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tv   US Senate  CSPAN  January 22, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm EST

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with it very group of individuals or apolitical candidate for an ad. >> thank you. stephen comely, president obama used his state of the union address last week to call for a better politics in this country, talked about redistricting reform among other things and campaign finance reform. what would you like to see done to reform the political system in this country? >> the only way to inform the political corruption in washington is for the people to get involved and rise up in a peaceful way but they have got to make -- they have got to get involved, they have to make their voice heard. ..
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d. you know what mr. reagan did? -- [talking over each other] >> we are taught by the political process, how many of the members of this panel have many thoughts have run for any office before in your life? >> how many of you have run for president of the united states before this year?
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okay. >> i just want to ask if i may. does anyone support the concept of public financing which many would say tax funding of elections, of candidates? does anyone see that as a viable alternative? speak with john, as a constitutional expert i can tell you we are in a straitjacket because of the first amendment. states have a lot more freedom. you are states that engage in public financing because they are not bound by that person. i don't know the answer to your question. i don't know a better system necessarily can be produced. the only thing that troubles me about the existing system, and, of course, i watch your tv station every night, that's not a plug but it's a necessity, you look at these ads and it says vote for this guy, citizens for
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good works, committee for puppies. we think marco rubio is a bad guy your what the supreme court left open in citizens died was disclosure laws and full disclosure. i think that's where we have to start, but we cannot make progress as long as we have chief executives who hate politics and hate people. that was obama's weakness. i'm sorry to say it's also mrs. clinton's. i think trump could get people to talk. >> i'd like to comment to that. as far as the public financing, i do see public financing as possible viable alternative. what i really see in the presidential election when you all the public debate is the candidate with all the money, yeah, they spend money advertising with all the tv ads which have debate. vacancy the news, they can watch the debates. you need to have a better way to equal access to the debates.
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with the internet we don't need to have campaigned putting tv ads all the time. we need a better way like the fec can have an individual pull to qualify you, our suggested have a ball when the voters can qualify, use that as well as crippling kasea qualifies for the debate instead of the cherry-picking to see who's allowed to be on tv and then if you on tv get more support, more money and, therefore, you do not included in the polls that no one ever gets a chance to vote for you. that's not there. identifies in the polls i would be on the debate. at 525% of north carolina support in elections before. >> does anybody else want to talk about public financing speak with the government breakdown is over $17 trillion. if we would pay off the principal at $1 million a day it would take a few thousand years to pay that debt. don't believe me?
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take $17 trillion but by $1 million, that's 15,000 years. it's just unbelievable. what we have to do is to start paying off that debt so our grandchildren and great-grandchildren don't pay it, number one, number two, so the borrowers, a lot of this money is owed to the chinese, the japanese. they are going to foreclose on these things and, therefore, the way to do that is developed private enterprise, employing lots of people, paying the middle-class wages through, i'm sorry, profit sharing and pay the taxes. also if you're an employer, there's a reason for you to file income tax. we can get rid of 60,000 of e-85 thousand people who work at the irs. let's figure out how we can cut down our expenses and now we are going to make money and how we're going to pay taxes to
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balance our budget and pay off our debt. it's ridiculous. >> we should take money from illegal aliens to finance -- [talking over each other] >> we should put and work on their taxes pay off the debt. that's exactly what i'm saying. you are not going to throw them out of the country. country. >> in the recent debate senator ted cruz was discussing values and donald trump had a response. what do you consider to be new york about using? >> come to new york will show you a good time. that's what new york is about. i will show you what the united states is about. invite people to as a taurus, that's the way -- [inaudible] >> next question to mr. martin. >> we've been talking about the cost of campaign but about to talk about the cost of college. there are several students you. what should be done to keep college tuition costs down? >> well, i know what can't be
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done and that's to accept simplistic solutions like the democrats are saying. the so-called mitt romney free stuff approach. we've got to work on cutting some of the overhead. when i went to school at the university of illinois and i was a football player so we have more benefits, and we ate pressed turkey and a slice of letters and a tomato that look like it'd been sitting around the refrigerator for a couple of days. today the college experience has become like a luxury living. that's why it's so expensive. we've got to think about whether we could have experiences for people who want to work and get an education and don't want to be in a 4-star hotel. i survived quite nicely on pressed turkey and jell-o, nobody gets that today because we think, in fact they are tearing down ol the old dormito. i went home from coming and these were barracks.
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today they're building high rise luxury places for the students. that costs money. there's a little pop-up us in the high cost of college because the experiences has radically changed since i went to college. >> what about some of the other candidates? mr. comely, what would be your first -- >> when i went to college i was working three days a week in a cereal factory from 6:00 at night until 6:30 a.m. and then they go to class at seven. i think students should be working instead of taking so many loans out. education is not bridges like health care. it's not free. i thank the gentleman just talked about the high rises and whatnot. it's a way to cut costs and colleges, administration and whatnot but you've got to focus on it.
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and the students should be working because that gives them experience in the working force. northeastern college does that. you can cut costs, for heaven sakes. all you have to do as an accountant, you can add. and if you are getting abused in it, you can find it if you want to look for it. college can be cheaper. it can if you work on it and if you focus on where you can cut costs. >> i'm actually a college student by the way. i work in the company. for example, last year i was, essentially the three roles, multinational company. i was glad that your, quality manager and finishing my mba in marketing from liberty university which i finished in december as well as north
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carolina state master da vinci which i'm still a student of that program. i do think you should have more of your tuition should come off their taxes. that's what i feel. >> tuition is a big issue. what i first went to school in the '70s, tuition was very cheap, especially city university. then as i continue to go to school tuition grew more and more, and as i see my nurse practitioner program -- [inaudible] director of the nursing department and college retaliated. our one professor gave me to asking those courses and then ending up with $80,000 in debt from that tuition that i never got a degree from -- [inaudible] it's too much money for a
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non-degree. a lot of people are being destroyed if they fail to make the degree. they have a big chunk of money they have to pay back. it extends your ability to pay back based on your ability to pay. i think it's too expensive to we need to do more online teaching so that we don't need as many facilities. we can use the internet. >> when i went to college it was $1500 a year. when my children went to school with $25,000 a year for intuition. but the difference was all of a sudden all of this loan money was available and the colleges decided to take advantage of that fact. how many of these loans are not being repaid properly? i think we have to do this to say for sake of the colleges you can get these very high tuition rates, dropping down because we
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are not giving the loans anymore and the student have to work to pay for it. it will be the best experience of his lifetime. >> we will get each candidate a chance to ask the closing, to give a closing statement by john, why don't you post one more panel before we do that. >> we haven't gotten to the federal deficit and i think everyone should probably wait in on the. i know it's a big question for short period of time but in a nutshell what would you cut? would you cut taxes? which increased taxes? what are the main components of your proposal to do with this federal deficit, which i believe now is up in the neighborhood of $439 billion. while you're at it how are your members of congress, however doing? >> would i cut taxes? you've got to cut taxes. you've got to give businesses
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less taxes and cut capital gains. they've got to reinvest in this america. america can create jobs. obama wants to penalize somebody that took the risk, to create jobs and whatnot. it's incredible. he's a dictator. and i need it you're going to have more jobs and took companies invest, then you've got to cut taxes. this is a capitalistic society, not socialism. they are the ones who take, they penalize people for being successful and creating jobs, and they did take to all of them. that doesn't encourage them to reinvest in america. as far as taxes go, we've got to cut taxes. but the way we're going now, we've got to eliminate the deficit. if you don't eliminate the deficit first, and there's ways to do it. you've got to find the programs that are waste and on the backs
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of the working people. >> mr. robinson? >> the only way that we can clean up this deficit, this enormous, enormous debt that we have is by giving, creating a big employment in the private sector and paying middle-class wages. and that means developing our goal. and hb seven states seven states that don't have enough water, reversing pashtun using reverse osmosis, up and down the coast of california and texas. and a pipeline to toshiba this water to the present future population. number three, excuse me, number three we've got to develop an automobile that not only will give you a nice ride in the car, that will give you only speech e most of the gals at 60 miles an hour. that will be one of my areas of
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expertise as look at the fourth area is of course -- i forgot what the fourth area is. i'm sorry. creating jobs in middle class pay that will then pay taxes and we don't need all the people in income tax because once you -- [inaudible] there's no reason for them to file an income tax return. that's how you pay off the debt. it people in the private sector, millions and millions of them. >> the deficit -- [inaudible] we have a whole new prospect of exploring space and using mining, bringing astroid with rare metals to the united states. bring things we need from space. we have the opportunity -- a colony on the moon that provide
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for different avenues of manufacturing. that's what we are doing now. so i think we should as a world invest in exploring the resources of other planets that are nearby. that will help reduce the deficit. >> as i was coming i checked "the wall street journal" webpage, and there was a story that for the first time since 2009 congress has voted to increase the deficit. so i think my republican friends were making good progress in cutting fisher of the national output that is claimed by government, making some genuine progress in trying to rein in spending. if they slipped off the wagon as a were added to think the explanation that was given that mr. bennett was retiring and so he shoveled all the stuff in the garage is good.
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eternal vigilance is the price of democracy, as a strong healthy economy and working to live within our means. if something that the republican party is four and three but doesn't come to, in fact, i think that's a weakness of the republican party. i do not favor tax cuts. i do not believe the propaganda about so-called job creators ever and i think of a long way to go to make ourselves a more consumer friendly and working family-friendly party. i am committed to the. that's one of the reasons i run and. >> first of all the republicans in congress is not doing a good job. i think the first thing we need is secure the borders and second thing would be to cut off any aid to illegal aliens. third thing would be we have a spending problem. we need to go through line by line and justify every expand on our budget. and reduce and eliminate
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unnecessary spending. and i do think job creation can be created if someone wants to invest in entrepreneur, they should be able to invest and have that deducted from their taxes. >> now we will get each of our candidates a final one minute closing argument. reverse order this time. >> as i said earlier the only way to solve our for problems of unemployment, terrorism, immigration and government debt is to get people working. everybody working in the private sector through various means, whether it be framed up, hoping of our goal sources, whether it be providing water, whether it be building for making intercontinental i'm sorry. intercontinental commercial -- what's the word want to use of? commercial aircraft, supersonic
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aircraft to fly from the east et coast to europe and the west coast to the why in the far east. there's no reason in this world -- it was a bad mistake and we should be doing that because that's also another area where millions can be employed in the private sector paying your taxes and that's the only way you're going to solve problems come all for problems of this country is get people working in the privatprivate sector, paying tho profit-sharing basis so that the middle-class wages so we can go back to what judge brandeis said. if you want democracy you have had a majority middle-class. >> i hope that those who are watching on television will get some appreciation why new hampshire is such a special place. we live democracy. we struggle to keep the government share of our output limited, and there's a good reason why we are first in the nation. we owe a great debt to suggest that bill gardner over there, and i sort of consider in the
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field marshal of the first in the nation primary. but he knows i am one of his regimental commanders and i didn't help in any way possible and to unleash whatever has to be unleashed to fight to keep new hampshire first i think we do a good job. i think we are fair and impartial. the and impartial. the very back of the meeting which offers cash to offer those who are less known voice is so important in maintaining the openness of our state and our society. that's a good idea. i don't have anything bad to say about new york or california or texas, but they are such huge places they couldn't offer the public the option we have today. new hampshire's first in the nation. bill carter is fighting to keep it that way and i'm marching right behind them. that's not a second amendment issue but we are locked and loaded to be first in the nation. >> the people out there have to spend time to evaluate who they
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think the people are that they want to represent. it's a very complicated field, lots of people, 30-60 people registered in new hampshire alone. the press does a fair job of providing information about some of the candidates, not all. but we have the internet. to eye ways to research individual people to find out where they stand, whether you can trust them, trust and back you and protect you. that's where new hampshire and iowa have to decide who their candidate is. give the smaller voices a chance. thank you. >> tim cook. >> thank you for having me here and for everybody coming out to listen. first of all america is not a democracy. america is a republic. the founding fathers knew it and
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spoke of democracy being tools and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. were as the republic is a wealth of sheep there's so i like that america is a republic. please visit me on twitter tim cook 2016. you can see my twitter poll where i told everyone and letting some democrats in hillary's name. i could beat hillary one on one. visit tim cook i will fight for you and please support me. thank you. >> i'm running for the president of united states because none of the candidates have a poll numbers are telling you the truth. they are not telling the truth about health care, not telling you the truth about isis. i found out. military people are telling exactly how they feel. it's not pretty. we don't need another politician or another dynasty in the white
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house. we need a business person in the white house back and add. i've been a business person and a farmer since i was 13. i know how to add. i've been an administrator for over 50 years. but he got to tell the truth to the american people and you've got to help the working people. or you will not have those programs in washington and i will eliminate the. i promise you that. and please remember my website because there is more information coming out. the government is going to be after me again because i have admitted to the tape recordings that they say i have ever after for over 30 years. the only person i'm going to give those tape recordings to is obama. i wrote to him wind speed i'm going to -- your time is a. i want to thank all our republic of lesser-known candidates for joining us by. we are going to take a 10 minute break while we --
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[applause] we will take a 10 minute break while we set up a dicier for our larger field of democratic candidates and we will be back in 10 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> and the second part feature democrats on the presidential primary ballot in new hampshire. [inaudible conversations] >> i think we're just waiting on one more name tag for want of our candidates but while we are waiting, let's introduce our next group of candidates. we have i think 20 democratic candidates. i'm going to start by a request for our viewers of c-span.
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when you're answering a question it could make sure you're speaking into a microphone so that the viewers are able to hear your answers. we are going from five candidates to 20 candidates so we'll do our best to make sure as we did in the last that we did, make sure that has chance to answer some of the questions. but we'll also probably do more in terms of chopin questions and and the group quickly on some of the issues to make sure everyone has a chance to make their voices known on the various issues. with that we're going to begin with our two minute opening statement and start in the front with john adams of new york. >> thanks. first i should introduce myself since i'm relatively unknown. we did an internal poll which showed me on about 1.5% name recognition. i'm a former college philosophy professor and former assistant state attorney general and i'm running for president because i believe in a better tomorrow. i believe we need to have some other options. a little more about me though, everything i've done for my
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entire life has been kind of behind the scenes but i've been quietly supporting democrats my entire life. i have been leading from the shadows in sort of way, requesting and asking for special forces to fight extremism in the middle east ever since i ran for congress in 2007. president obama finally i thought that about a month ago. he said more special forces so i applaud that. bernie sanders has recently adopted my position on isis and russia that we need to work with russia to combat isis and isis needs to be the priority. the priority was my word adopted by bernie so what you think you for that. what you think of her adopted my position on student loan interest rates are it was my position where to cut those and have and hav have to keep moving forward in the way that makes sense for everyone. so i'm looking forward to getting talked to moore, getting to meet all of you. i thank you very much. i would also like to thank jim for introducing marriage
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equality. he introduced marriage equality 2009 in new hampshire and not like to thank new hampshire for being the first in the nation for being the guardians of the presidential election process. how much time do i have left? i'm not only with this. thank you to much. i'd like to thank hatcher for being the guardian of the presidential election process. on targeting new hampshire. i'm not running in iowa. my name is john adams i've really got a new england connection. i feel if people take a look at my campaign and what in of supporting and what i've done i am a lifelong democrat. i wanted to vote for jimmy carter when i was five years old because i felt he would be better for the country as everything i've done for marriage equality 2002 with an attorney general that i wrote all the way down to water rights. i look at this wonderful clean water. i think of flint. i'm john adams. these take a look at my website. >> next is transport.
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>> thank you. daily person from california both democrat and republican giunta represented a great state of california. but anyway i'm going to try to keep it under two minutes. stark county now, thank you. i consider myself lucky that i was born in san diego. through hard work i become successful of international knowledge and experience. i am very proud to be hispanic, very proud to be latin. it'it's my heritage but i'm not used to be forced to jump through hoops and have to prove yourself over and over again. i know most of us have faced the same types of hurdles in our daily lives it sounds like a fellow candidates. however, i've always found a way to overcome them. like i did in massachusetts, michigan and north carolina and wisconsin. in case you didn't know are qualified to take over 30 balance. i am in 30 states including
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american samoa and americans abroad. in addition, voters in ohio will count -- have only three choices from the democratic candidates, o'malley did not qualify. so the race technicall technicas decided to come if they decide by ohio voters it will be by three different people. i am tired of republicans blaming the democrats. and the democrats blaming the republicans. in the meantime nothing gets done. our potholes, bridges and homeless or ignoring while washington does nothing. we have become a divided state that the train and were forced to listen to the campaign speeches with ignorance, arrogance and a. as opposed to wisdom and respect. in that regard i'm pleased t toe a tonight to honor the first amendment. last week i was posing a brown and black debate which was greater to share our views.
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there was no browns for blacks to come here today because ronald reagan, martin luther king, john kerry and other leaders are not here. thank you very much. >> thank you. on october 1 i returned from several months of conducting focus groups in indonesia. i was so troubled by what those focus groups showed about the future that i decided to enter the first primary in the country as a place, a forum to discuss those ideas and new things toward a whole new area of understanding. i will leave those troubles to use during the question time. but what i'd like to share with you is a solution that i see and i have not heard in this campaign, and that is right now the middle east is divided between sunni and shia fighting each other the way the protestants and catholics to for a long time. and the nation-states are drawn
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by the old colonial powers are used to divide and conquer as a way to play them off against each other. so the sunni and shia are continuing to fight these proxy wars that we are playing a role in. my suggestion is that we redraw the map of the middle east so that we create sunni countries and shia countries that will allow democracy to take hold because democracy needs the confidence of one people advancing one way of life. instead of using dictatorial powers to our pressure upon it. so that's an idea i'd like to inject into this campaign. i come from that by having directed a program at harvard training. i was the director of a national strategy think tank for president obama come and i'm currently the ceo of a strategy national security cooperation in
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washington, d.c. the last thing i want to raise, and i have only a little bit of time come is the of the best kept secret of this campaign is the amazing president we have in barack obama. he is the greatest president of my lifetime, and i started with harry truman. thank you very much. >> next candidate is bill french from massachusetts. >> i am a single dad with a stanford economics degree, a harvard mba and a successful business. middle-class in the u.s. is hurting. you cannot support a family on $7.25 an hour but a $15 minimum wage will bankrupt many businesses and hurt exports in the economy. so what do we do? for everyone earning less than $15 an hour, the government should make up half the difference between their pay and $15 an hour.
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how do we finance this? we would finance it with a supplement with a 25% tax on imports from china. free trade is not working between the united states and china. we import $480 billion a year and we export 120. the u.s. will receive about $75 billion a year in new revenues from this tax, and about 2 million jobs will be created in the u.s., saving about $30 billion in welfare. we should adjust attacks each year based on net imports so that china does not have an incentive to stop buying from the u.s. although this tax will result in a small increase and the price of goods coming from china, i would rather pay $5 for an item that is made in the u.s. and pay
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$4 for the item that is made by children in china. other items, we should limit the price of prescription drugs sold in the u.s. to the lowest price that same drug is sold anywhere else in the world. some criminals should be in domestic job core learning job skills rather than in jail. skills that will keep them out of jail in the future. we should require any unemployed person who is offered a job they can do to accept the job or lose benefits. we should increase the standard deduction and close loopholes. we should have the educational testing service get test in online courses. the overall cost of all these programs to the united states 20. >> thank you. next candidate. >> thank you. i am a lesser-known candidate who is trying to make the case to be a well-known candidate. and i think there's a good
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reason for the nation reports are to pay attention. i am a liberty minded democrat. you don't hear that very often. some people call it a conservative democrat. i'm in a space that jfk once was, but our current leaders in my party have vacated. they don't get liberty. and in their attempts to support the groups, they hurt them. i make a message to every one of those groups to think of liberty actually brings you together. students, that's one crew. you heard bernie and hillary tonight ago saying what they will do for students. it's ludicrous. they try to make something free when it should have value. fifth graders understand that. bernie and hillary panda as if you were fifth graders, or worse. liberty is something that actually could unite
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progressives and conservatives. i think it's a pretty good message. i'm a lot like rand paul in that way, and you hear this all the way to california. i'm in the primaries all the way did you and i hope i will collect enough delegates for philadelphia to make a difference with some enterprising reporters here it really might work. students get hurt by bigger government. women have not been advantage despite a lot of the leaders of my party sank i'm all for women. i'm a better feminist than hillary clinton. disabled people, we kept with them but the government can't care for them as well as individuals can. i tried to make that message throughout the primaries. thank you. >> next candidate from new york. >> my name is henry hughes and
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i'm a pro-life democrat running in this primary. democratic party has traditionally supported and fought for those without voices and those without power. i am troubled by illegal immigrants in this country who drive down the wages for working americans. i'm troubled by students who are burdened with huge debts from going to college. i'm troubled by 3000 control peptides in foreign countries where people are a sassy. i'm troubled by sal so secure and medicare verging on bankruptcy. i'm troubled by food stamps which have triggered an epidemic of diabetes in this country. i am troubled by income tax system which penalizes the labor and rewards capital. most important, however, i am running to try to make the point for life. i stand with lyndon johnson, john kennedy, audie kennedy, martin luther king and jimmy
2:38 pm
carter in being distinctly pro-life. hillary clinton bernie sanders are both pro-abortion radicals. they stand and support abortions in late-term. they support partial-birth abortions. they support abortions for population control and they support abortions for sex selection. we have to understand that 3500 babies died today. 25,000 babies will die this week. 100,000 babies will die this month, and over 1,300,000 will die this year. hillary clinton is not concerned about this. earnie sanders is not concerned. i'm concerned and the great majority of democrats are concerned. the democratic party is not populated by a majority of pro-abortion radicals. it'is populated by a majority of the people who want to support
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the right to life of every citizen of the united states. >> good evening. i'm running for president because it is jeopardizing our children's future with these budget deficits in washington are currently we have a national debt is approaching $19 trillion we're opposed to at almost $500 billion more to the figure in 2016. imagine if you will link to the store, you bought a whole bunch of stuff, put it on your credit card. when you get told you take those credit card bills, and in to the kids and you say here, you can babies bills of over your lifetime. you and i wouldn't do that and the federal government needs to stop doing it. i have a plan to fix the problem. excluding social security and medicare, which i would not count, i would cut all other federal spending by 10%.
2:40 pm
that would reduce the deficit by about $250 billion. additionally, i propose raising the medicare tax. not the social security tax. i propose raising the medicare tax which is 1.45% of the proposed raising it to a rate of between two and 2.5%. we are only talking 1% tax increase. yet it would raise 80-100 a.d. billion dollars in additional revenue. additionally, i propose a national entertainment tax of five to 10% because if you can afford entertainment, then you can so that afford a little more tax. and filed i want to emphasize that i believe we need to pass a constitutional amendment to enact term limits for members of congress did they get in there and stay forever and do their own bidding rather than working for you and me. as we know democracy can only flourish if everyone had
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participate. thank you. >> good evening, everybody. i'm a trial lawyer from north carolina. i do a lot of family law, tradition have the a lot of personal injury law. i've written six books on family law. i have a wife deborah and five children altogether, county stepchildren i guess you would say. we have about 12 grandchildren. so we have a nice life there in north carolina. i could be out city by michael but i felt is some of the better alternative would be to get involved in politics and to see if i could do something about the state of america and what we can do about the problems that we have. this election is about a lot of things. this next president is going to decide whether we're going to be a war on whether we are going to be at peace. this next president we will decide if you have a middle
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class. this next president is going to decide whether the poor that we have in america are going to completely go under or whether they're going to be able to rise up. i do plan to deal with these things. to deal with how we do with our tax structure. i would not tax people who make less than $36,000 a year with federal income tax. i would change the cap on social security and reduce the amount of tax and i would get rid of the cap on sosa's acute altogether. but making some of these changes we could make a huge difference in tax revenues in america. i would also like to change the way we handle veterans health care. i would have a card for all veterans and we would try to make sure that they get the same care as anybody else in the country. i don't think there's much thought about veterans care to that something that's been a big part of my policies and my
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campaign. and so that's just the start of kind of what i wanted and i would like to see the changes made in america and see middle-class stop the spiraling to the bottom. >> and fix it so many of us have started to believe that the system of government is broken and highly unlikely to be fixed in our lifetime. so many of us want to do something but have absolutely no idea where to start. i have come across the country tonight to proclaim as loud as i possibly can that there is something we can do. i have come here tonight to say to as many people come to the fix it america constitutional amendment. he for your completely tune out and stop listening, understand that the people who profit from a broken system want you to ink
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it is utterly impossible to amend the constitution. it is anything but impossible. all you need our votes. you and i vote for and elect the people who cast those votes. to fix it america constitutional amendment does two very critical, simple but important things. number one, stop selling our elections to the highest bidder. and number two, it stops the process of gerrymandering so that we draw lines to benefit particular political parties. number one, stop selling our elections. number two, stop cheating when you draw the line. if you go to fix it you can go to your legislators today and you can get those people to sign up to be part of the solution. if not you can learn how to run so they will. do we really think that those people went into public service be leaving that what they would
2:45 pm
do is find total gridlock, get absolute nothing done and be rewarded by spending 40% of their time raising money? i really don't think so. we hear it every election cycle. ever attended, and tell us washington is broken and it needs to be fixed. if the car is broken it doesn't matter who is driving. it ain't going anywhere. >> i appreciate the introduction. i would like to thank the college for this event, and i would like to thank new hampshire for allowing a nonpolitician like myself to be able to register, to put his hat in the ring. ..
2:46 pm
even my mother has. so, anyway, it's good to hear that there are other democrats
2:47 pm
who are conservative but are moderate. i consider myself a moderate democrat. we need to adhere to the constitution and balance the budget and be secure about the borders and we need to. but we also need to make sure that those who can't take care of themselves are taken care of. >> next of minneapolis minnesota i hope i am pronouncing your name right. >> it is really him mccoy -- william mccoy. i'm running in the democratic party from the midwest and that includes a wide area. i'm doing so because i want to
2:48 pm
raise particular issues that are outside of the political mainstream. it's very contentious, but our politics have completely polarized or largely polarized gender and race when you look at the election of 2012. obama got 92% of that and something like 80% of the gay, lesbian, transgender vote generally got a majority of the female vote. mitt romney i think actually got 59% of the white vote.
2:49 pm
something very strange is happening. i decided to run as a democrat partly on the issue of dignity for white people. i want to have race discussed in a different way. i am married to an african-american woman. there is a racial division that is being discussed to help the country and i want to run so we can say -- also a short 32 hour work week -- stack but keep moving here and make sure to use
2:50 pm
the microphone. >> thank you. i'm a proud union member from the state of new york and my nephew came in from san diego and asked me why aren't you running for president and i said brian who is an african-american irish ukrainian there shouldn't be a wall. there is no need for that. and he said among other things he asks me asked me to list some other things for you. the california teaching association doublecrossed the public unions instead of my own is one of the reasons i came here there is a crisis in the middle classed and unions are being destroyed by the
2:51 pm
corporations and venture had a proud union history and i think that should be reversed and i would like to try to get a living wage of $20 adjusted to inflation, universal healthcare, free college for all comets and the reallocation of the budget for intelligence against isis and such and not the army reserve staff. and for gun control i think you should create a federal gun control based on the budget office where you can get in partial statistics gathered to make the recommendation in the country. and for the bats i don't think any should wait one minute if there is a medical facility
2:52 pm
available anywhere in the country they can go to any hospital. >> the next candidate is edward o'donnell of bridgeport pennsylvania. >> look at a small child on christmas morning. all people who have ever lived on two things, happiness and healing. the first step to that is for all of us to treat everyone with love, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, respect, dignity, friendliness, chivalry, courtesy and old-fashioned matters. the great football coach completely turned my life around through his friendship, he did that with thousands of other people. that is our job to turn lives
2:53 pm
around. my oldest niece is a nurse and you spend one second with her and you feel better. my youngest is visiting the sick. that is our job is to help other people. so we move into this is one that never had a moment of happiness but in the last second he saw the goodness in christ and so i'm sorry but i did was wrong i want to love others and make a difference in this world. he will be remembered so our job is to help people and love people and to bring the message to as many people as possible.
2:54 pm
thank you. >> the next candidate from massachusetts. >> hello. my name is grant about 1 mile from new hampshire. i want to thank new hampshire for the ballot access and for this format. i've been a progressive democrat for 30 years. i am running to promote the most important issue of our time, saving the natural world, stopping the extinction of species and habitat. i am doing this now because we are out of time and destroying gods green and blue earth. what i say it is if you do not love all living things, you loved nothing better god or man or especially not your own
2:55 pm
children. i must demand that this issue be dealt with by everybody in particular the democratic party. i have to say if the support is not forthcoming from the democratic party i am proud to say i would have no choice but to go to the republicans. let me say a few things on the economy and social justice. i also would like to see a shorter work week. i think we all would. 35 hour a week flex time, enough vacation sharing the profits if we create the wealth, we should share in it. i support black lives matter and i think it is vital that we reform the prison system and the prison population by at least half in the mandatory sentencing and i will finish by saying the refugees, i don't know what they found that we are to help a few
2:56 pm
women and children that need our help. i want to finish by saying that i think we need to get the republicans out of congress as soon as possible. thank you. >> next candidate. >> i am a candidate for president born in america. my parents were both born in america. my grandparents were born in america and all but two of my great grandparents were born in america. we came over from ireland in the middle et and hundreds. two of my ancestors fought in the american revolutionary war one on my mothers side and one on my father's. three of my children are in the u.s. military now. in the u.s. marines and a third
2:57 pm
of the army just got back. my son is getting ready to go to iraq now but if i get elected he will not because all of the troops will be brought back. there are none overseas in the countries they keep dropping bombs and when we drop them from all going on all over the world. they have to defend themselves with their own money and we won't be involved in all of these around the world. we want to drop bombs in iraq, afghanistan and if they won a candidate that wants to start a war with russia another question 6 million americans have been adopted in finding the birth parents of those adopted every day i find more children have
2:58 pm
been given away as long as they are 21-years-old i can find the parents and the children but there should be a law that anyone under 21 -- over 21 should have a right to their own birth certificate. anybody can drive a car legally and i have more to say. >> i am a forecaster and portfolio manager born and raised in new york. we need a president with specific detailed solutions for the economic, social policy problems which has generally been the case. that's why we never solve our problems. you can see in the solutions they propose on the website.
2:59 pm
my main economic policy reform is revolutionary. it remains finance the tax rebate and the staggered tool for the economics douglas that would allow us to always prevent the high unemployment in the future while ask amazing economic growth. this is how it works. whenever the real unemployment rate which includes the part-time workers think he full-time jobs they would determine how big a tax rebate would be required to quickly get the economy growing and the real unemployment rate back down to 4% which is more or less full employment. today around 7% we need a rebate of about $2,000 for each and every taxpayer. by the way it seems that tax rebate is financed by the federal reserve not by the new government debt. for the perspectives, the
3:00 pm
800 billion over obama stimulus program was the equivalent of a $5,000 tax rebate for each and every type or $10,000 for the family of two. over the past few years, we have had $3 trillion but it wasn't the right types and that is used to benefit the bank. if it was a 5,000-dollar tax rebate for each and every american taxpayer. >> the next candidate of tampa florida. >> thank you. >> michael steinberg. i'm 56-years-old and the owner of a needy in size to social and sized social security veterans disability law for in tampa. the representatives of the veterans advocates for the democratic executive committee
3:01 pm
and i'm a member for the florida health care advisory board. i've been practicing law for 33 years and i've been giving lectures and social security and the conferences throughout the country over 50% of the budget involves payment for social security. we need someone that has expertise in the area and i don't mean somebody that sits on the veterans committee adheres from bureaucrats bragging about how welfare agency is doing. the social security trust fund is facing insolvency. 20 years from now the social security administration isn't going to be able to pay you the benefits they promised. he will get 70 cents on the dollar unless changes are made and the trust fund would have been bankrupt this year accepted for the stopgap measure passed earlier in 2015 setting the
3:02 pm
solvency for a few more gears. people who apply for social security disability benefits are waiting for years and they are in worse shape and we still have millions of people who do not have health care. i've been handling thousands of social security veterans visibility cases over the past 33 years. the job is to make sure the government agencies do their job and i will make sure the government agencies serve the people in a fair, prompt and courteous manner efficiently and on budget. thank you. >> thank you. and the last candidate for the opening statement of fort collins colorado. >> as we all know, washington, d.c. is completely frozen and nothing can be accomplished if this was your computer you would read boot.
3:03 pm
in 1980 when ronald reagan began the massive tax cuts for the wealthy, tax cuts were cut from 70% to approximately 30%. this is the contrary where income inequality became a major problem. every taxpayer making $10 million a year, this map and income went from $3 million to $7 million. this $4 million came directly out of the u.s. treasury which then took money away from the goods and services that we need for the people of our country. this is the cause of the deficit. i propose that we raise the tax rate, the top tax rate to 70% on income above $3 million. these could then be reused to form the education for the citizens to help fund the health care for the system. we need to raise the minimum
3:04 pm
wage to $22 an hour and inflation this brings it back down to the 1960s level where people could live as a subsistence which is the least amount of money necessary to survive. i also propose that we take the income ceilings of the social security tax. does that make under $118,000 a year pay social security on 100% of their income. let's take the caps off and allow the millionaires and billionaires to basically pay 0% of their income and social security to pay the same amount of social security taxes all other americans pay. but school of social security to be solving 75 years. thank you. >> that's it for the opening statement. now we both have any questions as i mentioned before, we have a
3:05 pm
much bigger field of candidates here on the democratic side than on the republican side so we will do our best to keep it fair and gives you a chance to answer questions as possible and ask some questions to the group. why don't we open up to ask a question first. okay. one thing that wasn't addressed and i will direct this randomly because he is he's right in front of me is first the job of presidents to be the commander-in-chief for the national security i would like to know i know your price, president obama. are there other areas that you -- at what point would you commit american troops to the middle east about what would happen for you to have to do that is there anything that you can foresee from the other candidates. >> basically we have been bombing of the islamic countries for 15 years now.
3:06 pm
and the islamic world is starting to identify and that means there is a 9/11 happening every week somewhere in the islamic world and they destroyed the cities that have been around for a thousand years. president bush brought this country down to its knees economically and militarily with war is that we didn't need and president obama has a long-term vision of extracting us from those and right now we need to acknowledge the fact that the republicans and the number of forces that have been building for some years are at war with iran. i have gained 12 times and it doesn't turn out very well for us. but he has courageously done is avoid another war with iran and
3:07 pm
i think that it's important that we get out of the middle east and we can prevail by redraw in bees in a way that don't require us to get involved. >> mr. o'donnell? >> i propose a new foreign policy. the goal of his life was to wipe the tears from every high and i propose a foreign policy by which we focus almost 100% of our efforts on feeding, clothing, housing, and playing the third world war. no war were spying on people and rather than focusing on helping wealthy corporations and so a new foreign policy to help people all over the world.
3:08 pm
>> president obama has done such a great job by judy still have soldiers in afghanistan, why are they still falling on several countries, somalia, yemen this isn't success or commitments to the extracting us from hopeless, senseless war that is what we have experienced for not only eight years under george bush, but for eight long years under president barack obama we are still sending drones to assassinate people in their houses, and it's unbelievable to me when barack obama ran that this was the legacy that he would leave. we need to repudiate that and make the decision that we are not going to assassinate people abroad and no crusader army in the united states is ever going
3:09 pm
to solve the problems in the middle east. >> i want to echo both. we don't understand the middle east so let's not even attempt to try to fix it especially when lives are on the line. we don't understand people who would blow themselves up for us. that's not an american thing. we are not going to be able to understand it and nation build. the people in the middle east many of them have been fighting for something that starts started 1400 years ago because one sector thinks that it's one relative instead of the other and there's one other difference that they would be fighting life and death for this. don't try to get into the war that we can fix even if we went.
3:10 pm
>> we have to realize who we are fighting with and that is that we are fighting islamic extremists who want to kill all of us. they want to kill every one that is opposed to their viewpoint about all of the end of the world that's going to come through in their movement and if you are sitting here tonight and you are not in fear of isis then you need to be rethinking where you are. they want to kill everyone in the middle east and everyone in this room and we are going to have to do something about going to the middle east. i'm not going to tell you exactly what i'm going to be like a football coach here. i'm going to go over there and i'm going to knock them out and isis will not be a problem in the second or third term i promise you.
3:11 pm
>> stomach all the nations which are starting wars or violence in the countries which do not respect human rights and especially human rights we have to remember every member in the united states united states has societies have societies from the universal declaration of human rights and somehow we don't have the united nations enforce that. if we put the emphasis on respecting human rights and enforcing them and if they don't it has to be kicked out of the united nations or we have to create a new united nations that respect human rights. it's very cynical to have the united nations and all the member nations emphasize integrated authority of them do
3:12 pm
not. so to get down to the bottom of the violence in the world we need to enforce human rights. >> you mentioned in your opening statement that you would want to work to help resolve the situation in the state and as you probably know we are at odds with russia in terms of what to do with the president. how would you resolve that issue in terms of the war and should they step down immediately? >> by problem in the current foreign policy is not we are prioritized in the protections of the citizens over the american interest. the number one priority, and bernie sanders came up to this in the debate the number one priority has to be protecting the citizens. it has to be destroying isis. russia is in the soviet union they are not communists were
3:13 pm
trying to spread communism or socialism. they are kind of a democratic oligarchy. they are not in effect like they were trying to spread communism around so i think that it's misguided to try to focus the foreign policy on deposing another dictator because you don't know what he's doing to his other people. we have to prioritized our safety, security. we have to get rid of isis and to touch briefly on the other question, i would be very, very sparing using ground forces. i wouldn't rule it out because you have to go to the war. >> what don't we get a show of hands is there anybody on the stage who would send troops into the middle east to help feed the islamic state? >> what is your timeframe because it's the timeframe
3:14 pm
important here? i wouldn't send ground troops right now. in the end, the islamic state and the arab states have to address these issues themselves. you have a civil war going on among these people and among themselves that we have been drugged into over the years so right now i wouldn't do it but i would never take any options off the table. so your question -- i wanted to clarify that. >> why don't we go over -- i think we need to take a defensive posture in the united states that means watching mosques and the internet and facebook and seeing what's going on and where people are radicalized. we need to watch it up by having humans looking at the conversations going on but by having computers in the variety of conversations and looking for
3:15 pm
how to do it and that nature. >> we do want to give everyone an opportunity so we will call on everyone individually. >> several strong opinions here already i think i even heard the name trump. should the u.s. be accepting refugees from other conflicts in prominently the muslim nations? >> under some circumstances i think yes. but that should be very much the choice. we supported the insurgents against the government and because we have kind of a romantic notion of the spring and they're trying to bring
3:16 pm
democracy and so forth that hasn't worked out at all. i think we have to try to bring the government together with some kind of radicals that have been fighting it but i think that is a new threat that seems to be addressed but only after there is a solution in a syria is off to bring some russians and others in. >> by globalizing the war on terror and further globalizing it on isis the result will be that the muslim people radicalized all over the world and there are muslims everywhere that are going to start taking on this personalized cause and it will have the result of
3:17 pm
americans on the streets of the cities in the world and very quickly that will end an end american preeminence in the world because we can't get out of their. number to come it will put in danger the whole concept of globalization and the three committee may even put in danger the whole concept of modernity because we will foster to struggle. we are seeking these immediate results. what we have to do is project out. we don't want to consume the century the way that communism comes into the 20th century and we are driving that. and the military-industrial complex is growing that.
3:18 pm
>> do you want to weigh in on this topic by >> first and foremost you have to know the game and understand the opponent. you cannot photograph the move or tell the chess player by moving forward. as the commander-in-chief of the army, the navy to question becomes what you tell the people the answer is no come you have to keep it close. they have to know how. they can't be able to predict you. >> why don't we add the next question. >> you've covered a lot of ground in your opening statement that i would like to know the question on day one in office
3:19 pm
what is the first step you take what is the biggest priority out of all of the priorities that you have named that need to be addressed and how would you do if? >> as i mentioned in my opening statement, byfield deals a lot with security. that's not to diminish all of the other problems that we face in unemployment and underemployment. the first day i will have to get a thorough briefing on what the situation is in the world and the details. >> if you would like to talk about them, go ahead. >> you don't want to say too
3:20 pm
much about what you're going to do to your adversary because it can work against that and i've always thought strategically. >> what would you do on your first day in office? >> my first day in office i would have plans to try to raise the minimum wage. the most important think we can do i would have to i. would the forces together to try to put together a program to increase our infrastructure standing if we can raise the wage as well as create much more demand those two things will automatically
3:21 pm
raise all of the wages in america so that would be the first thing i would do. the second thing i would do is use diplomacy to solve our problems in the middle east. >> throughout history it's all been ended through the negotiated process. through this stage of the development of the civilized world it should be ended. >> they suggested a 22-dollar minimum wage. is there anyone here that would support the minimum wage at that level? >> i'd like to answer if i could. >> i would also like an index to inflation because everyday americans whose wages. >> why should we have a minimum wage of $22 an hour? >> the first thing i would do in
3:22 pm
the bank accounts of the charities you have billionaires and millionaires, you have schoolkids do with sending and you take most of that money and you have every homeless person, every prisoner, disabled guaranteed jobs passing out literature for small business innovative of customers or anybody for advertising. there's money in those recyclables and we created these jobs for the unemployed. the market will not hire the numbers of unemployed that's three times what the government is telling. >> the minimum wage should be a minimum of $14. >> more importantly right i raise my hand in 22 because i think there should be more than one minimum wage. it's not the same to the bottom of it over the social structure but the auto mechanic and
3:23 pm
aircraft mechanic. we need to have four types of minimum wage depending on the skills. we do not need to reinvent the rules and what happens in other countries that you could apply it so the answer is what you tell them what to expect basically in the first few years of government. >> does this country have a problem with police brutality and if so what would you do about it? >> there are good cops and bad cops and good attorneys and that attorneys and good doctors and bad doctors and i think overall most police officers are good police officers however when a police officer does something bad i think that it's hard for the police agency for whom he
3:24 pm
works to decide to regulate him i think the attorney general needs to get involved and investigate in the police brutality that of course occurs on a local level. i like the idea of citizen review boards that are made up of the non- police officers it to evaluate whether there is a violation of someone's civil rights. so i think police officers are doing a pretty good job of seeing these incidents and that is what makes the news. >> what would you do as president to help address this issue between the law enforcement and community? >> i do support black lives matter and i also support the police but it seems to be problems with the police in terms of the attitude of some police and the code of silence
3:25 pm
and the defensiveness among the police about this issue that needs to be addressed. we need to talk about much better training in how to deal with the situation. there's there is a problem if somebody does something wrong others in the organization need to point that out and come forward. but we need to try to work some kind of understanding between all parties involved. i think that the police often do try to do great work. we need to have a new criminal justice system where we are reducing vast numbers of people in jail. >> the next question. >> i would like to know this week is the anniversary of roe
3:26 pm
v. wade decision and i would like to get a discussion going possibly about what restrictions you feel should be put on if any on abortion and whether you as a nominating supreme court justice would use that issue as what is known perhaps not so nicely as a litmus test. >> that's all you've got? i think the first day in office what i would immediately do is get the fbi and asked how the once deep strategy is no longer present. on abortion, i think that it is very squarely what i called the peer led ashamed but ashamed of the 17 trillion-dollar debt sitting at the top and all of the big issues that we care about we spend every day thinking that something is going to be considered in our government but it doesn't happen. essentially why don't we spend all of our time in that
3:27 pm
government is the government of trying to put one side against the other finding a way to dislike each other nothing gets considered and nothing gets done and i think that abortion is its squarely in the middle of one of those things that essentially will never be considered, much less have anything move forward in congress which are the people that that would have to move first in the presidency anyway when it comes to appointing a supreme court justice on the democratic side certainly would appoint someone who believes in a woman's right to choose. but that's why the constitutional amendment batters. >> i wouldn't take away a woman's right to choose in that situation. i think it was a reasonable decision and i don't think after the trimester though it doesn't
3:28 pm
support after the first trimester so i think that the interesting thing is how they have used this issue over the years and we have had appointed 25 years of republican presidents and what have any of them done to change roe v. wade? they would use that as an issue so we've got to get to the point that we are not using that issue in the litmus test. >> i'm the only democrat in this race and i don't know if anybody also considers themselves pro-life if the leaves grow the way the most recent. we are living in a country that abortions take place day after day after day and to refer back,
3:29 pm
roe v. wade has in fact paved the way for second trimester abortions, third trimester abortions and we live in a country where a fully viable child can be taken from its mother's womb except for the head and then a surgeon can go in and section of the brain and insurgencies in the united states under the roe v. wade concept that's legal. i am pro-life and nobody that thinks that roe v. wade was rescinded its pro-life. >> most republicans would qualify themselves as pro-life and most democrats call themselves in favor of women's rights. but i think that nobody in this room would say that abortion is a wonderful procedure. we need to make sure people don't get pregnant in the first
3:30 pm
place. a lot of women do because they cannot afford birth control so one of the things we should make available as free birth control to anyone who cannot afford it and we should also have developed a birth control for men so they can avoid. i think you started at the beginning before the problem comes up. >> we just had a debate in washington about whether the federal government should be giving money to planned parenthood. is there anybody who would decide who wanted to the fund but they couldn't? >> i have eight children that were born and also for children -- naturally i have a certain special issue on this.
3:31 pm
>> i'm against the principle of abortion because i think that human life is sacred not for religious reasons but i look at the emphasis of encouraging adoption. there's so many people that want to adopt children and so if we facilitate that it could be an alternative and then the second as a prevention, i think most unwanted pregnancies are had by young relatively uneducated women and fathered by uneducated young man so the real solution is to meet sure that all of our boys and girls get a truly good education because it focuses on learning and going to the university and having a
3:32 pm
professional career as they will not end up with an unwanted pregnancy. >> we haven't heard from you for a while and the question will be for you. >> several people have mentioned over here the concern about the federal deficit. you are a union member but to some bad benefits have to go if we are going to get the balance sheet in order. >> what benefits are you talking about? >> retirement benefits, health care benefits. >> if they are in place they should stay in place. the only thing that should be cut is the military budget. they are still using it to fight the cold war. there is no cold war anymore. it's ridiculous. the benefits that were in place should not be cut for security, retirement, i don't see the need to cut any of those benefits to >> would you be in favor of raising the retirement age if that is what is driving the cost clacks
3:33 pm
>> i was not. >> we have to cut them. it's immoral not to because if you keep the pensions going at this rate, it's grandchildren are suffering. they can't pay off the kind of pension debt elders incurred. it is to help retirees whose life expectancy then was 67, two years after the retirement. now if you are retiring at 62 and living to 95 and expecting younger generations to take care of you, it doesn't work. the numbers don't come close to adding up and it is an immoral act for the government to take money from generations unborn that can't go in favor against. i'm a democrat in favor of
3:34 pm
radically reducing the government spending across the board except the military environment. >> as a mentioned favorably i do favor the increase in attacks and i would suggest 1% about social security you don't have to raise the tax if you raise the retirement age to 70 and probably phasing that it would be the best approach and if the cost of living increases you use a different formula which is known as the consumer price index minus 1% which most people believe to study this issue better tracks the actual inflation you could bring social security into solvency so i don't think that we need to increase the tax for social security and i wouldn't cut social security benefits because our elderly depend on them so
3:35 pm
much. the problem is not as great as people think if we would simply raise the age for medicare and social security eligibility by three months every year we would solve today's problems with medicare and if you went out among the people in america even people in the area of time and wage and told them the price of saving the program for future generations was a three-month increase in the minimum wage for social security and medicare, they would be the first to tell you do it. >> everybody says we don't have enough money. that's not the issue we do have the money. we need a full employment economy. we can pay for the things that we need in social security, pension system.
3:36 pm
europe doesn't, social democracy doesn't. it's really not a question of who don't have the money we are the richest country in the world problem is 1% if you will or the 20% according to the wealth we can pay for these things but we don't have to take a backseat on these issues. we can take care of our own people. >> to open up the question for you the president is kind of pushing the congress to pass the transpacific partnership for the countries that the united states belongs to. what is your position on that trade the trade bill and would you support if? >> to be consumed in the middle east we are ignoring the vital interest in the pacific. the trade deal is a strategic move to reassert preeminence in
3:37 pm
the basin. china wishes to dominate the pacific basin and it's not working for the world yet. and this is our way of creating a set of allies that are cooperating and liberating the pacific basically of the growing chinese influence. it can be built on in the future and it is the kind of strategic move that has long-term implications the president is widely pursuing. it's been a number of unions are among this bill. what do you think of the trade deal and what are your concerns about what its impact would be on american workers? spinnaker would devastate them if you go to the website, they've come out against the tpp and it would take tens of thousands of jobs away from
3:38 pm
americans and i'm against it. i don't see any reason to sign that. a worker to lose that would lose his job because of that isn't worth it. >> are there any trade deals you would consider your self a free trader? spec the next question for you in the front here. >> i brought this up earlier and i would like to hear from the democratic side. we are happy to have you here but how -- what has to happen in this country to allow someone like yourself to get on the so-called mainstage, what kind of reform needs to be done in the system and we need to for instance have financing just as a possibility or are there some other options that you would see where the average person can get to the level they are today?
3:39 pm
>> we have to have campaign finance reform but new hampshire plays a critical role in allowing the western owned candidates to express their views and there's no reason at all that any one or two of the candidates the table right now couldn't jump into the top tier and become a top candidate so although we do need campaign finance reform we have a level of the playing field and the citizens united is in a good thing for the democracy and we don't want the entire government for sale so that is why i'm thinking of that. to answer the other question on my first day in the white house i would cut student loan interest rates across the board. with our national debt you can't give everybody interest rates you can help people anyway you possibly can in a way that makes sense.
3:40 pm
>> what would be your answer about what will propel you to the top tier? >> every chess player in the united states that owes money then synonymous with the game of chess. and at the world championship level supporting everybody in the world plays these bills by name and even though she is a great candidate if i could get into a debate that's not going to happen i don't think. >> we've spent a year prior to
3:41 pm
this trying to get something on television called where to run. i started the claim that it's now an international phenomenon so we went sort of as the next big born to run and you will see we got that close to selling it and you would have had two people in the primary basically on the apprentice or the american idol and politics in the new hampshire primary there was one democrat and one republican that would have been brought by the television audience to the forefront and the reason i offered that up into support is candidly when you look at the logjams deficit and the system and make it so hard to get and it might even press those on the ballot something like that is going to happen. it's going to be disruptive and has nothing to do with the system and it will change for good.
3:42 pm
that wasn't done. >> one of the things i learned in the last couple of months is how expensive it is to get on the ballot in 50 states. new hampshire churches of thousand dollars which is very reasonable. everyone else is more expensive. you have signature requirements to run on the ballot in all the states which most of us don't have. >> one more thing that is a problem for all of us is that we do not get the media exposure. there's the communications act of 1934 which requires all of the broadcast media to provide equal access to all the candidates with some specific exceptions but with all due respect if you categorize the
3:43 pm
number of minutes that hillary clinton appears in you characterize the number of minutes all of us appear together, she would vastly outweigh survey that was enforced and the particular broadcast media was required to provide access to everyone on the ballot it's not equal for everyone but reasonable access, that would go a long way towards broadening the process not only in new hampshire but every state in the union. >> with what you say to the question of how you would get into the top-tier? >> media access would be the answer if we had the opportunity to speak on national tv on the record broadcast if it was just for two minutes we would get a
3:44 pm
better opportunity for people to know who we are and once again new hampshire has an excellent way of doing this and the fee is reasonable so that means for like $50,000 for all 50 states but some states are incredibly beyond that. so it becomes very difficult to have any kind of an effective campaign over the entire nation. >> nobody here has gone about up more than four or five different states. if you really want to shake things up every single one of us has said we support rocky and i don't even know him but i do know he is a multimillionaire and has property in many different states. he can afford to run a campaign. and i think that we are going to shake things up and he is on the
3:45 pm
ballot in ohio and martin o'malley isn't. i think that's what it will take as an outsider. he shook things up and maybe that's what it takes is for all of us to say let's take one of us that is on the ballot would support him and he will take all of our ideas and we will work as a team and be the lesser known candidates for president. >> we have another question. >> thank you. we are talking about access right now and i can't help but notice there is then on stage tonight so what will you do to ensure that all americans are included in the political process? >> [inaudible] the important thing is that we try to be as open as possible. right down it's because of money
3:46 pm
-- i think that we have to look and see people to join. how about all of the kids and getting them involved. how about all of the state delegates that the kind of america we need to make that includes everybody. >> i thought you had your hand up if you have a question as well.
3:47 pm
let's look at the issue today the supreme court said it would take up the constitutionality of president obama is deferred action program for the parents of immigrants that would go beyond the so-called dreamers. if they strike down the program what would you do as president to help address the status and on the issue more broadly -- >> i'm very much in favor since the formation of the country. [inaudible] to discriminate against muslims and probably the saddest chapter of this is going on. what we try to do is list the
3:48 pm
support of congress and pass legislation that will reform the immigration system and make it such that as the country opens its doors but it's made us strong and that immigrants are model citizens and the rhetoric that we have heard from mr. trump --. historically it all comes back down and i think that any one group is better than another -- you are from san diego area near the border how do you address this issue? >> me to understand the bigger issue is 1,954.
3:49 pm
3,444. if you take a look at that issue it is twice as big. what happens to the pacific coast and florida, what happens to the planet coast are we going to put up a wall 100% are we going to create a chinese wall over again it didn't work in china. the berlin wall didn't work in berlin so let's take a look at a logical thing that will work. they will have a problem. how weak is the chinese wall? as weak as its link. they won't be able to put it in the river and if you did it becomes a damn. so you are just coming by boat to the river. thank you. >> what would you do on this issue of illegal immigration? >> one thing that really strikes
3:50 pm
me is the immigration of people who don't embrace our values i don't understand why any person would want to immigrate into the united states if they didn't love our values and share our value and so i would not allow any foreigner to immigrate to the united states unless it were clear they embrace our value specifically human rights and equal rights and nondiscrimination of the basis of religion and i think that is it's important that we should really make this a public matter that it's not acceptable for anybody to immigrate to the united states unless they embrace our values. >> another question unless you want to answer this one.
3:51 pm
>> i do. i think the problem is the relationship between the productive labor and the goal that is accomplished but what we are neglecting is the influence of productivity. between the 1930s and today the labor productivity has increased four times. this has had a strange effect on the economy because the agricultural produce in the mainstream manufacturing can be handled much more easily than before. what we have had his creative ways to utilize the capacity that haven't been helpful in the healthcare industry or criminal justice or so forth. we can engage in a lot of
3:52 pm
enterprises now that are not necessary. we have to somehow get productivity and production back into the state. >> i'm the only person on my street that was actually born not including puerto rico. i live with immigrants all the time. most of the people in my building a guy down the street you know what happened to him the police thought he was a burglar or something like that so he was shot 17 times. he was five blocks down the street from me and unfortunately -- we just play cannot open our doors to everybody to come here and we have to get some control over the border even though the people in my neighborhood predominantly did come here illegally i think that
3:53 pm
nevertheless they are here in the good citizens that we just can't open the borders to all. >> let's do another quick show of hands if president obama could run for a third term as president would you support him raise your hand if you would support president obama for a third term. some of those that haven't raised their hand, why not? >> i just think two terms is good. >> as we said before we are looking at a president who has essentially continued the record. we have had gross out 2%. we have black people and white people at each other's throats as mentioned earlier. this is a failed presidency. we need to have somebody new and somebody that will take us in
3:54 pm
different directions. the affordable care act is just coming into the huge disaster. it will be bankrupt at the end of the year and you know what is greater happened this year? all of the people who did not sign up for obamacare as they were required to pay they will be fined $1,000 each. you know how those are going to be collected? people will get their tax refunds and rely on those refunds to pay their bills and those refunds are going to be confiscated by the irs. >> we will be moving on to closing statements. but we will take one last question. spec lets say that you made it to the main states and won the new hampshire primary, you are now a national candidate and you are on the main stage with bernie on your left and hillary
3:55 pm
on your right. we have candidates ask each other questions and have to try to differentiate themselves. what? you ask question would you ask hillary and what would you ask bernie? >> i'm in favor of every elected official in the united states leaving public office now. i think we have to start the whole government over again. i proposed a constitutional convention in virginia 100 citizens two from each state to start the whole government over again. it does not work. i don't even want to acknowledge the existence of the current problem. i think they need to get out. all of them. >> i would like to make a
3:56 pm
comment on that. when you play chess you have to become a champion so we need to look forward even though he might be in new hampshire you have to qualify to each individual state. the rules are prohibited. every seat is for a complex. it's very difficult to qualify the states so the question is the chances of anybody making it through this pack mathematically it is impossible because you have to be in the balance and people have to have the right to vote for you. i have done the basic thing at least let's give the people the option to strike my name or say my name or have an alternative.
3:57 pm
>> this is very important. i would ask bernie sanders and i've asked supporters to the socialists why can't you be content with socialism in your own enclave? 100,000 for example who want to do retirement of their way, labor relations, their way. as a libertarian i have no problems with that people can find every one of their systems. it's when they try to foist it on everybody else it's off the rails and it will never pass. a liberty minded person, i am one and rand paul is on the other side. we would allow it. i would let them try it and let's see if their enclave is indeed happier, more prosperous
3:58 pm
and more liberty minded religious person on clay's out there. let liberty of all the socialists, don't waste it on others to try it and see. >> we will get into the closing statements. the most candidate on either side on either party. we have this guy called bernie sanders is quite a unique figure who in the past could never get within striking distance of the white house and i believe anybody that wants change he is the candidate that can operate outside of the paradigm and introduce innovative ideas and
3:59 pm
operate in the deep compassion i believe he has in this country needs both to heal as well as to find a new, bigger destiny of the country. so because of this role in the campaign and the unique status, anybody that supported me and any person that i have managed to convince to be interested in me i would like to throw my support behind bernie sanders in this campaign. ..
4:00 pm
we would make a massive transfer of wealth. we cut taxes for 70 percent to 30, gutted treasury, gutted our ability to educate, feed command give healthcare to all of our people. and until we decide to get together, registered to vote , and go out and vote for people who will believe in them as people and not serve the wealthy you do not need the help that we will be in a world of hurt. we need to elect people who will fight for the people and not just for the wealthy. >> thank you. >> i am former cha


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