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tv   Book Discussion on March  CSPAN  January 18, 2016 8:30pm-9:23pm EST

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the discussion was how do you fit this into the round hole of the communication act? telephone, wireless, and cable companies were not conceived when the act was written are competing in the same space. a great amount of brain power at the fcc is not spent on how to incentvise the networks but more how should we think about applying yesterday's regulations to today's technology and that dissever -- disserves the american people. >> the senior commission for the republicans on the federal communication commission. his term is up june 30th, 2016. brian, a is a technology reporter for the "washington post."
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>> c-span, created 30 years ago and brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. >> booktv attended the publication party for karl rove author of the "the triumph of william mckinley". mr. rove mingled with guest and gave brief remarks on the book. the party was held at the home of wane and lee berman in washington, d.c. >> who thought this up? >> hopefully your book sales are
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doing well. where is karen? >> karen is in with your wife. hey how are you? >> lee had to introduce her to the kitchen because that is the one part of our house karen is completely unfamiliar with. >> the other day, speaking of that, i go, i want some toast. did you make this bigger? >> no, everybody asks that. it was a darker color. and the art was different. lee brightened it up and we will change out the carpet was it is
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old since we have lived here 20 years. we are changing out some of the furniture. the interview was scheduled for two, three, five and now seven. >> going to miami tomorrow. >> a prep meeting. and then we are flying out to the land of sheldon viva las vegas. i think a make a good elvis impersonator. i don't know what we will do about it this year.
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he is 50 or something like that. >> let me ask you, did you wash your hands? >> before i shook the hands. >> thank you so much.
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>> yo, baby. baby. >> you did a great job. >> the only problem is -- she is like a wall flower. >> this is difference between running the show and being in the show. >> look at your boys. >> what do you think? >> fantastic.
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>> thanks for coming. >> nice to see you. >> thanks for coming. >> thank you. thank you. >> sex, violence, back stabbing, betrayal -- what is not to like about it? >> exactly. >> how is life? how is the family? >> wonderful. busy. busy. we have three kids that are keeping us on our toes. but it has been good. >> sorry for c-span.
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>> i get to sleep in my own bed in washington but tomorrow night is the first time in three weeks. i can't wait to get home. and we get home sunday afternoon and then monday afternoon we fly out to dallas and going to do a book event at 43's library and he is hosting a dinner party which will be nice. >> nice to be home. >> i spend more time in ohio than one should if you are not running for president or live there. they wanted to charge me having to get an ohio drivers license saying it was time to turn in my texas license. what do we have here? >> i'm going to try. have a chicken pot pie. i was with him -- what night?
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>> wednesday night. >> yeah, wednesday night. >> he called this afternoon saying he heard us walking around ohio saying nice things and he called to thank us. >> the mensa have arrived. all hail. ladies and gentlemen, mr. and mrs. dan mense. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> how are you, baby? >> hi, how are you? i told him i come to see you. >> you know what? anybody in the room with this guy -- my god. dan, how are you? >> i'm good.
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i'm coming your way. there we go. who is your guy there? >> who is our guy? david martins is the chair of this event. i talked to him on the phone and talked about his experience. this is the first time i ever worked on a presidential campaign. i said how old are you? he said 34. i said i don't like you. i don't like anybody who is 34. >> thanks for the hat. >> did you like it? >> i loved it. this is on another effort. he sends me a hat with a very cool flag. you know one of those detachable flags. where did you get those?
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>> this great company that do a lot of special operations. fantastic. good to see you. >> billions of dollars. >> tooks me months to have somebody -- took. >> i lost a lot of blood. >> he never works hard enough. >> that is the thing people say.
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i don't know who attended regular regularly. i thought it was you. >> that was the other thing. the other change -- >> the campaign? i did get married. >> we are at that point. he is having a blast. yeah. yeah. he worked for governor abbot and
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came over here. it has been fun. it is like -- i am still a single woman really because he is not around. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> she is already here. >> great. i want you to meet bob. >> we know each other.
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>> bob, karen, karen bob. >> so nice to meet you. >> do you live here? >> yeah. yeah.
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>> the red books are coming up. >> i get publisher's weekly and other things. >> very nice review tomorrow. >> i am looking forward it. >> you toured it. your husband is there with you. >> it is really nice. >> andrew is up until about 6:30 and it is fantastic.
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he is a computer programmer in austin. owns his own home at the age of 22. he is doing great. >> my only complaint is there is one member of the family he frequently texts and it isn't me.
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>> he wants to know. >> it sounds like life is really good. >> the only bad thing is we lost my dog. so, yeah. >> dan the border collie. >> we are thinking new year, new dog.
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[multiple conversations] [multiple conversations] [multiple conversations] [multiple conversations] [multiple conversations]
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>> and you know, you got the run turnout book that was fabulous but there is a more accessible richard brookhiser book, who is a friend of mine, i sent it to doug and decided to reread it. i took my copy on the trip. and i had forgotten about how complex the 1800 election was. and you know, edward larson and i were on tv together a couple weeks ago. but he has some of these great quotes. [multiple conversations]
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>> you are going to come back and sign more books? >> pardon me? >> come back and sign? >> sign all evening. oh, yeah. i am happy to sign them now and then just enscribe them. >> baird and muffy. that is an old preppy name. >> it is a preppy name. >> i will come over and sign them.
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>> hanker chief man. [multiple conversations] >> what other public events are you doing in washington, d.c.? >> the american enterprise institute bradley lecture in january. and then there is some kind of a woman's club that has speakers that asked me to come and i
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think we will try to do that. mitch, did i do this to you? [multiple conversations] [multiple conversations] >> when you finish reading the book you will know how important that is. >> i will let you know. thank you. >> watch this. watch this. i will work on that and you work on flapping those. flap is a verb.
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[multiple conversations] [multiple conversations]
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>> there you go. kentucky pr right there. >> there we go. and i am sorry? >> bill sanders. [multiple conversations] there we go. fabulous. good to see you. is kelly still in rhode island? >> no, new hampshire. >> oh, new hampshire? man, it is getting colder and colder further north.
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i am going briefly. ever so briefly. [multiple conversations] >> it is not a scarf. it is is hanker chief. -- handkerchief. >> i want to introduce myself. you went down there and gave a lecture and my son was able to ask a question and he has been
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talking about you every since. >> we had a lot of fun. >> i have a friend kelly knight, whose daughter is a fire plug and >> merry christmas. >> what a bonus! [multiple conversations] >> there we go. wow. boom. kaboom.
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all right. congratulations. >> the woman who makes those is my wife's best friend from college and she will not let me pay for them so of course i am sending them to everybody. how is karen doing? aren't they great. >> very good about getting up. >> i love it. just for you. i need to call you and catch up on things. >> thanks for coming. we did bring up your donkies. and i brought some ghost, too.
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>> from your car to mine? >> exactly. >> come over here. we will do them right now. [multiple conversations] [multiple conversations]
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i want to hug you and hug charlotte. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] c. and she are texting on the house bill problem.
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isn't that fabulous? [inaudible conversations] i saw your brother and had a great visit with him. >> fabulous. [inaudible]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] should i make one out to you? [inaudible conversations] there is one. and who is the next one? [inaudible conversations] and my father-in-law [inaudible
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conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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she is helping. really wild characters. can't wait. thanks for coming. very nice to see you. [inaudible conversations] we had a lot of fun with it.
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i had to clear out the 18 bins of archival material. did you get a book? [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] ladies and gentlemen we want to welcome you. we are so delighted you are here. we are delighted most of you are here. [laughter] we are pleased to celebrate karl rove because he finally found something he could do. as many of you know he was an
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architect but they didn't build any buildings. [laughter] he wrote a brilliant and engaging book and has a lot of characters and into that remind me of a fellow i knew that ran a presidential campaign and conceived and executed brilliantly. again we need is five or six of these guys. my wife. [inaudible] >> it was a joy every day. >> so we are very pleased you are here and we want to congratulate you on a brilliant book.
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i have to admit way in the unsettled me because the manuscript is that simon & schuster. we are going back and forth on the gremlins introduced into the book as we went to the final edit and we get this call was that we were at dinner and he really loves your book and i was thinking to myself what son of a bitch gave him the manuscript. [laughter] so to cover my ass i asked and they said i don't know how big of a manuscript but manuscript that he's had but he said some kind things about it and we were thrilled that he would open up your wonderful home. i want to thank the committee, not that they did a thing. [laughter] [laughter] goodspeed, but steve, suzanne, kaplan, i'm going to read some
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others because i've been in nine cities the last four days, and so we are grateful for you attending your names to the invitation list and they thought that they would be able to see you. i want to thank a couple of people. one is my lawyer. it's great to have a lawyer of 41, 43 and he did a magnificent job of committing simon and schuster to give me an advance on this book and i will be forever grateful. i also want to thank karen who have to put up with what she called the way back machine. [laughter] >> so the last three years she had to put up with the way back machine which was disappearing
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guy and the computer. she ordered it be bids of archival material and moved to the office but she's been very supportive in this project that i undertook. i also want to thank someone who had a great deal of success. chris had been my chief of staff recently took work in the presidential campaign. we have been partners the last six or seven years and on this she was magnificent. i would say we are interested in learning more about some weird little thing that happened between september 8 and september 23 and we can find out in a half-hour later 164 pages of material and she would say these are the 12 pages that are most important.
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who else has disappeared avocation? so i gave in to. i gave him and incidentally if any of you have eligible friends to the persuasion, single, good character, the mother has asked me on her behalf to say she would love for you to introduce -- [laughter] bob rossi made it possible for me to do that by keeping me out
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of jail but that's another story. i've already written a little bit about that. [laughter] i must admit i'm having some fun as i go around the country. tomorrow night for the first time i will speak in my own bed. i've studied this as probably some of you did in the great elections but i studied from the position of political science, so it's anonymous forces of the populism working their way through the culture and the economy and coming into conflict with the changing demography of the country and the growing industrialization. but i've got to tell you the more i got into this this is one hell of a story concocted by some hollywood screenwriter that has been drinking too much coffee and whiskey. it's got sex, violence, backstabbing, the trail, unspeakable compassion,
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deception, fraud, twists and turns that are just weird and really nicknames. the final thing -- [laughter] what is not to like about the race in which the front-runner for the democratic domination, congressman richard park land of lebanon missouri has led the fight for 30 years for the cause of humanity itself and his nickname is silver dick. [laughter] first time i read that in "the new york times" i said what? [laughter] so we've got to bring back the napoleon of protection cyclone davis. they even have a name for themselves. they call themselves the combine and they are led by the easy boss of new york and his lieutenant is the junior senator
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from pennsylvania and one of the key allies is the blonde boss, the 34-year-old congressman of chicago at the age of 22 shows up to vote in the first presidential election and is so disgusted with the republican organization and is awarded in the club and in two years changes from the democratic stronghold to a republican stronghold. at the age of 24 he is awarded on the cook county republican central committee and a 26 the streetcar conductor he is given a more lucrative job in the water department of cook county at the age of 26 at the age of 28 is made to be the head of the water department with 1300 employees underneath it and the masterful organizer of men years later he takes over the cook county republican county republican party county republican party and get himself elected and controls 10,000 patronage jobs in chicago and four years later he is the most
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ardent opponent and there are characters like this everywhere and they write each other letters. and i am in the archives reading thomas callier platts letters and there is a letter that has so many words that he is taken out the word and in pencil has written the code words above the letter so he can make sense of what james asked the publisher of "the des moines register" and the chief operative and the former republican national chairman is telling them and the politics hasn't changed. in the midst of the letter she says i need a peer it. this week and weekend a pagoda the next. [laughter] i need three grand this week and the next. it's a great story and i hope you enjoy it. i don't know if i have another book in me so i gave it everything i've got and it's a magnificent story.
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william mckinley, we honor 41 for enlisting at the age of 18 and being shot down. we honor bob dole for enlisting in the military and for being gravely wounded. we honor jfk for 109. william mckinley enters the war at the age of 18. he's a member of the militia group and he shows up in camp jackson columbus just west of columbus ohio in april of 61 and they come to fulfill the call of abraham lincoln for the 90 day enlistment and what they do, they show up and say sorry we filled the quota for 90 days. so your choice is sign up for three years or the duration which ever is longer or go home. and almost. they enter the war as a private and is a major because he receives three battlefield commissions for unbelievable
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acts of valor and to suicide missions one that he determine for himself on the bloodiest day of the civil war as a commissary sergeants and the 23rd safely behind the front lines the unit goes into battle to take the stonebridge at 2 a.m. in the morning without having been fed since the night before and 2 p.m. in the afternoon, they fought their way across the open field from the ridge line and they've taken the stonebridge and they are now safely on the other side under the cover of the bluff and with other troops awaiting the order to the storm and sharpstown and mckinley has watched this all from the back because he's waited for the supply train that shows up and he is going to resupply the 23rd because his men have had nothing to eat or drink since the night before. so he gets a wagon and organizes and fills it with coffee, boiled meat and he make his way towards the front. he is going through the wooded area and an officer stops and says what are you doing. he says that as a suicide
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mission you have to go over seven or 800 yards of open territory and you will be killed, slaughtered. turn around. he says i've got to go forward. the road is too narrow i have to find a place to turn around. he has no intention of turning around. he goes to a second officer about ready to leave the woods and the officer says what are you doing and he says i order you to retire to the front line and mckinley says yes sir and waits until he rides off and then with the horses or mules and comes rolling out of a tree line and all hell breaks loose. the confederates are up there and here is the stupid guy going across open turf, the only thing that open area are dead bodies and they start shooting at them and literally a canon child takes off the back of the wagon but somehow or another he makes it over the stonebridge and to safety, d


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