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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 16, 2015 9:00pm-12:01am EST

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we arethere coming up on the end of the year. they will pay for the next five years. give me a little bit of -- show me your crystal ball little bit, if you would, what are we going to see yet of the cr be, and one of the consequences? i think you guys have suggested that there would be brought $.25 per hundred streams or pandora has suggested $0.11. >> i heart radio suggested to be 5,000. the reality is we think the royalty proposals that were made by the digital music services were unfairly low. as it is, your hearing
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artists and labels complaining about the fact that they cannot build a sustainable business. not all streaming services are the same, and that is the problem. in terms of the crystal ball , one thing i have learned is not to use them. you cannot predict what will happen. we arewe are hoping that the royalty rates that we get from pandora will go up. they are huge service. they are now in the marketplace.marketplace. there are public company. they are beginning to try and monetize which is not something they were doing before. they were focused on there ipo. they just wanted more and more listeners. now they have to try and monetize the music service command we hope they will be successful
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at it. >> i wanted to follow up there because when we were talking your point was the labels want to see these services succeed because this is how music will be disseminated in the future. is there sort of a be careful what you wish for to the extent that if we jack up indoors rates they are going to be as fruitful in innovating or doing things that will ultimately be good for members and their artists? how do you find that
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you get all this music that was satisfying your music tastes, and it became playlist. then the on-demand services realize people don't just one on-demand, they want playlists, too. what you have now is a convergence were pandora has moved from a pure radio model to a very highly customized service to the point where people think it is an on-demand service don't recognize that for pandora and spot a fight, there are two different models.
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first but if i you have to pay more than pandora. as a result there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace, and the fact makes is very worried of having pandora not be able to innovate because the fact is that they are innovating into the interactive market and decreasing the benefit of the market. >> host: is it fair to say the music industry was slow to recognize the technological changes that we are making? >> well, that is criticism that is often level that us. if you look into what was required to make this happen he would be a little more sympathetic to the plight of the countries. it happened very quickly. the canary in the coal mine, very small files that can be trading online way before movies and books and everything else.
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it did catch us by surprise. surprise. we also thought that people would want only high quality music. people spend months in the studio perfecting every sound. who would want to here an mp3 file? it turns out people dead. and then actually the companies that experimented with full album deliveries, to the project with ibm for full album downloads, downloads, mobilize their own joint ventures to create distribution systems and so on, but the fact is, record companies should stick to making music, not technology, and apple came in and showed how it could be done and done well. apple created the path for a download service that actually worked and that worked for everybody and now has the benefit of being the old model.
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instead of selling a physical cd you are selling a file. thethe same royalty rates supplied relatively easy. the transition to streaming has been nearly complicated. the combination of different rights, something that was not really cover before. it has been much more difficult to transition to streaming than it was to download, yet it's happening now. the industry has learned that you cannot change what consumers want. if consumers want streams that is what they will get, and they have voted that they want streams. streaming has increased 23 percent just this year over last. just five years ago it was in the single digits. it is now about 32 percent of revenues and continuing decline. so we have got to transition to streaming. we need to get into the streaming services rather revenues are significant.
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we do very well through spot a five. but we do very poorly from youtube and pandora because they pay royalty rates that are a fraction of what we are getting from spot's bona fide and apple music and so on and so forth. the more that we can shift users and description services the more remunerative streaming will be an song writers, artists, labels, publishers will be able to make a living with streaming. if we are stuck in a world of statutory license under pandora and youtube has a slightly different situation , let me give you an example. this is an amazing fact. youtube serves of billions, billions of strains of music every year. those billions of strains, they are paying is less than
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we earn from the sale of vinyl records. they are the largest on-demand streaming service in the world, and certainly in the us they are serving a hundred million people. we earn less than we do from the sale of vinyl records. something is wrong here. >> i want to bounce back to the congressional angle. you said it is a tall order, the copyright reform effort that is not worth trying. a lot of people arewould agree with that. >> it is. >> but it is worth trying. what if it does not pan out or what if like the action it takes 20 years to get to fruition? what do you do then? are there some types of private agreements that can be struck to move the ball
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in the interim? i noi know we saw some of those antipiracy context. again, if we cannot get that over the finish line what do they do? >> they do what we have been doing which is cobbled together private sector solutions. >> give us examples of what that looks like. >> there were issues about -- royalties which are reproductions of distribution, rights, and the question was, do you have to pay for a mechanical a mechanical license when you are streaming, which is usually considered a public performance or do you only use aa license from ascap and bmi? well, we worked out a solution where we agreed on a combined royalty rate about the performance for ascap and bmi and for the mechanical and one all-inclusive right. we work that out because it was a practical solution to
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a legal and practical problem, and we proposed it to the royalty board, propose its of the office. office. they embodied in regulations commanded is now working. that is an example of finding a practical solution within the confines of the law but in a way that the 1909 legislation did not contemplate. we will continue to look for those kinds of solutions. >> a lot of the platform say that when you here an artist complaining they have low compensation, it's in large part because the labels of the publisher or songwriter or skimming off the top. sometimes hard to evaluate those claims because we can't see what the deal is look like. we know what sound exchange payments look like, but outside of that context
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would you agree more transparency is a gooda good thing to educate and get everyone on the same page? >> we definitely need more transparency. this is a very complicated business and you have very different deals,deals, as we just talked about. they don't realize they are being paid this much. yet you hear artists withdrawing their music from's bona fide and insisting that it be on youtube. people just don't understand where the money is coming from. more educated artists and managers understanding how all these licenses work are important for everybody. artists deserve to know how they are being paid and how there work has been used and compensated in order to make it easier for them to get that information. here is a royalty. now you've got hundreds, thousands of pages of royalties from all the
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different services and all the different markets not in some less detail. it's not surprising that these issues would arise and we would work through them and find ways to solve them. >> can an artist like taylor swift, does she have control over music emerges by? only in connection with the recording, not with the musical work.
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she writesshe writes her own songs. she is under a government dissent decree to license music. under this consent decree she could not remove her music from spot a five based on the musical work, but she could based on the fact that she and her record label on the rights of the master recording. even that is a complicated example of how an artist has some ability to control her destiny, but not a complete ability because of this hybrid license system we are under. we all no congress is busy. what would you like to see them do 1st? do you expect that to happen? >> what i would really like to see them do is fix the dmca, this digital
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millennium copyright act which was passed in 1998 which means it was written for aol, not google, is still the anti- piracy system under which we have to operate, we have to give notice of an illegal copy, and they will take it down. well, that system does not work and has not worked for years. it is a joke. yet it is the basis on which some pirate services at some legitimate services are able to get no royalties or discounted royalties. we don't know who is putting a legal music on our service and have the responsibility for that. people are using this to get away with basically
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distributing or music without paying us were paying asked below-market rates. we can't can't control piracy or get the value that music deserves so long as dmca remands the test and therefore we would really love to see congress focus on that. >> 50 billion was the number of illegal downloads. 30 billion30 billion or 50 billion, something like that. has that changed since the licensing interactive services have come into being? >> the streaming services one of the great benefits. they have reduce the incentive for piracy. if you can get all the music you want when you want it why would you bother going to illegal site to download it? especially since the illegal sites have malware and spamware and adware and all sorts of things you don't want. that has helped. there are all sorts of others. international, sophisticated
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rings that are engaged in this kind of crime. they make a lot of money, a lot of money for this. the same time as the piracy problem changes. >> we have been talking with cary sherman of the recording association of america and al expires a politico. thank you. >> thank you. >> c-span created by america's cable companies 35 years ago and brought to you as a public service to your local cable or satellite provider. >> attorney general loretta lynch testifies of the justice department oversight hearing, expected to get questions about less friday's terrorist attacks in paris and syrian refugees being allowed in the us.
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live coverage from the house judiciary committee tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. later in the day, a senate panel looks at the relationship between the federal government and state and local law enforcement. the senate judiciary subcommittee hearing is live at 215 eastern. >> c-span has your coverage of the road to the white house 20162016 but you will find candidates, speeches, debates, and questions. this year we're taking coverage into classrooms across the country with our student camera contest giving students the opportunity to discuss what important issues they want to here the most from the candidates. follow c-span student can contest and road to the white house coverage 2016 on tv, radio command online at
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>> cia director john brennan warned friday's attacks in paris are not a one-off event, and that the militant group has other coordinated terror attacks planned. he spoke at a global security event hosted by the center for strategic and international studies. >> it is a privilege to welcome john brennan. he has -- he is the director of the central intelligence agency. i don't know that anyone is better prepared are equipped for this. john joined the agency 35 years ago. and so imagine having someone so deeply schooled in the foundations of this critical agency, front lines for us everyday.
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he spent five years in the white house before he got there. this was a long time for anyone. i fear that we might not have him. he has not slept much for the last three days. delighted that he is here. please welcome john brennan. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> the global security form. i had the pleasure of speaking. when i was serving at the white house for homeland
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security and counterterrorism. for our country faces today, i also want to take this opportunity to express publicly my deep appreciation. i think i speak for all of us for adding wisdom and value to the public conversation on global issues. they identify,identify, understand, and successfully address the myriad national security issues that our nation faces. a very dangerous world indeed.
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my opening remarks this morning are different from those viewsviewed and finalized in the early afternoon of last friday. different because our sensibilities and souls have been jarred once again by the horrific and wanton violence perpetrated upon the innocent in the streets, caf├ęs, and concert halls of the beautiful city of paris. our hearts ache for the scores killed and injured in the savage attacks. thoughts are with them and their families. likewise, our condolences and thoughts go out to those killed in the crash of the russian airliner a little over two weeks ago in the sinai in egypt. and while we await confirmation of culpability, they each pair the hallmarks of terrorism carried out by the so-called islamic state of iraq and labonte, and organization of murderous sociopaths that carries out
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its criminal and morally depraved actions under bogus religious pretense. with its roots in al qaeda and iraq and powered by a large influx of the past several years they have swallowed up large swaths of territory in iraq and syria, brutally killing thousands upon thousands of men, women and children along the way. not content they have developed an external operation agenda that has now implemented with legal effect. i'm sure we'll talk more about the question-and-answer session.
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they urgently commit to achieving an even greater an unprecedented level of cooperation, collaboration, information sharing and joint action. the threat demands it. at the cia we work closely with foreign intelligence security forces around the globe to advance our share counterterrorism goals. over the course of many years we have forged broad and deep partnerships with our closest allies in europe such as great britain france, and many others. these strategic relationships have been instrumental in helping to knit together a transnational architecture that allows counterterrorism officials and experts to work closely together across southern borders to disrupt terrorist plans and activities, and while many operations have been ported as aa result of strong tensile transnational teamwork tragically not all terrorist plans are covered in time. these strategic counterterrorism
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relationships need to stretch far beyond the traditional trans-atlantic environment which is why we are working closely with so many services in different parts of the world. for instance, we are working closely with our egyptian partners who are working tirelessly to prevent isil terrorists launching attacks and that derailing political reform and economic development objectives. i reiterated the commitment to strengthening counterterrorism partnerships with cairo in a call to my egyptian counterparts just this past weekend. and while washington and moscow have significant policy differences on how best to bring the bloodshed in syria to a close, i have had several conversations with one of my russian counterparts over the past several weeks about ways to strengthen us russian counterterrorism cooperation specifically on the isil threat.threat. these relationships are an essential adjunct to diplomacy and military operations. by working with foreign partners we enhance global security by helping them tackle challenges that
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threaten us all. and we benefit from a wider net of collection and from the insides of local services, all of which enhance the intelligence we provide to policymakers. the fact is, good intelligence, timely, accurate, and insightful is the cornerstone of almost every aspect of national security policy today for military action to diplomacy to international law enforcement. with good intelligence are policymakers can better understand the risks, challenges, as well as the opportunities attendant to key national security issues which is ever more important given the unprecedentedly complex and overlapping array of major challenges to us and global security that we face today. the impression one might get from the daily headline is that the world has become more stable. indeed, the historical record supports that judgment. in the past three years andhave been more
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outbreaks of instability than at any time since the collapse of the soviet union , matching the rightly soldering decolonization in the 60s. this has not been a period a protest -- this is not just been a period of protest and government change of violent insurgency and in particular of breakdowns in many states ability to govern. ongoing conflicts in syria, iraq, ukraine, yemen, and libya and parts of africa are clear examples. the human toll is reflected in the recent announcement that the number of refugees and internally displaced persons in the world is the highest it has been since world war ii. and of course, all of this localized strife gives rise to the persistent risk of international terrorism. when cia analysts look for deeper causes, they find nationalistic, sectarian, and technological factors that are eroding the structure of the system.
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they also see socioeconomic trends,trends, the impact of climate change, and other elements that are cause for concern. let me touch upon a few of those this morning. first, the ideas, institutions, and states that have undergirded the post-cold war system are under significant stress. it is easy to think of this as a phenomenon confined solely to the developing world which is certainly where we see states that have failed and borders that no longer carry any practical effect such as that between syria and iraq. but there is considerable stress on government and even the world's most stable regions. in europe the migration crisis, sluggish economic growth, and a host of other factors have given rise to heightened nationalism, secession movements, in the increasing popularity of political parties on both the far right and far left. even ideas that were the pillars of the continents postwar prosperity such as economic integration of democracy itself are being questioned in some quarters.
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across the globe governments are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the demands, realistic or not of the skeptical and restive populace is. as much as they were fought for relief from regimes that were fought for basic standards of governance and civil society. as we have seen people become disillusioned with the powers that be social media enable them to quickly and easily form associations that defy the status quo. in part that is why the global landscape has been changing at a faster and much more disruptive pace. our nations respond to these challenges, data them command evolve will be one of the great lines of the 21st century. both friendly and from not so friendly governments i sense a real apprehension about instability in its
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various manifestations. .. >> >> and heavy-handed
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propaganda of ubiquitous surveillance and commercialization of intent and elections. second the resumption of strong sustained growth in the wake of the financial crisis has been elusive for the largest economies. even china's economy with endless potential. is slowing. in many developing societies with a prospect for economic advancement is instability with regis the burgeoning new population have been unable to achieve the growth needed to achieve high and a plan rates. perceptions of growing inequality at the same time so regrowth of wealthy nations with your resources to devote to economic
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humanitarians in peace keeping challenges. the relationship with the natural world this ever been these problems with a potential source of crisis. last year the warmest on record this year on tractor and -- on track to be warmer and extreme weather can worsen or create a humanitarian crisis of the most immediate concern to simultaneously have the shock of the prices with a devastating effect. compromised access to food and water gravy increases the deadly epidemic finally the rapid advance has given rise to a new and a wide open domain the cyberrome. as an intelligence officer
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dealing with the unintended consequences of the cyberrevolution and also serves the purpose of those who wish as hard. with the potential to nations states while they are actors the same does not apply to terrorists and criminals. both governments and private networks are under attack with 640,000 with federal agencies fiscal year 2014. the employee records underscores the intent city of the assault of the '90s system. i am personally all too familiar that hackers can use social engineering to
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perpetrate into e-mail accounts into communication systems there is every reason to suspect cyberintrusion to increase but for one thing the economics of cyberattacks are skewed to the attacker. explicates are easily acquired and prices are falling dramatically in some criminal markets and increasing competitive marketplace. they can be reused of multiple targets of detection and punishment while the vast majority target money and privacy we need to realize the range of potential targets is much greater. we simply cannot discount the possibility of attacks
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on infrastructure infrastructure, utilities, t ransportation and other essentials underpinnings of modernization. the world that changed dramatically since the first wave my hand as a 24 year-old minted a cia officer i remember vividly to put my fingers not on the keyboard of a computer but the keys of electric typewriter. 35 years later our thinkers are linked to the cyberroad. the new digital frontier were most human interactions a communications take place. well that environment holds potential for the further if the assessment our increasing dependence has obvious risks a and challenges.
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the strategy is insufficient with constant information sharing so it becomes another's prevention. in other words, countering cyberthreats is a team effort at a crucial point to bear in mind 85% of the world wide web critical infrastructure is held by the private sector. where the rules remain uncertain at best. with that cyberthreat information with the private sector and government d.h. just has programs to share separate written permission of the broad community of industry stakeholders. we should be sharing more than we do but problematic and legal challenges have hampered progress congress
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has tried to pass laws for cyberpolicy especially but information sharing but the fact is 20th-century law cannot deal with the 21st century threats. within the past few weeks the cybersecurity information in sharing act was passed. we may see a conference bill early next year which ribby a good step forward. to revolve around information sharing it is important to note privacy is not mutually exclusive. how they can be achieved in a manner for civil liberties. eventually to adopt a comprehensive approach
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without being full -- forced the same way 9/11 four steps to integrate and ineffectively against terrorism. >> is started to see how the cia as the opportunities and challenges for the future and the digital world stood out as an area of the group of the senior officers last fall to come back with a strategic plan they agree we have to do a much better job to leverage the digital revolution. with the direction of day fifth directorate the
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directorate of digital innovation at the center of that agency's effort with every aspect of our work with the cyberrigg capabilities of espionage open source intelligence and covert action multiple elements have responded to the digital era but if we're to excel we must put these in the digital domain at the very center of all endeavors. it was launched last month we expected to contribute enormously alongside our pardners we are more capable and effective to safeguard our country than the threats we face beyond and within our borders.
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to each new class to space administer the oath of office every month i have the best job in the world bar none. because each day at work with one of the most patriotic individuals. with the scope of the national security challenges the contributions has never been greater. thank-you. [applause] >> we can see why we are also grateful to serve in such a crucial time you're a wonderful leader. we will take some questions i will moderate. no lectures i will cut you
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off. nobody came here to listen to you or your thoughts. they want to hear his. >> good morning. i am a reporter with bloomberg. thank you for your time and service. day paris attacks commendably lies primarily at the feet of the terrorists but i give voice to the question when i asked how was this allowed to happen? multiple countries dozens of people over weeks or months but yet the leading intelligence agencies did not even catch a with of it. what went wrong and what needs to be done now? >> as mentioned many of
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these operations are uncovered and imported before they're able to be carried out. when i think about paris clearly there was an effort under way that was fairly sophisticated because of the nature of the attacks that they were simultaneous. we work very closely with our french partners have a strong with the ship with the internal and external services. a lot of partners are facing challenges with the numbers of individuals who have traveled to syria and iraq so that ability is under strain. i know the french will look at what might have slipped through the? but it is not a surprise
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this was carried out that we had strategic warning in the plans were under way. looking at europe in particular as the venue but there has been a significant increase of the operational security of these networks. of what they need to do to keep their activity is concealed. there are a lot of technological capabilities available right now to make it exceptionally difficult for intelligence security services to uncover. this is the time for us to take a look if there are inadvertent or intentional
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gaps created with the ability of intelligence and security services to protect the people they are asked to serve. because of unauthorized disclosures and hand-wringing over the government's role in of the effort to uncover these terrorists, there have been some policy and legal actions taken in that make our ability collectively to find these terrorist much more challenging. and this will be a wake-up call in areas of europe where there was a misrepresentation of what the intelligence services are doing the right to undercut those capabilities. >>.
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>> i am at the postgraduate school you said systemic learning. but for almost 40 years and to have an interesting technique to see if you don't know ask, we all learn together so i encourage that to everybody in government. how do you do that? [laughter] >> intentionally of learning the world is changing. but the technological revolution has totally transformed so people a
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growing up with technology in their hands that it to be done for good or for harm but as a society and as the government we to make sure we are not making faulty assumptions. that we'll understand why we create this directorate that we understand all the implications when everywhere we go if we go to westar bucks or rented car we create a forensic history. to make sure we can operate
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the way we always have in terms of the ability to collect intelligence so all the various realms and in particular that cyberrealm. >> i am from pbs newshour who was involved in this attack it looks like the same connection between brussels and france withdrew they get their weapons after the attack ended a retrospective of more could they have done. >> i will defer to my french partners to what they're doing and what they did
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after the charlie hebdo attack but it had the hallmarks we know there are smuggling networks inside of europe but the stocks that were overrun it think there is an active black market with the criminal elements to take advantage of. looking at the interaction of various countries on the eve of which to travel across borders in means the challenge for the security intelligence service is becomes that much more daunting part of the issue there is an overwhelming number of cases they need to pursue retreating this
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morning there be an additional 1900 british intelligence officers to make sure you have the experts deal with these issues to be combat more closely or follow. to take note of what happened in paris but every day since then 11 we're constantly evolving as a continuous improvement process. and then to understand those mechanisms with operational security is quite strong.
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>> thanks for your comments today. given the large number of citizens that travel to the conflict region with the vast tidal waves of people should we regard this attack as one off where do we think this could be the new normal ? >> i would not consider it one off it is clear that i solace -- is this has an agenda they are determined to carry out these types of attacks this isn't a matter of days but plant over several months to make sure they had the operatives the weapons explosives with the suicide belts so i anticipate this is not the only operation that isil has
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in the pipeline. security intelligence service is right now are working feverishly to see what they can do to uncover it. this is something we will have to deal with for quite some time. this will take quite a bit of time but with the syrian and iraqi borders to be looking abroad and lebanon as well that bear's paw hallmarks of isil it is unjust europe but to be quite vigilant in united states and europe.
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>> from the george washington center of cybersecurity. given the restaurant which was more the private sector domain, and many organizations have increased their awareness for security more security officers, do you foresee a movement toward more cooperation with the private sector and the security components within that sector for this type of fight? >> there has to be that partnership. so what we need to do as a country is fine to the relationship built on mutual confidence and trust i still
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think we have always to go many to share information about the internal operations because of concerns to affect their stock priuse of concerns to affect their stock prices that there is confident simple science that confidence can be shared but on the physical security side, outside of a soccer stadium where very close cooperation with united states and officials of komen security with major sports franchise teams and organizations to make sure the venue is strong with their precautions, homeland security department has done a good job to reach out to the state and locals.
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the government can handle itself. for them to anoint everybody with the intelligence security law enforcement officer. so unfortunately it is the feature of our time. >> is the united states under estimating the threat focusing on issues of containment but not looking at the capacity to stage those attacks has seen in paris? >> it don't think we are
9:55 pm
underestimating at all the capabilities of isil. the growth had its roots if al qaeda was decimated maybe 700 but then it grew quite a bit when it split from al qaeda and syria to set its own organization. for those to contain the momentum we saw it was rolling along but it has not had that type of woman some which is why i think they are looking abroad to the spectacular attacks.
9:56 pm
in one of the important thing is to voodoo is take away success in the area and beyond the to have that number of successes to prevent isil to move people to carry out attacks but the latest shows what a devastating impact it can have pure and simple there plan is to kill as murderous sociopath they have an approach they try to kill as many people it is a twisted mentality to contain the growth with the middle east and beyond.
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>> q berndt eight tragedian pilot if you attack paris to get played in the sky but with that caliphate can you share any logic to get bombers over your territory? is there a chance they will start to play games and israel which is guaranteed with the territory? >> no understand the first part of your question but it is incumbent on those governments and add have been affected to be able to respond to prevent attacks the to make sure you go to the source because we know it in syria the area that
9:58 pm
isil has the base for its operations so we can address that external agenda to put operatives and other countries but also at the source and israel is that is challenging neighborhood something that we're looking at very closely not just jordan and iraq of lebanon and israel and those areas this is what we will deal with in the coming years so we will not assume any country from the touch of isil. >> good morning tb infiltrated from services from all over the world is
9:59 pm
it time to review with the operations they seem to know what they're doing. >> as far as the agencies around the world working together there are multiple agencies each with their own authorities. . .
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>> esparza can carry out, any number of acts of violence.
10:01 pm
it doesn't mean that they are rational but that there opposed to civil society law and order and we had recognized the authorities and system of governance that we have. so i think that things can be misguided, unfortunately the situation in syria and iraq, they are making great use of social media to make use of contact and under the false banner of religion. not on. >> okay, my question is how do we feel. [inaudible] >> my conversation with my
10:02 pm
russian counterparts which have taken place a number of times in the last year, including the last several weeks after russian military forces found a way in syria, these talks focus on what it is that we can do together to try to prevent the flow of individuals into and out of the theater of operations. there are over two dozen russian nationalism have come down from other areas into this area and there are a number of individuals, senior officials and it's a very real concern and what we need to do is to be able to help russia prevent the flow of terrorists inside of their territory as we have been exchanging information and i think it needs to be enhanced, but i am determined to try to
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work with my russian counterparts and i think that we can each bring to this issue in terms of insights and insight and information and sharing it, we work very close he with the russians and i think that they vary greatly value the support that we provided and i want to continue to do that irrespective of the policy disagreements, i am determined to work with other countries and services to be able to prevent terrorist attacks. >> what is your recommendation on the borders and would you now say that this is a external situation? >> one of the things that we have to do is to have terrorists succeed in taking away the freedoms and liberties that we pride ourselves on whether here
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in the united states and europe area there is a rush by some to say the borders should be closed, that is in consistent with what the societies have been founded on over the last several hundred years into what we need to do is be mindful of the risks associated with those and make sure that we are understanding exactly who that might be. but i don't think that what we want to do is seal the borders because again, that is not something that is sustainable from a social, cultural, trade, economic standpoint. i just things that we have to take into account what has happened recently and how isil can take advantage of some of these flows and what can we do to be able to optimize the confidence that we can filter out the individuals that are trying to do us harm.
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>> given that these attacks seem to have been sporadically, should the public except that this coordinated attack is inevitable to some degree? that it cannot be entirely prevented despite the fact that a number of attacks are prevented every year reign. >> i would never say that attacks are inevitable. we worked tirelessly 24/7 around the globe in order to prevent attacks are taking place and so our goal is to prevent every single one of them from taking place. so i don't have a sense of inevitability. if there is a sense i think it almost would have undermined the commitment of individuals who are working on this. but i do think it's inevitable that isil and others are going to continue to try to attempt to carry out these attacks and that is an inevitability for as far as the eye can see. but for me, it's not inevitable that they are going to succeed.
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>> i have to get the director out of fear here, i promise he would be able to leave here and i want you -- don't you feel reassured to have a man of character and intellect that is leading us now to . [applause] >> i am the first woman to reach the rank of four stars in the united states navy. >> i presume it was about the next job that i was going to and that is when he talked to me about how we are looking at you
10:07 pm
for being a four-star, here is a couple different opportunities where we think you would do well and serve the navy. >> michelle howard talks about becoming the first female and all in the history of the navy. she also talks about leading navy's mission to rescue richard phillips is kidnapped by somali pirates in 2009. >> i became a head of the task force. it was our responsibility to get them back safely and that was obviously a surprise current situation. >> on c-span "q&a." >> coming up next on c-span2, the united nations and the syrian refugee crisis.
10:08 pm
and later bernie sanders holds campaign rally at cleveland state university. >> on the next "washington journal", rob bishop of utah, member of the armed services committee, and chair of the natural resources committee talks about the paris attacks. recent threats from isis and the exploration of the land and water fun. and bonnie watson coleman of new jersey. later a look at ways to make the internet more secure with patrick traynor, trainor, codirector of the university of florida institute of cybersecurity. "washington journal" is live every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern and you can join the conversation with your calls and facebook comments.
10:09 pm
>> the u.n. security council debated the syrian refugee crisis following friday's terrorist attacks in paris. we will hear from the u.n. representatives from france and syria and the u.s. [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon. the 7559th meeting of the security council is called to order. i should like on behalf of the members of the security council to express our profound sadness and outrage at the horrendous terror attacks that took place
10:10 pm
in paris on the evening of the 13th of november. these attacks lead led to the loss of many precious lives in a huge number of casualties. to the families of the victims, both french and from 19 other countries at this point and to the people and the government of france, the security council expresses its heartfelt sympathy and condolences. these and other recent attacks including the terrorist attacks in beirut, lebanon, on the 12th of november, have affected countries and people from all over the world. the members of the security council offer their sympathy and their condolences to all of the countries affected. and now i invite you to rise and observe a minute of silence to commemorate the memories of the victims.
10:11 pm
[inaudible [inaudible] >> thank you.
10:12 pm
>> the official agenda for this meeting is international tribunal for the persons responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law, committed in the territory of the former yugoslavia since 1991. international tribunal for the prosecution of persons responsible for other international humanitarian law committed in the territory of rwanda and citizens responsible for the genocide and other neighboring states between the first of january, 1994 and the search for december, 1994. and the agenda is adopted. the security council will now
10:13 pm
begin the agenda. the council has before it the text of a statement by the president on behalf of the council on the subject of today's meeting. i think the council members for their valuable contributions to the statement. in accordance with the understanding reached among the members of the council, i should take it that the members of the security council agreed to the statement which will be issued as a document of the security council under this symbol and the meeting is adjourned.
10:14 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> the meeting of the security council is called to order. and the agenda for this meeting is the situation in the middle east. the agenda is adopted.
10:15 pm
and in accordance with rule 37 of the provisional rules of procedure, i invite a representative of the arab republic to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. and what is this world nine of the council's provisional rules of the procedure i invite the following briefings for this meeting. mr. stephen o'brien, undersecretary general from humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinating, the special representative of the secretary-general on sexual violence and conflict in the special representative of the secretary-general for children in armed conflict. it is so decided.
10:16 pm
the security council will now begin its consideration of the agenda. and i wish to draw the attention of council members. the report of the secretary-general on the implementation of security council resolutions, 2139, 2014, 2165, 2014 and 2191, 2014. and i now give the floor to mr. stephen o'brien. >> madam president, thank you very much. i would like to express my deepest condolences for those affected by the recent attacks in france and lebanon. syria crisis is a chronicle of missed opportunities by the security council and member
10:17 pm
states with influence on the party's and the broader international community to bring the conflict to an end. more than five years since the unrest in syria began, their art atrocities on a daily basis, punching people into darkness. i very much welcome the recent talks in vienna in this must leave no stone unturned that has cost an estimated 250,000 people their lives giving rise to extremist and terrorist groups. and this has also propelled the largest humanitarian crisis of the 21st century with some 13.5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, including 6 million children and driven over 4 million people to
10:18 pm
seek refuge outside of their home country. they are shouldering most of the burden with remarkable sacrifice, yet many syrians who have lost hope and unspeakable violence and they are all but defeated, are willing to cross the mediterranean. some 400,000 people, 50% of the arrivals by 2015 are syrian. and still they flee. and tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. each day is winter approaches and i sadly predict all the way through and it must redouble their efforts to comply with the demands made by the council.
10:19 pm
month after month, we have bore witness to all part parties and each month i speak to what seems like a never ending violence with innocent civilians including children. the indiscriminate use of weapons continues unabated and in october, hundreds of civilians were killed or injured in indiscriminate parties due to the continued use of explosive weapons in populated areas including other aerial weapons and car bombs. several airstrikes give at least 60 civilians and up to 200 more, the day before airstrikes reportedly hit the main
10:20 pm
hospital, killing at least 15 civilians and injuring 50 others. following these attacks they reportedly used dozens of prisoners as human shields to deter further airstrikes. elsewhere just a few days ago on the 10th of november, more than 23 people were killed and 40 injured when opposition groups caused to explosions in the city. meanwhile isil and others and extremist groups continue to cause problems across the country. for example there was a vehicle borne explosive device with more than 20 people in early october. such indiscriminate attacks are not only a tragedy which kill and injure innocent people but they may amount to war crimes
10:21 pm
and the perpetrators must be aware that they will one day be held accountable for their actions. the pace in syria remains relentless. following nonstate opposition groups and the government set syria. this number could be as high as 100,000. isil attacks in late october have led to the displacement of an estimated 25,000 people and madam president, the attacks on civilian instructor also continue unabated. including relentless attacks.
10:22 pm
according to the physicians for human rights, in october there were 16 attacks on medical facilities and that must ensure personnel and patients under international humanitarian law. meanwhile binnacle supplies continue to be prevented from reaching those who desperately need them. the overall impact on the health situation has been devastating with many civilians particularly in areas not controlled by the government unable to is the most basic medical care and the routine immunization coverage has dropped from 95% in 201064% in 2015. and in some places as low as 20%. this poses an acute deadly epidemic disease in many areas.
10:23 pm
surely meeting the health needs of children should be considered as the lowest common denominator of our humanity. so we need to take all necessary measures that includes key infrastructure networks. and in spite of repeated causes by this council, that includes minds of people in need, while this is a limited factor, they continue to obstruct the systems to people in need. we have only been able to reach a small proportion of the 4.5 million people in hard to reach areas in 2015 and that
10:24 pm
includes these controlled areas. and they continue to have virtually no access so we need to make sure that they receive the assistance of a desperately need. they continue to use sieges a war tactic with an estimated 293,700 people living under siege. that includes some 200,000 people by isil. and that includes the various locations and that includes non-opposition groups on the front in other areas. these people have met with the
10:25 pm
basic essentials of life which is extremely limited. and only 9.7% of people in these areas. such an nu main tactic of war is unlawful and it must end immediately. and we need to make urgent progress as many areas continue to make winter not far away. only 30% of the requests made by the united nations have been proved invincible by the foreign affairs committee in less and less than half of those approved have been able to have final
10:26 pm
security clearances from lack of safe passage from armed opposition groups and insecurity. and i call upon the serine of authorities to allow not and proceed. i also call on opposition groups to allow the deliveries that they are talking about, and they would be assisted if these convoys were able to proceed. the planned humanitarian air less have been able to continue due to the deteriorating situation. the united nations continues to reach millions of people in need through all modalities. in the past month the united
10:27 pm
nations delivered water, sanitation and hygiene to three and a half million and medicine and supplies for 717,000 treatments. and they are deeply humbling, particularly volunteers who are often the first responders on these front lines. that includes across conflict lines and borders in order to reach people in need in syria wherever they may be found. this resolution has made a difference by reaching some people in need. this complements the crucial
10:28 pm
work of international nongovernment access the continued to provide large-scale assistance across the country and we remain committed to reaching all those in need and that includes every and any route possible to do this. the status quo simply cannot continue in syria. we have seen devastating consequences. the people of syria deserve more, they deserve it and to this senseless violence. the recent international talks provided a glimmer of life and we must take advantage of this rare moment of diplomatic opportunity to push for a political solution and create the conditions for a nationwide cease-fire. at the same time this new diplomatic momentum should be used to generate early dividends
10:29 pm
for the syrian people, most immediately i urge the relevant member states to user influence to press for an end for the use of indiscriminate weapons and to take steps to ensure an intended humanitarian access throughout syria and i hope that the progress will sincerely be made and that they finally see an end to the countries in syria. we simply cannot squander this moment more momentum. all of us must stand out and play our part to put an end to the conflict once and for all. >> i think mr. o'brien for his briefing and i'm now give the floor over. >> madam president, members of the security council. i would like to thank you for extending the chance for me to brief the security council.
10:30 pm
before beginning i wish to express my solidarity after the horrific attacks in paris, and elsewhere. the depraved acts of terror must reinforce our collective resolve. i have detailed the nature and we find ourselves on this every day. whether broader crossing were kept as in areas under government control. [inaudible] they have been affected in a unique systematic manner as a result of the ordinary scale of
10:31 pm
the displacement so well articulated by my colleague. including cross-border dimensions. this has been a product of the syrian conflict. [inaudible] in the tactic of war. i'm pleased this is council has also expressed resolution 2242 on sexual violence and how it's being used. [inaudible] of the extremist group in syria and elsewhere. it is critical that we continue
10:32 pm
to the center of the global counterterrorism strategies. and i would like to talk about how we can respond. i have considerable energy. [inaudible] and at the same time we have been walking to formulate a response. our response has to go beyond military considerations. and that includes accountability must be a central consideration. they also have the difficult political commitment, particularly at the regional, national and local level. and because of the cross-border dimensions we also have a
10:33 pm
concerted regional response included with information across countries. and it requires a unified and comprehensive approach. the strategy has been part of seven areas on which a range of interventions will be required. you must continue to mobilize those for certain resources. this must come at all levels we haven't been able to agree upon a specific commitment. however, at the regional level i'm pleased that we have concluded a framework which can
10:34 pm
catalog some of the critical response and response is required. second i have already emphasized that we must ensure that this is consistently included at the center of consideration to present the transfer been violence, including a plan of action to prevent violence and extremism. and third we must take other measures to announce that section and risk mitigation which includes programs of the civil society, local societies and women's groups who are at the front line. legislative framework must. [inaudible] thousands of children.
10:35 pm
we have the strength and the support of survivors of sexual violence and this is an acute lack of health within syria as well as neighboring countries and this includes an allegation program. no meaningful actions can be taken in the absence of knowledge. therefore we must. [inaudible] as a basis for advocacy and action on all levels. we must relentlessly -- and relentless in our investigation with sexual violent crimes. this is a key aspect and ultimate prevention. and that includes supporting a national institution out of global and regional level and it
10:36 pm
is unprecedented. [inaudible] and we are talking about 100 different countries, we must have the declaration to ensure that this is part of the process women and girls are affected and they must have a piece of this. not odd strategy and vision intends to become a strength and overall response. [inaudible]
10:37 pm
and we will inquire that they take the lead on specific issues with their respective mandates and comparative advantages. and that includes a shared vision of priorities would overall coordination. the political and financial support will be absolutely crucial and i look forward to share more details. distinguished members of the security council, last week i was in jordan to attend a meeting organized by the office of special advisor with 25 religious leaders and representative leaders from the middle east. they reinforce my conviction that the role of community and religious and traditional leaders is critical around the
10:38 pm
issue of conflict and sexual violence. and they have ensured that they have been embraced by the families and communities not odd role of religion and traditional leaders is essential to develop all the other extremist groups who have brought this message out of respect for women. it is essential that we engage as one of the crucial situations. we must also talk about this ideology. i would like to talk about one of the greater challenges of this agenda for syria and the middle east and beyond. had we comply. [inaudible] and this will require new approaches as well. it would not be possible to
10:39 pm
engage with groups like isil and their kind. we need to have strategic positions regarding engagements to ensure that the light of justice will sign shine on them including preventing sexual violence. >> i thank her for her briefing and i now give the floor to the gentlewoman. >> take you, madam president. not odd and to represent the other people who are with us and the victims of extreme violence. the recent dreadful attacks we
10:40 pm
called to us in the most tragic fashion that we are all vulnerable to violent extremism and today more than ever we must come together and work together to find solutions for extended, works for these acts of terror. >> during his presidency of the security council and the secretary of state. [inaudible] for this opportunity to brief you on the situation by armed conflict in syria. the conflict in syria continues to have humanitarian consequences and the student already highlighted some of this as well. after five years of intensified hostility, fundamental principles of human rights
10:41 pm
continue to be violated daily. and that includes demonstrating the deteriorating situation. half of the syrian population is not displaced and half of them are children. children are paying a high price for the armed conflict. analog futures jeopardized and drawing of information documented up through the mechanism in 2015 and that includes the naming of children
10:42 pm
not odd he has already briefed you will on the casualties. and the death toll of children was estimated at 10,000 in 2014 and it is expected to have increased significantly in 2015. the majority of children have been killed or injured as a result and aerial bombardment, civilian areas by syrian government forces and for
10:43 pm
example,. [inaudible] killed six children and injured 20. [inaudible] densely populated areas in other major areas. and that includes by armed oppositions groups in this area. on the 26th of september, another 19 children were killed and 21 injured. isil has committed brutal atrocities against children. why it has been difficult to
10:44 pm
recognize this by this group, continues to be enforcing. this includes recent video footage allegedly preparing mass execution of 200 children. it has also been reported that children have been executed for trying to. the growing number in conflict the risk of grave violations of children increases and it is reported that children have also been named in airstrikes conducted by international forces. and the ongoing views and means
10:45 pm
of warfare, with which filtered as it was between civilians and combatants. and that includes weapons in populated areas in the violation of these obligations. i'm president, to continuing situation not odd and they have also recruited to perpetrate acts of extreme violence. the report has been received of armed groups targeting young children as young as eight years of age and coercion of families and abduction as well.
10:46 pm
i think they allegedly recruited up to 400 children in the first quarter 2015. and the united nations has verified cases of using foreign children. indoctrination and military training of children play an important role in improvement by isis. [inaudible] and children have received military training in three centers in aleppo and. [inaudible] and in addition to not have destructive communities sending voice agents were sold to the education can't. syrian government forces have detained children for lead at affiliation with armed groups.
10:47 pm
and that includes children that were subjected to torture and children in custody. i argue that they are victims and should be treated as such. madam president, at the end of september 2015, over a quarter of those in syria, about 6000 schools were destroyed in the united nations and in addition, they have led to the armed opposition groups.
10:48 pm
primary school was almost universal that now displacement and restriction, an estimated 2 million displaced children and 700,000 refugee children are not attending schools. they are always missing a generation of individuals with serious long-term consequences and we can mitigate this consequence. if the international community makes significant improvements in providing education emergencies. madam president, five years of conflict has taken an immediate toll on the lives of children. i urge all parties to respect
10:49 pm
their obligation and international law and to this end it is critical that every member state was influenced on the parties to the conflicts and since my first visit to syria in 2012, i have repeatedly stated that there is no military solution to the conflict in syria. finally there is now a broader consensus that a political solution must be reached. acknowledgment by the international support group in vienna this weekend and the willingness of participants to have confidence building measures that contribute to this
10:50 pm
process and the nationwide cease-fire is important and constructive. in this context i underscored the issue of children has proven to be a positive point and a number of two processors. strengthening the protection of children must be at the center of it all. it is our collective responsibility to support the political solution and action to bring an end to the conflict and suffering. i call upon all of you to be the voice for the children in syria and to take collective action to allow them to legalize from this.
10:51 pm
>> i thank the gentleman for her briefing and i shall now make a statement for international development of the united kingdom of great written in northern ireland. let me thank stephen o'brien and others for this briefing. and indeed, the uk expresses its condolences in relation to the terrorist attacks in paris, beirut, and elsewhere, they are a vivid reminder of the horrific human toll for syria and regional crisis years. i have met syrian refugees who have consumed their country for over four years now. and their tales are of experiences that no one should have to go through. but we must accept that these people have been let down. countries airing the brunt by jordan, lebanon, and turkey,
10:52 pm
have not been matched by similar generosity by the international community. u.n. appeals are 45% under. overwhelming suffering and loss has been matched by political deadlock and inadequate financial response. the message to the council today is that time is now running out. time is running out for us to meet basic needs of the syrian people whether they are inside syria or have fled the country. and time is running out with children. [inaudible] and we are looking elsewhere to
10:53 pm
have them build a new life for themselves and their families. since day number one, britain has worked hard to help people on the ground and be at the forefront of the humanitarian response to this crisis this conference must be a turning point. and let's not forget the actions we take or don't take it on and
10:54 pm
the challenge of supporting refugees and the countries that host them. and syria is in the natural disaster commits a man-made one. and it is the targeting of aid workers would deliver a guard that international humanitarian law too often dressed up in an argument of sovereignty.
10:55 pm
and negotiating a political transition is the sole way to end conflict in syria and is key to alleviating the humanitarian crisis. i am encouraged by the constructive discussion and the new momentum behind the process working towards peace to the people of syria. but until that political settlement is reached we must recommit to and in targeted and indiscriminate attacks on civilians, particularly aerial attacks to the protection of schools and essential infrastructure. and showing unimpeded access to humanitarian organizations and an end to the use of siege tactics and preventing and responding to gender-based violence. as is the case in all conflicts, girls and women have been left
10:56 pm
to the violence. as we meet today there is a long list of things that we would fail to agree upon in relation to the syrian crisis. but help for those caught up in the crisis, humanitarian aid and being able to reach those in need, these things should not be on that list, these are things that we should be able to agree to. there can be no excuse for flouting humanitarian law were preventing humanitarian agencies from reaching those in need. the council has to make that clear. we agreed resolution 2191 on allowing the u.n. to use cross-border. this resolution has been critical to helping us get aid to people who otherwise would have none. it is essential that we renew that resolution. and syria is perhaps the defining conflict of our age, not just for those in the
10:57 pm
region, but for all of us. showing all too clearly where there are failures in our political responses and the world humanitarian summit next year will be a pivotal moment for us to commit to new 21st century response and we are still thinking about human rights, this summit is a vital moment to recommit our humanitarian values and our law. and that includes the international community and this is our shared responsibility and
10:58 pm
we must meet it. >> i give the floor to other members of the security council. i give the floor to the representative of new zealand. >> thank you, madam president. we give our condolences for the recent loss of life in paris and beirut and this includes planning a political resolution which is a major drawback of isil. the human cost of the conflicts reach well beyond syria. ..
10:59 pm
21 months ago, this council passed resolution 2139 on syria. which demanded that all parties immediately cease and desist from all violations of international humanitarian law and human rights abuses. this call has not been heeded. a brutal and lawless conflict continues. human rights violations and abuses can lead to and fuel conflict. they underpin many of the conflicts which come before this council and this is especially evident in syria. a common feature conflict is the disproportional impact it has on the most vulnerable. this is true in syria for women and for children. as we have heard today,
11:00 pm
2.7 million syrian children have been deprived of the right to education. some for four years or more. the fact that more than half of all attacks on schools worldwide took place in syria says it all. as you heard from other colleagues, children continue to be recruited and indoctrinated by isil and other groups. women and girls insider is ya and those who have fled are subjected to sexual exploitation and harassment. the desperate economic situation of families is exploited with young girls coerced into early marriages. isil must be singled out for its brutal campaign of sexual violence. sexual violence is not a woman's
11:01 pm
issue. it is a weapon of war. it terrorizes individuals and it destabilizes families and communities. we need to move beyond the narrative of a woman being victims of conflict. they must be provided the opportunity to be powerful agents of change in transforming the societies. syrian women have shown resilience and strength. at the political level, syrian women must be included in policy dialogue about syria's future as called for by the foreign minister last week and has been echoed here today. at the community level, the views of the women must be included and need a program designed, implementation and evaluations of humanitarian and development programs. madam president, accountable for
11:02 pm
international humanitarian law violations and human rights abuses in syria is not optional. it is essential for justice and it is essential for healing. new zealand is working with jordan and spain to renew renew security council resolution which has allowed humanitarian assistance into syria. 2191 has enabled the delivery of food, nonfood humanitarian items and medical supplies for millions of people. however, millions more remain hard to reach including those in besieged areas besieged areas denied basic necessities as a cruel tactic of war. new zealand sees that it
11:03 pm
continues to be obstruct by the syrian government. humanitarian access into isil controlled areas is almost nonexistent. new zealand supports the effects of special -- but he needs the support of the international community. and in this regard, new zealand welcomes the ongoing talks in vienna. they are an important step towards the political solution. affirming the benefits of pragmatism and diplomacy. we also welcome the agreement of the international syria support group to encourage confidence building measures by parties on the ground. including better implementation of resolutions 2139, 2165 and 2191. and increased humanitarian access and an end to the use of indiscriminate weapons. these measures will advance the political process, which is the only real answer to the humanitarian crisis.
11:04 pm
they will protect civilians in the short term. their implementation is long overdue. finally, we welcome the strong role of the security council by the vienna process. we look forward to working closely with council members to reinforce progress and to engage on questions emerging from the vienna process. new zealanders encouraged to see momentum building towards finding a political solution. it is shameful that it has taken nearly five years, well over a quarter of a million people dead, 4.2 million people which is almost the exact population of new zealand, fleeing syria to get where we are today. we must continue and we must commit to ensuring that now is the beginning of the end of the conflict in syria. and in this regard, we welcome
11:05 pm
the u.k.'s announcement of a global syria crisis next year. thank you, madam president. >> thank the representative of new zealand for her statement. now i give the floor to the representative of spain. >> thank you, madam president. >> before i begin my statement, i would like to renew the expressions of solidarity of my delegation, to the people and government of france. you can always count on spain as your neighboring allied and friendly country. my own secretary of state i'm grateful you have convened this from several prospectives which are equally important and i want
11:06 pm
to thank the others for the briefings. we have been moved and concerned by the briefing but we should be moved to above all action. the situation of women and children is the deepest circle of the hell that that country has become. as it was said in the recent report, there are millions of children affected by war. and we can expect them to bear the scars for the rest of their lives of this very traumatic lives of this very traumatic experience. feed them, care for their lives, for their health, their education. even conflict zones but many of them, even the majority are going to need a lot of assistance for quite a long time after. we want to stress once again the ruinous state of the educational system in syria where there are 2 million children without
11:07 pm
schools and 700,000 children in neighboring countries that have taken them in. thousands of schools have been destroyed or are being used for noneducational purposes, in contravention of international humanitarian law. we must do something about this. begin by responding to the response plan for syria. at least $224 million are needed to prevent syria from losing an entire generation to this war. without any doubt, one of the most deleterious effects on children in syria is the recruitment and use of children in combat by terrorist groups and other armed -- other actors. the indoctrination of children by the groups creates a risk of feeding the seeds of hate that can easily be reproduced in the
11:08 pm
future. the use of sexual violence in conflict in syria is also devastating, all parties are using this as a terrorist tactic and it has been aptly demonstrated. this must stop immediately, the victims of this violence must receive help in the form of specialized care which unfortunately is not always available. the role of women in syria also should be seen from other points of view. essential one is the full participation of women in inclusive political process which should lead to the peaceful syria and looking at all walks of life are the new syria that we all long to see. now, without this being as important to the end the references to the presentation made by mr. o'brien, and in this
11:09 pm
regard i wish once again to emphatically condemn the attacks by all parties to the conflict including in particular the use of barrel bombs and recalling the council to swiftly adopt measures in this regard as my colleague of new zealand said this comes very soon, it will focus on the renewal of resolution 2191 on humanitarian assistance, transferring the humanitarian assistance, the effectiveness of which has been demonstrated since the process of renewal of this resolution should also be an opportunity which we should not fail to make the most of. to deal with other essential aspects of humanitarian protections such as the lifting of siege -- under siege areas and medical neutrality. i believe that all of the speakers that none of the
11:10 pm
efforts we'll make in the humanitarian area will be enough without adopting a political solution as well. a political solution which will pass through the transition period and go on to an inclusive government where the population in syria will be represented to push forward a legitimate change in the country. and on the lines of the geneva communique. we are closely following the diplomatic steps to be taken in vienna and we welcome the road map adopted in vienna on the 14th which demonstrates the shared communication to putting an end to the killing in syria. thank you very much. >> i thank the representative of spain for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of jordan. >> i would like to welcome her
11:11 pm
excellency to the stage, and to express thanks and for convening this meeting. thanks and appreciation goes to the undersecretary for humanitarian affairs and the special representative of the secretary-general on sexual violence and conflicts and the special representative for children, and on the comprehensive briefings. we express sincere condolences toward the friendly people of france and to the french government. we condemn the strongest terms the terrorist attacks that beset paris. we stand shoulder to shoulder with france and with all international efforts in combating terrorism. we condemn all terrorists to acts that took place in beirut and iraq, egypt, and all
11:12 pm
friendly countries and we affirm ourselves with them in combating terrorism. we are deeply saddened at the situation and our neighbor syria. over the past five years the humanitarian scene is staggering. i will not give you statistics, nor figures. the deep suffering goes beyond the comprehension of humanity and the civilized world. violation of the basic laws of the humanitarian law and human rights law by the conflicting parties in syria has become a hallmark there. the indiscriminate bombing of innocent civilians including children has become a daily scene. let alone the displacement, salvation, destruction of infrastructure. bombing schools and health centers, hindering medical
11:13 pm
assistance. and up life saving assistance. and intimidation, obliterating the syrian identity and plundering our historic artif t artifacts. the international community should explore every possibility in order to improve the humanitarian affairs in syria. we will look to renew the resolution in order to secure the ongoing delivery of humanitarian assistance that saved millions of syrians. the international community should work and should make concerted unified efforts in order to fight terrorist groups, notably isil. that continues to control large areas of syria.
11:14 pm
wreaking havoc, whose actions have continued especially the actions that took place in france, lebanon and iraq of late. we are dealing with the most important humanitarian syrian crisis in the world after the second world war. we are the largest host of refugees in the world and the second largest host of syrian refugees compared to our -- to the number of our population. citizens account for 1. 5 million people living in different areas of jordan. 9% are syrian refugees. this has put tremendous pressures on health, education,
11:15 pm
security, employment. and put tremendous treasures on the public treasury in jordan at a time when they're facing challenges geared to the regional situation. we are sharing with them our resources and our infrastructures that are fatigued by all -- by all this, this heavy burden. the kingdom and its good people have opened their homes to refugees from all over the region. we will continue to pursue this generous approach under the leadership of our leaders. however, the international community should back up countries that are hosting syrian refugees, that start to
11:16 pm
feel that they're -- that the world betrayed them due to insufficient support. syria and other countries hosting circumstancian refugees are facing -- syrian refugees are facing serious problems. there are set backs in development at all levels. therefore, the international community should coordinate and cooperate with governments of the host countries in order to secure a reasonable future for those whose lives have been shattered due to these tragedies. the international community shout buttress the resilience of the countries. because that has to do with the -- the interest of the whole world. we are thankful to the young ndp
11:17 pm
for organizing the development for the abilities to face the crises of the symposium. which starts a new period, to support syrian refugees and a new international partnership to that end. we continue to work in order for the consulate to maintain the item on the syrian refugees and its agenda and its deliberations. due to the serious consequences of what the syrian crisis for the whole world, we stress the importance of the implementation of the presidential statement that the council adopted in april this year. and we should vote on it. there is no humanitarian
11:18 pm
solution to the crisis in syria. rather, there should be a comprehensive political solution to the syrian crisis. we welcome the vienna meeting and the ministerial declaration of vienna. the great number of participants made the vienna meeting a historic one. however, we should build on it in order to launch a political process in order to achieve political transition and to realize the aspiration of the syrian people. the comprehensive political solution is that the solution to the crisis should be based on the geneva one, that is this -- there is global agreement and should meet the aspirations of the syrian people.
11:19 pm
it should achieve a transition to a new political reality that enjoys the blessings of all the syrian people and defeats terrorism in syria and would lead to the -- to this return of stability and security in syria and that will lead to the voluntary return of the idps and the syrian refugees to their country and to maintain the independence state. >> i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you so much, madam president. at the out set of course we'd like to express our deep sympathy and condolences to the people of france and to all people, to all cities who fell victim to this horrid terrorist attacks and some of them have been facing the terrorist threat on a daily basis.
11:20 pm
and in expressing our condolence we would like to state our solidarity in the fight against terrorism loudly and clearly. madam president, we'd like to start by extending to the undersecretary-general for having presented the report and of course we have to pay tribute to all of the humanitarian workers. u.n. and other international staff who are working in syria and risking their very lives are help those who require medical assistance, food and indeed housing. enormous humanitarian efforts are being undertaken. every month 4 million individuals receive food assistance. the system for the delivery and distribution of humanitarian assistance across borders, pursuant to security council resolution 2165 and under u.n.
11:21 pm
oversight is working effectively. by the end of october, over 2,000 -- 207 convoys crossed turkey and jordan's borders. this is over 5,400 track loads. a great deal is being done by the syrian government in ensuring the delivery of humanitarian shipments where most of the idps are concentrated but also in territory beyond its control. as the secretary-general's report states. we should praise the very noble actions of the people of syria themselves. whether we're referring to the red crescent volunteers who provide the basic necessity products across front lines or individuals who host refugees in their homes. it's entirely clear that regardless of what humanitarian efforts are, regardless of how many convoys are sent across
11:22 pm
borders or front lines this problem will not be solved in this way. it is only through achieving a political settlement within parallel a determined fight against terroris that we will achieve a real and viable improvement in the situation. international community must combine its efforts in this fight against the terrorist threats from which the people of syria have already suffered for five years for now. which knows and recognizes no respect and geographical borders. this is something we saw yet again based on the tragedies in beirut, paris, baghdad, ankara and other cities. the participants of these support groups for syria in vienna on november 14th condemned these terrorist acts. further more, they set out concrete steps of the process in
11:23 pm
syria and underscored the performance of ensuring humanitarian access to all parts of the country. this decisive stage in stepping up political efforts what is especially unacceptable is the politicization of human rights and topics. engaging in speculation with humanitarian issues in an attempt to score political points is simply immoral. in this context, we are outraged. by different types of information regarding alleged -- alleged civilian deaths as a result of missile and air strikes by the russian armed forces. and the operations of the russian air force and space forces are covered in daily briefings for both russian and foreign journalists. during these briefings and -- an
11:24 pm
objective picture is drawn. and attempts at disinformation are allayed. for example, the media had information regarding the air strike on october 20th of a hospital in sar mean ya. allegedly, this is something claimed and confirmed by the media, there were civilian casualties. this is also referred to in the secretary-general's report in paragraph four. the media spread photographs of a destroyed building. how, on saturday pictures -- satellite pictures which were taken on october 21st the hospital hasn't been damaged at all. the use of verified, confirmed information remains one of the main criteria to ensure the unbiased impartial nature of the
11:25 pm
u.n. system. we note that the secretary-general's report has been drawn up in a more balanced way. in so so far as it doesn't have hasty assessments on possible civilian casualties. those who drafted the report were not brave enough to allay the air forces which contained in the previous report that russia continues to provide humanitarian assistance. a great many flights of the russian ministry for emergency affairs are providing basic goods to syria. we have handed over 100,000 tons of wheat to damascus. we are providing assistance for u.n. channels including to the world u.n. program. the path to a sustainable political settlement and effectively ghting trorism effectively fighting terrorism international
11:26 pm
rnatios. there is growing there i understanding to create a comprehensive collection. reentrist attacks have shown that only cannot bet only canrom justified with the lack of unity as the stand ready to have joint work in this field. >> now the gentleman from the russian federation for his statement. >> madam president did the love of one's after the latest terrorist attacks, also thank you for the briefing with the
11:27 pm
consequences of brutal war for the people of syria. from vienna that people have bloodshed. they are approaching dangerous saturation point in turkey. well criminal smugglers and traffickers are profiting refugees are dying to escape. as a network from human rights in the month of october alone the discriminant fax on all sides of the conflict with the gruesome atrocities or public executions or be headings.
11:28 pm
so the women and girls. humanitarian access as well as hurdles including humanitarian and ngos. every minute counts and more lives lost. so those provisions contained in the security council resolution the ability with the biggest humanitarian crisis and the minds of credibility. and then to implementing the partners we need to increase and expand access and hard
11:29 pm
to reach areas. madam president even of the basic medical care with those attacks on medical facilities since the start of the conflict to be responsive over 90 percent of the attacks. . .high, but u.n. vehicles attacked and workers kidnapped and killed. we condemn the attacks on the personnel and reiterate that they hold a special protected status which must be respected. furthermore, such attacks may constitute war crimes and have to be taken more seriously. much needed referral of the
11:30 pm
country's situation to the sea was blocked by a veto last year. one of the four that allowed this crisis to deepen and expand by protecting the perpetrators not the victims. we support the recent calls of secretary-general and usual the international community not to allow accountability become a victim of the syria's war. we inquire in the human rights organization to register the violation and hopefully sooner rather than later the testimonies that they collect will bring them to account. madam president, syria remains one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child. and a veritable hell to be born a girl. 7.5 million children have lost their homes and schools and their parents and according to
11:31 pm
the unhcr, what future do they have illiterate, malnourished an maimed? we applaud all those who shine a light on the plight of syria's children and provide them support and sustenance. they demand justice. those children don't have the luxury of waiting for geneva or any other format to succeed. be of them have been exchanged for food. recruited and ordered to kill. or will have succumbed to the shellings, the aerial attacks and the bombs. this council and can and should at least act on the barrel bombs to protect the children and the remaining population. madam president, i conclude that the military has a long standing position this is no -- the sides must choose a side over violence. and that's based on the communique of 2012 building on
11:32 pm
the glimer of hope that vienna now offers. but that road will be long and full of hurdles. it requires time with -- all within its power to make sure that those who the peace is being built will see it alive. thank you. >> i thank the representative of lithuania for her statement. now i give the floor to the representative of angola. >> thank you, madam president. first of all, let me express once again on behalf of the angolan delegation our sincere solidarity to france because of the attacks in paris. and to condemn the acts.
11:33 pm
madam president, we thank the undersecretary-general for the -- as well as mrs. laila and the others for their comprehensive representations. on the humanitarian situation and challenged basically the syrian population. it is a deeply troubling to -- up the nations of the human rights and by the parties to the conflict and to their continued suffering of communities and individuals inside syria. facing syria's neighbors and now europe is one of the consequences of the international community's inability to promote and
11:34 pm
facilitate a political solution to this conflict. additionally, growing radicalization -- it's very bitter medicine with long term consequence that will affect the region and the war as well. madam president, we have a common responsibility of solving this crime and as much, we must step up and force, you're supporting the folks being held in vienna for a political settlement to this conflict. the country's participating in the political process including the members of the secret council are getting leverage over the warring parties. there's a possibility to work together and for the parties to
11:35 pm
end violence. vienna hopes through a worldwide effort, it has been -- [ inaudible ]. between the government and the opposition in general and also in ways to enforce the cease-fire. we believe that the establishment of the cease-fire and ending the proliferation and supply of weapons and this is for support for the groups on the ground. it is is a priority. only then will the syrian people feel like the real event by the shake holders to reach a comprehensive peace process.
11:36 pm
madam president, security council resolution 2139, 2165 and 2191 will determine the under the syrian conflict and find ways to alleviate the subject of populations and the stressful suffering. however, to respond, we must insist that the part in conflict show respect for civilians' rights of assets to basic necessities including food, water and medical care.
11:37 pm
it reached rational proportions and with regard for human rights in law in a safe world. the circumstance happened as to hire -- syrian and to reach the political settlement for the peace process and the political transition be hold accountable for the atrocities and of the woman's rights for a true healing amongst syrians. thank you. >> thank the representative from angola from statement. i now give the floor to the united states representative. >> thank you, madam president and thank you undersecretary
11:38 pm
o'brien and special representatives for your deeply sobering briefings. reflecting on your statements and on the secretary-general's report on the humanitarian situation in syria, it is disturbing to hear can yet again that the security situation has deteriorated and that humanitarian access to those most in need have not materialized. before addressing what you raised today i want to express my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the attack in paris on friday and those in buy route on thursday. we condemn the vile attacks. we must fight back against what can only be considered as an assault on our common humanity. as the secretary-general and the
11:39 pm
representatives have said time and time again, if only solution for the crisis in syria including the dire situation is a dire solution based on the geneva communique of 2012. just two days ago, we took a fundamentally important step towards that goal in vienna. more than 20 stakeholders including representatives of regional organizations and u.n. special envoy came together to discuss how to bring an end to the syrian conflict as quickly as possible. the group agreed to work to implement a nationwide cease-fire in syria which would come in effect as soon as the representatives of the syrian government and opposition have begun initial steps to a halt in the fighting.
11:40 pm
the halt in the fighting is essential to advance a political process to end the conflict. for our part it will be critical for this council to support this through a resolution of a u.n. endorsed monitoring mission for such a cease-fire. as discussed in vienna in the working group it is critical that all parties and the international community work diligently to ensure swift delivery throughout all of sy a syria. unimpeded access across the conflict lines, particularly as we look to the renewal of resolution 2191 we must do all we can to ensure assistance reaches those in need in syria. while there is renewed energy to achieve a political solution, the situation on the ground continues to be of significant concern.
11:41 pm
the tragic suffering of civilians from the persistent fighting and the rabid violations of law have continued unabated. we are still stung by the continued use of barrel bombs and other destructive weapons in civilian areas. the attacks on schools, hospitals and medical personnel, arbitrary arrests and detention, torture and disappearances. the syrian inevitable work for human rights recorded -- in just the month of october. including 1,284 individuals at the hands of government forces which clearly remained responsible for the overwhelming majority of deaths in syria. further despite its claim to the contrary, the regime's ghastly use of barrel bombs did not stop
11:42 pm
last month. the regime's use of the barrel bombs in october, in recent weeks intensified in opposition held eastern areas, resulting in the destruction of location. a strike on a public market in duma killed at least 70 people and injured over 500 others. these brutal tactics must stop. we underscore the importance that saturday began a statement that recalled resolution 2139 which includes the demand that all parties cease any indiscriminate use of weapons in any areas. create fighting inner on north
11:43 pm
syria has had a significant impact on the humanitarian situation. in aleppo, hama, we have seen about 130,000 new did displaced syrians in october alone. as the secretary-general of the united nations has said, attacks on health care facilities and medical personnel have a devastating effect by degrading the capacity to provide the care people so desperately need. medical facilities and personnel continue to be attacked as undersecretary noted. furthermore, schools too continue to be attacked. over 2 million children, one out of three, are not in school in syria. this too has a devastating multiplier effect. if the children cannot be protected, then future general running games are at risk.
11:44 pm
as has been reported, rape and violence is an instrument of war. this is a vile crime in syria. men, women, boys and girl, and it must end. children also suffering tremendously -- as these children are forcefully recruited to be used as child soldiers and in some cases as human shields by government, and by nonstate armed groups especially by isil. the united states is greatful to special representatives for ensuring this council remains informed about the appalling acts. we welcome future briefings to make more informed decision on
11:45 pm
syria. human rights violations are widespread as thoroughly documented which briefed this council last week. many victims continue to be tortured. the syrian network for rights has 99 murdered by the regime in october. isil continues to abuse the basic rights of those in syria and a marry couple was arrested for teaching both girls and boys -- or kidnap and enslave and rape. including girls as young as 9 years old. the overall humanitarian situation in syria of course remains deeply concerning. humanitarian needs overview those in need of urgent
11:46 pm
assistance now total 13.5 million people and an increase of 1.2 million in just over ten months. 8.7 million individuals are unable to fully meet their food needs at present. meanwhile, 4.5 million people inside syria continue to live in hard to reach areas. nearly half of which are isil controlled. the 400,000 individuals in me sieged areas continue to survive in more dire circumstances. the united states is supporting the u.n. to prepare an active response innicluding the distribution of relief supplies to more than 5 million people in syria. as noted in vienna over the weekend, the resolution of the refugee issue is critical and more needs to be done and soon. the u.n. humanitarian response remains only 45% funded.
11:47 pm
we encourage all countries to consider increased contributions as soon as possible and to begin considering significant contributions at the 2016 syria humanitarian pledging conference to be held in london in february. while we see a cease-fire and a political solution, we need to continue to address the critical needs of syrians on the government and we must do so immediately. thank you, madam president. >> i thank the representative of the united states for her statement. i now give the floor to the representative of china. >> madam president, china and the united kingdom for the initiative to convene the meeting and welcome -- to chair this meeting.
11:48 pm
i wish to thank secretary-general o'brien and the others for their briefings. china, expresses condolences to france. for the series of attacks that happened in paris and condemns in the strongest -- the attacks of terrorists. we wish to express our deep condolences to the victims of those wounded over the past five years. the armed conflict along the various borders are getting more and more apparent. isil and others are running rampant bringing -- to the syrian people. the international community should push toward this -- and political process, counterterrorism and so as seizing a comprehensive and lasting solution to the syrian crisis.
11:49 pm
political sentiment is the fundamental way of the syrian -- and at present, the political sentiment is reported opportunities to vienna meetings and successfully convened. the participants at the meetings reached important consensus by initiating the process, setting up a process holding the elections. the international support was initiated and the political settlement has entered a new phase. and the new phase, the key is to ensure the implementation. and coordinate with each other and under the u.n. auspices to initiate the process of political opposition, so as to keep up the hard won momentum.
11:50 pm
terrorism has been passing security changes facing the international community. the community must pay high attention to the impact that terrorism has on the syrian and regional situation. the council has adopted a host of resolutions ocounterterrorism, as well as combating isis and other forces and has reached a broadly based consensus. they must enhance the principles of the united nations charter as well as other genuinely recognized norms and to further strengthen the organization, especially we must pay attention to addressing the systems and the causes and it must be difficult is as to form a united front. china too is a victim of terrorism. the east turkistan forces must
11:51 pm
become an important component of the international fight on terrorism. -- assistance is crucial to ease the conditions of the syrian people. china wishes to emphasize it. -- to strengthen in engagement with the syrian government and based on the consent of the -- with the assistance. we call upon the various parties in syria to put the future, the destiny on the people first. based on the relevance of the security council resolution, and at the united nations -- [ inaudible ]. second, in syria based on the -- on international humanitarian law sees the attacks, medical
11:52 pm
facilities and effectively honor the obligations to protect the civilians. those who have influence on the various parties have more -- third, china supports the international committee of shared responsibility to get support out to syria and to neighboring countries based on the needs of the country's concern to ensure that a guest of people who need it can be put into the use. we call upon donors to give donations to u.n. syria response plan as to alleviate the costs. china has been making contributions and we have provided over 230 millions rmb in aid to the syrian people as well as to the refugees outside syria. not long ago china decided to provide $100 million to jordan,
11:53 pm
syria and lebanon and we'll continue to do what we to help. thank you, madam president. >> that representative of china for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of venezuela. >> thank you, very much, madam president. i would like to welcome you and pay respectful tribute to you as the secretary of state for the development of the united kingdom, we welcome you here. and we welcome steven o'brien -- and we congratulate him for the work the special representative for children in
11:54 pm
nonconflict and special representative on sexual violence in conflicts. madam president, before anything else, allow me to express, on behalf of the republic of venezuela, our heartfelt condolences to people and government of france because of the brutal terrorist attack on civilians. we extend our feeling of solidarity to families of the victims of these criminal acts which horrified the world with the vicious cruelty which with they were perpetrated we also reject the terrorist attack in beirut which led to the loss of hume inlife. and in lebanon, turkey, which led to a huge loss of life as well as the terrorist attacks which take place daily in iraq and syria, countries which
11:55 pm
constantly suffer terrorist brutality of isis. we condemn acts of violence of isis in syria and iraq where the civilian population, especially children, fall victim to the cruelty of the terrorist groups. these deplorable events show us that terrorism knows no borders, it's a threat to international peace and security. if the international community does not act decisively to prevent the financing, training, and transfer of weapons to these groups, as well as use and encouragement to use -- to act as instruments to overthrow governments, you the rest of the world will continue to suffer from terrorist attacks as already happening in the middle east and northern africa. emphatically condemns terrorism in all of the manifestations as
11:56 pm
well as extremism, wherever these acts are committed. there are no -- there's no such thing as a good terrorist. the solution of the humanitarian crisis in the middle east is connected to the root causes of the conflict in this vein as long as it's supported by terrorist groups and maintaining situations of foreign occupation and repressive policy, the flow of refugees and in turn these displaced people. palestine and the crisis in syria are examples of the tragic reality in the middle east and as contacts, our country expresses its deepest concern at the humanitarian situation and syrian conflict. the people of syria have pay a heavy price because of the up
11:57 pm
surge of terrorism in the country which led to a true humanitarian catastrophe. we acknowledge the selfless effort of humanitarian agencies in syria whose work is taking place under very difficult circumstances the result of the same conflict which has sent the country and the population in deplorable conditions to which the activities of terrorist groups, isis or other theater groups which make work of assistance of humanitarian bodies even more risky. this is why we condemn the attacks against this personnel and the facilities where they do their noble work. we appreciate the level of cooperation between syrian authorities to resolve the ongoing issues on the
11:58 pm
humanitarian agenda. we hope this relation will continue to be strengthened in order to facilitate delivery of humanitarian assistance to alleviate or relieve the pressing need of the population affected by the war. however, there are some positive aspects in the report of the secretary-general. one of these is the agreement in the area which led to a cease-fire, thanks to effective action of the united nations. another is the fact that 70% of competence laid down their arms in a clear attempt to establish negotiations for reconciliation, which is a light of hope. lastly, national vaccination company in cooperation with the syria ministry of health to immunize over 2.3 million children on a national level except for raqqah. all of these are encouraging signs in the midst of a general
11:59 pm
tragedy. the areas under isis control are a true challenge for humanitarian organizations, as affected in the report. the world food program is unable to provide assistance to more than 700,000 people needing food. this is an obstacle for humanitarian organizations. we are alarmed at constant use of explosive devices and car bombs by isis with subsequent results of civilian victims. together with the practice of the same terrorist organization of abducting individuals and carrying out summary executions as part of the example record of human rights violations and violations of international law. we also reject the deliberate attacks of terrorist groups on schools in syria and aleppo,
12:00 am
violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law. these are illegal actions which set the scene for war crimes and crimes against humanity. those responsible must be brought to justice. in this context, it is extremely strikely there are no direct references in the report to military operations in which the al nusra front took part during the reporting period though there are several references to isis and the nonstate factors which by the way is a misnomer. this act of information unfortunately does not help an understanding of what is happening on the ground. we also reject the fact that -- they are using civilians of ethnic groups, minorities, as human shields. these actions must be em fatically rejected by


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