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tv   New Jersey Governor Chris Christie R State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 14, 2016 5:13am-6:06am EST

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funding in our state has increased by 35%. [applause] i believe it is altogether fitting and proper to take a moment to recognize this incredible investment. we should be proud that we have made the largest dollar amount invested in education in the history of the state of washington. this is a significant achievement. [applause] at the same time, no one should believe we are done. we have more work to do and i will talk about that in a moment. we have taken major steps to have a major impact in the lives of our children nearly
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7,000 more children have access to high-quality yearly education over the past three years and provided funding for every child to have all day kindergarten. this was some of my highest priorities because they are a critical opportunity that come up only once in the life of a child. of all the things we do i believe this has the most impact in our community and do the most to close the opportunity gap. in our state, every single child deserves a great education. [applause] in kindergarten through third grade classrooms
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because we know a high-quality teacher is the single important asset we provide funding for more opportunities especially for new teachers and we are able to provide them with a modest is unjustified cost-of-living adjustment adjustment, the first since 2008. also made paying for college easier on family budgets. the only state in the united states to pass a to wishing cut this year for students. [applause] republicans had a great idea to have the tuition cut and i gladly give them credit. [applause] also gladly give democrats
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credit that we should cut tuition for every one including community and technical colleges. [applause] together we found a way. this is something everyone in the chamber can celebrate. we restore funding for one of our most precious public assets, our state parks. it was heartbreaking to even consider having to close some of these parks last year there is a family frolicking on the beach i remember my own childhood when mom and dad would throw was the back of the station wagon and taken sell for the day or the weekend just
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knowing this tradition will continue is extremely gratifying. one of the biggest performance it will continue to be felt with the impact of the philanthropic efforts in his work on the blue ridge bin task force and our thoughts are with the walker fairly as they mourned his recent passing. finally we read the state employees there first wage increase since 200085 i would like to take a moment to speak directly to the state employees. what if you we're doing really great work.
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i was happy to be able to get you a modest raise. results initiative for washington is a national leader of the performance management strategies the godfather for the need management in the country told us he believes washington is that the very forefront of this effort in the country and we know thousands of you know, how the of public sector can manage growing workloads to increase efficiency and improve the quality. thank you for that. those on the front lines really do important work. and part of that effort is that we hold ourselves to the highest standards so if
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the public trust is violated , we blow the whistle and provide absolute accountability that is what is happening with when non 13 years that the department of corrections. often you're the first was to see when something is not working right that is why you should feel empowered to bring these things to management's attention to your being heard. i expect all state employees, especially managers, to act responsible in this regard. you can expect those that do not will be held accountable you always have to remember the core initiative is serving the people of washington. every single thing we do ought to reflect that mission.
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that i came into office focused on cutting jobs to grow our economy that is why i push for these investments in education in the quality of life. so let's take a look at how we're doing. i am pleased to report that washington continues to rank in the top five states in the country for job growth. the fastest gdp growth in the nation more than twice the national growth rate. for the past few years washington exports grew 20%, more than in the other state. we beat them all. but to be focused on jobs since i took office. was buried -- very gratifying to say we have added nearly a quarter of a million jobs since 2013.
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[applause] there are more than 30,000 people working today in three years ago. i am so glad they are able to get up every day and help us build our economy. although our economic growth has not been uniform, we do know that unemployment in all states counties is now, the first time in eight years, back in the single digits. . .
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it also increases funding for teacher mentor and programs. the job has the support they need. i propose we pay for it through elimination's and tax breaks. for those who wonder how we're going to get this done reminder of what we have done before. because tax breaks on a bipartisan basis. 1.1 billion over six years. because we recognize we had some critical needs. but -- [applause]
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the reason is simple because it does not matter of the smallest class sizes in the nation if no one is standing from the classroom the 2nd thing we need to focus on last year's record-setting. >> there were destroyed. the firefighters lost their lives. related to battling these firefighters. using 29 million from the disaster response and a help
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ensure we are better prepared to fight them in the upcoming fire season. the state may devastating cuts and we continue to be hobbled while we enact together to have the more than $700 million we still have significant work to do. the last legislative session hundreds of treatment beds, psychologists, psychiatrists my budget also included a number of investors to keep
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people out of hospitals, safely and the communities family. this is important. the people who assessment while services go to our hospitals. served in our communities. actually have the appropriate to come appropriate services in place. these are nameless faceless people. wetlands, colleagues. the college freshmen who experiences a psychotic break, the wounded veteran with a traumatic brain injury and we need to make sure they get the treatment to stabilize and help. my budget proposal to reach
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these folks in need. but all of these investments made required skills staff set them up and keep them running. i need to ensure we have enough doctors coworkers and treatment staff. these are investments you have to have confidence in. get the mental health care they can improve dramatically. the western state hospital. we have urgent short-term needs. we also need to take the long run out of the liver
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stronger mental health care system. my budget includes funding. timely access to high-quality treatment and the appropriate setting. they all on someone with mental illness. [applause] now let's talk about our 4th person need. put in place a framework for our future k --dash 12 investment. absolutely necessary the session. we are on track met during the summer to develop this
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framework the most complex part i am confident we will take that step mixture the 2017 session. and there is no reason and we cannot just going to fix a few potholes. so our kids and grandkids
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not just because the constitutional imperative but because the right thing to do for our kids. [applause] i also like to talk today about other issues. statewide consideration. voters take things. first and foremost the issue of a working family. even as our economy improves. simple fact our economy is
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not working for everyone. on the one hand we have the biggest boom in north america. working families and communities, even though they are working hard, doing a great job. washingtonians, hard-working people in every corner of the state including those rising housing prices, student loan debt, medical bills, initiatives that were filed yesterday and provide sick leave for hard-working washingtonians. [applause] i stand on this with the rocksolid belief if you work 40 hours a week and puts her
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over your head and food on the table. you should not have to give up a day's pay. [applause] but it is not just minimum-wage who are falling behind in the economy. the problem is the most workers are now sharing the fruits of their increased productivity. producing more goods and services per hour that had any time. in a nutshell people working harder and getting paid less in real dollars. now, this is not true for corporate executives. co2 worker pay ratio is 20 to one. today it is more than 300 to
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one. look, i am fine with paying for exceptional results. i also believe that these gaps should be transparent. the state investment board can help. shareholder companies, if they do not align with the company's financial conformity. i have asked investment board to go further to reduce the widening pay gap. and i am encouraging the board -- [applause] i am encouraging the board with other states and institutional investors. can be beginnings.
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i started a different journey last with my new executive order on public health. more people and washington are dying from firearm fatalities that even from traffic accidents. if you have a public health crisis made a public health solution. every singleevery single day someone in our state does a gun violence. we can and must reduce accidental shootings. gun crime and suicide by gun , the executive order will strengthen the background checks and 2014. come allow us to collect information that will drive smart data-driven solutions to gun violence. the statewide suicide prevention plan recommended by task force i convene. no matter these are
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important actions that we can take now. we also need to continue the actions. particularly from the threat of carbon pollution. in my minds eye the older i get the more beautiful washington becomes. a healthy place for kids to grow up. so i am glad that the needle is moving on this. because the problem of carbon pollution is not going away. i want technology optimist. we are getting more of our homegrown leaders and innovators. i also heartened by the
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engagement we are getting from the business community. people are robustly participating in the process. look for solutions. and i am excited about the progress and invite everyone to get involved as part of it. and in this effort we know we are not alone. so i -- [applause] three years your syrup here as the newly not your governor. washington forward. we need to remember who we are and looking at what we have accomplished together i believe we have stayed true to the values we cherish. we remain confident because
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we are continually recognizing the groundbreaking things are businesses and universities are doing. remain confident in the brightness of our future because we have invested record amounts of money in our children's education which is the truest measure of our commitment. remain confident in the inclusiveness that has built our economy and today's building our communities holidays the big companies are a small businesses. one of the most successful economies in the world because we embrace diversity and welcome all people to our great state. [applause] this is a confident state. it deserves a confident legislature.
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it deserves a confident,. i have to tell you is a fifth-generation washingtonian i stand here today with confidence, i feel the greatness of the state and believe and who we are which is how we will approach the session., televisir
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serious readers. >> now to trenton, new jersey.
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delivering his annual state of the state address. he focuses on the creation, education and repeal of the state tax. this is just under an hour. [applause] >> thank you very much. [applause]
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[applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. good to be home. governor, speaker, mr. president. members of the legislature, family and my fellow new jersey in. the six, have delivered my annual report on the condition of our state required by the constitution of the state of new jersey. i received a number of warnings. i was warned not to come here and waste my time talking about real reform, weight over deliver.
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warned not to pick thousand special interests and only pick the fights that i knew i could definitely when the matter what. i was told not to raise expectations because new jersey was basically ungovernable. new jersey was broke and we were failing. turned our state into an economic basket case. ground zero net private sector jobs, zero. you're dead in the water. a years before i became governor the state had 150. one of the most heavily taxed states in the nation. jobs and businesses were fleeing.
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unemployment was nearly 10 percent. crime was running rampant. threaten thousands of students reduced opportunities. they told me not to try. so i stood here and promised despite all that that we would bring real change to the city. here we are six years later. state of new jersey a strong and growing stronger. [applause] and everyone who says the new jersey's ungovernable strong. our economic recovery from stronger stronger.
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the best private sector job growth in 15 years. after creating no jobs we have created 224,000 new jobs. [applause] >> our unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest it has been since 2008. rising by nearly 14 percent, and the number of construction permits issued is 10 percent higher than it was in 2014, now at its highest level. last year foreclosures fell
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by 20 percent with declines in every one of our 21 states. new jersey has pulled back from the economic brink. we are brought discipline back. six consecutive balanced budgets. [applause] [applause] >> are discretionary spending of the year 2016, 2.3 billion below.
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we have shown smaller government is better government. better and more efficient public services. now nearly 10,000 fewer paid employees today the day i took office six years ago. [applause] property taxes were increasing 70 percent a year the last half decade i watch property tax increases of averaged only 1.9 percent. that is how we have achieved historic levels with over $12.8 billion in funding this year so we have continued to make progress.
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districts in newark, camden, and asbury park. at the same time form teacher tenure rules committee expanded charters establish renaissance rules and now have seen two years in a row of graduation rate increases. school district in new jersey. we continue to make progress strengthening our law enforcement and keeping violent offenders off the street. 2011 to 2014 crime fell 20 percent and the incarceration rate has fallen 10 percent. was the most violent city in america, the murder rate has dropped 52 percent.
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we transform the police force. [applause] [applause] and one of the achievements, we have helped thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by drugs get the help they need. the war against our own citizens classified as drug addiction is the illness a truly is comeau working to
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treat and rehabilitate some of the most vulnerable at risk members. i signed to new laws to address this issue. i'm going to talk about the next steps we need. all of these achievements are more than points on the scoreboard. these are life saved, communities transformed. reach their full potential in school, another mother and father able to provide for their family. hard-working business owners able to bring growth. neighborhoods where you feel safe walking down the street and are proud to call the
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street your home, where we can raise a new generation the more than that achieve a victory instead of accepting the cynicism and mediocrity. we have shown need to achieve policies of consequence, policies and compromise. instead of fighting for our problems more often than not together as republican and democrat. we don't agree on everything we don't have to. as long as we keep talking and try to do the right thing. i intend to have more day
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that those conversations are not always will be friends. one thing i have tried to when is a better deal for the people of new jersey. they've gone for our solutions. this is what it means to be the can, the area leader, talking a big game and attacking problems head-on. results in solutions. simple. every teacher children, teachers street safe, neighborhoods. year after year we turn economic calamity in the
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years of growth. .. we passed landmark for benefit reforms generating savings of more than $120 billion for new jersey taxpayers. in fact, in 2016 fiscal year fiscal year budget provides a
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$1.3 billion payment to the state pension fund which is the largest pension contribution in the history of our state. unlike what you'll hear from the selfish leadership, by june we will have contributed 4,400,000,000 dollars to the pension, more to the pension, more than the last five governors combined. so, here new jersey we have achieved historical reforms. our state is state is better prepared to face the future. we proved new jersey can be governed and leaders can step up and take risks. it can make the biggest difference for those we represent. there's still more to do, please let's not start taking steps backward after all this hard work. now washington that is not true, what we are going to hear tonight about the big challenges we face as a nation, a lot of
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hot air not only from congress but the white house as well. the state of the union will not be a call to action tonight, it will be a fantasy wish list by a president who has failed us. if it world that was as what he wishes it was. for the last six years we have done it differently in new jersey. a lot of people in this world have shown the courage to set aside partisan differences and achieve progress. to all those who have chosen to reach out across the aisle, thank you. thank you for every thing you have done for our stay. now, we face a truly dangerous moment, at least from my perspective. we have elections for new governor, and the entire legislature less than two years away. so, you all have a choice, do we keep working to get things done and move new jersey forward or are we going to pander to special interest and send new
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jersey back to the battle days. unfortunately we we see signs of this already. signs of physical responsibility to pay off cynical leadership of a narrow constituency. we cannot let this happen. we have to make progress as a state, we have to hold each other to a higher standard today. so will you support practical common sense ideas that the vast majority of our people believe in? or will you go for shortsighted, politically motivated, fiscally reckless fiscally reckless policies that will destroy your state? in the process, we will drive even more citizens out of new jersey. how will we drive citizens from our state? with what irresponsible policies and i talking about? let's not not be vague, let's be clear, let's be specific. about the course you may pursue and the cost to our state and our citizens. you have begun the pursuit of a constitutional amendment, to guarantee pension payments above all other types
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of state spending. all other types of state spending. ahead of funding for hospitals, ahead of support for colleges and universities, ahead of taking care people with disabilities, ahead of pain for medicaid, ahead of rebuilding our roads and bridges, ahead of jailing criminals, ahead of repose replenishing our beaches, ahead of feet in the most meeting, ahead of protecting our children from abuse, ahead of helping children with autism, ahead of funding cancer research, ahead of paying for homeland security for new jersey's mass transit system. it seems ridiculous. how can i possibly say that. well, none none of the spinning i just talked about, none of it is guaranteed by the constitution. all of those issues, education, healthcare, crime, our environment, support for for the
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poor, protection for children, would be subject to elimination to pay for the pensions of 800,000 current and former public employees. the health, the the welfare, and the security of success of the other 8,100,000 new jersey million new jersey people become second-class concerns. pensions reign supreme. a .1 million in new jersey has become second-class citizens. public pensioners would become a special class of citizens whose retirement is protected, protected by above all other public concerts. protected from recession, protected even from natural disaster. all of that, all of it to would be in line behind union negotiated pensions, way behind in line.
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now, if you say no, never, you would never eliminate that spending to pay for pension. never her people with disabilities to protect pensions, never deprive students in higher education to protect pensions, never diminish never diminish health care to protect pensions, never let criminal flee prison early to protect pensions, never let let a roads and bridges crumble and fall to protect pensions, never let people go hungry, never let children fall into abuse. well, is that your position? then there's only one road you can travel down to avoid the brutal spending cuts that will deprive new jersey of all those things and more. unfortunately, it is a is a road many of you have traveled down before. now, i'm going to tell new jersey what that road will look like for them. you see, to pay for this constitutional amendment and not savage the lives of all new jersey we need hard-working and
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retired, you must impose a massive tax increase on new jersey citizens. how massive? it will require $3 billion to pay for your amendment. i want to ask you, who voted for this amendment just 24 hours ago? who are you going to steal the money from a new jersey? now, please don't tell me millionaires. don't further insult in telogen's of new jersey people. take your millionaire surcharge, $600 million, on the best day of the year it $600 million. so, even a lawyer could do this math. where do you go for the other $2.4 billion? i want you to get ready new jersey, there is only two ways to do it. two. one, you, each of you must increase the sales tax from 7% to 10%.
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10%, a 10% sales tax in new jersey is unconscionable. it will kill new jersey retailers, storeowners, it will disproportionately hurt the middle class and are poor. you say i would never do that, i would never do that to the middle class, we would we went to that charming street shops. well, one option left. raise the income tax 23% on all 3.7 million new jerseyans who pay that tax. how about that new jersey? 23% more of your money to pay for pensions? so maybe we can settle this now, let's have a show of hands in the room. for all of you people who voted for the cement yesterday, who is in favor of a 10% sales tax. raise them up. zero votes for a 10% sales tax. who's in favor of cutting
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$3 billion in spending to pay for pensions? raise them up? i got one. i don't think you're a member of the legislature though unfortunately. [laughter] only one option left. who is in favor of a 23% increase in the income tax? raise them up. anybody? see here's the problem. new jersey is watching. new jersey is watching but here's the problem for new jersey. they won't tell you now the way to the dark of night is some slope filled back room and they will take your money. that is what they're going to do. now, let them see now well in advance how you're going to take their money from them to repay your union bosses. this is the truth of your choice and you know it.
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to pay for goldplated pensions and platinum health benefits for a chosen, constitutionally protected view. one example, how about the teacher who works for 30 years and pays only a total of $126,000 for his pension and his health insurance over his entire career. what is his benefit? $2.4 million from the taxpayers. let's get at lotta hands raised on this. who would want to put a hundred 26000 and today over 30 years and get 2.4 million out? dayton is the person with his hand up, no shock there. now is that fair? 2.4 million out for a hundred and 26,000 inches is that fair? is that right? are you going to tell new jersey the truth about your vote yesterday. here it is. new jersey education association, the teachers union
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alone has given the democratic party $30 million in campaign donations to their campaigns impacts just over the last two cycles. $30 million. come on, are we supposed to believe those donations in your vote yesterday to make them the only constitutionally protected recipients of taxpayer money and new jersey are not connected? $30 million from the nj ea for you, in return for 3,000,000,000 dollars dollars in tax increases for all new jerseyans. what a deal. see we must tell new jersey the truth. this is the road to ruin. our nonpartisan commission put forward an alternative that would avoid this calamity for our state and this injustice for a taxpayer. we have to stop this before it
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is too late. we cannot deny funding for healthcare and education, criminal justice and the poor, our poor, our environment and our children, our infrastructure to pander to pensioners. we cannot soak every taxpayer for the benefit of those you decide will be the privileged few. i'm going to leave republicans and independents to say no to this outrage. i am wondering if democrats will join us. if you won't, how will you explain this to our fellow citizens? you see, you can, you can count on the fact that i will because i just did. now new jersey is counting on all of us to make good things happen. stop the bad ones in their tracks. so let's talk now about the other priorities we need to focus on in the year ahead. let's roll up our sleeves and put the public interest ahead of the special interest in the status quo. there are three other big challenges i want to work together on and that


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