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tv   Book Discussion on Stealing America  CSPAN  December 13, 2015 12:30am-1:11am EST

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that is their bread and butter. but he convinced 20 of them, back back off, don't show up tomorrow. into the halls of the u.s. senate, don't vote, and they did not vote. so that was amazing. >> ..
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the most successful documentary of all times. in addition, offered a number of becks -- bestsellers. his most recent book is entitled what my experience with criminal gang stop me about obama, hillary, and the democratic party. this book is the result of his adventures with the obama administration leading to a force consignment out of which he get some new insight about american politics. please help me welcome they great american, an incredible friend. [applause]
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>> thank you very much. thank you for inviting me to speak to you today. i was 17 years old when i 1st saw america. i came to this country as an exchange student from india, and i still remember the plane landing at the jfk airport. iairport. i looked out of the window and saw the skyline new york city. us of the statue of liberty. and a very strange feeling came over me. i knew fromi knew from that moment that i have moved from the margin of to the
12:33 am and i knew that my life from that moment on would somehow be in ways i could not anticipate completely different. i remember the feeling of coming to america in the special meeting in america have for me as a kid and also that america has had the world which dries my politics. now, fast-forward a quarter century, and i find myself last year standing in new york courtroom in which a very solid prosecutor and pompous bailiff said in a loud voice, the united states of america versus dinesh desousa command i have to tell you as an immigrant what a chill that sent down my spine, this idea that my adopted country had applied its full force,
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the fbi, the prosecutorial apparatus of the justice department gets me. i have now completed eight months of captivity, overnight incarceration in a community confinement center on the southern part of california, and initially intimidating but at the end of the day toward educational and even liberating. at the beginning it was not what i expected. i showed up the 1st day to go into confinement and i had gone on the megan kelly show and expressed to me in my great relief of the obama administration's effort to send me the federal prison for up to two years. i had gotten inside a judge they gave me this confinement.
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and so i've been in the prison rap. but when i checked it -- in the confinement the 1st thing he said to me was, you would have been better off of federal prison. i said why is that. because it's white-collar prison. all nonviolent offenders were running in the business executives and mayors and doctors who defrauded medicare. you can play chess because they have activities director. and i go, what about here. no, thisno, this is a whole different class of people. and as it turns out, the confinement center is a kind of halfway house, a place were essentially hardened criminals who have served there terms were almost serve there terms transition back into society. suddenly i found myself in a row about the size sleeping
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with 120a hundred 20 convicts one drug smugglers, coyotes, on drivers, rapists, the whole gamut. receptive bunkbeds, dormitory style command initially i was a little terrified because i realize that all these guys appeared to be groups are gangs. being on the mexican border is is mainly hispanic, but even as best divided into be groups. there was a mexican and then there were the american hispanic cults outsiders, they have their own group. i was like, i can't sit down and chat with this guy because i might offend i guy initially i was totally to myself. i considered but rejected the idea of starting in asian indian gang because i would be the sole member enough to occupy all the offices. but after about a month and confinement i began to realize that this strange
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place was actually learning environment. i was like an anthropologist in a strange land. i was in a place where there are very few conservatives. i'm not going to go down the hallway running the charles krauthammer george wills. i said to myself, why don't i try to talk to these guys and learn about a side of america have never seen. and so over eight months i absorbed what i'm going to call the ideology of the criminal underclass. i had gone into confinement but having seen the shawshank redemption and i thought, well, these are all guys who will consistently profess they are not guilty, but what i found i was most most of them have a somewhat different and more interesting view that we are guilty comeau we did do it, but we are the small. the big criminals are out
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there at large. the big try and the system never goes after the because they run the system. the great emperor alexander had heard there's a pirate out of the ocean molesting the she's -- molesting the season rating ships. he said where you get this crazy idea of rating ships and taking people stuff? and the power goes to my got from you. i have one ship and theythe form of pirate. you have all navy and the whole army. because yourbecause your accomplice on a much larger scale your call the great emperor. now, the.we are trying to
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get at is i was getting this idea from this group the politics which i'd been part of all my life was not so different from the world of petty criminals, robbers command racketeers but it was this guy and therefore less obvious. for 25obvious. for 25 years of my career i looked at america has an idea, defended american principles, the american dream, the american founding command i looked at american politics is a debate. the republicans believe in liberty. the democrats believe in equality. republicans want equality of rights, democrats want equality of outcomes. now, it isnow, it is the point of view of the criminal underclass that this way of looking at american politics is complete and total nonsense. a motivated by his high-minded ideals.
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i realize a circumference of the subjects is very limited the primal level is not just room by the desire to help a better society, save the earth and everyone has a job for healthcare for politics like the rest of life is driven by adverse blessed, hatred, revenge. including the republicans. what i would like to do briefly today is give a little bit of a different
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angle on american politics: the looks at it and machiavellian terms. he says is criticizing the ancient philosophers. if you write about imaginary principalities that it never into the none exist, in other words we write about things in the way things ought to be. i think it's a problem asa problem as conservative, republicans, one reason were in the predicament we are politically is because we tend to look at america and the other side through rose tinted glasses. but i'd like to look at america a little differently. when look at the last they
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do with the criminals do. they attack on what is relentless. the description of the people in this room go something like this. he people are greedy, selfish materialistic warmongers races, sexist, homophobic my guess the environment and so forth. that's a long familiar litany. to put it bluntly youyour bunch of really bad people. but if we look at our pelicanshow republicans are described democrats for the last 25 years ago something like this. democrats are well-meaning people who try to do good for society but the policy system happen to work for a while. you get a consistent theme. obama doesn't get it. he's a nice guy trying to do
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good, but he doesn't understand. and now begins when can i call the gop obama educational project. just to say we are now proceed to lecture obama on the way the world really is. a obama, we need to inform you that putin used to be a kgb officer. a obama, when it to tell you that they say they want to build a bomb they probably do. if you have confiscatory tax rates that might not be a good thing for the economy and on and on. we have been at this for seven years. and evidently obama is a super slow learner. he never gets it. he does not even seem interested in this great educational project that we have going. maybe he's not about this at all.
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maybe something else is going on. we can pay attention to what that might be. now, you look at american politics a little differently, want you to imagine aa guy who has been working really hard for a living, adding of numbers are cleaning office force command this guy is now living in dallas, he leaves his office, his home was a little underwater. going home and passes the country club or a beautiful restaurant and looks inside and sees all these people eating and drinking, and limousines are pulling in and out and everyone seems to be laughing and suddenly he begins to experience a certain kind of inexplicable rage. he's actually not experiencing anger so much
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as his experiencing in deep. and he is the worst of all human emotions. the reason it is so bad as every other device, the seven deadly sins, all the other deadly sins have some element of get in. anger is actually a deadly sin, but aristotle says that to be angry with the right person in the right way at the right time and for the right reason is a good thing. so the other not all that bad. in theaters. it has no redeeming virtue. it is often confused with its cousin jealousy. the jealousy actually is rooted in something good. if you read othello, is jealous. why?
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he thinks his wife is having an affair. he's wrong, but if she were he would be right to be angry. why? because down to five jealousy is the feeling of anger at being deprived of something you have a right to that is actually yours. the villain of the plays india's. he has a daily beauty in his life that makes me hungry. what is he done? nothing. he hates them. and he wants to bring them down. the key things he is not self improvement. it's fooling the other guy. so the guy standing outside the restaurant, he doesn't say those people are successful because they did stuff that i didn't doi didn't do it with a thought of ideas i didn't have.
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i did he go back to school, come up with a successful comic open a new idea. i would like to pull myself up, but since i don't know how to do it in the is a destructive emotion always accompanied by anger and resentment. who should show up but the familiar community organizer whitehorse no less. and the important thing to realize she is with resentment of envy. this may be hard to explain.explain. what could possibly be making you envious? but we live in an entrepreneurial society where the greatest recognition and reward for the people club with vista.
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the genius of the iphone is not that these jobs are supplying consumer demand. no one wrote a letter saying what i will phone that does the snap. the genius of the supply side entrepreneur is he or she anticipates her once before you have. and the iphone is created and presented before you knew you couldn't live without it. now, obama does not know how to make an iphone.iphone. that guy can't even put up a website. from the entrepreneurial we are looking at a total loser. but this does not mean that obama is not talented. tell to do something else.
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is able to send a guy is not actually envious. you are righteously indignant. why? you see that people in the restaurant, they have been stealing from you. you don't actually have to do anything.anything. have a bunch of powerful friends command together we will go and take their stuff and give some of it to you. now, this seems to me is that in conflict going on american politics the 20 entrepreneurial and all the people at work for them.
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a very powerful alliance. not just a politician our community organizer the powerful people in the media, academia command all these people are fighting to transfer control. a politics and all the rhetoric with the criminals in the confinement; is a bitch. let's say your gay and want to rumble ladies but breaking into their apartments and taking their stuff, much easier than breaking into the apartment if you can convince the old lady take the latch yourself off the door and it kicked the door and go do your thing. what you say to her to make
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her trust you momentarily that's called the pitch. i want look at obama care, and the obama care fits. because again if i were writing about obama care i would write about it in terms of it doesn't work, doesn't provide for discourage people from going in the medicine. dallas look a little differently. i got a good one for you. the insurance companies are rich. let's unite you get. let's make them do stuff that they otherwise would never do, stupid stuff that make them insurance for ailments we have before. think about crazy that is. calling for fire insurance white house already on fire. how they do that?
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what a great idea. you go get them. now the plot thickens. this obama sits down with the ceos of insurance companies. got a deal for you. i want to have greater federal control over the whole healthcare industry. you don't want insurance, don't want to pay for it, don't want to buy millions of new customers for you and hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. you need to support obama care to convince people. here's my., obama care on the surface is a collusion between obama and the american people to go get the insurance companies. in reality it's a collusion between obama and the
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insurance company to go get the american taxpayer, to go get the american people. so this is to me a little bit of a more illuminating and realistically of seeing how politicians operate. in other words, ways in which they use politics tacoma's large areastacoma eyes large areas of the economy. what we have seen under obama is the federal government extending its reach over banks, investment houses, automobile companies , the whole healthcare industry moving into the energy sector using the free college stuff to get an education, another multibillion dollar.dollar. were not talking about the government sector but the private sector. so this resentful class of people as no interest in creating wealth. they don't want to run these companies will tell you where to drill
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or where to find oil bubble once you find oil and want to appropriated for the able to tell you what to do with it what you can sell it for plan where the money should go. now, this may seem like a dark and almost unbelievable portrait of american politics. we have seen the kind of tammany hall corruption was that was at one time confined to small pockets of american life, the other machine in new york for the daily record in chicago, but now we have the secretary of state figured out how to convert our office which is to say american foreign-policy itself into an instrument of accumulation of enormous private wealth. inin other words the ingenuity of the clintons, they figured out how to make money out of the uranium mines in kazakhstan and out of canadian billionaires have oil interests in africa
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there's no money, but there is aa big inflow $10 billion to be precise of a money. bill clinton can be the un appointment his wife is a secretary of state, you guys just imagine the glasses of champagne. it's like putting bonnie and clyde in charge of the whole rebuilding operation, not surprising very little of it goes through the purchase of the clinton foundation. why? politics pay big time. heller was scorned. it's true. the clintons. the clintons have the money when they went into politics. now they have quite a few hundreds of millions of dollars in the foundation is
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over billion. how do you go from zero to 200 million it works be? well, you invent the iphone. they figured out how to make politics pay. we have not seen this level of corruption in america before. it had a rich presidents. fdr was rich, rich, jfk was rich, but they were rich before. jimmy carter or truman or reagan, the came to the government to make money, but we are seeing with obama and hillary this undying thirst for money and power. now, a very different character. both of them are racketeers of the, but bills rackets and his ambition are limited by the circumference of his appetite. basicallyappetite. basically in a big room and top dog everyone's fawning over him. if you canif you can supply
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his immediate appetite is a happy camper. bill does not necessarily want to run your life. that's too much of a nuisance. hillary on the other hand is a very different set of ambitions. hillary is more like obama, people who want to extend that government control but their control because they are the ones who are running the government. many fast-forward. it seems to me part of the problem is that just because not just because they fight harder in the political field, they do. it's also because they had essentially moved over the past 25 years to take overall the big megaphones of our society. and by society. and by this, i mean, the
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cultural institution that shapes people's way of thinking. thinking of the mainstream media, hollywood, broadway, the whole sector of comedians taking a increasingly powerful. out of we expect that even compete. even have fantastic ideas how to get them out? always seemed i was talk radio, rush limbaugh, fox news channel and that's kind of it. i used to be a pointy-headed
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think tank guy to write books which would reach a substantial audience. my last book was number one in the new york times bestseller list at least 200,000 people. in 2016 my film on obama reached a million people. in fact this is what makes me one of the stupidest criminals in the history of american jurisprudence. i should've not making that movie there was a big target on my back and that if i did the slightest thing wrong on my taxes or any sphere i would become vulnerable to the full power of the government. now, here's the thing. the left gets away with it all the time. about the same time as my case making its way through the court. if $20,000 over the campaign finance limit.
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at the same time another guy they seem to specialize in campaign-finance violations that this guy is $180,000 of donations. hillary abuts a democratic candidates. corruption and witness tampering. trying to convince aa witness to lie under oath. the present no confinement. this is the america we are moving into. justice isjustice is not simply a matter of good you break the law for proportion of the penalties to the offense making sure that other guys it did the same thing get roughly the same desserts. progressive justice is a kind of oxymoron. the progressives are using it to go after us. ..
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now when i said dartmouth, i saw saw buildings named after
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but those are the people who earned money and gave up that was honoring the donor. now robert burke pay for the highway? no. did he he pay for the medical center? no he appropriated taxpayer money to build the thing, the medical center that was then credited to him. obama, one more scan before close. he goes, i'm going to give you a rebate on your college loan. i'm i'm going to give you free college, really, how are you going to do that? college is not free you have to paper professors, college, college costs money. obama's ideas the government will pay for witches if the government does not have the money to pay for it we will be adding to the national debt. who is going to be paying off the national debt? young people. so what obama is actually doing is going up to young person, reaching into the back pocket,
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taking out money out of their own future earnings and given it back to them now and per tending to be a generous guy. it's a complete scan. he's not even robbing peter to pay paul, he's paul, he's robbing paul to pay paul. he now expects paul's undying gratitude in exchange for this. paul then says obama paid for my college. now, all of us in this room feel a little frustrated by walking in but the truth of his is, we'll we all have far more influence than what we realize. last year, when when my book america came out, and by the way this is the last using his influence, someone from the obama administration walked into cosco, realize that democratic donors of the obama administration, made phone calls. is it what the heck is a right-winger, against you guys.
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so they decided as a corporation to pull my book from every cosco in the country. this is called the left using its power. they do not want to be on the wrong side of obama. better him than me. but, they found out about this and wrote an article about it in the daily which caused an irruption of outrage among the readers on the web see, how can you do this and so on. an online mob assembled that day. what i want to emphasize that this was an online mob without influence. until, someone in that group decided, wire are we on this site, we should be discussing this on the cosco site. very important change of venue. now the the snowball began to roll towards cosco. by the time i got there 1000
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people turned into 17000 people. a big number, but not a gargantuan number. the 17000 people destroyed the cosco website. by by destroyed what i mean is they went into every, every time you buy a her pants, grill, you click on that, you would see a very fashionable lady in florida or texas cutting up her cosco executive membership card. or mailing it to the ceo admit in small pieces. causing him to get so upset that he flew me to seattle in an emergency session and said you, are destroying cosco. me. i am destroying a a multibillion-dollar corporation all by myself? he made it very clear i'm not only jeopardizing his job but the jobs of thousands of cosco employees. what is he saying here? that a big business which has a
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huge loyalty cannot survive the fury of 17000 people applied concentrated power where it actually matter. they have to do business online. so i said goodbye, thank you. i flew back flew back to san diego at the moment i landed i learned cosco has reversed its decision, all my books are back on the tables, they ordered 25,000 new copies of my book. when book. when my film came out america last year, normally dvds are not billed but they built a special stand [applause]. so. in the new era of technology this is how we use influence. close this way, years ago one of my professors tell me a story about the lion tamer in the line.
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here's the lion and here's the line tamer, a little guy with a stick. he throws the stick and the line does tricks. my professor asked a simple question? who is actually more powerful, the line tamer or the line? well, it's the lion. so why is the lion so acting so obediently, to the instructions of the line tamer? the answer is that the lion does not know its own power. the line thinks that the lion tamer is more powerful. that is our position as americans. we are extremely powerful. this progressive hype cannot go on without our permission. it cannot go on if we decide to apply concentrated power against it. we have to be creative and thinking how to use that power. next year, i'm going to release a movie will come out probably
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the week of the democratic convention. [applause]. they're going to be giving your narrative, we are are going to be giving you truth. a counter narrative you might say. it is now it in my power, it is in your power to take this messaging, messaging that probably will not come from the official apparatus of the party, take this film and put it in the hands of independent voters who will decide the election. that is called using your influence. don't just say our minaret state what can i do? there is something you can do. the movie will open, opening weekend will probably open in 1500 or 2000 theaters. if you see it opening weekend and we have a good opening weekend, will opening weekend, will be in 4000 theaters next week. if we have a mediocre opening will go from 2000 theaters to
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1000 theaters. so it's actually your hands. you must go opening weekend. you might want to say why one awaits what comes out on dvd d. but you have a multiple line affected taking this messaging and helping it fire out by exercising influence where it matters. at the end of the day there very few times in american history when the ordinary citizen is called upon to do more. normally, merck is a country country where it's kind of like a house. you never need to go consult the blueprint of the building, you just walk in the hallways and sit on the couch. this only when the building begins to shake that you say, i better go to the attic, i better figure out how this thing is put together. we are one of those times where it is in our hands, tragic necessity it is our mission to be in the position to save this country. think of all it has done for us and what we need to do now as we
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have the creativity and the resolution to put america back together again. thank you very much. [applause]. [inaudible] >> if you want to watch this program again, visit book to to watch any of the programs you see here online. type the other name, or book table in the search bar at the top of the page and click the looking glass. you can can share any videos of the website by clicking facebook, twitter, or share icon at the bottom. book to be, since 1998, all of


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