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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 23, 2015 11:44pm-12:01am EDT

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our compound. >> are hearing coverage without commercials or cometary will air saturday and sunday at noon eastern on c-span. >> this is quite unusual for me but i do want to thank all of you for your friendship, your loyal support and for planning this wonderful evening for me. i shall remember it always. thanks to the people for this great welcome. >> pat nixon was the first republican first lady to address the national convention. she traveled more than any first lady before her. she made volunteers her issue. and she was behind the scenes political advisor. patrick patrick said, this sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's original series, the first lady's, influence and image.
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from arthur washington to michelle obama, sunday at at 8:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv on c-span three. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump at a rally in miami florida. he spoke about arrangers arranges issues including the trade deficit, energy, immigration and the latest poll numbers in the race. this is just over one hour. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next president of the united states mr. donald j. trop. [applause]. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> [applause]. wow. [applause]. amazing, great, wow! commack beautiful, thank you. this is something special. you know. i said to all of my managers, i
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just want to do it here i said you may not be able to get the cars, i don't care, the place is 100% full. i know% full. i know a lot of you had to walk a long distance. to have you here is great. thank you. thank you. i'm believable. you know, thank you. i want want to start by thanking the fire department, they have a lot of people in here i have to tell you. i want to really think the fire department and the police, they are here someplace. hey hey fellas, come appear. come up. come here. get up here. these guys have been so incredible today with the everything, i want to thank the police department, they have been absolutely incredible. look at these guys. [applause]. look at these guys.
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[applause]. nobody is going to mess with them, look at them. thank you very much fellas. they don't want to leave the stage. and the fire department, likewise they have been incredible. thank you very much. you know, what a crowd. there is nothing like miami. nothing. nothing. nothing like miami [applause]. incredible. so when i was a little boy my father always looked around, always. he said, come on son and he
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didn't want to play golf he didn't have time to play golf. he had a beautiful swing actually but he played very little, almost, almost never. but he used to love coming here. it was the hottest resort in the country, this was a long time ago, i won't say how many years because i like to think i'm a very young person. [applause]. but a long time ago. at the beginning, and he would say let's go, and we would walk around. who would have ever thought i would have on this place. who would've thought? but what happened is very interesting. you had 55 courses, almost 800 acres right smack in the middle of miami, incredible location, right near the airport, ten minutes away. it always did well, it was was always one of the top places.
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then sadly wall street got a hold of it, the original developer, they're going to pay taxes, their friends and my but they're going to pay. you know, what happens is it became a money thing. it was like playing cards, bing, being and they traded, and every three years somebody would make a lot of money it was like musical chairs. and they sell it and then someone would own it for three or four, or five years. then they would sell it and make a lot of money. everybody made a lot of money. except for the last group that i bought it for. it was like musical chairs. i bought it and when i bought it i bought it from a smart group, the market had crashed, you know all about the crash. i got. i got it for the right price, i signed for x dollars, a lot of
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money, 170 million, but then i said maybe i i said maybe i can make a better deal before a close. so i went into close it with e vacca, we know ivar, ivar, we love a vodka, right? [applause]. right? i i went in with the vaca and i said watch, let's see if we can make $20 million. so i have a contract for 100-that i had never told the story. i have a contract for 170 and i had all these good-looking brilliant young man in front of me and they all wore suspenders without the jacket, you know the jackets were behind the scene. they are all like, tom cruise, you could get better central guests. in fact all. in fact all of that media, look at that media back there. look at these people, wow. i'm going to tell you some media
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stories. so, no but their central casting, red suspenders, handsome, beautiful, smart, they go to harvard, stanford, and i said i want to show off for my daughter. does that make sense? i have this great daughter so i go in and she said dad they're not going to cut you, you have a contract for 170. i said you, you have a contract for 170. i said that's right. so does iran have a contract that doesn't mean you can make it better. so what happens, i tell these guys there's no way i am pay and $170 $70 million. i'm not doing it. i'm not doing it. they said you have to pay it. you have to pay it, beautiful guys, you have to pay it, you really have to. and and i said there's no way. that's all right.
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>> usa usa, usa, usa, usa, usa, usa, usa,. >> don't hurt him, don't hurt him. you can get a mile but don't hurt him. we don't want anybody getting hurt. don't get hurt. >> but that's what freedom of speech, it's all all freedom of speech, you know that. [inaudible]
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>> they are great. that is what the country is all about. we have to be able to speak and every once in a while be a little bit disruptive. it doesn't take long. it doesn't take long. so, let me finish the story, thank you. too bad we had to throw them out but sometimes you have to throw people out. [applause]. look at that sign. look at the size of that sign, can you believe that? wow. thank you. beautiful. [applause].
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i think i'll tell my people, let's bring that home, and by the way we have plenty of time tonight. i'm here all night. you know, you know tomorrow night we are in jacksonville florida, we have at least 15000 people, probably 20000 people tomorrow night. so it is going to be good. things are happening. so anyway, so it has to do with the country. so i go into this room and i say fellas, the contract is not right, this place is in much worse shape than you told me, i have gone all over, you have to have a sign first before you do this. i have gone all over and is not fair what you are selling me, i'm not closing this deal, i will give you 100. remember i want to impress my daughter. they honored the deal. and i meant it. it wasn't in the shape it was supposed to be.
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so i ranted and write like a lunatic for about five minutes about conditions, they said we are never going to cut 10 cents. within about two minutes they said would you take $20 million off? they said would you agree to 20 million mr. trump? i said no way you have to do less. so within about four minutes i said, $25 million and they cut the price. and they said, and i'm only telling the story because we should be doing the same thing for our country [applause]. right. so my daughter was very impressed and i mean, the whole whole thing took less than five minutes. the actual number after taxes, i
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actually saved, i actually save $20 million. i just said he vaca, we said he vaca, we just bought the furniture, that's very nice. so then i had a decision to make. we had this great place. i had a great place and the decision was do we it, do we fix it? >> usa, usa,. >> by the way, you know the saddest part. you have people like that, there is a total of three over there and five over there, and they will be the story tomorrow, not the thousands of people that love our country. [applause]. it's amazing.
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no, the sad part. i had an incident like this two weeks ago, we had 9000 people in an arena and we have five people protesting and they became the story. it's too bad. okay, they're gone. you know, we will have little pockets, little pockets but it is a shame. it just shows so we have thousands of people and you will have three or four people protested tomorrow morning protesters for trump will be the headline. so then i i had a decision to make. the decision was duly given to be job, c job, a job, what do we do? and we gave it the a+ job and we built something that we love. we really love. what happened, old let them get
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out -- i had get them out. [applause]. the first group, i was nice, take your time. the second group, is pretty nice. the third group, nice. the third group, i will be a little more violent. the fourth grade i will say, get the hell out of here. [applause]. so, i had to make a decision what do we do? do we do their very best job, rip it down and build a new magnificent place because it was really old and really tired. the bones were tire, you people you people know, a lot of your from the area. and i said we have to do it right. basically, new clubhouses, this room knew, this room is one of
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the great ballrooms, we have five ballrooms, we have 700 rooms, we have the golf courses, our world-class, we wanted to do it right. a to do it right. a man just came up to me outside he hadn't been here 25 years, is very interesting, i want say he was an older fellow, but he was an older fellow. he said, you know mr. trump displaces magnificent -- by the way david wherever the hell you are, david where are you? david? david is our president and general manager. he has done some incredible job. this is now the hottest resort of its kind anywhere in it the united states. it it is bringing tremendous business to the miami area and it has become the hottest place. in fact, the pga


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