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tv   Book Discussion on Geek Heresy  CSPAN  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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administration when he was actively trying to raise the value of the dollar by revaluing it, the federal reserve bank of new york, one of the bankers let it be known that he was going to try to counteract that policy with his own open market operations. in the words of a witness at the time, roosevelt jumped through the phone at him and told him that if he didn't step up and support the president's policy then roosevelt would show him what real inflation look like. so that relationship was not simpatico or whatever you want to say in those early days. but again it shows roosevelt's willing to threaten the federal reserve of new york and get his way. later roosevelt appointed eccles to be the chairman of the board with the 1935 reform and he raises remain the chairman
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through the rest of roosevelt's presidency. he was a banker from utah who had come to a kind of view by himself as a banker in the west who had begun as a republican who but come to realize in this crisis one needed to act and act quite firmly to spur recovery. so he had some rounds of roosevelt's point of of view and supported his policy through the federal reserve, through the bretton woods act of 1944 and 45. forty-five. even when some of the regional banks were not a supportive period :
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>> >>
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>> welcome to this wonderful talk. today we have an assistant professor at the university school of information and also founded microsoft
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research india is talk today will be communication because here at m.i.t. the mono is let us build technology it is a heresy in some ways in the book is named period curacy so that is interesting because it provokes important conversations because it is important to think how we design the technology that best way we can. [applause] if.
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>> thanks to m.i.t. to hosting the san all of you for coming. when you have a book titled "geek heresy" i feel i have to establish my a geek credentials so i will talk about policy issues over the last four decades the united states has nothing dramatic change in its rate of poverty. here in america basically a declining the 1840's through 1970 but then hovered a 14% meanwhile in the quality has risen and social mobility has stagnated. we have witnessed an explosion of technology from the internet to the personal computer to facebook these are all technologies that our transformational. but if you combine them
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together it should be clear in the narrative of the tools of silicon valley automatically address social ills is flawed. so i will explain why that is. let me by a it acknowledges transformational. if you look around with some exception somewhere around 830 or less. but in the span of 54
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tenures it is of little bit strange bed is the dominant form of communication. they have a very difficult time not to have their smart phone. that is the main way of communication end if you believe that same technology causes sickness thicket's social changes you were not alone. sova mark zuckerberg -- said 500 million richest people have more wealth in the remaining 6 billion combined his claim is inequality can be addressed through the internet. obviously he would say that about technology but hillary
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clinton also believes that would change the world so in 2011 she announced a foreign policy that by spreading the internet throughout the world that it was free to communicate that they could keep the government accountable with the secretary of education and arty duncan said it is the game changer to improve achievement so these are all claims made by prominent leaders in the general population but i will jog my
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personal experience i worked at microsoft 12 years the last five years i went to india to help the new research lab. a with research that was primarily technical federal look for different ways in india is a unique place we heard about the superpower it to have some portion written but the country is still extremely pour compared to the united states so 800 million people in day get their livelihood connected to agriculture. so what i found in that
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environment help me to see the situation here in the united states. so we worked with a sugar cane cooperative the network of computers to be connected and provide agriculture information to the farmers in distance learning but when we got there most horrendous repair to a query how much sugar cane was harvested and how much they received. we thought there was a simple fix with the computer maintenance cost so be
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replaced the compur network where they could individually send text messages about the harvest to get the results back. we did a pilot and found they really enjoyed the interaction they could do that privately of their own. and we estimated if we were to use that system it could save $25,000 per year. but we cannot get the pilot to run in the remaining villages because of a political rivalry it seems he felt there is a thread to evade think that is the
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exception for there was some institutional dysfunctions. en other projects there was education but as we try to roll the amount we found very common problems like the administrator cannot carrying about additional instruction or teachers undertrained or to be afraid of the technology. so here is another context it worked very well but did not have much impact and similarly we have a kiosk from the women from being galore -- bay galore for
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they were completed and we set up a terminal without any text so the women could navigate. and find jobs in to get the employers to sign up in the training that they needed to qualify was a much bigger task so we have a working technology but it did not handle the end to end issues. i worked john 50 projects that were to apply technology to the problems of health care and government education in micro credits and very often
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like i described in then we try to take it to a larger scale. because of those the cannot make use of that technology. i am a scientist by training i wanted to find out the things we tried to decide well and research shows there was a positive impact did not? your ultimate conclusion was the province that technology only amplifies. soever those u.n. forces are positive you can use technology to be indifferent
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or corrupt said no amount inco's san direct contradiction in that technology causes the social change we're looking for. at some level that is obvious there was a direct corollary with that deep in tuition and many of us have. basically for the first question imagine a company has a very good product but could not meet with the sales goal. which you think is the most likely to turn things
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around? set up a new strategy? set up the sales team? benghazi and you don't believe the last option makes a difference nor will soon take up the data center for productivity tools in the fact that means you should immediately a understand to put this into a school and believe that is what turns it up and basically and those who have a good education partly it is the school's fault that
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provides but is necessary there is nothing we can do through technology. with that corporate or educational in those said have even encountered are involuntarily pour. in to raise as much money for the charity of your choice. and then to achieve that goal. who thinks it is the poor person?
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social capital. more likely to know how to use the tools. so you have some prior experience but on whole you do much better. because technology is the same. with that capacity they you already possess.
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who could raise more money? it does very well as a fund-raiser so the a underlying person that you are is amplified so the third question is which of the following countries has the free speech of mine? tied the? russian? so you believe the united states? the of think of the internet as a democratizing force but there is something like the internet there somewhere
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north korea they have reconstructed the entire internet for that is completely disconnected the you cannot access regular facebook inside north korea yet to be pretty sure no one criticizes the supreme leader there. it is not completely from the rest of the world china has it it is amazing it is an amazing censorship machine.
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but then it employed is that pretend to be regular citizens. so it is not the internet that we see here with free speech but the internet that amplifies that political situation. bin that goes back to the aboriginal fax end it has skyrocketed but there was a golden age. could this happen is at the same time.
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but we are not focused on eliminating poverty so even though we have great tools they're not contributing to the country. with that ultimate engaged pietas to be social. so just to summarize, the technology amplifies and a direct corollary that technology by itself does not bring the political democratization or decrease in the quality.
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but my ultimate interest as a way to cause positive social change in the world. and what we should be doing. the that is counterproductive or negative so if i teach in the university context and started to bet on the use of screens in my class and i found dramatically there is the change of the discussion of when they occasionally smiled they see something funny on facebook now they
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are not distracted. if i laptop is open i am not paying attention to the room but my attention goes to facebook to emails because we have an inherent tendency to seek distraction if we don't say no in the right context that is bad news and it is true for young children with i have given this talking multiple context in almost every time there is a teacher who says i have faced this issue with my students there increasingly distracted by technology isn't a problem if you could fix with additional technology or to make sure it is structured
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in that way. >> you will be looking for something positive to do with the. in those cases look for the existing social trend organization you want to decrease the incidence of malaria. >> in my own work we use digital video in a way to help farmers get and it uses
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digital tools looking for organizations now we help them to amplify by a this way of technology. in to help them do their taxes. there is an in the context those involved in the technology industry have power under our control. the increasingly more time is spent on platforms owned by private companies and as they're moral mission to the increase of the shareholder
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value. employees is feel it is our obligation to find ways to make more profit. you may have heard about the similarity the moment where computer intelligence outstrips human intelligence and however you construe that idea within a 100-mile radius, if that does happen was a a privately held corporations. not governed the means spending increase of shareholder value. if we don't provide those by which we address those issues ben that technology will be focused for a small
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number of people. and for those of us that may work at these corporations that will consider to launch your -- unsure these profits generally. number four, for many of us to see the fruits of the ingenuity with though play a become wealthy or better off is not because they are users by producers. so your life may be more convenient to you are not so dramatically off? and in the process you are
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hoping to make employees more wealthy. that can work as long as everyone has a job that allows him to earn. >> in 2002 before move to to india. it was set up by a former employee who felt the thing that changed his life the most so he quit his job bin microsoft made a breakthrough and his single-minded focus was on health. in 2002 so we just have to teach those new students and
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but when that might student the primary goal was to get a well-paid job for herself. but about 10 years after she started she felt like i know how to getting a good job but said she quit the bank job and establish it is a consulting firm to provide home businesses and then pours 80 percent of the revenue into the foundation and the privileges spin if this is the situation who
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himself has an engineering education and. but rather he said i can help those that are lush? that is the education i got but every year they take 400 students from, and the end and you are replicating what he did in different forms. >> maybe 5% of the population if you can educate that 5% of wealth, then one generation
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they will be the leaders of that would contribute. >> there has to be better ways to track bed number five you can earn - - with individual souls with society isn't with venezuela in the '70s managed to have several different national orchestra as. these were by musicians that were hired in europe and north america because venezuela did not have physicians -- musicians and once said why can't we have a venezuelan orchestra with venezuelan musicians?
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it grew 79 the first day then having 77 they cannot play an instrument on their own but asked to learn one then there were performing for people like the president of mexico then on international circuits. that are -- orchestra is part of the fragment that involves for a hundred thousand students and many in the city and rural areas. apparently there are people who have cows and then the of losses angeles philharmonic so in the space
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of 40 years to having nothing to of a country that appreciates it more than the united states and can produce to me that is the of social change in the united states purgatory's special orientation or change of our views. one to require the same kind of effort that a musical instrument requires. it doesn't matter how much technology you half but when it comes to economic growth and they could go viral. they are just like musical
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changes and if we focus more with those social movements we will be in a situation where we magically realign rather then doing what emphasizes the situation we're already in. but to emphasize that the amplification of technology a simple idea but if you believe it does not shrink inequality your brain democratization but in the world that we already have so many different technologies the more that we address in a positive way the more it will go that way is self.
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[applause] if we can take some questions. >> would you say something more about how the mentes need to take the lead in the mentors made to step aside a little bit? >> you obviously have read my book in the last chapter by talk about how people will have vintages can support those with few vintages. the international development, and have
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debates if we should be paternalistic third street everybody as an equal i feel it is impossible to be a total = but you can be on a journey together if you think of the relationship as a mentor then simultaneously grow your own aspiration while helping other people to achieve their own. mentor ship is difficult to get right to put the most useful for work for the bilateral in engagements. >> images and a sucker berg said 500 people, but there
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is something of the top 500 of which he is probably one. [laughter] >> very few are using facebook of those 500. if it is implemented in provided it seems if you do not want to break the system into increase of baseline rather ted reducing inequality. >> your question is indirectly?
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>> i think it is an interesting question but increasingly we're in the world you cannot ignore in equality. because we are hitting those upper limits so all votes can rise on the same tide the one very clear way to see that there is a land grab in africa those of live outside the continent carbide said agricultural land. so as to see a of a country the size of france and basically they plan for a future where food is scarce is a jew can imagine there are very wealthy entities. so given there is a finite
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planet we have to redress it there is no way around that. does some things for example, that power is the ability of one person to cause change in another without their direct interest to the degree of which have power in myself is less for year to change me so i think that is a problem but is worth while to help people grow with their social economic aspirations but if you only look at a narrow scope there are qualities that are very hard to redress spirit you see this distinction of the bride categories like him in the computer interface to
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get a lot of variation in if you see differences with the ability to be amplifiers' for social change? >> arguably you could argue they have of vector. so it could cause some rotation and. but i have never seen technology turn things 180 degrees if they don't want to do something in this nearly impossible to design technology to make them do that. outside of other human beings that i said don't
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think it makes too much difference but it is our people willing to do the right thing. but then you can talk about design those you want to help. >> what about the of policy framework? to talk about the beneficial effects speesix and a policy framework is what we resume college with mitt without technology 1/2 but it is a situation of public education revers funded by
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local property taxes. if you come from a poor neighborhood than there are various debates the dead is set then the fall of analysis. and that right policies solution we should collect at the state level in to redistribute to individual students and the technology will naturally follow where the money goes. in most cases the policy issues are as you get more granular at the high-level
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we can do much more to solve our social challenges. >> i come from a background of social sciences. and went back when restarted the internet there were 9 degrees in this. so if that still exist for those people? for people like myself who created hands out its -- with web page start-ups readjusted but we could bet
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now the owner has the idea but do they hire those people? >> i don't know if i have a good ginsberg but you are addressing a much larger question how to reassess people skills to be hired into the lead to a las the are qualified. i do think that approach ainge over time end as they become better ruth assessments you management in some of corporations is is ethical to support their financial calls but you have
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thoughts on as a student how to share for impact? >> that is a great question and. if you're really interested it is better to have no constraints how you will solve the problem at the beginning the space of solutions is that's into and will ignore these but then to stay open as much and what organizational models.
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with respect in to be is some conversation id is taking this process will but i am focused new - - to assist him you could love to see her at this is is said it inevitably it is much easier to use sacrifice the one person is the revenue goals that could be the end of the company. so i do think there are some social enterprises to pull
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this off but it is very rare >> q. but the interesting point with inequality. and then to. >> no. but the distributors themselves in.
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but that's is the way for inequality. but many papacy said it could free give rebates is the dead as a lower threshold is this some zero but as much as. >> it is nice to hear complicate then narrative around technology but what it is also is the
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international development said is that quite simplify it so we have been doing initiatives since the '40's or '50's the we have not had significant improvements especially in the labor market. as somebody who came to m.i.t. and things like that. it seems you earth but to save better to a fudgy is the the answer but they're both serve the public could but interestingly attacking iraqi area driving the
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innovation in to but that population said is designed to serve the public in a more thoughtful way. >> in answer is no. [laughter] i know they gkn be designed that reverie take it will magically cause education to get better. and by we should stop trying to do that because some very talented people are distracted by the potential solutions but again many of you come from backgrounds from a financial capacity
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and have? on how you do. in day dunno how to run themselves and but then as again the way to distribute funds the problem of ms. schmidt then find a cool the stake is so ready. >> inevitably be a have.
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>> but what is the journey to except these truths? >> as you mentioned when i first moved to india and was in the same class as merck soderbergh end clinton in to those believed to the newer
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technology specifically with the intention of using selected then ran into to the reality may put picks up on the missing pages and be provided enough money the health care system did not work to the end of where
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they're trying to do the right thing they can make technology worked uprose who are not covered this was difficult for her roommate to relieve their chests pecos the tifton's tisch may and then touche is her to his own term set and dash sniff in if we have done
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that the united states but which did better into the haitian and to in is very important transformation to make. but i am trying to do is match staten island he and in ashley image rise in the military affairs in this difficult to see the judge agreed not reduces spending
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in the application will be turned around to put the cheese he didn't? >> budget is up to us as individuals and society a agree that many they do have a life of their own but we can say no. and beta rocks in and it can be done. we lookit television to say why did we ever think at one place that would call -- called their educational problems? hopefully we are learning with that site -- with the cycle is stop spanish thank
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you for your cummins of long standing conversation about what dash at if but it is the way we brought together with the world as we go out so what did feisty you have? been it reflections are important. was of the things the center tries to do is sulfuryl is
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an event but for 30 years i was battling and not much seems to change but the effort is worth it is fundamental to be with a human being and because there are hard problems a half inches the hardest problems -- thanks for
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coming. [applause] the book is called "geek heresy". we appreciate from c-span2 end will be available at some point. you can recommend others. . .


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