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tv   Prime Ministers Questions from the British House of Commons  CSPAN  November 18, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> live wednesday mornings on c-span2. we also invite your participation via twitter. members are finishing up other business, and now live to the floor of the british house of commons. >> in terms of small business in any constituency the legal profession is a big crucial part . could he assure me he's protecting? >> i'm aware from the first
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minister have a separate legal jurisdiction, investing in legal and professional services and i fear and will lead from the profession? >> order. questions to the prime minister. >> prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this morning i had meetings and i should have further such meetings today. >> mr. speaker, may i associate myself and i hope the whole house and others from the government have said from the attacks in paris, for those killed by the terrorists in france. now, mr. speaker, various concerns to prime minister about
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neighborhood policing and security being threatened and formula which is now been admitted. can i ask him to reflect on the words when i change my mind and police local intelligence can be crucial to terrorists, perhaps this isn't the time to jeopardize it with -- [shouting] >> i thank the gentleman for what he says about paris and the whole house coming together over this issue. perhaps the house would like a brief update. as i said, one british national was killed at bataclan theater. the red cross are providing support. we make sure we provide all the support to those injured and traumatized by the events that have happened. there has been progress in france in terms of terrorists
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arrests. on policing, what i say to the honorable gentleman what we have is protected counterterrorism policing. we are going to protect it again in this parliament. we've seen increase in neighborhood officers of 3,800 over the parliament and seen a 31 cut in crime. let me commend the police. not just the counterterrorism police but all the police. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, as our hearts go to the people of france at this time, will the prime minister agree with me that the first duty of government must be to protect british citizens from harm, so he will he take immediate action to secure uk borders from those who threaten
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our nation and on security grounds alone restore complete sovereignty over our british borders from the european union? >> i think my honorable friend rages a very important question. i want to explain and answering a very important point. because the uk is not in area, we already retained full control over who is entering our country and we're able to check all entrance at the border even nationals and the house might be interested to know that we refused entry to almost 6,000eu national and we've denied to nearly 95,000 people. one of the reasons, principal reasons not letting people in our country is national security
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concerns. we have that situation already. [shouting] >> thank you, thank you, mr. speaker. i want to start, mr. speaker, by expressing the horror on this side of the house of the events on friday evening and solidarity by the people affected. nothing can justify targeting innocent civilians by anyone. we know that at least one british national has been killed and many more injured. many british people live and work in paris. millions visit paris and france every year. can the prime minister continue what he said saying earlier in response about the support given to british nationals affected by the attacks and advance on
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traveling to france and best possible no, nomality. >> can i thank the minister for his remarks and what pleasure it was to be with him in the football match. i thought it was a tremendous display of solidarity. i think we did a good job yesterday and i was proud to be there. i think he's absolutely right. there's never any justification for terrorism. he asked specifically about what more we can do to help british people caught up in the problems, i think our embassador in france has done brilliant job with staff and i've been keeping eye on constant situation and everything that can be done is being done. in terms of travel, everything is on our website. the most important thing is for people to carry on with their
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lyes, flights continue to go and the people continue to travel, enjoy london, paris and carry on going about our business as we do so, yes, we do need enhanced security and that is happening with the ways of the police are asking here in the uk and elsewhere but one way to defeat terrorism is to show them that we will not be cowed. >> will the prime minister agree with me that it's vital everybody in public life particularly in politicians are careful how we discuss the issues and also join with me in making clear that terrorism in paris have nothing in common whatsoever with the 2 million british muslims in this country who are appalled by anyone else by the events on last friday.
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>> strongest and best statements have been made by a whole series of british muslims coming together saying that these attacks are in no way carried out in their name. but i do think and i talked about this yesterday, raises an important issue, it cannot be said enough, no reflection of the true religion of islam which is a religion of peace. that is why we have to take apart what they say and prove that's not the case. it's not good enough to say there's no connection between terrorists and islam. they are making a connection. we need to prove that's not right. as we do so the support of muslim communities, i commend them for their work. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. surely a crucial way to help
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defeat is cut off funding, supply arms and trade. ia -- are allies doing everything they can and will he through the european union and others forms as necessary consider sanctions against those banks and companies and if necessary countries who turn a blind eye to financial dealings with isil? >> we do play leading roles as i said yesterday that the supply of money and weapons and support is cut off. i think we should be clear about where isil got their money from originally. what happened was because we didn't have a government in iraq that effectively represented all of its people and because in syria you have a leader who is
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butchering his own people. isil was able to get a hold of weapons, oil, weaponry and that that they have been able to use to fund their hatred. we cannot dodge forever on how to destroy isis both in iran and syria and i will be sending my response to foreign affairs committee. yes, go after the money, cut off the supplies but don't make that a substitute for the action that's required to beat these people where they are. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. next week the chancellor will present to the house. extra funding to be set out for the security services which we support. when it comes to expenses of other areas, all from the reserves, all from the funding,
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can the chancellor explain the answer too? [laughter] >> we will send out in full the decisions next week. there will be funding in security services of 1900 personnel. we will be safe guarding the budget and increase in terms of aviation security. this is part of an overall spending security. we have to make decisions and keep our economy strong. we don't do this just but none of it possible without a strong economy. >> i'm not absolutely sure where the money will come but it will come. london has been targeted by
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terrorists before and the events in paris focus attention not just on london but other cities throughout britain. plays a vital role in cohesion, gathering intelligence but this is shortly undermine if we cut the police officers by 5,000. does prime minister agree, i generally worry about the safety of london if the cuts go through. >> where does the money come from? we on this side of the house every money that comes from is taxpayers. [shouting] >> now, said, we are protecting the counterterrorism budget. we see 3,800 increase in
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neighborhood police officers in the last parliament. 31% cut in crime. a 10% efficiency target for the police is doable. is the leader saying that he doesn't agree with shadow that does seem to be a little bit of disagreement. >> i have a question from a taxpayer. [shouting] >> his name is john and he says at the time -- [shouting] >> at the time, and he said, mr. speaker, at the time when we are experiencing the greatest threats from terrorism ever faced the police officers are being cut. he goes onto say, demands have
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been increased, changes to paid terms, conditions and pentágonos, it's no wonder that morale in police force is one and three considering to leave the workforce. would you be able to tell us to protect it or not in next week's autumn statements. >> neighborhood police officers have gone up. we've seen 500% increase in neighborhood policing. we've also cut bureaucracy put extra 3,000 police of the street. i'll tell the leader of opposition something, the police wants the appropriate powers and the leader think that is the police when confronted waiving
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terrorists isn't sure what the reaction should be. [shouting] >> the attack on paris was clearly an attack on all of us. does the prime minister agree that we should hunt down isil wherever it is operating or noting, if that means shoot to kill, sobeit. if that means action in syria, then sobeit. [shouting] >> i think my honorable friend is right. what i've said that in order to respond to this very severe threat that we face, we need focus on counterterrorism on the united kingdom given the powers they need and making sure we are vigilant. we need counterextremism as we were discussing earlier,
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stopping poisoning of young minds but we also need to stop the problems at the source. we know where much of this problem is coming from. it is isil not just in iraq but isil in syria, what i said to the house yesterday, i will prepare a detailed response to the foreign aair force committee report to demonstrate we have bringing in regional powers and building a future for the countries but i believe part of that is takeing isil wherever it is. >> it's very welcome that there's significant diplomatic progress. would the uk join u.s. in viena on the weekend and committing
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progress through the united nations. will the prime minister confirm support on this before seeking to intervene in syria? >> i'm grateful to the gentleman that asked this question. of course, it is always preferable in these circumstances to have the full backing of the united nations security council. what matters most of all that any action we would take would both be legal and would help protect our country and our people right here. you cannot as i said yesterday outsource to a russian veto the decisions we need to keep our country safe. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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52% believe the uk should engage with all countries to coordinate an appropriate response militarily or otherwise backed by united nations resolution and only 15% believe the uk should launch air strikes. would the prime minister give commitment to secure a un security council resolution? [shouting] [inaudible] >> i couldn't be clearer with the gentleman. of course, it's always preferable, and whatever action you're taking, whether we are lifting people out of the mediterranean, patrolling missions over countries that feel a russian threat, if we are all taking action in the middle east against isil it's preferable to have a un security council resolution, but if they are vetoed or threatened with a veto over and over again, my job
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frankly as prime minister is not to read a salvation opinion poll but to do the right thing to do our country safe. [shouting] >> the french armed police who stormed bataclan and killed those mud -- murderers, scums, will the prime minister send a note of support to those officers on patrol and ensure that in the review next week they have the resources they need to keep us safe. >> i absolutely agree with my honorable friend. we asked the police every day to take risks on our behalf and thank the police who police effectively gained at wembley
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last night. two terrorist suspects died. this operation has now finished. as the french minister said, we should acknowledge a very challenging situation. iif we are confronted with a situation like this, the british police should not be in any doubt if you have a terrorists who is threatening to kill people, you can, you must use lethal force. [shouting] >> in a recent financial times article president obama said i emphasized the importance to tax credit to working families for child care and keep families in the workplace, mr. prime minister do you agree with tax credits? >> what i think is important to help locate people and that's why we are taking people out of income tax.
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3 million of the lowest paid taken out of income tax since i became prime minister. we are going to be setting an 11,000 threshold before people start to paying tax at all. we are helping working families with health care and helping with national living wage, 7 pounds 20 starting next year. something that president obama would love to introduce in the united states. we are doing it right here. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. social care would be a great prize for cities and regions, without effective democratic and clinical oversight, things can go badly wrong. already in manchester a hospital organization is waiting judicial review ensure proper safe guards are in place so the local authorities retain a last resort power to refer nhs changes for independent clinical review? >> i will look carefully of what
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my honorable friend says. this does go to a larger point which is we are currently changing the way our country is run. the big deals first manchester to liverpool, means we are going to have powerful metro who are tangible to local people for the decisions that they make. i think that's a very directful accountability and that's why i think we can be confident of deinvolving health and social care to those authorities, if too long our country has been too centralized, the great cities of manchester, burr -- [shouting] >> against title wave of local job loses, it's a very real potential to secure emergency
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step change. ahead of the paris conference, will the prime minister meet with me and the industrial leaders dragging this project so we can secure immense climate change and make initiative a reality? >> well, i know how important it is that we work on behalf of tea side, not just because of the difficulties, and that's why we have the task force and additional resources are going in. i'm very happy to look at the project he talks about. it may be best to meet with the energy and climate change because we have to make important decisions of all of technologies in the paris conference. >> thank you, mr. speaker. in my constituency manufacturing is thriving thanks to small businesses who are creating
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high-quality jobs in engineering sector. given the challenges that it faces by traditional bank and funding support, what assurances that understands the importance and continue to provide initiatives such as annual investment since businesses continue to lead the way? >> what i say to my honorable friend is rebalance the british economy not just in terms of devolution of power i just talked about but also thriving manufacturing sector. manufacturers have said to us that they want to continue investment into the centers that do a good job of making sure technology is taken up, they want to see strong support for apprenticeship program and we targeted 3 million during parliament, but they also want to make the annual investment permanent and it will be permanent so manufacturing and companies and others that want to make investments know that they can do so in a way that
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it'll be profitable for them. >> a safe and well having been caught up in the aftermath of the paris attacks and talking to her, she wants to know as a student after three years in paris whether this country is going to be safe on her return. she is worried the ambulance, police and fire service in this country and we have the preparedness shown by emergency services in paris. i also want to know why we are not joining with the russians to get un mandate to get isis from syria. >> first of all, i'm glad to hear that the niece is safe after attacks. we are doing everything we can to make sure this country is safe. after the intelligence we had some years ago about the potential of firearms attacks at
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multiple locations and perhaps the capital city elsewhere, we have run exercises, we've done research and looked at everything we can to make sure that ambulances and crews will be able to go in hot zone and recover casualties and we have the right number of armed police in the different parts of country and respond including using other forces in all the way that is we can. we look carefully at what the french have done in terms of surging into the streets. there's never 100% of safety in every country but we are doing everything that we possibly can. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. but may i draw his attention to the plait of david and maria
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summers. may i ask the prime minister if you encourage officials to look again at this case? >> prime minister. i'm very happy to look again at this case but gives me the opportunity given the kansas city he represents to say something about a group of people that we say very little about because we don't comment on the amazing work they do. it's very important part of the nation's security both domestically and overseas. very brave people work there and give them our credit. [shouting] >> my constituent was soldier in iraq and afghanistan and currently training to be a doctor in london, with the doctorate contract moral is lower now than at any time, our junior doctors and nurses are threat to patient safety?
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>> what i say to the honorable lady's kansas city is please look very carefully at what the government is offering before you decide to go on strike, because what is on offer is not an increase in ours, if many doctors it would mean less long hours. it's not a cut in the paid bills. it's an 11% basic pay increase. it'll be the better of doctors including at weekends with more support for consultants. i say to her constituent as i say to others, go on the department of health website and see how you will be affected. we've given a guarantied that anyone working legal hours will not be worse off under this contract. this is good for nhs and good for doctors and patients and even in this late hour i hope they will call the damaging strike. [shouting]
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. many have been found guilty of murder. took place 43 years ago. feel the central armed forces are not secured. [shouting] >> but the truth is about our country is the government doesn't decide who is prosecuting and who is not prosecuted. we have the rule of law. we have security authorities. people across the world and we have here and we have to support
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them even when we make decisions that sometimes we would want to question. let me end the context that yesterday the principal parties came together and agreed the deal to make sure that the institutions can continue to work. and that deal involved people who have lost loved ones to terrorism, sitting down working together to try and deliver good government for this part of the united kingdom demand that spirit we should look to the future. >> mr. speaker, the decision last week to close offices in the district would mean the lose of over 2,000 high-skilled-wage jobs. almost 12 million of the spending. can the prime minister give me assurances that hrmc will meet
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to consider the clear economic care for keeping those officers [shouting] >> first of all, i'm happy to ask to meet with the local mp's, second thing i'll say is make sure that job center and all the support is there for people who are potentially losing their jobs. the point i make is, of course, the claim is done by 26% in the last year. jobs are available. ..
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>> i'm sure over the next week the spending request will quicken as we get closer to the spending review. i think it is important that we put in place and school sport premium for primary schools and is making a ripped difference. but, of course, there's a role for the sporting bodies to play themselves. many of them receive large amounts of money from the television contract. and the more than that can use the money to invest in grassroots sports to make sure we are bringing on the young stars of tomorrow, that is absolutely vital. >> jonathan reynolds. >> the new leader of the
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antitrusanti-asturdy movement, e minister tell us how are things going? >> what i -- [shouting] >> what i said to my local council is what i say to every council, which is you've got to get more for less, not less for more. as i said come on this side of the house we want to make sure that every penny that raising council tax is well spent the end of his council like to come and get the same advice, i'll gladly oblige. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, -- >> mr. speaker, the time whe why friend so right emphasized the need for austerity with branscum could ask him if he could see what he could do to ensure that the franco british council set of over 40 years ago by both
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governments to promote civil society is a partnership can continue to do its important work to fill its community cohesion? without a very small amount of funding from both governments it will not be able to do that. >> i am very happy to look at the proposal. i think frankly france and britain have a lot to learn from each other and we should into into these discussions in the spirit. we've got a lot to learn about how we try to integrate people into our country, a lot to learn about health we have effective counterterrorism policing, a lot about how we share intelligence and i'm very committed to making sure we pursue all those things with our french friends. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the council has cut funding over the past five years and lost a third of its debt. does the prime minister i advised to the leader of the council, or should i place the blame from and where it belongs, in the house of his government?
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>> i think if the honorable lady is looking for some googling she may want to blame the labour party that love this country with the biggest budget deficit anywhere in the western world. and as she does so the advice i would give her about her local council is look at its overall spending power. it's the combination of business rates, council tax and granted, and estimate when it got to provide good local services. >> order. point of order of. >> we will lead the british house of commons as members move on to other business. you have been watching prime minister's question times and live wednesdays when parliament is in session. a quick reminder you can see this week's session again sunday nights at 98 and pacific on c-span. and for more information go to and click on series to get every program we've aired from the british house of commons since october 1989. we invite your comments via
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twitter using the hashtag pmq pmqs. >> the house and senate transportation committees meet this morning in conference on the highway and mass prime minister funding bill. we will take you there live at 10 a.m. on c-span3. later a look at cars that are connected to the internet, how they work and if they are secure. that house over the subcommittee hearing at 2 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >> democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders addressed supporters at a campaign rally at cleveland state university. he talked about a strateg stratr combating the islamic state following the attacks in paris. this is about an hour and a half. [cheers and applause] wow. cleveland in the house. [cheers and applause]
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greetings cleveland, ohio, and anyone who has come from every part of this great state. [cheers and applause] it is a tremendous sight to see so many of you here in the world team center at the cleveland state university. [cheers and applause] we've done it tonight to feel the burn. [cheers and applause] when i say field, you say bern. when i say field use a bern. feel -- >> bern great job. we are at a critical moment in our nation's history, and the fact that senator bernie sanders is answering the call to stand
7:38 am
up for working class folks and middle-class folks in this country to say enough is enough is enough is enough. [cheers and applause] folks who are i in the working poor who were doing three jobs at a time and they still can't make ends meet, enough is enough is enough. [cheers and applause] for young people who are saddled by debt in this country, senator sanders says enough is enough is enough. [cheers and applause] too many americans in this country are being deprived of health care. the senator says enough is enough is enough. [cheers and applause] and for the women in this country who are being deprived of their right to control their
7:39 am
own bodies, senator sanders says enough is enough is enough. [cheers and applause] and ladies can i just say this. we want our whole damn dollars. [cheers and applause] enough is enough is enough. [cheers and applause] what about a justice system that is unjust to african-americans and our hispanic brothers and sisters? enough is enough is enough. [cheers and applause] you will not be surprised to know that senator sanders has a racial justice plan that affirms the value of people of color once did away with the four types of violence that is waged against them, physical, political, legal and economic. enough is enough is enough. [cheers and applause]
7:40 am
senator sanders is running this race, him and mrs. sanders, they're running this race. senator has four children and seven grandchildren and he wants them to inherit a world where they can live their greatest greatness. eva mendes raised for your children and your children and your children and my children. enough is enough is enough. [cheers and applause] >> senator sanders wants everybody to be able to live their measure of the american dream. he is sick and tired of an economy that is rigged. enough is enough is enough. [cheers and applause] >> now i'm going to tell you something, folks. senator sanders can win this race. to listen to the pundits. he can and he will win this
7:41 am
race. [cheers and applause] you will win this race. because when i think but senator sanders i think about a public servant for our time. he has been doing the work of the people his entire political career. has been steady in his commitment to folks who live in this country. he is going to get it done. senator sanders lives on his principles. he is going to get it done. so if all of us put a little extra on our ordinary, extraordinary things will begin to happen in this country. i know it and i believe it which is why i am feeling the burn. [cheers and applause] now, we need you all to do some very important things in each and every person in this room, you are a part of making the political revolution real calm and where to get out here and make sure that we register
7:42 am
people to vote, that we are out there voting in great numbers, and we make it known that senator bernie sanders will be the next president of these united states of america. [cheers and applause] he is a man of principle, and i applaud the center for taking this on. i want to leave you with three things. number one, i believe that the creator of this great universe has given us two hands, one to reach forward and one to reach back, lifting as we climb. [applause] that we can't ask other folks to do more for us than we are willing to do for ourselves. [applause] and lastly in the words of my grandmother who was born in
7:43 am
1913, my grandmother could not read or write but she could count her money. [applause] and she kept her money in the southern ladies bank and trust. when asked my grandmother what does it take to be successful in life, she said my dear granddaughter, all you need on the three bones, the wishbone, the jawbone, and the backbone. [applause] she said the wishbone will keep you hoping and praying because hope is the motivator but the dream is the driver, the reason why senator sanders is running this race is because he knows that the hope and the dream of every day citizens are wrapped in his leadership to push this country forward for all folks. [cheers and applause] my grandmother said that the jawbone will give you courage to speak truth to power, or in the
7:44 am
works of dante, the hottest places of hell are reserved for those in times of great moral crisis choose neutrality. sisters and brothers we have a great moral crisis on our hands and we cannot be neutral. wwe will not be neutral. [applause] and none of that means anything unless you have a super gadget -- supercalifragilisticexpialidocio us bone which is the backbone because the backbone will keep us there for all of our trials and tribulations, and in this life we will go through some stuff but you cannot have a testimony without a test. [applause] we are being tested, so feeling -- feeling the bern is like many other good workout and is burning sensation you feel is proof that you're getting stronger. that is what senator sanders is doing for our party and that is
7:45 am
what he is doing for this nation. [cheers and applause] he is making us stronger. he is making us stronger, and if you want a democratic party that is super fierce and ultra committed and bring justice and equality and bring them all together, young and seasoned, black, white, hispanic, native american, asian, all of us together, we must work and get the vote out. we must feel the bern cleveland. feel the bern, ohio. feel the bern, america. [cheers and applause] feel the bern. senator sanders is the public servant for our kind. so when i say field you say bern feel -- >> bern when i say field you say
7:46 am
bern. without further ado i bring you the man that is taking it, who is doing -- the honorable senator bernie sanders. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
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[chanting] >> thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you. what a turnout. thank you, cleveland. [cheers and applause] well, let me begin by thanking senator nina turner, not only for that introduction, how can i compete against that introduction, i don't know. [applause] but more importantly, senator turner is an example of the kind of public servants we need in
7:48 am
america, people who are prepared to stand up for working families and take on a powerful special interest. nina, thank you. [applause] let me also thank state senator mike, former state senator and former ohio democratic party chairman, ken, for their support. [applause] and let me also thank the reverend doctor colton for being with us this evening. [applause] >> let me begin my remarks in a somewhat somber way. in telling you what you already
7:49 am
know, that as americans we are appalled, we are disgusted by the attack against the people of paris by the terrorist organization, isis. and i know that i speak for everyone here and everyone in our country when we send our condolences to the families who lost loved ones in a barbaric attack, and our prayers go out for speedy recoveries for the many hundreds who were injured. in my view, now is the time for developing a serious and effective strategy to destroy isis. now is not the time for cheap political talk or trying to take political advantage of this
7:50 am
difficult moment. [applause] now is the time, as president obama is trying to do, to unite the world in an organized campaign against isis by bringing together all of the countries who have common interest in defeating international terrorism, even countries that we have disagreements with your so i think what the president correctly is trying to do is bring together our european allies, france, germany, the united kingdom, and others, along with russia and along with the muslim countries who are today faced to face with isis.
7:51 am
[applause] what we need is an international coalition, including iran and saudi arabia, jordan and kuwait and turkey. [applause] now, putting together this coalition is not going to be easy, given the many hostilities and disagreements that some of these countries face. but that is what president obama and secretary kerry are trying to do, and i support their efforts. but let me also say -- [applause] let me also say that now is not the time for demagoguery and fear mongering. [applause]
7:52 am
if you think about it for a moment, you understand that what terrorism is about, is trying to instill terror and fear into the hearts of people. and we will not let that happen. [cheers and applause] as americans, as americans, we will not be terrorized. we will not live in fear. [applause] and i do have to tell you that i'm disturbed by some of what i am hearing from my republican colleagues, and i will just say this. during these difficult times, as
7:53 am
americans, we will not sit on to racism, we -- [cheers and applause] -- not succumb to racism. we will not allow ourselves to be divided and succumb to islamophobia. [cheers and applause] and when hundreds of thousands of people have lost everything, have nothing left but the shirts on their backs, we will not turn our backs on the refugees from syria and afghanistan. [cheers and applause] we will do what we do best, and
7:54 am
that is the americans fighting racism, fighting xenophobia, and fighting fear. [cheers and applause] and perhaps most importantly we will learn the lessons of history. yesterday the chairman of the republican national committee stated, and i quote, never before have i seen an american president, meaning president obama, project such weakness on the global stage, end of quote. [booing] well, as many of you will remember back in 2002, and we had a president, president bush -- [booing] you remember president bush.
7:55 am
[laughter] we had a president and he was very, very tough, but not very smart. [applause] he and dick cheney and a whole lot of them, they were tough, and they said we should invade iraq. [booing] we should do it virtually alone, and the result was 6700 brave men and women from our country dead, hundreds of thousands of our best young people coming home with injuries, physical and
7:56 am
emotional. many, many hundreds of thousands of iraqis dead and wounded. huge instability in the entire region, and we are paying the price today for that instability and that chaos. [cheers and applause] so i say, i say to my republican colleagues, yes, we have got to be tough, but not stupid. [cheers and applause] yes, we need to create a worldwide coalition that will be the isis, but no, the united
7:57 am
states of america must not be involved in perpetual warfare in the middle east. [cheers and applause] thlet me say, let me say somethg else. there are those, including many republicans, some of the media, the thing that the cost of this horrific attack, that the only thing that we should focus on is defeating isis.
7:58 am
and what i say is yes, we will lead the world in defeating isis, but at the same time we will rebuild the disappearing middle class of this country. [cheers and applause] we are -- [chanting] we are a great nation, and we can accomplish both goals. let me, let me say a word about the campaign that we are waging. you know, about six months ago, a little over six months ago we began this campaign with no money, no organization and, frankly, very few people in ohio
7:59 am
or the rest of the country knew who bernie sanders was. well, we've come a long way in six and a half months. [cheers and applause] we are brought out over 300,000 people to rally like this all over america. [cheers and applause] we have hundreds of thousands of volunteers in every state in this country. [applause] and at a time when the pundits and experts said, you know, you
8:00 am
can't run a serious political campaign without a super pac, without raising money from corporations and millionaires and billionaires. we are doing it without a super pac. [cheers and applause] and i'm very proud to tell you that as of today, we have approximately 800,000 americans who have made individual contributions to our campaign. [cheers and applause] that is more contributions than any campaign in the history of america at this point in a campaign. [cheers and


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