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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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new zealand remains convinced that council must address this bigger picture and recent events have demonstrated the urgency of doing so. thank you. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: i thank you for your statement and now i give the floor to the ambassador of malaysia. >> thank you, mr. president, for convenient is urgent and important meeting i also think you for your briefing. .. violence in and around the holy sites of the old city of jerusalem. we condemn any and all attempts to alter the character and status of the holy city of .erusalem such sinister attempts are in blatant violation of numerous security council resolutions. all such acts of provocations, incitement, and which only all sides
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fuels tension and exacerbates the deteriorating situation on the ground. we strongly urge all parties to exercise we urge all parties to exercise restrain st and respect for the sanctity of the holy side. mr. president, this should come as no surprise that the armed revolt situation has culminated in the koran pickup violence, death and destruction. time and again the peace council has been one of the ticking time bombs in occupied palestine and they grow increasingly desperate at the general assembly the special committee for the practices affecting human rights of the palestinian people for
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the palestinian people reported on the reciprocity is into violations of human rights committed by the power year after year without any measures taken to address the injustice. this has further emboldened the occupied power to conduc the more repressive policies. in the mainstream media we only see the hugely distorted narrative that they are trying to kill as many as possible. by the israeli sources we do not read about the dalia relations
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and treatment suffered by palestinians at the hands of the occupying force. we do not hear the word occupation and self-determination mentioned anywhere in the mainstream media to provide the proper context, and we do not apply the same standards of human rights in palestine and israel as we reach all swear globally. since for far too long the economic and political and diplomatic media channels have been systematically and exhaustively blocked. mr. president, where the violence erupts including women and children tragically killed, injured and traumatized, the international committee particularly the security council shares the blame for
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allowing the situations to cease with impunity. enough is enough in the international peace and security we wish to demand for the international protections for the occupied palestinian territory. such protection would prevent the continuing massacres and violations of human rights in occupied palestinian territory and also benefits the israelis by addressing the security concerns. the call for the protection in line particularly the universal conventions would ensure accountability for all parties to the conflict and enforce the international law and there is general assembly in the security council resolutions to maintain peace and security in the occupied territory. such protection has numerous procedures in its history including in kosovo, lebanon,
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boston and palestine itself. the council must not delay discussions on the proposal into the militia look forward to closing with the secretary-general and other council members in this regard. noting the statement by the representative for the duration on the role we underscore the importance for the engagement in the council. mr. president: to address the current crisis we must not lose sight of the long-term need for the final comprehensive solutions. 70 years after the failure for the self-determination for the palestinian people the international committee has lost to further perpetuate the occupation. the ways to address the cause for the conflict attributed to the looming elections in the
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meetings and the bilateral initiatives beginning to appear to prolong the occupations and to deny justice, dignity and freedom to the palestinian people. meanwhile, the supplements continue expanding giving rise to questions on the sincerity of the commitment to the two state solution. in the first half of the year alone the number in the west bank had increased compared to the same period last year against the background of the decades of impunity and a legal israeli policies and practices and systematic dehumanization of palestinians we are seeing an unacceptable increase in the terrorist attacks by the israeli settlers. we cannot deny that the continuing occupations in palestine and the unjust point
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worldwide for the radicalism and extremism for the abstraction. they address the root cause of the conflict and to finally put an end to the occupation there is no doubt that we would pay a much higher price in the future which wouldn't be in the long-term interest of palestine, israel and the world. thank you mr. president. >> i would like to thank you for the statement and the ambassador thank you mr. president i would also like to thank jordan for having taken this initiative.
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mr. president, they are gravely concerned by the upsurge in violence in the occupied palestinian territory in east jerusalem. this has been provoked by the recent incursions by extremist settlers. these incursions have led to a number of manifestations of legitimate anger into this occupation and the impressive acts of the palestinian civilian
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population. we strongly condemn all violence from whichever side against innocent civilians. the growing number of the victims that have been exploited including women and children since the beginning indicate the scope of the violence taking place in the occupied countries. these acts are unacceptable and they represent a violation of international humanitarian law and particularly the forthcoming -- geneva convention. the international community and in particular the security council must assume its responsibilities without further
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delay and take the appropriate measures in order to ensure the protection of the unions. the security council must act urgently in order to put an end to the serious violations and make sure that the extremist settlers that are poisoning the situation across the nation should no longer be repeated. the international community should not accommodate itself with all of the horror people experience in the occupying power should not enjoy total impunity with regards to violations it doesn't cease to commit against the innocent civilian operation. mr. president, the new worsening of the situation makes it even more urgent to relaunch of the
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process on a new basis in order to put an end to the peace talks that occur in the state of deadlock for the intangible reality. to this end, the security council must get more involved in order to save the two state solution and peace and mutual respect. the parameters for the solution are known to us all in no manner should they be questioned for any reason whatsoever and given this, we call upon the twos parties in the situation to undertake trust building and confidence building measures for the means that israel must put a freeze on the settlement in in and to the attack on civilians
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and for the forced displacement of palestinians. we have our belief that it's only through the state solution and this is the only firm and realistic solution that can allow the israelis and palestinians to live in peace and in security. thank you. >> i would like to thank you for the statement in against the floor to the united kingdom. >> thank you mr. president for convening the meeting and thank you to jordan for requesting it and to be assistant secretary general for his briefing. it is vital to the council respond that the council respond urgently and effectively to escalating situations such as the one that we are witnessing in jerusalem and elsewhere.
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the british government is deeply concerned of the terrorist attacks and violence that we have seen so far this month. when in jerusalem and the west bank and gaza or israel the committees by the israelis or palestinians the british government conveys all acts of terrorism and violence. as others have said, this violence is doing untold damage to people on both sides. so far they have been killed and over 4,400 people have been injured according to the society. these figures should give us all a cause for grave concern. the immediate prayer he is for the violence and the rapid escalation in tension. i'm pleased the council members have sent this clear message today. the israeli and palestinian people deserve to live in peace
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and security without fear of attack. those breaking the law on either side should be subject to prosecution. innocent civilians must be protected. let us all call on the israeli and palestinian leadership to take immediate steps to be escalate the tensions and avoid any action which could threaten to exacerbate the situation. the current violence began following heightened tension that we saw last month. this is a somber reminder of the delicate need to respect sensitivity over the holy sites. it is vital to the long-standing status quo and restrictive access to other historic sites is preserved. the british government remains in touch with the israeli palestinian and jordanian authorities on this point and we value jordan's important role as
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custodian of the site in jerusalem. we have stressed that security restrictions must be listed immediately. we will continue with these calls and other council members will join us. if we are to find a long-term solution to this crisis, the israeli and palestinian people need to believe, really belief that there is an alternative to the conflict. the current cycle of violence points to a much deeper despair seeing the two states living side-by-side in peace and security. the violence takes us further away from medical. the political leaders on all sides and the council must make it clear that the two state solution is not just desirable but essential. there is an urgent need of practical improvements on the ground if we are to sustain the viability of the two state
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solution is to deliver peace, prosperity and security for all. the united kingdom stands ready to work closely with this council and our other international partners to address the current crisis in the private diplomacy, statements and resolutions and through any other route that can help achieve a meaningful and lasting solution. such a solution is long overdue and next week is the anniversary of the united nations, 68 of the past 70 years the un has been trying to find the answer to the situation in israel and the occupied toys. race. we must keep striving to achieve a two state solution. the alternative is the violence and the despair that we are addressing today.
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i would now give the floor to the ambassador. thank you to the department of political affairs for his briefing. i would also like to thank jordan for requesting this meeting to the spanish presidency for convening. mr. president, we come down the strongest terms of attacks and questions that have taken place over the past week with the west bank and these facts or evidence of the climate of colorization essential to be stopped for the israeli and palestinian authority to preserve your with steps that promote peace along these lines we think it's important to respect the agreements and established practice with regards to the use
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the continuation of the policy of the settlements contribute to undermine and we are also worried about those actions by the authority in the minimum standards and the rights to the fair dignified treatment and continue to believe that the two state solution is the best alternative that offers the best prospect for both people to live in peace. in fact we repeat the conviction that it is impossible to maintain the negotiation without due consideration to the palestinians to exercise their right to self-determination and also the right of the palestinians to her by the guarantees to their people to read the dialogue to achieve peace and challenges we cannot show the council should contribute to this response ability to generate the kind of conditions that foster trust.
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we think it's important for the international community and the security council to support any initiative that might show the way towards the peace process based on the defined parameters and within a specific timeframe. that with this in mind, we support proposals and strive to lay the groundwork for the consensus in order to afford the peace process. i look forward to getting over giving over to the ambassador to venezuela. >> thank you mr. president. i would like to thank you for convening this important meaning to the account meeting on the question of palestine and we would like to thank the assistant secretary general for his briefing. we continue to be very concerned and we come down on the situation of violence that we were seeing in palestine.
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we would like to say that the violence affecting one more cycle the occupied territories in the palestinian attacks against the israelis against palestinians is the consequence and product of the continued illegal occupation discovered for nearly 70 years and the right for self-determination is regrettable in the united nations almost since it was established in the palestinian question. this is a fact that should be on everybody's conscience in particular those powerful factors that have the decision-making in the security council who long for the political solution and this is of course thousands of victims
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including the refugees in neighboring countries whose right of return has been denied. in israel the occupying power continues with its policy of denying that austin and people their right to self-determination. while the survival of the rights continues, they continue to see the cycle of the acts of violence with more victims among the civilian population as it has the pain and frustration which is one of the main elements fueling extremist groups who are currently ravaging several countries in the region. the strategy is very clear they wish to provoke the palestinians to create cycles of violence in which israel responds in acts in
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a disproportionately against the palestinian people to continue to maintain it in a process of settlement that is endless and for that reason we condemn the recent violation by israel in which it seemed more than 53 wounded, and a larger number wounded and we also condemn the destruction of housing in the west bank. this has left hundreds of people without housing entities were children that find themselves as refugees. such acts are part of a delivered process of explosion without any end being pushed to this action could. we would like to echo the recent
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statement in which it says that the israeli and peaceful forces have deliberately attacked on 53 occasions causing a large number of wounded and these attacks have led to the construction of 20 ambulances. this is division in the korean law and human rights law. in the same report says that 24 ambulances were prevented to move to hospitals into this shows the policy of the israeli government to cause maximum suffering more than has been generated in the seven decades been rejected the aggression of the holy side and that of the palestinian population such as the alaska mosque in jerusalem done by settlers and the israeli
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defense forces. these recurring actions violated the agreement was reached between israel and the kingdom of jordan as a custodian of the holy site in east jerusalem. the situation is also part of this destructive scenario, the brutal blockade under the potential for economic and social development and the lack of opportunities and they generated worthless policies must be a concern for the security council and the international community. the goal is quite clear. they want to divide the palestinians and make the possibility of the existence of a palestinian state impossible. they continue to be affected by the effects of the protective edge operation and indiscriminate attacks against the population caused the death
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of more than 500 children of boys and girls and those wounded and many hospitalized. and they are without a future one month resume their lives or build it from us in future and so far the humanitarian organization continued to report cases of boys and girls with severe psychological trauma and abuse continue to despite what they are given in the health centers. it's a paradoxical that the brutal campaign of murders and imprisonment by israel against the palestinian children, talking about destiny and children and women but it's also a brutal act against innocent people and this is a state terrorism.
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these are war crimes and crimes against humanity and evil must be drawn to the international tribunals. it's quite a paradoxical to note as they are deploying their offices to launch peace talks the government showed in for the new wave of repression for the generalized violence which puts an obstacle on the path towards firm and lasting peace and we call on the security council to take a position as soon as possible and demand the cycle of violence in conformity with the fourth geneva convention and the security council resolution 904 and we support the palestinians appeal that the life of the
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citizens be protected against the the continuing of the systematic violence and attacks that overwhelms the palestinian youth as they do not find any political solution for the occupation is a clear proof of the need to reach a negotiated political solution repeated actions are part of a deliberate strategy to deprive the palestinian population of the right to an independent state. this violence justifies the expansionist domination of policies and objectives. venezuela has also part for the determination in for the palestinian state to live under the international borders in conformity with the united nations charter and the security council resolutions.
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the raising of the flag of the palestinian state in the session of the general assembly shows the commitment of the majority of the organizations in support of the palestinian people. in closing finding a solution in conflict is vital in security council should act quickly to urgently to give a new impetus to the negotiations taking counts of the fact that the resolution of the problem affects peace and security into the security council should assume its responsibility and it should focus on resolving the threat to the international peace and security and within the security council if we do want a solution based on both
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states, this security council resolution is able and it can if accepted in the united nations of the fully fledged state to discuss on the basis of the two states palestine needs to exist as a fully fledged state similarly mr. president the security council could spend which could condemn the israeli violence and to call upon them to stop their violence in a resolution which calls for a sustainable peace. we are convinced, mr. president, the security council can and must do something specific palestine and its people to resolve this would be a courageous step forward, it
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would need to the path to negotiations between israel and palestine. thank you, mr. president. .. president, are people and think thatgoodwill violence and killing in jerusalem has become a threat to security. what began as questions about the holy site. have a rise in death souls. that's complicating.
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we condemn the killing in unequivocal terms. the parties must exercise restraint, refrain from proctor & gamble tiff actions and rhetoric -- provocative actions and rhetoric. the indication at this time is that the root causes of the violence must be addressed and gently and comprehensively within the framework of the negotiation political solution. efforts must be made to restart the peace process. both sides must work to createt the conditions that will facilitate this process. in this context we want to urge the israeli authorities to put an immediate cessation to settlement construction in the
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occupied palestinian territory. this is not only illegal under international law, it constitutes a major impedimentrt for a lasting peace. we call on original leaders from other states over the parties to encourage them to resume negotiations on the basis of the relevant security council resolution, the road map, the madrid principles, the arab peace initiative and relevant agreements between them. in this conflict, the two-state solution is inescapable and indeed inevitable. we take the opportunity to reaffirm our support for a two-state solution with israel and palestine existing side sidy side in peace and security.luti i thank you.
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>> translator: i would like to thank you for your statement, i know give the floor to the ambassador of angola.e th >> mr. president, we thank the gentleman for convening this meeting and the assistant secretary-general on the briefing on the situation in israel and palestine. in open debate to take place here next-week we'll deal at length on the israeli-palestinian issue. today we want to highlight our extreme alarm for the escalating situation and loss of civilian life in israel in the occupied palestinian territories including the actions by extremists in religious sites in jerusalem. we believe the current state ofr affairs is due to the palestinian people for the historic inch justice imposed upon them.upon
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also, on the israeli government and settlers harsh and unacceptable actions and two, the international community importance to give any meaningful contribution to a peaceful solution to israeli-palestinian conflict.. the current violence is deplorable.viol we urge all involved to avoid such actions which only serve the purposes of extremist elements on both sides. in yesterday's press conference by the prime minister of israel, mr. netanyahu, he stated his readiness to engage in negotiations without conditions. it is our hope that such readiness takes place and theins just and acceptable for the palestinian leadership. mr. president, recent developments in the middle east are cause for great concern and
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if the surge in violence between israelis and palestinians gets worse, the ramifications coulde be disasterous in all we strongly appeal to both sides to repudiate elements from their ranks and reinforce political dialogue. at this time it is specially important for religious andspec community leaders to includecomm their interaction with the viewe ofrs promoting peace and rec sel ages. as such, the main responsibility of the security council should be to set a course to revive the peace process and strife toe pe adopt a resolution. setting parameters for negotiations. and a framework for a final agreement.e it is imperative that we reignite the peace process in order to end the occupation and achieve just and lasting solution on basis of two states
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living side by side in peace and security. which unfortunately seems, which unfortunately with the facts on the ground with expanding settlements seem to become more and more a piece of rhetoric. finally we are ready to consider draft declaration france wille e submit to the council in the expectation that you have some affect on the situation on the ground. i thank you, mr. president. >> translator: would like to thank you for your statement. i now give the floor to the ambassador of lithuania. >> mr. president, the latest dangerous escalation of the situation in the middle east region once again shows us the importance of the middle east peace process. extremely concerned about the continued wave of violence and killings in east jerusalem and west bank. we strongly condemn violence committed by awe parties and express our sincere condolences
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who lost their loved ones in this deadly cycle of violence. respecting international law including international human rights and international humanitarian law is paramount. it is a essential to refrain frm provocative actions and rhetoric and uphold the historic status quo at the moly sites at the temple israeli authorities have the responsibility to restrain inflammatory rhetoric and take all necessary measures to stop violence and urge reconciliation to both communities.des we seek new incentives to reinvigorate the peace process without delay. incitement and revenge will only bring more revenge leading to more grief instead of peaceful solutions. the task of the internationalie community is tof. remain firm on insisting both parties commit themselves to peace andto dialogue. real and concrete actions must be taken now. we call on both sides in
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particular on prime minister netanyahu and president abbas, to do everything in their power to stop the violence and take all necessary measures to protect civilian populations. during the extended quartet meeting two weeks ago prime minister called on international community to help the parties to overcome their mistrust. step by step they should relearn to walk together. it is important for parties to accept everything or nothing approach will neither bring solution or peace nor security. mediation role of the united states remains crucial.. the quartet could and should actively contribute to this process. lithuania remains strongly committed to the negotiated two-state solution with sovereign, independent and contiguous state of palestineo t leading side by side, with peace and security and recognition. thank you. >> translator: thank you, very much for your statement. and now would with your
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permission i will make a brief statement in my nationale a capacity. first of all i would like to thank jordan for having requested this urgent meeting o the security council and also thank you very much to the assistant secretary-general for his briefingar today. first of all, like to express my deepest concern of spain with the extremely serious situation that we're seeing in palestinian occupied territories and intuat israel. our profoundin regret for the ls of life and our strong condemnation of the violence including acts of terrorism. the fate of this spiral of violence we can not simply limit ourselves to examine immediate causes, immediate triggers. we need to look at underlyingts causes. among these is the c political vacuum and urgent priority to maintain the status quo and of the mosques and take measures that guarranty preservation.
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and, to, comply with the agreements that establish status quo. it is, we can not allow extremists to play a leading role. jerusalem is a holy site for muslims and christians and jews and it should not be used by militants or by extremists. this is an appeal that the international community should make unanimously and clearly. spain, greatly values the role that jordan is playing in this,a on this point. we trust constructive dialogue with israel will contribute to rebuilding stability in theildi framework of the management arrangement that was agreed decades ago. jerusalem needs to be the capital of both states and whate is most important to preserve the spirit of tolerance that enables coexistence. how can the international
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community and the security council contribute tocomm effectively to put a stop to the violence and avoid a greater escalation? well, not much can be done without the necessary commitment of the interested parties. very little or nothing. this is why the role of the political leaders and community leaders is essential to re-establish calm, therefore, we hope to see greater effort at moderation by the political leaders of israel and palestinian authorities to avoid even greater worsening of the situation. it is essential to continue cooperation on security issues. that together with an appeal to the moderation we need to avoid any, insure we avoid any act of incitement or the, use of force. excessive use of force.
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the international community should also seek to protect lives and promote security and on this we need to examine what are the formulas or goals thatfh could serve that objective. obviously with the support of the parties. what can help them fulfill their responsibilities. for this it would t be very good idea for this security councilf to have the, legal report that the u.n. legal office is elaborating to explain the, the, available options for the appropriate protection of the palestinians. however, no appeal to calm, no strategy moved race, and attempt to maintain the status quo will be effective to put a stop tollb this escalation of violence or any future one if, unless, the parties are committed to move towards a political horizon. this is a path for which the
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support of these, the security council and of the international community is essential. the situation is very serious.ns otherwise we wouldn't have met here today and security council can not limit itself to simply listen to reactions and make another appeal to non-violence and moderation. the time has come for the majoro outstanding issues since the oslo agreements to be put on the table once again and for this council to promote the relaunching after true peace process in the middle east. all of you know that next week our minister of foreign affairs and cooperation will chair an open debate on the middle east. including the palestinian question. spain has always considered that it is necessary to conduct this debate at the highest possible level. this is why we have encouraged participation at the ministerial level and we continue to encourage that.have the very serious events of the
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past few weeks fully justify thr need for this debate.need spain considers that the quartet should be very active and we, like france, and malaysia, think that another meeting in a broader format would provide valuable elements for the upcoming debate. perhaps as expanded quartet could be chaired -- with, as requested by the russiand be federation. we need to think of creating a political horizon that will enable us to make significant progress towards two-state solution that is increasingly very fragile. without a horizon of peace, without prospects to move towards the existence of two sovereign states living side by side in peace, without a path that makes it possible to see the end of occupation and, regional normalization, it would be difficult to put a stop to i
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the violence and to guarranty vo peaceful coexistence. now, i go back to my role as president of the securityrole council.of t there are no further speakers on our list. therefore the meet something adjourned. -- meeting is adjourned. >> coming up live later today, the senate judiciary committee holds a hearing reviewing sentencing guidelines and related issues. proposed bill would create two new mandatory minimums, five years for providing certain goods and services to terrorists and 10-year sentence for interstate domestic violence that results in death. you can see live coverage at
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3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. congress is back this week from the columbus day holiday. the house gavels in tomorrow. they will work on a measure preventing default on the national debt. watch the house live on c-span. the senate gavels back into session today, with more work expected on bill cutting federal funding to sanctuary cities. no votes expected today. watch the senate live when they gavel in 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on c-span2. residents in canada head to the polls today to choose 338 members for their house of commons. we'll start the simulcast of cbr coverage of election results and speeches, at 6:30 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. tonight on c-span's new series landmark cases by 1830 the mississippi river around new orleans had become a breeding ground for cholera partly due to slaughterhouses dumping thereby products into the river.
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to address this problem they allowed only one government-run slaughterhouse, crescent city in the district and other houses took them to court. follow the slaughterhouse cases of 1873. we're joined by paul clement, former solicitor general and constitutional law attorney and michael ross, author of the book, shattered dreams. to tell the personal story of the butchers and state of things in new orleans and attorneys and supreme court justices involved in this close decision. be sure to join the conversation as we take your calls, tweets, facebook comments during the program, using hashtag, landmark cases, live tonight on c-span, c-span3 and c-span radio. for the background on each case while you watch, order the copy of the landmark cases companion book. available for 8.95 plus shipping at a look now at u.s.-arab
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relations and israeli-palestinian conflict. the iraqi ambassador to the u.s. offered his take before a panel of arab and palestinian officials weighed in. this is part of the national council on u.s.-arab relations annual meeting. topics including the past, present and future challenges of the palestinian-israeli conflict and recommended next steps for palestinian leadership, the israeli government, the united states and broader international community. this is just over two hours ten minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen. you heard yesterday's several passing remarks pertaining to iraq and they came from every different direction almost
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imaginable. at least four or five spoke about how in terms of what the united states did to iraq, starting on march 19th and 2003, a price is still being paid, internally, nabe neighborly, beyond iraq and the region as a whole. that is just one aspect of it. then people spoke of how it had emboldened iran and implicitly and explicitly, that tehran now has the best government in baghdad, it has had in modern history. there were others who were explicit in the sense that the united states invaded iraq and iran won, preparing the ambassador for some of the heat
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here. fourthly, were those who spoke at some length about the malicious -- militias of iran and their role, either directly or indirectly taking on the fight to isis, to daesh. and then there were yet additional commentaries from the energy section about what might happen when not just iran's oil comes back on to the market and larger supply but will that have a depressant' effect on what already has been in the past year a series of depressant effects on the price of oil. but when iraq's oil comes back up to a level of which it is capable, and to what extent, if at all, is it true, that iraq's
12:51 pm
reserves are, second largest in the world. and some would say rival those of saudi arabia. these are just five aspects, mr. ambassador. now. our ambassador is here for the long term. he is also a long distance runner. you might not know that. he participates in marathons. not necessarily to win, though that would be nice. but to remain fit and to be an example. and he is fit and he is an example. he presented his credentials in, after 2013 and for the three years prior to that he was iraq's ambassador to japan. and prior to that he was an ambassador in the ministry of foreign affairs in iraq. for nearly 20 years he lived
12:52 pm
outside of iraq as many did during the long reign and regimen and rule of saddam hussein where he got his pastors of business administration from the university of manchester and was involved in two fortune 100 companies, including one owned by hewlett-packard, who's former ceo is an illustrious, only serious female candidate among the republican party hopefuls for their party's nomination for the presidency. please join me in welcoming ambassador lukman faily. [applause]
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>> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. your excellencies, dr. anthony. let me first thank you for your kind introduction and also thank you for you guys for coming over here for this week's 24th annual policy making conference. i have been asked to discuss the state of relationship between iraq and the united states. and i will also address this issue in the conn tex of the -- context of the theme of this year's conference which relates to the way forward or the path forward. much like the broad middle east, iraqi-u.s. relationship is at a crossroad. and the path forward begins with our military and security cooperation to defeat daesh or
12:54 pm
as his excellency called it faiesh which is the right word for it. our cooperation must continue to be swift so that he we can achieve our broader, long-term goals of a unified and secure and democratic iraq within a safe and stable middle east. during my period as ambassador to this country, i have found that here washington, there are two schools of thoughts about how the united states can best achieve its objectives and pursue its own interests and within iraq and the region. this, the first believers, correctly, in my view that the united states should bolster its engagement within iraq and
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understand our common interests and common enemies and common values will inevitably increase the cooperation between our two countries. as the u.s. and iraq work ever closely together, iraq will emerge as a stronger, more self-reliant partner. and others actors will find their roles diminished. in contrast, the second school of thought believes that american support to iraq should be reduced in order to cause, and coerce iraq building dependency on actors that are in competition with the united states. i firmly believe that this second approach is fated to fail because in geopolitics, as in physics, vacuums will always be
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filled by others. vacuums will be filled by others. at this particular moment iraq is on the front lines of the fight against the best-funded, best equipped and best organized transnational terrorist organizations on earth. we are not in a position to take half-measures and we are not in a position to turn away potential allies. with each passing day, daesh kills, tortures, more than -- innocent people, more of our innocent people. among them are those who are targeted by car bombs in the busy markets and streets across iraq. and those who are held hostage and subjugated to medieval rules
12:57 pm
that have no resemblance to islam in any way, shape or form. so we will welcome whatever help we can get that degrades daesh's ability to inflict, to inflict harm on our people, provided that it is compliment, not hinders our existing efforts. the struggle against daesh is humidity's struggle and we must not allow regional and international disagreements to divide or delay us in this endeavor. now let me be clear, the united states is our military, economic, and diplomatic partner of choice. and there is a clear path for the, for the united states to broaden and strengthen its cooperation with our country.
12:58 pm
first, step up your efforts to defeat daesh. to those who still entertain the thought there is no containment to daesh, that is not a policy that we will, that we could ever live with. we must defeat daesh, and we must do it together. and second, increase your investment in the rebuilding our unified, secure and democratic iraq as a cornerstone of a peaceful and prosperous middle east that will never again give rise to violent extremists so powerful that they threaten our region and the globe. in that spirit, let me address our full range of challenges from the military to the security fronts, to the political, social and economic
12:59 pm
horizons. under military and security fronts, there are currently two key battles that are being waged in the fight against daesh in iraq. in the northern province of baiji is strategic in many ways. situation, roughly 130 miles north of baghdad on the main road to mosul within anyone nineveh. baiji has the largest oil refinery in iraq. for more than a year the terrain is closely contested. iraq security forces have paid a heavy price defending the refinery but as i speak, before you today, security forces backed by volunteer fighters are making encouragement and
1:00 pm
significant gains that could mark another major milestone in our effort to liberate mosul. within the province. to the west of baghdad, iraqi forces have surrounded the cities of ramadi, the provisional capital of anbar. 6,000 local tribal volunteers joined the popular mobilization force, have been trained by u.s. and iraqi forces and are fighting alongside iraqi army, federal and local police. . . the
1:01 pm
our government is bearing the burden of assisting more than 3 million, 3 million displaced persons. the financial burden of the defense budget has been in and. in september alone, the iraqi government purchased more than two and a half million rounds through the united states through the program in addition to humvees come ambulances and
1:02 pm
vehicles. they are sacrificing their lives in the struggle against the terrorists. would it be unreasonable if the international partners contribute for all the other hardware that are so needed by the fighters on the ground. some people prefer the characters to characterize as the symptoms of all countries domestic problems. this is convenient and oversimplified narratives. it's a narrative that overlooked the fact of the phenomenon and
1:03 pm
its transnational and international and the recruitment networks in addition to the ideology to the united nations, security council resolutions. both to the uncertainty from last year and 199 from february this year by all members. they are tackling the global menace. in order in other words there are key external factors they require concentrated efforts and actions by the international community and specifically by our own neighbors.
1:04 pm
we have the ideologies that have been open in parts of the muslim world and it must not be tolerated any longer. coalition members from the north america and europe must also continue working with our neighbors to halt the foreign fighters into iraq. together we can and must make sure that the crimes that take us back to the most barbaric inhuman history must not yield a payoff through keystrokes in the 21st century technology. they are not only in the battlefields and not only through the screening centers and through the technology and
1:05 pm
cyberspace. we must also be on the political, theological, economical and diplomatic front. progress on the front is also part of the path forward. because it appeals to those that are filled with hatred, not hope to solve the social and economical problems that can be conducive to violent extremism. to return to the observation with which i framed the talk there are two schools of thought about how the u.s. can best advance the agenda. some strategists call for
1:06 pm
increased engagement with iraq. others argue for the practical withdrawal of the support even at a crucial point in the common struggle. since i addressed this conference last year, iraq has been reforming the progress points to the importance of america in all our working together with their elected leaders understanding that for all of the difficulties and differences they want to move together as one country. they want to move forward together as one country come in for the past year the government has been adopting reforms that would strengthen us in the
1:07 pm
struggle from the battlefield to the homefront. this was apparent during the polarizing protesters in baghdad and other major cities. those of you that look of the protesters must have been impressed as i was. but the cbi iraqi flag. the demonstrators were patriotic and peaceful come into the government responded by respecting the rights and making sure they have their views known to them. throughout the demonstration, the security forces were deployed to protect the protesters rather than suppress them. in several cities the police were distributing bottles of water to the protesters. these iconic images bring home a
1:08 pm
basic inescapable truth. they do not want a revolution that overturns the democratic system that has been building since 2003. iraq eased want reform that will strengthen the uniform of the country and the inclusiveness of the democracy and effectiveness of the government that isn't hamstrung by sectarians or production. this new dynamic between the citizens and the government represent a paradigm shift that is both emblematic of the new iraq. if you ever speak to anyone who questions whether life was better under saddam hussein, just ask them how the security apparatus would have responded to a suspicion. make no mistake even in the
1:09 pm
troubled war they are moving together. after a year in office and after three elections, the paymasters government is doing something that governments elsewhere have difficulty doing, streamlining. we are eliminating ceremonial positions. we are decentralizing the decision-making to the provisional level so that the local communities can determine whether the responses are best suited entry are addressing the fiscal crisis by the bureaucracy on all prices and revenue. together these reforms will make
1:10 pm
our society more democratic, more stable and secure. democracy enhances stability and stability enhances security. yes there are those that are saying we must choose between democracy on one hand and stability and security on the other. but that is a choice we must move way beyond from. iraq eased also cannot achieve cairo cannot achieve stability security in isolation from our neighbors when resulting the relations with other countries towards the middle east. we are restoring relations with other countries in the framework of the mutual respect for sovereignty and a concerted effort for the economic and security ties. moving forward, the national
1:11 pm
reconciliation's and reconstructions that u.s. and other countries can continue to help us stabilize iraq and assist us in facilitating the safe return to their liberated homes and towns. you can provide us with a technical assistance and streamline our government combating corruption come in, improving public services and restoring our infrastructure and you can provide the health and investment and rebuilding the highways projects in schools and others. let me thank you for all the help you have done so far and will do in the future to support our democratic system. i iraqi's have shed blood together in the defense of our common values. if it isn't that isn't something that should be taken lightly.
1:12 pm
the relationship that we are fortunate and no matter how hard some times trying to dismiss as a project the sacrifices that were made by the two countries in pursuit of this ideal world would continue to shape the path that iraq chooses to take for generations to come. my international friends, let me be clear i have given you the view from baghdad. however, this moment has been rocky to say the least. but our path to the future moves forward and upward and we want to work together for the sake of the country and the sake of the region and for the world which we all need to work together
1:13 pm
moving forward. thank you again for the opportunity to share. [applause] >> we have ten minutes, eight minutes for some questions. please feel free to comment on any of them and combine them. you don't have to do them in any order. who purchases the oil and how do they do it? that has come to control here and there and among the foreign fighters how would you rank the top three countries in terms of the numbers or the percentage of the fighters that they've been
1:14 pm
sending for example we read often. more that have come through serious -- syria in iraq as well. there is no mention if any of the nuclear agreement between the un security council countries in britain, france, the soviet union and china. what impact if any. the united states has not exactly been the olympic champion of welcoming the displaced people of the external refugees and people here forget
1:15 pm
that. syria took in 1.3 iraqis after the invasion fewer than 30,000 seem to have made it into the united states in the visa system and security checks and the like some say as many as even 700,000. how do you assess the said ringleader next-door saying that iran has every intent to continue its revolution when it looks waxed where the impact and influence has been the largest how would you estimate the business council?
1:16 pm
they were more than 50 members of the council last time i checked there were fewer than 15 and the numbers seem to be going down to ten. how would you educate us on these kind of questions and how would you respond to the criteria for countries being admitted into the united nations to demonstrate the national sovereignty and political independence and territorial integrity of a country that cannot protect its airspace to the sovereign nationally and one that has the foreign militia would be questionable in terms of its political independence and one that has the northern part of the country in the
1:17 pm
kurdish areas pretty much autonomous plus as questioning the extent of the territory or in terms of the american constitution the united states is a government for four reasons to provide domestic safety for its people, to provide external defense for its people, to enhance the standard of living into the material well-being for its people and to administer a civil system of justice. how would you educate us on any of these difficult controversial questions? >> and how long do i have? >> a day and a half. >> always challenging to hear the questions. intellectually, politically as an ambassador i think there were
1:18 pm
seven or eight topics regarding the fight we needed to have a dialogue approach to it where they need to be stopped if it's not going away all over other materials they need to be stopped. if it's using human trafficking it needs to be stopped. this is where we talk about the others. when we talk about oil which is an international product isn't always easy to transform and something that has a clear demand of the customers base as well so it won't be purchased by private owners. so it is a question we have been raising to the security council
1:19 pm
resolutions which talks about that but the key question that we have here and today we tried to highlight that do we want to coexist as an ideology organization? the iraq he is certainly don't want to. we might be inefficient and how we do it but we wouldn't want to cause with it and those that talk about saying that ideologically it's an issue we say that it's more than an ideology. we have people being enslaved in cities and we have others that threatened physically so any method of suppressing the ability to finance needed to be challenged and this is for
1:20 pm
others more than just iraq. it is a key question. for some reason -- and i will make a comparison, i think it is a good example. how then was tolerated in some countries supported in some countries the state and we see the result of a lot after a decade plus if we see the heritage of the taliban. countries in the region supported or tolerated here and there and this is a point we have been seeing. the support is based on that. don't corner us. the united states and coalition are what we are choosing but at the same time do not allow isis to purchase oil or smuggle
1:21 pm
elsewhere. that is a sign of weakness and that's what we question. the third part of the talk about is strange in one way. we have people from chechnya and china. for example, the chinese are good at one level. we've got some from north africa. very few we won't look at the numbers, however what we say is why do you allow a no restrictions of the visa there in action i think they are coming in to iraq. to us that is a crime against humanity. countries shouldn't allow them to go there.
1:22 pm
certainly when they are finished in iraq they will go back home and create havoc back home and this is something that can't be exported nor should we want them to be imported into the country so it's important it's not in the sense of who is the highest. i would say that it is different in the sense of what actions are they doing. suicide bombers or engineers and so on into this as well. by the way, iraq is different. the majority of command control used to be part of that party and they tried to differ. however they are usually over from overseas and those that have shown signs of weakening going back in the terrorist organization. with the nuclear p5 plus one we
1:23 pm
support the tension in the region and it's important that iran is not isolated because they think it's an important country in the region but i think that it's important that all countries feel not being threatened with a talked about as well. we think the countries need to be respected but at the same time notable standards should be faced with others as well and to that effect i think a bit of soul-searching as required by the community including iran. they are are in a neighbor as much as canada and mexico to you. for us iran is that neighbor and we share a strategic concern in relation to isis. isis has made a threat which is
1:24 pm
to the strategic interest so we understand it but at the same time we have been clear whatever support has been provided we have been picky with what we choose and we certainly don't pick your fight in iraq. work with each other because the stability of iraq is to imported in the region of the globe and that would be facing off. it's been one of the very few countries that have a strong relationship with iran and the united states and having to compromise on both because we think we need both and we help both appreciate this on the turf. and in relation to i think the
1:25 pm
revolution that we talked about as we said before, we appreciate the neighbor and we also understand they want to have the geopolitics role for others to challenging for us it's important that all the efforts are in the fight against isis. we see that as an accidental threat to us and to the region. it's been put together and was one of the biggest organizations in the world for the transformations post-world war, the change of systems.
1:26 pm
there are certain facts on the ground that you cannot dismiss in the tribal system and others as well. it dominated by one. it's next mixed and that is what we want to look forward to. however, there has been a new social contract how we can work with each other and others as well. nobody is denying that were saying that we are in full harmony with the same time no one is saying we need to define the country and even when we talk about the kurdish questions
1:27 pm
if they allow for it they have voted if i remember correctly 95% voted for the political institution. we have the new formula in the region it's not a democratic region that is what we will move forward. any other questions? to make its gone through this transition for a number of reasons. the 2,011th troops left some of the companies and they felt they don't have the security data that we are looking for opportunities they are looking for.
1:28 pm
if the moment the majority of the corporations are based on security and energy sectors and there are some transportation projects moving on. i think at this point. its focus it's focused on the common thread and common interest and economic development would become a natural development. [applause] good morning.
1:29 pm
my name is rhonda and i'm on the board of directors at the national council on u.s. air and relations it is my pleasure to welcome you all here this morning on what i believe is one of the most timely topics today in light of what is going on right now in the middle east. the palestinian future is the title and i when i did eventually put a question after that because i am not sure what the path forward is in light of the current events. we have expert panelists today that are going to answer some of those questions. many of the questions have to do with what is the palestinian authority doing right now, and we are honored to have the ambassador and representative for the liberation. i've had the pleasure working with him over the past years and i venture to say that he is one of the best if not the best
1:30 pm
representative for the palestinians here in washington and around the country. we also have the pleasure of doctor jim zogby at the american enterprise institute but who will hopefully help us understand not only what they are thinking, and he's written a terrific book about this, what they are thinking about palestine but also due to his political activity he has close relationships with the administration and members of congress and so we are hoping to hear a little bit about what secretary and president obama tend to do in the path forward. we also have a very important individual here today, matt reynolds, who is the representative, the north american representative. many of you know he is the key un organization that provides the incredible humanitarian relief that is needed by the palestinian refugees. matt also has the pleasure i
1:31 pm
think of working as the assistant secretary for legislative affairs and former administration and i hope to give some insight to the administration is thinking about the humanitarian crisis going on right now. we have one of the foremost experts who is a senior scholar with us at the national council to talk a little bit about the issues that are vexing with respect to the palestinian issue and we also have the pleasure of having tom many of you know for many years who has been working on this issue. he's now the executive director of the middle east all of the council and if i could throw out an issue for discussion in light of the fact we do have media coverage i hope one of the panelists will talk a little bit about u.s. media coverage of this issue which i think has been unfair in light of the violence that has been going on in the region. with that i have the pleasure of introducing the first speaker.
1:32 pm
[applause] >> good morning, everybody. let me first of all commend the national council of the u.s. relations for keeping this tradition of bringing experts and academicians to discuss the very important issue that seems to have been forgotten what is going on in the region as a whole. today's session comes at a very difficult time as you have seen tension and violence has escalated in occupied east jerusalem and other parts of the west bank, and too many of them
1:33 pm
here to mention the media it's funny how the media in this country just pick things when they started as if nothing existed on the ground six months before and they wonder why the palestinians are reacting to what the occupation policies. this whole episode started more than a year ago when they started allowing for extremists to enter the most compound in east jerusalem and allow the members of the cabinet, members of the elected parliament to go there to provoke him instigate a
1:34 pm
in the hope of pushing the situation to the point where it is today. so this didn't happen in a vacuum. it was a serious politician that we warned repeatedly as is a dangerous game to play by israel and that they are turning this political conflict. as so one wonders why was this government push the region. whose interests are going to be served by doing such a thing and why continue to insist on the so-called jewish state at a time
1:35 pm
the two big questions that they must be asked why turning it into a religious conflict and number two, who is trying to insist on the recognition of the jewish state something that the palestinians will never ever do, so they need to put it on the side. in addition to that, we have witnessed an escalation against the palestinians. today in the west bank we have three different regimes. one is controlled by the military occupation, one is controlled by the settlements into and the other is controlled by the palestinians which is the
1:36 pm
smallest of all. we only have total control over 18% of the west bank. we share security and civilian control of israel over 22% of the west bank while the bulk of the west bank 60% remains to be under total military and civilian control. so basically we only have control over 18% of our land. most of these are happening in occupied east jerusalem under the total control and the fact that they've been carrying out attacks against the most important of all it is the burning of the family of four in august in the village of doma and today they haven't even
1:37 pm
captured one single perpetrator. the the chief of staff of israel declared they knew who the culprits were but they don't want them to interfere with every issue and even if they cost them, only 15% of them would be brought to justice and would be persecuted. so basically you have several that are attacking palestinians and only the first week of this month, the attacks took place against the population are civilians of the west bank. 42 so far this year. what do you expect the palestinians to do if a people under occupation whose human rights have been denied indian
1:38 pm
occupation that is the longest in recent history are approaching the 50 year mark, the government that isn't committed to peace and doesn't have an agenda for peace as that they took over in 2009, the increased activities by 20% in all that we are seeing on the ground as they constant occupation. more settlements. and they expect us to honor the agreements while they themselves are not abiding by the agreements that they signed. this current premise or of israel himself signed the memorandum in 1998 and assigned a subsequent agreements and untold today it isn't even implemented the agreement of the signature so they expect the palestinians to continue to give
1:39 pm
when we are getting more settlements, more occupation and restriction pushing the two peoples with a religious war instead of confining us to a political war. our leadership repeated that yesterday the palestinians didn't say we are abandoning. they were here the media and "new york times" and "washington post". we get that by not abiding by their part of the deal we will not abide by our part of the deal. we were supposed to do certain things in order for israel to
1:40 pm
reciprocate and reduce its grip on the palestinian people and the land. what they've done is the opposite so far. so, as the leadership we cannot continue to give and receive nothing in return. and therefore, if israel doesn't honor its part of the agreement we will not honor our part. it is the simple fact come is simply a creation. it's fair and any bilateral agreement if one party does not commit to that agreement why do you expect the other party to weaken and commit and honor their part of the deal? as for any prospects for the political movement unfortunately i am not very optimistic and i don't think that anything would happen from now until the next
1:41 pm
election we hear the statement from officials here that they are committed and they want to do something. i would believe them, we be leaving when he says that. we need that he is sincere and genuine but you need to take an approach. you cannot continue for this next explosion and then try to contain it as business as usual. we cannot go back to the failed process format that we had for 20 years that did not bring the palestinians any closer to the stage of independence. there has to be a different approach into the bilateral approach sponsored by the united states has failed. it's not a secret that it's failed.
1:42 pm
with all of its political clout that it gets versus the weaker part saying why don't you and ago she gave and we would observe there has to be a different approach. there has to be a more international multilateral approach which the united states would be an important party but not the only party that would oversee the agreement and there has to be an agreement and a commitment by both sides to implement their obligations and to accept and adhere to the terms of reference of the political process that was agreed many times before from the resolution to the roadmap to all other pertinent agreement
1:43 pm
that we signed unless we come up with a different approach, i don't see any way because this government believes that the status quo can't continue forever. baby leave that they continue to build settlements were pressured' and the six pressure the the custody that hosted the incident as a thank you. this is not something that will continue into what is happening in jerusalem should be a wake-up call for the israelis. they call it the capital of israel and get they have roadblocks in the arab neighborhoods preventing people from moving from one area to another. and they are imposing closures on the neighborhoods and we saw
1:44 pm
them in jerusalem and elsewhere that they are fed up with this occupation. it's time that this occupation has ended and the united states and the international community must assume the moral responsibility of seeing the end to this military occupation allowing the public's bustamante to exercise the right for self-determination and establish the palestinian state. we continue to be in favor of the solution and i know many don't be the and maybe some in this room but this is the way out. the palestinian state and the state in israel. today with its policies it's pushing everybody towards the one state solution and what we are seeing today in the west bank and jerusalem is to kill
1:45 pm
once and for all the two state solution. i hope that we can still find partners with israel and we continue to extend our hand for peace that will allow israel to control us for another 50 years or 100 years. we are genuine to end this conflict but it takes two to tango and if they want to do it on their own, then they should be ready to pay for the consequences that we are unfortunately seeing right now. thank you very much. [applause] what is the position of the government? you can give us a look at what
1:46 pm
is going on with domestic politics. >> thank you rhonda. i wanted to cover the terrain. i would like to lay out some constants that can't be ignored that defined the political terrain. first there is no doubt that the drama with libya and iraq have taken headlines everywhere but all the polling that we do.
1:47 pm
they exist across this headline and across the geographical lines. it's still a concern in this whole much so there's a defining issue in the air era of world it's with the holocaust was for american jews. it was a horrible thing that happened to people just like me far away but it reminded me of my vulnerability and it reminded me of my sense of loss and sense of betrayal of the last end of the denial of rights and all the things that define the character
1:48 pm
and personality of people in the countries around the region are somehow captured in this narrative. it's real and it grabs hold. second, how does this play out here in america? with all of the decades of the one-sided defining the train terrain guess who wins, the side that plays create one site has been playing for decades and the other side has ended because they haven't been playing, who defined the terrain and you get to define yourself as a victim. when you are weak you get defined as the monster.
1:49 pm
i was actually funded as an effort to create a propaganda film more than it was just a movie of the narrative of the wild wild west and the poor folks on the frontier just curving out a piece of land for themselves trying to live free threaded by these angry savages that were out to get them. they took that model of the american story and fixed it in palestine and the palestinians were the savages. they were actually called in the early history referred to as red indians and people don't recall that in arabic speech at the un people thought it was a slur but it wasn't, he was actually playing on the theme that had
1:50 pm
been part of the story for decades. it's interesting because it's not a partisanship is actually a demographic shift. clearly they would be minorities of almost 30%. of. the issues involving justice for palestinians you get almost a red state blue state. you now get them on issues involving israel and palestine and so it's not so much partisan although it plays out because people come out one way and older people another way.
1:51 pm
it's a long-term shift and it's the sort of thing that will play out over the decades before you get a decisive change. but there there is a change and it is real. nevertheless without question while they can lose a fight on the nuclear arms deal in many ways they will be the winner then bowing in the apology of trying to make it up both in terms of weapons pavers and a refusal to apply any pressure. it's simply not going to happen as i hoped it might happen. the president and congress might give pivot to the comprehensive
1:52 pm
middle and i don't think that's that could happen. i don't think they have the wherewithal and third in the political discourse here in the u.s., one of the issues that developed over the last several decades either your perspective is shaped by one of three things come ignorance, or ideology. you have the neoconservatives and the evangelical right to our dominating now. listen to the debates that are taking place on that side. we are going to be than to matter what the consequences and
1:53 pm
then you have the ignorance to find too many. then there is the ignorance of those that do know and when they do their political calculation that just doesn't pay to be smart on israel so they become purveyors because if i want to talk about the economy if i want to talk about taxes and if i want to talk about benefits for the middle class or whatever, this becomes a distraction so i know better but i'm just going to say what everybody else says. i don't know if that is possible any time soon. this may be one of the last
1:54 pm
president for a while who will try as the president tried on the time of the speech when he tried on the anniversary of that in the state department to announce something that was so simple. the 67 border with land swaps which was actually exactly the same language on the theme of the george bush letter to the conservatives celebrated which was 49 armistice line with territorial exchange, 49 armistice is the same as the 67 border with territorial exchange in the land swaps. nevertheless, he got pummeled. he was invited into the congress got 27 standing ovations and the president was put in a corner on that issue. that hasn't changed. like i said they could lose the
1:55 pm
deal but they could still control the debate on this issue and then shifting to the region, they were clearly off the rails politically. i see no way that the coalition gets formed despite the continued type dream of liberals but somehow you will form a coalition with benjamin netanyahu has been investor and he isn't going away anytime soon there is no way to form a coalition in israel that does not have a hard right and even if you get others joining the coalition they will be used and abused and cast off as the early government.
1:56 pm
they are the spoiled child in the equation. the best they will get is the restraint and don't do it again but the settlement have tripled since the agreement. when a spoiled child does bad things and doesn't get punished it only becomes enabling of more bad behavior and they know that the bad behavior is what is expected of them and they will get no sanction for it so they continue on that path and it's become solidified in terms of the politics of the country so that you can't move that dynamic and the topology is different.
1:57 pm
even if i do a good thing i'm going to get punished so if i act that i get attentions of these have become so ingrained in the political culture on both sides that it's difficult i can't see breaking that the velocity and -- to the palestinians become dysfunctional between hamas on the one side and the palestinian authority but there are other dysfunctions as well. with the palestinian authority. to keep it where many people feel it would be long would've been throwing 100,000 plus people out of work.
1:58 pm
now understand when the peace agreement was signed in oslo the single largest employer of the palestinian people they worked across the border on jobs like southwest la. and there were people losing those jobs and because there was no import export provision for palestinians to be able to grow their economy independently they became dependent again not only on working on settlements but they became dependent on the creation of a new civil service that didn't exist in palestine. the palestinian authority was to remove all those people from a
1:59 pm
paycheck or be devastating to over a million people in the west bank in particular but in gaza as well. and then third is this the third is this issue spoke of. think about fannie gaza. 80% for the last more than two decades that means a young person today in gaza has no job or prospect or history of what it would even mean to get the job and therefore the prospect of having a family and prospect of having the future simply doesn't exist and that is now becoming the situation for many where the unemployment is almost hovering at the range of 50%. the fact is when you take the culture in the opportunity they have a family and a decent life you create the conditions of despair that lead to this
2:00 pm
behavior that we are seeing manifested in jerusalem is nothing to celebrate that young people are so despairing and it's nothing to celebrate the people are taking the lives of others and taking their own lives in the process. suicide is not a normal human activity. it only comes when death appears to be a better option than life. ..


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