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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  January 25, 2016 11:07pm-12:01am EST

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these events unfold as they happen whether a campaign rally or a house party or town hall meeting, a policy speech, and nobody else would give you the unfiltered book as the candidate's work the crowd and make the best sales pitch so we will crisscross iowa after the caucuses -- leading up to the caucuses. and pinky tonight on caucus night itself. to 82 republican and democratic congress. and how would happens watch c-span. host: we will talk about the
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work of congress in session with mike lowlands. >> talk of the work of con congress a senior reporter good morning. to the congress work battle this week? make the house did this and is said we are out. last week they said nothing on monday there waiting to see how the storm developed now will cancel though it's all because. not much of a change they wouldn'tpe vote anyway. they were going to go anywhere. but the democrats will go on their annual issues retreats to baltimore and the republicans did this two weeks ago. so they try to get everybody of to capitol hill but it is
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an easier time for them to sit down to talk about strategy and what they will do policy lies. so that is though let's get out of town and figure out a strategy. >> is part of the democratic agenda are there other issues. >> and though they can bring any bills to the floor. and president obama has the veto pen. giv with their g.o.p. infighting gives leverage.ills there is a policy element to that.t. thi
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the 90 percent is messaging. and then to pick up seats in the house. but they don't think they will take back the house can those lines and not drawn in their favor. sova to enormous things on their plate. thi >> is that overturned? >> looking at six that is interesting dynamic as well. with the republican issues conference and there is a bit of a divide with strategy republicans control the house and the senate.
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very energized to say this is what we will do this is the policy agenda. we just '01 to repeal obamacare it is a replacement on tax reforme and trade and health care reform replacement.mitcg to mitch mcconnell doesn't want a lot of them going off ahead of the elections and he is happy to repeal obamacare. ed to come up with a lot of money with medicare and medicaid. we don't want to take those votes ahead in november.
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you can see this as the year evolves with the strategy to. >> host: if you have questions we will have democrats and republicans and independents.sion is there the eternal struggle? or is a a lopsided one where the other? >> we ask the question if he is unelectable with a socialist democrats too far left and out of the mainstream, he believes pretty much everything nancy pelosi and harry reid have that same agenda if he is unelectable then what is yours?but
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but the campaign to have that policycytr differences butw he gaveou sanders a truthhe serum he would be surprised he has done so well. he got into the election to d pull hillary clinton to left. that means he has already won. for what he set out to accomplish the success even surprises him. and to fight the things he has been fighting for. but in terms of sponsor and endorsing people to house democrats have endorsed bernie sanders he is a
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founding member of the progressive caucus no surprise there. to have 130 your 140 people it isn't even a context -- contest based on electability nobody wants to get on hillary clinton's bad side. especially so because she isna ami front-runner but with those dynamics in the yeardisa -- in the air there on the same page with hardly any disagreements. >> for republicans and independents. our guest is a senior reporter covering up a wide variety ofagin products on the
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republican side been dealing withk at obamacare what is the vote this time around andthis why? >> the significance was a pass the senate with a procedural move in this the first time since 2010 to have the veto repeal obamacare.a ca that came back to the house this week to override theov veto but that would not happen with 240 votes but they needed 290. in the election-year it is another messaging bill that they celebrate the photo op. behalf even though they knew
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not pass their taking small victories to blow that up in the headlines.lar >> host: as far as paul ryan isis concerned is this a regular occurrence?y >> yes you can see that all year long there is not a lot they have to do because of o last fall john peter -- john boehner did a pretty good job. did not have to deal with a highway bill. oh they have to do is. appropriations bills set means at the end offore september 1 month before the tou elections you don't have to t
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take a toughak vote was on the spending bill. but at the same time and a big committee guy that we will do this from thes so bottom-up. that is why he said i will do this differently. he is headed to the ways and means committee. wil he will want to do everything through the appropriations committee.hat the republicans come out with their budgets every year to include the sequester level budget cuts. and pylon they have caps so how do we find the government? the answer is they don't. they bust through the ceiling liberal democratsnd c
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that you have far on the both sides for this middle with the huge spending bill with short-term with theng resolution that could pass in september then they will at pass a bigger omnibusnyth spending bill but they have nothing else to do besidesrst that. >> the first call comes fromca evelyn in kingston ohio. >> i would like to say a couple of things. but now congress does not want any checks or anything. if we keep that up we will say hi ho trump. just w
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also with john kasich het be cuts the south into pieces and talks about being a n he is a lawyer when he says the state is debt-free. check-in now to look up the record. so the republican party and that name is trompe. >> guest: your initial point to work with president bush with nancy pelosi and harry reid would agree 100 percent. they do this to charge those republicans as the obstructionist.
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they stated chief goal was not to fund government but to make obama the one-term president. and they go back to point to pel the of wall street bailout. they needed the votes they gave it to the republican president. that is the dynamic they like 2.0. with the white house was controlled by the other this president is just not willing to work with them. and when he comes into the room he just wants to tell them what to do in and have to pass his agenda.
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this isn't surprising. this is washington. so who you believe depends on your ideology. >> i have a question. personally i follow politics a little bit with the normal middle-of-the-road type ofs no thinking there is no rocketht science in regards to politics right now. it was mentioned earlier in mr. trump is coming to the
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forefront the fed is goi primarily because of the general electorate is angry what is going on and did not regards ed is a lot of rhetoric. >> in any event with us nomination.nate mr. trump and the see him getting the nomination because he is alienated so much of society it is impossible. the my question is if my predictions are right to
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have a mr. sanders presidency how far left will he go off the democratic agenda? to feel once again the ideologies is pretty much aligned with the democrats.. >> guest: good question at all think not at all. he wouldn't change his tune on that. to pass dodd/frank and try to strengthen that. raising the minimum wage at $15.s wo they want immigration reform and even talks again reform
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that is a top issue being from vermont. his record is a little checkered with but now it is right in he line with everybody else.ic pyo i don't think you will see a divided all. is the question is what could he possibly get done?sa republican controls congress you have the same dynamics now. obama is pretty liberal andboth is able to do some thingse but since then he has to do a lot of executive action. and then if you have a medicare fix that is ancs w anomaly in this congress. was so the dynamics are very much the same is bernie
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sanders became the president. o >> talking about major policy differences that come anything about her senatete career how she compares and contrasts with president obama? >> moreenor recently obama pushes the enormous trade deal that 40 percent will be affected she was secretary of state while parts were negotiated. and then hillary is against it. was and as secretary of state she has done some work on that.nd hesti and had not made his decision there is a question
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if there was a divide between the two of them. because these two are on the same t obama is not popular in these purple districts you'll have to make a concerted effort you can see them on foreign policy which youiden worked on a lot of these things to you can see her start doing that history should be more aggressive with a iran they are rhetorical but a policy the basis there is not a lot to them. >> you said this is not surprising with the election year even among democrats. issue tos anue
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divide paul ryan and mitch mcconnell becausecans republicans to not need to be portrayed in general that these districts that aretoug controlled by republicans right now so paul ryan has not committed to this that the house republicans want to bring this up for a vote but mcconnell doesn't want to write the ticket until after the election so it isut i wait-and-see but also very regional. because it concerns so many jobs and manufacturing is environmental.agin so breaks down by region. >> host: new york on the republican line go-ahead.te
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>>st caller: i have a couple of questions. i know senator cruz latest data is on eminent domain and i was disappointed because it is a complete fabrication that trump bulldozed a woman's house for a parking lot but in reality he tried to get the house he never did and nothing was bulldozed. glenn beck -- they were lying about trump's voting for obama which was a complete fabrication. i note ted cruz seems to be hated by his fellowands ar republicans but is there a growing recognition what they are liars? one when he was interviewed about his views on deportingde
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illegal immigrants he wouldn't answer laky was still in the debate even talking one-on-one he canhere talk like a normal human being.ate is any other background to read knowledge cruz has thel propensity tof? lie and supporters will lie on his behalf? >> it is a good question the use to call it lies now they call this bin everybody spins soan k wildly and out of control it seems you cannot keep up. they are running for office they'll have taken tough votes in the past but it
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separates people in a very tough spot illinois not win them anyit favor so it is noting surprising to spin iv one way or the other.e it is called waffling. so it isn't a favorableth positioney is they should own up to them he said we haverdin had the paris attacks in california and i change my mind.ll so that is a refreshing
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cancer and then to expectnd much does the debate goes on. poi that is why it exists within the consistency's that you checkers to check auntour alist and an it is the messy process.. >> host: your colleagues up the hill talks about republican senators that talks about the polarizing nature how did they take a look at cruz in what that might mean? >> with all these procedures and rules in positions for
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his entire history coming inel as the back bench senator he was 40 years old when elected. so usually sitting on the back bench and then to sponsor someme bills to maker and name for yourself but a cruz was an all-star from the beginning because he was such an upstart in the underdog in the texas race. then he was a national figure at the table shows and chased by reporters and doesn't look back.led and talk about liars he calledd mitch mcconnell a liar he said he would do one thing then switch chip.ce
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and not among the democratic colleagues and is there heda is a fire breeder. a with a conservative agenda and will stick with it. that is well beyond thesley senate. >> host: that wasn't ans? endorsement but grassley introduces donald trump. what is your take? even if not what is the significance?atin >> that is a fascinating character he has been around so long with politics in iowa. in he knows his role. if he is the front runner he will introduce donald trump i wouldn't put too much emphasis on that.
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as they come through the state. what does it mean? b not much. and in certain cases that they don't agree with that policy. but if he is the nominee we will support him. that is the basis. there in that camp if they are the front runner then i will endorse them but that is all that was.em >> host:oc west virginia democrat allies. >> caller: hello. with thank you for taking my call is as important
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election everybody should get out and vote this time for the country instead of bickering back and forth do your job one. >> host: thank you. independent line. >> caller: half of the mayors are living in a fantasy world. and to mention the dpp. especially the black people
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with the state department to put it in the commerce department and all the speaking engagements with the secretary of state would go in lobby many to say were flat broke. but the democrats andting republicans in health care and obamacare by dealing with our borders it is not a country at all. >> host: on the topic of obamacare.
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will we see a specific plan of action with their idea?? >> looks like paul ryan wants too do that.year that is another divisive issue between ryan and that is the criticism of the republican agenda. repeal bill after repeal after repeal. panera 17 people million insured he were not a earlier but they will take awaybox, insurance for 17 million to make sure that the ballot box. utility when alienate -- those people we don't know what that will look like butli
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it will have to be replaced. and might make eligibilitytoug for medicaid little tougher t if they want too do things with lawsuits to protectth they haveve tried tort reform for a long time. but we don't know what the cost will look like.ll that is interesting to see the bill that they put up there. >> host: we have seen the republican study committee with the replacementth aspect not in a big comprehensive package.ubli some of it is republican study committee which is an
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informal group with the entire conference. so yes the committees areth working on different pieces. they know it will not pass with obama in the white house. mes their messaging bills but they do indicate they have policy ideas. en to say basically this is the dress rehearsal foro pa 2017. he will not pass anything we want so we will do over over again to show people what would happen if you give us a republican in the warehouse anything get these
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things done. t >> houriru doing?nts >> i am for trump. he says he wants to do. help people get jobs. people coming into this country.illeed period never said he would keep them. ted is a big deal.
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i trust the man. then we go from there but he does the right thing and i think it will work better that it is a lease perennial but is there an exception you can extend that if he would like.omet >> the california and paris terrorist attack put congress on the spot to do something quickly. they did with the omnibus bill last september coming together in a bipartisan group and they did make it tougher to get of the set if you had travel to syria and iraq andnd sudan they did
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something legislatively and us. it is lot they can go back to say we're on your side of protecting it would not have affected san barnardino with the visa issue. the for the most part paul ryan image mcconnell said that is of figleaf because they cannot bring that up in their conference. and it hasn't changed. it will tear the party aparthey it is just a tough issue so they can use obama as an excuse and they will control both chambersrs of congress we
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will see to it is that the supreme court just made a huge announcement and said they will review the challenge to the executive action a deportation this is i what he announced after the elections and guilt -- and don't have to worry about being deported. whether or not thoseose programs will take off. with the part of the term we will see what the justices do. and with that immigration debate on the campaign trail.
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>> host: democrats lined. >> caller: i have a question. why are all the democratic congressman and senatorsls except the three mentioned support hillary but the mosttch recent polls when i watchthey the news and read, say bernie sanders in the national polls are more electable and has a higher polling number against hillary. to beat the republican front runner donald trump cruz
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horrifies me. i agree with the much earlier caller who compared into the early day hitler. with his speeches. >> host: what would you li like our guest to address? >> caller: why does the democratic senators congressman, are so enthused hillary verses bernie when it bet shows he can actually do a better job of defeating donald trump. >> that is a great question.
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is the electability question is still the sense if you look to the policy issuestion not a lot of daylight to is because the image can be electability. and also policy wise to win the general election.down to take the senate seats to the democratic side. the if hillary is the front runner by double digits and most of them bernie sandersll t is doing very well.ant
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said there is a sense nobody says it out loud nobodycl wants to cross the clinton machine.y c they are powerful with respect for bill and hillary. they like her as the first lady and secretary of state and as a senate colleague and also bernie sanders who was in the house and senator and works well on all sidese of the aisle.hick o they like his policy agenda but he is not electableike nobody wants to stick out their neck and late 2008 when senator kennedy who isr stickingna up their neck for barack obama even though hillary clinton was seen as the front runner and then you know, what happened there. >> host: from washington state independent line.
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>> caller: good morning. to comment on the congressional agenda it appears to get hillary elected in 2016 but the republican agenda seems to be the same since 2008 torogr prevent the black men in theur whitee. house from getting this country down the road and progressing into the future. as far as this election 2016, if you watch the sunday news and scored bernie sanders is ready for the super bowl by the unseeded team of republicans but it appears he isn seasoned and the first question asked by theit,
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commentator is the iraq war. bernie is against iraq for we will have a debate on the next subject. >> guest: hillary will have to explain it. h with the part that they doe disagree. and then to walk at back of little bit.many for policy in general be beat seen so many years now. it is dogging her little bit and that is because foreign policy research to talk about that in their eyes glaze over. it is the domestic issues that resonate on the
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campaign trail.war something big happens over a short period of time. >> no another washington state caller. >> caller: why is hillary clinton getting by with so much legally? this seems to be drawing out inin parallel with the election. personally i am voting for donald trump becausehe obviously he doesn't care what everybody says he is and ready to step up and get the job done. with viper celaeno want a socialist nation. if one of your previous callers wouldrue ever thinkacy toolkit history with a true
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democracy is built on capitalism. and the countries are in the tank ago understand why hillaryry gets by when they were right at the top to begin with. >> i am not sure what the issue you are talking about if it is benghazi or the emails scandal is those entitlements. she is a first lady working her way up nobody questions her with the political savvy there is the charges oflot entitlement that has alienated female voters and she is struggling to make the men on the campaign trail how successful she is
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the legal case with the investigations the republicans and one is still ongoing. it is the process that takesutco time something could make and break we just don't know the outcome.aker and we have to be patient tell thatat h plays out. >> host: what about paulul rising? paul ryan enters with a unified caucus. let's start of a unified caucus for:our people gathering around in a unified manner?
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in a sense it is a cult of personality question they didn't like johnhn boehner the way he handled things the chamber of commerce lackey who was there to rubberstamp and criticize the top-down approach we will not do that from the committee with the voice of theirhe i constituents. paul rice and is a committee guy to do a bottom-up he has proved to be very politicallyha savvy in the way he handles the critics. in the but the dynamics have not changed it is the total disagreement but that
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dynamic is nota in going away. as long as you have that filibuster paul ryan is in a tough a spot and is asked to make difficult decisions about what bills to bring to thee wi floor and what he will new spending bill going through the appropriationsgoin process will be something that obama will stop. or the federal government will shut down. they just don't want that to g it was a debacle politically.. that paul ryan will have toan face these same guys because they have not left and the
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dynamics have not changed. we don't know how that debate will end i'm not saying they will kick canpu mount but there will be sharp disagreement
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>> host: we have a reporter from political up -- "politico". what are the chances? >> guest: low. yesterday i spoke with one of blumberg's advisers put at between 30 and 50%. that is based on his neuter he talks to but the idea is he looks at the race, he sees donald trump as a front runner no one thought that would be the case. he says anything is possible and looks at hillary clinton as someone who could beat strong and not necessarily a strong candidates and some democrats would hope bernie sanders takes i was in new hampshire.
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one his father got it before and he would like to be president but this field is very strange in the rules don't seem to apply to donald trump to thinks they won't apply to me either. >> marty is the deadline if you were to enter the race the issue have been reporting it is very hard to run as an independent with 50 different rules and all the states. >> is a lot of work on the ballot to collect signatures it is a huge deal. i think he takes a look at it and i think most likely it is where the democratic
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field is from getting will she get the nomination? but it is the idea of the extreme on the left in the right to occupy the middle lane. secretary clinton has a good working relationship. . .
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happy to take credit for floating the trial balloon. they seem more hesitant about it being out they're this time. i am not sure what went on with that, but it is more last time they wanted out there, this time they seem to be not sure it is great for them that a got out at least now.


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