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tv   Jeanne Theoharis on The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks  CSPAN  November 28, 2015 10:50am-11:01am EST

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and john gets poisoned. pathetic. so the 16th century is really the forgotten time for magna carta in the 15th century doesn't play particularly prominent role in politics. >> so the u.s. and the uk have a close intertwined history. the magna carta comes down over the centuries. you come to us. we have developed the constitution to do you think it is time for the uk to codify? >> for the uk to codify? well, there is some talk in the uk at the moment of a british bill of rights, which has been touted as an alternative to the
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european convention on human rights. and i don't think it will happen, i guess. i don't think it will happen unless britain votes to leave europe. and i don't think anyone, very different i think, u.s. and uk them in the way we look at our history. we do hav have a shared historyt it is this -- where's the united states was to collect written in the distance and the font on paper -- defined on paper. we are still in a position in the united kingdom were our history just appears to stretch off into the dim sort of blog of the past. and i think people are fairly
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happy to leave it that way, is what instinct. and i would say also that codifying your laws, something that happens in responds to crisis or historical political right. which is why i said if britain chooses to leave the european union i could see a bill of rights being produced in response to that. the other thing i could see is if charles becomes king, does something bad, awful, then we have to abolish the monarchy. i'm a bit sure that will not happen. [inaudible] >> no comment. [laughter] >> okay. well, one more question.
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son about. >> yes, he died shortly before john did. they died, they died within months of each other. he's a fascinating character. and, in fact, there's a whole site of the story that a britain about in the book at have the time to talk about to take a which is the used it in december 1215 and try to assess what the most important thing happen with you definitely but it's a magna carta the if you were a very worldly type and had the internet as well as you would have known in china the mongols had burned beijing. and gorgeous rampaging across china. that would've been the big news in sort of world history. but you would also have known that in november in rome the
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pope had assembled the council which had made sweeping reforms to the church. it had forbidden the priests to be involved in an event that might shed blood which meant trial by ordeal. it ruled that one needs to take confession and the eucharist once you. a command of churches -- would have affected your daily life a lot more than magna carta. and, of course, the purposes of this and don't blame the council was the fifth crusade. were as magna carta at the point december 1215 would've looked at the field piece of history of the civil war. presiding over the council be a much, much bigger deal. 1200 bishops, picture ox and archbishops -- patriarchs. so innocent was a towering
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figure. his relationship with john, is another story a fascinating one. so thank you. what i want to say is thank you all for coming today asking such intelligent questions and being such a lovely audience. it really is a pleasure to talk to you, so thank you. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> you are watching booktv, nonfiction authors and books every weekend on c-span2, television for serious readers.d
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>> host: we are joined now by jeanne theoharis who is a professor at brooklyn college and the joine author of "the rebellious life of mrs. rosa parks." jeanne theoharis, prior to december 11955, was rosa parkse5 rebellious?as r >> guest: absolutely.osebel and her rebellious spirit really start as a young person, as a kid. rs a for instance, she grows up in ah home with her grandparents ander her mother. her grandfather come after world uptake ofne assist violence in alabama. sit out at night, and young 6-year-old rosa parks will sit with him, pushes her hand she pushes back. political life starts when she needs to she describes, first elected as she ever met and that
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is raymond parks as they get married in 1932 and join him organizing around the scottsborough case, and for the next 20 years she will be active, she will join the naacp in 1943 for the next ten years, leading the montgomery naacp into becoming a more activist chapter doing the registration, working on legal cases, a legal lynching cases and try to get justice for black women who have been victims of sexual violence. in 1955 rosa parks is a seasoned rebel if you will. >> host: was december 1st, 1955, the bus sitdown, what was the plan? >> it was not planned, but it was up process both in terms of her life, a culmination of many acts of rebellion. certainly montgomerie's black community is thinking about
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filing a suit. as this is a year after brown vs. board of education, talking about the need to challenge segregation. this is all so not the first act, she is not the first person arrested on the bus. in the decade after world war ii you can see a trickle of people refusing to give up their seats, getting up arrested. in 1944 a woman named viola white is arrested, police raided her daughter. there is a s series of cases, 1974, new opportunity, in march of 1955, at first it seems this will be the case of a community that is galvanized, two things happen, the judge throws out the segregation charge and the community doesn't fully stand
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behind, they see her as too young and feisty. when i say it is not planned rosa parks is not a freedom riders, she doesn't get on a bus, but it is not spontaneous. it doesn't come out of nowhere. rosa parks made stand on the bus before december 1st, 1955. one of the things that galls her was many bus drivers would make black people pay and the front in the back. lewis bus driver, and consider her a party for not being willing to do that. she was coming home from work at 6:00 at night, she left past 5:00, goes to the drug store and buys a few things, boards the bus, sits in the middle section
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and it is a known man's land, in that black people, this is not the white section and she makes clear she is not sitting in the white section. there are a lot of myth she sits in the white section. she is sitting in the middle section. the middle section, black people would sit there but if she put it on the whim of the driver could be asked to give up their seat. the first stop after she gets on, the bus fills up, one white man is left standing. the bus driver notices this, his name is james blake, he tells the people in rosa parks's row, for this one white man to sit down, all four people in this row has to get up and he asks them to get up and no one moves. the axe again, you better make it right on yourself and the other three people reluctantly according to rosa parks get up anas


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