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tv   Alex Isenstadt on Republican Presidential Candidates  CSPAN  January 5, 2016 7:46pm-8:01pm EST

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candidate carly fiorina. >> the republican nominee is setting off alarm bills. we have adam here on the phone. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> what are the state party officials concerns? >> the concern is if donald trump or ted cruz is the nominee it would turn out the independent and moderate voters and make life harder for
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republicans running for the house and senate in 2016. republicans have a historic opportunity to control the white house, the house and the senate, and the concern is if either of these two people are nominees it would make it harder for the ticket. >> trump is clearly resonating with a key secretary sector of the electorate.
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>> this is a tough race and iowa is a key swing state. this is a tough race for him. there are questions if donald trump is the nominee or ted cruz is rob portman going to endorse either of them? is he going to show up in
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cleveland, ohio this summer? >> let me ask you about the gop establishment. is there such a thing? >> the lawmakers are a bit more moderate minded than the conservative tea party crowd that is infiltrated washington, d.c. starting in the 2010 elections. there are two wings of the party. you are seeing that play out to some extent in this presidential race. you have people like trump and cruz who are running in the conservative lane. and occupying the establishment lane are people like jeb bush, chris christie, mark rubio.
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>> you write about a republican tv ad man who has been an advisor to president bush and mitt romney. what is he talking about? >> he has been going around talking to republican elites and he has been starting a campaign in the millions branding trump has a strong man type figure. these meetings that he is having understand have been taking place up until the last few weeks. it is unclear if he is going to go through with anything.
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it is unclear if he has the money to do anything. but there is definitely a hunger and appetite out there to take down donald trump. the problem is we are getting closer and closer to the date in which the first votes are going to be cast on february 1st. time is running out if republicans want to launch a stop movement. some are saying if we want to stop, we should remain on our own. >> he is the front runner and remains that way for the past seven or eight months. >> there is nothing stopping had him. >> will romney endorse a candidate and will that be beneficial or counter productive? >> he has spent the last few weeks and months calling around to aids. he has been expressing growing frustration about druchl's lead in the polls.
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romney has long belief he would stumble earlier and go down. that hasn't happened. he is concerned about the impact he is having on the party's brand. romney hasn't endorsed a candidate in this race. it is unclear if he is doing so but paying close attention to the political landscape. he is keeping close eye on house races. his friend paul ryan is now house speaker. romney is coming in march to host the congressional dinner. >> reporter for politico, thank you for being with us. >> joining us to talk about the president's executive action on guns is paul singer. what is the reaction from congress especially house speaker paul ryan and other republicans in the house and senate? >> well, the reaction from
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congress is pretty much as you would anticipate: neatly divided by party. democrats are saying this is common sense effort to fight gun violence. republicans are saying it is a continued assault by the president both on the second amendment rights of americans and on congress' prerogative to regulate this. their argument is obama is overstepping his ability. >> what were the plans in the house as far as the republicans are concerned with legislation. what is planned ahead for the year? >> not much. the bill that has been sort of the primary talking point for republicans is a bill on mental health issues. every time one of these students comes up over the past six months they talked about the bill that would basically expand resources for people in mental health crisis which a lot of democrats think is a good idea.
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there is a debate on the margin about what it should do. there is a provision that would expand the court required treatment of people with severe mental health. kind of an outside of mental institutions and there is dispute over that being a good idea or not. that is the only gun control measure that has any kind of traction in the republican congress and there is a question about whether that can get enough bipartisan support to pass. >> that is a look ahead. what about the past legislation? the toomy mansion. and both lawmakers and gun owners came together. what happened to that? >> going back a couple years ago the president was saying there was a big human cry for legislation and a major effort to broker a deal with bunch of gun provisions in it. ranging stuff with straw buyers
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of guns and people purchasing guns from other people across state lines. and this was hung on the major compromise of expanded background checks.
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>> trying to allow the senate to do more research on the aspect of guns and stuff that congress has to do. a bunch of stuff the congress couldn't do today is stuff congress has to act on. they will have to act on the $500 million he wants for mental health care assistance. congress will have to take a thought at this. >> what about on the campaign trail? how is the issue working into candidates and what they are saying? >> it is easy to anticipate. we have seen comments from the republican candidates that president obama doesn't respect your second amendment rights, he is trying to undermine the rights of law-abiding americans, and part of the topic among a lot of republicans including speaker ryan is what obama is doing is bullying law-abiding citizens with these additional sort of provisions that just
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pester those who are following the law instead of going after criminals. >> now is that issue on the campaign trail resonating with voters? >> we'll, we don't really know. this is the whole question. no one actually had to cast a ballot yet. we know that it is a regular theme of the republican primary campaign stops that obama does not respect the constitution, obama does not respect congressional authority and your rights on everything ranging from immigration to guns. i think the immigration one has been sort of the more active topic on the campaign trail but it certainly appears that the republicans believe it is a very successful issue for them with their voting base. we will see when someone actually has to cast a ballot which hasn't happened yet. >> paul singer with is usa today, washington, d.c. correspondent. thank you for joining us.
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>> coming up, the president speaks at a national ceremony, and then we talk about the u.s. and iran, and then more about the nuclear deal with iran, and we talk about the budget end year review. >> booktv has 48 hours of non-fiction books and authors every weekend on c-span2. here are programs to watch for this weekend: saturday, at 7 eastern, booktv is at the university of wisconsin with william p jones to discuss his book the march on washington. >> this was a movement going to the core of many people's beliefs about what this nation could be. it did change a lot of minds. but it always steered a lot of people to positions of hatred and their commitment to inequality. >> and at 10 p.m. eastern, after
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words with james rosen. ... >> people really like them. i had this fantasy that since i had written a 2000 word essay that writing a 100,000 word book would not be that hard.
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>> watch big tv all weekend, every weekend. television for serious readers. >> now a discussion on trying to prevent youth sports concussion. we'll hear about the latest research, new sports research and equipment, this is hosted by the national press club. >> good morning, welcome to the national press club morning newsmaker program in washington dc. today's topic is preventing you the sport concussion and what washington, d.c. is doing about it. one of the first major metro areas in the region to provide a grant for research education and monitoring of concussions in youth sports.


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