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tv   Hearing on Russian Arms Control  CSPAN  December 2, 2015 1:57am-3:24am EST

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>> good afternoon. i would afternoon. i would like to welcome everyone to this joint hearing. russian arms control cheating. violations violationscheating. violations of the inf treaty and the administration's response one year later. testifying today are the following witnesses. department of defense. this is an update to last year's hearing with these witnesses,witnesses, and we are eager to learn what the administration has been doing since we met an open and closed sessions on this topic last december. congress has not been sitting idle. the recently enacted fy 16 nda eight included section 1243 was directed the
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research and production of military response options to russia's violation. inf is not the only treaty or agreement that russia is violating. we learned that all eight of 12 treaties and agreements russia is not in compliance are is an outright violation. inf is under a lot of attention. the chemical weapons convention, the open skies treaty. can be used against the united states than intermediate-range missiles that could not. this hearing is also the 1st opportunity. nuclear power nuclear warhead that occurred during the review of russia's nuclear forces that including the president vladimir putin. according to the russian translations of what was exposed a new capability the
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economy and coastal area to the economies territory by creating areas of wide radioactive contamination it would be unsustainable for military economic or other activity. what does that say about aa country that feels that nuclear weapons are such a significant tool is military and diplomatic strategy of the systems in this manner. that's just nuts. the only time the president talks about nuclear weapons is when he wants to reduce them. the world is paying attention. we have a lot to talk about today. i'm looking forward to hearing, to learning about
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the military assessment and review of military options. the hearing on the closed session. i would like to turn things over. >> thank you.
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the presiding officer: the senator from tennessee. mr. alexander: mr. president, i ask consent to speak for up to 30 minutes as if in morning business. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. alexander: thank you, mr. president. mr. president, let me take you back five and a half years. february 25, 2010, the white house health care summit at the blair house, the same place where senator arthur vandenberg sat down with general george marshall. they met privately to discuss the postwar plans after world war ii. that became the marshall plan. it is the perfect setting for a serious bipartisan discussion about how to improve health care for millions of americans. so 36 members of congress, 36of us went to the blair house at the invitation of president obama. we were there to discuss the health care bill passed by the democrats, what's now known as obamacare. we stayed there all day. l the president stayed there, too. it was televised continuously.
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both then-minority leader boehner and republican leader mcconnell asked me to lead off in speaking for the republicans. i said to the president that i was there to not only represent the view of republicans but i was there as a former governor and would like to have chance to speak for the governors as well because governors managing states had a big stake in all this. i said, too, that i was at the summit to represent the views of a great many of the american people. -- who have tried to say in every way they knew through town meetings, through surveys, through elections in virginia and new jersey and massachusetts that they oppose the health care bill that was passed in the senate in the middle of a snowstorm on christmas eve. i warned the president then about the unfortunate consequences of obamacare for millions of americans. i said to the president that this would send an unfunded medicaid mandate to states.
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i said -- quote -- "it will cut medicare by about half a trillions. it will spend most of that on new programs. it means there will be a half trillion dollars of new taxes in it. it means that for millions of people, premiums will go up, because when people pay for those new taxes, premiums will go up and they will also go up because of the government mandates." that's what i said 5 1/2 years ago. i said directly to the president then that instead of this partisan plan, passed without the support of a single republican in the senate, that we republicans were prepared to work with him to reform health care. i said 5 1/2 years ago to the president, we need to start over and to go step by step in a different direction. toward the goal of reducing health care costs, i said then that this means working together in the way that general marshall and senator vandenberg did following world war ii. and it means going step-by-step
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together to reearn the trust of the american people. those were my words to the president of the united states at the health care summit 5 1/2 years ago. mr. president, the president and the congressional democrats listened all day but they didn't take any of my advice and hardly any of the advice of my republican colleagues about what the disastrous outcomes of obamacare would. so more than five years after the law was passed, nearly two years into its implementation, we can say one thing without question -- the unfortunate reality for the american people is that they are struggling with obamacare and that 5 1/2 years ago republicans were right. obamacare was and is an historic mistake. republicans agreed with the president and his party that our health care system was broken. we agreed that it needed to be fixed w


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