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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 8, 2016 10:44pm-12:01am EST

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in the sierra madre of mexico and poppies are harvested by pre-teens. they have got to do something about this. which brings me to the third thing, we have got to have conclusive politics. we actually have to get the show on the road. hillary said i'm a progressive but i'm one that likes to get things done. and i may just start with this. the next president will make between one and three appointments to the united states supreme court. i think it's important. [applause] but i think she proves she knows how to get things done. when she was secretary of state she spearheaded the development of the iran sanctions and that china and russia to sign off on it. i didn't think she could do that. [laughter]
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and she worked with the banned muslim brotherhood president of egypt to stop a full scale shooting war between hamas and benghazi worked with republican with republican senators to ratify a treaty for team developed called the new start treaty which is the only thing that survived our attempt to do better with russia. they are honoring that treaty and i think it's a good thing in a dangerous world that we were to his the chances of a nuclear exchange between ourselves and the russians. these are important things. when hillary was a senator she was on a commission to study the future of the american military that the pentagon asked her to be on. newt gingrich was on the committee and i had an occasion to talk to him. he told me held good she was. that's how great the campaign was.
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you will be treated to a lot of things the republicans said before she started running. [laughter] but anyway she knows how to do things. she knows where to do something about this black money and politics, this secret money. this is wrong. the supreme court said we cannot limit the amount of money people can spend on campaigns. i think it was a bad decision but they did not say that we had to let people give money in an undisclosed way and sneak around when they try to change the whole future of politics nationally or in new hampshire. we have got to keep working for them. [applause] i want to just say one thing about this election. again you just have to decide whether you want inclusive economics, inclusive social potties -- policies and
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inclusive policy. and whether you want someone who actually knows how to defend the country without giving away our values. how to build an economy or in her words a struggling -- and whether you think that ought to be the model. to do it the needed change maker. and so i will just close with this and ask you to think about it. and i will say in advance you are entitled to say what else is he going to say? they just celebrated their 40th anniversary. but you are entitled to discount it that i do know her. when we met in law school it was relatively rare for women to be at yale law school or in law school generally. it's hard to believe most graduates now are women from law school. she could have gone anywhere.
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herger's in law school was legal services for poor people. when she got out instead of taking a clerkship or a big job she went to work for the children's defense fund. she went to alabama to investigate whether segregated academies were claiming exemptions under the grounds that they were part of the academies that haven't have no african-americans in them. and they change the law and the schools and eventually change the practice. she went to south carolina, this is more reporting to me now, to investigate why so many 14 and 15-year-old children all of whom are african-american were in adult jails. not so much of that anymore. everywhere she went she -- when she came to arkansas she opened the first legal aid clinic we ever had and where the university is.
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i will never forget she made me take her to court accepting the legal aid proposal. he was a crusty old guy who liked the old system of lawyers and so help me the guy sitting on the run that bench and i introduced him and he was polite but concerned and he called and she makes her presentation and he leans over and he says you know i don't like legal aid for a much and i don't like lady lawyers very much. [laughter] i apologize to young people that we used to talk like that. [laughter] within six months he changes the vision on both. she made something good happen and it still thriving. then when i became governor, she came in one day and said you know bill we have got all these really poor families in arkansas who don't have an education and their kids are starting school so far behind.
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i found a program they would put in place in israel for immigrants that didn't speak hebrew or english, the home and structure program for preschool youngsters. teaches the parents and teachers and give them ample than the educational enterprise. i think it will work your site so what are we going to do about a quick she said don't worry just talked with a woman who founded it and we were going to set it up. the next thing i know we got a whole program going. before you know what it was in 26 states there was a national organization and today before there was ever childcare standards or preschool there were thousands and thousands of kids that came from these poor families who got a better start
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in life because she made something good happen wherever she is and whatever she's doing she does make things happen. [applause] >> we had to redo our school standards. arkansas had the worst schools in america. this was 1983. i put her in charge of this committee to offer greater standards. elementary counselors and a lot of other things. but anyway nine years later i came to new hampshire running for president. the same guy that said we had the worst schools in american 1983 said we had one of the two must improve school systems in the entire country and i use it
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in speeches here to try to talk you into voting for me but she did that. [laughter] [applause] so then we go to washington and we try new health care. we offered a bill which people forget was widely acclaimed by experts at 101400 pages out of federal law that put in. and she didn't give up. we may pass a balanced budget she worked with senator kennedy to put the children's health program in it. there are 1200 kids in that today. there were six money when i left office. it was the largest expansion of health care from the time medicaid and medicare passed until obamacare past.
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and she just did it. then she came to me one day and i thought this is never going to happen. she came to me and said to i have finally found something that we could work with tom delay on. all of the younger people might not remember him but he was newt gingrich's enforcer in their free tea party tea party congressman to put it mildly he didn't think much of me. but i said you have got to be kidding. she said now he's an adoptive parent and we had a terrible problem with too many kids in permanent foster homes. not enough kids moving to adoptive homes kids aging out of foster care with nowhere to go nothing to do no education doing support. she and tom delay got together and i was one of the happiest of bill signings i ever did was signing the bill. it was the time i left office it had increased adoptions out of foster care by 65% before i even
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left office. [applause] then when she started to run for the senate in new york she would come home full of ideas every day and after she got elected she got all these put him on the republican farmers on long island involved in doing things to preserve the farms there at a time when real estate was pretty high. pretty soon there will be several of them and i were knocking on doors saying i'm a republican, but she is the only person that has ever done anything for us. a guy making fishing rods and a little town in upstate new york introduced e-commerce quadrupled its business and all of this new customers where norway. it never even occurred to him. she just made something happen.
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she just put her so complacent tour through daters -- two or three days later something good would be going on. [applause] she left office came to work in our foundation and all of a sudden we had a project called no ceilings which pointed out all the places where gender disparity still exist and another project called too small for sale which educated parents about what they can do for their children whether or not they had any money before they went to school. she just makes things happen. we need to change things. i spent a lot of time when i was president of possessing with restoring broad-based prosperity someone asked me when i celebrated the tenth anniversary of my library 14 or 15 months ago what i was most proud of.
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i said i'm most proud of -- we have 40 to 50% more jobs than when president reagan was in office. trickle-down economics never look like it was working because we had never done a survey where we cut taxes and increase spending so dramatically at the same time. in comes dropped for everybody during the two bush administrations. but we had 100 times as many people, 100 times as many people moved from poverty into the middle class. they work their way they are and we can do that again. the people in the middle are 50% more. people just love the metal the next quintile more than twice as much of an increase. in the bottom, income increased
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to the bottom 20% of workers 710 of 1% in eight years and president reagan's office. and arrested just fine. [applause] arrested just fine. why don't i tell you this? forget about that, just telling you that we can do this. there is no country better position than the united states for the future. we can do it but you've got to have somebody who makes good things happen. we can also navigate this very uncertain and often perilous world without blowing it up for blowing our values up but you have to have two stop this big bad things from happening and make good things happen. in my adult lifetime there has never been any one better prepared for the job that awaits the next president than hillary.
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[applause] [applause] and she is pretty much to the same girl i fell in love with in law school. she really is and that's why she is still really close friends with her best friend from grade school, and why all these people should go to high school with are coming to new hampshire or iowa, people she met more than 30 years ago in arkansas and keep coming to new hampshire. every time she's on the ballot. there are candidates and then there are candidates. there are records and then there are records. all i can tell you is in our family here is how we keep score. are people better off when you quit than when you started?
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two children have a brighter future under things coming together instead of being torn apart? if that's going to be your scorekeeping you only have one choice and i hope you will help her win in new hampshire. [applause] ..
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>> [applause].
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>> .. [cheers and applause] >> thank you what is a great crowd. forgive me for wearing my coach but we are sanders. it is a little chilly but i love your town. we just had dinner down the street and walked through the beautiful christmas lights. i of the big lover of christmas. i love this town. we just had to agree weeks with our kids our parents and cousins by the dozens so we feel reenergize tanner on the trail. i am proud of rand in the short time he is dead in the senate all the things he has done. if you are here tonight to
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support those also. i have to is mitt i was not super excited at first with the adl of a political life but rand really wanted to make a difference in a string from those core principles. finding out if he could make ted difference. and did bowling green he is an incredibly caring physician and he is already living out those principles. at only 30 years old when we first knew there with the eye clinic with surgery and glasses.
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and to provide better care and services rather than baseless government bureaucracy. >> rand was also when fault with another physician friend at that time was an attorney and many from guatemalans. and through the years through congenital eye diseases and he gave back and i felt he was. so just last week on christmas break he did surgery for uninsured patients is in kentucky and
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to welcome back to haiti and what of all of. two years ago he saw children he operated on 50 years ago who came to see him grown up and breaking their own kids. to introduce him to a doctor, below that speaks to the heart of who he is. i have always been proud of him as a doctor and as a u.s. senator. if you have watched the debate a one-man standing there up against perpetual war and incredibly proud of him. years ago i said even aspire that in others. [cheers and applause]
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thank you. i have been to a few political barbeques said it is starting to show but i was at one in kentucky and if said you can eat very well - - lived very long eating like that he said my granddad lived 105. he lived to be one / mighty his own business. [laughter] sometimes i wish my a
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government would mind its own business and leave me alone to practice medicine in in business, families leave us alone with our church, for the most part the country maybe we can build the few roads. i don't want a big government. to be the greatest free is did richest nation ever. as a controversy of tom brady. [laughter] to enter into our household maybe it different controversy than yours but in my household by come home but on the dresser drawers
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is a pitcher of my wife and tom brady. [laughter] the neck and said that was it. and then in my bedroom with tom brady in said it has got to go. 79 moved it to the sun room. then we come home and it is gone. but then the pitcher was missing. but we did get the picture back with matrimonial harmony. [laughter] but i do believe the government has grown too large if you want to see evidence we borrow $1 billion per minute with
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the $18 trillion debt. those are just numbers $19 trillion. $1 million a minute. we even though mexico money. what is wrong? the free is gingrich is doing great is country what is going on? is the democrats fault? the republican fold? both parties are spending us into oblivion because they will not get money unless they promised monday to the other side. then they get together every but he spends many. but there are ramifications. to save your losing 1 million jobs per year because of the burden of debt.
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everybody wants something but nobody wants taxes to go lot. so we either barrault or make it. so as we print that up it is us form of theft. value of first of 4 feet it is not free. and then each unit of value loses its value. by rising prices the same people to give them free stuff. then we say you will have a better life if you get it for free and then the
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government gave you this. and everything seems to cost more looking at the overall statistics called good job the government is doing it doesn't seem to be working. food had a war on poverty. we still have a great deal of poverty but now we have a nation that has begun to have the yen still dragging around. the economy is not growing like it once did. getting and vice school or college. we have a certain malaise to say i have all of these loans i am not sure read job will pay for that. how did that occur?
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how do we fix that? to have a the highest taxes in the world the highest in the role. where do you want to go? in canada there 15 percent for businesses. pfizer is real incorporating in ireland -- ireland. even if reinstated germany that are much more socialized than we are with the low corporate tax. business goes where it is welcome but how to read it to lower taxes? but if you don't what will you have? and it will be a problem.
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so what happens we get both sides to go back and forth to go class warfare when will save tax evil corporations because they get all the money but they never worked for a person. we year of the same side if your number 10,000 in believe you make money when the company makes money if it doesn't you do not have a job so consider whether or not we're interconnected if that helps the business owner also helps the employee. taxes are chasing businesses away sore regulations. made worse by the fact we have allowed our government to operate by executive fiat. the president does whatever he wants he has a republican congress and cannot pass legislation in so wright's executive orders will people
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say there is gridlock nothing can get done the president should just do it but the problem is it is inconsistent with our founding principles so it would be difficult see you have to have consensus, most philosophers said about the checks and balances when the executive begins to legislate a then nobody stops the president was writing laws that is not what he intended in fact, the founding fathers were fearful of monarchy in worried the presidency could devolve into monarchy they wanted to limit the power the same as going to war as the brave young men who have served in one of the main charities is building houses for severely wounded veteran
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-- veterans but they took that away from the presidency cannot initiate war. the yet received is zero is initiating more of those sides of the aisle with the war in libya. [laughter] there is a euphemism. is a bombing with gadaffi this is a big question. the most important that i consider of this season when you address a little bit in the last debate for the first time i don't think this occurs on the democrat side at all, i haven't watched that many but whether or not the idea of regime changes say good idea. what does that mean? somehow the people have the notion that our foreign policy that we should be in charge of deciding who is in
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charge of different countries of policing can do a better job. a proposition if you topple saddam hussein then thomas jefferson is elected. [laughter] i think that maybe many of. i disagreed with members of my party when we went to war because i felt if he were toppled we are not sure what comes after. sure enough 15 years out from the ensuing civil war bin peace but the problem is if you look at the grand scheme of things they're a potential enemy for us as an adversary is iran stronger or weaker? is a rack grateful for the 5,000 young men and women who died?
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in the $1 trillion we spent there? that gratitude is expressed in a strange way they have allied -- allied with iran so now they are buddies the second best man is now russia some liberated a country that now looks to iran and russia and is completely dysfunctional and will never be a country again if it ever was because you have these factions that have never liked each other the shiites have been fighting they still remember it the battle people are concerned what bernice beers is wearing or not. over there they are still mad about a massacre at a mosque in the hundred 32. they have a long memory of history but then the government we are supporting
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kicked out all the sinise a you have all these cine towns now occupied but were previously occupied by the shiites. they are not ever going to except a piece that comes from the outside. while isis is a menace if you want them to be defeated and don't want another new formation it cannot be shiites in has to be somebody from to treat the people that to feed them and looked in the eye to eliminate isis have to be that fellow sunni muslims in this is something we have to understand also the commander-in-chief to listen to reckless or gung-ho that the wars of first resort and not the last. think about what we were hearing a debate a couple
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weeks ago from the businessman from new york. [laughter] not to be too specific specific, asked about the nuclear triad if we have nuclear weapons that could be launched from landor sea or air. but has never been fought of the leader eager to use it but as a mutual deterrence with the other superpowers. but trump did not appear to know what it was then when he did his post -- spokesperson said yes our mistakes we haven't been willing to use it. that should scare us to death that 30 or 40 percent of the party should be -- could be considering using the nuclear weapons and should scared to death meanwhile there is another debate and everybody wants
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to appear strong. they will show you how strong they are by how eager they are to go to war so they say hillary clinton on one side rubio and bush and christy says we needed a no-fly zone. i was horrified because i was thinking of the implications. you will shoot down who fly in the zone. russia already flies am not excited or eager read that over the ochers that is that would exist at this moment because iran is in iraq and syria invited them. they also have a long time but prate -- presents in the base if you thought you could shave them to have world number three if you promise to shoot anybody
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down solid deck is christie he says absolutely i will shoot them down and kill them. [laughter] we have to think of the implications to have all the leaders eager to shoot down russian planes. reagan was strong but he also talked to the russians carly fiorina says she will lot. that is ridiculous. for as much as they do things that our distasteful are probably part of the solution in syria he will not get a cease-fire unless you talk to the russians in all likelihood with that precondition a sod house to go you will market the ceasefire in syria. the syrian civil war involves islamic radicals on the other side but predominantly isis or al
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qaeda there are 2 million christians and lived in syria. so the guy, all the sadder eager for war would to topple assad. i don't know i don't understand how you bomb both sides but they want to bomb isis and also assad. what does that mean? what does carpet bombing mean? that is indiscriminate so we are terrorists when we are done. you will kill quite a few in the others will raise another generation. i am not saying we give up as we have to protect ourselves from those who want to come in and visit and from those who want to kill us so we have to think
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we've we're doing in the middle east because when we topple secular dictators we have chaos with the rise of radical islam. with gadaffi gone there was a failed state with an ambassador was killed, the embassy was overrun in the was with in our swimming pool i am not kidding. a failed state and one-third of libya said pledge allegiance now to isis. are we better or worse off? sometimes the civil wars are variations of both sides. in half to get away from the utopian notion jefferson will be elected in the middle east. they have known only death on one side or the other hopefully someday they will know the freedom and democracy but that will not come from the outside the from them. i don't think we have been
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successful to create a democracy your utopia and not trying to bring democratic perfections. it is also very expensive. when people ask whose fault? because you have republicans who say we want unlimited spending but they cannot get it unless they compromised so they both get together we just had 1.$1 trillion spending bill, 200-0242 pages in and nobody read it. senior senators, the deals were made but nobody had time to read from rank-and-file nobody had notes and no amendments were allowed as a consequence we gave the power to the president and we can do
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nothing to stop him there will be a discussion to reverse executive orders i am part of that it was announced today but because spending was passed in both for one year he will not be stopped because that would require democrats to side with us but if we use the power of the purse and then say to everyone if you want to spend money on this? , up with the 60 votes to pass the senate. we're not using the power at all as a consequence. republicans and democrats they all just decided if you want something i will scratch your back you scratch mine but as the consequence for borrowing $1 million? we have to be where we're situated as a country in the consequences of borrowing $1 billion a minute.
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understand what the founders intended where the greatness came from. the richest in greatest and most humanitarian country ever known in the history of man. in 2014 we gave away privately through charity charity, nearly $400 billion. that doesn't happen in cuba because it'll make wealth we won the cold war we didn't have a battle with russia we defeat russia and all communism because the engine of capitalism could be the engine of communism we produce great wealth if you don't know how well you don't realize that it comes from freedom and small government, we will lose it to. this is an important election that we need to and
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to stand out foreign policy fits in there can be no on the limited space and we're not strong if we will project from bankruptcy court and reducing the number one threat is our debt. i want a strong military. maybe being in the air force we are aware what the military ones and needs we don't have a strong military by saying we will spend $1 trillion more. we currently spend 600 billion yen of the military is it enough? you can debate that but the prospective we spend as much as russia, china in the next eight countries. secretary of navy under reagan the youngest
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undersecretary and did advocate of a bigger navy one of the spokesperson for mitt romney and i agreed we have to modernize and have more ships in capacity but he said the way we pay for that is getting rid of bureaucracy at the pentagon there used to be seventh joint task forces now there is to mid-50s so now there is too much bureaucracy so you have to find ways to conserve. i would do that at the fed in the pentagon. sometimes it takes awhile and i have been looking for five years which includes sitting down with harry reid in his office, 20 times that
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never worked but i finally am getting a vote next tuesday if you're interested to have the fed audited i think all of them call your senators in new hampshire or massachusetts i don't think it's exactly clear river betty stands but they all need to be called it passed overwhelmingly every republican and democrat voted for this in the house the we're struggling in the senate because we have tendered 50 republicans three-fourths of the republicans but not many democrats with this call we have a chance in the federal reserve does need to be audited we need to know what they're doing as you make your decision you have to decide are you happy with the status quo?
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rand someone who will simply governed over the status quo? camry survive sparling $1 million a minute? virtually everyone will continue the democrats as well because everybody has their sacred cow and they're not aware of the problem enough to say we have to turn and correct our ways. to win to be a candidate that will change the direction and will give you back your freedom and liberty to make government so small it does not get in norway or so small you can barely see it or the essential functions of the country to defend the country and preserve justice. thank you very much. [cheers and applause]
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[applause] thank you now we are happy to take questions as long as they are easy. >> what role do you see from the united nations? >> i am not excited about giving up sovereignty to international groups if you don't like what i'm doing a you eat don't elect me but you cannot do that at the u.n. so when we set up the country where we are supposed to give power i am not opposed to the international body to discuss or worldwide
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diplomacy in one area but i am concerned about autonomy from us to them. congress needs to take more of not -- active role as a real source that idle think they have necessarily done a great job. i am not sending in the young men or women it will be an american flag or not an all. [applause] >> your campaign has required a lot of money. but the corporations are supporting these campaigns to be simply good faithdcv agree
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its port tack -- protracted process, that's for sure. the money is influencing government in a bad way. i think it influences being peddled in government paid the first thing i would say is the reason people purchase government is because government has too much power to affect daily lives. if you have a government like the founding fathers had envisioned it was very small no one would want to purchase politicians to get their way. the government was involved in their business or your daily life and defend the country people would be more interested in being a state representative then a u.s. congressman. in the early days of the republic goes much more in the state legislature that some of the state reps here than it was to be in congress.
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we have had trouble figuring out how to fix fix it fix it echoeso have respect for speech in our country. the opposition of kenya restrict and we have llow there is the opposition of can you restrict? we allow those restrictions in the '70s with some limits but without going through these other groups. and i think this would surpass the supreme court test and others have not. i propose if you do business with government with the contract that you sign there should be restrictions if i asked you to build a $1 billion worth of tanks that is a big contract or whatever we need but that is an enormous amount of money. voluntarily you should agree
11:37 pm
to a contract that says you will not lobby congress or contribute to to congress we will still need are remnants but let's not have any influence over the process at all to come back to lobby for it. [applause] the only way it would work politically is big corporations to contracting but the unions to the work for the government if they both had the same contractual sets the union that has 20 million people working for the federal government in new word set aside bad pavement. has to be e =. [applause]
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>> we have dismantled the maritime commerce and the day the flags are invisible. the powers of this country was built upon have demonstrated appreciably. >> what do you think the reason is? >> taxes? >> imports or exports. >> they are changing the rules and the laws. it is rather obvious.
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>> it will be much lower in simpler currently the corporate business taxes 35 percent would have 15.5 also 14.5 for individuals and is very simple on one card did over 70,000 pages of tax code on. also to lower the regulatory burden. no one should be allowed. in fact, have legislation to say if any president doesn't and affects the economy and passed to come back to be passed by congress there are all kinds of things to get it back but then i don't know the exact interest -- user m open into saying what do we do? you're the expert so taxes and regulation.
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>> were walked down a thought it was the last of government oversight in in regulation. so i take that missing in action is in default -- i would have a stronger not weaker. >> there needs to be more oversight in the regulation. the federal reserve is the key for 2008 if you look at what happened this was building for quite a while
11:41 pm
we get the average home price it does this then does this it goes almost straight up. that is absurd that never happens then capitalism where the unregulated free market because it is the price of money should fluctuate like a price of bread to send a signal i remembered 2003 and 200430 in 2005 and everybody is building houses competing for the money to build houses and homeowners to hold them what happened to the price of money? it should rise in interest rates rise. this is the cycle that happen naturally in under
11:42 pm
capitalism with the important information by a like in it to insulin when you eat a meal the blood sugar rises and then you get a cyclical effect in madison recall that homeostasis to receive balance and that happens. i'll let cathy important debate to go with government on interest-rate soar to little purpose i would agree to certain extent the reason i avebury that you allow banks to do investment banking you have a taxpayer to responsible to be bailed out is a problem concept of too big to fail as a problem.
11:43 pm
we would pass dodd/frank and only said we need to make sure it is safer. and now plying the big pink to woo the small lake they could be struggling with all the regulations it is more expensive for that single bank. what happens with the problem we try to fix counter intuitively is whatjwhio with is something like glass-steagall. i wouldn't do it the old way of what i would do is if you have a big bank i would tell you that we have taxpayer insurance, fdic
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insures your deposits. what i would say is we are going to ensure your deposits but we will only do it if you have a division of your bank. so you will only get it and then maybe if you are depositor in a big bank and you say we don't have insurance on my going to deposit with you it's a way of doing glass-steagall but there's a way of structure -- strict restructuring it. there also needs to be a plan of bankruptcy for the bank sprayed when the bank bank comes up tomorrow and everybody scares you to death, people say they have to bail out the big banks are the same people that didn't predict a big banks whatever problem in the same people that didn't think was this problem having see registries for 10 years are the same people tell you you've got to bail out the big banks and here's a middle-class getting stuck with the bill. the other gas station in exeter or restaurant you go bankrupt nobody's come to bail you out so it's an unfair system.
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it's complicating what the answer is but i do agree with you in some form or they think something more has to be done about too big to fail. it still exists in the problem of some of our regulations have made the problem bigger. not on purpose but has an inadvertent result of some of the regulations. a bit to agree the more has to be done and i'm trying to figure out with others if we can get something done about it. [applause] >> he said banks are more dangerous than standing armies so give people the power to create money out of thin air and they control the world. how do you take that power away? government issuing of debts to foreign and domestic? meem when the constitution was written they said had to be of gold and silver. they do mention it explicitly in the constitution. we kind of got away from it than we have a paper burn thing. for while but paper currency was
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exchangeable with gold and silver and for a while for a while to set the currency is backed by the full faith and credit of the government pretty via anonymous government is not running a deficit that could go on for a long time to does the government becomes less and less transparent and less honest it becomes more worrisome. the joke i have now is once upon a time the dollar was backed by gold and now your dollars backed by used car loans and bad home loans. in two dozen and momentous crisis the fed bought $4 trillion worth of assets. assets are good. assets are like bad home loans. some people argue that the price of houses or home mortgages that the fed owns may not than the market to market. they may not have gone to their bottom value. there's some danger we live in a state will. we have come back and in many ways people are building again. we have virtually zero interest
11:47 pm
rates and we have all of the stuff the fed owns. the fed owns so much stuff, trillions and trillions of dollars they are free to sell it there are free to tank the real estate market. they are afraid free to sell a big if they know what the actual value is at the time. i think there's a possibility some of that occurs over time. don't know of i have the ultimate answer other than i'm very concerned about the fee on currency we have now and whether or not would have been somewhat of an illusion of wealth that could come crumbling down in a dramatic fashion like what was about to happen 2008 in some ways 2008 a lot of people did suffer through that for many years. >> we are getting a spread of terrorism on the planet. the saudis are celebrating years
11:48 pm
by executing the shia. you mentioned in this year in your debate. you are the sponsor of the bill to declassify the 20 pages which talks about the saudis putting an end to this terrorism which they have been sponsoring. will you do what senator gravelle did with the pentagon papers and babies into the congressional records to stop the financing of terrorism? >> what she is referring to is pre-9/11 there was an inquiry by congress. top graham is a democratic senator from florida. he's got a great book. his book intelligence matters was screened by the cia in the government and he wrote a lot of stuff they could find from public sources that he was allowed to reveal. the bottom line in this book you will tell you they were to link between saudi arabia and 9/11. there's a lot of suspicion. 16 of the 19 hijackers came from saudi arabia.
11:49 pm
this is important only think about going back and there was financing to look suspicious as well. when we think about the middle east there is extensively our ally. it's important to understand what's going on over there. the syrian civil war the government is alive with shiites and assad is aligned with shiites iran and iraq read the rebels are sunni and allied with saudi arabia. this civil war saudi arabia qatar in the u.s. poured tons and tons of weapons many of weapons and it was one of the man's of isis. saudi arabia has executed a shiite cleric that was calling for elections for an overthrow. he had not committed terrorism. he was a protester in their country and they executed him recently and they have a shiite minority within saudi arabia. there are some danger of that
11:50 pm
erupting. what i would say is commander-in-chief saudi arabia buys all kinds of arms from us. it has to be approved by the president who buys arms from us. i would only sell arms under people that are going to bathe and do the right thing. you don't put them in indiscriminately and if you do you don't get any more of arms from us. >> on the floor of the congress right now. >> have introduced legislation to bring it forward and i would suggest it be the will want to know about the 28 missing pages for the lot about everything if you read intelligence matters you get a lot of the gist of the 20 pages. i will continue to advocate for it when i probably won't read it on the floor but i will continue to advocate for a bill that does it. read intelligence matters also. it's important to learn from the past and the only thing it sam
11:51 pm
nunn 11 were always made me mad as a citizen and makes him as a senator is no one was ever a fire. not one person was ever fired. >> can people here make? just on the same issue i think it should be put in very simple terms. senator bob graham said very clearly that at the 28 pages have been released then isis would not exist, the people who ran 9/11 and murdered 3000 of our citizens would not be running free today to continue the mass murders policy they are purveying assisi in the middle east. that considered, what possible excuse could you make for not using your authority as a senator to read the 20 pages into the record?
11:52 pm
you have the authority. we don't need a bill which as you admitted earlier is not going to go anywhere because harry reid is not going to do anything pretty good read into that record and i mean this with full respect senator come every member of congress who refuses to release this information and in so doing to bring an end to this mass murder which was responsible for our own citizens being killed and is threatening millions of people in the middle east on every single one of those people killed by isis and it was killed but the saudis on 11 their blood will be on your hands and on the hands of any member of congress who refuses refuses. >> i'm the one that interest -- introduce the bill to repeal is on the wrong target. i'm not your target, i'm your ally. if you don't know who your friends or you are not going to get anywhere. let me finish.
11:53 pm
the only other thing i would say with the saudis and this was a big thing, the reason why this is important also is our reaction to 9/11 was to ask all of you to give up some liberty. it was to ask you to let us collect your phone records and look at all of your private belongings in records in order to stop terrorism. a lot of 9/11 was failure to do this stuff that normal cia and it be i should be doing. to the people from saudi arabia lived in san diego for a year with an fbi informant, with an fbi informant. we caught people trying to fly planes and not land them also from saudi arabia, also for some some -- also some -- also from france. people made mistakes but no one is going to be fired. it doesn't really work that way. in some ways they say we don't have enough it via agents come i
11:54 pm
would hire more but i wouldn't look at your phone records and spend billions of dollars looking at all your phone records. if you need more fbi agents was get the money to do it. for tsarnaev boys the brothers in boston tipped off by the russians, who flew back to chechnya and the public sources he was plotting something against the country, and the big advocate of privacy but if i'm the judge and you call me goodnight to tell me this i'm going to look at his records. if any of them look suspicious am a guess but if you azimi cumulative everybody's records in boston i may know. it's not that i'm against going after terrorism and looking at them individually. let's have more agents looking at specific threats and not get overwhelmed by all the data of all of us that confuses and overwhelms us with information. i have time for one or two more. right back there.
11:55 pm
[applause] >> first i would like to thank you for coming to exeter which is really refreshing considering last night's uneventful visit by the clintons paid second of all and i know you talk a lot about this but really i would like you to talk a bit about the information bill introduced to the senate in october and written into law by president obama in december and how u.s. the primary opposition of hills or of cybersecurity and our nation plans to have concrete plans to counter this. >> the questions about cybersecurity and a pass for cybersecurity actually as part of the big spending bill. it only got put into the big spending bill. my concern about collection of information is whether or not there's due process in the
11:56 pm
collection of your information and with the sharing of information i don't have a problem with sharing of information but i do have a problem if the data that goes along with it has a lot of personal information about individuals. i think there is a way and i think there already is a way of sharing information that there's a certain type of virus or worm being worked into the code and there's a tape meet for that i'll meet to plot to share ways to combat that. i think there are ways of doing it but one reason i don't trust the government with more of the information in the way they set up the bill was that the government hasn't been good at protecting information. the office of personnel management allowed access to 21 million names including all my personal information to a hacker which means they are not doing a good job of protecting their own. business is good that because they react quickly and they will lose money people steal their stuff.
11:57 pm
target had a problem and others have had a problem. i think i trust business more than government with that nimble nature but i too think there can be sharing of information. there are not enough safeguards and lack of privacy. i've got time for one more here. >> understand planned parenthood donates money to hillary's campaign paid do you have a problem with that? >> a little. [laughter] [applause] it gets back to campaign finance reform. if they are getting different money should they be elective contributions? maybe you can sign this is where not going to make a political contribution. they would save the money is separated by the problem is that
11:58 pm
hard to separated and say none of this is going for abortion. they also tell you that 97% of the things they do are not abortion. if you look at it in monetary terms it's like 90% of what they do is abortion because they are counting apprenticeships are getting birth control pills is a procedure in their vast numbers of things they do predict a look at searchable teachers they do 100% is abortion. i don't think government money should go to the metal. you could defund them if you are going to use the letters of the purse. our leadership in washington says you can't defund them because you can't get to 60 votes but that's not really true. spending expires at the end of every year. the bill that passed in december let's all spending expires. the second it expires everything you want requires 60 votes. still you can shift the balance
11:59 pm
by letting spending expired. holding your ground insanely wanted government to put up as it is possible that the lesson we did at the democrats said we have to pay her shoulders and get the money to continue to exist and within two days they pass that put a couple of days later we were like we have to pay people social security checks or medicare may pass that but when it comes to the emotional stuff we could say that's past the stuff we agree on and get the stuff we disagree on maybe it will take 60 votes to get to the disagreeable stuff. solso how you get rid of waste invern . . . . gas station in afghanistan last year. whoever got the money for that should probably be in jail. they said they estimate the cost would be $500,000 per to cost $43 million. no one will ever use it. there are a few cars in afghanistan and no cars or run a natural gas per to mention trying to have business snacks
12:00 am
that are and you build a natural gas gas station. if you build one right now no one is going to use it. we'll go to waste. $43 million. they spent $80,00 in what businesses of ours to borrow money and send it to afghanistan. we studied japanese quail to see if they are more sexually promiscuous on cocaine. i think we could just stipulate yes. thank you all for coming tonight. thank you. thank you so much for coming out please put your name on that card and help us all out. thank you very much.


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