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tv   Interview with Ronald Goldfarb  CSPAN  January 3, 2016 1:30am-1:46am EST

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>> guest: the impact of edward snowden is extraordinary in a couple years of his revelation made public, the world has changed and a way that never would have happened if he didn't if you believe he is an angel or double, you cannot deny the fact that courts have ruled the procedures that he questioned were illegal and unconstitutional. the white house had 36
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different changes as a result of his disclosure the european union just passed a resolution that he should not be extradited and the major social the works of microsoft and google have changed practices because it turns out they lost $40 billion when the disclosures became public to see those who use the bat so there is no question that has changed in dramatic ways. >> i you recently had john brennan say to be him strong but us cia is called to
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account with a national security is endangered it isn't cartop launch but nobody was uttered argue to be especially in dangerous times to the dutiful and what they do in their name. to save the constitution is not a suicide pact but that does not mean anything goes after world war ii that was considered the great war with tens of thousands of american lives we have come
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back to a question what we did such as the internment of japanese citizens. now in the wake of 9/11 but is the kidnapping and torturing of suspects. so we take the position to strike an exquisite balance. the net pendulum will swing, it should we give is in competition in with another and though always change from time to time. if to say we want national security protectors to
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insure domestic tranquility. i know the most americans would condone that. so what do they want that they don't already have. >> host: in the history of the united states with national security act and domestic terrorism clash with people's civil liberties that is human nature. we are very attuned this week considering paris. that is naive to the you
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don't want the police to take every measure to insure that those perpetrators are caught in the powers that be he do everything they can to see it is not repeated. >> to find ourselves not in a democratic state there is always a question of balance. but to say it is a ticking bomb. that everything is then in secret. in the heart of the democratic government and what we have seen in the wake of 9/11 they did not
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oversee the national security establishment as well. tuesday like senator graham was very critical and to check what it is the security establishment. been in with the state secrets to back off and but some of them are excessive. but we also need to be sure
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that the rules have been followed. in the courts are doing what they should be doing. >>. >> the goal was not to advocate whether he was a hero and then to have whistle-blowers and in the national security cases. sent what happens in a digital age if that doesn't
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mean total x-rays but let the issues and we have six world-class students contributed invaluable chapters to those questions. he was supposed to be here but health reasons he could not come to the fair bet he was a onetime editor in mississippi also the carter administration to project information to the public and with the state department and the gain to
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withhold those instances that cannot be made public. >> to bring a balanced and probing perspective. so as a columnist for the "miami herald" to write a chapter on whistle-blowers 2.0 in the case of edward snowden he tear disinformation over to three people. one who had an oscar for her documentary on this subject 12 though "washington post" in one to "the guardian" they won pulitzer prize but edward snowden who is the source has been indicted for espionage. there is a disconnected their.
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this is valuable information but it cannot be both. >> to know more about classification then just about everything. in the interesting chapter of classification. but those who have said to gather the biggest haystack of information because we don't want to miss anything.
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so to have that metaphor has been lost. you said the traffic is being vacuumed by the surveillance program with private communications and government agencies classified thousands of documents every day so now they are classified but the term has no meaning anymore. >>
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>> he decides he will storm the country and to get on in
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the country and presidential candidates never do this. if you go to the encampment the literally the number of times they spoke to less than a dozen. >> when i wrote my first book i was skeptical of global warming. and then raise to public awareness.
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and with the political ideology. and those you were worried about a massive famine. so initially the skepticism perhaps they are wrong now. so to attend climate change meetings i have read deeply in of literature to suggest it could become a significant problem. >> is there a solution? >> yes. that they will have to transform into fewer fossil fuels.
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because they estimate curve dioxide. this is the mix of nuclear power. to be solar and wind power. >> but also accuse natural gas. >> to talk about nuclear power has and that trend ben downward? >> but what is interesting is we have wonderful designs that could come on line.


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