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tv   Canadian House of Commons Question Time  CSPAN  December 8, 2015 7:07pm-8:01pm EST

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>> in the canadian house of commons yesterday the country's prime minister gave his fellow members of parliament the 1st question period since taking office. this is just under an hour. aff. it's just under an hour. >> oral questions. >> leader of the opposition. [applause] [inaudible conversations] t president obama stated that -- are a career pillar in the cries we have seen the obama administration, germany, france, and the u.k., step up efforts. meanwhile the prime minister ordered our planes to stand down. why this the prime minister stepping back from the fight when our allies are stepping up? >> hear, hear. >> the right honorable prime minister.
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>> mr. speaker, canada has spoken clearly in this past election. they want canadians and our military continue to engage in the fight against isis and we're committed to continuing to do that. however we also made a clear commitment to withdraw the six cf18 fighter jets and engage in a continued way militarily in a humanitarian effort and refugee efforts which we're continuing to too. i engage with our allies on these issues and they reassured me we are continuing to be helpful. thank you. [applause] >> the recordable leader of -- the honorable leader of the opposition. >> mr. speaker, let's be clear what isis is. they're a death cult. they've sell children and women into sexual slavery. they target and kill gays and lesbians and have murdered thousands of muslims, christians, yazidis and other
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religious minorities, yet the prime says here goes to take our planes out of the fight. just how bad does it have to be in iraq and syria for us to leave our planes there? [applause] >> the right honorable prime minister. >> mr. speaker, there isn't a canadian in this country who done think that isis are a group of terrible terrorists who should be stopped. the question has always been, how best to engage. how can canada use its strength, the extraordinary strength of the men and women in the canadian forces are to support in the fight against isis. now, ongoing right now, continue to be airstrikes. we have continued -- we have committed to end those airstrikes and to transform our engagement in a different way, equally militarily, to ensure that canada continues to be a strong member of the coalition fighting against isis. [applause]
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>> the honorable leader of the opposition. >> thank you. mr. speaker, last night president obama also said his closest allies have stepped up their airstrikes, and then he went on to name france, and germany, and the u.k. but no mention of canada. mr. speaker, that stepping back from the fight against terrorism is not stepping up. will the prime minister admit he is more midsted to ideologies than the fight against isis? [applause] >> just a couple of weeks ago i are sat down with president obama and discussed and confirmed that canada continues to be a strong supporter of the coalition against isil and continues to be engaged on a humanitarian level on, a refugee level, and indeed on a military level. and right now, we are in
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discussions with our allies about how best canada can continue to participate and to help in the fight against isil, since we are withdrawing our cf-18 aircraft. [applause] >> translator: mr. speaker, last night, president obama had some harsh words for isil. he says the threat of terrorism is real but we can beat it. we will destroy isil and any other organization that wants to do us harm. think the prime minister assure us he shares president obama's views? the honorable prime minister. >> translator: obviously, mr. singher, canada and mid and the liberal party and the government of canada will continue resolutely in our desire and conviction to continue to combat isil, together with our international
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partners. what we won't do is keep talking about and it giving free publicity to isil because they use propaganda to spread. [applause] >> translator: of course, mr. speaker, the prime minister is referring -- has referred to his meeting with obama, very strength that just a few days later, when talking about his trusted allies he talked about france, the u.k., and germany. we don't want slogans like, canada's back, how is the prime minister going to defend canadians against isil? >> translator: as i've always said, mr. speaker, canada is determined to combat isil. we will continue to remain
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committed and involved militarily, but we will withdraw our jet fighters because we have been talking about it for months with canadiens, and canadians trust us to continue to take strong action against ice -- isil in a way that's appropriate for canada. thank you. [applause] >> translator: mr. speaker, i'd like to begin by congratulating the prime minister and be assuring him that the ndt will be an opposition that will seek to help the government fulfill its promises to canadians. but a lot of canadians are disappointed that the prime minister brought along in his suitcase to paris the plan and the targets of the previous conservative government around greenhouse gasses. can the prime minister commit
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here, today, in 2016, greenhouse gas emissions in canada will go down? yes or no. the right honorable prime minister. >> translator: thank you, mr. peeker. i'd like to congratulate my colleague on his selection. the fact is, we have -- we brought a new plan to paris. during the election campaign we made commitments to the tunes of tens of billions of dollars in green infrastructure, green and clean energy, we have a whole plan to achieve what the previous government failed to do and that is reduce ghgs. [applause] >> translator: so, no plan to reduce ghcs next year.
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>> they're also hoping the change of tone will bring about a concrete change of direction. one -- decided on canada's target will this government make them binding by enshrining them into a climate change account able law here at home? >> prime minister. >> one of the thing mist honorable colleague seems to forget from time to time is canada is a federation with ten province that have different approaches and different requirements. we have committed to sit down and engage with the provinces, listen to them and work out not just targets but a plan that ensures canada meets its international and domestic obligations to reduce climate emissions and develop a strong economy. applause. >> the body just said he had a plan. during the campaign the liberal
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leader said he would, quote, restore robust oversight, but last week the environment administrator says projects initiated under the conservative system will, quote, continue on that path. can the prime minister reveal whether pipelines, for example, now under review, will undergo a thorough assessment that includes greenhouse gas impact? or will they simply continue to use the woefully inadequate assessment system left by the conservatives? >> right honorable prime minister. >> mr. speaker, the canadians know we need both a strong environment and a -- strong economy and a strong environment at the same time. what's thigh canadians want environmental assessments they can trust. we launch a public review of projects and modern nice the national energy board to ensure the composition reflects
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regional views and has sufficient expertise in environmental science, community development and indigenous traditional knowledge. [applause] >> the honorable member. >> translator: the pipeline projects will continue under the old conservative system. during the election campaign the prime minister said, with reference to canada post, and i quote, we are committed to restoring door-to-door delivery, unquote. and yet there is nothing in the speech and his minister of public services said last week that the service would not be restored. so who is telling the truth? will the prime minister, the right honorable prime minister? >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> translator: the fact is we clearly committed to providing canadaans with the services they
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expect from canada post. we will work with canada post. we have imposed a moratorium on the installation of community mail boxes, and we'll keep working with the ministers and partners to ensure that canadaans get the services they need. >> the honorable member from milton. hear, hear. [applause] >> mr. speaker, welcome the honorable member, the minister of finance to the house. i'm sure we'll have a lot of fun in the coming weeks. mr. speaker, the prime minister made two fundmental commitments to canadian. one, the deficit wouldn't go above $10 million per year and, two, any tax increases we be revenue neutral. unfortunate, mr. speaker, neither or these are true and seems as if we're leave these commit. s in the dust.
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my question is, how much will these broken promises cost canadians? [applause] >> the honorable minister of finance. >> well, mr. speaker, thank you very much. i'd like to thank the honorable member for her question. it's pleasure to be here and a privilege. we made commitments to canadaans during the cower of campaign -- course of our campaign, the economy is growing slower then expected. we're going to make investment in our economy through infrastructure investments, reduce our gdp and we intend on getting to a balanced budget during the term of our mandate. we look forward to serving canadaans in this way. thank you. [applause] >> the honorable member from milton. >> mr. speaker, we're going to hold the minister to his promise. [applause] >> one way -- by increasing
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taxes and indeed this government already says they're going to increase taxes, but guess what, it's not going to pay for what is happening on the other end of the balance. there's no revenue neutrality here. so my question for the minister is this. will now he admit. now that he is going admit later on supposed he, that indeed this isn't going to work. will he admit that increased payroll taxes-that increase tax on retirement savings and the complex reengineering how children receive support will not work and is also flawed. >> the memberster. >> mr. speaker, again i'd like to thank the honorable member and say i think this will be fun. i will say we're starting today with a very important part of our plane. we're starting today with medsle class tax breaks, key part of our -- [applause] >> mr. speaker, one thing for
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sure, this government is very good at giving out money but are they good at growing the economy? ' oil today is at $38 a barrel. we are understanding that 185,000 job losses in the oil and gas sector in 2016 are possible this fakes everybody who works in the sector, including those in alberta. albert yas are hitting yet this sector what not mentioned even once. why is economic engine not a priority for this government? >> the honorable minister of finance. >> mr. speaker, we have inherited a situation that is more challenging than we had -- we are looking forward to making significant investments in our economy, to help grow the economy, because we recognize the challenges the canadians are facing across the country. we look forward to dog a better job for canadians in the years to come,. [applause]
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>> the honorable member. >> translator: thank you very much, mr. speaker. during the election campaign the prime minister made two major commitments. first, to run a deficit of $10 billion. and to bring in tax cut that would benefit everyone. but today canadians wake up and realize that's not threw. it's unrealistic, can at the prime minister stand up and tell canadians directly how much these broken promises are going to cost them? >> mr. speaker, we aspire to be transparent and open with canadians. our goal is to give canadians a clear understanding of the fiscal situation from which we can make investments that will maker a long-term difference for canadians and we'll bring forward our plan to show
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canadians how to improve our collective future. >> the honorable member. >> translator: mr. speaker, the throne speech left out entrepreneurs, not a single word or concrete plan to help entrepreneurs and small business and small manufacturing businesses. on this side of the house we think the real wealth creators are our entrepreneurs. why that he government left them out? why have the done nothing to help canadian entrepreneurs and wealth creators. >> the honorable minister of finance. >> translator: mr. speaker, i'd like to thank the honorable member and recognize we need to deal with all canadians. our goal otherwise help trips and help businesses by setting forward a plan that will allow it to invest in our country so we can make our country more product disand increase growth
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going forward, while helping those struggling to get by, which is exactly what we're starting with today. [applause] >> the honorable member. >> mr. speaker, liberals are already increasing payroll taxes, clawing back tax resavings accounts, and implementing a job-killing carbon tax, and also planning to get rid of boutique tax credits without detail. can the finance minner still el who he plans to eliminate tax creditor first-time home beers, students, apprentices, family with christian the sports and arts or all of the above? >> the honorable minister of finance. >> thank you, mr. speaker. what we can tell the house today i that we are starting our program to help canadians. today is the day where we have said we're going to reduce middle class taxes by asking those canadians who are doing very well to pay a little bit more.
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this is an important first start in our tax program, a program that will make canada a fairer place for canadians and a better place for all of us to do business. >> hear, hear. >> fellow member. >> translator: thank you. >> the liberal government is now admitting their tax plan doesn't add up and they'd have to make changes. the new plan gives maximum benefits to wealth ya canadaans and giving nothing to -- propose constructive change to ensure benefits go to 90% of canadians. will the minister work with us to help millions more by fixing the government's plans and making the tax system more fair? [applause] >> the honorable minister of finance. >> mr. speaker, i want to first thank the honorable deputy for
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his question and say congratulations on his election. i will say that our plan, when looked at in totality over the coming months, will show that nine out of ten canadian families will be better off through the course of or mandate through our protection because of our changes with will also raise 315 touchdown canadian children out of poverty so we'll reduce taxes and move forward to help canadians from coast to coast to coast. [applause] >> translator: mr. speaker, under the liberal tax plan, the median income earner gets nothing. but those earning between 90,000 and 200,000 get the maximum tax break. does the minister think that a median income earner is not part of the middle class? or will he work with the ndp to
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cover 90% of canadians? >> the honorable minister of finance. >> mr. speaker. we are looking forward to working together with all of our colleagues in this house, in trying to come up with policies that best help canadians move forward. our plan we have enumerate during our campaign will help nine out of ten families be better off. it will raise 315,000 children out of poverty. we know that we can start with a tax cut for canadians in the middle class so they will have more money to help our economy and we can move forward with other initiatives that will help other canadaans even more. [applause] >> admitted their campaign promise to bring 25,000 syrian refugees to canada was not
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within their ability to achieve. the government of lebanon and jordan require exit permits to be issued to refugees before they can come to canada. given that are only 24 days left for the liberals to meet their diminished refugee target can the minister of immigration tell the how exactly how many exit permits have been issued by the government ford refugees coming to canada since november 4th? >> the honorable minister of immigration, refugee for citizenship. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i congratulate my colleague for her re-election and rise to the noble post of immigration critic in the opposition, and i would simply say that we have pursued a totally open communication policy with canadians from the beginning, from the beginning we have said that, yes there are issues surrounding exit permits from lebanon. we are also dealing with jordan
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and with turkey, and we are working extremely hard on the grounds to secure those exit permits so we can -- >> the honorable member for calgary. >> mr. speaker, talking about rising to the occasion. i would say that -- have actually met reality here. mr. speaker, given that there are only 4 days left before the end of the year, can the minister of immigration please tv the house, since he wasn't able to answer the question on exit permit, how many sear yap refugees have been identified for reset. ment to canada, the exact number, and how many canadian permanent resident visas hey before inissued to syrian refugees sense november 4 inflame. there's only 24 days left. >> a member of immigration. >> mr. speaker i'm delighted to answer that question. when i ask every provincial minister how many refugees from
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syria his province could receive, we were oversubscribed. if you take all the numbers presented by every provincial minister, that number exceeds 25,000. those people are not here yet. but it's a huge indication of early support and enthusiasm from our provincial governments which spread across the whole country, mr. speaker. [applause] >> the honorable member from unionville. >> mr. speaker, even the liberals will require -- to achieve. still need to process application and other immigration streams including claims from other parts of the
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baltics. and basic visas can explain how diverting human sources to process syrian refugee applications will impact other immigration systems. >> the minister of immigration. >> mr. speaker, i asked my department this question, and i was a little bit skeptical when i was told it would have no impact on refugees from other countries. so i persisted and they explained to me that while some resources are being diverted to the syrian cause, no resources are being diverted for other refugees. so i can say very clearly, other refugees will not be affected by this syrian situation. [applause] >> the honorable member for
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calgary. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, it is -- that our government provide assistance to syrian refugees, but security on the ground is key to provide to those honorable people. mr. speaker, the government -- this important of both engaging isis militarily and providing aid, but the new government has decided to sit on the sideline, on one plan, making it even more dangerous for the people. mr. speaker -- national development explain the logic of helping the victim of war while not engaging -- >> minister of international development. >> translator: mr. speaker, last week we announced that we would
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increase funding by $100 million to help with humanitarian needs in the field, to help unhcr support and accommodate a larger number of refugees and $90 million to help people in the camps, refugees who are currently in the neighboring countries. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> translator: -- we salute the commitment and offer our full cooperation. after decade on broken promises this time, mr. speaker, must be the right one, but we're still
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waiting for the details of the $6.6 million promised during the campaign for education. can the minister tell us when the government will make its intentions known? >> minister of business affairs and development. >> i thank him for all of the work that he has done on this issue, and particularly on the u.n. decoration of the rights of the indigenous people. you have taught us a lot, and so it is -- [applause] -- i look forward -- to the government it committed to a relationship and we'll begin the important work of reconciliation and will need the help of all members in the house. [applause]
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>> the mr. peeker, i'm heartened by the minister's language on reconciliation but she does know, as we do the reconciliation has to begin on the ground in communities, where children are facing bacterial infections from dirty water, and we all have a responsibility to change that. toso the prime minister is committed five years to ending the boiled water advisory so i'm asking the minister could she tell us that's time line is for an action plan and will the action plane have clear guidelines and commitments so-so we can get results for these communities? [applause] >> the minister of indigenous affairs. >> his hard work and not only in his community but for been coast to coast to coast. as our government has committed to a nation approach, this means that we will have to work with first nations for us to be able to achieve this goal, and i look forward to working with the
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member to make sure that happens, and then we will have realistic timeline and goals and the budget. [applause] [applause] >> translator: mr. speaker, during the 41st parliament, -- [inaudible] -- sprayed of our government -- very proud of our government and the fact that last week it took steps, and
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this minister of the public safety is telling us what canada plans to do to stabilize -- [applause] >> the minister of public safety. >> mr. speaker i'm delight teed have my first question in this pour folio from that distinguished -- portfolio from that distinguished member. [applause] >> when people need to be removed from canada according to the law, one of the factors taken into consideration is whether that can be done safely. the most recent information available to us on the country -- berundi indicates that removals cannot be done safely, consequently the
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government of canada effectively has announces the canada border services agency has imposed an administrative deferral on all removals from canada to berundi. >> mr. speaker, in the speech from the throne the government told the a -- we want a leader military and that is code word for cuts. the report on national defense spending: if the most significant cut owes cured in 1959 to 2004. that was under the previous liberal government. are we going back to the future? can the minister of defense tell us what he is going to be cutting? >> the honorable minister of defense. >> mr. speaker, first of all i just want to say it's a privilege and honor to be standing for the first time in this honorable house. [applause]
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>> our government is committed to the men and women of the canadian armed forces. we will be making sure the plan increases remain place and when we send our men and women to the important missions reasons the world they actually have the capable to achieve that mission. thank you. [applause] >> mr. speaker, the throne speech was 1700 words and not one word was isis. and in the past few days we watched lied end of france, united king doom and the united states announce they're stepping up in the fight against isis. back here, the liberal government is stepping back. canada's back, all right, way back behind our allies in the fight against isis. why will the prime minister stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies in the fight against isis? [applause]
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>> translator: the honorable minister. >> the honorable member express the view of his party and our view is will well be more an tim mali effective with our allies to fight terrorist groups if we stop only two percent and focus on what canada will make a real difference. [applause] >> translator: mr. speaker, -- [inaudible] -- last week the liberal government saidded would be streamlining our current forces capability. can the minister tell us instead of talking about faking our
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efficiency what the canadian armed forces will be faced budget cuts. >> the honorable minister of defense. >> mr. speaker, this government is committing to make sure that the canadian armed forces have the right capabilities. we want to make sure that every department needs to strive for ef-si -- efficiency, and making sure we have the resources at the end where our men and women need it the most. thank you. >> i have to say that -- >> translator: the honorable member. mr. speaker, instead of supporting our allies in the fight of terrorists here and abroad our country will simply be staying on the sidelines and offering training. will the minister of defense tell us why canada is not being a leader in the fight against terrorism? >> mr. >> translator: mr. speaker, canada will do its share to fight the terrorism effectively
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by focusing on training, the train ago military forces, police forces, for governance, and -- [inaudible] and we will be doing this. [applause] >> the honorable member from nanaimo. >> mr. speaker, 26 years after 14 women were murdered simply for being women, for daring to study engineering, violence against women remains unaccept blue high. working together we in the gdp believe we can work together to end violence against women. but federal leadership is required. the new government promised a strategy on gender violence,
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including an immediate inquiry into the terrible issue of murdered and missing indigenous women and girls. can the minister please tell us when the government plans to call this important inquiry? [applause] >> thank you nor the member's excellent question. we are excited to move forward on this file. murdered and missing indigenous women is a national tragedy that not only affects women but their families and their communities, and so we intend to move forward incredibly quickly and with respect and work with families and communities and national stakeholders to make sure with get i right the first time. thank you.
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>> translator: mr. speaker. 26 years after the tragedy too many women are still victims of violence because they're women. according to the women's shelter federation, 10,000 women were turned away last year alone. when i worked in the sector i, too had to turn women away, women who are victims of violence must have access to the services. can the minister tell us when our government will invest in shelters? >> the minister for the status of women. >> thank you, mr. speaker and thank you -- thank you for the excellent question, a former executive director of a homeless shelter in thunder bay that's north more -- it's my honor to be able to work on this file and ensure that when women need a safe place to say, barriers will
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be eliminated and move forward to transitional housing that eliminated the need for shelter. [applause] >> thank you-mr. speaker, the newly minute. ed minister of trade confuses canadian by says ail not her job to promote trade and is not ratify thing tpp until the americans do. this is gold standard on environmental chapters 'when we she stop stalling and sign this deal? >> minister of international trade. >> thank you for the question, mr. speaker. our government supports free trade so strong through i
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couldn't wait to answer question. how important it is for middle class prosperity. we also understand on a deal this big it is essential to consult canadians and have a full parliamentary debate but the colleague is mistaken when he suggests we could be signing the deal now. the deal is not open at the moment yet for either signature or ratification, and he might want to have a coffee with the honorable member from abbotts forward who is well versed in at the details how trade deals work. [applause] >> translator: mr. speaker, the government is closing its eye to the problems facing farmers. there was no mention of it in
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the throne speech. not a word on agriculture. the liberals bend the word -- banned the wording a crew culture, agrifood, from the dictionary. producers want to know if the grandma on compensation under the tpp will be respected. can the minister of international trade clarify her position with respect to this? >> minister of international trait. >> translator: thank you, mr. speaker. our government supports free trade and we understand the importance of international trade for the economic growth of this country, and for middle class prosperity. as regards the tpp, we will be transparent, fully transparent, and a full debate in parliament. finally, we will disband -- all
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farmers and their -- canadian farmers with our -- my colleague, the minister of agriculture, i have already met with farmers on this subject. this is the commitment we need, mr. speaker. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. the world trade organization ruled that the united states country of ore general labeling was blatantly protectionis-it of this rule cost families over $3 billion. our government was prepared to move expeditiously as soon as the ruling came out. i wonder, the invisible minister of agriculture has been invisible on this and other files if wonder if he will finally do his job and defend the interests of farm families. [applause] >> minister of international trade. >> thank you for the question, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, the discriminatory
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legislation was in place for eight years during the previous government's rule and they -- [inaudible] -- i welcome the ruling by the wto. the first time the wto ruled in our favor with a record $1 billion quan tim. we are pursuing this matter. i welcome the fact that the house of representatives has repealed -- we're calling on the senate to do the same. snort pat roberts today called for repeal of quote -- i would like to say at the -- >> honorable member from vancouver center. >> mr. speaker, this morning the wto sided with canada for the third time on the matter of discriminatory u.s. legislation the wto arbitrator found that
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the nullification and impairment under -- cost canada a billion dollars a year and cost mexico 228 u.s. annually. will the minister tell us how this ruling will affect canada's pork and beef products? >> i thank the honorable member for the question, and i am delighted be back in the house with my cherished colleagues. we welcome the wto ruling. this is a vindication of the canadian position. we are working very hard in washington with the senate and we are very pleased congress has already repealed this, and i do want to say to canada's beef and pork producers, the minister of agriculture is a former farmer. i'm a daughter and granddaughter of ranchers. we are on the side of canada's producers. we're in cower corner, and if we have to retaliate, we will.
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[applause] >> the honorable member for cam loops. >> mr. speaker, this new government was elected in -- canadians expected diligence. on un2 when the truth and reconciliation report was released the current prime minister pledged this unwaivering support for all representations, the full list no exceptions. can the minister of indigos affairs give us the full cost? >> mr. speaker issue thank the member for her response in caribou, for her question and for the work we will get to do together on this really important file. we are so pleased to see that already the provinces and at thes have taken up those calls to action that are there.
7:52 pm
the university haze committed to help with the thing that are there and we will be able too do this. it was inappropriate for us to cherry-pick out of the 94 recommendations and with political will and leadership and partnership, nation to nation, we'll get this done. [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> translator: campaign people wanted to keep their own mail delivery service in my region, 50,000 families lost their home mail delivery, including 20,000. but the minister is going back on their commitment. i think there will be no further mail in the mail boxes installed
7:53 pm
cross the country. >> minister of public services and procurement. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i thank my honorable colleague for her question. we can commit there will not be anymore roadside mail books installed. we put a stop to that. which meant that anyone with roadside mail boxes would get door to door delivery resumed. we committed to home delivery. we are going to have a complete review of canada post, and they will determine the next step. [applause] >> member for yukon. >> translator: thank you, mr. speaker. again represent the people of the yukon. >> canadians made it clearly they not only want a new tone in leader shown in a ott would
7:54 pm
and -- ottawa and want a more accountable go. the prime minister made a commitment to implement a prime minister question period. now ask mr. speaker if the prime minister could please update this place on the status of this important promise. >> the honorable prime minister. >> mr. speaker, canadians voted for change and we're committed to delivering that change. we're committed to open, honest, transparent government. i have asked the government house leader to work with other parliament tearans to reform question period so all ministers, including the prime minister, can be held to greater account. the house leader already initiated discussions with a parliamentarians on the opposition and i look forward to participating in the prime minister question period sometime in the future. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the past 15 years problems on
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election reform and all three voters rejected mow pose sals so seems a bit undemocratic or antidemocratic for the government to aseater cert in the throne speech that 2015 will below the last federal election conducted under the current system. wouldn't it make more sense for the government, once it is edie signed a new system to follow the example of british columbia and allow canada yaps to vote directly for or against the new proposed system? [applause] >> the minister of democratic institutions. >> mr. speaker, i thank the honorable member for his question. in this election canadians were clear they are expecting us to deliver a change. this will be the last federal election in our history and we have committed to listening to canadians, not just in british columbia, but coast to coast to coast, and including them in a process and in the conversation that will change the history of this nation's democracy. [applause]
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>> translator: mr. speaker, my question is for the prime minister. last week's speech the government would undertake -- put in place a new health care agreement. during the campaign the prime minister sent a letter -- the 2004 health care agreement in quebec. will the prime minister respond to the request and establish the increase in health transfers for the right to opt out with full compensation. >> the minister of health. >> mr. speaker, very pleased to speak about the canadian healthcare system which has provided health care to canadians now for well over half
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of a century. in offering universal publicly insured health care, something that canadians hold dear. on the matter of the canada health act we sincerely uphold the act and its principles including universality. i have already had the wonderful opportunity to be able to speak with my provincial and territorial counterparts and we are meeting in january to discuss a new health accord which will provide ongoing health care for canadians in the years to come. [applause] >> translator: mr. speaker, my question is for minister of health. the quebec national assembly adopted legislation that would make it possible to include medically assisted dying. in accordans with the will of a person who is in the terminal phase of life. the prime minister even lauded
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quebec's legislation. can the minister of health guarantee that the six-month extension will not be a detrimental to become part of quebec's legislation? >> the minister of justice. >> the topic of physician assisted dying is highly complex, sensitive, and we need to ensure that we have a discussion -- a real discussion with canadians that focuses on healthcare, focuses on personal choice, and ensures we can protect the vulnerable...
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>> translator: in the meantime your thoughts enhanced for universal childcare benefits and the abolishing of the child this credit. will the prime minister made the tax credit for 2015? he intends to put in place a new benefit in the next budget. [applause] .. >> >> in the course of the
8:00 pm
budget 2016 we believe the program way to get this issue to do so expeditiously that canadians can do better as they pursue options have to raise their children remarks by senator tom cotton market on evocations of closing the guantánamo bay detention facility. this is hosted hosted by there it is foundation where he spoke about what he sees as the


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