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tv   Carly Fiorina Meet-and- Greet in in Manchester New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 9, 2016 12:21am-1:15am EST

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[inaudible conversations] >> good morning everybody. good morning. [applause] good morning, good morning. i'm the state chairman for the carly fiorina campaign here in new hampshire and i couldn't be prouder to be with carly fiorina. how about you? where do you think about the way she is has been running her campaign cracks. [applause] somebody asked me yesterday morning read an event in they said who do you think was the winner for a bit big on saturday night and i said you know who i think was the winner of the debate will saturday night, carly fiorina was the debate winner saturday night. [applause] you know her, yet seen on tv. some of you have met her before but this is the time where everyone is making a decision a final decision and i ask you a
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state chairman for carly if you would please if you would if you would please leave her to if you would please leaker today has been the next 24 to 36 hours calling your friends speaking to family members, urging your co-workers to come out and vote for carly tomorrow. let's send a message out of new hampshire that we pick presidents not abc news or anyone else in this country. we pick presidents. [applause] i'm proud to be with carly because she is a principle passionate and positive conservative leader for this country pay she has a plan to take our country back and you will have a chance to hear that plan this morning and ask her questions and then we can go on from here and bring everybody else to the polling places tomorrow, to make sure they vote for carly. thank you for being here this morning and now i would like to introduce you to the next president of the united states, carly fiorina.
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[applause] >> thank you. thank you so much. i'm so proud to have both beloved and that he supported his campaign today to believe all of us in him by the company we keep so i'm proud to be known by the company of all but aunt betty lamontagne and proud as well to be known by the company of -- who have been stalwart supporters and i have so much great support in new hampshire and of course the most important supporter of carly fiorina or 34 years my husband frank. [applause] i have been saying since i launched my campaign for the presidency on me for the 2015, i have been saying the game is rigged. the game is rigged. the game is rigged against us.
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that's why been talking about taking our country back. and despite the fact that so many in the media and the political establishment have fought to the me out of this race you kept me in it. you see when i launched my campaign on me for the last year less than 4% of nasher boaters have ever heard my name to the pundits all wrote me off. the polls, the pollsters wouldn't even ask for my name and yet you showed up. in ice cream parlors and diners in living rooms and dining rooms in here we are. eight have gone. we are left with eight candidates and despite the fact that anybody but carly network didn't want me on that debate stage saturday night. despite the fact i have actually beaten a couple of the governors on that state and i'm tied with jeb bush that the game is rigged. because what has been going on for way too long as people in
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new york and washington and that's where they always are, people in new york and washington think they know better than you. they thought they'd know better than you for a long time. they decided you don't need to hear from everybody. you know as well as i do there are a lot of people who wish new hampshire didn't have a first-in-the-nation primary status but i have watched with admiration as i have seen you do your job, show up month after month event after after event and really listen hard to all the candidates. i've had people come up to me and say i have listened to you three times or four times and have listened to others and this is what i've decided. that's exercising responsibility as citizens on putting my faith in you folks. send me out of here with the wind at my back and i will go all the way because we are prepared to go all the way. we have the organization to go the way. we have the funding to all the way. we have the grand games across the nation to go all the way.
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abc doesn't pick presidents although george stephanopoulos and network would very much like to pick a president. we know who he wants. new hampshire picks presidents of some math here with the wind at my back and pick a president. [applause] you know this place, this nation has been a place of enormous possibilities for me. having lived in having lived and traveled and worked all over the year i am keenly aware that it's only in this nation that a young woman can start out the way i did. i typed, i filed, i enter the phones for a nine person real estate firm in the middle of a recession in the end of the 70s. it's only here but that young women can go on and become one day the chief executive of what we turned into the largest technology company in the world and run for the presidency of the united states. that is only possible here.
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but it's also true despite all those possibilities and all those opportunities, it is also chew that i have been told throughout much of my life to sit down and be quiet. don't rock the boat, don't challenge the system. just settle for the way things are. there are people telling me right now and there are people that told me saturday night at down and be quiet. don't challenge the system. i'm running because the mac and people are being told that same thing. we are being told to sit down and be quiet about our god, about our guns, about the horrors of the abortion industry. we are being told to just settle for a nation at war record number of men are out of work record numbers of women are living in poverty. working families wages have stagnated for 40 years despite all the promises of all the politicians. we are destroying more small and family-owned businesses each and
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every year which matters because they create most of the jobs in this country and meanwhile the rich get richer. the powerful get more powerful. the well-connected get better connected. we are being asked to accept a system of government and politics that doesn't work for us anymore. the government has grown so huge , so bloated. think about it it's gotten bigger every year for 50 years and yet it is more inapt and more corrupt than ever before. completely incompetent at everything. take your example. my favorite is the most recent one department of homeland security can't keep track of who has overstayed a visa and they admit to us that they were given money 12 years ago, a lot of money and a mandate to fix fix n 12 years later there is no money, there is no system and they are in the planning phase. or we could talk about the va.
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how long have you been hearing about the va from politicians and yet what we know is that 307,000 veterans have died without health care. nobody has been been fired in the va handed out $142 million worth of illnesses. we can't accept this anymore, folks. how often have you heard the same thing in a presidential cycle? you hear it every time. you are pretty sophisticated consumers of politics. every gear politicians roll through new hampshire and how often have you heard the same thing, we are going to secure the border. we are going to reform the va. we are going to reform the tax code. we are going to reform social security and finally getting handle on that debt and deficit. have we ever done any of that? no, we have not. it's just talk. i'm running for the presidency of the united states ladies and gentlemen because i think where
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pivotal point where as citizens we need to remember who we are and what our republic was intended to be. ours was intended to be a citizen government. as citizens we were intended to have the power but we don't have that power anymore and we don't have control over the money anymore. so i'm going to ask you do not sit down and be quiet. i never will. do not settle for a system that doesn't work for you anymore. don't accept this system that is operating against the interest of the people of new hampshire and against the interest of the citizens of this nation. stand with me, fight with me, vote for me. a foe for me is a vote for u.s. citizens. we have to take our country back now. [applause] ..
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what double me accountable for. so the only thing we have to do that the 1st and most important thing. it involves actually really reforming the tax code.
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when i come back here in a couple years we can talk about how we are doing. we can solve our problems, folks. we can heal our wounds. but we have to start, of course,start, of course, by winning. we have actually got to win in november. ask yourself what it takes to win. we can have someone who divides our party, our nation. 80 percent of us believe we
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have a professional political class and cares more about their own ambition of power that are getting anything done. 80 percent of us have figured out the federal government is corrupt. 80 percent means it's everybody. we have found common ground. the system is rigged. i hope you believe your new line. if you are still uncertain talk to frank. even if you have not made up your mind you know in your heart of hearts he cannot wait.
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[applause] and you can't wait because you know what will happen. i will win. another has been no one more careless and i have been. calling her a liar. lacking a track record of accomplishment. but you know what, despite the fact that we had the super bowl last night covered like a sport. you know this is going to him. this is not a sport. these are serious and pivotal times. you feel it. we all do. future is really wanted to be. what and who it takes this
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is the job actually needs to be. great of thecreated the job, save the job of protecting the job. we need a president who knows how the world works. more foreign-policy experience than anyone running. i don't do photo ops. i have done so for decades. the highest clearance is available for thatfletcher the advisory board of the cia, nsa, advise to secretaries of defense. i know our military capabilities from, our intelligence capability and knowing what i know you know that when this nation does not lead we do not respond to our adversaries world
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gets to be a dangerous place. [applause] our president better understand bureaucracy. it is gigantic, incompetent, and corrupt. president needs to understand technology is an important thing. it is the 21st century. the process of erica. i also understand technology is being used a weapon being waged and we are used to have losing the war. the finally we need someone who understands what leadership is.
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the leader has to make a tough: it's halftime and stand up and be held to account. we have guys running for president never made a tough call. a tough vote is not a tough call. we need to challenge the system. is the only way to solve problems. everyone else running is the system. they are never going to change. the most important thing is what it actually is, it is not about the size of your office or even the shape of your office, about your title or your ego. a leader serves. a leader is a servant. the highest calling of a leader is to restore the government of this great nation.
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stand with me. fine with me. join me. look for. but for me. it is time. we must take our country back. [applause] yes, sir. >> you have been the most articulate candidate. >> don't think me. vote for me. >> of you been disheartened? common ground? >> for any other campaign, but i don't think so much of
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america on the debate stage. a bunch of politicians command that is the problem. the american people actually have found common ground. hillary clinton believes. she is extreme because she says that a 13 -year-old melissa rose permission to go tanning salon but not to get an abortion. the american people have found common ground. the american people are horrified by this. let's go take the common ground past and i will guarantee you.
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without a dime of funding for planned parenthood. >> what do you have to say that up with the left basically saying if you don't agree you don't count. innocence -- and offense to women. women are 53 percent of the vote. we are not special interest group.
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here the majority of the nation and have every right to think whatever we choose to live the life that we want. that is what feminism should be about. shame on them. back. >> why do we pay to have our astronauts go to russia? they close down nasa up-and-coming space center. turning over in his grave. >> i appreciate that question. this morning it was so this nation needs to do big things. now we are sending our astronauts to russia. russia's or adversary. i have met him.
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but it is also disheartening you know, when the challenger took his last flight they had to make the circle three times. you know why because it is assembled. why is it that we spend endless amounts of money in washington and never have enough money to do great things? this nation has to lead in space. japan is trying to. why is this? this is core. and it is court to my blueprint. ask yourself this question.
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how is it possible the government spends more money each and every year and has enough? matter how much money we give the answer is what? you can't care for veterans minimum. it has to do have a budget. you now on the budget. no one ever gets to take it away from you. it is called baseline budgeting. whatever you spend you just get more. how do you budget? how do we all budget? the same way. examine every dollar, moving
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the dollar. this isdollar. this is how we all figure out a way to spend less than we have to and still invest in our priorities. it is common sense and good judgment. zero-based budgeting. but it is common sense and good judgment that we have to get done. investing in leadership in space is important. the money, cut. there is not a politician on the trail today. it is just sitting there. no one talks about it. if we get that bill passed we have control of the money once we have control of the money than we can start to
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challenge it. the way of going to get it passed as ask for your help. i will ask you take out your smart phone. i knowi know a lot of you have flip phones. i know you do. you might want to upgrade. bills to get past can invest in our priorities and cut spending press one. technology is a powerful tool. we use it for stupid things. i'm going to use it for important things. we must take our country back.
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technology is a tool i will used to reengage because that is how. [applause] >> how do we pay back $20 trillion? >> first two items. what does it take? we know the answer. grow the economy and cut spending. that is it. i have already talked about how we will cut spending. the only way to reduce spending is to get control of the money. but how do we grow the economy?
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there are many things. the 1st is to get a handle on the tax code which has now become 73,000 pages long. no comeau why does that matter? will tell you. when i was ceo of the $90 billion company what i armies of account lawyers and lobbyists to figure out although 73,000 pages. the real estate firm i started out and cannot do that and we are crushing, destroying them. they are destroying small family-owned businesses. why? they create two thirds of the new jobs in the country and employ half the people. we are crushing job creators. guess what, big companies
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are not the job creation engine of this nation. now by the way every politician as you can go to three pages. they are not telling the 23 -year-old plan. that has been lying around for 20 years. the reason it is so important next to the complexity is because complexities favor will, favors the well-connected. the bigger and more complicated becomes the powerful get more powerful. the small the powerless get crushed. they have to go to three. and thein the bigger not favored over the small.
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get out and vote. press one for yes 000. pedaling no pressure works? and don't let anyone take away your power to him. but when we don't use our power we lose our power. i just want to use story. i talk about the same. you actually for extra muscle. remember when we learned about the veterans dying in arizona and the bureaucrats cooking the books? you were so outraged that you actually. >> your muscles. because of the pressure this
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congress have a bill passed. fire anybody in government. got that done. it has sailed through the senate. president obama signed. that is why i know it's going to work. the politicians promised a lot but delivered nothing. in fact to of the people they got firedfire suing the government to get the job back. start firing people who are derelict in their duty.
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[applause] my 5,000 refugees coming in. we can even secure mexico's border. >> after your.donald trump
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brought the issue up. talk about it for 30 years. every election cycle. 2012, 2008, we always talk about it. it actually isn't rocket science. you are right. what does it take to secure the border? what he, manpower. border patrol. they are actually on the border. technology to offenses and almost but the truth is what it actually takes is a leader prepared to stand accountable.
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but you can be hoodwinked by people who promise you everything in the liver you nothing. and you can be hoodwinked with someone who stands up with a lot of bravado go to spends his whole life doing is playing the system. you need a leader who will produce results. so we must secure the border. whatever money, manpower, and technology is required. and the only way to get that done this to elect a leader who will stand up and say i will deliver this result in use what i have done all my life. i'm going to close it up. let me just say that i have a little.
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one photo one vote for me. seems fair. it seems fair. [applause] i have come further than anyone expects. further from further behind than anyone running because the people of new hampshire listen to me. you know they are at a pivotal peemack. standpoint. stand with me. fine with me. join me. vote for me. because of the vote for me as ais a vote for you. the game is rigged. the system is fixed. we have to take our country back. god bless you. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> >> [inaudible conversations]
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deal want to be in the picture? senator thank you very much. >> i could not hear you out there. [inaudible conversations] >> i am very, very honored.
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to. [inaudible conversations] if fox. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> you have my vote synecdoche once in a picture? could float - - share one vote. that is the deal. not we will see. then help me in and talk to everybody that you know, .
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>> i know you are not from new hampshire. [laughter] >> i was undecided until the debate.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] it is very nice to me to you and i was moved by what he said -- you said. >> don't forget.
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>> i will vote for you. good luck. >> we are putting this all over social media. go get them. >> help me tomorrow. >> geithner you have then but keep going.
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>> help me prepare your keep doing it. >> day you know, what madeleine albright said? >> but i am the best qualified. [inaudible conversations]
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>> the odds are stacked against the american people. >> are you going after the independence in new hampshire? >> i am going after all voters. 80 percent of us have figured out another there is a professional political class for both parties. >> best of luck on tuesday. good luck on the trail. >> this is why the polls are ridiculous. we have all these people.
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>> that is the card that hillary clinton will always play. but i happen to be zero women. [inaudible conversations] >> i have my vote.
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>> i met you on the campaign trail with senator mccain. [inaudible conversations]
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costs. >> we will begin with the "washington journal" tuesday morning live showing what is happening at the polling places in the on winchester area. since 1982 we have headed good partnership with the abc affiliate in new hampshire so once again we will show a national audience the pulling through the eyes of local media but of course, we will have the results in show the speeches but in their entirety as we hear from reviewers and take calls to get a sense of what they're saying about this race
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>> to help them now to in 1999 with the presidency at that time it is my pleasure and karen is joining us here on the campaign trail in vir thrilled to have her here in new hampshire. >> good afternoon. thanks for having me back is an exciting


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