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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 26, 2015 4:20pm-4:31pm EST

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meetings that i'm in. and i'm sure, maria, you too where you see what's coming and these brilliant engineers and scientists that are working to make and improve people's lives so that even if she does lose some function, that there's hope again with regeneration of cells and treating not only just the symptoms, but getting to the point where your function is going to be better. and that's the future. >> you still feel like you're carrying a bag of rocks? >> i feel as though my bag of rocks has been made so much lighter by all the people that i know who came up to me all the time and said i'm praying for you, i'm with you, we love you. it was so extraordinary to have that experience of going across the country and having that kind of response. >> has this given you a sense of purpose that perhaps you didn't have? you stepped up to become a
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spokesperson, advocate, you're out talking about something you never imagined. >> i never thought -- >> so has it given you an advocacy that has been, that is empowering to you? >> yeah. i mean, it gives you purpose. i mean, it's wonderful, and you just want to help. and, you know, there's a lot of people that can pull the wagon. so i will suggest that if people would think about buying this book, we will sign it just right after this, and my proceeds go directly to research, not to buildings or anything else, directly to research. and we are going to make a difference in millions of people's lives through that. >> so i want to -- [applause] that is a perfect segway to wrapping up this conversation with ann romney. as she just mentioned, she's going to be in there signing books.
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the proceeds of this book do go to research. there's a lot of exciting things going on in ms, in alzheimer's. we hope you will join us both to find a cure for these diseases and by supporting her center, you do that. we're going to have many of these architect of change conversations, so let us know who you think would be interesting to hear from and to remember that, as she was saying, you weren't talking about this until it happened to you, and you could have stayed under the covers, you could have rolled over and said i'm not going to step up, i'm not going to speak up. and every single person, as i started this conversation by saying, has the power within them to speak up on something that can change another person's life. and i hope you will think about that when you leave today, about your own voice and your own power and take a page from her, be inspired by her, informed by her and ignited in your own life. so thank you so much for joining us, ann. >> thank you.
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[applause] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> you're watching booktv, nonfiction authors and books every weekend on c-span2. television for serious readers. >> of this year's presidential candidates have written books to
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introduce themselves to voters and promote their issues. here's a look at some of the candidates' books. in his late arest book, jeb bush catalogs his e-mail correspondence during his time as the florida governor. presidential candidate and former neurosurgeon ben carson argues that a better understanding of the constitution is necessary to solve america's most pressing issues in his latest book, "a more perfect union." and former secretary of state hillary clinton looks back on her time serving in the obama administration in "hard choices." t in "a time for truth," texas senator ted cruz recounts his journey from a cuban immigrant's son to the u.s. senate. carly fiorina, former ceo of hewlett-packard, is another declared candidate for president. in "rising to the challenge," she shares lessons she's learned. south carolina senator lindsey graham released an e-book on his web site. in "my story" he details his childhood and career in the air
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force. former arkansas governor mike huckabee gives his take on politics and culture in "god, guns, grits and gravy." and ohio governor john kasich calls for a return to what he sees as traditional american values in "stand for something." george pataki is also running for president. in 1998, he released "pataki" where he looked back on his path to the governorship. and kentucky senator rand paul calls for smaller government and more bipartisanship. in his latest book, "taking a stand." more presidential hopefuls with books include florida republican senator marco rubio. in "american dreams," he outlines his plan to advance economic opportunity. independent vermont senator bernie sanders is another candidate for the democratic nomination for president. his 1997 autobiography, now titled "outsider in the white house," was updated to include his time in the senate and the launch of his presidential campaign. and in "blue collar conservative," presidential
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candidate rick santorum argues the republican party must focus on the working class in order to retake the white house. donald trump has written several bestsellers. in his newest book, "crippled america," he outlines his platform. and finally governor chris christie and former governors martin o'malley and jim gilmore have announced their candidacies but haven't written books. you can watch them on our web site, >> in the united states, we define insider trading. this is a matter of stock fraud, fraud in terms of finance. we define insider trading in a very peculiar way. right now if i am a ceo and i'm playing golf with my be best friend and i tell my best friend tomorrow my company is going to do something that's going to dramaticically affect the stock
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price of my company -- and that's confidential, you're not supposed to trade on it -- but if my golfing buddy takes that information, tells his best friend who happens to be a hedge fund manager and doesn't tell him where he got the information and the hedge fund manager just knows that it's accurate and my golfing buddy says it's absolutely you can trust me and that hedge fund manager makes a huge bet and makes a billion dollars off of that bet, that is entirely legal. no other country allows that form of insider trading, defines insider trading so broadly. now, what i try to show in this book is that wherever you look in terms of the rules of capitalism, the basic building blocks, even bankruptcy, i mean, bankruptcy should be something that -- are you still with me? yes. bankruptcy is something that ought to be, you know, people
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say, well, it's just bankruptcy. that's the law. it's the rule. it's the markets. it's not just the law. bankruptcy is designed in a very peculiar and particular way. if you are a major, major business, if you are a presidential candidate, for example, no, i don't want to get partisan -- [laughter] but if you want to declare bankruptcy and protect your assets, you can. you can use bankruptcy. on the other hand, if you are a homeowner who got caught in the downdraft of the great recession, for example, and you owe more on your home than your home is worth, can you use bankruptcy to reorganize your debts? no. or the if you are a -- or if you are a former student and you have a mountain of student debt that keeps on getting bigger is and bigger and bigger even though you're trying to pay it off. you still are owing more and more, and the interest on debt keeps growing, can you use
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bankruptcy to reorganize to your student debt? no. now, what i've just described to you with regard to some examples -- property, patents, contracts, fraud, insider trading, even student debt, bankruptcy -- these are some of the rules of the market, and they are determined by judgings, administrative -- judges, administrative agencies, legislators. and the question is, who has most influence over setting these rules? that's the issue. the issue is not market versus government. the issue is looking at the system as an integrated system of political economy, and that's the way we should realistically look at it. is this system designed to help
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most of us, or is it designed to help just a but at the top who have had the most influence over the rules? that is a rhetorical question. >> you can watch this and other programs online at [inaudible conversations] >> there should be a couple seats around. grab 'em if you can. welcome to the international spy museum, i'm the historian and curator here at spy, i'd like to welcome you to another one of our author debriefing programs on a rare friday night, so we're really appreciative of you coming oon


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