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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 24, 2015 12:00am-12:57am EDT

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five ballrooms, we have 700 rooms, we have the golf courses, our world-class, we wanted to do it right. a to do it right. a man just came up to me outside he hadn't been here 25 years, is very interesting, i want say he was an older fellow, but he was an older fellow. he said, you know mr. trump displaces magnificent -- by the way david wherever the hell you are, david where are you? david? david is our president and general manager. he has done some incredible job. this is now the hottest resort of its kind anywhere in it the united states. it it is bringing tremendous business to the miami area and it has become the hottest place. in fact, the pga tour just gave
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us a ten year extension on the turn them at which they never do. that's how good it is. they never do that. so it has become a really successful place. this gentleman came up to me and he said, any it was so simple and it was so beautiful, he said mr. trump i have not been back in 25 years. it five years. it was in very bad shape, i actually bought it out of bankruptcy from some people i know very well. they really did not know what they're doing in the game. i said, that is very nice. he said you know mr. trump, if you could do the same for the united states as you did here, it would be on believable. unbelievable. [applause]. thought it was great. i thought it was great. i thought it was great. you know in its own way doing it for the united states might be easier for what we had to do here, as crazy as it sounds. so, and that is what we have to
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do. we owed $19 trillion, our infrastructure is in such trouble, such trouble. [inaudible] isn't this more fun than having like a normal deal? right. [applause]. i made supposedly we had a normal speech, we talk, talk, talk that evening and then we go home and go to sleep. this is more fun, right. [applause]. you know they used to call it
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the silent majority but they do not use that anymore because frankly it is no longer silent. we are not going to take this crap anymore. we are we are not going to take it anymore. we are not going to take it anymore. so, it is true, you know for years you haven't heard the term silent majority. i started using it but then i started realizing, honestly it is not silent, there is nothing silent. everywhere we go there we have the biggest crowds. we left oklahoma, 20000, dallas, texas where the mavericks play
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we had 20,000, mobile, alabama, 35,000. i go to iowa, new hampshire, no matter where, south carolina, on believable crowds all over. there is love in the room. there is just love over. there is love in the room. there is just love in the room. it's incredible. it's incredible. [applause]. you know, and there is nothing silent about it. we are sick and tired of incompetent people running our government. so i did something today that was quite exciting, although i think owning terrel is more exciting, but that's okay. but i did something today that was interesting and it got a lotta press. i see it got a lot of press. they have these things called super pacs. no one knows what the hell they are, what they mean, is the dumbest thing i've ever seen. all of the candidates have super pacs. they are controlled, to a large extent by investors, they are controlled by lobbyists, special
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interests, countries. when you wonder why our politician make such bad deals with foreign countries and with other deals, it is is because they are totally controlled by people that benefit even if our country does not benefit, it's true. it's true. and, the super pack is a disaster. you have jeb bush, has anybody ever heard of jeb bush? you have jeb bush has $125 million, honestly i do not think it is going to help them, i'll be honest.
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if it helps them then i can figure the whole deal out. hey look i used to be one of those guys who would give a lot of money, i know the lobbyists. you know, when they come up to me and they say we want to give you money, when you go to number one everyone wants to give you money it's incredible. but they don't care so much about anything except for the companies they represent. they don't care care so much, some do but most don't, they want influence, they want power, they want to take these people like little puppets and say you do like i told you because i give you $5 million. well nobody well nobody is giving me anything, okay. [applause]. nothing. so what happened, is a notice of the last few weeks everybody is forming a trump super pack. i am not for me. they are all over the place. i thought we had for them i heard we i heard we have five, then eight, then nine or ten. i don't know, are they good or is it a scam? you know, some of them,
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seriously some of them i believe are legitimate people and do whatever they are supposed to do. they're supposed to be independent. others, i would imagine they probably pay themselves salaries and who the hell knows what happens with all the money. so we did something today. all i know is i have not got any gotten any of this money. none of it. i feel guilty about that, i feel little foolish actually. we wrote notices and notifications, sent them to the government, to the people, everybody that we do not want super pack, we do not want anything to do with them. close them up ideally. [applause]. hopefully to give the money back whatever money is race. i saw the other day on one of the programs to young, nice-looking guys, big fans of trump i think
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i may opened an art of the deal super pack. after after my book by the way, we are having a new book coming out on november 3. i think it's way to be great. the art of the deal super pack. they look very good and they said they love trump. probably it is true, i don't want to take chances, i don't want to come i don't want any help. the one thing thing we do, people send in small donations like small ones, a woman $7.50 with a four-page letter. another woman, $50, $30, 250, but that i love because number one you can't send it back. how do you send a letter back to a woman who loves the country, who is giving a lot of money. that is like giving a million dollars to a rich person. how to use and send $7.50 back? there is no letter you can write. there is no letter you can write to that woman to say we don't
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want your money. so that is the only stop. we take it and it comes in, and that is only stuff we want. but we don't want any of the big money. we don't want a big money. so today, i did something, i started getting big press this evening because nobody has ever done it. i disclaimed and disavowed all super pacs. i disclaimed and disavowed all super pacs, i don't want any of him, i don't want their money. i said very strongly when we wrote the letter, and and i told my attorneys and everybody, that i think every candidate running right now for the presidency should disavow their super pack. [applause]. they should disavow their super pack. these super pacs are really running the campaign. for instance, i here in iowa,
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there is going to be a merger of ben carson, and i like him he's a nice guy, they are going to merge the super pacs. he has two of him and they had been running his campaign and i'm saying what am i? i'm not allowed to do anything? it is really unfair. i think they should not be allowed to do that. i don't know if they are allowed to do that. how do you have super pacs running campaigns? and then when you campaigns? and then when you think of it, you have the super pacs with millions of dollars, they are running a campaign, do you think those people that are running the super pacs, and those people that are giving tremendous money to the super pacs, do you think they can control those candidates 100%? the answer is yes. yes. i don't want any confusion. and i said said it. i don't want to confusion people onto. i don't know who these people are so here's what is happening. all candidates disavow your
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super pacs, run for office and be proud. but disavow your super pack. drop on. drop them. ideally give them back to the people who put it up there. that is what you should do. so we'll see what happens. to to me it is very important. the super part is a terrible thing that is happening in this country. it is a terrible, terrible thing. it is controlling our politicians like puppets. it is controlling our politicians. i may, bush had somebody the other day going to berlin, germany. to pick up money, bird land, germany., germany. what he think germany gets out of town? other people have tremendous amounts of money put up and we can have it anymore. we have to to bring honesty back to politics. [applause].
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thank you. it's a very interesting thing happen. very sad today. very. very, very sad. you know the president is very dishonest, not all of them. but look at those cameras, look at those suckers. they are all covered. they are all covered. they are covering trump and they are covering you and they will all be with us tomorrow night in jacksonville. by the way, if you can't it is going to be wild, come back up. it's going to be wild. so, crazy thing happened. i love polls, everyone knows i love holes. i said said i wonder
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what would happen if trump wasn't at number one in the polls? somebody said all with he was not number one maybe he would drop out of the race. believe me, i am not dropping out of anything, that i can tell you, never, ever. i, never, ever. i'm not dropping out of anything. so, poll came out, a big one, abc washington post that has me killing everybody. it killing everybody. it is a national poll, that was on friday. we are killing, 32. think of it, 32. do it, 32. do you notice every week i started at three that was before i ran because nobody thought i was going to run, nobody thought i was going to run. they all said he is never going to run. if he runs it doesn't matter. what does he know about politics right. i've only dealt with politics all my life, that is all. so started at three, went went to eight, went to 12, went to
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16, now as a friday nationally 32, and another one came out [applause]. another one came out last 33-15. fifteen is ben carson, he is in second place. but they kept saying, all if trump ever loses. you know what, i'm getting spoiled. from the time getting spoiled. from the time i ran and from the time i ran up -- when i was at 12 you hear from the same crowd, then it goes to 16, then 17, and they said well he's plateaued. they love that word. so he has plateaued. then the next week it went went to 21. well that's it, that's it. by the way 21 is not not bad when you have 17 people. you know if i'm a card player i will rest on 21 with 17 people.
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i am not losing. so i was number one. then it went to 25, all this is it. these talking heads, among the dumbest human beings i've ever seen. some of them. some of them are coming along. some of them are so terrible and so nasty, now they're coming along. they're becoming like i don't know about fans, but a pole just came out where 81% to percent to win. can you believe it? 81%. who would've thought this? rasmussen, i am am walking appear in one that person simon says excuse me i need to make a speech. i want to talk to you. and i said what are they want to talk about, he said nationally on beating hillary. [applause]. just came out.
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so now i said, i am glad they stop me. so anyone, but a bad thing happen, bad. so look, i just wrote down a few of them and that i will tell you what was bad. so i am winning so i am winning new hampshire by like 22 points. new hampshire is unbelievable great. i am winning new jersey by a lot. a lot. chris christie is a friend of mine but i am at 29, he is at five. that is a big difference. i am winning florida, i i am beating bush and rubio [applause]. i am winning nevada by a fortune , but here's what i like the best, nevada tremendous hispanic population, i am
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winning with the hispanics. big, winning with the hispanics. i keep telling everybody, i am going to win with the hispanics. [applause]. i love the hispanics. i have thousands of hispanics. thank you, i love i love you too. i love you too. i have thousands of hispanics working for me all over. i've 1800, 1900 employees, many hispanics. they are on believable people, unbelievable workers, i love them. i love them. they know, they're smart, they know i'm bringing jobs back from china, from japan, from all of these countries. i am bringing them back.
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nobody else can do that. i know the people i'm running against, including hillary, no, they can't do that. they can't do that. they can't do it. they can't do that. i mean honestly, ben ben carson cannot do that folks, i hate to say it. can't do it. they are not going to do it. so here's the story. so winning in florida, winning in texas, okay. winning in taxes, big. it winning in south taxes, big. winning in south carolina, winning in north carolina. winning in ohio and he's a good man but i am winning in ohio against him. i am winning a massachusetts. massachusetts. listen to this on, this is what i love, maybe, i don't don't even know why massachusetts, i am at 48 [applause]. 48. forty-eight and second places 12. i am going to have to do a really bad crash to blow that
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one. so, what what happens. let me give you the bad news and this is been going on for 100 days. they were celebrating on television, 100 days on the top of every poll. think of it. one hundred days on the top of every single pole national and state. okay, that is the good news right let me give you the bad news. the press was so happy, all the press. i love iowa, i honestly think those polls are wrong. i'm presbyterian, i'm a great christian they say in the pool on the best leader, how
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important is the economy right? it's the economy stupid? so so i am leaving on the economy, i am leaving with men, i'm not doing as well with women, would you help me? what is going on? [applause]. look, nobody respects women more than me, greatest person ever was my mother, believe me, the greatest. nobody is going to be better or do more for women than donald trump, that i can tell you. i think they know it. i would rather do well with women than with men. with men are doing great, with women, not terrible but i could do better.
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so what happened, is a pole comes out, the press was so happy. headline. magister you understand if i was in first place it would not even be discussed, nobody would even mention it, but here it is all day long, oh my head, of the headline, bigger bigger than hillary's talk yesterday on benghazi. headline, the biggest story did you see it on my right. trump falls to second place in iowa. i said, no way. the the press was going crazy. they loved it. they were so happy, i will not mention the name but you know some of them. you know some of them.
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we have a breaking story, donald trump trump has fallen to second place behind ben carson. we informed ben, but he was sleeping. [applause]. donald trump has fallen to second place. it is funny, funny, you have all these two people dropped out, you know about that. you know the the governor of wisconsin, very nice, walker. they became so vicious to me. he went to washington to make a speech about me it was so vicious that those that love me started crying. no it was vicious.
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then, and we had so many, i don't even know the guy. the only time i know him is when he calls me constantly asking for campaign contributions. well, he became so vicious and violent, i mean every time they get more vicious and violent they go down, down, down. in fact, lindsay graham was advising he hit me as hard as you can get hit. he said i don't know anything about the military except one thing, i wrote a book in 2000, right? and, joe covered it, i wrote a book in 2000, before the world trade center came down and i said that there is going to be a big attack in this country. i said probably by somebody
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named osama bin laden, this this is before anybody had ever heard his name. and, i said it is going to be much worse. if you remember the first attack it was a horrible attack, it was a small attack in comparison to the second one which was around us. the worst attack in the history of our country, worse than pearl harbor. at least with pearl harbor they were attacking the military. they were not attacking innocent civilians. of which, many thousands died and are still living in pain and suffering. not to mention the fire departments, the police departments, and all of the guys who had to breed that air. for long periods of time. so, thank you. so i have it in the book, watch osama bin laden. scarborough says well, when was when was
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that book written. before the world trade center. well, he was like he couldn't believe it. i don't give any credit for it. then i had job bush saying what does donald trump know about the military? i am like a smart guy, i am really smart. but it's amazing, people are talking about they should talk about it more beat they should read the book because it says osama bin laden and the reason is because he was a terrorist getting a lot of notoriety. he made very vicious statements to our country and i said you better watch that guy. and what happened? i think it it was 19 months after that he came back and knocked down and attacked, viciously the world trade center. so, in the debate, which every poll says i have one by the way, these are minor details.
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grudge, time magazine, everybody, every single online poll, and believe me i'm not calling up hundreds of thousands of people i can tell you. but jeb said, my my brother left us safe. i'm okay with this. but then i said to him, what about the world trade center. the biggest attack ever, they should have known about it and they could have known about it, and i am not blaming george bush, i'm not blaming anybody. i could also blame clinton, right. no, because in all fairness to bush she was only president for about nine months. and bill clinton gave a speech and he knew osama bin laden just like i did, and he he gave a speech talking about osama bin laden so we can blame bush, we can blame everybody. i will say this, you know the expression the bucket stops here, your president, the, the buck stops here. that's the way it is.
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it is one of the reasons i say, and i mean this so strongly, we all a lot of million 19 trillion, i told you, but we have to build up our military so big, so strong, so powerful [applause]. we gotta do it. so powerful that nobody is going to mess with us, nobody. i don't want to use it, nobody, nobody is going to mess. we are working on an airplane right now, billions and and billions of dollars for one plane. the test pilots, did you read the story? the test pilot these are great guys, these are seriously good flyers. they came out. they came out of the plane, billions of dollars, and they say this thing doesn't hold a candle to the old one.
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it doesn't maneuver as well, it doesn't work, we are talking billions and billions. what are we doing folks? what are folks? what are we doing? what are we doing? so we need a special leader. [applause]. let me just finish. so, the headlines blared, i don't believe those polls by the way. both of those polls do not like. i'm telling you. i'm not saying telling you. i'm not saying anything that goes on illicitly with polling, i would never, ever say that. but both of those polling groups groups do not like me at all. i disagree, i don't believe it.
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it. i just interviewed, where is jake, what happened to jake, he just interviewed me, watch me, 9:00 o'clock sunday morning, jack tapper on cnn. what the hell happened to jake, he's here someplace. he's a good man. oh, maybe he is shy. but it's good it's 9:00 o'clock on sunday morning. but, i think we are going to do great in iowa. i think we're going to do really great. here's the story. the story. i have never seen such press. i mean, my wife called and said are you okay darling? how bad is it? they made it sound like it was the greatest defeat in history. the bad part is, if i wanted it would not have even been mentioned. it would not be a story. be a story. but then i said to myself, look, i'm going to be nice because i have to talk about it.
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>> .. [applause]
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[chanting] >> we need energy. so hillary clinton the other day -- >> blue. -- boo. >> she said, i don't like donald trump stone. my tone. we have people who are christians, and their heads are being chopped off in the middle east, people that are dying by the thousands all over this country, people that are being drowned in cages. it has not been like this since medieval times, it's true.
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and she's talking about my tone. >> think of it, think of how crazy and how lopsided our country has become. think of what is going on. think of why we are not respected. think about sergeant bergdahl, a traitor, a traitor. he is a dirty rotten traitor. six people died going after him. they died, 6-yard incredible
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brave people died. the deal is, we get traitor bergdahl, they get five of the best people that they have that they have been after for ten years. they get five killers that are right now leading and back on the battlefield trying to kill everybody, including you. and we get bergdahl, a traitor. okay? we get bergdahl. and then, two days ago it came out that bergdahl, they don't want to put him inthem in jail. in the old days, firing squad. no, it is true. i love the second amendment. i love the second amendment. [cheering] so two days ago, it comes
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out that sergeantsergeant bergdahl won't even have to go to jail. think of it. where have we gone? where we gone? what is going on with our country? okay? i will tell you one thing, if i win, it's not if. we have to say it. hey, look. look. there all going not if, when. all right. all right. okay. you know what, they are going crazy appear saying win, win, win. okay. when. and i hopei hope so because we can make our country so great again. but i promise you, we will be reopening that bergdahl
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disaster.disaster. we will be reopening it. a lot of things will be reopened. so i went to my people, and i got it for 170. everyone thinks it's done. i said, let's make it 150. how can you do that? i did. just like that we had deals with china that are done. somebody said they saw it. i saidit. i said that's okay, they violated every deal we ever made. that means they are in default. okay? so i said to my people, two weeks ago, go back and tell me, what is our trade imbalance with china, japan
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command mexico? i just want to find out. i am just curious. so the leaders are too smart. our leaders are so stupid. they are so stupid. so was mexico. bill is about 45 billion dollars a year. that's okay because that is peanuts. >> 70 billion. most people don't even no what that is. the number is so massive, it is not even recoverable. but i can recover. [applause] but here is the beauty command i love china. they get done like hotcakes. but china is the most.
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well, japan is right there. china give the biggest greatest evaluation and the last two decades, meaning 20 years. the biggest evaluation. they told me mexico first. that is a lot of money. then they said japan. that is even more money. almost $400 billion a year. how stupid are we? we should be ashamed of ourselves. how stupid are we. and i don't blame china. i don't blame them at all. i have friends from china who used to come up and see me. we can't believe we get away with this. they are incompetent.
12:38 am
we were only kidding. they had no idea i would be revealing the conversation. they can't even believe. first of all, there is no tax, no nothing. when we send china number one they won't accept them. if they do, they have massive taxes and tariffs. is a one-way street, one-way street. a friend of mine, great manufacturer, cannot get his gives in. can't get his gives in china. i can deal with these people. and then finally gets the men and they charge them attacks that was so high i can tell you because no one will believe how i had was. these are smart people. i have people that are smarter. i have people.
12:39 am
i have some of the great businesses that are all calling me. these guys, friends of mine, all enemies. i have guys that are so smart and some i don't like, some i can't stand. some are horrible people. actually, i no one that is so bad as a human being, the worst human being i've ever met, but he is an unbelievable negotiator. come on. you'reon. you're going with us commend these are wealthy people, really wealthy people, and they are all calling me. i want to get involved and help. he does not outline. they want salary. they get to thousand dollars to somebody and now there supposed to be paid for the next eight years by some
12:40 am
stupid politician. carl icon wants to represent the country for nothing. and he is a great guy, but i don't care their great at what they do. another great ones, the bad ones, some that are overrated. something highly overrated, overrated, some that nobody ever heard of that are better than all of them. we have the most talented people there are. this is not going to be political. now, if i tell carl, go watch over china for me, carl, just watch over china, trust me, good things are going to happen for us. believe me. really good things are going to happen.
12:41 am
ii mean, we have a thing right now going on called corporate inversion. companies have trillions of dollars in other countries. this much higher than that, no one really knows. at least two and a half trillion come all these different countries, and what we are doing is our companies are going to end of already started leaving the united states and moving to those other countries to get their money -- well, but you cannot blame them. to get their money and lower taxes. way down for corporations, for the middle income people. for the middle income people.
12:42 am
of which we do not have too many in this room, i can tell you. they are all upper middle income people and upper people. the middle class in this country has been totally forgotten about, totally forgotten about. so we are cutting corporate taxes, taxes for the middle income, cutting things like carried interest. these hedge fund guys pick a stock. if it goes up their geniuses and make a fortune. ifa fortune. if it goes down they find another job. a lot of it is like. what happens is the democrats and republicans both agree that we should bring them. who could not agree. for three and a half years they have a greata great and i still can't make a deal. it is gridlock in washington lack of leadership in washington. and we are going to stop it. there going to stop it. there going to stop it.
12:43 am
the other day, and it is going to be amazing. we are going to have a dynamic country. the other day i watched the general being interviewed. and i said to a group before, why the hell is a general being interviewed on television? i don't want my generals being interviewed. i don't want them telling what we are doing, where we are going. can you imagine general george patton who used to walk in a room with blood pouring out of his eyes, do you think this guy is going to be interviewed on cnn? i don't think so. i mean,, i am watching this general be interviewed commend the 1st thing is that i love great generals. elevate fan of academics.
12:44 am
in the highest marks in the history of west point, highest average. you know, smart guy. the biggest guy. the biggest problem is he hated to listen to dwight eisenhower because dwight whohe was a great guy, but he was at the lower part of his class. and he could not believe that he had to take orders from mike. i mean,, so many interesting things. could you imagine general douglas macarthur being on television saying the following, the question was by have very good man asking the questions said what do you think of isys, can we win? and the general looked at him and said, it is going to be tough. it is going to be very, very tough. i don't know. don't know. it will take a very, very long time. when you do deals his people.
12:45 am
i will find the smartest. it was tough and mean and nasty. i will find the general macarthur, i will find the general george patton. we've got them. we've got them. they may not be politically correct. who cares. who cares. but we are going to find them.
12:46 am
and we are going to clean things up and we're going to have a great country again. and respected. we're going to have a respected country. so, we have a lot to do. we will build the wall. we will build the wall. they have no choice. and by the way, people will comment our country, but there going to come in legally. legally. [chanting] >> i appreciate whoever yelled out we will build the wall because i was not so sure i should be talking about that.
12:47 am
tomorrow in jacksonville i can talk about walls. but this 1 i wasi was a little hesitant to talk about it. thank you. thank you. [applause] by the way -- and i say this all the time, a radio host, hispanic show in new york said,said, you know, he was interviewed and said, you know, my audience is all hispanic, they love trust. let me tell you, let me tell you who wants to stop illegal immigration more than anybody, the hispanics that are in our country legally. it's true. it's true. so, just to finish up, our
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country does not win anymore. you know that, right? and my right? we don't win. when was the last time we had victory? we lose with china on trade, we lose with i sis, a rack. we don't know what we are doing. every and just made the single greatest contract i have ever seen anybody make. we were represented by a man that should be ashamed of himself. a man, secretary kerry, this should get the hell off a bicycle. here is aa guy, falls off his bicycle during the negotiation and breaks his leg. we were represented by an competent people. and, it is not going to happen anymore, folks. it is not going to happen. let me tell you something. if and when i went i am not.
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[cheering] so, if and when i went we are going to have so many victories it is going to be so nice. it is going to be so nice. we're going to win on trade. we're going to win at everything. they are going to terminate obama care. [applause] it's going to be terminated. it is going to be replaced with something much better
12:50 am
and much less expensive for you at for the country. let me tell you, obama care was a dream for the insurance companies. they have made a fortune with it. and your premiums are up 40%, 50%, 55%. your deductibles are 55 percent. your deductibles are through the roof. you will never even be able to use it. it is soit is so bad that we will repeal it and replace it with something great. great. we are going to bring back the american dream. and we -- and this is as sure as you are standing here tonight because this is a movement, something very
12:51 am
special is happening all over the country, not just here in miami, all over the country. you will see it tomorrow in jacksonville. it happens all over the country. we are going to make america great again. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. [cheering] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you, everybody. thank you. >> all campaign long c-span takes you on the road to the white house, unfiltered access to candidates at town hall meetings, news conferences immoralities, and speeches, taking
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comments on twitter, facebook command by phone and always every campaign event we cover is available at our website on >> on the next washington journal david leventhal from the center for public integrity. >> of the latest federal election commission disclosures by the presidential campaigns and who is winning the money race so far. former assistant defense secretary lawrence court and thomas donnelly from the american enterprise institute discuss the president's veto of the $612 billion national defense authorization act and what it means for funding of the us military.
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speakers include democratic presidential candidate vermont sen. bernie sanders call former maryland governor martin o'malley and former secretary of state hillary clinton. republican presidential candidate carly fiorino will hold the townhall and buford command live this saturday at 1130 that wisconsin book festival from medicine. the city of detroit and evan thomas his book, being nixon. sunday night at 9:00 o'clock
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however, general boggdon assured the subcommittee that the program is on track.
12:56 am
>> we will receive testimony on the current status of the f-35 joint strike fighter program. i'd like to welcome our witnesses, lieutenant general christopher bagdanf-35 program executive officer. and major general jeffrey l.harigian, director of the air force f-35 integration office. thank you both for your service and we look forward to your testimony today. this hearing continues the committee's ongoing oversight of the f-35 program since the program officially began in 2001. we all know that the f-35 is a complex program that has experienced issues with cost, schedule, and performance throughout its development. the subcommittee has held numerous hearings and briefings to better understand the critical need for the fifth generation strike fighter capability and to understand the issues facing the program. most recently the subcommittee visited eggland air force base where we were able to meet with


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