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tv   Washington Governor Jay Inslee State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 14, 2016 4:39am-5:14am EST

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partisanship aside and let our kids and teachers first. [cheers and applause] i promise to put all of my energy into ensuring its passage so let me just say i a.m. toting yes on proposition 123. if you are with me, raise your hand. [cheers and applause] >> thank you in the past
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year i have visited schools all over the state, in reading teachers there principals and parents to look to me in the eye and then i listened. to those parents and educators on want you to know i have heard and this plan delivers in the years ahead arizona will be among the states investing the most new dollars of public education all without raising taxes. [applause] this is the first up, a big first at but not our only step to reprove public education in arizona.
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[applause] we know spending is not the measure of success and isn't the billions of dollars we are putting into public education it must me about what our kids are getting out of their education. and tell the thousands of kids on the public school waitlists have access to the finest teachers and principals, our job is not done. [applause] >> here is the plan we will make it easier and more affordable for the best public schools to expand my office has worked with the top credit rating agencies in the country to develop a structure that lets public schools finance their expansion and lower cost. [applause] if this means they can spend
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more money in the classroom and less paying interest to a bank on wall street. [applause] by utilizing dollars that you allocated last year for the creation of the arizona public school achievement district, combined with additional dollars it will not impact to the general fund budget can and we will make this happen. [applause] we also need to provide resources for aging schools to repair and rebuild facilities for future students. [applause] we need to reward schools helping kids reach their full potential. all of us should be alarmed to hear them more than half of high-school graduates
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cannot even get into our own state university's. under our plan schools that produce students and successfully complete ap level college prep courses will be rewarded with more dollars. [applause] schools in low-income areas areas, educators and students have added challenges will receive a greater boost to help them beat the odds. [applause] and i know not every child plans to go to college but the qe3 12 experience also needs to prepare them for life which is why i am targeting i need employment sectors with the new focus on career and technical
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education. [cheers and applause] live got a feeling there is bipartisan support so let's get it done. [applause] the state is not the only player in public educational philanthropic and -- no decent nations are investing in our schools with new leaders expanding opportunities and funding the arts and sciences. i intend to partner with the heads of these foundations to provide an even greater opportunity and impact in our schools.
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[applause] and get our kids prepared there are great universities right here in arizona ready to educate them at the highest level. [applause] , wherever your loyalty may lie and you have to it met our universities are literally out of this world. [applause] one graduate recently discovered water on mars. university of their -- and - - arizona state university in the most innovative state in the country. [cheers and applause] and now a magnet for
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students ditching california in search of a high-quality high-quality, affordable higher education alternatives. [applause] our universities and community colleges have been on the cutting edge when it comes to research, innovation and problem solving. just look a few miles down the road. the templates for the new american university is in our own backyard. because of dr. michaels efforts none other than "the new york times" has recognized the honors college university -- arizona state university has the gold standard. [applause] the equivalent of the ivy league education right here
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accessible to all and the envy of every other state in the nation. [applause] thank you. i want all presidents to know we value your work and i intend to be a partner to strengthen arizona higher education. [applause] as a parent and governor, one number keeps me up at night. 18,927. how many arizona children through no fault of their own, have found themselves in the foster care system. we have to stand up for these kids.
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[applause] that means making sure that no matter the feelings of their parents, they in their care givers have the resources they need grandma, grandpa, should not face roadblocks to care for children in their own extended families. [applause] [cheers and applause] and under current policy they do it in many cases a grandmother receives fewer dollars to raise our own grandchild and the stranger. that is wrong. [applause] if this session must end the
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grandmother penalty to keep more kids and families together. [cheers and applause] as we continue to ease the burden, the fact remains we ask a lot of foster parents. and we know there are thousands of families currently trying to get into the best public schools where the lines are long. i say if we want to see more foster and adoptive families, let's give them the incentive of a fast pass to the front of the line to the best public schools. [applause] this will ensure that vulnerable children have an
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opportunity at a grade education and bring more good people to take on the noble cause to foster a child. [applause] for fathers out there who are not meeting their obligations, we also have a plan. i am talking to the deadbeat dads. [applause] you have been able to remain anonymous, a skirt your financial and legal responsibilities with no shame. not any more. some people have referred to me as the #governor but here is a new one for all the deadbeat dads out there. effective immediately, with the state will begin posting the photos common names and the money owed by these losers to social media.
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[cheers and applause] with the #deadbeat. [applause] it is simple if he were old enough to father a child and you were old enough to except financial responsibility for that child. [applause] if you don't your embarrassing irresponsible behavior then man up and pay up. [applause] when it comes to the welfare of women and children in our state, there will be zero tolerance for men who
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victimize. [cheers and applause] right now in just a maricopa county alone there is a backlog of 2300 rape kids that sit in storage and investigated. all across our state women will have justice and predators' obey the law looking for the next victim. today, i signed an executive order establishing a special law enforcement team to solve this injustice. my budget will allocate dollars to start the process of clearing the backlogs. i want to plan with the legislation that every rape kit to be investigated. [applause]
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on my watch the seeded arizona will do whatever it takes to lock these criminals away. [applause] whether unemployment, homelessness, crime child neglect, or the prison population, all these issues trace back to a common theme, drug abuse and addiction. we created the border strike for spiro a partnership between a local state and federal law enforcement providing a force multiplier in the fight against drug cartel and border crime per already with a minimal investment, the strike force has made over 300 arrests
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arrests, taken down 14 cartel members coming and seized 4400 pounds of marijuana, 194 pounds, and 21 pounds of heroin. [applause] 21 pounds of heroin in four months. that is nearly 1 million individual hits in more than what was seized in all of 2014. think about this. that senior 1,248 newborns in arizona came into this world already addicted to drugs. we cannot wait to act.
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let stand together this session to provide law-enforcement coming especially border county share of scum of the resources they need to the ramp up the fight against the bad guys to end this courage on our state. [cheers and applause] but those suffering from addiction is a different story and law enforcement can only go so far. 75 percent of heroin addicts started off using prescription drugs. we found in a single month euro voluntary on-line database that hundreds of arizonans murdoch to
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shopping receiving id addictive drugs for multiple physicians at the same time. imagine how many more people we could help with the requirement that those doctors use that data base it is time for us to make that happen. [applause] next we must find help for those who wanted to sort of bringing together a the team of beatings substance-abuse experts recovering addicts and providers to find the best treatments to reduce barriers to care. [applause] end if we're serious a reducing recidivism in reversing the growth of the prison population, let's
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begin by building on the model that is already working, a community correction center providing tough love and drug treatment and counseling it is time we bring this to the state's largest county were the most people are transitioning back to life. let's give them a second chance so they never end up back in prison. [cheers and applause] despite all these challenges , arizona has a lot to be proud of. one year after posting the most watched is successful super bowl in history, the college football playoff national championship kicks off in just a few hours.
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[applause] that will be another night for the record books but after the last touchdown and all the fans have gone home, our greatest assets will remain, our people. [applause] the 7,772 men and women serving in the arizona national guard and here and abroad in the military. [applause] our crops, firefighters and first responders to keep us safe in these times. [applause]
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bringing the university together after a tragedy. [applause] gabby deferreds who continues to inspire. [applause] if -- the arizona cardinals shattered the glass ceiling in the nfl. [applause] in the next generation like a 10 year-old from tucson who made the winning dish served in the white house for the president of the united states. [applause]
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members of the legislature, our states is on the rise because of our people. [applause] they're giving their all to make this date the best place in america and they expect us to do the same. i am honored to continue working with you toward that goal. we've demonstrated government can work come up positive things can happen at this capital. we can think big and a high. why stop now? thank you. god bless. [cheers and applause]
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>> mr. president mr. president, mr. speaker in madam chief justice, a distinguished justices of the court, officials and members assert -- members of the washington leadership -- legislature government officials and fellow washingtonians, it is in order to stay in here once again to talk about the great state of washington. i do consider it a tremendous privilege as governor of the most innovative, most forward thinking and the most dynamic state in the nation. [applause] and i could not do this job without the incredible
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support of the people who are a constant reminder why everything we do here matters. my m son's ear and grandchildren. thank you. [applause] since we last met we have celebrated some big moments in the state of washington. a lot like to begin to take a moment to highlight some of these. we witnessed a new milestone of space exploration and. remember those photos of pluto we saw last year? we know how that spacecraft got there. nine years ago propulsion engineers in washington were working on those rockets.
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now we're at the forefront of companies like space x the bring the future of space travel to our state specializing in landing rockets it is exciting that these companies recognize the greatest aerospace workers in the world are found right here in the state of washington. [applause] we saluted accomplishments of amazing educators, a science teacher from clark county. she was named the nobel educator of the world. a prestigious national honor given to whenever a total outstanding, hard-working teachers please join me to welcome her.
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[applause] we also celebrated the oldest registered nurse who was still practicing in 90 years of age if you want to be inspired or get tired go down two-seater making her rounds were she has been there 70 years. [applause]
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we have also had some sad moments over the past year in for me one of those when we said goodbye to the university president one of rebels trusted advisers to played the key role to shave my administration i know we all miss him but his legacy will golan in the medical school to carry his name. ag for accepting my invitation. [applause]
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we also lost a member of the of washington state national guard in afghanistan last week staff sergeant mcclure and talk. thoughts and prayers are with his family especially his wife did his infant son. please join me in a moment of silence to honor his sacrifice and service thank you. one year ago i stood here to say a was time to reinvest in their cells in in in our future and our children's future.
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to do these things we knew then you have to work in a bipartisan way. be honest that isn't always easy but i am happy to say we did exactly that. like transportation in the fall of 2014 i did not give up and working with the house and the senate with republicans and democrats in business and labor together repast a $16 billion package, the largest angriest package in the history of the state of washington. [applause]
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we also authorized another $15 billion for light rail expansion not only will this help with congestion but this package supports 200,000 jobs across the state will formally be kicking off these projects celebrating the projects funded in we couldn't get this done because we could work together. speaking of investments talk about the most important investment we can make. our children. last year we pledge an additional 2.3 billion dollars of early learning in cater 12 and higher education funding on a bipartisan basis.
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since 2013, education funding in our state has increased by 35%. [applause] i believe it is altogether fitting and proper to take a moment to recognize this incredible investment. we should be proud that we have made the largest dollar amount invested in education in the history of the state of washington. this is a significant achievement. [applause] at the same time, no one should believe we are done. we have more work to do and i will talk about that in a moment. we have taken major steps to have a major i


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