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tv   Book Discussion on In Order to Live  CSPAN  December 25, 2015 12:00pm-12:46pm EST

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your its presence here indicates your permission and to be filmed when it gets to the question and answer portion of the event please raise your hand please wait for the man with the microphone to ask your question. due to a technical need we're moving to a new platform this will be a lively discussion so asking that all purchases be made by eight to 45. tonight we're very happy to welcome our guest. born in north korea where she spent much of her childhood country in fear of the government's controlling role they would acknowledge
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of the upside world that their teen herve rated daring escape but then based challenges to be sold to traffickers than making it across the gobi desert her new memoir is called on his work that represents the plight of many north koreans details the struggles in her new life as a human rights activist with cities around the world tonight's event includes day question and answer and she will be appear to sign books we have books available for purchase on the car to. thank you for coming in tonight. [applause]
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>> i will keep it very short. thank you very much i am honored to be here. when ordered to be in a bookstore in the united states. it is very humbling. when you have this attitude that i am here to tell you today about the people for politics and here to talk
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about those in north korea that our just like us that are trapped so i was river in my life in north korea. there are two types of dictatorships they you're not allowed to wear earrings you cannot watch movies. we only have one channel and with that other dictatorship that exist that is the emotional dictatorship.
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but they teach us that the very first thing my mom told me was and that the walls have ears. so it came into my mind so i was not allowed to do think for myself. that was something that you never know. of course, i never knew i would be in this place but i never knew how many countries there were i didn't know what satellite
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was or internet i believed what my teachers told me but they never told about canada or australia that our enemy is very clear in that south korea would spike in they tried to trick us at every moment. they have blond hair and blue eyes and are cold-blooded people. and i thought all those people were walking around. [laughter]
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there is so much diversity in this country i could not believe that. so there are we are capacitors we killed them hominy are left? you can see that i yen here today. you never know. it is life the application poverty starvation that this is how it is supposed to be. because you're not allowed to watch the movie. you could not read a book like your is and you cannot
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read the philosophers after the second quarter but they would say we were the best country on earth and everybody wants to be like us. but it was not that good. i remember when i was that
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they have a ration system and those were discriminated by the regime. in the 1985 through 1998 to save 3 million people died the total population was 22 million although we can imagine how many died during that time. the was very young and i was asking -- i heard my old
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girl was screaming and asking my grandmother there is no word for freedom in north korea. the only love the you can express for the regime that i could never imagine a never saw my father telling my mother that i love you. or that they would die for the regime. so coming from china to north korea but the regime
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from watching the peace the luckily i did space get caught. eye watched the action movie 007 they're shooting each other all the time. [laughter] i know how they do it but i cannot live there. [laughter] so i thought that was american life. i was so disappointed. [laughter] it was just a movie that i could not process how does
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somebody make a movie like that? and if they could make a movie about the love story it was no rubio and juliet. the shakespeare. and you're not allow to know where they're coming from. that is shocking and then i didn't have the internet to check after that. the my father was sent to
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prison that he was a normal business man. so that is how he became a prisoner and had he lost his dignity. but this is not the of level that you can think of so the last political prison camp they treat people less than animals. why do we care about these prisoners?
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and living with my parents that the age of eight and it went to wash clothes and goes to a the mountain in the neck and get from nature but what can i do? in that was so surprised that use a spring into life, is backed by the north korea spring in the season of death because those who
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died in the winter there not enough food so then they die in the spring. i didn't know what was happening when i went to china. so at the age of 30 e and one dash 13 she left me but they can help you to go to a china so i had my appendix and seven days later i could barely walk but she said we could go to china that day. they said white issue willing to help us?
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but that is how we crossed a was 13 years old and they told me if you have to be sold with, is asking me what you want to do? fame 13 years old. and so with that trafficking
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so from assault 65 and never sold over 200 here you can buy and iphone but that is somebody's life there were doing nothing wrong. and then into enslavement and they told me for the first time i don't know what it means to be free. what does that mean? that was freedom not freedom of speech.
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but not freedom of election but that is how we would risk our life in 2009 is that is how i became pretty with thousand miles of journey to be free of course, i had to cross another desert and i was a time traveler i don't know how they have wings or how they fly to remember when i saw but in this country they
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have lights. and not only that they had to give it to me in the copy machine the supermarket or anything was like a baby to pataki and what but did not know anything. for the first time people were asking me what do you think some people ask me what you want to do? i don't know what i want to
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do was hoping somebody could tell me but then natalie that i just could not trust anybody again how do i trust again of what you're telling me is true? but what change me was an animal farm. is a very thin book. and i could not believe it. my grandmother my mother and
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myself was in the book. industrialized is going to justice in with the holocaust. but after they had a different political system that we should stop it.
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is there really that bad? that really is that bad. is that is why i and telling my a story. in the you can do something about this tragedy. the the was scared if somebody could hear me. the hope we can spread the word.
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they use so much -- thank you. [applause] >> i am very fond to go on to you to watching north korea of videos we see them cheering natalie and crying when they see their leader. how much of that is real or because they know they better do that? >> it is a good question. i wonder the same thing.
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everybody is watching each other and you cannot watch each other. in to escape that person -- purpose. so that kind of system nobody told them the truth. so i don't know.
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and then they have to clap and cheer or they will be killed. so then that cannot be true so is that true or not? and a day have to do that to survive. it is crazy. >>. >> there is another author who wrote a book. have you met him? >> he is my friend. to have any questions about that?
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>> i just wondered if you had a chance to contact him yet. >> in tsa living in freedom. >> what were the circumstances for you to get free? >> thank you. i still don't know honestly.
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freedom is everything to me that i kentuckians think for resolve ahead to know a lot of stuff i had to learn how to survive again. what is mars? so that is freedom have imagined i would it take an airplane so everything that
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we do. thank you. >> i have a question about your english. it is quite good. have you ben practicing? so what is the story of your sister? >> after a long seven years ago to see freedom began. she is in freedom now and save and for english so the american tv show friends.
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[laughter] there was 24 episodes and 10 seasons and then you have been bullish for sure. [laughter] so people ask me what is wrong with you? it didn't really teach me english but the culture like turkey for the thanksgiving or those kind of things. >> i have read a lot of
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defectors once they get to south korea felt a tremendous hostility that they were not welcome. did you have that same experience? >> that is another tragedy that everything will be okay. no. it made them harder for us. it is the dilemma for me a visit like they have a compassion they do have compassion and generosity and kindness but a very a garett attitude to the north koreans still waiting
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because of the korean war and they go to south korea but then they make a joke about it. that why you're here. with the increasing competition. in with the less educated people. maybe higher cry rates. . . . .
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they really can't say something. and i in october was the 1st time telling my story. i was not allowed to share.
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i went through that, and in south korea, everything for a girl. i just turned 24. if i tell people what i went through they don't see me as a normal person. i want to be somebody's mother to someday. but i have to tell the whole story. i have to tell the whole story. my thoughts. you can see all my neighbors , human rights propaganda puppet of the west. so obviously they don't like
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me. does everything to try to discredit me. so it's a fight. it is a fight. still. still trying to control me, even at this point. >> i just had a question. you said you did not know how many countries their work. what were north korean maps like? >> good question. poverty, there's a different level of poverty. when i say how poor we are, for example we have one and we don't use it because it
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is very valuable. and we have one textbook you write it and erase it and reread it again and erase it. ever imagine that a textbook;. one class as it and it's, my mother's mother textbook, and that's always see it. there is no way i can edit never seen. that's the 1st moment. while. it's all son. that is how things are not there. we don't have color photos. poor people living.
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>> forgive this question, do you feel safe in your travel in the united states were overseas? >> i guess. i feel like i live a thousand years literally. i saw so many things, what humans can inflict on each other. i saw the starvation and kindness. and i lived in lots of different countries. i was a slave, so it feels like my life now is an extra life. we understand somebody who face death several times, feel like it's extra life. unfortunately that is my case. trying to get the
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information, and it scares me that i'm working with them. and that is -- there trying to come talk to me. i guess, you know, freedom is not free. so thank you. >> thank you. >> can you speak a little bit as to how you got involved with the nonprofit liberty in north korea? >> am actually not working with them. i was helping them with some projects. so they invited me to speak. i'm not really engaged with liberty north korea.
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the campaign to rescue people. >> i was wondering, do you ever miss anything, and what is love or dating like in north korea? >> do you miss anything about north korea? what is it like? >> yeah. i feel bad. imagine we don't have all the lights of this big giant building of the music for any technology, you only
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hear the sounds a human can make, washing dishes and cooking talking to each other. that is so. nothing moving nothing is there you don't have any toys, the children out here with their parents. they have just their children. so that is a really, i mean, the intimacy. and i think dating life, loving a maritime father of them paris decided to let them get married. loan, why did you get
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married? she told me, i just didn't hate him. so it's a kind of love my love you. i never knew what romance was. we had nowhere to go on dates. we have a coffee shop, movie theater, and i just recently in the book and it broke my heart. history ms. to go for a drive. we never can imagine own a car in north korea, and that is his dream. i can be somebody's dream, that's what his living for all working really hard and tries to make money and that he wants to take his wife for a drive. that is arguing. and i think north korea, we
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don't have luxury to think about romance, have romantic novels. i guess some people fall in love, but we can say i love you. you can say mr. comment, you look cool today because we don't have friends in north korea, everybody is comrade _ heeverybody is revolutionary. that is more like a romance. more questions? >> so you had a boy i was infatuated. have you heard anything from them since the book was complete? >> no. his father went to prison camp and i don't even know
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if you still alive. people are missing and there's no way to find them. i can? , sunday (find my friends. thank you for your question. okay. have a wonderful evening. hope you can enjoy the book. [applause] thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> if you want to buy a book
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that tells of the shutting down at about a 45. you're welcome to go downstairs and biotin come back up. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> book tv is on twitter. follow us to your publishing news, scheduling updates, author information command to talk directly with authors during our live program. twitter .com/book tv.
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>> this holiday weekend book tv brings you three days of nonfiction books and authors on friday back-to-back airings. >> the biggest mistake that i think would make on the conservative side, the one that drives people of the most is the one that should be the easiest. >> at 8:00 p.m. the life of doctor martin luther king jr. >> martin understood that for any human being who wants to reach a level of integrity and honesty and decency as a long-distance runner your got to kill something in yourself, fear, you get to kill something in yourself for your obsession with position and status and wealth. >> author of the relevance of religion.
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>> religion beyond herself. and for faithful people, what is in it for me is not central. >> at 10:00 p.m. her book plenty ladylike, a memoir about her life experiences. >> i don't think we do anybody any favors by trying to address of politicians as if we are not real human beings that have made major mistakes. >> saturday evening and seven a panel discussion. at 11:00 p.m. his latest book the generals. >> one of the 1st questions i usually ask, why did you choose these three men


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