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tv   US Senate  CSPAN  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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[inaudible conversations] >> in the log books we have an extraordinary opportunity to see day-by-day how life was lived aboard the space
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glint slave ships and two were from connecticut. i came to the realization they were not maintained is to have thought from and a connecticut farmer. >> 31842, to see frederick douglass and perhaps hearing the hutchinsons to take that back in and actually they perform at the american anti-slavery society in 1843 to perform in boston in the they do this in a formal meeting setting
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>> she moved in with her husband, married in 1836 come he was 10 years older and a professor of sociology. she moved in with her oldest children, her adult daughters and their 30's. she was in her 60s and calvin was in his seventies. she was still riding, a world-famous, reaching the pinnacle of fame in her 40's now in her 60s. she is still writing to support the family. >> mark twain begin to look into hartford as a place to
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settle with the young wife and a new family. and he was tickled to death writing letters back to his family the place is beautiful. they would go into the library after dinner it was a special spot. the paintings across the top of though wall and the knickknacks they would ask for a story but he would have to begin with the cat painting on that end. from there he had to continue across the mantle to incorporate each and every knickknack cannot go out of order and not repeat himself and end with this painting and that would satisfy the girls.
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[cheers and applause]
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>> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. good morning. members of the florida legislature, will come to our of lt. governor. [cheers and applause] >> i would also like to welcome our attorney general blondie -- bondi.
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[applause] our commissioner of agriculture. [applause] chief justice and members of the florida supreme court. [applause] also my amazing life -- wife. [applause] if she is the love of my life and my best friend we have two wonderful daughters and our grandson's.
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and we had our 44th wedding anniversary. ones. [applause] marking my 262nd week in office as governor of the great state of florida. [applause] of lot of time to reflect but judging by a standard three have had a good bit of success. i realized our time on earth in is brief. to do anything of lasting significance without the grace of god. the time we spend to invest in other people but families for sure but also significance with their friends and neighbors. the iran for governor all
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20 million across the great state. the best way to help people is for the government to give them money. but the truth is for those in dire need when they provide a safety net. we have invested taxpayers' dollars in the lives of florida family is. for the first time ever be completely funded and that the building to get the hope that they need. [applause] we made a record high investment in the education system so every child has an opportunity to pursue their american dream.
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[applause] region started dash a pilot program of substance abuse and mental illness. these issues affected my family and across state with the government assistance as a last resort top down mandates from big government are not sustainable and to create from the ingenuity and hard work of the american people. [applause] they have proven when they're unfettered of the constraints the government they are the ones who create genuine prosperity for their family.
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from the top down but the bottom up to have the opportunity to live their dream. therefore i believe the best way to help the weakest in the poorest in the disadvantaged is to give them a job. [applause] a job is the number one way i am proud to report florida is in one word, a growing. [cheers and applause] things to the hard-working people of our great state, over 1 million jobs have been created in just five years since i took
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office. [applause] 1 million jobs. [cheers and applause] dennis and the every floridians ken read about. 1 million jobs. end one who is growing jobs please help me welcome the founder and ceo from boca raton.
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[cheers and applause] rachel is just 15 years old is she started her company when she was 13. that is impressive. [applause] like any competitive badly she said she wanted to practice lacrosse as much as possible. but she found the quality of her gear was not holding up. every few months she had to purchase more equipment and it was getting expensive so she decided to do something about it and created her own mind of lacrosse year to
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meet her standards. now she runs in of one company that had over $1 million in revenue in just over two years. [cheers and applause] even more impressive this young small business owner has three employees to help her out while she is in class. thanks for making florida first four jobs you're just starting your success. congratulations. [applause] i am pleased to report the
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authority is growing in our work has just begun. now we face the mighty task of keeping job creation strong. now we must set our sights higher to make sure we don't fall back we must be dedicated to be first in the nation for job growth for years to come. [applause] the goals are mighty but the challenges clear we must do what we have done the last five years to help floridians get jobs and live their dreams. [applause]
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we must diversify a the economy to help small business grow by creating a new tumor under $50 million florida enterprise fund. that is already endorsed by leaders all across our state with a record state revenues to have the opportunity and a diversified economy by cutting taxes by $1 million. [applause] i have never heard of a business perso growing a smaller business.
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for research and equipment and hiring to create more jobs. [applause] i started my first business in kansas city and i was 22 years old to take our internet -- entire life savings to build a doughnut shops so my mom could have a job. it is scary and remember it like yesterday. so i'm asking for your support for the first four jobs $1 billion tax cut package and take the risk to create good paying jobs.
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[applause] a tax cut package of foreign billion dollars may seem like a high number, but by introducing -- [applause] this cl of the parking services in jacksonville starting a valet parking service to make extra money money, little did he know it would turn into a company with 360 employees before he turned 30 years old. [cheers and applause]
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he now plans to add more employees over the next year. the tax cut package will keep that this same place to open three investment he works so hard to create. thanks for making florida first four jobs in the nation. [applause] i also the ceo of zero b.c. construction in orlando. [cheers and applause] his journey never stopped
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him from accomplishing his dream girl a graduate of harvard law school was the first blind u.s. supreme court law clerk. [applause] it gets better. me how his spirit brought into florida in 2011 using the family savings to buy a the construction and building 2,000 homes in florida last year with 300 men and women employees now they built a brand new headquarters that they will break ground very soon. [applause]
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for the past four years to attend commercial meetings in orlando and tampa and is here today in support of business is to make it easier to start in a pro-business and create more jobs. [applause] to unfairly targets small and large business across the state in the first tax cut package to do away with
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the unfair tax. a tax is a loner not enough in florida is first in jobs. that is why we're asking for your support for our process at enterprise florida. the creation of this new $250 million trust fund to help diversify florida's economy, support small business and become the number one place in the world for families to get a good paying job. [applause] >> please help me to welcome just a few of the mayors to support the proposal better with us today. jacksonville mayor.
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[cheers and applause] of orlando mayor. [applause] ford lawyers and there. [cheers and applause] -- for myers. [applause]
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pensacola. [applause] thanks to each of you for your support. helping many business is moving and expanding florida today i want to share one story with you. last year and that with first choice aerospace on a mission to kentucky. while there be announced first choice aerospace from their home state of kentucky which resulted in 45 new florida jobs. they chose florida over kentucky because of the low
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taxes, over course and strong presence in the aviation industry. the first choice will save money to reinvest into their business. that is why we've is permanently end the sales tax from the equipment this year. [applause] if not it will effectively be a tax increase on small businesses. we want them to keep growing and hire more employees like david to is here with us today. [cheers and applause] the first employee that was
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tired when they expanded. he moved to florida at eight years old from nicaragua. pursuing a career in aviation. following in his father's footsteps going to aviation college in miami to get the skills that he needed to get a good paying job. he can now provide for his wife and his son. he said his job allows him to live his american dream in florida and can get back to his community. as a law-enforcement officer working hard to become a volunteer reserve officer. thanks for being here and helping florida. [applause]
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the favorite three topics are jobs jobs in a more jobs. i wanted to switch gears. thinking about terrorism across the states increasingly focused on safety. to make it clear that religious in the world where a terrorist raid said evil seems unbridled. those that were ruthlessly murdered in paris in those massacred in california.
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and those be headed at the hands of isis. no one will dispute isis is evil. our next president must make it their mission to immediately eliminate the threat of isis in the united states of america. [cheers and applause] s.a. a prominent u.s. navy veteran, even more important , to honor those that have served at home and abroad.
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one of those are with us today capt. mcdowell. [applause] ha enactive court reserved from the florida national guard, the third italian to the 20th special forces group, he began his career
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in 2000 has been deployed multiple times for operation in during freedom and iraqi field. and in 2004 he received a purple heart. after receiving shrapnel and burns to his entire body from an explosion after six months in the hospital to overcome a life-threatening injuries, he fought hard to return to work. also as a member of the florida national guard here today. [applause] . .
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please stand so that we can thank you for your service. [applause] >> in closing, let me say again, the state of florida is in one were going. together we have completely turned our economy around, and more families are driving here today than five
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years ago. 20 million residents, and we are adding more than 1,000 per day growing fast of a california and new york. florida has added more than 1 million jobs. [applause] but we cannot let up. our $1 billion tax cut package in the creation of the florida enterprise fund will be key elements to make florida 1st for jobs in the nation for years to come. let's work together to diversify our economy, weakest, forest, and most disadvantaged live their dreams and get a job. even when times are tough across the nation. work together to cut taxes on families working hard to live their dream in florida.
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let's work together to help every small business owner risking their life savings to succeed here in florida. let's work together to support the next young entrepreneur, the next great idea right here. let's work together to make sure florida continues to have a world-class education system. let's keep working together and make a lasting legacy our lives all across our state. let's make florida 1st for jobs together. god bless everyone of you, and god bless the great state of florida. [applause] >> another state of the state speech this evening.
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his 6th address laying out his plans for 2016 coming up in about a half-hour live at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. every year c-span cover speeches by governors across the country. so far the list includes chris christie funding are governor andrew cuomo and washington governor. you can go to to watch the state addresses. here is the one from governor ensley. >> mr. president, mr. speaker, madame chief justice, distinguished justices of the court, art, art officials, members of the washington state legislature, tribal leaders, local government officials, members of our consular corps and my fellow washingtonians. it is an honor to stand here once again to talk about the great state of washington, and i do consider it a tremendous privilege to serve as governor of the most innovative, the most
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forward thinking command the most dynamic state in the nation. [applause] and i couldn't -- [applause] and i couldn't do this job without the incredible support of the people who are a constant reminder of why everything we do here matters. my family, thank you. [applause] now, since we all last met here, we have celebrated big moments in the state of washington. i would like to begin today by taking a moment to highlight some of these. we witnessed a new milestone in space exploration.
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remember those incredible photos of pluto that we saw last year? we know how that spacecraft got there. nine years ago brilliant propulsion engineers over at aerojet, rocketdyne, and redmond washington were working on the rockets. now we are at the forefront with companies like space x who brought the future of space travel to our state successfully launching and landing rockets over the past year. it is exciting that these companies recognize that the greatest aerospace workers in the world are found right here in the state of washington. [applause] we have saluted accomplishments of amazing edit to have amazing educators.
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named a cross nobel educator of the world. isn't it great that this prestigious national honor was given to one of our own outstanding hard-working teachers? please join me in welcoming jennifer. [applause] [applause] we also celebrated the nations oldest working registered nurse, cc rigney, who is still practicing and 90 years of age. and if you want to be inspired, if any of you
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legislators get tired during the session, go down to her making her rounds atthe hospital where she has been working for nearly 70 years. [applause] now, we have also had some sad moments over the past year. for me one of those moments was when we said goodbye to washington state university. one of my most trusted advisors played a key role in shaping my administration , and i know we all miss him. but his legacy will live on in our state 2nd medical school, one that will carry his name command i hope you on her again for her
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individual health and education. thank you for accepting my dictation. thoughts, prayers are with the family. wife and infant son. please join me in a moment of silence to honor his sacrifice and service. [silence]
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>> thank you. one year ago i stood here and said it was time to reinvest in our self. reinvest in our future, to reinvest in our children's future, and to do these things when you then we would have to work in a bipartisan way. we accomplish some big things last year in a bipartisan fashion. fix a few potholes i didn't give up and i continued working together with the house and the senate doe
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pass to $16 billion passage. [applause] sound transit light rail. this package supports 200,000 family wage jobs across the state. with kicking off his projects. i've been to do, or you tomorrow i'll be in vancouver celebrating the projects funded by this passage. we were able to get this done because we work together.
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let's talk about the most important investment, and our children. last year we put an additional $2.3 billion in the early learning and k-12 to higher education funding and did not bipartisan basis. since 2013 education funding in our state has increased by 35 percent. and i believe -- [applause] i believe it is altogether fitting and proper that we take a moment to recognize this incredible investment. we should be proud we have made the largest dollar amount investment in education. this is a significant achievement.
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at the same time no one should believe that we are done. we had taken major steps will have major impacts in the lives of our children. we provided funding for every child to have all-day kindergarten. this in early learning were some of my highest priorities because their critical educational opportunities that come along only once in the life of a child. of all the things we do i believe this will have the most impact in our communities and i believe this because in our state
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every single child deserves public schools. [applause] reduce class sizes and kindergarten through 3rd grade classrooms, and because we know that aa high quality teacher is the single most important aspect in every classroom we provided funding for more teacher mentoring opportunities, especially for new teachers, and we were able to provide them with a modest and fully justified cost-of-living adjustment, but 1st since 2,008 we did something to make paying for college easier on family budgets. as the great we are the only state in the united states to pass the tuition cut this year for students? [applause]
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republicans had a great idea to do that, and i gladly give them credit. i also gladly give democrats credit for coming in and saying we had to cut tuition for everyone including students that our community and technical college. [applause] and together we found a way. thisthis is something everyone in this chamber i believe can celebrate. finally we restored funding for one of our most precious public assets, state parks. it was heartbreaking to have even considered to close some of these parks. one day last year i stopped down at two on a state park
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and there was aa family just frolicking with this young child in the water and when i saw on it took me back to my own childhood my data mom withdraws in the back of the station wagon and take us out for the day if we were lucky the weekend. just knowing that this will continue is extremely gratifying, and it keeps with the spirit of one of our state's biggest outdoor recreation proponents, my friend, late doug walker. his deep love of washington's wilderness will continue to be felt through the impact of his philanthropic efforts. in his work on the blue ribbon task force on parks and outdoor recreation and our thoughts are with the walker family as they mourn his recent passing. finally, we givegave the state employees the 1st
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wage increase since 2,008. [applause] and i would likei would like to take a moment to speak directly to our state employees. a lot of you are doing really great work. i was happy to get you a modest raise. become a national leader to improve government. known as being the godfather from the management in the country. he has told us he believes washington is at the very forefront of his effort in the country command we know that thousands of you are showing the world how the public sector can use lean thinking to manage growing workloads, increase
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efficiency and improve quality. i commend you for that. those of you on the front lines of our state agencies really do importa work. and part of that effort is that we hold ourselves to the highest standards, so if the public trust is violated the blow the whistle on it and provide absolute accountability, and that is what is happening with the sentencing errors that went on for 13 years at the department of corrections. you are often the 1st ones to see when something is not working right. that is why you should feel empowered during these things to managements attention especially your managers.
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those who do not will be held accountable. every single thing we do ought to reflect that mission. focused on creating jobs and growing our economy i am pleased to report that washington continues to rank in the top five states. they have the fastest gdp growth in the nation for more than twice the national growth rate. over the past few years washington exports a
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whopping 20 percent, more than any other state. we beat them all. i have been focused on jobs since i took this office. we have added nearly a quarter million jobs. [applause] >> there are more than 30,000 people working today. help u build our economy. although our economic growth has not been uniform we do know that unemployment and all of our states and counties for the 1st time in eight years back in the
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single digits. there's a lotthere's a lot of good economic news in our states these days, and it means that we are doing something right. and we should have confidence because we know what we have already achieved together in these past three years. i would like to talk about what i think our businesses from the next 60 days. between now and march 10 there are four things the musket done. first, we have a serious statewide teacher shortage. more than 7,000 teachers in our schools. it is a small but important 1st step to address a very real problem.
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recruit and retain teachers. my plan wouldmy plan would raise the beginning salary just under 36,000 to 40,000 per year. nearly 8,800 beginning teachers would see a raise next year. then to make all teacher salaries more competitive my plan also provides a minimum 1 percent raised all of the teachers and increases funding for a teacher mentor problem so that teachers in the 1st or 2nd year of the job have the support they need and don't end up leaving the profession which half of them are now doing. and i propose we pay for it through elimination of tax breaks his benefits simply do not outweigh our obligation to our students and teachers and schools. for those who wonder how would get this done, here is a reminder of what we have
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done before. the past three years proposed tax breaks on a bipartisan basis to generate $1.1 billion over six years. we did it because we recognize it set critical needs in our state and we can do it again. [applause] the reason is pretty simple because it does not matter if we have the best mentors for teachers or the smallest class sizes in the nation if no one is standing in front of the classroom we've got zip. last year's record-setting wildfires, million acres of our state was scorched from an area larger than the state of delaware, more than 300 homes were destroyed.
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tragically three firefighters lost their lives. i propose using our budget stabilization account to cover hundred 80 billion in costs related to battling firefighters. this is exactly what these reserves are metaphor. help communities recover and help ensure we are better prepared to fight them in the upcoming season. the 3rd thing we need to focus on his mental health care. during the great recession the state may devastating cuts to services for our most vulnerable command we continue to be hobbled by those cuts. while we have acted together to add more than $700 million per statement allows system we still have significant work to do. it is not acceptable to let
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people with severe mental illness languish in our emergency rooms and jails. the last legislative session we had hundreds of treatment beds,, psychologists and psychiatrists, nurses and other staff to get people treated more quickly. by december the supplemental budget included a number of investments to keep people out of hospitals, keep them safely in the communities and with the family and friends. this is important. 3 percent of the people who access mental health services and our state go to state hospital, so the other 97 percent are served in the communities. and we need to make sure we have the appropriate services in place for them. these are not nameless, faceless people, they are our loved ones to our colleagues to our friends.
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we are talking about the elderly person with dementia or the college freshmen who experiences a psychotic break or the wounded veteran with a traumatic brain injury, and we need to make sure that they get the treatment to stabilize them and help them. this is why my budget proposal funds for new 16 bed triage facilities and three new mobile crisis teams across the state to reach these folks in need. where all of these investments we have made required skilled staff to set them up and keep them running. right now we know we have a serious staffing shortage, particularly in our state psychiatric hospitals. we need to ensure we have enough doctors, nurses, social workers, and treatment staff so that everyone is state and patients and staff. these are investments.
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we ought to have confidence because when people get mental health care they can improve dramatically. they go on we need to take the long view on how to organize and deliver stronger mental health care system high-quality treatment and the appropriate setting. the long on someone struggling with mental illness.
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now let's talk about our 4th pressing need. we need to put in place framework for our future k --dash 12 education investments. this is absolutely necessary this session. here on track. i convened a bipartisan group of legislators met during the summer and fall to develop this framework us complex part. legislation has been introduced that can gain the 1st step so that we can be successful when we return next year. and i am confident that we will take that 2nd step next year because legislators have met every deadline they have set for themselves. our next deadline requires the legislature to fully fund basic education in the
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2017 session. and there is no reason we cannot do that, too. and we are not going to just fix a few potholes. we're going to finish the job. that means actually financing these critical investments so that our kids and grandkids get the education they deserve, and we are going to do this not just because it is a constitutional imperative, not just because it is a judicial decree, but because it is the right thing to do for our kids. [applause] i would also like to talk about other issues that engage people be on this chamber and are important enough for statewide
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consideration. there are a variety of ways our state can move forward. one is for voters to take things into their own hands. first and foremost is the issue of working families not being able to keep up, even as the economy improves there is athere is a simple fact, our economy is not working for everyone. on the one hand we have the biggest boomtown in north america. on the other hand we have working families and communities falling behind, even though they are working hard and doing a great job. hard-working people in every corner of the state are struggling with rising housing prices. student loan debt, medical bills. ..
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