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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  October 31, 2015 7:23pm-7:31pm EDT

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when they get there and it is different and it will be, if you don't support their position, they will call you wildest extremists. that is what they do. last question. okay. last question. [inaudible question] >> right. >> to revitalize traditional marriage because they know what actually happens when fathers disappear, kids go to jail at a far higher rates and less likely to go to college. >> this was barack obama's point in his father's day speech in june 2000. kids need dads. >> i like quoting barack obama. kids without a father are five times more likely to drop out of
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high school or more likely to go to jail. >> we haven't even seen what will they hold bunch of homes without moms be like. we have the data on what homes without dads are like. that has been really bad. >> the thing aside similar publications, any other liberal elements to realize the real consequences of the evolving traditional marriage and fatherhood and want to bring fathers back into power. >> bill clinton and those guys were arguing this in the 1990s. the left was arguing this on the importance of dads but that has been thrown under the bus with the push for the same-sex marriage movement. the argument now the importance of dads a home has to be pushed aside in order to argue for same-sex marriage. i would add here none of this is
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to say same-sex parents can't love a child. of course they can. in and say the kid won't grow up and say i didn't love my parents, and people will say too, if you have same-sex parents can provide a roof over the child's head, love the children, they can pay for their college, true, of course, no one is denying any of that. of that is the case was not a three or four person marriage? a four person marriage, you could really get the kids to soccer practice. you could really have people helping, really have money for college education. you, double -- you got a real lead come up with that, if your definition is strictly a function again of people can love and what they can provide or they love each other you can't use those arguments and prohibit the multi person
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marriage. liberals, you are the ones the path to tell the multi person marriage according to your own standards why can't do it. my standard will be the same as it is now. the best thing for a child is one mother and one father, public policy should strive for. i need to stop. thank you. please again feel free to e-mail me, please be nice in the e-mails. >> and again, "takedown," we have copies available. paul kengor will sign them. thank you for your time, your kind attention, see you on a future occasion. [inaudible conversations]
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>> is there at nonfiction author or book you would like to see featured on booktv? send us an e-mail, tweet us at booktv. or post a comment on our wall, >> many of this year's presidential candidates have written books to introduce themselves to voters and promote their views on issues. here is a look at some of the candidates's books. in his newest book reply all, jeb bush catalogs his e-mail correspondence during his time as florida governor. presidential candidate and neurosurgeon ben carson argues a better understanding of the constitution is necessary.
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booktv has covered many of these candidates. you can watch them on our web site, >> we want to hear from you. post your feedback to our facebook wall, next on booktv, mary looman and john carl suggest ways to reform the american prison system.


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