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tv   Chris Christie Town Hall Meeting in Hudson New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 8, 2016 10:18pm-12:22am EST

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outlines the president's 2017 budget request tuesday. we have it live at 1:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. >> c-span's campaign 2016 is taking you on the road to the white house. >> let's go win the nomination. thank you all. >> thank you, and god bless you. >> in iowa, c-span brought you candidate speeches. >> thank you all very much. >> thank you, folks. >> meet and greets, town halls and live caucus coverage. this week, c-span is on the ground in new hampshire, following the candidates, leading up to the first in the nation primary. live election coverage starts tuesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, c-span radio, and >> republican presidential candidate chris christie was in hudson, new hampshire, monday, for a town hall, joined by maryland governor larry hogan at the two-hour event.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] good morning and welcome. last day of excitement -- one more day of excitement for new hampshire for a while, and it's an exciting day. we have governor christie here with us. [applause] >> probably the best part of this package is his wife, maribeth.
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[applause] >> what this country needs is a boss. i don't know if we need my boss and -- i had to do it. you're the cake boss. come on. that's it for this show. i would like to introduce sergeant major paul, who is going to lead us in the pledge of allegiance. >> thank you. we'll begin this morning's meeting like we should begin all public meetings in the united states by pledging allegiance to the flag. please join me. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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thank you. my pleasure now to introduce the new hampshire speaker of the house of representatives, sean jasper. [applause] >> good morning, governor, and welcome to my home town. hudson. a pleasure to have you here and a pleasure to have all of you here. you know, no state does retail politics like new hampshire. and i've met with many of the candidates going back to the summer, and governor christie has been in my office up at the state house a couple of times, as have others, and i really didn't make up my mind until last week because, like so many people in new hampshire, i needed to meet the candidates three times, too. and so it really came down to getting to know the candidates,
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and getting to know who i thought would be the best person, who had the best ideas to lead this nation, and after a lot of soul searching and knowing that we have some very good candidates running for president on the republican side, some very good candidates, came down to my belief that there was no question in my mind that governor christie is the best man to lead america. [applause] >> it is now my pleasure to introduce the cake boss. [applause] >> hello, new hampshire! >> hello! >> thank you. it's an honor and privilege to be here today with the governor, who is not only my governor but a friend, and a really, really
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honest and true person, and i'm not a political guy. don't really get into the political arena, but it's about what governor christie's done for new jersey. i mean, hurricane sandy was one of the most traumatic things that ever happened, and the governor did such an amazing job for helping in sandy relief and helping in just keeping us together as one, and you know what? he did the right thing. we were in a -- new jersey is mostly democratic, for those who don't know. just in case you don't know. but governor christie knows how to work with both sides to get things done weapon can't draw a line in the sand about being republicans or democrats. we're americans, and when you have situations like 9/11,
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situations like sandy, there's no party lines. you need somebody who is going to cut through the bullcrap, right? and who is going bring people together to make compromises. and that's what we need right now. i believe in governor christie because he is a man of his word, he's done amazing things for new jersey, and i honestly believe he would make an awesome president. where we could be proud as americans in a world that i -- i travel the world a lot. you don't know about cake bosses. cake bowses is viewed in 220 countries all over the world. it's dubbed in 45 languages and seen by one and a half billion people worldwide. i've been from abu dhabi to australia to brazil to slovakia.
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i've been all over the world, and i just -- we need to make america what -- when something is american-made, the pride we have as americans, we're losing that luster in the world. about being the world leaders. and we need somebody who is going to take us there. and it's by believing in ourselves, bringing the parties together to actually get things done, and nobody is going to do a better job here than my friend, my governor, the best guy for the job, governor christie. [applause] >> i want to introduce the great grandfather of maryland, governor hogan to come up here and say a few words. >> thank you. >> how about the cake boss. [applause]
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>> you can tell i like to eat cake. i'm a big fan of the cake boss, even more after hearing him talk this morning. thank you for being here. i want to thank each and every one of you for being here this morning. you have an awesome responsibility. i know that the people of new hampshire take their votes seriously. mo soreso than anybody necessary the country itch think you have the ability to help decide who we're going to nominate as our nominee for this race in november, and i want you to think about two things. i don't want you to think about who the media wants to tell you who will be the next candidate or the next president. i want you to decide. right? we kept hearing that it is down to three people, hear stuff about polls. let me tell you something. i'm a guy who a couple days before the election in maryland, the bluest state in the country, they said i was going to lose by 18-points oomph inactually the governor of maryland, believe it or not. [applause] >> so, the only poll that counts
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is the one they're going to count tomorrow night, and i happen to believe that the people in this room and the people across the state are smart enough, you don't want to have he media tell you who to vote for, some pollster tell you you to vote for you. want to look somebody in the eye. you want them to come here and meet you face-to-face and answer your question. this guy hassen in in this state for more than 70 days. done more than 100 events, he's answered every single question. there's a lot of things i love about governor christie itch the thing i like most, he tells it like it is; he answers questions. some of these guys are nice guys. i'm not sure where they stand on the issues. they say this, say that it. typical political speak. this guy tells it like it is, whether you agree or disagree you know where he stands. he is honest, direct, and the kind of person we need in the white house. two things i want you to think about. next fall, who do you want on
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that stage debating hillary clinton? anybody here want to see hillary clinton as president? who do you think is the one we ought to put on the stage. anybody see the debate the night? how about our guy, huh? [applause] >> wait until you see what he's going to do this fall, going against hillary clinton. second question is, think about it. who you really want sitting in the oval office. i can tell you as a governor in a deep blue state, like governor christie, it's a tough job. every day he makes tough decisions. a little different than bag freshman senator, with all due respect. he has made the tough decisions and is tested and ready, and prepared to be president. he's got the leadership skills we need. i want you all to join me in a big new hampshire welcome for the next president of the united states, governor chris christie. [applause]
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>> all right. thank you. good morning. thank you all. to jack gilchrist and all the folks here, thank you for hosting us this morning. appreciate it very much. to sergeant major, thank you as always for your presence and for reminding us not only by your conduct but by your words how important it is every day for us to feel really proud that we're americans and that the flag represents what our country is all about. thank you, paul, being here this morning. i want to thank the speaker. everybody -- i'm telling you, every candidate in this race wanted the speaker's endorsement. they all came to concord, all came could meet with him. i did, too. and one thing i admired the most about him was, he said to me early on, i want to give every candidate a fair shake to speak to my caucus and a fair shake to persuade what members of my caucus they can persuade to
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their cause, so i don't want to get involved in this until everyone has had a chance to speak to my people. that's leadership. that's bringing people together. give everybody an opportunity to compete for the support of not just him, but of every run in the republican house caucus. and i respected that attitude and that approach by sean and then once all that happened, he is also not someone who will sit on the sidelines. he is going to let people know who he is going to pull the lever for. a man i'm proud he is going pull the lever for me. you do a great job as speaker and i'm proud to have you on my team, sean. thank you very much. [applause] >> the cake's is in new hampshire. -- the cake boss is in new hampshire. buddy and his whole family have been wonderful friends to me and to mary pat, we first met at my inauguration in 20, when buddy made the cake for my
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inauguration, and mary pat and i have been on the cake boss show. many years ago. almost six years ago. he came to our gnawing all at the prudential center in new york, new jersey, and presented the most amazing cake i've ever seen and here's the thing about his cakes. they look amazing. everybody knows that. they taste even better. they're really good. sometimes you see these kind of crazy looking case and then you taste them and you're like, they're awful. buddy's cakes are amazing and not only that but he is the kind of story i want to highlight in america as president. a guy who took a bakery in hoboken, started by his dad, and has turned it into a worldwide enterprise through the greatness of his ideas, and the depth of his work ethic. nobody i know in their own business works harder than
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buddy, and this is not some miracle that he is all around the world and has bakeries everywhere, around not only our country but around the world. it's because he had great idea and he was willing to work hard. that's what america is supposed to be about. that anybody from anywhere no matter your background, no matter your experience, if you have great ideas and are willing to work hard, that america can make you get the opportunity to have great success. so he is not only up here because he is my friend and i'm his, and i'm thrilled to have his support and he doesn't get into politics much, and so i'm -- runs and democrats watch the cake boss and got to continue to, and independents. he wants everybody. even wants socialists to watch the cake boss. i'm sure bernie watches the cake boss, too, and we want them all to continue to watch the show and buy the food, but i want to have him here today for new hampshire to see an example of
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what kind of americans i want to see rewarded. the ones who work hard. the ones who play by the rules. the ones who have a dream and are willing to fight to make it come true and that this is still the greatest country in the world for that to happen. so i'm thrilled he is up here and i cannot thank him enough. he and lisa and the whole family for being our friends. thank you for being here, buddy. [applause] >> and lastly my buddy, governor larry hogan. he was right. everybody wastleing me and telling him he was going to lose in maryland. merchandise had elected one republican governor in the last 50 years and there was no chance a guy like larry hogan or any republican would get elected in maryland there war a few people, number of whom are here with us today from maryland, me, and larry, who didn't believe that was true. i still believe that any candidate who gets out there and fights hard, has a great message, great experience, and a
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vision, for his state, can be elected. no matter whether you're republican or democrat. he is living proof of it, as is charlie baker in massachusetts, and bruise rammer in. i, places that republicans aren't supposed to did but we dade because we had better candidates and better ideas and worked harder. nobody looks harder to be elected than governor larry hogan help was up here before with me. there's nobody's working harder for me to become president of the united states, other than mary pat and that's governor larry hogan on maryland. i'm thrilled to have him here. thank you, governor. so, 34 hours. not that i'm counting. 34 hours until the polls close here, and what we know is that no one knows what is going to happen in this race. nobody. it is completely up in the air and all of you, the voters in new hampshire, are going to decide it, and there's lots of
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history near new hampshire about all of you fooling everybody. in terms of who you decide to pick. i think you're the greatest shoppers in america. there's still people shopping. it's 34 hours to go. i -- itch you do this in every other party, i can imagine what the stores look like on christmas eve in new hampshire. people jammed in the stores, saying, okay, it's finally time to decide what to buy our loved ones because i had to think about it's long time. but i admire that, and i'm glad you waited until after saturday night to decide. so many of you. because here's why the debate was so important. got to be ready to be profit the united states. president of the united states is not about having on a nice suit and a good smile and reading the tell prompter well. being president of the united states ills not about that. we have had that for the last seven years. barack obama wears a nice suit, big smile, and he reads the teleprompter well. but he never managed a thing in
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his life. jack gilchrist wouldn't hire him here to manage a shift, let alone to be president of the united states. the fact is that you need to have some experience in doing this. because it's nothing like the united states senate. the united states senate, they tell you when to show up and where to set and what to do and give you the list of questions before expand you vote yes or not. that's not being governor or being president. the crisis come in when you least expect it. no one of calls you at 4:00 in the morning to tell you, your bill you thought would be posted in the subcommittee today won't be posted until next week. that's not the kind of emergency that makes people call you at 4:00 in the morning. ment but man when a police officer is shot and killed the governor getgets called at 4:00 in the morning. when an ice storm is coming in and people won't be able to drive safely around the state, the governor gets called. when a budget needs to be balanced, it's the governor who has to sit there and make sure it gets done because we have a
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constitutional amendment to make sure budgets need be balanced, which they should have in washington, dc, by the way. [applause] >> the second worst natural disaster in american history hits your state. the governor the people look to, to rebuild the state. and that's what i did in new jersey nor last three and a half years. is to rebuild from a storm that destroyed 365,000 homes in 24 hours. and so people's lives, businesses, were ruined. and when you're sitting there as governor, no one gives you an instruction manual how 0 do that, except dive, in roll up your sleeves and do and it lead elm weapon don't not what crisis will constant from the next president of the united states but there will be a number of them. a number of challenges and a number of crises and you need to ask yourself between now and tomorrow night, who is the person who is most mature, most
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tested, best prepared, to confront the crises when they come? and i think you saw it saturday night that when the lights get really bright -- and they were really bright saturday night -- 13.5 million people watching on television, big crowd in that assembly room, and the media of the united states all watching, when the lights get that bright, you either shine or melt. we cannot afford to have a president who melts. at the key moments we can't afford to have a president who can't stand up and not going to be counted. we need one who will stand up and be counted because he was been tested before. i've been tested. not only by a democratic legislature which i've had eave minute of every day of my governorship, and believe me, they don't wake up asking how they can make the governor happy today. i've been tested. by the most aggressive liberal
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media in america, the combination of the new york and philadelphia media, and it's no picnic, especially when you're a conservative republican, but you stand up to the test. whether from "the new york times" for the "philadelphia inquirer" 0 whether it's from the democratic legislature. you stand up and you take the heat. we have candidates in the race, when things get hot, they run. when it gets hot i run into the heat. i like the heat. i like the challenge. that why i was a republican and ran for governor of new jersey. if you don't like the heat you have no business being in new jersey. so we got a lot of work to do as a country, challenges, and opportunities. we got to get to work. and you're all going to start tomorrow night. so i'm looking forward to tomorrow night. i look forward to actual people actually voting rather than polls and pundits and all the talking. but here's the last bit of good
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news and then i can take you're questions the last minute good news of for new hampshire. after tomorrow night we're leaving you. right? that deserves a round of applause. we're leaving. i will be back in august because new hampshire is a swing state and i'll be bag in august as the nominee because one of my biggest and highest priorities is making sure that kelly ayotte gets re-elected to the united states senate. [applause] come tomorrow night, no more tv commissions commercial you have to skip through or go to the refrigerator when they go on and on and on. no more mail in your mail wine. sure we have disabled a number of letter carriers throughout new hampshire who have been carrying awful that mail on their backs. no more bothering you at your diners and at your restaurants. you can actually eat your dinner unintented by one of us coming in to shake your hand.
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all of that is over tomorrow night but we have a lot of work between now and then. one last person i haven't spoken about before i answer your questions. mary pat and i came here starting in april to get to know the people of new hampshire. i've now spent 71 days here in new hampshire. she is now in her 53rd day in new hampshire. she has been here more than any other candidate but me. she has worked incredibly hard here. when we came the first time we stayed at a hotel in manchester, and i'm -- we came downstairs in the morning to start our day, and mary pat went off to get a cup of coffee, and the manager of the hotel came over to me and said, governor issue just want to introduce myself. hope you'll be here a lot. thank you for picking our hotel, and i hope we get to see you. i said, absolutely. shook my hand and walked away. but then he came right back and he said, by the way issue want to tell you one other thing. i think you can tell a lot about
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a man by what he does more than what he says. okay? sure. he said, i watched you this morning. he said you could have walked right to your car and sat in your car but instead you stayed here and waited for your young aide to get her coffee and then you walked to the car with here. a true story. and i'm -- knowing how rumors get started in presidential campaigns, i said, the woman who i came down in the elevator with this morning from my hotel room was not my young aide. it's my wife. now, told you that whenever we do these town hall meetings can if she's with me, i'm going to tell the story. she likes it because she is referred to as the young aide. i don't know whether that's a -- i think they moe 0 a testimony on her than anything else. but we're a team on this and have worked extraordinarily hard together but she told me that if i told the young aide story she would do one thing for me a
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young aide would do and that is i take my jacket off like most of you do when you go to work and she said she would hold it for me. still have a deal? all right. [applause] >> all right. simple, races your handful i'll answer your questions. who has a question. yes, ma'am, right back there. >> i'm hoping to ask mr. trump as well. i'm a very old flight attendant, and united airlinessing are flight 175 was my trip, and i flew it 24 hours prior to september 11th, and they were my friends, good girls, sweet
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girls, very young, young girl and her boyfriend had just gotten engaged on the last trip. we all celebrated on the layover. and they were young. they were all young. and there was a lot of survivor guilt because i could have been their mother, and i wasn't afraid to fly. i was so angry. i was so angry and so sad. and that combination just did me in. i had a horrible time flying, and i had to quit. i had to quit. and i loved flying. i started in the '70s and it was fun then you could take cookies from the little lady that made them. or someone that picked their apples off their tree and brought them for the girls. and of course, everything changed. it did a 180.
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and i guess i just want to know that my family and people i love, everyone in this room, and across the country -- i just want to know we're going to be safe. how are you going to keep us safe? >> first off, it's an extraordinary thing to be that close to death and have it not come. so that feeling you have, i've heard from many folks because of where i'm from. there's lots of people, as you know in our state that dodged death that day. a lot we lost. we lost over 700 people in new jersey that day. more than nye state other than they state of new york. and i know and mary pat and i both were friends with lots of the widows and widowers and children who lost their families, and so this is not something that i read not a book. this is something i feel still every day. because of who i am, where i was
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on september 11th, and what my job is now, which is to lead those people. also, i was named u.s. attorney for new jersey on the day before 9/11. september 10, 2001, president bush named me u.s. attorney for new jersey, and the next day the entire job changed. so, how are you going to feel safe? here's how. i'm the only person on the stage who has fought terrorism. the only one. because you can imagine that if you're the u.s. attorney in new jersey, where one of those of flights took off from, that your job, your anybody one job when you became the chief federal prosecutor, was to make sure it never happened again. and president bush and attorney general ashcroft made it clear all of it is was no longer acceptable to catch these folks after it happens. too much death and too much destruction. we had to catch them before. we failed on september 11th to
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do that. those were in charge at that time failed to do it. they set a very clear course for us. over the next seven years i brought two of the largest terrorism cases after september 11th in new jersey. one ya on selling -- men from south jersey who were planning to attack fort dix. we caught them before they racketed. we arrested them, tried them and convicted them and they're all in jail. those are the fogs we need to do to keep our country safe at home. we need once again a commander in chief who understands how to do this. isn't reading about it in a book or just from briefings but has actually done it, has been on the ground and fought these fights. we can't hold back in ems of -- in terms of three sources. there's something you have to say, so go ahead and say it.
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>> i'll get to that. >> the first thing you node to do is raise your defense here at home. and so we need to increase our intelligence capability, increase our law enforcement capablity, and give them all the tools they need. this summer, senator paul, senator cruz and the president, took away tools from the national security agency to monitor and collect data to try to figure out who is trying to come in, how to stop them. it was the wrong thing to do. when i'm president we'll restore that capability because i trust the men and women in our intelligence community to act within the law. somebody breaks the law, we'll prosecutor them. but you don't throw the baby out with the bath water. i said from the beginning we cannot have syrian refugees come into the country when the fbi director says he cannot tell us he can vet them and ensure they're safe. that's the end of the discussion, then, because -- while i care about the syrian people and what they're going through, and i do and so do most
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americans. my first job as president of the united states of america and my job is to protect americans first. first. if we can do that -- [applause] -- if we can do that while helping other people around the world, i'm all for it but my first josh is to protect you, your family, and the families of everybody in this room and who you represent. we also need to go overseas without isis and go after isis. we need to do that. we can't just sit back here and play defense. we have to play offense, too. we need to get our european alis and arab allies with us. we cannot do this alone. it's bad for america and it's bad nor world if we do this by ourselves. isis needs to know that it's not just america that wants to destroy them but the rest of the civilized world that wants to destroy them. so we need to have that help north just militarily but also psychologically. here in our country we need to know that we're going to support
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our law enforcement officers. they are often the first line of defense. even against a terrorist attack. they see things, they suspect things, they have to act. if we don't show confidence in them, which this president has not done, he has made -- the fbi director said -- there's chill win blowing through law enforcement and law enforcement is afraid to get out of their cars because they're afraid they won't be supported by the politicians in the country. i did law enforcement for seven years, i world -- worked with police officers and agents across the country and what i learned is after one of the toughest jobs in america, and if there's a bad cop, we prosecute the bad cop. nobody who you wear a badge or not i allowed to violent the but 99.9% of our police officers every day, member and women, are doing selfless things and need to be supported. they need to be supported by our political leaders, and i will do that as president.
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but in the end what you need to know is this is personal. it's personal to me. the reason i'm the best prepared one to sit in that chair is because i've experienced and it i've lived it. i watched my wife go into new york city on september 11th. and when you have that experience, and you're lucky enough to have her come home alive, and my younger brother also, then you don't ever take that for granted. you need to fight every day and understand every morning when you wake up as president, your number one job is to protect the safety and security of the american people. and so i want to thank you for continuing to remind people in a very personal way about how important this is. [inaudible question] >> she said for those who couldn't hear, should afraid the country has forgotten.
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when i talk about this i normally mention these two folks and i wasn't go to but i will since you brought it up. mary pat and i had very in friend in our parish at our home who worked in new york. mary pat would often commute with him. he worked on the 44th floor of the world trade center tower number 2 and he was killed that day in the world trade center tower. the gym in our parish is nailed after him. we know his wife and family. our oldest son's best friend, his father worked for canter fitzgerald in the first town dispore no one who there is there that day got out alive, and for the last 14 years i have watched this young man come to our home and grow up, from eight years old now to 22, without a dad. with his mom raising him and his siblings on her own, without a partner in life anymore, and every day -- every birthday for
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his father, he posts a picture on his facebook page of his dad. a great picture, his indiana a tuxedo at a wedding looking like he is having a great time. a big smile on his face, and just puts one line under the pick tire, dad, we'll never forget you. what i fear is what you fear. this country is forgetting those folks, forgetting frank, who our gym is named after. forgetting this young man's father, who hey has gone 14 years without. i won't folk get these people because is live among them. i've seen the stories. not something i read in the newspaper. every time this young man walks into our house, we are reminded of two things, our sadness for him and his loss, and how lucky we are. not to have experienced the same thing. you want a president in that chair who understands that and i will be that president if you give me a chance. [applause]
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>> i'm an air force veteran and reading a book written by a professor from a college in kentucky. he claims since the air force became independent, that the branch of the service, it's brought extensive weapon systems never used in combat. do you favor grounding the air force or downsizing it if you become president? >> no, not the least. in fact i feel the exact opposite. the president as degraded the air force in a way that both affect arizona pilots and affects our ability to be most effective in come bat. we are dealing with incredibly old equipment in the air force. incredibly old. we're putting new technology into old frames and the fact is this is going to start to affect our ability to be able to condition duct air warfare. our pilots are superior to any other pilots in the world that i would we're still ahead of game but we're continuing to put them behind the eightball. i've said you go on my web site
10:55 pm
go to chris tonight itch your still thinking about these issues and i lay out a speech i gave on rebuilding the military the naval yard and all specifics about what die do. no fewer than 2600 coldded aircraft ready to go for the united states air force. and we need to modernize, not just the technology but a the actual hardware equipment of the planes we're flying time. flying b-52s. they're a great airplane but they're way older than the pilots. double the age of the pilots ins' respects. right? so we need to modernize that. and when we don't modernize our military -- right now, we have the smallers active duty army since 1940. the mallest active duty navy since world war i, and the rest of the world knows that, too. the other thing it does is, as i'm sure you're aware, is it requires our fighting men and
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women to have more frequent deployments and have those deployments be longer. and that's not good for their physical health and it is definitely got good for their mental health and we have a lot of veterans coming back here who are committing suicide, and we're responsible. we're responsible. so we need to do better, we need to put them in a better position in lots of ways, not only in the treatment they get back when they come home but also in how many they're away from home. how frequently they're away from home. that's not fair to them and a not fair to their families and that's why we have to expand that way so i'm absolutely -- never read the book, but from the way year characterizing it, sounds like i'm 180 degrees opposite from that guy. >> available on amazon? >> available on amazon? when i get some free time i'll pick it up. yes, ma'am. >> i haven't decided yet. >> all right. one of those shoppers. >> if really like -- >> you vice haven't decided yet.
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>> i really like you. explain social security. i'm 53 years old and i'm very nervous about retiring. >> okay. >> hi husband works his ass off and i can't -- and we paid into it. and i'm really afraid of it going away and become ang entitlement. >> i'll explain it to you. >> please, convince me. >> watch this. >> honest to god i want to vote for you and this is the hanging point. >> i was going to get up but i'll stay on one knee. here's the thing. let me tell you about social security. social security will be insolvent in seven to eight years if with do what we are doing know they where it will be. i'm the only pin 0 who hat put forward a plan to fix it. they asked trump a few weeks ago what he would do and he said, well, we don't have to worry bit i it because everyone is go to
10:58 pm
get so amazingly rich and wealthy when i'm president. this is an answer on the debate stage by a candidate. i'd like for you and both to be amazingly rich and wealthy. over not, i'm not, but it's not going to happen. how do we fix it? here how. we need to rates retirement age. here's why. we're all living longer. you and i are now -- your average life and tan si now is 83. mine is supposed to be 79. hopefully i get there we'll be right around that age. these programs were built for when people died in their mid-6 sod. so what i say ills let's raise retirement two years and phase it in over 25 years. so let's talk about specifically what it would mean for you and i. we're the same age. let's say we put this into effect next year where we're both 54. currently the retirement age is 67. so, that is 13 years from now, we would be eligible. if my plan went into effect we would be eligible not 130 years from now but 14 greaser from now, goes up one month a year.
10:59 pm
so we could probably cut it out for another year. so that's not that big a deal, and hillary clinton will tell you that throwing grandma off the cliff but it takes grandma 25 years to hit the ground once we throw her off the cliff. a pretty high cliff. second, it's means testing. means testing is this. here's the problem. the thing you're afraid of has happened. the money you and i have put in every two weeks out mr. paycheck and your husband and my wife put in they've been spending it since the mid-1960s on other stuff. know what in the trust snubbed treasury notes. ious, and as a result we have a check alabama imbalance problem. how to fix that? more money in less money out. i'm a less money out guy and here's how. if you make $200,000 or more in retirement income, not assets, income. that means four to five million dollars in the bank to throw off $200,000 a year.
11:00 pm
you don't get social security. now, you have to be pretty well off but there are number of people who are well off, and what i ask them is, do you need a $1,200 social security check a month if you're makeing $200,000 a year in retirement? i don't think so. what that will do is save the program for folks like you, because you're not, i presume, going to make $200,000 a year in retirement, given they ayou're talking. if you're nervous -- >> i 401(k). >> i'm talking about income every year, income, like a paycheck, their from a pension or from interest and dividends and capital gains from your investment. have to have four to five million dollar put away to throw that off. have the four or five system no. a little short. that won't affect you but will affect others. but it think you have to ask people who have done well to make the sacrifice since the government stuck it to us by stealing the money. we cannot allow you or others in
11:01 pm
this audience, who have paid in and played by the rules, to grow old in poverty. that's what social security was supposed to prevent. so we have to take those -- i remember when i was first designing this program. i walk taughts to mark zucker berg who is a friend of us elm he said what dot entitlement reform mean to me? i said it means you get nothing. you'll pay in for the rest of your life, and if any plan goes into effect, at the end when you'll retire you get nothing because you don't need it. for people who have doesn't well, the argument is they paid in, too. i know it's not fair. but life isn't fair. and the government stealing the money wasn't fair. but the--...
11:02 pm
>> >> hillary clinton wants to raise taxes. and i'll take it from the rich people that is fine but why would we give her more when they already sold the money we gave them before? that is stupid nobody here is stupid. and if we don't be where those who say we will fix it some other way.
11:03 pm
from the check book doesn't balance we can't buy a powerball tickets. it will not help. millenials is talking about this. every time of entitlements i am the only one who was asked. they asked senate -- senator rubio he gives another answer on tax reform. then to respond with the second -- 62nd answer and then i interrupted and said can i interrupt to actually in a further question? they don't want to talk about this because they are afraid but i trust you. i trust you know, is the problem you're told you were scared.
11:04 pm
so we have to fix it. with those problems ignored do not go away. problems face can be fixed. we will face together and fix it together. >> we all know how president obama has used executive privilege. so how will you use that privilege if your president? >> the same way as to jersey. with the lawyers will tell you you can use them to raise even if it was directly given to by congress to regulate that area by statute but what you
11:05 pm
can't do was what he is doing that congress says as legislature on immigration to ignore the of marijuana laws to allow them to have recreational marijuana and also by sanctuary cities allowing them exist also issues that have already been litigated that is why he is losing in court every time. first they i would do is revoke all executive orders. and start from scratch. [applause] natalie the right thing to do from a legal perspective but the you are ready to work and we need to send that signal. i am not temper i am president.
11:06 pm
you remember george washington was very, very upset with john adams tried to give the presidency a different kind of name his excellency, his majesty, he said it is mr. president. nothing more or nothing less. he was very wise and set the tone of the first president you are not emperor or king. he was the most popular figure in america and he said if he'' wanted to beat king george she would have i don't want to be king crisper'' maybe prom king. [laughter] by running for president of the united states is willing to work with the congress to revoke those executive orders to sit down and say that has been rocky the last three years read maybe even 12 years.
11:07 pm
and then to spend the time necessary. and the symbolic thing i read four months ago john boehner was on the air force one. he is a republican leader of the congress every year of the barack obama presidency he was never on air force one. if it's a policy is still the democratic leader she can come on whenever she wants she needs a ride if she wants to steal the m&m's i don't care. [laughter] every time she gets on their spending 50 minutes to talk with me that i've a good person even though we disagree. we are trying to help our country. i am not the only one with principles.
11:08 pm
put the pen down in to which human beings talking to each other. and that sense it awful signal. [applause] >> increasing social security i am 73 years old still paying taxes and working to make ends meet so that the government employees can retire at 55 and 60 years old. if it is after 1985 you no
11:09 pm
longer get a federal pension we elevated deal with fighting men and women. but that the federal level it is still a problem to have a huge problem with tensions i propose that it knew jersey but not getting very far on now one but just a you know, i was federal employees several years so i get to put it monday at of my paycheck with the 401k the government would match a percentage of that that i took the money with me now is in another account. and as governor i don't get a pension.
11:10 pm
so the federal government ronald reagan did it. unless you're in congress. [laughter] not only in a huge money item but a symbolic items 73 years old still working and making ends meet. they just should not have it as a lifetime pension. [applause] the service to the country is no more extraordinary than any other federal worker. then do what i did and take money out to put it in the 401k we will matchett take the money with you when you leave. with no more than 12 years in congress for anybody.
11:11 pm
[applause] i hope she votes i have dirty all over my pants. i hope i have your vote. there of the pension system it isn't right which if it costs us a lot of money in the multi trillion dollar budget? to raise social security and why congress continues to get a pension.
11:12 pm
and for term limits for members of congress there not give up -- not indispensable president is a year term and the governor a year term limit. and another one that is starting his 44th year. seriously. i said go home. he was elected when he was 25 he is 69 years now. think about that. is crazy. and i agree pension on congress as well. >> i have a small business question there is a lot of talk about raising minimum-wage and they don't own a small business a lot
11:13 pm
of small businesses are struggling will you give a commitment to fight to increase the minimum wage? >> i already did that and vetoed in my state because it was too aggressive into quicksand not fair they wanted to do $1.50 immediately i said if we want to raise the minimum wage we can raise a bed slowly over time so the small business owner can adjust. vice said $0.50 a year for three years. they rejected that. so we're in a big fight. and you know, all happened if that happens. but the federal minimum wage is only seven and change i
11:14 pm
don't favor increase its 7% of economic growth that small businesses are suffering we have to get regulation off their back. one way is to increase the minimum wage. also the increased payroll taxes. >> how many businesses went out? >> we're still counting but it hasn't gone up that much yet but what we will see. what do you have? >> sales and marketing. >> between your place and fast-food added another town hall they said if they do this he has five employees i will look at the five of them and say to a view argon. i will pay you the increased wage but i cannot afford it.
11:15 pm
it doesn't make sense it is bad economic policy and japan during. they spend other people's money better than other people in the world. i want to you to spend i will not do it. i did not do that in new jersey. >> thank you governor. [applause] >> all of us have seen dramatic changes in health care. if you look around the state of the hampshire you can go 3 miles from their house and not done bin 25 urging care or the buildings huge quantities of money put into buildings for people providing a service if it is not effective for them why do they do what?
11:16 pm
if you look at the deductibles you can pay your health insurance and unless you are run over by a car he could never collect a single penny. what will you do about health care? >> they are building billings for a charity. you are right there obviously making many this is a real tragedy of obamacare. your job is to overpromise and under deliver there are three central promises. and prices will go down. that is o / three that is bad.
11:17 pm
so the adl and the federal government running the system let's take our two states and new hampshire and new jersey of 1.3 million people of roughly the same space. so with densely populated state one of the most ethnically diverse in the country. the challenges we face with access to health care are much different in new hampshire. a lot of the issue is it distance how far urge you have to go to find a doctor or hospital? and deductibles drive back cost it comes out of your pocket. the difference with new jersey we don't have access problems because of distance
11:18 pm
i tripped over or hospital every 4 miles they are everywhere purely a cost issue so why would a plan to give every state a year mandatory if the issues are the high deductibles we cannot live with high deductibles and to pay for that. with the out-of-pocket if it doesn't kill us. if you think having your chill -- children on your health plan in 26 years old is important to you. argue for portability to buy
11:19 pm
insurance across state lines in new hampshire they have all those requirements. but now in nebraska they offer a plan that i need i should go to nebraska to by that plan. if that is important to you. your of a much better chance and in the house and the senate. and if you make of so-called you will get a response quickly. that does not even answer my question. government and health care needs to be more local. click a the kind of money
11:20 pm
they're making. and much better in to care what the heck is going on so i'm advocate for pushing the set the state level and there is also above philosophical reason that if these powers are either unrated health care is nowhere in the constitution and. it isn't fair. so get back to basics. but is the best system to have mistakes. with the biggest chance to fix it. we have no hope it is of thrashing around nothing
11:21 pm
good is happening. by the way we have 400 state reps. i checked over hospitals you trip over state representatives they are everywhere. said delhi or the edge dry cleaners or the football games or church or synagogue you will run into a state representative somewhere. so that is what i would do. in what is important from new jersey or wyoming let's celebrate the difference is in our states to give the best plan they can give you. >> live free or die. [laughter] [applause]
11:22 pm
>> thanks for being here. i was just reading this morning that madeleine albright said women have a special place in hell for young women who don't vote for hillary clinton. no power on earth can get me to vote for hillary clinton. [applause] but i am in my 20s i will nazis social security and health care will be a continuing issue. taxes and massive national debt in the face of this world that is different why should the young woman of'' for you instead? >> that is a pretty reticulate smart women. you are on the short list
11:23 pm
for vice president. because you want someone to tell you the truth. i have put out ideas and willing to sit here over 71 days. i don't do drive-by town hall meetings and i take for questions over 20 minutes and walk out. we sit here and take questions with a detailed answers. the lady concerned about social security she needs to know what i intend to do so when she goes and votes for me tomorrow night to. [laughter] and i become president she will not say wait. he said this. but no matter what age do you want to go back to a political system where people tell you what they think regardless of the
11:24 pm
cost? every time i say something specific fiber and the enormous risk to get you eight agree and go look get someone else by a willing to take the risk per car want you to know what you are buying then have buyers remorse. you cannot just give generalized answers how much you love america. we all love america. if you run for president you love america. [laughter] everybody loves america. say that. we all love our country. no matter what disagreements is the love for country. because the plan that i put forward are forward looking and not backward looking. uc you'll never see social security. you might be right my son feels the same way. he is working and is 22 he
11:25 pm
sees the taxes taken out. but my plan says stop looking through the rearview mirror but make changes allowing us to invest in the future. but also the national institute for health because if america wants to remain cutting edge to make quality of life better we need to invest with the private sector. we have to lower the tax rates so he is getting killed every time he turns around the idea becomes a bigger business to employ other people. you want a place to be safe in hands secured you will not go if you are afraid of crime on the streets.
11:26 pm
after he was attacked now in the places the target for terrorism. is everywhere. we want a president who knows how to do it. nobody comes to the fbi director in may and introduced himself to me he was a unit -- u.s. attorney of manhattan and said first but we explain actionable intelligence. i know this. is due largely during hurricane city i've also had to put aside politics. there are those that criticize me on a regular basis because i shook the president of the united states he and incense said
11:27 pm
thank you when he came to restate what we were devastated and offered help. that is the politician he would vote for me but i put the people who elected me first ahead of politics. that is the kind i will be. yet event people say a lot of things. you listen to him to eat you take speesix this is the but she still loves it if there is a special place in hell for you i think this is the
11:28 pm
last time for the campaign trail seven neck but that was because of frigidaire there -- to appeal to you if because i a live with the woman 30 years of i would speak to her because is she speaks like a woman whenever that is. we have done there's every time that it doesn't come from no one else for this
11:29 pm
secretary of state that will tells you that you will burn in hell. i thank you should be to the real treat him him or her was like to view a different theater because you are younker i will not ask anything different. i will not try to pander to that. we have a pacesetter in chief and for the exact but he figures it out of lot of times. >> but as be saw went off
11:30 pm
speeded but they is repeated over and over you cannot do that with vladimir putin saddam across a table can imagine that scene with vladimir putin? no matter what he says? those are the stakes it is not a tv show. so that's why you should vote for someone that is a real it doesn't matter mid-20s or mid-50s i will give you the truth as i see it.
11:31 pm
or we have seven or eight to pick from but please don't vote for hillary because that will be disastrous. but if you did i wouldn't tell you that you were going to hell i'd like her supporters. >> i have seen a lot of a lot of candidates as a political science major in i was undecided but you have earned my vote. [applause] >> i am 242. i am leaving. >> the guy who hosts gets a question. >> since world war ii
11:32 pm
american manufacturing pulled the country out of every economic devise. my customers arrived at exporting and in both cases a strong dollar. day you have to take on bad -- that? , fact we have to be careful they handle their currencies. by definition it makes ours stronger. in to push it one way or the other.
11:33 pm
we have to get tougher to talk to the chinese in particular with the number one economic rivals. and you know, the two major driving cost of the labor costs and energy costs. put the major drivers for folks. that is especially true in new hampshire. you are paying much too high energy costs compared to the rest of the country let alone though world. of the currency side we need to offset and look what they are doing. what happens what will we do if it moves one quarter of a point? we have kept rates artificially low for years and years now what tools do
11:34 pm
we have left? monetary policy has to look from perspectives. hat clearly affects. >> we need to partner with any we have been if it exercises so imagine the power in north america if we built the keystone pipeline the key event imagine what that would do to the cost of energy but of those prices are significantly lower than chinese we can compete around the world.
11:35 pm
and they cannot compete with an energy perspective. to keep energy costs higher than they need to be to work with canada and mexico we need to do that. 85% of that keystone energy one hedger% could be refined. not 70 arabia befriend the neighbors. i don't think canadians will look to conquer us anytime soon. are you afraid of canadians?
11:36 pm
>> they are good but that is why on the major lecturing french budget place since the budget we deal with the currency issue in making it more for a with other folks around the world's very active you could then we could figure out the rest of. [applause] but if you are surrounded by people are significantly
11:37 pm
hinder the you the only place i am away from the tyranny of the younger. >> i am a parent bin it native here and the local control the government left them behind. i would be terrified if i did know of poison my kids. so now we create a public health of urgency. what would you do to compete with the president? to rick by would intervene immediately. to say, fix the problem in bring the resources to repair the problem but just to bring the people to the table to say we can wait. we have to make sure they
11:38 pm
are so it doesn't affect it if it isn't just the local leverage and who'd do what when and who put money in but i know how this works. at some point when you were the governor you have to be aggressive. i think governor schneider has been aggressive now but he also asked for help progress president would make sure ago to the governor first to say you need help. these people are americans
11:39 pm
and to heat cannot have a major and some of i would not be afraid to if there is a terrorist attack by a foreign entity that is very cute presidency we have the guts to help safety and security of the american people into a spring to prepare their resources to fix its. >> but what i a lois 82 my a
11:40 pm
feria of the henry we have to be as concerned about him as this view of the but the long-term health effects are something that we don't know what this means for those children they cannot be
11:41 pm
anything good. and long term cost associated in to bring them along in their hands the smart. so they have to short circuit has i am a goldstar bomb end -- a blue star mom and my son and daughter also of serving i have listened to graduated from college he has moved out three times and has had to move back home three times because he lost his job, lost his
11:42 pm
benefits, and cannot make enough money to pay for rent , his car and pascual loans. two you have of him in. >> yes. i do. first of all, in the we appreciate the safety if your daughter. >> i appreciate that hid to
11:43 pm
the with this man lived so our college bills are $122,200,500. if we were paying. [laughter] as a famous politician once and holland the cuss signed but he should be able to refinance on his horse - - horse for the rules say you cannot refinance you should go to a local bank to pay off principle and say if six points on his raped. we are making money off of your son and it is disgraceful. we want to help educate him we should pay the market
11:44 pm
rate. i would end that. and talk about the short-term pain in it in the al -- this might be something to get the nod of the house, national service option beyond what is happening in the military for those with student debt let them go any place that can contribute to what we need done. and knocked down the loans every year. into making a better person and will have less debt if any and then if he chooses with jobs to take after that
11:45 pm
with the student loan payments. i would remind you about a free college tuition there is nothing free in this world and talk about the difference how young people view items a couple nights ago why not have his plant and i said please pull out my pocket and my many and i said the code to that kept so you took my money and gave it to you he did not invent it he took my money
11:46 pm
if he goes it will be added venture. [laughter] but the bottom line is there is nothing for free. lower the kerry cost to get a market rate loan even national service option he is paid natalie but he needs to live but also of debt relief. this is national service beyond the military that is available now is qualified but it has nothing to do with being in the military. tuna and lp many people came into service after sandy? americorps, we had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of kids to help us tear people
11:47 pm
drywall out or pull up their soaking carpeting or help them get their house back into place to rebuild prepared there are lots of things when i saw a report coming through. they did wonderful things and they lift people's spirits. bin vacated with smiles and thought that they could change the world go that is why want national service and we will say this is an option to but of the cost bisayan the debt problem is a direct result of the cost.
11:48 pm
that that letter they you got this summer but is from the president of an odor dame. dear parents, the blessed you have bestowed upon as to entrust the soles of your children to our care and education. you get done with the first paragraph, you close your eyes you can hear the theme in the background. you can see the dome to touched jesus it is extraordinary. how many people are catholic? what is the next paragraph? >> monday. this is a priest he says that is why i am so pleased to to tell you it will
11:49 pm
increase 3.9% but no increase in murder david in 40 years. so now make decisions about if we think it is we will pay it. how are abrupt at 62,000 firefighters to lot of doubt -- and suggests carrying our daughter downstairs. so now we will send you to a different school that his students per after the crime
11:50 pm
slamming the door. but we don't make a decision based upon intellect in those areas off the we make it a bushel connection. we need a detail of foreign
11:51 pm
tuition for their room for but then you flip the lever to huge but we cannot put the figure on it. second i would allow you and your son to unbundle the usually pay for what you will use some wreckage rf.
11:52 pm
>> but i will not go work out i will not be the understudy. go check it off the put the neck but we need to allow people as the victim and what you are willing to pay four per one step at a time. the fax is. >> i had the college.
11:53 pm
these are the four things i would do the last two bin if they don't they cannot purchase pay the federal student loan program. that is the way inhibit. >> that is how you are spending it but the book to
11:54 pm
you end your daughter in in your son. both of them we are gradually getting it together. >> i am new other virtue judith well and tried isis for arturs dash india's the things of our but she has a comment. and where i get in trouble with my wife and do this all the time. she says what you doing? we have a schedule. >> if they need to cover of.
11:55 pm
>> is as embarrassing to the things that should matter anybody economy procuress a river betty's we should vote for the best qualified candidate. that is you. [applause] >> i have a feeling i will not get in trouble for that one? not bad. in the last person says let me tell you what i think the view. first to jack and everybody
11:56 pm
else. thank you for coming. i appreciated very much. to come to new hampshire because you have been listening to us for the better part of the year. you have led to five no word to go in each more. [laughter] go home and relax in a distastes a. may be go out to lunch with her and talk to each other to reinforce that positive five. but i tell people all the time they should come to new hampshire because you are a long rally the most loyal people toward democracy it is easy to sit on your couch and complain and lots of people do but if people get
11:57 pm
out here to listen and question and test as they deserve to be rewarded and you'll have a very large voice in our country's future to our night. but i am asking for your vote let there be no doubt i want your vote and your support -- and your support sometimes we forget because back in august and gave a town hall meeting and gentleman said to love everything you said i agree he would be a great leader and i am not voting for you i said what you mean? i can but i wish you the best of luck i said wait. comeback hear. tell me what i forgot to do. that's fair he said i sat
11:58 pm
here for two hours but you did not ask for my vote is said to have your vote he said too late it is august. [laughter] he said i will come back to one of your readings later and i will sit we cannot see me and i will see if you remember what i told you if you ask for the though i will reconsider. i said o.k. i appreciate that. he ted for five steps and then he said by the way that is how we do things in new hampshire son. [laughter] so i lived in mortal fear that he shows up somewhere and say by the way. so no doubt in new hampshire
11:59 pm
residents live asking for your vote. in a ditch is really important. this lady has a daughter in the navy she is the commander in chief that they will give her daughter all the tools she needs to defend herself and her country and the commander in chief will feet every day what he owes to her daughter to get her home safe. i ready for that job. to have been tested over the last 13 years as a federal prosecutor engaged government and unruly state to govern. . .
12:00 am
i'm going to tell you what i feel and i'm going to tell you what i believe in you take the call from there. i have plenty of titles. i have been governor and u.s. attorney father, brother, son, husband. i have more titles than i know what to do with. i don't need another one. what i want to do is change our country and i believe i can and
12:01 am
be given a chance to think i can make our safer -- country safer and more secure. think i can make it more prosperous and happier and because remember this and i will leave you this the reason this is the most amazing country in the world started in the declaration of independence. when those men signed the document that thomas jefferson wrote that set out three founding principles of our nation. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. that is the last one, the one that grabs me. so many other countries have been founded on respect to life and desire for liberty. lots of other countries have. no other country in this world has ever been founded on the idea that you have an individual inalienable right to pursue happiness as you see it. you get to pursue your right to try to make yourself and your family the happiest people they can be. what an extraordinary idea,
12:02 am
extraordinary idea and that's why for over 200 years people have wanted to come to this country. wanted to come to this country and make it their home because they look at us and they know, look at those people. yeah you work hard, yes they are tough but they are in the vein of people everyday believe tomorrow can be happier for them then yesterday was, because they're declaration of independence tells us that not only an opportunity to get an inalienable right of being an american. i want to restore this country once again to a place where everyone believes when they get up in the morning they have a chance to pursue happiness for themselves, for their families and for those that they love. so i want to be your president because i want to make that happen with you, not for you, with you because my presidency won't be my presidency. it will be our presidency because you will help to make it
12:03 am
happen. i can't do it without you. i can get there without you and stay there be successful without you so we go to the polls tomorrow night. don't worry about anything i've been going to the booth and voting with your heart in your head the person you think gives her party the best opportunity to beat hillary clinton our country the best opportunity to pursue happiness again. if we do that we will be just fine. thank you all very much. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> governor thinks. time this morning. the highlight was saturday night >> people see a real start difference. they are looking for differences and the person i cannot only when but beat hillary clinton. what they saw in saturday night with somebody who is ready and mature and when the lights get bright they will be brighter in september tober and i will shine and not melt. i'm the guy who will take on the fight. i will do what needs to be done. governor bush took him on two
12:16 am
debates ago and got smacked pretty hard by senator rubio. i'm the guy who took on senator rubio the guy who everyone was anointing as the next republican nominee. there's only one thing that happened. it was his interaction with me in the debate. that's the difference and for the american people they need to know who is ready. i'm ready. >> on heroin is a former federal prosecutor changes in the way people are treated to go to jail. >> it has worked before in treatment works. in new jersey for the first time in four years overdose death of don down rather than out. we are making a difference in new jersey because we are training people. i believe that every life is precious whether it's in the bum or a drug-addicted teenager or drugged addicted middle-aged lawyer. no matter who it is we have got to help make that life whole.
12:17 am
that's the command if we belay belay -- believe all life is precious. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you sir. >> thank you. >> hello governor. >> i am the person most ready to take on hillary clinton. senator rubio proved that saturday night. >> what does that mean? >> i think the whole race has changed. an odd. >> what would or event you from going on from here? >> i would say nothing.
12:18 am
i'm thinking about winning.
12:19 am
♪ i'm currently on the phone between hillary and bernie. the issues to me issues to mean the selection or dictation. i'm an at high school and elementary schoolteacher and i want to know what their stances on common core and what they want to do with that. >> what is most important of these are national debt. what i find most important is not who you're voting for because i'm not endorsing anyone, i just want to get out and vote. >> my number one issue this campaign is getting money out of politics.
12:20 am
citizens united needs to be overturned and until we address that everything else is going to get worse and worse. that leads me to support bernie sanders. i believe it's every american citizen's duty to be active and to vote in elections. as a first-time voter and try to figure out what i like and i bounce from candidate to candidate campaigned to campaign i believe there is a candidate for everyone and i'm excited to find out who i like and who i will vote for. next up at and presents a candidate carly fiorina speaks to voters at a campaign stop at blake's ice cream in new hampshire. this is 50 minutes.
12:21 am
[inaudible conversations] >> good morning everybody. good morning. [applause] good morning, good morning. i'm the state chairman for the carly fiorina campaign here in new hampshire and i couldn't be prouder to be with carly fiorina. how about you? where do you think about the way she is has been running her campaign cracks. [applause] somebody asked me yesterday morning read an event in they said who do you think was the winner for a bit big on saturday night and i said you know who i think was the winner of the debate will saturday night, carly fiorina was the debate winner saturday night. [applause] you know her, yet seen on tv. some of you have met her before but this is the time where everyone is making a decision a final decision and i ask you a


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