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tv   Carly Fiorina Town Hall Meeting in Meredith New Hampshire  CSPAN  January 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:31pm EST

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[inaudible conversations] >> what a great turnout. [applause] >> there she is. >> thank you all so much. there going to get started right away. the 1stthe 1st thing i would like to do is ask if you believe it in the budget -- lead us in the pledge of allegiance. >> to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and
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justice for all. >> and i'm going to ask jordan, do you want to come over here? one -- the grandmasters granddaughter and jordan is 15 years old and next week turned 16. jordan is going to sing the national anthem. [inaudible conversations] >> zero say can you see by the dawn's early light what
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so proudly we hailed as the twilights last claiming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight for the ramparts we reached were so gallantly streaming. when the rockets red square the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that are flag still there. josé does that star-spangled banner yet wave or the land
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of the free and the home of the brave. [applause] >> thank you all so much for being here. i am the senator for district two. [applause] i just want to.out i have been told the exits. there will be no emergency.
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i also want to thank the grange members. it soaks i just that. can't tell you how proud i am. they have been here since 2:00 o'clock today for all of you to be here tonight. i have to quickly notice cookie and jeannie. okay. steve durrant who is a master. >> they did that for you.
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they were here to set this up. let's give a round of applause. >> were going to get started and i want to tell you quickly why i endorsed carly most of you know me. i live karen meredith. i want to go to conquer to represent you. i think that so important. i don't think we have a voice. that is why we did it. when i 1st met carly and heard from her that is what call me to want to support her. very much like me in that regard. she does not want to be president. she wants to be of service
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leader for all of you. she wants to her she believes in people, potential, unlocking of potential. he will hear about that. i am going to stop right there. but just before do there are some representatives that i forgot. representative frazier, representative gallagher, representative hurt representative chandler. at representative her. >> thank you, senator. it is great to be here tonight. how is everybody doing. >> this is a very good day for me.
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representative paul. she was terrific. i know your anxious to hear. a warm welcome. if you like what you hear tonight, please reach out, join us, tell a friend can't tell 20 friends, volunteer, but signs in your yard. giving my friend rs president carly fiorini. [applause] >> thank you so much. thank you and good evening. all the people who supported me and thank you so much ladies and gentlemen who work so hard to put this event together.
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i have so much to thank the people of new hampshire four. when i watch my candidacy on may 4 i was 17 other 16. the pollsters did not even asked my name. literally. they did not ask my name because less than 3 percent of you had ever heard of me. everybody wrote me off. you the citizens of new hampshire actually take your responsibilities very seriously. you came and listen the main dining rooms and living rooms and community centers and diners and you carry me this far. thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk with you. [applause] now i hope you are going to carry me all the way. the citizens of new hampshire think it is your job to that candidates.
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i have to thank you for something else as well. it is here in new hampshire were 1st started thinking about running for president. i was giving a speech, it was the summer of 2014. i was at her recalled. and before i gave this speech i sat down at the lunch table to eat and this gentleman came up to me. he was a tiny bit hostile and said i am not going to agree with you. why is that? well, i'm a democrat. you might be surprised. i gave a speech said they on human potential. it is the only limitless resource we have. it is the only resource we need to solve every problem. most people have far more potential than they realize. this nation is extraordinary and has always been exceptional because more
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thinks have been more possible for more people for more places here than anywhere else. at the end of the speech this gentleman came up to me again and looked at me and said amen. and then he said this, you know, we all think of ourselves as a nation of limitless possibility more. limitless possibility. this is always been a nation possibility. something is very hard to do. this is always valued merit hard work. we never accepted the way things were. they focused and achieved
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what should be a notice been a nation of limitless possibility. the business, done charity, and policy work and keep the aware. it was only in this nation typing in filing in the middle of a deep recession only 70s. become the chief executive and run for the presidency. [applause]
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i have had people come to me and say settle down. down challenge the status quo, except the way things are. sit down and be quiet. don't rock the boat. just settle. and i refuse to accept that advice all my life. i am running for the presidency of the united states because i think thei think the american people are being given the same advice and ii think we have been getting the same advice for too long. sit down, settle, don't challenge. why ladies and gentlemen should resettle for a nation where record numbers of men out of work? why should resettle for a nation where record numbers of women are living in poverty comeau why should resettle for a nation where young people are no longer sure the american dream applies to them, why settle for working families whose wages have stagnated for decades now, why should
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resettle for a nation we are literally destroying more small businesses every day that we are creating and with those small businesses that are going under, the entrepreneurial spirit and a job creating ability of this great nation. the reality that all that is going on the rich get richer, the powerful get more powerful. wildly settling for government that no longer serves the people pay for it but instead serves itself for protect itself pictures and nourishes itself. the vast plymouth rock that has become so inept and so corrupt it can no longer care for veterans, it can no longer and is in securing our border, keeping our nation safe.
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why should resettle for a professional political class of both parties, people who spend their entire life running and winning, running a winning saying what they need to say in the drawing rooms of manhattan by the dining rooms of ireland say whatever it takes to win and doing exactly as they please. and why should resettle for an establishment in a media that the size they get to pick the cannabis,canvas, decide who you hear from instead of allowing you to do your job as the 1st in the nation primary and that and when all the candidates. if i sound angry it is because i am and you are too. americans feel as though we are powerless. powerless to control our own futures got powerless to hold the government accountable and cut it down to size. and yet we have enormous power, but we are not using it.
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you see, every problem that we have solved, and all of our in the field that we can only do this if you remember who we are. ours was intended to be a citizen government. we know in our bones that power dispersed in the hands of the many is always more confident, more compassionate, more wise, more just than power concentrated in the hands of the few. i am running for the presidency of the united states as i believe it is my calling to return this nation to a citizen government, running for the presidency because i think it is time. citizens, it is time to take a future back. it is time to take a politics back. it is time to take our government back. it is time to take our country back. [applause]
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>> this is why i have rolled out my blueprint. it is a statement of commitment to you the citizens of this great nation, a set of things that we must do 1st to restore possibilities in the nation, to cut the government down to size, to restore the character of our nation what to protect our nation and keep americans safe, and i want you to hold me accountable for this. i have to stop and tells you an interesting story. a rather seasoned political reporter said you are not used to level of accountability. i should really -- is a chief executive our
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executive you know what i have to do every 90 days, stand up and report results in excruciating detail an answer every single question in public and the project forward but we were going to do in excruciating detail. if i misrepresented those results of projections i will be held criminally liable. imagine if we all politicians to that standard. [applause] you see, i come from the same world you do. we actually know that actions speak louder than words.words. we know that if you say your going to do something you better do it and that we judge the content of people's character not by what they say below what they do. i rolled out the blueprint because i want you to hold me accountable and come back in january of 2018 and ask
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you how am i doing. these are not the only thing you must do, but they are the 1st things we must do. wedo. we have to live the burden of an incredibly complicated tax code for 73,000 pages., 73,000 pages. that is where tax code looks like today. let me ask you something. you understand the tax code. no, i do not. my dad was a professor of tax law. it will books the federal tax law. i will never forget my dad would say. the tax code is how government exercise power, and that is right. 73,000 pages of the tax code crushes the small on the powerless and elevates the
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big in the powerful. we got to go from 73,000 down to three. we have to change of the government takes your money. they need to take less. now you know there is a 20 -year-old plan. that is what we got to do. the pundits have said you can't do that. yes, we can. it has been sitting around for 20 years and never gets voted on. think about going from 73,003. i'm going to ask you to help me get that done. we go through 73,000 to three me quite as many irs agents. more than the cia and fbi combined.
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does that strike you as a problem? you bet. ask yourself this, how is it possible that every year the government spends more and more money under republicans and democrats alike and never has enough money to do the important things. how is that possible? we never have enough money. you know why? you know why we can't ever reprioritize? the way the federal government budgets all the money is spoken for. if you for. if you are a government agency and i give you money you never get it back. we actually have to force the government to budget the way that you do. examine every dollar. you can cut in a dollar, moving the dollar. that is how we do it. you know what that is called
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, fancy term for comments and subject. we will force the government to examine every dollar. how are we going to get those things done? there is a bill for zero-based budgeting sitting on the floor the u.s. house. no one is voting on it. why? all those professional politicians, that rattled the cage, challenge the status quo. i'm going to use the power of the citizenry and how i will do that is walk into the oval office and ask you take out your smart devices, if you have a flip phone you might want to upgrade. just a suggestion. and i am going to say to you
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, do you think finally we should pass that bill? one for yes, to for now. there is map for citizen government. technology is an incredibly powerful tool, and i will use it to harness your anger and frustration but more importantly your common sense and good judgment. and then the next thing i'm going to ask you is should we finally actually repeal obama care and replace it with a common sense healthcare system that will work? surely stand up and restore the character of this nation by protecting religious liberty, a principle upon which this nation was founded and religious liberty is under assault? should we finally quit talking about it and actually secure the border? how long have we been talking about this?
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twenty-five years. politicians will stand up and talk to you about their plan but somehow i just never gets done. i am going to get it done and who will enforce a pro- american immigration system. we need to lead again in the world. we must start by defeating isys and be clear right about who are our allies and adversaries. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, we can do all these things. we can solve all these problems, heal all these wounds the 1st we have to beat hillary clinton. that is the 1st order of business. now, you might want to ask yourself, what does it take? we are not going to beat her
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with a nominee who routinely insults weapon and everyone else, not was someone who says one thing and one place and another thing and some other place, not with someone who is not tough enough to have the fight or someone who does not have the experience to make a tough call because they have never made tough call. whether you have decided to support me yet are not, and i know the people of new hampshire take responsibility and i respect that. a lot of people say well, i have only seen you one time. or maybe i've only seen you twice. okay. i also know in your heart of hearts he cannot wait to see the debate between hillary clinton and carly fiorini. [applause] you know what's going to happen.
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besides all that you know what will happen. we have to win, ladies and gentlemen. none of this that i'm talking about is going to be quick and easy. this is hard work. they can all be done. quick and easy is not in the american character they are prepared to do the heavy lifting. this is always been an exceptional nation. we believe profoundly and the value of every life. and we know in our bones power dispersed in the hands of many is far more
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competent, compassionate, competent, compassionate, wise, and just then power concentrated in the hands of a few. we need a pres. of the united states who understands how the economy actually works so that we can get it going. i believe we need of president who understands how the world works and who is in it as well as some of our adversaries know our military and intelligence capability intimately and well. the need a president who understands bureaucracy. the federal government has joan and to have grown-- grown into one giant inept bureaucracy. she must understand technology. mrs. clinton, you don't wipe the server with the towel. yes indeed you can have more than one account on a device that technology is an incredibly powerful tool that i am going to use to restore power to you, but it is also a weapon. 11 that is being wielded against aspire enemy, and
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when it's a president who understands hundred do with that. perhaps the most important thing of all is we need a president who understands what leadership is. when i was a secretary i thought this leader was whoever had the big office, whoever had the big title, or read the best parking space, whoever had the parks. and then i got a little older and wiser and learn that there were people with big offices, big titles, big egos who were not leading. leadership is not about the size or even the shape of your office, and it sure is not about the size. go. the highest calling of the leader is to unlock potential and others. i believe my highest calling is to restore a citizen government to this great nation. citizens, i am prepared to count on your common sense
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and good judgment. something going desperately wrong in the country. i am also prepared to count on your courage and wisdom and fortitude to do what must be done now. i ask you to join me for stand with me, support me, vote for me because it is time to take our future back. it is time to take our politics back. it is time to check our government back. join me. it is time to take our country back. [applause] >> questions. >> the core principles i agree with.
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there are lots of republicans i don't agree with. the republican party is the party of abraham lincoln. in order to win, in order to win we have to i think reintroduce conservative values and principles to the station. i was on the view. [laughter] i know. twice actually. ..
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>> why are you she asked me? why are you? and that is the question we to answer to win. we have to attract others. i said rosie i am a republican because i know no one of us is better than any one of us. each of us are gifted by god. all of us have to capacity to live lives of dignity and purpose and i know our principles and values work better to lift people up. i will tell you we have had a lot of republican whose have
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gone against those principles. let's be honest, ladies and gentlemen, crony capitalism is alive and well in washington, d.c. and republicans are just as guilty as democrats. when you become a member of the professional political class of either party you don't challenge the status quo. that is how under republicans and democrats alike our government has gotten bigger and bigger for 50 years and more complicated and what happens when government gets big and powerful and complicated? only the wealthy, powerful and big handleal it and the small and power less get crushed. when i say i am a republican i am a republican because i believe that people have the capacity to live lives of purpose and dignity. it is also you -- you can applaud. it is okay.
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it is rue whatever your party or affiliation and i have democrats and republicans and independents show up at my events but the american people have found common ground on a lot of things. not on everything. but a lot of things. and let's start with our common ground. when 75% of the american people think the federal government is corrupt what does that mean? its democrats, republicans, independents, its young, old, men, women. when 80% believe we have a professional class that cares more about its privilege than on getting anything done republicans and democrats have exempted themselves from all of the laws they passed then matt means once again democrats, republicans, independents agree we need do something different
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and that is why i am running for president. [applause] >> we all know who you are. i would like to thank you for calling on me. we know who you are. i would like to introduce myself to you. i am holly, a u.s. states navy member. [applause] >> i don't actually have a question for you tonight what i do have is a challenge. you see during bill clinton's second administration in the middle of the night by wave of the pen he changed the terminology to pow mia to duty status whereabouts unknown. he did this because it was more media-friendly. what it did was change the urgency of the situation and their military classifications and put additional stress on
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families especially those that live in military housing. with the recent and penning issues surrounding beau bergdahl it is important now than every that the terms be restored so those serving in harms way today are protected by the terminology. so i am approaching you, mother-to-mother, in an effort to protect my son and his family and every other son and daughter of this nation, i am challenging you to show the world that if elected president of the united states you will be the woman who had the courage the men didn't have and change that terminology in your first hundred days.
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[applause] >> i accept. [applause] >> thank you first of all. and thank you for your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your son and his family. it is a stain on our nation's honor when we do not honor and respect and care for and lift up those who serve and those who had served. there is no more heart-breaking engaging infuriating example of the professional political class in an enempt corrupt government in how we deal with our veterans and how we deal with those who have served. but it is also, ladies and gentlemen, an example of you power. let me tell you a brief story
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and then i will return to the specific one in a moment. do you remember when we learned about the scandal at the va in arizona? we learned veterans were dying before they received an appointment and bureaucrats were cooking the books so no one found out. the scitizens of this nation wee so outraged that you used your power and flooded congress with objection and this political class moved. in three short weeks, this congress passed a bipartisan bill sailing through the senate 99-0 and the president signed it, and that bill said you could fire the top 400 senior executives at the va. sadly, we all moved on and the political class forgot about it like they always do because the pressure was abated. one person has been fired. we are learned 307,000 veterans
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died waiting for health care and the va handed out $142 million in bonuses. we cann we cannot settle for this. this is a stain on our honor. [applause] >> so not only do i accept your challenge mother to mother, i will also tell you this, i will promise you this, hold me accountable for this, as commander and chief i will promise you i will value, i will respect, i will listen to, i will care for those who serve, those who have served, and those who are willing to serve so help me god.
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>> seeing as you an influential women today i would like to know more about your stance on the issue of abortion. >> well, i am pro-life. [applause] allow me to tell you why. first all come from the world of science and technology. science is, i think, proving those of us who believe this right every day. we know the dna in a zygote is the same dna as the day you die. i cannot draw this line. i accompanied a very good friend of mine to planned parenthood when i was about 23. she wanted my support. and i watched while she was given no choices, no options. i also watched what that
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procedure did to her emotionally, physically, and spiritually. a couple years later i met my husband. when we got married, 31 years ago, i learned from his mother she had been told to abort him. she chose not to. she was a woman of courage and faith. she spent a year in the hospital after his birth. but her son, my husband, became the joy of her life. he has been the rock of mine for over 30 years. i think often about how different my life would be had he not been in the world. a couple years later i learned i could not have children of my own so i know how precious the gift of life is. i do not ask everyone to agree with me but i do say the american people, american women on this issue as well, have found common ground. the common ground we have found is this: everybody, the majority of americans believe
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that abortion for any reason after five months is wrong, let us take that common ground and finally pass the unborn child protection act. we have also found common ground that the american people are horrified that planned parenthood is harvesting body parts. fetal tissue for research purposes. you may have noticed how strongly i have stood out and spoken against that and how much heat i took from the liberal media. but the reality is the first budget carly fiorina submits will have no funding for planned parenthood. [applause] >> i have been a republican for 22 years. we have had too many republicans
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who have not served us well. every since ross perot started with we have to take our country every politician says the same thing. nobody ever says who we are going to take it back from. i know who we are going to take it back and so does donald trump, bernie sanders and i know you know, too. tell everybody who we are taking the country back. >> we are taking it back from the professional class, the big and powerful that control them, the special interest. we are taking this country back from the establishment that is benefited by a big, complicated powerful government. that is who we are taking it back from. we are taking it back from people who use all of that complexity to their advantage. you see when you have a big
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powerful government it creates more and more crony capitalism. bernie sanders said crony capitalism is a problem and he is right. the lie is this. sanders' solution is bigger government, more complicated government, and that just creates more crony capitalism. think about the democrats' solutions. dodd-frank. the financial crisis -- how did that start? fannie mae and freddy mack. government sponsored entities. government decided it was a good idea for everybody to own a home. none of the government agencies did their job. when the crash happened what did democrats do? they passed dodd-frank.
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they didn't reform the 25 agencies. no one reformed fannie mae or freddy mack. we have ten wall street banks too big to fail who are now five and even bigger and more powerful wall street banks mean while 1590 community banks are out of business and 20% of the credit union industry is out of business and why does that matter? community banks and credit unions serve who? small businesses, new businesses, families struggling and we are crushing them and wall street gets bigger and bigger. bernie sanders knows the problems but his solutions will not work but they will take us to socialism which is apparently what he wants. donald trump is a business man. he is a crony capitalist, ladies
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and gentlemen, and admits it over and over again. and by the way, we do not need another nars cyst in the white house who talks about us but only cares about himself. >> on a personal note, you mention my dad and he was -- >> how great to meet you. >> and he spoke about better ways to tax. given the current tax code, he is saying the same stuff you are saying now. my question is this: we have shockingly enough over 300,000 people that have died from gunshots in the past decade and we have done a lot of things
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wrong. i am not interested to know what you think about president oba obama's plans or what he did in the past. my question is given the multiple facets of that problem do you have a plan that you would envision to try to reduce that total? >> so first we need to enforce the laws we have competently. and the reason we have to start there dillion roof in south carolina, the young man who stormed into a church and murdered nine people, he never should have been sold a gun. the fbi admitted it. we didn't do the background check right. and president obama in his speech said we need more fbi agents and more dea and atf agents. my question to the president is where have you been the last
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seven years? secondally the reason you have gun violence, incredible -- secondly -- levels in cities like chicago that have the toughest gun laws in the nation is because there are loads of criminals who own guns. we know who they are. the justice department has lists of criminals who should not own guns and who do. and you know how many of those people are being prosecuted? less than 1%. if we want to keep people safe let's take guns out of of the hands of the criminals who are not supposed to have them. if we want to change the laws of this country then there is a way to do that. and it isn't with executive orders. it is with the people's representatives. that is part of returning power to the people. the things that president obama put forward in his executive order about background checks actually they have failed in congress on a bipartisan bases
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twice. so if it is really true that the american people are fired up about this let's get laws pas d passed. but it is not the role of the president to say i don't look this law and i am going to do something different. that is called lawlessness. just as his immigration executive orders have been lawlessness. he is not the only president who abused the power of the presidency but part of returning to a citizen government is remembering what the president's job is and what the legislature's job is. and by the way we have a good blueprint for that it is called the constitution, ladies and gentlemen. [applause] >> let's enforce the laws we have. yes, ma'am? >> my name is mish michele sanborn. you talk about putting the power
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back into the hands of the people and citizen government a few times. i live locally and our community has been subjected to corporate power and privilege overriding our local decisions. in our community, we passed what is called the rates-base ordinance which is a local law enacted by the people to subord nature the power and privilege of business entities that come in and violate our right to protect our health, safety and welfare. we are being told as far as law today that this is illegal because corporations have the power to override states and wharf often use the power and privilege in they created many of these state and corporate government agencies. so you have individuals coming from the corporate industry and then in turn serving in the state agencies and they are regulating their own industry
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and writing those laws. so, we have a grassroots organization in new hampshire, the new hampshire community rights network that has proposed a constitutional amendment for the state of new hampshire to secure the right of local community self government. i am not talking about home rule. home rule is a myth keeping the municipality bonded and has the right to take the choice away. we are talking about local communities to enact rights-based laws, expand and protect people community and nature so you can collectively protect your natural resources, your local economics, etc. what is your stand on that proposal? >> well, that is up to the people of new hampshire. that is up to the people of new hampshire. >> we get that choice? >> of course you get that
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choice. the constitution is clear that specific power not enumerated to the government is up to the states. let me address the larger issue if i may. let us be honest, eminent domain, this unholy alliance between big powerful interest, whether they are unions or businesses, and big complicated government is what we to take our country back from. you are right. big companies often work with a legislature to get laws passed so they can overturn the will of the people. it is a perfect example of taking our country back. the united states federal government should only be doing those things the federal government is responsible for doing. kind of a unique concept, isn't it? let me say two other things here. we are no longer a nation of
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laws. we have become a nation of rules. think about how many rules, and i would consider executive orders part of this rulemaking, think about how many rules out of washington, d.c. in the last year alone, it has been 86,000 pages of rules. we have been rolling out tens upon tens of thousands of pages of rules every year for 40-plus years. ask yourself who are the -- democrats and republicans alike -- ask yourself who are these rule makers? they are not elected, not accountable, nameless, faceless bureaucrats that spew rules out of washington, d.c. i will tell you what i am going to do. number one, first rule we have to appeal in law is obamacare. yes, obamacare is a law. but it is also accompanied by
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tens of thousands of page of rules. and by the way, did you know buried in the pages of all of those regulations of obamacare is the takeover of the student loan industry? and the federal government decides now that your child is going to pay between 4.5-6.5 percent interest on the loans the federal government gives and the federal government only pays 1.5-2.5 percent of the debt. the federal government is making money off your young people. does that strike you as a racket? it is. i will do more than repeal obamacare. we have to do a top to bottom review of every single rule on the books. when was the last time we did that? never. when was the last time you can remember a regulation was
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repealed? well, actually not never. reagan repealed the 55 mile per hour national speed limit, deregulated the airline and trucking industry. that is a long time ago. why doesn't this stuff happen? why doesn't this happen? it is the difference between managers and leaders. they don't challenge the status quo. they operate within the status quo and maybe, just maybe, they take advantage of the status quo. that is a manager.
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i leader knows their job is to challenge the status quo. that is the only way you solve festering problems. margaret thatcher is great hero of mine and she said this one: " i am not content to manage to decline of a great nation. neither am i, but i think with your support, i am willing to lead the resurgeance of a great nation. >> we have time for one more question. one more question. >> sorry, this gentlemen had his hand up. >> do you think that you should add to your list term limits? >> i think term limits are a great idea. when we get through this list
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these are not the only things we have to do. these are just the important things we have to do first. once we get to this list, do you believe in term limits and want that law passed, perhaps one for yes and two for no. >> i had a politician ask me what they can do for me and i said stop making laws so we can catch up on the old ones >> there you go. i might borrow that from you. if you didn't get a chance to ask your question you can ask in your line. thank you for being here. i think it is hot and the middle of the first week back so thank you for being here. this is not going to be quick and easy as i said. but that is not what we are all about. but we can restore possibilities for every american regardless of their circumstances. we can cut the government down to size and hold it accountable.
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we can lead in the world and honor and value those who help us in that leadership and serve to keep our nation safe every day. we can do these things. but we cannot do them unless we are prepared to challenge the status quo of the professional politicians unless you as citizens are prepared to use the power you have. so i will ask you again whether you see me one time, two time, or three times, join me, stand with me, support me, vote for me, citizens, it is time. it is time to take our future back, our politics back, our government back. it is time to take our country back. god bless you. thank you for being here tonight.
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