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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 14, 2015 1:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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cmp group, about whether they filed false tax returns, whether they were operating in compliance with the long? >> so far actively there been any congressional inquiries. ..
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the video that is part of the testimony that was previously stricken from the record be made part of the record. >> all those in favor, those opposed? the ayes habit and have it and the video is made part of the record. gentle man is now recognized for his question. >> doubled in from california is recognized for five minutes. >> you are next. do you want to pass? the gentleman from ohio is recognized for his questions.
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>> i want to thank you for holding the hearing and the gentle lady from california i have great respect for indicated that the hearings and it is certainly disappointing that we have to hold a hearing like this about an organization that every year brutally kills hundreds of thousands of unborn innocent babies and sells their body parts and does it for profit. i happen to represent most of the city of cincinnati and planned parenthood is approximately 330,000 abortions, the largest provider in the country. they basically wipe out the population of the city every year about 300,000 people in a particular community and it's just very disappointing that we have to have a hearing like this
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and hear the testimony. he said something along the lines of it isn't against the law. if that's the case, the organization that is here testifying today if it's accurate that what you're doing destroying little innocent unborn lives in selling their body parts for profit, if that is not against the law we better change the law and make it against the law because we are supposed to be a civilized society in a civilized country and to think that kind of behavior is occurring in the use modern times it a come it makes one wonder what is going on in this country. it's disgusting.
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what a defense. we didn't know somebody might actually find out what's going on in planned parenthood. you might get what's going on so that is a heck of a defense and some of the people that are here i think it takes a lot of courage to experience some of the things you've experienced over the years and be willing to come here and testify about what has happened. thank god you are willing to do that and all three of the stories. i heard you testify in a committee in the past and thank you for coming forward and doing what you're doing now to expose what has occurred.
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i probably used up a lot of my time already. but again i know you've already said it but i think that it bears hearing it a second time in the past you did obviously perform abortions and then at some point in your life decided that i'm not going to do that anymore, can you share again why that was that made that change for you? >> it was the loss of my own adopted daughter dealing with a series of abortions. >> you indicated that you have a bunch of other women that were in the circumstances would you want to share with some of the stories you've heard from others and how this has affected their
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lives so that there is actually two victims here, there's the unborn child and a woman who's been a victim often times in the planned parenthood facility since they are the largest abortion provider can you share in the brief time that i have left anything you would like to say about the women that he's talked to over the years about that? >> i've heard a lot about safe abortion and all of these women's stories refute safe abortion. we are not having safe abortion in this country. women are being maimed and harmed. they are not able to have their own children because of it. their children are dying, they are turning to alcohol and drugs and suicide. i do post abortion counseling and i just counseled a woman in the prior months that tried to kill herself three different times.
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why are we talking about why this is is is it safe, these are the stories of talent and there would be more if women were not too ashamed and to upgrade to come out and talk about this. sometimes it doesn't happen for years. i wasn't able to talk about this for five years. there are women that will be able to talk about it for five or ten years and i have heard multiple stories, hundreds of how they have been maimed and wounded in every way. i can't even -- it was hard for me to god with my own childhood child that i adopted because of this procedure. i'm just begging for people to protect women. this isn't a good choice. do the right thing in the. i would like to ask the
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committee how many are receiving donations from planned parenthood on their campaigns because would you choose that over protecting women? >> thank you very much. i will yield back my time. the gentleman from tennessee is recognized for five minutes. >> mr. franks made a comment about a bill that was on the floor about three or four weeks ago. on the same day there was another bill to fund the planned parenthood and nobody on this side voted for them. and they didn't come to the subcommittee and debated and go to the full committee or a markup because the regular order didn't apply because the pope was going to be here and we wanted to put the focus on this issue because it was politics
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and. then there's supposed to be a markup and there was none of that. the protocol was done away at the politics just like ben ghazi politics and kevin mccarthy. the one another's way to lead this democratic party and thus the six >> will the gentle man yield come and just like that he admitted what they were doing and it's the same deal. they are having a special committee that they have now set up and now is the representative said there's not any evidence that there has been a law violated. what we ask, you admitted that your video had nothing to do with planned parenthood,
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correct? >> for the other the video that was shot may be relative to the procedures to six >> don't tell me about relevance. it had nothing to do with planned parenthood of the video wasn't shocked. did you ever work for planned parenthood of? >> yes. >> do you or anybody else on the panel know because this is talking about medical ethics is that this is entitled examining procedures and medical ethics. does anybody know one person that lost their medical license cause was of activities that planned parenthood? do you know of anybody that lost their medical license? do you know anybody that lost their medical license? case closed. second question is -- i don't have your name -- i am sorry for
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your problems he had in history the first abortion was planned parenthood. where was the second? and where was the third? >> i believe that it was not emma goldman's but i don't remember. >> that's not planned parenthood. >> they do the same types of procedures. >> a lot of places do the same types of procedures but this is about planned parenthood's the second and third abortion have nothing to do with planned parenthood. you now have a not-for-profit responsible -- what is the name of the not-for-profit? do you draw a salary? >> i get a stipend. a thousand dollars a month. >> and when you consider, quote unquote a christian speaker you get paid to make them or just expenses? >> usually i don't get paid at all.
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>> the government doesn't pay any of us too much. the fact is this hearing just like benghazi and like the select committee on planned parenthood is politics as we have major problems going on in this country. the whole idea that this is about planned parenthood is wrong, and the doctor admitted medical ethics there is no evidence by planned parenthood that has been put up here. it's unfortunate this is the way that we are spending our time. and i appreciate planned parenthood for what they do for lower income women and who need health services and who need family planning and who need cancer exams, cervical, breast, etc. that are performed and i'm happy that medicaid reimburses them and that's good and i will
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yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from utah. >> i would caution members. i've heard my name several times. members, please e. careful using this. the context of the comments that i made were in relationship to a hearing is the chairman of as the chairman of the oversight committee that i conduct it. the hearing that we conducted was about the finances of planned parenthood. we didn't get into the content of what they do or the content of the video. we didn't get into the practices that they do or into the fetal body tissue. we didn't do that. we were very narrowly focused on the finances. the place we were making his planned parenthood had a revenue of $127 million more and we started to book as a nonprofit organization on what people were making and how they were
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spending that money. they were spending it overseas, they were spending money giving it to political organizations, they have a lot of shared services. i think that is a legitimate question when we look at the finances of an organization that is structured as a nonprofit. i would ask questions about the direct finances that's the way that i took the question given the direction and the drive of the hearing was about. did we find any wrongdoing the answer was no. it is inappropriate to suggest that i have come to a grand conclusion about the operation. in the for committee we did subpoena the videos. we had some of the videos in a safe and we jointly worked with
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the democrats on that. we had a court have a court ruling earlier this week to get the rest of the videos. there was a temporary restraining order that footage released those videos. the judge recently ruled in our favor the videos are being sent to congress. they may have arrived in the last few hours and we are just not aware of it and i would work with elisha cummings and figure out the best course to do with these videos with just a caution to members that it's a bit of a stretch to say that i have done some conclusive investigation on all of the actions of planned parenthood. did i look at the finances and the hearing specifically to the revenue portion and how? yes. was there any wrongdoing, i didn't find any. but i do think it is a legitimate question why do did we send money to an organization where the revenue exceeds the expenses by $127 million it
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doesn't sound like an organization that needs to be supplemented by taxpayer dollars >> i just want to ask whether or not you have any evidence whatsoever that planned parenthood has broken the law in any way. >> some of the video that has been out there and battled rumors that have been swirling into the testimony that we have heard causes a lot of people to legitimately ask and dive into whether or not what they are doing is legal. there is a question from an object of point of view so there will continue to be investigations and i've voted in favor of the select committee which i think does have to go further and dive deeper into those issues but i don't think the final chapter has been written. my point is when we were talking about the finances -- and i
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would remind and there's all these criticisms going after women and that is so false. what is the first non- for profit organization that we went after the government reform committee? i called out the nfl and weber structured as a not-for-profit organization. we called out for making an exorbitant salary taking advantage of the tax code and to their credit they restructured and for the first time it started in the first of july. they are now no longer a not-for-profit organization. so, in a very bipartisan way, with elijah cummings and the democrats we worked on that issue and made a major transformation major change and i think looking at another not-for-profit organization is taking a loss of lot of the hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers money to look at the legitimate decision in the context of an 18 plus trillion dollar debt and that is a discussion that we had a bite out of it and i think we have a very good hearing.
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with that i will yield back. >> recognize the gentleman from georgia for five minutes. >> thank you mr. chairman. would you mind me having a look at one of some of the books that you compiled? i will send someone down to take a look at it and while she is coming down to look at it and let me ask you question. is there any circumstance under which you would agree that a woman should have a right to to have an abortion to abort a fetus that arose from incest or rape? >> if i were a congressman i would support such a law. >> you would support a law that would -- >> not abandon, allow. >> so you belief that it's a one should have a right to choose in the case of incest or rape.
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>> if a woman is pregnant by incest or rape her child is innocent of the same. morally i have a problem with that. politically i would vote for such a law. >> and what about you? >> two wrongs don't make a right. sperm meets egg, heartbeat at 21 days, it's never okay to have an abortion. we have 57 million is in people since 1973. >> so you went to work at planned parenthood knowing that part of the work of planned parenthood does is terminating pregnancies. >> actually, no i didn't do a >> you didn't know that when you went to work? if we ask you this question. you are a woman who was fired by planned parenthood and where a disgruntled ex employee is that
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correct? >> that's what they say. >> you were fired, correct? >> they were downsizing. >> and you are now disgruntled is that correct? >> that's not correct. >> so you loved planned parenthood? >> i loved my work there. there were things that happened that i knew were wrong like making medicaid eligible women pay for their pills. >> do you belief that they should be defunded? >> i do. i don't think one more dime of taxpayer money should go to an organization that's so rough with rod. >> thank you. you have a lawsuit pending by the way, right? it's a whistleblower case where if you win you make a lot of money. >> we haven't really talked about that. >> you will make a lot of money if you win, take it from me. >> a while i don't need a lamborghini so i don't know what i would do with that. >> the money doesn't matter
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though. >> telling the truth is what matters. >> planned parenthood doesn't make political contributions right? >> i have no idea what contributions they make or if they do make contributions. >> i'm not familiar with the entire structure -- >> are you aware of the stories of women whose lives have been saved by planned parenthood? >> it's hard to answer the question without knowing the context that you are asking. >> i would ask the same
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question. >> you haven't heard the story about tiffany who was so broke she couldn't do for a regular doctors visits the planned parenthood was her only option in a routine pap smear at planned parenthood diagnosed her with cervical cancer early discovery of which saved her life. >> i guess i would ask how much money they asked after they did her pap smear. >> i ensure that it was payable for her life to be saved. it would be 50% of whatever the charges were that day. >> it couldn't be more than the value of her life i can guarantee that. i'm sure she's quite happy with the little that she paid. if she would've gone to a federally qualified health center. >> maybe she couldn't have the transportation. >> in my town it's four blocks from planned parenthood.
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>> that's from your neighborhood but there's people in other circumstances and shouldn't you be concerned about this? >> there's 20 clinics for every one planned parenthood. >> the purpose of the hearing was to shut down planned parenthood because of abortion. >> the time of the gentleman has expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas for five minutes. and would you yield back briefly? >> i just want to state for the record the point that was just made a mistake in georgia there are four planned parenthood locations boast all of which provide abortion services. there are 274 other healthcare alternatives that provide women's services that do not provide abortion. so in terms of convenience and location together i think there would be a good argument that
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there is much more convenience to get to the health-care facilities that do not include abortion services. >> i think there was some effort to cast doubt on the capabilities working for planned parenthood since you are not an attorney i don't know how many we have running planned parenthood facilities but i hope there are not many. spinnaker is typically one per affiliate. they are doing lobbying in the pack and the political action committee. >> and how many mammograms do they do?
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if we cut federal funding for planned parenthood across the country how many women would be denied mammograms? >> zero. >> but if we cut funding for planned parenthood they were the lawyers of doing lobbying and some people that get political donations that wouldn't be getting those political donations and that they would have to look for some other form of money and financing. my friend from california indicated it was a mess if we defunded planned parenthood that we could provide services to all the women and planned parenthood had been helping and when we
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hear the actual facts, it turns out if we provided the money directly to health-care facilities that do nothing but help women with the full range of services for women including mammograms and things that planned parenthood never does, it sounds like women would have even better services, lower services even though a lot of hearts would break for the lawyers that would not able to get the federal funding and be able to lobby and donate to their democratic friends. i was so pleased with the comment from my friend from tennessee but benghazi was politics. that's exactly what we have been trying to get to. it was politics. you have people meeting here in
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america in washington while people were dying, while they were gathering david up and going to the rooftop to man the guns to try to protect the people of those facilities. yes, benghazi was about politics and i would love to know what the president was doing that night. i can tell you if it weren't for me and my personal ambassador at my personal ambassadors missing, i couldn't go to bed. yet appeared there was plenty of rest before he went to the fundraiser in las vegas. we need to get to the bottom of why those people were killed and why nobody in washington that knew what was going on with to
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defend her advice of the office to provide a plane he's on the journey and while somebody knows for people died and a lot of people suffered because of those politics. this is a hearing about planned parenthood. they want to keep talking about benghazi. i felt like if they are going to bring it up we need to say yes. we need to start coming together as america and protecting those people harm. >> thank you mr. chairman. it's remarkable to me the two
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most important issues have now collected into one hearing. the planned parenthood hearing has now become. yesterday the house created the committee for abortion practices meaning of today's hearing is even more pointless than it was before. the house judiciary committee is now one of four committee is in the house investigating planned parenthood. what exactly are we investigating today, let's be clear no one says this yet but we need to be clear about it. we returned to a nation where rosie wages and the mall of the land and women do not enjoy the constitutional right the supreme court made clear. that's what this is about. now i don't know why we are here including six different states including my own for any wrongdoing by planned parenthood we are not here to discuss the tissue donation given that the new england journal of medicine
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recently wrote every person in this country has benefited from research using fetal tissue and we are not here to discuss the federal court order this week mandating the center for medical progress turned over more of its misleading fraudulent documentation. the only purpose is to smear a healthcare provider that serves millions of women every year and a provider i might add that enjoys a higher approval rating among the american people than i would guess any member in this body. as the committee contemplates the medical ethics of women's reproductive freedoms i ask this question are the medical ethics of not holding any hearings on the gun violence epidemic that claims the lives of 30,000 americans every year wexler of the medical ethics of not holding a hearing on the 12,000 homicides and accidental gun deaths and 8,000 gun deaths by suicide every year and what are the medical ethics of states trying to ban pediatricians from
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discussing basic gun safety measures with parents? this committee has held zero hearings on gun violence epidemic that claim american lives every day in average of 88 americans died of gunshot wounds board has the committee held hearings on the deadly mass shootings that have inflicted so much grief in communities across america after tucson, aurora, not after newtown, not after santa barbara and there've been none scheduled after roseburg and not after any more of the 200th mass shootings that have occurred in 2015 a load. it's domestic violence awareness month. more than 1600 women were murdered by men and 94% of them were gun deaths. while the committee continues its redundant attacks on women's health that ignores the reality of everyday american women are murdered murdered due to domestic gun violence yet as congress works to ensure that women face even more humiliating
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obstacles, the u.s. congress stands by as violent offenders are still able to skip background checks and get guns to commit horrific crimes. the american people are rightly frustrated with congress for failing to take action even the most basic action of closing the loophole in the aftermath of so much devastation. there are dozens of bills the desert hearings in this committee. i don't have the time to name them all but i will name a few. there's a bipartisan public safety second amendment protection act introduced by congressman thompson that would close them sailed through polls pools with complaints of background checks on all purchases. there's a trace act that would empower law enforcement to stop the flow of guns to the streets by traffickers to think about things selling guns to criminals. as congresswoman maloney maloney reports today on federal that lifts the veil of federal research on gun violence and how to curb it there's my own
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legislation to save responsible firearms transfer act to prevent guns from being sold without background checks not one of those bills has been the subject of the committee but even the hearing where they can bring the witnesses to tell us why bipartisan proposals supported overwhelmingly by the american people and gun owners are somehow too extreme. there hasn't been a single hearing in the 114th congress on any common sense improvement and the american people are already frustrated with congress for failing to act. the time for silence on this issue is over. at the beginning of the hearing today one of my colleagues talked about the self-imposed blindness. that's the self-imposed blindness that congress has to gun violence. he said that humanity of the victims become so glaring that it moves an entire generation of american people.
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i can only hope for humanity of the victims of the tens of thousands of lives lost by to move the congress to finally take action. the gentleman from idaho for five minutes. i would like to say there are right now on the books hundreds of federal gun control laws and regulations. and the enforcement of the prosecution for violation of all of the walls are down by 30%. it seems to be an administration me an administration led by an individual that calls for more laws every time we have one of these tragedies off to look in the beer and determined -- i will not yield.
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it is a problem that can be addressed with the walls that exist now. there are by the organization that gives the actual subject of the hearing today pre- hundred 50,000 abortions conducted by this organization every year nearly a thousand and that's why we are here focused on this hearing today to make sure that we are aware of whether or is needed to protect the lives of the unborn and i will yield back and thank you. >> thank you for making the point i was also going to make. can you tell me how many babies are aborted every single day? >> i have no idea.
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>> there's 13 in in iowa every day we think of it as a kindergarten class every single day. >> and how many late-term abortions every day? >> not exactly. >> there's fredrickson? q-quebec i don't think late-term is a technical term so i don't how to respond to that but i don't know the number of abortions that take place every day. >> but you are an expert on this issue. >> i'm not here to talk about medical procedures i'm here to talk about the law. >> i was just lectured at the number of deaths if i just wanted to know if the panel knew how many children are being killed every single day that we know. >> i believe it is almost 4,000 bought by planned parenthood of the abortion industry. and do you know how many late-term abortions over 20 weeks? this is not simply a question of the vitality of planned parenthood actions. we may never find the answer to
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the question whether they are legal or not legal but reducing human beings to the commodities selling for profit. based on the percentage today it would appear that planned parenthood is participating another suspicious behaviors and all of that at the expense of the american taxpayers. i'm not convinced they would cease to exist without taxpayer funding and furthermore i'm not convinced that revoking the funding for planned parenthood would disadvantage the hope to the extent my colleagues would like to claim. there are three planned parenthood locations. the two in the boise area, one in southeastern idaho. if you look next to that it has 129 better healthcare alternatives. all three of the centers are
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within 136 miles of each other in a massive state that stretches for thousands of miles in the rural areas. according to planned parenthood data of the three centers server and 7,000 patients in 2013. alternatively the state of idaho has 76 federally qualified health centers service sites that serve a little over 138,000 patients in 2013. the difference between three to 76, the difference between 7,000 patients and so anybody making the argument that they are not going to receive healthcare is lying to his committee. the services the site amateur broader cross-section in terms of the capacity to serve a diverse population and idaho seeking medical care. there's fredrickson, can you walk us through the service is planned parenthood provides once
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again? >> the vast majority of the planned parenthood services are related to reproductive healthcare. they provide family planning counseling of contraception and contraceptive care as well as cervical cancer tests and breast exams. it's part of our health plan infrastructure. >> other women use the federal health centers is that correct? >> there's no way that the public health system could absorb the capacity that would be lost if planned parenthood wasn't funded. >> about the numbers but the numbers don't speak to that. >> i defer to the experts as i think that congress should. can you name one right now the american public health association. >> thank you.
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>> took you a couple of seconds. >> the chair recognizes the gentleman from illinois. it's legal in the united states of america to have an abortion. it's the law of the land. and we all took an oath to uphold the constitution and the law of the land. no one here has testified that they were doing anything it legally. they object to the fact that they offered abortions because that is their point of view. they don't like the law they can't change the law.
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you have opened one big pandora's box because on repeated occasions, the minority into the witnesses have questioned the integrity of members of the minority panel by questioning who it is and who receives campaign contribution drugs. so we should just open it up every time on any issue. i want to know how much you get from the nra and we should open it up. i tell the women of america you are safe. it would veto any legislation that comes out of the committee and might make it to the floor of the house. so veto the legislation and it will be safe. i am not worried. they can't figure out how to pick the speaker of the house. are they going to turn back the clock on the women in america
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i'm not worried that i will stand up because what we are talking it up here today is we are turning back the clock in which i grew up separate but equal was the law of the land. certainly separate but not equal to everybody on the country. they had to lose their life in order to get reproductive healthcare rights in this country. that's true but let me suggest the following. hundreds of thousands of puerto
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rican women that was the only option. there were options my wife and i had, we had two wonderful daughters. i respect my daughter and i trust my daughter to make decisions as i do for all women in this country and we should all respect for women to make this decision that they fundamentally have to make about their lives and their future. but moreover there is an eight-year difference between my first child and second child. my wife had control over her productive system and she could have a life if she could take her education and she could have a career and she could be everything she can be. my mom didn't have that ability and we have a greater right and ability and i am going to allow on my watch for the right of women and especially the women imported in my life important in my life to be turned back in
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that clock. people are not going back in the closet. latinos and asian immigrants aren't going to disappear. and women are not going to get out of the abortions into their lives at risk again while americans are standing up for a better more inclusive future for everybody in this country. nothing here any of the witnesses have said even those afforded by the minority is going to change anything. there is a new growing coalition in america. people care about mother earth and about and and about immigrants and adult immigrants and people who care about making sure that we have salaries and you want to know something, donald trump likes to talk about the polls.
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the vast majority of the american people want to move forward and not turn back the clock. thank you mr. chair. i want to make a point that when we passed the capable of portion actively introduced into the record as evidence that in every demographic group men, women, people of various races, age, and every demographic group a majority of the people in this country supports prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks. thank the gentleman and yield back. >> i want to try to get back on
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the subject that we were talking about a mr. johnson asked those planned parenthood do political contributions in the diagram over the testimony, two of you said that he did, planned parenthood didn't give contributions to anyone. what is the name that is the name of the pack do you know? >> i don't remember. it's just called the pack. >> with his surprise you in the cycle in 2014 planned parenthood contributed a little over $400,000 to the federal candidates? >> that wouldn't surprise me at all. >> $400,000 seems like you could do a lot of other things with $400,000 to be given to people
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running for congress. >> one thing they could do is take some of that money and puts doctors or nurse practitioners in the little centers. planned parenthood in iowa we have a nurse practitioner two hours a week and in my almost 18 years we had a doctor in the facility probably three or four times so all the pills are being dispensed by nonmedical people that i think that would be a much better use of their money. >> i would like to introduce in the record document of contribution by planned parenthood. >> without objection a part of the record. this talk has also been about presenting the other side talking about generalizing those of us over here that are against a women. i have four children, three
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daughters, 11 grandchildren, one of them is adopted. the idea that we don't like women is absurd. i think many of us are trying to look out for the life of new women coming into the world. what about those women and i think they are one in when they are harvested for their body parts. i am concerned about those women. i'm not going to put up with saying that i'm opposed to women if congress doesn't speak for them who speaks for them? you all speak for them. that's not the issue, the issue
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is planned parenthood. also i think that it's planned parenthood seems to do a good job of marketing planned parenthood would you agree? do you know how much money they plan on marketing? >> they marketed the family planning waiver that spent authentic life at the expense of the staff raises and made it sound like the family planning creation was actually state dollars. it's big hispanic and the insinuation that you did something wrong by being a whistleblower because you talked about were brought evidence about an organization that's what we do unfortunately. we attack whistleblowers across the board it seems like. also the comment was made that we have to have planned parenthood or there is no other answer.
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>> most of these, they can't be seen to far right on the screen, the planned parenthood areas are -- in the metropolitan areas 38 of them. but most is not the metropolitan area. it's a vast estate over here on the other side where you have utterly funded healthcare centers. they are on the remote districts like where louie gohmert is from the west texas and the small little town. the federally funded healthcare units are everywhere. rural, city and planned parenthood in texas is in the metropolitan area. is that the way that you understand it?
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>> the time of the gentleman has expired. it's important to remember all of those agencies have doctors and they don't charge medicaid eligible women unlike planned parenthood. >> the gentleman from louisiana for five minutes. >> thank you mr. chairman. let me just clear up some things you volunteered some statistics on how many gun laws we have. that is why we are asking for the hearing. the committee could do great things. we had a hearing on the the layer to meet the needs of the judiciary which was the cost of the courthouses building the courthouse in the member districts. so we could do big things that we waste it on things like this. my colleague of the other side
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said what he resides. what i won't have is you saying that planned parenthood may or may not have donated to someone that their positions on choice and other things because i think people because decisions long before they get to congress. the other thing i would i do see would say is the hypocrisy in the room is unbelievable. this year in the state of the union the press mentioned that abortions are at an all-time low which i would think is our goal. everybody in the room the goal is to get to zero. the president announced we are at an all-time low if not one person on the republican side stood up for cheered. there's a bunch of ways we can try to get to zero. in.
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they will go to the alleys and risk their lives so they can have them the more we can still invest in prenatal care. raising the minimum wage so that we can do all of those things that we are not because we are so stuck on things that i'm pro-life. until the baby is born. then when the baby is born you are on your own. we are not big help you do anything. if we are going to have a conversation and if it is about roe v. wade we can't do anything about it as much as the other side would like to be president and tell them how to handle a immigration in benghazi. as much as we would like the court to overturn but you are able to run for president and able to express the interest of the subpoena court. we have a bunch of things that
1:54 pm
we could be working on and have a meaningful hearing to figure out how he gets to be ultimate decision or the ultimate desire that we want. and if it is zero abortions, let's talk about how we get there you know you that you know you are going to overturn roe v. wade. so i just hate that we come here and we drag the witnesses here and put them in in the positions of testifying on things that they cannot control just so that we can do messaging. that's a problem in this country when we could be actually trying to accomplish something and we keep talking about benghazi. i'm okay with letting the facts play out how they play out because i think it is important for the american people to see how the government works and when there is something wrong we just try to fix it. but it's too often we try to
1:55 pm
play gotcha instead of being respectful for the deceased, the people who gave their life for this country to prepare things like that from happening again. so let me just say -- and i will ask do you think that if the law says you can't have an abortion that we go to zero abortions? >> i don't believe we do but i believe that there are many women die in today from legal abortion probably more so because there are more abortions being done when they are back alley and there's more women being maimed and hurt and harm flight i was. you think that the law of the land would have made a decision on your decision?
1:56 pm
i wouldn't have had an abortion and i wouldn't be out of the way children are today. they would still have abortions, yes and they would still have been in other places. >> mr. chen and i will yield back. >> thank you mr. chair i'm deeply disappointed that the committee is holding another one-sided hearing that's more about politics than fact-finding the attacks on women's health have never seemed to stop.
1:57 pm
meanwhile we are ignoring a long list of bipartisan policies that deserve the attention and right now we could be talking about the much needed updates to e-mail privacy laws and we could be talking about leveling the playing field for the brick and mortar stores or get to work on the broken immigration system. but instead we are wasting even more time on an investigation the majority judge before receiving a shred of evidence before planned parenthood. it's shameful to stir chairman. the committee should be focused on facts, not ideology and so far there are no facts to substantiate the claims made by my colleagues on the other side of the i/o card audio but no evidence planned parenthood has engaged in unlawful activity. co. so let's talk about what we do know. we know 2.7 million americans receive essential health care every year through planned parenthood, 78% of planned parenthood patients are low income with incomes at or below
1:58 pm
150% of the federal poverty level. in my home state of washington planned parenthood provides more than 34,000 cancer screenings and across the country to services provided by planned parenthood health prevents more than 500,000 unintended pregnancies every year. the last number should get my colleagues pause if we want to reduce the number of abortions provided in the country attacking planned parenthood is certainly not the way to do with that at this point it's clear that the investigation isn't about gathering facts at all it's about an extreme ideological agenda to be found planned parenthood and take away a woman's constitutional right to choose a. your testimony mentions birth control and family planning and counseling and 2.1 million patients each year. can you speak about how women's access to birth control is
1:59 pm
related to their economic security? >> absolutely. >> it is a vital part of the women's economic security women being able to control when and whether they have children has been a critical part of us being able to enter not quite into it = this in the american economy unfortunately but they are on their way. women are doing better and they are able to provide better for their families by ensuring that they have the families that they can at the time when they want to have families or not have children when they don't want to have children three to >> what would be the impact if access to birth control with planned parenthood was restricted? >> there would be many more unintended pregnancies and ultimately many more abortions. so the consequences of the funding would certainly be to lead to an increase of abortions in this country and certainly undermine women's access to basic contraceptive care which
2:00 pm
would undermine their ability to earn a living and control their own economic well-being. >> cbv gets harder to plan a family of the plan their career if congress decided to be fun to this organization. >> it's been a vital part of women being able to have independence to be able to exercise to determine their own fertility. it enables them to take care of the children that they have and it enables them to be treated more fairly in the workplace because they do have the choice about whether and when to have children. ..
2:01 pm
who would be able to serve the same population. >> the expert opinion says that there is just not the ability to absorb that capacity and those women would go unserved. >> thank you very much. mr. chair, i yield back. >> the chair now yields to mr. jeffries from new york for five minutes.
2:02 pm
>> thank you, mr. chair. you know, this is an enormous waste of taxpayer money for us to sit here at this hearing when we realize or should realize that this is not a legitimate, congressional exercise. this is not a fact finding hearing, this is theater. this is a charade. this is stage craft. this is nothing more than a political a job. -- political hit job on a woman's right to choose, which, by the way, is constitutionally protected. i have the benefit of being one of the senior members here, so i get to sit through much of the hearing. and there are only one or two of us left. this hearing has gone on for hour after hour after hour,
2:03 pm
and yet no one has presented a shred of evidence, a scintilla of evidence that planned parenthood is anything wrong. i have a few moments. let me see if i can uncover some evidence of wrongdoing. the hearing is called planned parenthood exposed, dramatic. examining abortion procedures in medical ethics at the nation's largest abortion provider. doctor levantine zero, you are the only doctor on the panel, correct? >> yes, sir. >> do you have any evidence that any planned parenthood dr., nurse, physician has engaged in wrongdoing, violated medical ethics or lost a license? >> i do not have such evidence. >> and you are the only
2:04 pm
doctor on the panel, correct? >> correct. >> does anyone else have any evidence to have violated medical ethics? >> i would consider it a violation to do a webcam abortion without ever seeing the client. >> i. >> i appreciate that -- >> are expecting medical people to do not medical procedures. >> you were at planned parenthood for 18 years and were terminated? >> yes. >> one of my colleagues asked whether you were a disgruntled employee, correct? >> that came up. >> and you disagree with that characterization. >> i did. they were downsizing and let me go. >> you allege that planned parenthood was brought with fraud, correct? >> yes. >> and you brought aa federal court action claiming that they have engage in fraud, true? >> correct, false claims act. >> under the false claims
2:05 pm
act you would be what is called a relator, correct? >> correct. and the government has intervened in that action? >> yes. >> and this was brought where, in the southern district of iowa? >> correct. this now, you testified earlier that you had no idea ifl whether you would receive monetary benefit, did i you that correct? >> i had -- i said we had not discussed it. you are eligible to between 15 to 25 percent, correct? >> i don't know. >> you have have a licensed attorney who has never discuss with you the fact
2:06 pm
that if you were to prevail in this lawsuit or you allege $20 million, you could receive as much a $7 million? that is your testimony under oath? >> sir, for me, this is not about the money. >> you don't have evidence that planned parenthood engaged in fraud, correct? >> i engaged in fraud. >> was it dismissed the district court? >> it was and then reinstated by the court of appeals. >> actually, that is inaccurate. first of all, theall, the district court judge dismissed your action because you has no evidence of fraud. byby the way, it was a judge appointed by gw bush. even appealed to the eighth circuit, and they affirmed the decision that you have got no evidence of fraud,
2:07 pm
remanded on a separate ground, good luck. i want to.out the eighth circuit court judges concluded based on the district court decision you failed to plead for -- plead fraud with bessette 70 and it is a matter of public record. i yield back. >> the agility digital editing answer the question of she's too. >> the eighth circuit court of appeals reversed the district court and it is now back in district court. >> i would ask the chair, you did not respond to my request to enter as a matter of record. >> without objection. >> and the eighth circuit court decision. thank you. quex's. >> is omen from rhode island. >> thank you, and i think the witnesses.
2:08 pm
it is clear this is not a hearing about the wrongdoing have been six days that i review this. several other states one to plan to investigate. and then some suggested it's about defunding planned parenthood. i am not sure. i think the hearing, it's about as best i can tell having listened to every single one of my colleagues is a fundamental view of some of my colleagues that roe v wade was wrongly decided. you have a right to that opinion. you don't have a right to to smear a vital health organization to advance that argument. their people, and i respect him deeply there different views on whether roe v wade
2:09 pm
was rightly decided. i happen to think that it was properly decided. you may disagree. what i think is i think is wrong and regrettable is rather than having a hearing assess perez roe v wade decided properly? we can have a public form and have a debate about it, but this hearing tries to insinuate that planned parenthood has done something wrong. the title of the hearing is in fact planned parenthood exposed, examining abortion exposed, examining abortion procedures and medical ethics at the nation's largest abortion providers. so, the hearing is intended somehow to suggest that by just attacking planned parenthood we can undermine the decision of roe v wade. it is clear planned parenthood provides critical
2:10 pm
services. 2.7 individuals access through planned parenthood which includes, and specifically ms. fredrickson , that includes a range of breast cancer screenings, pap smears, sexually-transmitted diseases, hiv tests, cervical cancer,, cervical cancer, a whole range of services. is that correct? >> yes, sir. that is the vast majority. >> 97 percent of the services that they provide. >> that's correct. and planned parenthood is a respected healthcare organization and some have suggested that if we close planned parenthood people can get services elsewhere.
2:11 pm
the experts who have looked at that said it is ludicrous, and people who would make such a claim fundamentally misunderstand the healthcare system. is that correct? >> absolutely. >> and so it is left with a hearing that lasted several hours in which people have made some assertions, play video, some which had nothing to do it planned parenthood presumably made some claims it had nothing to do with the procedures followed in an effort to bolster their position against the decision. what i think is regrettable is that i think planned parenthood has demonstrated unequivocally that it is a vital healthcare organization that millions of women and families rely upon, the individuals who work there are professionals , individuals of integrity who do their jobs and take the job seriously and there is a suggestion their own motivated. i've been to a clinic, i
2:12 pm
want to say that my experience has been just the opposite. dedicated, dedicated,opposite. dedicated, committed professionals, and it does a disservice to the seriousness of the debate to malign in an organization that does important work that is saving lives. we can have a real debate as to whether or not the supreme court should change his decision. i think that they should, but it is settled law, the law of the land. you challenge appropriate case in making a legal argument. you do not attack individuals who are following the law or performing a legala legal medical procedure saving the lives of women in this country. i think the witnesses for being here. i hope that we can focus on the real issues that were mentioned in making sure the pass the marketplace fairness act, the agenda is long. let's getlet's get to work on the issues that matter to the american people. >> i want to thank the witnesses for being here today. this concludes today's
2:13 pm
hearing thanks to our audience and without objection all members will have five legislative days to submit additional questions for the witnesses or additional materials for the record and with that this hearing is adjourned. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> that hearing from just last weekend in team with this investigation today house oversight and government reform committee chair jason j fits who is also interested in becoming the next house speaker issued this latest up in the committee's investigation of planned parenthood and says
2:14 pm
the committeesaid the committee has received all unedited video footage from the center for medical progress as required by our subpoena. a viewing room is set up for members and staff out of an abundance of caution to assure the safety of security. that again from house oversight and government reform committee chair republican jason j fits. moving on, join us later today for remarks from donald trump, the billionaire businessman leading the republican pack speaking in virginia. live coverage at 630 eastern right here on c-span2. a little bit later we will be in new hampshire to hear from jeb bush hosting a campaign rally in concord
2:15 pm
and you will be able to see live coverage of 7:00 p.m. eastern on our companion network. hillary clinton will be speaking to supporters in las vegas today where the democrats debate took place last night. she will be speaking to supporters again being at 830 eastern. you will be able to watch it live on c-span. >> coming up tonight more programming. you will hear from authors including eric larson who talks about his book.
2:16 pm
>> when i was in prisonçó and when i was beingç interrogated my interrogator somehow became my muse because to start with, ten days, ten days in an iranian jail, ten days, 20 days, 30 days. and every time it was saying something stupid are he was making the presumption about my life for life in the last i was thinking to myself, that will end up in a book. i was trying to ask my question. basically he did not have any other human contact. he has spent all his time and interrogation, tired of talking to his buddies. sometimes he was confiding in me, telling me about his personal life. i could here his conversations, even
2:17 pm
sometimes he was talking. i remember one day he was holding my ear and twisting my head. it was really painful. then his phone rang and he kept on twisting my ear. let go of my ear while you're talking. at any hit my head instead of talking on the phone, be quiet. really ridiculous. >> he said from the beginning, i look in the mirror and don't see president. our response to that was quit looking in the mirror. from the very beginning he just said, this is nothing i ever thought about. >> this sunday night former public relations executive on his book run metatron about his longtime friend
2:18 pm
and former indianagovernor mitch daniels and his decision not to run for president in 2012. >> i became convinced as we came toward the end of the process that is very competitive it's not something he really went after. >> sunday night at a clock eastern and pacific on c-span q&a. senior obama administration official spoke before the senate homeland security committee about threats to the us speakers including fbi dir. james komi,director james komi, homeland security check to have secretary j johnson and nicholas rasmussen discussing a range of issues involving homegrown violent extremism. this was led by committee
2:19 pm
chair ron johnson. [inaudible conversations]çko >> this will come to order. i want to call our distinguished panel here, are witnesses. thank you for your time and thoughtful testimony and services a nation. when i took over chairmanshipç of this committee about two months ago the 1st thing i did is reached out to senator carper, a person of real integrity and suggested we do something a little unreasonable, develop a mission statement.
2:20 pm
simply to enhance the economic and national security of america. i think that accomplished two things. it startsthings. it starts our relationship is a ranking member and chairman and this committee. who could disagreewho could disagree with that? it also directed the activity of our committee. we have to committees and one. on the homeland security side, which is what this hearing is all about comeau we established basic priorities, not in any particular order reestablished five. an electrical grid, doing whatever we can to counter violent extremists, islamic terrorists whose threat director was going. our 1st priority was really kind of directed at the secretary.
2:21 pm
basically follows right down what our priorities are. they're not diminishing or receding but growing. so you are three men of integrity to take your duties and responsibilities very seriously. i thank you for that and i'm looking forward to your testimony. i want to thank senators that are here looking for a very informative hearing. >> i want to start off by calling. [inaudible] in the last couple of weeks we have been visited by pope francis up and down the east
2:22 pm
coast. the us president of china, big entourage. leaders over 70 countries have visited our country, new york city, the un. the thing that is remarkable on that, i would add a word as well. the secret service screwed up him and acommand a half, we call them on it. when people make mistakes, they accountability. the pope's visit, 70 national leaders who can our country. without a hitch is just amazing.
2:23 pm
hard-working and want to do the right thing. it in do this by themselves. but i just want to say, as we say in the navy when someone does the job well, bravo zulu. the threats from osama bin laden. today he is dead. largely dismantled. fortunately isys is to avoid thethe tactics that they use against us and others have changed. these new tactics mean we can no longer rely on military force to eliminate.
2:24 pm
this evolving challenges no easy task. our ability to counter violent extremism. i have noticed this is a priority for all of our witnesses that will be focused on countering violent extremism. moreover, if we are to be truly successful we must remind the world of the principles and values. we have a long history of granting refuge to the war weary, a moral obligation to continue this tradition by taking a reasonable share of syrian refugees. the pope reminded us as he just the golden rule but matthew 25 : was: i was hungry did you feed me, i was naked did you clothed me , i was sick did you come to visit me, allows ame, allows a stranger in your land, did you take me in.
2:25 pm
there is a moral imperative not to be blind to this awful situation also to realize there is a smart way for us to play a role. we are doing a huge role financially. there is sort of attention here between how we are consistent with matthew 2525 and how we do it in a way that protects us from extremists we took a little bit of time. one was don't let the government shutdown with a reasonable budget and the
2:26 pm
fiscal is responsible and sustainable way and the other thing is to be cyber security command we have the opportunity. making it possible last congress to have the tools to do a better job. we are doing a better job and make sure we focus on information sharing in a smart way that incentivizes folks that are happy. comes to the dhs portal in real-time. as of the kind of things. einstein one, two, three, putting on steroids. the former secretary, predecessor and invite us to
2:27 pm
come to shanksville, pennsylvania. it was a day i will never forget. to remind us again of what can happen, we have to be on guard, ever vigilant, but it also reminds me of the strengthen the courage of the 40 people on that plane who refused to go down without a flight, refuse to down without a fight. i we will be grateful to them and to you for reminding us what services really about. thank you. >> thank i would also like to thank secretary johnson for inviting us. you gave a great speech, everyone did. when they are describing what those passengers did,, did something quintessentially american, they took a vote.
2:28 pm
most people don't go there. there is a powerful panel there where you can listen to three amazing voicemail messages they are concerned far more about their loved ones than themselves. something quintessentially american. with that, it is the tradition of this committee to swear witnesses if you would all rise and raise your right hand. [swearing in witnesses] >> our 1st witnesses secretary j johnson, the 4th secretary of the department of homeland security.
2:29 pm
he served as general counsel for the department of defense, general counsel for the department of the air force and assistant us attorney for the district of new york. >> thank you, mr. chairman. last month the three of us attended a sobering ceremony in shanksville, pennsylvania for the 14th anniversary of september 11 today it is still a dangerous world. the events or the most prominent and devastating example of terrorist attacks by those who are recruited, trained, and directed overseas and exported to our homeland. new line /11/11 hijackers were acting on the orders from al qaeda external operations chief who was in turn carrying out the direction of osama bin laden's. likewise the attempted shoe bomber in december 2001, the attempted underwear bomber in december 2012, the attempted times square car bombing in may 2010 command the attempted package bomb plot in october 2010 were
2:30 pm
all efforts to export terrorism to the united states, and they all appear to have been directed by terrorist organization overseas. the response to these type of attacks and attempted attacks on our homeland was and is to take the fight directly. but today the global terrorist threat is now more decentralized, complex, and in many respects harder to detect. the reality involves smaller scale attacks and who are inspired by but not necessarily directed by a terrorist organization. today it is no longer necessary for terrorist organizations to personally recruit, train, and direct operatives overseas and in secret and export them to the us to commit a terrorist attack. today with new and skilled
2:31 pm
use of the internet terrorist organizations may publicly recruit and inspire at least to conduct attacks within there own homelands. the publicizes its manual and urges people to use it. today we are also concerned about foreign terrorist fighters for answering public calls to leave their home countries in europe with the same extremist motive. the recent wave of terrorist attacks and attempted attacks here and in europe reflect this new reality. the boston marathon bombing, the attack on the war memorial in the parliament building in the.
2:32 pm
january 2015, the attempted attack in garland city, texas, and the attack that killed five us service members in chattanooga, tennessee. whatwhat does this recent wave of attack and attempted attacks have in common? they are all connected by homegrown are home-based actors and appeared to have been inspired not directed by al qaeda or iso. we are concerned about domestic terrorism in the home alone will which includes various aspects such as right-wing extremism wewe devote substantial efforts to the study and understanding of these threats. what we are doing about it is set forth in my prepared remarks, and i will not elaborate that.
2:33 pm
i will conclude by saying two points. one, i applaud the house and senate cyber security legislation. as senator carper noted there is an urgent need for help from this congress in the area of cyber security. some of the things missing. have that legislation become law. homeland security our job is much more difficult to protect the american people have congress is does not
2:34 pm
repeal sequestration or deliver for the american people all the homeland security that they need and want if we have to work with the sequestered budget. i urge congress in a stronger terms as i can to consider repealing sequestration. thank you. >> thank you, secretary johnson. i continue to press leadership to bring cyber security on the floor of the senate. we have that commitment. and the success will largely depend on us all working together as we have in the past. it is amazing what you can accomplish if you concentrate on what you agree on. cyber security is one of those things that we do agree on and i am quite hopeful of it. our next witnesses director james komi, director of the federal bureau of investigation and has served as us attorney for the
2:35 pm
southern district of new york, deputy attorney general from the department of justice in general counsel for organizations and private sector. >> thank you, chairman,you, chairman, senator, thank you for the opportunity to appear before the committee. my friends and colleagues with whom we do so much work. i am grateful for the partnership. i am not going to repeat what is in a written statement which we have submitted for the record and jay has captured well the challenge we face. his descriptionface. his description from the new reality is that on command i want to amplify it because it bears stressing. a lot of us are still thinking about the terrorism threat to the paradigm of what i call your parents al qaeda. it is important the american people understand how things have changed, and i want to spend a brief minute on that the core al qaeda paradigm has been broken by using social media to broadcast a twin pronged call to
2:36 pm
thousands and thousands of followers around the world, including many in the united states. they sent to messages. come to thecome to the caliphate and participate in the final battle between good and evil and outside and find meaning in your life. second, if you can't travel, killtravel, killer you are, kill anyone, but especially if you can, kill people in military and law enforcement uniform and it is a message that comes in an entirely knew way. twitter is worth a lot of money because it is a great way to sell shoes or books or movies. a great way to crowd source terrorism. they started investing in this in the middle of 2014. hundreds of investigations of people who are on some path between consuming this poison and responding to it by either traveling to the
2:37 pm
so-called caliphate or killing where they are. the challenge that we face, the folks at this table is finding those needles in a nationwide haystack and assessing where they are on the spectrum between consuming poison tacking on poison and disrupting them before they act, and it gets harder still. it is not just a nationwide haystack. when they find a live one, they will move them off of twitter where with lawful process we can see the communications and move them to an end-to-end mobile messaging app. o'neill we may have found disappears on us once it becomes most dangerous command with a court order, which is the way we collect the content of communications in the united states, we cannot see what is being said between that recruiter and someone who would kill. this is a big problem,
2:38 pm
problem, an illustration of the problem that we call going dark. it illustrates the conflict we are experiencing between two values we all hold dear, safety and security on the internet. i can assure you that we are big fans of strong encryption, and protects what matters to us most. beat the other value in conflict is public safety. we must protect the people of the us will find those needles and stop them before they kill those two values we hold dear crashing into each other. i don't know what the answer is,, but i keep telling folks, the fbi is not an alien force.
2:39 pm
we belong to the american people it makes sense to continue the conversationgwa+sfa
2:40 pm
2:41 pm
>> you would expect i will start with isil, the islamic state.
2:42 pm
in our judgment isil is overtaken al-qaeda as the leader of the global pilot and his movement and the group does you itself as being in conflict with the west. that conflict is being played out not just in syria and iraq q but also number of other locations around the world are isil is declared itself to establish a profit because places include algeria, libya, egypt, yemen, saudi arabia, afghanistan, nigeria, the caucasus, and even potentially in southeast asia as well, indonesia and perhaps the philippines. that aggressive growth and expansionist agenda has implications for our homeland threat picture. there are three concerning features of isil is a terrorist group that make you reach the conclusion of the first is their access to extensive resources. that can be measured in terms of manpower, military matériel and, of course, money. the second concerning future of isil is a terrible control the isil exercises in large portions of the rack in syria is both in
2:43 pm
some of those province areas i mentioned a few minutes ago. third is access to a large pool of individuals from western countries both those of travel tour back in syria and those who have remained in their countries. when we look for indicators of external operations capability in isil that could threaten our homeland these are the key features we would expect to see and that's of concern. in his testimony secretary johnson alluded to how we are coming to do the threat from isil and especially the homeland piece about the threat. we are saying that threat as have the isil involved some ways along a spectrum of activity. at one end we see isolated individuals as director comey mentioned who draw inspiration from isil's prolific spectacular use of sophisticated social media and that's true even if isil is not directing are guiding their actions at the other end we assess there are individuals who may receive
2:44 pm
direct guidance and direction from isil members including people who are leaders in the isil organization. this spectrum is very, very, very difficult for us to penetrate and understand because of the collection difficulties that director comey pointed to a minute ago. more often than not we see individuals inside the homeland operating between the two ends of the spectrum and that creates a fluid picture that makes it more challenging for us to get inside have. beyond our intensive focus on isil and the threat it poses to the homeland the resort expect we are continuing to devote substantial attention to al-qaeda come its affiliates around the world. despite the unrelenting media attention that is focused on isil in current days, in no respect at all when we done greater level of effort and attention on the al-qaeda related set of threats we face as a nation. when i asked what if i want my number one terrorism conservatives i most often decline to answer because i wouldn't want to suggest our focus on isil comes at the expense of efforts focused on
2:45 pm
al-qaeda and other terrorist tet organizations. specific with al-qaeda were watching closely for signs that are attacked the building is being restored. while al-qaeda's corner essentially been degraded, we continue to track and investigate any indications that core al-qaeda as a nation plotting activity aimed at the homeland. we know that remains innovation and their intent so we stay on it constantly. and both our statements, both director comey and secretary johnson highlighted al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the threat from aqap remain at the top of our list, given to troops unrelenting focus on targeting u.s. interests including potentially the homeland and potentially the aviation sector. our work has made all the more comforted by the difficult situation in yemen. beyond human we are watching watchingal-qaeda affiliate networks and it is in syria. our efforts to disrupt al-qaeda plotting emanating from syria has been successful in the last several months, some
2:46 pm
of the most important figures have been taken off the map but there's clearly more to be done in this regard. in the meantime we are looking very, very closely for any signs of intelligence that would give us a hint as to what they are planning. the third and final area is the growing use of simple opportunity to the attacks by homegrown violent extremists referred to as hud's. go back to 2009% on average less than two or three of these incidents a year. by lester the number rose to a dozen and a big issue that number has already doubled and, of course, were not all the way through the year yet. while it's difficult for us to put numbers on the precise population of homegrown violent extremist in the united states there's no question this population has increased in size hematocrit of the last 18 months. you can see isil is injected energy and light into the population of homegrown violent extra mr. isil nose and have an impact as the director said by motivated individuals in their own locations to act by carrying out individual attacks given on
2:47 pm
a relatively modest scale. as i conclude i would just like to say we stress again we continue to work to detect, defeat and disrupt the full spectrum of threats we face as a country focused on isil episode of associative threads just as ardently, as committed on the focus, focus remains on al-qaeda and all of its affiliates. i will stop there, mr. chairman. >> obviously the purpose of this hearing is to highlight these threats so that as they publicly face this new reality, as directed secretary both mentioned. want to be very concerned about anything classified but is it too important, secretary johnson, your testimony said, let me repeat but today the global terrorist threat is more decentralized, more complex and many respects harder to detect. director rasmussen, your testimony be a rate of extremist actors around the globe is broader, wider and deeper than any time the 9/11.
2:48 pm
director comey, we had hearing called jihad 2.0. really exploring and highlighting the problem of end of sophistication with which isil is utilizing social media. endangering brick testament that said they were at the time somewhere between 46-90,000 over ice support account. i know twitter has been taking some of those accounts down but they just basically pop up with another name, another handle. you talk about social media, those individuals fall but i system in being moved over to encrypted account. can you give us some sense of the numbers of people you're concerned about that event engage in social media and i do want to talk about your inability track at how much information but just in terms of the people that have been inspired to the social media, the open media where we can
2:49 pm
track into encrypted accounts? >> public the best number is dozens. >> i would also as long as i'm talking to you, i know secretary johnson is also going into the communities to try to engage communities. this i don't think is classified. i remembered hearing in a briefing that the members of the communities themselves think we've got a complete handle on this, that we know who among their midst might be being a spy by isis which is completely false, correct? is that -- would you agree that sort of the assessment? >> i do. principle i agree. he has been a leader in this getting out of talk to the good folks no matter what background come to whether sons or daughters either going to the caliphate which is a nightmare and dying there were killing
2:50 pm
people and surrendering the right to a long prison sentence here. the answer is it's a huge challenge because good people do what could people do which is we tend to write an incident narrative over troubling facts so the hair stands up on the back of your neck just at must be misunderstanding what he must be having a bad day, or i must not occur to me. we're trying to get folks to do, when hair stands up, just tell us. to any police officer or any deputy sheriff. we will check it out in secret so no one gets smeared and if it's nothing it's nothing but if it is something and it saved your child's life. that is an enormous challenge spent there was a "new york times" article that you described fbi informant of operative, really having multiple, hundreds of conversations with a terrorist from garland, texas, and the fbi spent quite a few, hundreds of thousands of dollars before that fbi operative, talking about the
2:51 pm
effectiveness of that. i'm just putting myself imposition of a parent whose son, maybe 20 year old kid come is being engaged by the fbi, talked about different to the caliphate held all that type of thing and all of a sudden the fbi swoops in and says did you ever talk about traveling over syria? person is brought up charges, convicted. i think this issue is concerned about is that the best way to engage the committee. based on that halfway we thought that at all? >> we haven't rethought and we all agree i think it's very important that we try to understand where our folks from this consuming to acting make an assessment and taken very seriously, especially if they're moving towards ask of violence. we will continue that work but knowing that we have to do the work i hope should motivate the good parents of the united
2:52 pm
states. no one wants their children to go die in a nightmare that is the so-called caliphate or have to be locked up because they violated terrorism loss of the united states so it's just another reason why good parents need to talk to us, need to know what their kids are doing. one of challenges we all face as. i have five children is a sense that you want to know where child is going physically, you want to know if your kids go to hang out at the mall but you don't have such a sense of where they are online which is the entire world. while we keep saying is when you see things that are troubling, helpless engaged and keep kids from getting into places where they have to be locked and. we've done a lot of work at the table to try to build the capabilities can recall them off ramps so if we can intervene early what a parent tells us about a kid we didn't get that kid the help they need to sometimes it's substance abuse, sometimes counseling, religious guidance so they don't have to become somebody were to lock a. that's an ongoing conversation with the family of the united states. we are making progress is
2:53 pm
something we've got to continue to push on. >> secretary johnson, he been a leader and i applaud you for that. again, i've been concerned about numbers but i will say i'm surprised if it is only a couple dozen people have inspired by and social media and then moved to encrypted accounts. talk to me about your engagement and communities but also about your assessment of that number. >> well first of all, by the nature of the existing threat we face, we are concerned about a lot of people who self radicalized essentially by reading things on social media without necessarily direct communications a twin somebody in the homeland and somebody overseas. what we know suggested before somebody in the situation turns to an act of violence that are
2:54 pm
very, very few people are in a position to know about parents perhaps, a brother, his boss, somebody that is living in the immediate home with that person. so by the nature of the problem we don't often have advanced opportunity to interdict to arrest him to prosecute which is what i think the engagement are so important, to build bridges, lower barriers of suspicion and encourage people in communities. this is your homeland, too. help us help you with public safety. and so we put out there doing this. i think we've seen a lot of good reaction. some criticism to our efforts which i think means we know our efforts are having an effect. but just heightening awareness and asking people for their help is fundamental given the nature of the current threat we have spent just real quick, director rasmussen, director comey, talk about the bounce from the
2:55 pm
delicate balance between civil liberties. you talked about spectrum. where are we today in that spectrum, and that point between civil liberties and security? where do we need to be? >> boy, that's an incredibly complex question i'm not sure there's a particular point that it is a resting point on that spectrum. as director comey suggested, we know we are facing significant new challenges in a way where traditionally collected intelligence to get at our terrorist adversaries. the kinds of insight we used to have into some of the more complex al-qaeda linked plotting is not available to us right now. so naturally in that environment we are going to exhaust every opportunity to every avenue we can think of to try to the new collection opportunities. those will have to be balanced against all of the factors you
2:56 pm
described, mr. chairman, and that's an ongoing process which is i don't have were at some stage it would allow prospective. i think is that the director said it will be a subject of an ongoing conversation with the private sector and the parts of industry that hold critical notes of comedic asian. and unfortunate many of these terrorist actors are exercising their craft on these platforms. i think the good news is we've opened a conversation. there's a lot of ground to be covered without the federal government dictating solutions or ask the director said, choosing a legislative framework at this particular point. we are at the front end and it has to play out over the period ahead. >> i recognize this complex. i didn't expect a definitive answer, and it's exactly come here and is exactly right. this is a conversation, a discussion we must have.
2:57 pm
it has to be an honest conversation and w went to lookt the new reality, the threats were facing. they are not only one. they are growing and we need to be concerned about that and we've got to discuss this in a very serious and honest fashion. senator carper. >> let me preface my questions but it didn't just emphasize how much we appreciate your commitment to our country, commitment to defending us and the hard work you and your teams actually are doing on our behalf. i'd like to talk to my colleagues at the but what is the secret to a long marriage between two people? the best answer, communicate and compromised. i would add collaborate. but i look to the three of you i see the three c's, communicate, compromise and collaborate. thank you and set a good example. we like to focus not just on addressing symptoms. we are pretty good at that if we don't always at the underlying cause or the root cause. senator johnson and i believe
2:58 pm
that kordell. maybe a couple households with him was will go to honduras, maybe guatemala and try to get a better handle on what tens of thousands risked life and limbs to go 15 miles to a terrible situation to get our border. we spend a trillion dollars in the last decade targeted at how to stop people getting injured we spent less than 1% to figure what the root causes are compelling people to come. when i look at the cyber attacks, directed our country in recent years, one of them is chinese. they know what's going on. but it appears they haven't but they know full well that their e entities within the country, they are trying to use deal our intellectual secrets to get shortcuts to prosperity at our expense. we pretty much unlike the cost for the. i want to commend secretary
2:59 pm
johnson and everybody else who was involved in convincing the chinese that it was time to change the ways. i'm not sure the prospects are for action succeeding this but the agreement has been struck is very, very encouraging sign. i didn't think would be able to get that so i applaud you. there's a mechanism in place secretary johnson cornforth, involves you, the attorney general to build on what's been agreed to to make sure that it's not just they will save it into something else. would you just talk about that, please? >> yes. when the chinese were here, both for the president's visit and about two weeks before, we had very frank conversations about cybersecurity, about cyber norms, that we believe nations should embrace. and there's a lot of good things
3:00 pm
on paper, the question now becomes whether the chinese will do what they agreed to do on paper. and so the way forward will be putting them to the task of having ministerial level conversations with us on a regular basis. we hope to have one before the end of this year. ..


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