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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 26, 2015 6:49pm-7:01pm EST

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hurt, sleeping, everything. you could be overhead and in colorado there were smokejumpers overhead. everyday we would have a briefing that had to is the shows us every base and where every jumper is that. little acronyms. right now we have jumpers in washington. there are some in california. it is a jump operation. so there are out there. you can't take them all because they have 5000 on them. or more. one more question. ready for the test? its 100 questions in it's multiple choice. [applause]
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knee i was covering the theory in crisis since its inception in the summer 2011, long before there were isis persons in syria or knowledge to declared presents and i got to know a lot of the opposition. which in the beginning have been peaceful protesters and activists. when it became than armed and rebellion against the assad regime i started to do reporting from the syrian turkish border meeting with refugees and borders. you have to understand southern turkey has become a kind of derek's for this revolution for this rebellion. in the summer of 2012 on ramadan i went to aleppo with the free syrian army convoy as parts of
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the city in the northeastern quadrant had been liberated from the assad regime and spent the night in a town about an hour's drive north from aleppo city. stayed with a family. the owner of the house was a syrian rebel. so did a few other journalists and the it was extraordinary because i had seen first-hand, it's one thing to open up "the new york times" or turn on "cnn" and see images broadcast from thousands of miles away but you really have to see it for yourself to understand the driving force behind this rebellion. it was amazing because at night these rebels put down their guns , picked up white gloves and garbage bags and for cleaning the rob pulled from the street because the assad government was bombarding civilian infrastructure. they actually target the hospitals in the town so any at the civilians are rebels who were injured were badly wounded
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could not be treated. so these guys i mean it was extraordinary. they would turn mosques into makeshift hospitals and put all their survival of clinton in there and they were treating everybody. they were treating pro-government fighters equally with syrian rebels and i know that may sound propagandistic but i saw that with my own eyes. about five or six months later the town i stayed in had gone over to isis. it was completely taken over. the house i stayed in is now controlled by isis. a family that i stayed with left the country and went to turkey. and so i watched in real time this generation of what started out as i think a very noble and dignified rebellion against a brutal totalitarian government and like many revolutions have become sort of a parallel image of what it aimed to overthrow or what it can to reject. my co-author is a syrian
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national. he comes from a town which is the eastern province of syria. the town is called --. to put this in context this is a gateway town between syria and iraq for which the better part of 10 years has been a traffic point for al qaeda in iraq and is now known as isis. al qaeda in iraq was a juarez to el paso if you like. for those of you who were in texas you know if the drug can tell so a song comes from it arrived and has an extended human network racinos everybody and his family knows everybody basically in this region so for the purposes of doing this but without we are not going to write a book about isis must we interview guys in isis. you have to understand the nature of an enemy. so we got these interviews with a lot of fighters at the lower ranking levels but even more important at bat -- then that's their family members.
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how can a 16-year-old boy studying chemical engineering or electrical engineering wanted to live in the west decides to cast his lot with a bunch of headlock thing barbarians? what is the driving mechanism behind this so the purpose of writing this book is to try and explain and by no means justify but to give an explanation and an account for the rise of this terror army. by last geographical calculus controls the terrain in the middle place to roughly the size of britain. the other purpose i should add is i get a lot of media in june of 2014 when isis stormed mosul inaugurating operation resolve. the question i kept getting asked on tv was worded they come from? how did these guys just emerge from nowhere and it sounded like the most absurd question i have ever heard. in the book we say imagine it's 1985 and the vietcong concord southeast asia but they still
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call themselves viet cong. everyone is scratching their heads saying where did they come from? they are indisputable and unknown to us. up until now they have been a primary enemy and a primary target of united states and its allies in the region. they had just changed their branding and e-marketing and their strategy had evolved in a very dire and sophisticated manner which make them all the harder to defeat. a lot of this book is a work of history. we go back to the early origins of the terrorist organizations. the founder dzhokhar a who went into iraq after the coalition in afghanistan. he had done in afghanistan. he went to iraq and essentially set up this organization. it didn't start his knockout of franchise but became one after series is tied to terror attacks
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targeting the united nations and the jordanian embassy so we wanted to sort of give the average reader people who are interested in the subject matter because let's face it they all have targets on our backs. these guys are they had the druthers they would fly planes into our buildings into raping they possibly can to try and bleed and humiliate and abate the united states and frankly every civilized country in the world. so this is sort of a broad history of the culminates i think with very in-depth reporting and profiles of essentially what they want which may be even more important.
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