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tv   Book Party for I Should Be Dead  CSPAN  January 2, 2016 10:20am-11:01am EST

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raised more like little girls fifth, the same freedom of expression, we can do this. >> fantastic segue into what i was going to ask. when i had a girl -- i knew what i was going to do. how do i raise him in a feminist world to understand all these things, like hillary clinton being president for eight years. and teresa little boy to understand, we saw the other. is that normal? >> i was just thinking, the old languages, the old cultures,
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cherokee language, adam can tell us and the old languages don't have a gender, people are people, what a concept. the question is who is that child has that unique individual? that child is the results of millennia of heredity and environment combined in a way that never happened before, never happen again, and see who each kid uniquely is and we have a huge range. i think the world is divided into two kinds of people, those could divide everything into two things and those who don't. we have to cut that out. we divide everything into a 2,
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masculine and feminine. is made up. [applause] >> that is the irony of where we are because on the one hand gender doesn't exist, race doesn't exist, class doesn't exist, in real terms but individual difference is bigger than the group difference, born with brains, i don't know, 85% of our brains develop afterbirth and makes us incredibly influenceable. good news is we are at the justable and the bad news is we are adjustable. if we can just keep a grip on these things, these categories don't exist but they are very real to us because we have grown
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up with them. we have the fun of challenging them and stretching them every day and trying to figure out who we uniquely our. and gender is much more out the window than it ever was when i was growing up. people changing gender, all right, i am going to start there. i am sorry that what happens tomorrow, we met tonight. you don't have to do anything i suggest. you share interests and value and who knows, so if you try introducing yourself to two four people you don't know before you leave and what you are doing and
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what you care about and who knows what might happen as a result of all of us being here tonight? and find out how this huge point of change, thank you. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> we want to hear from you. post your feedback to our facebook wall, >> booktv attend a publication party for bob beckel, author of "i should be dead: my life surviving politics, tv, and addiction," a memoir of his life in politics and his struggle with addiction, he mingled with guests and gave brief remarks on the boat. the party was held at a home of syndicated columnist cal thomas, bob beckel's longtime friend and celebrity. >> nice to meet you. >> good idea. the weird thing was amazon,
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number one on medical. on medical. memoirs are not medical. but those things, i noticed -- it is good but before the holidays everybody goes now. they're must contend thousand books this past week. did you see how many books came out last week? it is amazing, absolutely amazing. >> i heard a story, thomas jefferson's lifetime you could read all the books being published at that time, now there are 10,000 today. is that true? >> the rest of body. >> amazon carries 1.3 million titles so wednesday ranked, if
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you were number one, if you say within 2,000 you are doing really well. and i noticed, who is idiot right-wing radio talk show hosts? northwestern seattle. is that it? they must be here. his book is doing well. >> all little concerned about the lack of pictures in this book. >> wait for the movie. >> who else could? >> you said this was going to happen and you were right. bid doesn't mean much.
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next time you are in california can we talk about this book? i said sure. they could time it done the book. you did -- i tell you how long i have known mc manus, when i knew him he had hair. >> all of it. >> not all of it. how do you keep your hair so intact? joe biden. >> i just met him. one of my all-time favorites. i am not an invalid, i just can't walk. >> i was in new york before i went to bed before. i was in a wheelchair.
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that was an experience -- all you do is get in their way. which is what i wanted to do with my former mother in law. when i was in college, the biggest funeral home in america and had you around and closed caskets, it is five stories high, had to close these things and put the thing back in and i swear those people moved every night. can someone come with me? they said no. you got to go do it and i swear they moved around. very weird. >> what was your tipping point? >> johnson's best buddy, the irishman died and put him in this huge brass casket, nobody
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could carry them. there are six of this. this goes down the aisle. he dropped it and the wheel went underneath so we pushed this guy down. we are in some trouble here. we get into the funeral procession. my friend joey has this funeral forest, you can't stop real lights in new york. you got to have red lights here, you go through. in front of the funeral party, joey pulls off, you want a hot dog? i said sure. he got a couple hot dogs and came out. i am sitting on the hood of the hearse and old man johnson comes by, and we got to get behind the
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procession. mustard and a thousand pounds, had to haul this guy, by the time we got to the front we were sweating, i had long hair and all i saw was old man johnson go like that. what a scam. it was a job. how are you? nice to see you. excuse me for not standing up but i am still getting my back recovery but thank you for coming. where did you come in from. were you watching? watching--are you from washington? >> i was just saying of friend of mine -- >> you look exactly like sally.
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>> i am eleanor. >> has anyone said that to you? she was in here talking. you know -- >> we had something down. >> you and i did an interview at the san francisco convention and i was exhausted. you wrote the nicest piece about how be up i was, and after all that to get to that nomination, two months out i said you realize after we have this battle we have to face this guy and 7% economic growth. i didn't remember, there were 12, 13, 14 foundations, i didn't
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remember until i started to read back over where is the beef which i carry for 20 years. >> that is the same, that came later. >> that is right. [inaudible] >> the first senate campaign when he lost his kid and he couldn't be sworn in the senate until february. you are still doing mclau
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i said good luck, i hope it works. obviously it did. >> the grand daddy -- >> yes. >> it was a lot more on the other side. everybody has a background for a candidate. the analysts are very good. >> that is the big advantage.
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when i got picked up by cnn they said we have a lot of good analysts but you have a wide range of experience and the analysts had never done campaigns, they are smart politically but it works out real well. >> decides what is going on. >> i see you show up on cnn. >> i will be the doing 7 shows on presidential campaigns and it works out fine. i don't have to do it every day. the grind of the daily show is a little more than i wanted to go through. >> may i have your attention please? we will do a very short program. we want to welcome you to our
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home, thank you for coming to celebrate bob's birthday and his new book with a the snappy title "i should be dead: my life surviving politics, tv, and addiction" soon to be a major musical comedy. we have very glad to have you here. we have a bad habit in this town of labeling people and by the labels we give them we define them. and the relationship bob and i have had over the years transcends labels and one of the things we have tried to do with that column and our personal relationship as we go off on the lecture circuit is to show a different kind of more, two people from different political backgrounds could get along and respect one another and out of that respect and relationship produce some results the move the ball forward instead of freeze the ball and get nothing done so i hope we have done that
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and the original editor over here and his wife and our current editor and we have been grateful to have that real-estate for a decade. one of the great gifts to my life, is a great thrill and on a to have him in our home on his birthday and introduce him for a few more remarks and when he is finished he will go to the table and sign your books for you. we are giving the book so because as a liberal he is used to free stuff. >> you had to ruin it right there. >> excuse me. i am through a 10-1/2 our back operation which is almost as bad as traveling the world, he is one of the great supporters, thank you for doing this to night. this is out of my normal area, this book because i usually talk about politics. some politics in here. i look in this room and see my life in many ways, jim kepler
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who got me started, excuse me. one of them, my dearest friend, bill o'keefe with his wife, bill is a right winger and he hired me for the oil industry for some advice. throughout my washington career which spanned thirty-first, we had many relationships with conservatives but worked out fine. sitting down to talk about anything, you couldn't get 67 votes for mother's day. i wanted to tell you, i will make this brief because it is somewhat of a painful subject. i am recovering alcoholic, for almost 15 years i have been clean. at the beginning of the book i tell us story about the night i had been sober and two years.
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i was the poster child for rehabilitation centers all over the country. but i was so outraged that george bush was given the presidency by the supreme court, we don't want to get into an argument about that so i went off the wagon, the real drug and went to a bar, a biker bar and as usual i was trying to pick up a woman at a bar. i felt something behind me and instinctively felt something was behind me and i turned around and there's her husband with a 45 caliber right in my face and he pulled the trigger and hadn't chambered the book -- global. they threw me in the parking lot. isis i don't believe in god but if you are there is the last drink i will never have. they sent me to the gw hospital psychiatric ward, and the largest human being i have ever
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seen in my life was leaning against whom more, and started to ice and wind home cakewalk? she senate-house you go out that window. i lose my job. what is your job the imus suicide mayors, who is going to commit suicide? you are. not that i know of. she said why don't we watch the bush inaugural? finally my shrink came in, and i was in the v.i.p. down the law hallway. my shrink came in, can you ask, not going to the dimension which was the bat better place to be and i said maybe i am crazy but i hear texas marching music. do you here that? as a matter of fact i do. we looked down and every high school band down below, got
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sober and stayed that way. for the time, i have been shot, stabbed, shot, not that guy but i was shot and have a bullet here from a protest with mine workers in west virginia. my dad who was prevalent in this book, my father used to think it was so funny, to use me as a bowling ball down the stairs, it was horrible to say the least. turned into a great older debt and only wish he were still here, lived to be 92, but he was a very abusive guy. some people had this experience, people who had dues are pretty good bet at night he came home and was the total indifferent person and he and i would go at it and i told him one of these days -- he took off.
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the word among the psychiatric community, you come out of a dysfunctional family your chances of surviving on nonexistent. you will be in trouble, you will be psychologically impaired. it turns out the psychiatrist i had, he and his wife had written a book about survivors, people who came through this kind of horror and learned to do things, you learn to talk fast, cut deals, lie when you have to, to become a politician and i did become a politician but it was amazing when i came to washington ought from capitol hill how many people were in similar situations and i tell you a quick story. don't know if you know who dan burton is, right wing congressman from indiana who thought he would get hillary clinton for shooting vince foster and dumping him in the
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part, got a gun and shot a watermelon in his backyard. he and i didn't get along at all but he was in the green room and came in and i noticed his hands were all scott. what happened to your hands? when i was a kid i did in a trailer park and he said my father used to make the hold up a block of ice on hot days a use a fan which no guard on it to get cool air coming and demand kept it in his hand and from that point forward we had bonded, stopped talking politics and become an alcoholic or an addict. as i said i lived in the light world by day and the dark world by night. worked as the youngest assistant deputy in history. i was doing campaigns and doing
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quite well, which state? the united states of america. but panama canal treaty which i go into in depth, when president carter read some of it, how we got the votes to get over the top, in the white house, by day everybody thought i was fine and at night i go to the dark one and that is where i wanted to be, the northeast, southeast, in bars, drug dens and people -- we were all con artists and i felt comfortable there and i would live that life and almost all night long never slept much. eventually comes to catch you. finally had enough. you get sick and tired of being
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sick and tired and tired of getting up in the morning and looking out on your card and seeing blood on not front of the car if you run somebody over. i got sober, fortunately. but i was having a difficult time at first. i had just been exported by a bunch of prostitutes which i didn't do for the first time. i was going through open heart surgery and living in a farm in western maryland and people would call cnn, they would call and say do a tv shot and i said no. one day fox called and said do one with cal thomas. if for some reason i don't know why, i said yes. i walked in and cal said you are all right, fine, fine. we came back out and spent three hours to get a. he said the believing god? i said no. i can touch it and feel that it
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doesn't exist to me. we talked through many things and he said you mind if i sent you a book, not try to push this too hard, but he sent me a book called the evidence of the man is a verdict and all of a sudden it started to be real to me because it was a history book. i went to a little more and eventually he wanted to get me into church, his church which is full of right-wing republicans. the day i walked in i was late getting there and i walked down the aisle and everyone looked like they fought for sure the devil had entered the room. kaul said at the front so i walked the whole way back but rob morris, is rob still here? rob norris, who was the preacher, fundamental in my recovery. my understanding if you are going to get straight you have to have faith.
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i have never seen anybody in all my years of working with drug addicts and alcoholics that if they don't have faith in something, in a higher power they are not going to make it. i kept saying why am i still around? i should have been dead. these are very real things. i was stabbed in a homeless shelter, had my guts open up by a crazy guy, when i see him afterwards he looked at me with fear in his eyes, he was down on the bed and i said charlie my face as i need to forgive you if he looked at me and said you are crazy. being called crazy by a crazy man is something. the extortion role came up and all that was going on and cal stood by end hallway and so did my friend bill. you know who your friends are when you get in a situation like
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that, i was pretty well abandoned, but i stayed sober until one day it was too much pressure. i took my pickup truck three miles away and got to the end of the road a mile out and my pickup truck went into the ditch and i pulled it around, spun around and heard a voice say you are not drinking. last thing between you and the drink is god. i had come to believe that. i will tell you one other story that may be incredulous to you but is quite true. all the things in this book have been vetted by the publishers. they couldn't believe a lot of it to say the least but they found out it was true, it works. it was a time, i never get depressed in my life but i started to get depressed. didn't understand how to deliver that stuff.
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cow and others came and began to talk me into faith and they became vessels for faith really, can convert people, wasn't a burning bush experience but the farm i rented was 1 caller read year. except you had to repair it when it broke which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars so i was out in a tractor in the fields and there's -- i would go there and think and this day i had a divorce and the family judge who was retired, said your alimony until she married or cohabitate is $17,000 a month. i said i don't make $17,000. when her boyfriend called me up and said do you mind if i move in with leland i set if i could rent the truck i will get you the furniture, can we go to night? he said i am surprised, he moved
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in very well. excuse me. that is my bookie. in any event, everyday for me is 40, based on my spiritual condition, my sobriety. i can't drink again. if i do i am gone and will never come back so i work with out cognex and addicts. and a lot of encounters with families and others. i do it not because i like alcoholics. i can't stand the. i guess i was like that. when you do interventions it is very painful to see. that is what god wanted me to do, to stick around and work with alcoholics and addicts. not much bothers me, somebody
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died, that would bother me but shouldn't have been here so is an easy deal. i have certain things i live by. in your own mind behind enemy lines, i declared myself chairman of the board, i had this thing -- which in fact you all know as you look back they don't think about you after the next day so i tried to convince my 18-year-old daughter this didn't work but when i am talking to somebody i say i care what you think, just don't care what you think about me and it is very liberating. the other reason i wrote this book is i had secrets. a lot of secrets i went out. i told people when i started doing television i was a recovering addict and alcoholic and people called and said it would help the few people but the secrets were sold there, i want them out. it is a good book, well-written, i had a great collaborator in massachusetts. i want to thank the publishers.
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he and i decided there was nothing that was off-limits. when you read this you will see is this the same guy who was talking to me that night? yes it is. i broke seven or eight laws and should have been in jail for a long time. i was in a stolen car. and back then rosalyn was full of pawnshops and bars and they stayed until 6 and i said you got a nice new car here and i looked down and it was wired. did you steal this thing? oh yes. i am assistant to the president of the united states and we're driving and the one hundred miles an hour and stopped and went to the cia accident car flipped over and everybody died except for me. they pulled me out of the car and i sat in the back of the ambulance and i thought this will be a bad story so i took off and hitchhiked back. i think they still have a warrant out for a big blight
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guide. in any event there were a lot of things are am not proud of the things that i feel liberated, you may walk away from this book and see what a bad guy he was and i was, but i am on a good person now and i tried to follow what my faith tells me to do and try to work with people who need my help. is difficult sometimes, it is a book i was not going to write in july retired but i can't retire now. i decide as long as my kids would understand it. i gave them both copies and they read it and they do. as i said it is pretty detailed but i am free of it. i have nothing to hide, no secretly if anybody says bob beckel was doing so and so, fine, i said so in the book or on tv. 4 that i am both proud and
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relieved and my faith has grown as a 2-story. jack kennedy is running for the nomination for president and got to be in the late spring and kennedy wrapped up the democratic nomination and certain state senator in georgia was going around saying we can't
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nominate this guy he is a catholic. we went with a catholic, we will all get beaten. so it got so irritating the convention -- got him in the green room and they say there are a lot of italian catholics. a lot of irish catholics or portuguese catholics lee cheese said i know you are worried about my anti catholic feelings, don't worry about it. i love irish catholics. i love italian catholics. i love portuguese catholics. is a roman catholics i can't stand. when you read this you expect certain things and you might find it a little different. thank you for coming, if nothing else handed off to people who have ongoing addictions, there are millions of them who have no way to do it. the bottom line is if i can do it you can do it and i hope it
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will help a lot of alcoholics, principal interest, thank you for coming. of all the books i have read about washington, this is one of the most transparent and honest i books, i want to say if you read it and if you like it these blog about it or put it on facebook. he is right. when i go out with him, nobody wants to know about me, they want to know about him, even by conservative audience, the most frustrating thing in the world. now he has a book, i can tell them to buy the book, why should i tell them about it? probably over here, if he ever announced to anything you can sell it on ebay. thank you for coming. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> when you give this to him tell him if he wants to talk about it i have always liked to see what i can do. >> i would definitely do that. >> when i talk about being an addict on tv i get people who talked to me about needing help. >> you went in twice, the second time you came out okay. had a child and close to that. [inaudible questi conversations
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>> you are of better man than i. and if you can deciphers that. thank you for coming, i appreciate it. >> very inspirational. jason, john christopher and my wife michele with one l. and neighbor of yours -- [inaudible conversations] >> he was the head of the olympic team. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> they had wonderful conversationss. >> we have. >> still live over is there? >> same place. i came back an hour ago. and bracket inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> some of us can get along.
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thank you very much. >> i am a friend of bill's. >> good for you. >> for 30 years going to a meeting. and 7:30. >> i heard about that meeting, never got it. i would love to. i went to at that meeting once. there is another meeting. ..


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