uncover extra judicial activities by the
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government and unconstitutional activities in the names end with u.s. taxpayer dollars for the independent journalism in the country that have manifested not only in the form of surveilling journalists but in prosecuting whistleblowers and as we know this administration and the obama administration that is headed by the constitutional lawyer by training has indicted for people under the espionage act than all of his predecessors combined. it was presided by going over the trials now serving for decades in prison and continuing to be harassed and abused while in government military custody and presided over the ruining of the lives of people like thomas drake one of the original
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whistleblowers by throwing people in prison who had the audacity to speak out about torture while at the same time allowing people that created the torture program dick cheney, donald rumsfeld to be accepted as legitimate numbers of society with something to say on the tv talk shows on sunday. you can talk about where the mortals reside as the country looking at the criminals on october and was whistleblowers are in prison. we can see a lot about who we are as a society. now our special guest tonight is it going to be here in person because of a campaign similar to those that i've described against these whistleblowers. julian and i know there's a lot written about him in the press and there's a lot said about him in the press his personal life is debated everyday in some
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publication across the world he spearheaded a project that made it possible for a brave whistleblower multiple occasions whistleblowers on multiple occasions to provide concrete primary source material on the secretive government programs on extrajudicial murders and provided the people of this country and around the world with an incredible map into a secret bureaucracy that any democracy any of us should have the chance to understand and debate. when i was reading the introduction to this book i was struck that it feels like a piece of writing from a different era. it feels like a philosophical writing in the late 50s or early 60s because it takes account of history. it's not written for the short
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attention span society. it delves into the history and refers to the history of the dynasty of having messengers crossed mountains in an effort to map out the geography of the empire and what he says in his essay and i would encourage all of you to read it is that by looking at just individual cables and what they say about a particular country or a particular operation the u.s. was involved in here just looking for a stand of trees analogy and it's noting all of this but unfortunately we have to welcome by video link is sitting on the stage but please join me in welcoming the founder and publisher. [applause]
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the last time i saw you we were sharing a w-whiskey in whiskey in the confinement of the ecuadorian embassy there in london. >> there's a lot to talk about here and we are still in the crosshairs of the government and edward is of course an exile and other whistleblowers that have not been taken to the government across the spectrum are quite possibly the did want to ask about the latest there's been speculation the past month that he were going to run out in some
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of the cases against you in sweden but i will have you know we have a packed crowd in brooklyn new york let us know what's going on with you and what is the latest on the case case and the votes of thing to happen in the coming months with you. it's good to be the technical. without charge and present a bit that's without any public review charge they say almost and uncertainty in the united states and otherwise there are no charges. we have about a dozen different legal cases around the world editors have a dozen criminal
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cases that the united states, sweden. for me in australia and saudi arabia we have a lot going on and that doesn't include the civil cases that we have going in relation into the update that is being constructed against bank of america and western union and discover a. of his defeat at most i think coming up to the present status now in the united states is that there is a pending prosecution for espionage, computer fraud and abuse which contains the act
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version which is stealing government property and general conspiracy. we don't know how many of each type we just know the type. that information came out because the u.s. government has been sending without warrants to a variety of service providers but we have the warrant for about six of our people the united states has served on.
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the judgment case related to us and together with the information center in washington, d.c. would try to understand where they have been surveying in the united states and the freedom of information request was filed in relation to that and they've been battling this out for about two years into the judgment found the case is a state secret in the united states but is the u.s. government argues to reveal the single line of the 100,000 something pages that the doj and the fbi has in that prosecution would be to harm the pending prosecution and u.s. special security. as a result, that series request is restricted by further around
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another 500 for the lawyers and others in the united states who are also held back and it's like a hoover dam blocking off a torrent of documents all under the excuse that there is a pending prosecution of me. if the case is dropped in the u.s. didn't suddenly this breaks open and something like 100,000 documents into these u.s. persecution comes out. so politically they have to keep the case going. >> what was -- on this scenario what is the logic for not just exiting the embassy and saying i'm going to challenge all of
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this both from the united states and swedish end of things and realize those two things have different legal repercussions answering this but you certainly have never been shy about challenging the entire challenging the government and you had a prominent u.s. politicians saying you should be assassinated in a drone strike and you were portrayed as a threat to u.s. national security by very powerful current officials. ..
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>> are held in alexandria virginia and pushes the case is very fast to have significant problems there is the special rule this issue cannot get rid of them >> one of the phase that basis it one dash amazes me when other people start to write off wikileaks as a relevant ec to get your hands on more documents for instance the bounty on the dpp to affect that debate of
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the owner is in end a ruth hit the blood did without divulging sources how you see that ongoing relevant wikileaks in the current era? what you hope to achieve even though you are stuck talking on a video screen and limited with your movement? how can you still get documents? >> there is a frown on my face to be dignified. >> dick cheney is in the room. [laughter] >> can you hear me clearly? >> they need to fix your audio i did not understand your question.
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>> i just want to say i can make a dedication while i wait. i would like to dedicate this book to the president emeritus for constitutional rights a very dear friend of mine and on the chief legal team in the united states and to some degree this book could not be written without him in the sense that he provided me with legal cover to give me time to write the book so michael we wish you
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were here is also felt whether people better in the audience. >> just so you know, if you don't know michael ratner is one of the greatest freedom fighters said modern history of this country litigating the first challenges to guantanamo not just post an 11 but when thousands of haitians were taken to guantanamo in the '90s systematically stigmatized as dangerous to america with a potential hiv/aids and michael has been an incredible fighter for freedom around the world and at present is in a battle for his life i saw him the other day his spirits are very high he definitely wanted to be here tonight i the kit will be the of world
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of him so keep the big your thoughts and hart says he is important for so many causes around the world. now basically well as ascii before how you managed to stay relevant despite the fact you are stuck in a few rooms you still get documents with the bounty that produced results you managed to shift that debate and it seems that wikileaks was just iraq and afghanistan you always manage to pop up with new documents so i don't want you to divulge sources but have to do that where you are? >> i can divulge the mets did quite easily.
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i have a pretty good team around the of people in my nization. of course, we have legal support in the community and the sources still believe it us. it is interesting to pull off it is quite hard work around the embassy right now there is about said did uniformed police and the covert actions is as surveillance team. interestingly days but a deal with herod's a very
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department store is in place for the surveillance team 24 hours a day the budget just with surveillance alone runs $20 billion so far to operate at about $57,000 a day the wind area to gain political traction that money is spent harassing someone who has not even been charged. >> remember how ridiculous it was with my cave in to see you it is barely like to
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be your visitors space to get by but then a cartoonish surveillance van outside of the window is that a real or is that a proper? >> there is different parts of it is not visible than there is a very public component with large bands parked in front of the embassy and uniformed police presence as well but whether there is negative press that pretreats then they park in this side alley then they
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are back again. >> is seems like it is meant to send a message there are reports recently about your position through the ecuadorian government and i am wondering if you are confident ted your relationship with the president and the foreign minister of ecuador? i don't know the veracity of the reports but. >> got high veracity. >> this got a lot of traffic and 8q should have the opportunity to redress this the short is that news reports portrayed a scene where the internal path was in conflict you were there because of the grace of the president and others don't want you to be at that nbc
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can you address these reports based on the leaked government documents of ecuador. >> it is of political will obviously a government needs that to enforce its law but it is a matter of law it has activated its conventions in the process and i won my asylum case with ecuador and as such it has said nationally in the goal by doing obligation to make good and it is the matter of national concern that it would be released of its asylum obligations.
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does that mean there are factious inside and outside the government with a different position? yes. we have to keep an eye on the domestic politics not so much to violate their convention obligations but for example, how much support there is in the embassy to give access. >> for a moment i want to get to what happened to the president's airplane with the u.s. government was hunting edward snowden but a follow-up, wu do except the post to the ambassadorship position if offered?
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>> by sale would except that now maybe it would not be offered. [laughter] >> darr e zaph. >> an interesting situation where we could comment about the weather and it does not change but in politics you can comment on a feature that it changes because of the comments. >> very left mr. potential ambassador. [laughter] wikileaks recently put out a statement to clarify the events that occurred when edward snowden was soon transition of moving and ended up dead moscow and rigo from your own account you were involved with strategizing helping to facilitate edward snowden to get on a plane with
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documentation so we all remember whether reports emerged that the president of bolivia was the very fierce critic of the united states his hair played while traveling through your peers but sluggish air space was forced to land on direct orders from the united states can you explain given that you were directly involved at the time that reality of the ground with edward snowden would assure understanding of what happened with that plagued? >> they thought he may be of the plane. >> sure. he was in a difficult position in hong kong and how was i able to see that? because i had been detained without charge five years
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and also chelsea manning they went to their cases in the united states i have come to go far too much about the espionage act and to how the refugee convention works. so i read the column, actor -- extradition act and contacted very good sources in hong kong and china in relation to the chinese bureau. china has control of the foreign affairs function domestically it doesn't have formal control but their
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foreign affairs it does have a veto power their relationship is like a commuters' relationship to the united kingdom so the dutch ideas period did not have the will to intervene on the edward snowden case to protect him the hong kong government was going to conduct by the book to act is a correction in the united states strictly by the book for hong kong means extradition the person who was gore to the process is imprisoned during though whole time.
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number two in relation to the asylum replication hong kong has a very poor record in relation to those who apply for asylum to those who are granted and furthermore the past few years they had never erred done it for someone from the though west therefore we thought edwards noted should leave to go somewhere he is more likely to receive asylum so with the variety have no appreciation since we had great contacts for bi association also of in relation and i bi association also of in relation and i managed to secure him asylum and offers from venezuela and ecuador nicaragua and bolivia was
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making noise as well. to be in a safe path to latin america to go through the top leaves "the reader" russia we also secure that they would not extradite to the united states ever before we put him on the plane to make sure he had a secure route though whole way put him on a russian carrier so there is no interference with the private wended russia waited for his transept -- transit flight the u.s. government canceled his passport would've its own goals of the state department this
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century was to cancel the passport while in russia i guess from those conspiratorial way did that was intentional in relation to the p.r. damage that it could inflict but i think it was part of that bureaucratic process to trap him in and hong kong but it got the taibei wrong but it canceled while he was in moscow so how did we get him out to without a passport because the commercial airlines would not take him. we heard there was an oil conference than the president would be there amongst others when a the
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others was perales. we did reach out our viewers formal and maybe even public offers by then the nba decided because there's so much surveillance and communication because he was those surveiled and of the lawyers were involved it could not really communicate and then there was said joke he was in russia two-stage now he was off to read edward snowden it was just a joke but with this joke u.s. intelligence services .2 and
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two together to make 22. [laughter] to decide that they then had to expand fast now of capital to close their airspace to the presidential fight which they did and portugal close to their airspace to would jet flight without any legal or administrative process there tried to go through of path to go off to bolivia so they were forced to land in then it was the 12 hour process
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the president was back in the airport waiting lounge of vienna because he could not get clearance. the presidential jet is protected under the vienna convention it surrounds diplomats is diplomatic territories of there is no violation enormous of the vienna convention in vienna. [laughter] this sealed his successful application when it was clear lead to dangerous to take any other option in russia because what would be the response? the only response they could give is that if he asked for asylum and then day one
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could accept upon final requested that is within the that happening so that led to bullying to western europe that edward snowden was being politically persecuted that ended up giving him the final. >> i love the vienna convention being violated in vienna. you should use that more. i am a glutton for punishment so i read a lot of right wing people on twitter and i think it is important i want to pay a picture what these people say about you and your relationship to do this tab you address it once and for all because there is a
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response a fate they found a dark secret by st. been together innocuous parts of sentences to create a fantastical conspiracy theory like this. you are now set of russia of the intelligence services and through your connections you are able to facilitate a situation for edward snowden he is given safe passage by putin and that espy and kgb he would then become an asset as you are at once he was in a safe house somewhere in moscow and snowden was giving the russians all of america's deepest secrets that the access while at the ncaa or nsa. what is your response beyond
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a funny joke go back to have a serious response. >> it deserves a serious response but you are talking about a conspiracy theory that is pushed from nsa. [laughter] this is a guy named schindler. >> i cannot believe you gave him the satisfaction. >> who brags about how he is now a professor added naval warfare college he runs a block where he comes up with
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the conspiracy theories that what is interesting but the reason he is called the big hit by a. >> dell recommended to read this. [laughter] >> if you have the unseen button on your eyes. [laughter] but what is interesting on twitter is the people who'd picked it up and one of those just recently was one of the of governors of the ppg the u.s. government's
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official funding organ for voices of america in a shed to the tune of $1 billion per year the governor has been spreading that and it made me think maybe we should look at the cables to see if there is anything more i came across a fantastic cable written in 2008 for an intervention in congress one of the most interesting pairings that comes out of the analysis is the role of u.s. embassy you
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think it is more or less cocktail parties are to provide cover to the agent or negotiate trade deals you think basically that is what they are about but the state department plays a unique role may be a only the treasury can be equated in a similar way. for all the other government institutions the state department provides physical housing and lobbying for all the major elements in or all the major elements in fact, more than 27 agencies house those embassies and they
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also get access to the meeting rooms and a special advisor is acting as political a visors so for example, u.s. embassies the larger ones have national security agency monitoring and demand ahab -- hold that thought. >> is says the connection and is an unstable the last we heard describing them nsa surveillance gear. >> it is like a rotary club said they say it is evil it in that clubhouse it isn't
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the state department it is run by the state department but it is the major elements of national power including the marines and army and air force in department of homeland security and to have assistance making deals the largest ones the embassy ago is that of its way proactively. that is something very interesting of the cables that rehab published even publishing this year 500,000 diplomatic cables so to go back to the comco the u.s.
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ambassador put in a request for a and intervention to beef up support for the government's. . .
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