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clementina worried that she was giving too much aid-- way.
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there were times when roosevelt and clementina warned him-- the interesting thing was that stalin hated churchill. that was never going to be a very from the relationship and that cause many pulp-- problems we needed russia on the side and they needed to be around to help fight the war. she raised close to $500 million for her aid to russia because the country was completely bankrupt. a bit like a sort of early flag day, anything. this money she raised, she sent to russia to reequip. even stalin was astonished at
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this achievement, absolutely astonished that she had done this, so he invited her to russia in april 1945, and they met on their own at the kremlin and he gave her this very sort of prestigious commonest honor, badge. it gave her permanent russian pension and free travel all over russia not that she ever had any use for that, but she actually negotiated with stalin on her own. again, quite extraordinary. no other prime minister's wife, i mean, it would be impossible and yet this meeting was extraordinary and yet.
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>> news was coming out of poland by this point, so she was actually raising all of these issues, absolutely she knew what was going on and absolutely she put these things through stalin. she had to wipe-- walk this title because we needed russia and at the same time these appalling atrocities and could not be ignored. she alone had to deal with that difficult situation. >> can you speak to the relationship with eleanor roosevelt. >> yes. there they are, broadcasting together in québec, 1943. they inspire each other and very sort of different in a whale.
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eleanor was a much better public figure in 1942, when they met, but that picture there is significant and out-- eleanor was always a you need to push yourself forward more. clementina tried to hide behind out palm trees and was shy and try not to be noticed, but she was fished out and told you are going to start broadcasting, which she didn't eleanor was very much behind that a great influence, but they supported each other. at times when there were cracks between churchill and fdr, the two women came together and paved them over and kept things going, so that was a significant relationship and when that carried on until roosevelt died. so, quite affectionate and quite poignant in a way and a couple of occasions, eleanor and
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churchill did not belong terribly well and once or twice clementina went to churchill and private and churchill would be infuriated, but clementina the use were much more in line with eleanor's been with her husband and it was interesting how they got along. [inaudible] >> you mentioned of the letters clementine and eleanor roosevelt could you describe some of your other research that was to take a really interesting? >> yes, a great deal of research in the us, library of congress was wonderful, that pamela harriman papers. very nice person at the library of congress would go get them in the back room and pamela lived
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with them a lot during the war, so there was a lot of close observation and they were quite close, clementina and pamela, so that was terrific. they had not been gone through before, but also she employed them very young and it she worked for the church shows, you became part of their family, so i can i cut wonderful insight to churchill's life and because they were clementina's and two or three of them had never been interviewed before and no one had bothered to track them down and talk to them and there was a lot, actually because it came from clementina's angle. files, transcripts and some of them had been closed and still no one had looked at them because it said clementina churchill and not winston
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churchill and all of this material gives great insight into him as well as it does to her, so i was fortunate in the more i felt at the more i realized it was also this new material, i mean, there it was in the fact that there was a blurb about how surprised she was. it was simply just looking at it in this different way. no one had bothered to look at her story before. there are books about winston churchill that does not even mention her. it's really really baffling, i have to say. [inaudible] >> you guessed it, including one called the greatest briton unmasked. how can you talk about the greatest briton unmasked without mentioning her.
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how can you ignore him and unmask the greatest briton cracks i don't understand it, really. anyway, i was very happy to do the detective work and put it together and was very lucky to find lots of great sort of nuggets of gold. >> thank you so much. [applause]. >> once again, copies of "clementine" are for sale in the next room and just give us a couple minutes to move things on that table and assigning line it will form this middle to my left. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> many of this year's presidential candidates have written books to introduce themselves to voters and to promote their views on issues. here's a look at some of the candidates books. in his newest book, reply all, jeb bush catalogs his e-mail
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correspondence during his time as before governor. presidential candidate and for a -- former neurosurgeon ben carson argues a better understanding of the constitution is necessary to solve america's most pressing issues in his latest book, a more perfect union. former secretary state hillary clinton second her time serving in the obama administration in hard choices. in a time for truth, texas senator ted cruz recounts his journey from a cuban immigrant sent to the u.s. senate and carly fiorina, former ceo of hewlett-packard is another declared candidate for president in, rising to the challenge, she shares lessons she is learned from her difficulties and triumphs. former arkansas governor mike begins his take on politics and culture in, god, guns, grits and gravy. of ohio governor john kasich calls for return to what he sees as traditional american values in, stand for something. kentucky senator rand paul calls
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for smaller government and more bipartisanship in his latest book, taking a stand. more presidential hopefuls and books include florida republican senator marco rubio, in american dreams he outlined his plans to advance economic opportunities. independent vermont senator, bernie sanders is another candidate for the democratic nomination for president, his 1997 autobiography, now titled, outsider in the white house, was updated to include his time in the senate and the launch of his presidential campaign. and in blue-collar conservative, presidential candidate, rick santorum argues the republican party must focus on the working class in order to retake the white house. donald trump has written several bestsellers. in his newest book, crippled america, he outlined his political platform and finally, governor christie and former governor martin o'malley and jim gilmore have announced their candidacies, but have not released books.
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>> welcome to oakland, california, on book tv. located 6 miles across the bay from san francisco, is the trade center for the area with the port of oakland, the fifth busiest port in the us with a population of over 400,000, oakland is one of the most ethnically diverse it is in the country has a history of political activism, being the birthplace of the black panther movement. ..


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