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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 28, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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questions from them is that the house of commons normally seen live wednesday mornings at seven eastern on c-span2 but due to daylight savings time questions on airs this week beginning at eight eastern. we invite your participation via twitter using hashtag pmqs. prior to questioned by members are finishing up other business. and now live to the floor of the british house of commons. spent an obligation of the role. >> first of all i think we can be proud of what the uk did in shaping those, led by the prime minister. in relation to the uk, we meet many of the goals. we will now work on them domestically. >> that i perhaps ask my right honorable friend -- for her
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fantastic work on tackling female turtle beautician was you update us on what further steps should take to tackle the equally abhorrent practice of -- said about. >> improving the prospects at the heart of everything. [inaudible] it's essential that we do in a humanitarian report and it will continue to be. [inaudible] some of those supporting the
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coalition indiscriminate bombings and civilian areas including on the air france facility on monday night? >> is going to be a political process that delivers piece, beside which is right to highlight that our humanitarian situation. 80% of people in yemen indeed and i can assure her we are working not only on improving access or a getting into the country but also to ensure when it gets into the country fuel that is needed and also get around the country to communities in need. >> order. questions to the prime minister. steven metz calf. >> number one, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. before answering the audible for and i know the whole house will wish to join in paying tribute to michael. he died said last week and we send our condolences to his family and friends.
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michael dedicate his life to public service, diligently representing his constituency in this place for a staggering 45 years. he was a passionate advocate of the causes he believed in. these included the environment and is able to put these into practice as a minister between 1997-2003. this house and our politics are a poorer place without him and i know colleagues from all sides of this chamber will remember him with affection and miss him greatly. >> here, here. >> mr. speaker, this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others, and in addition to my duties in this house, i shall have further such meetings later today. [inaudible] skimmable my right honorable friend join in celebrating that one in 10 of the world's doctors are built in basildon? [shouting] but not an airbus. it flies without a part without
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built in basildon. it's also attracting from what were known or decisions such as the royal opera house. all this is leading to job creation and opportunities. will be, therefore, to all began to ensure that britain remains a great place to do business and prosper in? >> basildon has a special place in my heart. i did know all those statistics but it hasn't even more special place. i can tell them that the long-term use claimant count in his constituency is down by 42% in the last year. he spoke about what a good place britain is to do business but i'm pleased to say we are now sixth in the rankings in the world for the best place to set up and to run a business.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. can i start by tackling the remarks the premise made about michael meacher. on behalf of his constituents and the much wider community, our condolences to his family. i spoke with him last i asked them how they would like michael to be remembered. they talked about it and send a very nice message which i've agreed out that it's quite brief but very poignant. this is what they said. in memory of michael. when i was young one of the things he quickly said to me was that people went into politics because the principles and wanted to change things to make the world better. but in order to get into power they would often compromise on the principles and that this could happen again and again until it eventually did get into power they would've become so compromised that they would do nothing with it. those who knew michael doing us a decent, hard-working, passionate and profound me. he represent his constituency with the distinction for 45
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years. he was a brilliant environment minister as the prime minister pointed out. he was totally committed to parliamentary democracy come and this parliament holding government or covenant to account, and he was a lifelong campaigner against injustice and poverty. we remember michael for all of those things. we express our condolences, express our sympathies to his family at the very difficult time. is will be a hard act to follow but we will do our best. >> here, here. >> mr. speaker, following events in the other place on monday evening at the plate acceptance from the prime minister of the results, can he guarantee to the house and to the wider country that nobody will be worse off next year as a result of cuts to working tax credits? >> what i can guarantee is that we have remained committed to the vision of a high pay, low tax, lower -- economy and we believe the way to make sure
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that everyone is better off each keep going our economy, keep inflation low, keep cutting people's taxes and edited a national living wage. house for our changes the chancellor will set them out in the autumn statement. >> jeremy corbyn. >> the question i was asking was quite simply this. will he confirm right now that tax credit cuts will not make anyone worse off in april next year of? >> we want people to be better off because we're cutting their taxes and increasing their pay. but he's going to have to be a little patient because although these changes passed the house of commons five times which was ever enlarging majority can we will set out new proposal in the autumn statement that he will be able to study them. >> jeremy corbyn.
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>> mr. speaker, this is the time when asked questions to prime minister on behalf of the people of this country. [shouting] [laughter] >> thank you. [inaudible] if i can continue. people are very worried about what's going to happen to them next april. what exactly does the prime minister mean he is considering it? there's an autumn statement coming up, but we thought he was committed to not counting tax credits. is he going to cut tax credits or not? are people going to do worse off are not in april next year? he must know the answer. >> i will make two points. first of all we set out in our next manifesto we're going to
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find 12 billion pounds of savings in welfare. >> order. there is too much noise in the chamber. order. the questions must be heard and the answers must be heard. the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. and it's important point because of course every penny we do save on welfare savings we have defined in the education budget or into policing budget or in the health budget. the second point that i would make is because of what's happened in the other place of course we should have a debate about how to reform welfare and how to reduce the cost of welfare. i'm happy to have that debate but, of course, it is difficult to that debate with the honorable gentleman because he has opposed every single well for -- he doesn't support the welfare cannot. he doesn't support the cap on housing benefit. he doesn't think that any change to welfare is worthwhile. i have to say if we want a
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strong economy and we want growth i want to get rid of our deficit, if you want to secure our country we need to reform welfare. [shouting] >> what we are talking about our tax credits for people in work. the prime minister knows that. he understands that. these lawsuits for many people in this country that are quite sympathetic to his political project. some the new pictures -- some other newspapers have come out against them. he did commit to 12 a.m. cuts but repeated and refused to say whether taxpayers are going to be part of the effect he said they work. can he now give us the answer we're trying to get today? >> answer the question. >> the answer will be set out in the autumn statement when we set out our proposal. but i have to say to him, he has come to quite a strange set of events when you have the house of commons voted for something five times, when there's
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absolutely -- [inaudible] and the labour party is left defending, depending upon uncollected in the house of lords. [shouting] we've got a new our lives. the unelected and the unelectable. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, it's very interesting the prime minister still refuses to answer the fundamental question. [shouting] this is not a constitutional crisis. this is a crisis for 3 million families in this country, for three-putting mammas were very worried about what could happen -- for 3 million families who are going to worry about will happen next april. the justice secretary said in as your question on the bbc world
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of one, are you going to cut tax credits? the answer was we are not going to cut them. why did he say that? >> what i said in the election at the basic level of tax credits would stay the same. 2780 pounds per child, it stays exactly the same. but the point is this big if we want to get our deficit down, if we want to secure our economy, if we want to keep on with secure growth from we need to make savings in welfare. now, even with his deficit denying forever plan, presumably has to make some savings, probably spend to get if you don't save any money on welfare you end up cutting the nhs. you end up cutting even more deeply policing budget. those are the truths. when is he going to stop his denial, get off the fence and tell us what he will do?
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[shouting] >> mr. speaker, -- >> order. a moment ago i said the answers must be heard. the questions need to be heard. he will ask his question. it will be heard. if it takes longer, so be it. jeremy corbyn. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i five times asked the prime minister today whether or not they have all been worse off if they receive working tax credits next april. he still has not been able to answer me or indeed many others. can i put you in a question i was sent by -- [shouting] >> mr. speaker, at may be very
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amusing to members opposite, but -- [shouting] >> i was sent this question by karen, and she, i quote, what is the prime minister punishing working families? i work full-time and earns a living wage within the public sector. that tax credit cuts will push me and my family into hardship. can he give a cast-iron guarantee, to karen come and to all the other families who are very worried what is going to happen next april to the income, how are they going to make ends meet? he could give them the after today. i hope you will. i ask them for the sixth time, please give us an answer to a very straightforward, very simple question. >> what i would say to karen is this. if she is on the living wage working in the public sector, next year in april she will
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benefit from been able to earn 11,000 pounds before she pays any income tax at all. it was about 6000 pounds when i became prime minister. if she is sure she will benefit from 30 hours of childcare every week. that is something that has happened under this government. but above all she will benefit because with a growing economy, because we have zero inflation, because with 2 million more people in work, because we had to drink 3 billion apprentices in this parliament and that is the fact. the reason the labour party lost the last election is ever completely un-trusted on the deficit come on debt, and on a stable economy. and sense of in the deficit deniers have taken over the labour party. that is what happened when you look at their plans, borrowing forever, printing money, hiking up taxes come it is working people like karen that would pay the price. [shouting] >> david morris.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, in my constituency unemployment has fallen by 30% since 2010. this government has delivered the link road after six years which will create even more jobs in my area when it is completed. does my friend the prime minister agreed that the conservatives are ensuring that it is back open for business the? >> i well remember visiting my honorable friend's constituency a look at the road works that were being put in place a going to open up the port, that will help would bring for new nuclear power station and all the steps he wants to see. i can tell in the long-term use claimant count in his constituency has fallen by 30% in the last year. those are all young people not able to work, able to benefit from our growing economy. >> sir angus robertson. >> we associate ourselves with the condolences of our been expressed by the prime minister
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and leader of the opposite. last week i asked about the tragic circumstances of a man from north london to a disabled man who took his own life after an assessment by the department of work and pensions. we know 60 investigations have taken place into suicides following the cancellation of benefits, but the findings have been published. the prime minister said to me last week that he would look very carefully at the specific question about publication. will the prime minister confirm windows findings will be published? >> i will write to him about this but my memory for looking into his question afterwards is the are very good reasons why we can't publish this specific report that he talks about because it has, it has personal and medical data in it which would not be appropriate for publication. if i've got that wrong on the right to them but that is my clear memory of looking this question after last week. >> thank you very much.
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will a man in the west midlands was 53 when he took his life. the corner wrote a major factor in his death was a statement had greatly reduce leaving almost destitute. his sister said it's a double of a deal for going to be affected the worst. the dwp need to publish these reviews. the prime minister says that he is concerned by the views of the families involved. the families say the findings should be published. will be published the findings? 3 million pounds are going to have their child tax credits cancel. we need the answer to these questions. >> first of all let me just correct him on his last point. under the proposals we put forward, those people on the lowest levels as they were protected because of the national living wage and those people on the lowest incomes were protected because we were protecting the basic award of the child tax credit at 2780 pounds. i think the other part of the
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question is the bit i've already answered which is my understanding but i will send him about if i've got it wrong come is there were too many personal and medical details for that to be published. i think that is an important consideration in whether deciding whether to publish something. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i'd like to ask the prime minister about ruby your ruby is one of my youngest constituents, she is just one month old. why should ruby face the prospect of spending her entire working life paying off the debt that's been built up by visit generation? >> i think ruby is absolutely right to care about ruby when we became the government, one in four pounds spent by the government was borrowed money. we had one of the biggest budget deficits anywhere in the world, and it's always easier for people to say put off the difficult decisions, don't make any spending reductions. but what they're doing is burdening future generations with debt.
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what i would take to the labour front bench, that is not generosity. that is selfishness. >> wilthank you, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. [shouting] >> i think the honorable lady must have misheard. innocent. mrs. sharon hutchins center. >> we all know about prime minister is open promise on tax credits but will the final nail in the coffin of compassionate conservatism be hammered home if you were to scrap universal infantry school meals in the review, taking hot healthy meals out of the mouth of innocent, blameless infant children? will be guaranteed now not to scrap the universal infant preschool meals -- [shouting] >> i'm immensely proud that it was a government i lead that introduced this policy.
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[shouting] thirteen years, 13 years of labour government. did they ever do that? >> no speed and do we remember the infant new builds on the labour party? i'm proud of what we have done and we will be keeping at. [shouting] >> stephen phillips. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, my right honorable friend has demonstrated considerable leadership enjoyed a britain is the second largest donor of bilateral aid in series you. but there is another crisis going on which the world has largely forgotten about. in yemen there is an ongoing war. 1.4 many people have been forced to flee their homes, 3 billion faced starvation, half a million children are ever some life-threatening malnutrition malnutrition under president of the international red cross has said in yemen after five months we are in the same position as we are in serious after five years. please, can we do more? >> my honorable friend is right
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to raise this and we have been involved in trying to help in this situation right from the start as in syria we are a major contributor in terms of humanitarian aid. we've made clear all of yemeni party should engage without preconditions and in good faith in piece talks to allow yemen to move towards a sustainable piece and that needs to be a piece based on the fact that all people in yemen need proper representation by their government. to our similarities with syria which is on a government on behalf of one part of the country is never going to be a sustainable solution. >> cristy blackmon. >> mr. speaker, how dare anyone in this house are in a 74 a year till families that their combined income of 25,000 pounds is too much affinity give it some of the back to bounce the economy? >> try to do the prime minister refused to put this in his manifesto because he knew he wouldn't be a lack of? >> let me remind the honorable
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lady about the situation we inherited. when i became prime minister nine out of 10 families were getting tax credits including members of parliament. that is a crazy this is a we inherited. we reduce that during the last parliament, pose that is of course by labour and the snp to 610 families. our proposals would take it down to five out of 10 families but these are not proposals on their own. they are accompanied by national living wage for the first time. they are accompanied by allowing people to earn 11,000 pounds before paying tax for the first time. those sorts of measures while the short family that she talks about. michel donovan. >> the prime minister spoke movingly at conference at the plight of young people. can't be answered, what with the government actually did improve the life chances of these young disadvantaged children and give them opportunities as they move forward in their lives?
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>> i think but are open for her question for the most important think we can do is to speed up the adoption system so that more children get a copy at what we've seen since i've been partnership is an increase in adoptions but then because of what one or two judgments it's slipped backwards a bit and we did work very hard to make sure more children get up out of. up for those who can't be adopted we need to make sure or residential homes are doing the best possible job they can't and that is why today i can as i passed the former chief executive who is an excellent public servant who worked with wins at the home office to conduct an independent review of children's residential care, reporting to the education secretary and myself so we can take every possible step to give these children the best start in life. >> thank you, mr. speaker. redundant steelworkers such as those in wrexham pay national insurance contributions and play by the rules. why then is this government
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limiting mortgage interest support for them in the future and making them pay twice, once for national insurance and wants to paying back a loan? is a that type of action and a responsible government like is should not be pursuing, and isn't it an example of compassionate conservatism dying? >> actually what he refers to as a temporary recession measure on mortgage payments that was continued for five years, but he does give me the opportunity to say as i promised i would last night to update the house on what we're doing to help this evening and she which i know is important as constituency. and on energy costs i can announce today we will refund the energy intensive industries for the full amount of the policy cost they face as soon as we get the state is a judgment from's -- brussels.
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payment will be making elite and that payment will be made throughout this parliament. far more generous than what is been proposed by the party office at. [shouting] >> mr. grimm abends. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i've had hundreds of e-mails from constituents regarding the northern powerhouse and i have just chosen one. john e-mailed me to tell me -- [shouting] -- cannot listen to leader of the opposition with his strategy of higher spending, higher barbara, more debt, but instead to stick your long-term economic plan for higher wage, lower welfare, low tax society. does the prime minister agree with john? >> i do agree. john estimates and more sense in his e-mail and the leader of the opposition did in at least six questions to the point i would make is not only have we seen an economy that is growing,
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2 million more people in work, inflation that is low so living standards are rising but we can see their art 680,000 fewer workers households and 480,000 fewer children and workers -- workers households. if you want to measure the real difference, think of those children, think of those households and think of the dignity of work. >> mr. speaker, last weekend was the first anniversary of the death from cervical cancer of my constituent age 23 put in june 2013 should been concerned enough to ask for an early test but she was refused because she was under 20 -- [inaudible] her family have written an open letter to the prime minister. can i ask you not to offer here a reflex repeat of the rationale for current screening age policy, but to reflect on the questions raised about how this
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translates into refusing smear tests the young women? and to consider the age-related data since the screening age was increased in 20 -- 2004 speak with he raises a tragic case and our thoughts go to her family and her friends. he raises an important case because of course the uk national screening committee said the age at 25 to understand is the reason for that is not a resources based decision to it's because of the potential perverse medical consequences of carrying out screening routinely below that age that would be a number potential false positives because of actually anatomical changes that go on at that age. it's not a resource decision. what has he says it is worth looking at those people who fear they have a family history and ask for a test and i will write to on that specific issue. >> thank you, mr. speaker. yesterday the eu said we can no longer have dealt with on the
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internet to protect our children from indecent images. i want to know what the prime minister is going to do to make sure that our children remain protected. >> like her i think it is absolutely vital important we enable parents to have that protection for their children from this that you on the internet. probably like i a wonder bread y get e-mail this morning i splattered on my complex because we worked hard to put in place these filters. but i can reassure her, i can reassure her because we actually security and opt out yesterday so we can keep our family-friendly filters to protect children. and i can tell the house that we will legislate to put out agreement with internet companies on this issue into the law of the land so that our children will be protected. >> mr. speaker, could associate myself with the prime minister's earlier remarks about the late michael meacher who is a decent
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man, they could constituent mp and an extreme effective environment secretary. yesterday i visited the refugee camps, and there i met families that were inspirational and desperate. alongside with the british charity workers that i found, i am frankly ashamed we will not offer to help a single one of those refugee families. may i ask this question, with the agreed with save the children that we take as a country 3000 vulnerable unaccompanied children in europe some of whom are as young as six? lasslast the last. ..
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confirm to our partners and the british people that no option is off the table or british options will be considered including the option of a relationship such as that of norway if it is negativable and in our -- negotiable. >> no options are off the table. if they don't get what we need in our renegotiation i rule absolutely nothing out.
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but it is important we have the debate in this nation we're firm about the fact as figures. some are arguing britain to leave the european union. not all people, some people particularly pointed to position of norway saying saying that isd outcome. i would guide very against that. norway pays as much per head to the e.u. as we do. they take as twice as many migrants as we do in this country. they have no seat at table, no ability to negotiate. i'm not arguing that all those who want to leave the e.u. say they want to borrow the norwegian path but some do. very important in the debate we're absolutely clear about the consequences of these consequences. >> join me in congratulating myself tone-year-old constituent jesse mcabe on 3800 name petition first time ever to accept women composers on the
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syllabus. will you tell us is a -- [inaudible] >> if feminism means we should treat people equally, yes absolutely. absolutely. i'm proud of the fact that i have got sitting around the cabinet table, a third of women sitting around cabinet table and something we promised and something we delivered. but can i congratulate her above all, can i congratulate her for her achievement in terms of this e-petition and constituents and her have done a good job. >> mr. turner. >> sir, the nhs england, nhs england knows that the aisle the white commission group is outlyer in relation to the outpatient partners. can my right honourable friend confirm that progress is being
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made to identify factors affecting the island? will we benefit from amendments to the new ccg formula. >> what i can say to my honourable friend it is right that decisions on allocations are made independent of ghost and not by government. so that is how the formula is reached. i can also tell them that there is an independent review of the funding formula underway we expect to see its recommendations later this year but these things should be done in a fair and transparent way. >> mary cray. >> mr. speaker, remember meeting my constituent neil shepherd and sharon wood nine years ago this week. they took their two children, christie age seven, and bobby age six on holiday. the children tragically died of carb carb poison -- carbon monoxide poisoning.
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they wish that other people not suffer the tragedy they endured. in the european parliament on recommendation that the commission bring forward on legislation to improve carbon monoxide safety and fire safety for tourism premises in the e.u. can i ask the prime minister that his mep support it and if this false would he look to insit gait legislation nationally in this country? >> i remember the meeting we had and great bravery of irparent in that terrible loss to campaign that others didn't lose children the way they had. as for legislation in country, we do have strict legislation on particular things about fire resistant materials but i will look after that too. >> question 14, closed question. >> 14, sir. prime minister, set out a ambitious long-term plan for the midlands, future engine of
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growth for the whole of u.k. across bost we're working with business leaders and local authorities to progress this ambition. >> michael fabrika. >> i thank the right honourable friend for his answer. the northern powerhouse will help millions but the west midlands is the only region in the u.k. which has a trade balance surplus with china and greater birm birmingham, has greatest private sector job creation in the u.k. since 2010. will the prime minister now insure in the national interest that the west midlands secures the best evolution deal possible? >> prime minister. >> huge potential here to secure massive devolution to the west midlands. everyone in in the midlands they will be left out of northern powerhouse. west midlands is perfect place to benefit and success and growth of london and of course rebalancing of our economy towards the north of england.
8:37 am
in terms of the west midlands we look forward to, the west midlands combined authority coming forward with its plan. what i say to all of these areas, contemplating devolution and devolution deals the more you put on table. bolder you can be with your vision, the bolder the response you will get from government. >> mr. speaker, can i tell the prime minister and the chancellor strong support of all party, left, business, local authorities right across the west midlands for properly funded significant devo solution field to get the brownfield sites redeveloped, to tackle congestion so we can transform the west midlands with more jobs, better skills, quicker transport and new homes? >> i'm very glad to hear from the honourable gentleman what there is opportunity in the west midlands to work across parties to get the best deal across all these authorities. as i said the more we get the local authorities to come together and work together and put their ambition and vision on
8:38 am
the table, the even the better response they will get from the government. >> simon burns. [shouting] >> does my right honourable friend agree with me that bullying in the work place is reprehensible? can he tell me whether the government is planning any review of the legislation with a view to extending it to this chamber? >> prime minister. >> given that my honourable friend called for prime minister questions at 12:38, i would have thought any hint of bullying was clearly over in this house. in any conceivable way he suffers no disadvantage. i must admit, bullying in the work place is problem. i think we need to make sure it is stamped out and dealt with wherever it occurs that should apply within parliament and elsewhere. >> order. urgent question, mr. cries
8:39 am
bryant. >> mr. speaker -- >> here on c-span2 we'll leave the british house of commons as members move on to conduct other business. you've been watching prime minister's question time normally aired live wednesdays, 7:00 a.m. immediate future you see the program at 8:00 a.m. due to daylight savings time. see the nine pacific on c-span or watch anytime on all came pan long c-span takes you on the road to the white house, unfiltered access to the candidates. the at town hall meetings, news conferences, rallies and speeches. we're taking your comment on twitter, facebook and by phone. and always every campaign event we cover is available on the our website, republican presidential candidate donald trump spoke
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about u.s. relations with china, defense spending and taxes. this road to the white house event was head in city, iowa. -- held in sioux city, iowa. >> my honor and privilege to introduce the next president of the united states, donald j. trump came. [applause] ♪ ♪
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>> what a group. what a group. nice place. [cheers and applause] very nice. >> trump, trump. >> trump, trump. >> trump, trump, trump. trump, trump, trump. [shouting] >> i was telling some of the folks backstage, i never ever, thought we would do this well this fast. this is so incredible, what's happened all over but what's happened in iowa, it's been really incredible. we've had some amazing results. they continue to come in. little shake-up in iowa. i don't know is going on. somebody said, are you going straight to new hampshire? i love new hampshire. we have great numbers, 38-12. but we fell a little behind in iowa and some people are say,
8:42 am
how can it be? i come out, i was just telling a group, we have the biggest crowds, we have the most enthusiastic crowds. everybody said, and it is true, look at this, somebody else come they would have 50 people and wouldn't need this room, believe me. but everybody said, without question, in every poll, this isn't just here, that the people that are with trump are with trump. they don't go anywhere. they're staying. it's true. i see it. [cheers and applause] and we've seen it. a couple of times i say, that could be end. then they do something, i'm 10 points up. it is craziest thing. i will take it. they say the people, we have the most loyal people. everybody says it. the other thing they say is the leadership, number one, very important, right? don't you think? leadership. i mean when leadership is number one, they say on the economy, without question number one. and by a lot.
8:43 am
so you know, it's great. i thought i would talk a little bit, and i want to take some questions. we could do a little question and answer, right? [applause] we have all the cameras going back here. you know it is always tough on live television all the time, look we have 10 topics right? how many topics, 10? how many different ways can you talk about the 10 topics? the bottom line is, we want results. we want to get it done. but when you're on live television all the time, all those people back, and cameras are on and then you're talking about immigration, and you're talking about the wall because we're going to have a wall and we'll stop illegal immigration. [cheers and applause] but we talk about trade, and we talk about repealing obamacare. we talk about all the things that we talk about. but you know, you have these points, and we can talk about them in different forms and different ways and give different examples but in the end, it is really about result,
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isn't it? right. it is really about results and you can only talk about the same subjects on live television so many different ways. i talk about industry. i talk about commerce. i talk about how we're losing our jobs to all of these different countries. and i give different examples. but it's still going to be a certain number of subjects. i talk about second amendment. i talk about 14th amendment. we talk about amendments. that second amendment, they want to take it away from you. they really want to do things. and it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. at least with me it is not going to happen. that i can tell you. [cheers and applause] so i said today, we'll talk for a little while, but i want to do some questions and answers. i want you people to excite me for a change. is that okay? i want to be excited! [applause] so we're going to have some fun. so we're going to do that. a few things, i want to bring up
8:45 am
a few new subjects. so, immigration we'll be doing a very strong number. it is killing us, it's killing us and it's bad for the economy. it's bad for all of this illegal immigration. and, i have to tell you, legal, you come in, and we're going to have a good time and you're going to do there and you will do great. visas, maybe work, maybe there are cases we need people in. we'll do something. we'll not hurt our economy in any way, shape or form. we'll make our economy, much, much stronger but we're also that are here. people with us, we're going to get jobs. [applause] we're going to get jobs. but, the illegal immigration, you know i did this, and i made my determination, i took a deep breath because i'll tell you what. it takes courage to say i'm going to run for president. really does.
8:46 am
especially in my case where i have a great business and, i love my business and love doing it. i never even see -- i own some of the great properties in the world. doral in miami. i may never see it again. [laughter] turn bury -- thank you, i love her. look at her. turnberry in scotland, home of the brittish open. i may never see it again. all of these incredible places that i have. but more than that, it takes courage. because, when you do it, you're putting yourself out there, beyond anything that anybody's done and it even takes courage for a politician to do it. at some point some of these guys have to leave, don't you agree? it is getting ridiculous. like tomorrow night we're having a debate, and i wish we had more time for the debate. not in terms of three hours, who wants three hours? you know what? i could stand up for 20 hours if i had to who wants to watch that
8:47 am
long? hillary's debate, essentially lasted for an hour 1/2. i was oh, it was -- couldn't watch it. you have hillary against a socialist/communist. and nobody -- [applause] honestly, he is not going to win, so you understand. all kidding. he is not going to win and neither is she, you're right, long term. she is being totally protected because in theory she should be allowed to run. [cheering] it is a tough game. it is a nasty game but she is being totally protected. but she is going to beat him and you still have one more of these guys, o'malley. he will be out quickly, i guess. what he is doing? what do they do when they have zero? they have zero.
8:48 am
i wouldn't say it against our folks but they have treated me, some of the zeros have treated me so nastily, right? they want a start controversy and they want to try to pick up some points. you know what? i will not even mention names. i love doing it but everybody that hit me so far has gone down. they have gone down and gone down leg. [applause] and a couple of the ones and sear -- zeros are hit the hardest. one has zero with arrow pointing to the left. that means less than zero. i don't understand, what does it mean? i assume it's a typo but maybe not. [laughter] but, when you look at the things that are happening with our country, the trade situation, not just china. i talk about china all the time because that's the main abuser, that's the biggest abuser. the numbers are astronomical. almost 400 billion a year in
8:49 am
terms of imbalance. think of it, 400 billion a year. and they send stuff over here with you we can't send stuff over there. they tax us, big tax. friend of mine can't get his stuff over there, tax is so big, big tax. sob bought an airplane in china, can't get it over there, rich guy, because the tax is so massive, he is selling it in this country because china won't let him have the plane and has to pay a tax. i won't even tell you what the tax is, so astronomical i don't even believe it myself because they will say, he was wrong. all i can tell you, all i can tell you is, it is a massive tax. you don't buy planes here. if you do, you won't be able to get them back in. here we accept all of their product. so we have almost a 400 billion-dollar trade imbalance with china. we have a $70 billion trade
8:50 am
imbalance with japan. we have a, with all that is going on now in the south china sea, you look, well, we have a destroyer, relatively small ship, over there. i don't know if i want to be the captain of that ship right now but they're being sort of mocked and scorned, and a lot of bad things can happen. we have an agreement with japan. i love japan and love china but all their lead remembers killing us. smarter, sharper, more cunning. leaders of mexico are killing us in the border and trade, they are taking so many of our companies. nabisco, my oreos, they're taking nabisco. i never eat oreos. they had oreos on the plane. i said i don't want to touch them. bring them back. are you allowed to bring them back? bring them backs, right? i'm not happy. leaving chicago and moving the big plant to mexico. when you see this happening, we have to stop it. i'm not going -- i'm not going
8:51 am
to beat around the bush and let's talk and be nice, nobody can do it like i do it. honestly nobody. [cheers and applause] i'm not saying i'm perfect because i'm not perfect. nobody's perfect, but, thank you. i love this guy. handsome guy, i like him. very good. now, but nobody's perfect, i'll tell you when it comes to that stuff, there is nobody better. carl icahn endorsed me the other day. one of the great traders and deal-makers, he says, trump, trump. he is not somebody that would just do it. he wants somebody that knows what they're doing. talk about corporate inversions and things going on. corporate inversions, you know many of the companies in this country have trillions of dollars cumulatively. they think 2 1/2 trillion dollars overseas right now. they can't get it in. and everybody agrees that we
8:52 am
should bring it in. the democrats and republicans. they have agreed for years. they can't make a deal because they have no leader. it's not like, oh, gee, we disagree on obamacare or we disagree on something else. i must tell you many of the democrats i speak to, i'm friendly with like republicans, i get along with everybody. everybody said, oh, you won't be a unifier. i will be the greatest unifier of all. why, is obama a unifier? [cheering] i will tell you many of the democrats that voted for obamacare would never have done it now and they were lied to, 28 times, right? keep your doctor, keep your plan, keep your this, everything will be great, turned out to be a total lie. 28 different times they know of and think wouldn't have done it. when you look what's happening with corporations and highest tax, we pay the highest tax anywhere in the world of any country. but they have trillions of dollars overseas and these are great companies in many cases.
8:53 am
there are thousands of employees. they can't get their money back, and the reason is, bureaucracy. it is very hard and also big reason, the tax is too high. they don't want to bring a million dollars back and pay 300 or $350,000 tax. they would rather leave it over there. if they bring it back, they women be using it to invest in our country. i mean a lot of good things will happen. i happen to believe it is more than 2 1/2 trillion. but here's the thing and i use it because it is so incredible, here's the thing, it is not controversial. not like you have republicans here, everybody agrees. they have agreed, you know that, for 2 1/2, three years. they can't make a deal. now what's happening, this will be the next great story, is companies are leaving the united states to, two reasons. lower taxes, but also to get their money. they have got billions of dollars overseas. they're leaving our country in
8:54 am
order to get their money and in order to pay lower tax. and you are talking about one company, i know of, i don't know how much they have written bit, but you're talking about 6,000 jobs, just one company. you're talking about potentially thousands of companies. and i say it, in the old days, that leave new york, people would move down, and companies would move down to florida, or move to texas or leave new jersey where taxes are quite high, and they would move to another location, right? now, they leave our country and they go to other countries. that that's what happened and world of internet and world of very fast jets, it is a different world out there. there is no loyalty. they're paid a lot of money to make a lot of money for their shareholders and some of them actually are foreign. they like to move back to these countries. they bring in executives that are from ireland, from other places. and they don't mind.
8:55 am
they have no loyalty to the united states. so my plan, my tax plan is something i'm very proud of. we're going to stop corporate inversions. i tell you what? we will have the money back, if i get elected president, that money will be back so fast your head will spin. nobody else will be able to do it. [cheers and applause] honestly nobody else even knows about it. the other candidates, most of them don't even know about it. it is not their wheelhouse. it is just not. it is not their thing. their thing is getting reelected. that is what they're good at. they get reelect and make promises. all talk and no action. same thing happens with these politicians. it is always the same. so, we have some different things, and what i have done with our tax plan, which is something i'm very proud of, we brought it down into a few groups because right now you have to go out, people that
8:56 am
aren't doing well, go out to hire companies to help them with their tax plans. they will pay $500, $1,000 because it is so complicated and we'll make it nice and simple. we're getting rid of carried interest which is something a lot of rich hedge guys love. they don't love me so much anymore but i don't care. [applause] and we're getting rid of a lot of things. we'll have nice simple tax returns. somebody said oh, why isn't everybody paying -- 40%, a big percentage will not pay any tax at all. people doing badly. they said, well, i won't use candidate's name, because i don't want to insult any candidates when they can't defend themselves, we want everybody to pay at least something. i said i agree. here's the problem. from the standpoint of bookkeeping, from the standpoint of bureaucracy, you are talking about millions and millions of returns. you're talking about building
8:57 am
the irs even bigger and it's a monster and i can cut it down, way down. and the money you're talking about is far less than administrative costs. i said i agree, except for one thing from a practical standpoint it's too much. most of these people are not paying any way. what i want to do is bring our jobs back from china. bring our jobs back from mexico. [applause] bring fairness to our deals as an example, with japan. i was in los angeles. ships, the biggest ships you have ever seen, cars are pouring off in this country made in japan. we give them practically nothing. the balance is so bad. the imbalance is so bad. you say how -- we have all the -- see what our people don't know and only somebody that
8:58 am
wrote the art of the deal or does this stuff, right, it's natural. it's like a great athlete. like jack nicklaus. was always able to sink that putt. he is just better. you have athletes, very few, but there are some people that have certain ability. a lot of people don't even know, we have all the power. we have all the power in china. we owe right now china and japan equally 1.5, think of this, trillion dollars. 1.5 so think of it. they take our business and in the case of japan, mostly cars but they take our business, they take our jobs. factories close down all over the place and we owe them money. right? it is a magic act, for them, not for us. for us it is a horror show. it is growing to end. it is going to end. [cheers and applause] people like carl icahn and
8:59 am
people like, i know the best negotiators in the world. some of them are horrible people. i will be honest with you, i don't care. do you care if they're horrible people? >> no! >> who cares. we want, now carl happens to be actually a very nice guy but he is a brilliant negotiator and tough cookie he built a fortune. he doesn't want money, oh, give me $200,000 a year in government money. he wants to do it. he is proud to do it. he wants to help the country. it is so easy for him. for instance, if i said, carl, do me a favor, the trade deal we have with china is so unfair, we're losing $400 billion a year, carl. do me a favor. make it fair. i don't have give him a big speech. i don't have to give him a big speech. [cheers and applause] i mean, i can tell you that within a very, very short period of time things will straighten out.
9:00 am
man, things will straighten out. and it is going to be to our benefit. but think of it, if we're losing that kind of money, that imbalance, it is an imbalance, some people say that is not really a loss, it is a loss. if we have that kind of an imbalance, and supposing you brought it back to zero or even if we lost 100 billion a year, that's a lot of money. i couldn't sleep, if i brought it to 100 billion a year, get rid of me in four years, all right? but supposing we brought it back to 100 or, we brought it back to zero? do you know what that means for this country? do you know the kind of money you're talking about? then jobs would start coming back. lots of good things would happen. lots of great things would happen. and maybe our babies who have all the toys all over the place, maybe they will have 75%, and maybe you will like them better. maybe they will be better. they will be manufactured here.
9:01 am
when i order television sets, i order thousands and thousands of television sets a year for different jobs, and whenever i order them they all come from south korea. other than sony. but sony lost its way a little bit, sony is japan. south korea, lg, samsung. i don't get bids from americans. i would love to, i would love to. george will says there is a company in south carolina that makes televisions. where are they? i like to have a good name. when somebody paying a fortune for hotel room you like to see a good name, right. there is company in south carolina, they assemble them. parts come in, they assemble, them, much different. i love if we made them. look at south korea, we defend south korea essentially nothing. maniac in north korea nobody ever talks about anyway. he really has nuclear weapons and we don't talk about him. we made the worst deal ever made
9:02 am
with iran, right? the worst. no, no. [applause] these are the, people that represent -- these people are incompetent, or stupid. somebody said you shouldn't say stupid but it's true, it's stupid, i think. i mean i think. [applause] unless, i don't know, there is something going on we all don't know about? think of it. point after point we lost. we lost everything. we are giving them $150 billion. it's hard to believe. they will have -- they don't have to develop, i told somebody they don't have to develop nuclear. they can buy it. why should they develop it? they can buy it. all of a sudden going into syria. they have so much money. they're a terrorist state. they're going into all of these different places. we're fighting them in yemen. and yet, we're making a deal with them. so why don't you say, hey,
9:03 am
yemen, out! our prisoners, i want them back, i want them back. i don't want them over there. i want them back. [cheers and applause] and, all we have to do, very simple, is, if you have the right message, i'm the right messenger. i've gotten to a point where i have be braggadocios, it's terrible, right? i can't be nice to say we can all do a wonderful job. people can't do this kind of stuff. first it is the wall, no, i said i guarranty you that we're going to build a wall, will be a real wall, we'll have people come through, they will come through legally or come through with visas which is the same thing, if we need them. [cheers and applause] and we want people to come through. i want people to come through. i don't want to say no but we have at least 11 million --
9:04 am
scariest thing nobody has any idea how many. we've been hearing that number for years, 11 million. we have no -- i spoke to one of the top people. they have no idea. might be five million. might also be 32 million. could be, 50? where is he? stand up. he might be closer than anybody else. probably is. we have to get them out -- look, it is harsh. dwight eisenhower, we all like ike, right? you remember the expression, right? [applause] i go, he got elected. i like ike. how could he be bad? right? i think he was a nicer general than mcarthur and patton. and i like ike as a president but i loved patton and i loved general mcarthur. i loved them. we'll find ourself a patton and we'll find ourself -- because we have a lot of smart guys in our military and women. we'll find ourselves a patton. right here, i will be the
9:05 am
patton. but we're going to find a patton and we're going to find a mac arthur. we're really good at that. we have great people. i told the story, i saw generals on television. they shouldn't be on television. they shouldn't be taking, they shouldn't be talking they should be doing. they asked a certain general, i won't insult him, a month 1/2 ago on a talk show. here is general so-and-so, one of the top, top people, i could even say the top, what is he doing on television? he is saying, well, isis is very tough, you know, they are spread out. by the way, they took the oil that i said take. remember i said take the oil? take the oil! they're being funded by the oil that i said take! i don't want their damn oil. you know what it turned out to be another benefit of having it. take the oil and we didn't do it. we shouldn't have been in iraq in the first place. i said that in 2003. shouldn't have been there.
9:06 am
[applause] we totally destablized the middle east. we totally blew it. but we were there. then obama announces, because he is so predictable, we are leaving on a certain date in a year. right? i couldn't believe it. i'm sitting there, did he really say that? he said, we will have all troops out by a certain day, right? did he say that? i said, no, no, tell me please, because i'm sort of natural like, very smart guy but i know a lot of smart guys wouldn't pick that up. i pick it up. i say oh. another one i got high marks on from every poll, military. they think i will be the best in the military. i will be, i always say i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i will, but everybody knows that, especially god. everybody knows that. but you know what i will be, i will be great at the military. i will be so good.
9:07 am
i will build our military so strong, so tough so incredible, nobody will mess around. we'll never have to use it. we'll never have to use it. [cheers and applause] and i'm going to take care of our vets, believe me, greatest people and our vets are not being treated as well as illegal immigrants. i'm going to take care of our vets. so, go back, so, the word is, unpredictable. i made a business deal a year ago. the guy, i beat him so badly. oh, it was so beautiful. a beautiful thing, for me it is like a picture, that is my own problem, i guess. like me a painting when you can do something like that. so i made this deal. it was great. they called, did a story on me recently. it was a nice story. i hope they don't call the guy, they ended up calling guy, what do you think about trump.
9:08 am
but in respectful way, he won because he was so damn unpredictable. we didn't know what the hell he was going to do. that's a positive. that's a positive. [applause] i mean if you're a poker player an you're predictable you're not going home with much money. that is not nice what he said. first that is not nice, i'm -- wait a minute, he meant that as compliment. i called him. i said what did you mean by that? he said, i think that is the greatest compliment i could pay. we could not figure you out. you came at us from 15 different angles. so with obama, when he announces that we're leaving iraq on a certain date, we shouldn't have been there! but once you announce, the bad guys, remember they said the surge worked. you know why the surge worked? you know why? because the bad guys all moved back, they said hey, what do we have to get killed for.
9:09 am
these people don't mind being killed, can you believe it. we don't have to. let's not. so they moved back. they said hey, they're leaving, what was the date? do you remember the date? specific date to the day, we will have all troops out! i'm a great president! so the bad guys, meaning opponents, whatever you want to call them, they said, oh, they're leaving in a year. can have all the troops out. let's go back. what do we have to be shot at next year? what do we have to do, if we do well, maybe he will change his mind and stay. so let's him think he had this great victory with the surge, right? the surge worked. what happened, everybody pulled back. they said, let's wait. now we leave. because of a being la of leadership, we leave, and boom it comes apart. that's what happened. that was the surge. everybody talks, oh, the surge was so great. the surge was great because everybody knew, they knew what was happening. they knew it was going to
9:10 am
happen. they knew we were leaving even through bush. they knew we were leaving. we were set up. they pulled back, say, let's get them out. everybody wanted to leave. i would have done it differently. even if i wanted to leave, and i might or might not. won't even say, mr. trump, what is your attitude on isis? when will you attack them? where? i have a real chance of winning. i don't really want to tell you what my attitude. i want them to guess. i don't want to really tell you. [cheers and applause] i mean, the one bad thing about our system, we have a system that's got flaws, let's face it. hey, look at our leadership, flaws. you not the one bad thing, when i give answer, some people, i see it here, we love that, we love that, but when i give that answer, people say, trump doesn't know, he didn't give an answer to exactly what he is going to do!, exactly.
9:11 am
what is he going to do. i know exactly what i'm going to do. eventually when i asked 10 different reporters all whom are here by the way, you know, here's the problem. if i don't give the answer i'm not going to win because they write so incredibly negatively. so if i don't give the answer, i'm not going to win. they are going to say trump wouldn't give us answer. they don't know it is unpredictability. they don't know it's strategy. i said it for a period of time, like a month, i would say, i don't want to tell you because i actually have a chance. from the time i announced i have been at the top of the polls, almost at the top, we're doing well. iowa, with will you get your numbers up please? [cheers and applause] will you get these numbers up? i promise you will do such a
9:12 am
good job. first of all i am a great christian and i am, remember that. i do well with evangelicals but evangelicals let me down a little bit last month. i don't know what i did but i am a great christian. i'm a believer, and believe in the bible. brought my bible to a group, signed by my mother mary and address. i don't tell you what date it was you think i'm younger. she didn't want anybody taking my bible because that was very important to her. it was so cute. address, has the date. but i said to myself, you know, so by the way before i forget, when you -- will you get the numbers up iowa, please? this is ridiculous. what is my competition? in all fairness, in all fairness, what is my competition? do you think these guys, i'm not going to say carson. i'm not going to say rubio, who really is way down. i mean, i am second.
9:13 am
it is not like terrible. but, i don't like being second. second is terrible. to me. but, do you think that ben is going to go to kind? these guys are fierce. they come into your office -- i made many deals with china. i have had great victories in terms of deals in terms china. they come into your office. there is no hello how are you, wonderful day. they come here, we want deal! there is no games. i do this for a living. i'm really good at it, folks, really good. [cheers and applause] and you know, when you talk about energy, i'll tell you one thing, everybody agrees, oh, do i have energy. i toss an turn thinking about how i'm going to make the best deal for you, folks. i will be tossing and turning. i will be tossing and turning. you will have so many deals so good for you. we'll have numbers that will be so good. i always joke, you may get tired
9:14 am
of it but i take that back nobody gets tired of winning. we don't win anymore. think about it, do we win at all ever? we lose with the military. isis beats us, everybody. we lose with trade. when will we come back and say we beat china on a deal? when are we going to come back, we beat japan? you know that, everybody said, oh, japan, they have so power over us. they have so much power because we owe them 1.5 trillion. they send all those cars. they have, they have no power. if we had to say listen, you will not treat us fairly, we don't want your cars anymore, they go out of business folks, they're gone. same thing with china. china is not doing that well but just lowered devalued their currency, biggest in two decades, reason they did it, we have some otherproblems, they felt, oh, wow, we can get away with this. it will make it impossible, did you see results yesterday of
9:15 am
caterpillar tractor? horrible because they're not getting stuff out. because everybody, japan and china, particular, is devaluing their currency. that is their number one weapons. the stupid trade deal we're making doesn't even cover it. that is their number one weapon. the trade deal we're making doesn't cover it. so, i only say this. and you know what? people might say it's terrible, he is a terrible person, a terrible human being i will vote for him anyway. that's fine. i'm actually a nice person. nobody can do this stuff better than me and i know all the guys i'm running against. they're wonderful people. some of them real like but who cares? [applause] i was talking to one of the candidates other day, talking about corporate inversions and they didn't even know what the hell i was talking about, they had no idea. it is not their thing. unless we stop all of the things going with other countries, unless we make great trade deals, we're being eaten alive.
9:16 am
why when you look at phony numbers, we have 100 million people in the workforce are not working. our real unemployment rate is 30%. not 5.3%. that was done for politicians so they look good. it is not 5.3. how can you have 5.3 when you have 100 million people? you look for job, if that young guy, handsome young guy with the red hair right there, comes out looking for a job -- that's right. i'm talking about you. his mom is very happy. but if he comes out, and he bows into the workforce and he looks for a job and goes to college and he does well and can't get a job, when he gives up, because at some point, after months you give up, they essentially consider you employed. it is ridiculous thing. we have tens of millions of people in that position. they can't find jobs of the they're good people. they want to work. they can't. but it is not reflected in real numbers because politicians want to look good. so let me just, before we take some questions, talk about
9:17 am
something, i never really talked about on stage. but we should talk about it. it is called super-pacs. it is one of the great scams of all time. [applause] it is one of the great scams. so we sent out, i think i had, not me. people set them up. i don't know, maybe setting up for my benefit. take me. a guy sees me, likes me, sets up a super-pac. i don't talk to him or we had nine or five or eleven, we don't even know. they're all over the place. trump, trump. one called it the art of the deal pac after the book. they have all these pacs and money comes in. what do they do with the money? i don't know. and we aren't supposed to call them. okay. so we wrote a letter, a legal letter, to i think either nine or 11 last week saying, we don't want the money. send it back. because, again, what do they do with it? some guy having a hard time, all of sudden $2 million sitting in
9:18 am
super-pac you think he takes ads for trump? maybe, and maybe not. we sent money -- scam, super-pacs. it is a disgrace that we have them. a disgrace. and -- [applause] i'll tell you, i read a number with, as an example, ben. ben is paying 70 to almost 80 cents on the dollar to raise money. so when you read he has all this money, he is paying a lot of money. that is not reflected yet. when you hear they raised 20 million, they're paying, think of it, who pays -- number i actually heard was 79 but these guys will check -- it may be off but you all know it is a lie. i think they said 79 cents on the dollar. think of it, to raise the money, they take 7 the cents before they get to use money for what it is supposed to be. somebody is making a fortune.
9:19 am
i know in romney's campaign a couple of guys walked away with millions and millions of dollars. they became rich, raising money. better than being a real estate broker. for people real estate brokers they take massive percentages of the money they raise. it's scam. it's a scam. now, in ben's case, his super-pac is running iowa. and, let me tell you, the people that are running that super-pac, even if it comes in small donations, those are the real bosses. those are the bosses. in case of jeb bush, you're not supposed to deal with your super-pac, right? so it was in "the wall street journal" the other day. he has a super-pac fund-raiser or something, in a hotel and right next to it he had his campaign, ballrooms. did you read that? two ballrooms, one here, one hire. next to each other by coincidence of course. they're not supposed to be coordination. they're not supposed to be
9:20 am
talking. they're right next to each other. that is nothing compared to what some of them are doing. it's a scam and it should be stopped. unfair to somebody like me that is spending my own money. [cheers and applause] what happened, and haven't talked about this before, but i mean i'm seeing what's going on, it's horrible what is going on. last time when they had the super-pacs i think there was sort of a wall. they call it a wall. this is the wall too but not as good as wall i'm going to build but it's a wall. but it was a wall. and they didn't deal. i mean, even though, like, bush has a friend of his running a super-pac. i'm sure they never talk. i'm sure. what do you think the chances are that they talk? 100% or 99%? 100. i say a hundred. only a person would say 99, but
9:21 am
whatever. they're not supposed to but they put a friend in there. they put other people in there, they put whoever and that's the way it works and in some cases, i hear in ben's case, i hear in other cases they're literally running -- had walker done this, he had money in super-pac and no money in the campaign. he wasn't able to figure out that is what they're all doing. that is why he is out of the race because he couldn't figure it out. the whole thing with super-pacs, is a horrible, horrible scam. so i sent letters last week to, as many as we could find. they're all over the place. we want you to close the super-pac. we want nothing to do with it. don't want you to advertise for us. don't want any money. go home. ideally give money back. they don't even have to give the money back, from what i understand. they can keep it. they will probably, if they actually raise money for me, they will say, what a horrible thing he just said, i think
9:22 am
we'll support somebody else. they can do that. but super-pacs have total control over the people running for office. total. nothing over me. nothing. [cheers and applause] nothing. i feel, i feel it's very unfair. i feel it's very unfair situation. if they want they could have full disclose sure, let candidates get everything but what are they doing with this whole thing? i think it makes dishonest people out of people that might be honest but the super-pacs are controlling your candidates. some more than others. some are unbelievable. and what the press should really do, take a look how much money is left. when you read that ben raised one dollar, how much is left after he pays all of the consultants and all of these people, how much is left to spend on the campaign? you will be amazed. i mean it's so little. bush the same thing. and i'll go over, there are
9:23 am
other names. i know everyone of them but it's a horrible thing that has taken place. and again last cycle, at least they went through the motions. now they're not even going through the motions. they're not even going through -- and just remember, when i have to negotiate with companies to keep them in this country, so they build jobs here, and they build their plants here, and their factories here, and they do all of the things here, when i have to do that, you know john deere, i paid them tens of millions of dollars. you can even check, i said to john deere, i want an endorsement. i don't know if they give me endorsement. if they don't they're not so smart. i guarranty no other person gave john deere, i bought more than $10 million of worth of john deere equipment. you know why in iowa. iowa. i love it. [applause] i love it. when we can, and by the way a great company. it's a great company.
9:24 am
but i buy a lot of stuff from john deere because i have a lot of big developments that require john deere type quilt. i don't want to buy -- i don't have to buy it from them, i can buy it from others but i want to steer it to them if i can. we want to clear up this political mess because it's crooked stuff, it's crooked stuff. [applause] and got to stop. very unfair for people that go out and do it the way you're supposed to do it including me, i think i'm only one, i know i'm only one self-funded, putting up my own money. i always preface it, people write in to or whatever, they send me checks like $20. woman sent in $7.50. $50, $100, if you send it back it is insulting. they write beautiful letters.
9:25 am
mr. trump i can't afford much, i know you don't need it but i'm sending in $50 because that is so important what you're saying about the country. it's beautiful. i mean i have seen such beautiful letters. if i sent it back, there is no letter i can write that is not going to be insulting to those people, really. dear mr. so-and-so, or mrs. so-and-so. i don't need your money, thanks a lot. if i got that back, say who the hell does he think he is? so we take that. something i think important. i always preface it, i don't consider that funding but i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm getting ready to put up millions, millions. [applause] and something i'm very proud of, that i think is great, and it's, you know, been really great, it hasn't gotten very much publicity, hasn't gotten much publicity, i have spent less
9:26 am
money than any other candidate, by far, i think. [applause] i don't know, probably a couple of guys have nothing, so they go around from -- but i was told i spent less and i have the best result because in most polls i'm number one. now until iowa came along, i said every poll! then iowa, what the hell are you people doing to me? [laughter] you know. [applause] you know. i'm telling you, why don't you skip iowa. they told me that. everybody said, skip iowa. no. >> no! >> all the political genius, a man just interviewed me back there, great reporter, he is actually a great reporter, of course if he write as bad story i won't say that. but he is, he is a great reporter, he said, would you ever think of maybe skipping iowa, going right to, you know, right to new hampshire? then you go to south carolina, where i'm leading by -- you have to see the rallies we have
9:27 am
there, they're incredible. but i go to new hampshire, you go to south carolina, go to nevada, do the sec. and skip, i said i can't do that because i have such an unbelievable relationship with the people from iowa that i think we're going to win, really do, i believe it. i believe it. [cheers and applause] i don't want to skip iowa. i think we'll do well. i think we'll do great with evangelicals. i think a lot of things will come out over next period of time that will not be so good for opponents honestly and i think i will do great with the evangelicals. i am real deal. i will tell you that i'm the real deal. [cheers and applause] so i told these political pros, but i hate to say it, the last long number of elections on republican circuit, the person that won iowa did not get nomination? i want to take away some of your muster, you understand that.
9:28 am
so could we do, let me win iowa and then i will, i'm going to win, i'm telling you we're going to win new hampshire. and we're going to win, we're going to win south carolina. great poll just came out on north carolina, ppp poll. it was great. some of you saw that. great poll. we're going to win, we're going to win. [cheers and applause] and they, one of the pundits, because you have some smart pundits and some very, very dumb pundits, a lot of pundits said he will never run, not going to run, they're still trying to recover but one of the very smart ones said, if trump wins iowa it's over. interesting. because it will go right through because everywhere else is so great. i thought it was good here. come on. that is the end of that. but i want to tell you, will you, i refuse to say, get your asses in gear, i will not say that. i will not say it. i will not say it. because i don't want to use
9:29 am
anything that is even a little bit off. so will you please do me a favor and work with my people and go out on february 1st and vote and give us the victory? [cheers and applause] and, and if i win iowa, we're going to run the whole table and we are going to make such great deals, we'll have such a great military and we'll take care of our health care without that crazy obamacare that's a nightmare. [cheers and applause] so, i'm sticking with you people. i'm going to spend money here. i'm going to have, i have a great team over here. and, i will tell you, i'm going to spend a lot of time here. and i really want to win iowa. i think we should. it is so important. you know it is about time that iowa could have a victory and let that person go into a total victory, okay? not like over the lags, right?
9:30 am
[applause] i love you all. we're having fun. but i do mean it. i'm going to stay here. we'll work really hard. when i heard the poll today, they said what will you do? i'm going to work harder in iowa. i'm not leaving iowa. i'm not leaving iowa. [applause] if i lose iowa, i will never speak to you people again. let's do a couple questions, right? where is that mic? nice questions. vicious. . .
9:31 am
we have now -- [applause] >> we have now come the numbers, they just came out. we have 50 million people in poverty in this country. 50 million. you look like you are doing well in all fairness but still we have 46 million people and they're getting food stamps. 46 million. we talk about how well we're doing. almost 50 million each between poverty, food stamps, and it's got to end. one of the problems is we don't have jobs in this country. it's so simple. our jobs have been taken away. i'll tell you what else. middle income folks, their salaries have not done up in 12 years. people are making less than they were 12 years ago. other things have gone out. they are doing much worse than they're doing 12 years ago but
9:32 am
that's an amazing stat, the people, one of the reasons they say i'm doing so well is i let people know. we will bring jobs back, ring industry and plans, bring it all back. nobody else can say that. we will bring it back because a lot of the folks in this room are doing worse than they did 12 years ago. the other thing you have a lot of part-time jobs. i have people i know very well and better job for 20 years in the same place. they are working part-time because of obamacare, because from an accounting standpoint it works better. they love the owner. below the owner. they think the owners are great but the owner is forced, they've part-time jobs. they work all their lives. they have a wonderful company they working for and now they're cutting to part-time jobs because of obamacare. because of the rulings of obamacare. you all know what i'm talking about. agenda been part-time workers and they don't want to be.
9:33 am
they don't even like the psychology of being called a part-time worker. we are not going to have that stuff anymore. we will have real jobs and the numbers are going to go up, believe me. the numbers are right now worse than 12 years ago and that's a shame. go ahead. >> you are going to love meeting todd. user wounded warrior epic told and how much you love the veterans. what is your question speak with these are our greatest people, the wounded warriors, the best. [cheers and applause] >> is that your daughter? >> it is. >> she's so beautiful. life? wife? beautiful. what a family, good. i've got to say hello to todd. look at this guy. >> i told him you love him. >> weight. >> didn't i tell you how much he loves his veterans? i told him about you. [applause]
9:34 am
>> that's it perfect family, beautiful family. go ahead. >> i just wanted to ask one of the real struggles after 21 years of active army service, especially with 101st airborne deployed constantly. what else would be current administration warrior care is lacking to say the least and especially after, postal service. my wife april is my full-time caregiver. i don't work anymore since i was told i was leaving the army. is a bear, what else with the trump administration do better than the obama administration? >> is the va not doing its job? >> my wife can help you without. >> right now he needs more treatment, and i've been told from the the the check to go through this new choice program. but it's, we can get the
9:35 am
appointment. like, he's not all the time in the wheelchair but -- spent write out your card and i'm going to put pressure on the va like you won't believe. let's see if we can get -- look out beautiful -- look at beautiful -- okay. but we're going to have, hey, tell you what, as president i can guarantee it. as trump, i can say i will probably be able to pull it off anyway. because they know it won't stop. it will be easier to take todd and just to look, we're going to work with you, okay? so will you give me the number and everything and we will make sure everything passionate and somebody else, who else? you had problems with the va also? terrible? i just you're terrible. we are going to solve that problem. it can be solved because the weights for the big are longer than it's ever been. it's nice to see you people back there. it's about time. what am i doing better?
9:36 am
but the weights the worst and they've ever been. thousands dying waiting for a doctor. dying and you find the same thing. you say -- sonic spit and you have to use your own because they won't do anything. we will take care of our veterans and take care of the va. one of the things we will be releasing pretty soon, but one of the things we're going to do with the va, we have a lot of hospitals are not doing any business. we have a lot of private doctors that they did more business. we're losing a lot of doctors because of obamacare. a friend of mine said i have more nurses working for me now than ever before but i've more accountants. the end result is a disaster. he's getting out of the business. ps more accounts because the paperwork is so crazy. one of the things we're going to do is if todd or if you or somebody has problems because of the waits, the waits are
9:37 am
unbelievable, five, six, 70 sometimes. ever go to a private doctor, private doctor or public hospital in the air and we will pay for that and it will cost less money, cost less money than the system we have no. you end up getting much better care. it will cost less and you get better care. so anyway, todd, great family. [inaudible] spin we can't wait until this class into the first lady. we can't wait. and my question, i heard you talk about -- she's beautiful and we can't wait to see class. love to be -- >> what's your question speak with you talk oil. we have people, refineries, new refineries that have not been built.
9:38 am
we haven't had new refineries in the united states since the '70s. keystone pipeline, what would you do with that? >> so the keystone pipeline, first of all its thousands of jobs. i would approve so fast, so fast. and hillary should approve the. hilleary wanted to but she's been dragged so far left that she's, forget it, disaster. i would approve it. with that being said, i may want to make a better deal. because we are bringing oil from canada. i may say i want 10%. 15%. the truth is that the keystone pipeline was better a while ago than it is now. because with so much because of new technologic, we have so much energy underneath our own feet with the fracking and all of the other things that have emerged over the last five years, we have so much energy and it's great stuff. we have really great quality, higher than canada.
9:39 am
they have a tar sands which is a problem for them, very expensive to get it out. we have great stuff. i would approve it because i love the jobs of building it. i've of the jobs of building it but i may just say maybe we should get 10, 1520% of that oil flows to our land. maybe we should do that. i'm going to look into that. but when i prove it, i'll tell you what, when i prove it they will be a great deal for the united states. it won't be like, right now we are approving it. we're not getting anything. they are putting it underground and that's good environmentally, better than having trucks go down the road. that's good environmentally. but we are not getting anything, much forward. when i get finished with the keystone they will be happy and we will be happy, okay? so it will be good. questions? >> we have one in the back on
9:40 am
the bleachers. >> look at those beautiful shirts. look out handsome he is. looks like he's 20. >> someone with a question? >> i'm a position and when some is good realize that you can put the insurance companies out of business by slowly lowering the age for social, for medicare? once everybody gets to medicare they love to go to the insurance companies out of business. we would have won system. why does anybody have enough guts to talk about that? >> in all fairness ben carson said yesterday or the other day he wants to abolish medicare, okay? you know what a disaster that is. i'm sure some point he will take it back but he said he wants to abolish medicare. one thing people do like the medicare, they do like it. you are bringing up the point i
9:41 am
for before. we will be looking at a lot of different things but we will save social security, save medicare and that's the way it is. we are not abolishing like other people. go ahead, next. good point by the way. >> what is your plan for the budget and how do you plan to finance immigration reform speak with its a lot of people but it's costing us $200 billion a year come immigration in this country right now. dwight eisenhower is going to see a million have people in the 1950s, early 1950s move to the now. we have tremendous illegal immigration problems. dwight eisenhower, nice guy, move unyielding and have people out of the united states. do you know what happened was he moved them right across the border into came the border into came back and he moved to make an epic event. they moved to make their time and they came right back. they were tougher in those days. they moved them all the way south, all the way south and they didn't come back.
9:42 am
we have to do it. we either have a country or we don't. and i want them to come back but i want them to come back with papers. i want them to come back legally. i want them to come back, the good ones. the good ones. but only the good ones. we've got some bad ones. remember the heat i took with illegal immigration, remember that for two weeks? rush limbaugh says he has received more income than any human being i've ever seen. he doubled down. he thought it was pretty good, it is good, really good. do you know what? i took a lot of heat and then you had caved in san francisco killed shot medevac estimate of the people until. let me take. we had some wonderful people and their illegally but they are wonderful. we will try to get them back soon and do it through a legal process. we also have some really bad gang members. some of the gangs in l.a. are
9:43 am
made up of illegal immigrants. we have unbelievable police forces that don't get the respect that they should get. they don't get it. [applause] what they go through, they are afraid to talk to anybody. you know to lose their jobs, they don't want to lose their pension. but because something. you can always have bad apples. we do have a couple of bad apples. i don't who they are, where they are but you do, probably mostly back there in the press here understand. but the police do an unbelievable job. they know the gangs, the go to l.a., go to chicago. these people are amazing people if they would be allowed to do their job. but they are not allowed to do their job. and we are going to get the bad
9:44 am
ones out of here so fast and they are not coming back. i don't want to put them in our jails because i don't want to subsidize these various countries where they come from for the next 45 years. i don't want them in our jails. we have hundreds of thousands right now in our jails. i don't want them in our jails. i heard a couple of these candidates the same well, they don't know. they are such bps. they are talking about putting them in jail. i don't want a. our jails are overprinting. i want to use our jails for people who are supposed to be there, okay? i don't want to put these really bad dude, i mean, they are bad, i don't want have to pay for them for the next 45 years, okay? [applause] we are going to deal humanely with a good people. they are mostly good people but we have some really bad ones and
9:45 am
they are out of a. probably come someone said the other day what's the first thing you're going to do? we are going to work on repealing obamacare. you know, the one could think about executive orders, the one good thing, obama's on an executive order where everybody just come in. we have great border patrol people. i got to know them a couple months ago when it went down to texas to the border. they are not allowed to do their job. they stand and watch people walk right in front of him smiling at them. they want to do the job. they are not allowed to, so the executive order president obama's on, the one good thing, in the first minute in office i will countersign and revoke those executive orders. the only good thing. [applause] it's actually the only good thing about an executive order is the new president and a signature and that's the end of
9:46 am
that. we are going to clean up our border, make a fantastic, be proud to be country can to be country gent at a lot of good things are going to happen. do one or two more. >> another one on the bleachers. >> going to foreign affairs what is your stance on israel and supporting them? >> we will support israel 1000%. [applause] israel feels so left alone, and i know bp and a lot of my friends are from israel and they feel so left out. and so many people say, i submit jewish friends they say why would i support obama but i think he's the worst thing that's ever happened israel and we will support israel beyond anything they have ever had before, okay? that's an easy one. that's the easiest question of the night.
9:47 am
>> we have a young adult. >> my question goes back to immigration reform. why is your answer then not to strengthen regulations on drug trafficking and the sex trafficking because it will be part of it. >> i think every issue with a big problems, the big issues on capitol hill are very comprehensive. i think it's more than building a wall spent it i is that the wl is a big factor. 60, 70% of the drugs are a great question. look, i told you before, mexico, 40-50 building, that's not including the drug. the drugs coming across the border are beyond belief. did you see the picture of the last week within the wall this big? to build a ramp for trucks to go over with the drugs. they think we are playing games. mexico is not helping us. mexico is not helping.
9:48 am
if you want to become a citizen of mexico, i love the mexican people. i have many mexican and spanish working for me. in nevada i am rated number one with hispanics in the polls. everyone is shocked. the hispanics that are here legally, those people they know i will bring jobs. they don't want people pouring in. but i will tell you mexico has got to help us. if you want to become a citizen of mexico, if todd wants to become a citizen, you can get a more beautiful family, if me, if i want to become a citizen of mexico, me i know they won't take, okay? i was going to set a pretty good at getting them. is one of the hardest countries in the world to become a citizen of. and yet people poured right through into us. into us. they call us become americans. that's what they call us because of our leaders. they call us of the dumb americans. if you want to become a citizen
9:49 am
of mexico you could take the best person in this room, the most qualified, you are not going to do it. they don't do that. if you are there illegally and you overstay your vows, you will not be there illegally. but if you have a pass for two weeks and you overstay are bound, they have cops waiting for you. they have the police the site you have one day left. i hear it's unbelievable. i'm impressed actually. to a certain extent that's the way it's supposed to be. if you want to become a citizen of mexico, it's impossible. they don't have anchor bps in mexico. you're going at it in mexico it's like bye-bye. here, you are bored over here, congratulations, we are taking care of the baby for 85 years. it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. and by the way, this is important, i sort of looked into this one. the 14th amendment says, every subject to go through a whole
9:50 am
process but it will take many years, you had to go through every, another a minute. the 14th amendment covers it. some of the best legal minds central is right. what, i am? every once in a while you are lucky. the fact is somebody comes in illegally and they have a baby, we are not responsible. we may have a court case, we will win it in the simple act of congress gets rid of it. a lot of people didn't know that. the reason i said it can't be possible is because nobody could be foolish enough to let a thing like that. how could it be possible? we are one of the only countries where that takes place. i use mexico as an example because they are so tough. if that happens in mexico they don't know what you're talking about. but with us, no good. let's do one more question. make it vicious, violent, creative student we have acted in the bleachers.
9:51 am
>> if i don't like it we will do another one. you always like to leave on a good one. did you ever see like held? he does a song that is so great everyone is so crazy. they are screaming more, more. elton will come back and he would to three more in the last song is a bomb. you walk out like this. you always like to leave on high, so it's a bad question we will do another one. let's go. >> i used to live down the street from harry truman in the late 60s. i want to leave you with a truman -ism and ask your question. give them hell, donald. what will you do about the money, the politician government of social security? >> say it again student what would you do about the money the politicians/government owned social security. >> you know the amazing thing is
9:52 am
that the politicians in this country live by a whole different standard when it comes to health care, when it comes to everything they have, including what you just said in terms of social security. or politicians live by different standard and i think that shouldn't happen. some of them tried to do it. universe story in obamacare. they don't have to take it. they live by a different standard. that's not going to happen. everybody is going to live by the same standard. they will have the same standard as the poorest person industry. that's the way it's going to be. you one more question. >> i can't get over there. who do we cannot? >> by the way, isn't she great speak with you are sweet. we have a young adult. >> do you know who also is great? john johnson. shawn johnson is great. >> i was just wondering who we are considering to be like your running mate or your vice
9:53 am
president? >> it's a good question but, you know if i answered the question he would have a big, big story? you know that. it is a question pashtun i know a lot of good people. a couple people on the state i wrote respect. but the truth is too early. i like to get things in first. got to close the deal but i don't want to think about. there are a lot of good people, a lot of good people. we've got to close the deal. we've got to get it done. so to get it done i want iowa. good luck everybody. i love you. i love you. thank you. we will be back. thank you. thank you, everybody. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you can watch all of donald trump's campaign rally on our website as well as a than some other presidential hopefuls. we are leaving it now for
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today's senate session. no legislative work has been announced. however, members are waiting for a bill approved by the house yesterday to temporarily extend highway funding. the president pro tempore: the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. eternal god, who remembers the weary, lift your hand and we shall live. you are king forever, hearing the desires of the discouraged and encouraging them. today, lead our senators and may their labors honor you.


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