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tv   Ted Cruz Meet-and- Greet in Manchester New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 9, 2016 4:40am-5:45am EST

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was no chance that we could win. i remember watching the andvision tonight before, on every station, every talking win,said ted cruz cannot ted cruz cannot win, over and over and over again. the all predicted someone else would win. one thing they did not count on was the actual voters. a saw on monday night historic turnout, shattering turnout records. republican turnout in the caucuses rose by 50%. [applause] cruz: by the way, democratic 30% fromropped by 2008. [applause] curious have any
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of you seen that on the network news? it almost kind of makes you wonder what political party he reporters are a part of. there are lots of coverage about feeling the burn, which is a great slogan for a sunscreen company. we saw everyone coming together and standing as one. monday night, we won among conservatives among evangelicals, reagan democrats, young people. that's the coalition it will take to win the republican
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, when the general election. we are here today because we recognize our country is in crisis and stop this is not a typical election. our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day and america has receded from leadership in the world. today, a majority of americans believe our kids will have a worse life than we did. that has never been the case in the history of this country until right now and it may be the most un-american idea you can think of. the 2016 election, the singular issue will be reigniting the promise of america. [applause]
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ted cruz: getting back to that fundamental ideal our kids will have a better life than we did. how do we do that? by getting back to the free market principles and constitutional liberties that built this country. the great thing about fraternal truth, they are always true. jobsr one, we bring back and growth and opportunity. priority isne economic growth because economic growth is foundation on everything else. theou want to pay down national debt, rebuild our military, strengthen and preserve social security and medicare, you have to have growth.
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without that, we can't do anything. understands here that every time we go on the path we a -- we are on now, you get what we have got now. misery and stagnation. way,es not work and by the hillary clinton and bernie sanders, what do you get? more spending which would lead to more misery stagnation, more and more young people coming out of school with student loans up to their eyeballs, no hope because it's being sacked by the broken political system in washington but we also understand the flipside.
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every time the government pursues regulatory reform and we pull the boot of washington off of the back of the next of small businesses, the result is incredible economic growth. it was true with calvin coolidge, it was true with jfk, it was true with ronald reagan. easing the burden's on small business, the single most important regulatory reform. we need to repeal every word of obama care. [applause] obama care is the biggest job killer in america. it is hammering small businesses and we need to pass commonsense health care reform. it keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. and tax reform. the simplest and best tax reform is we need to pass a simple flat tax.
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where every american can fill out our taxes on a postcard. and when we do that, we should abolish the irs. [applause] you almost get the sense that the irs is not exactly beloved in the live free or die state. the second key to turning this country around is we need to defend our constitutional rights. instead of a federal government that violates the bill of rights, we need a president committed to defending the bill of rights. we need to defend our first amendment rights. our free speech and especially our religious liberty. you won't understand how off-track this country is.
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a catholic charity of nuns who have devoted their lives. the obama administration is litigating against the little sisters and the poor. trying to impose millions of dollars of fines on the sisters under obamacare in order to force the nuns to pay for abortion inducing drugs and others. let me give you all a real simple rule of thumb. if you are litigating against nuns, you probably have done something wrong. [applause] if i'm elected president, the first day in office, i will
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instruct the department of justice and the irs and every other federal agency that the persecution of religious liberty ends today. [yelling] a very nice young man. a very confused fellow with the bernie sanders campaign is yelling. >> look at yourself in the mirror. ted cruz: the very odd thing is that usually lefties don't believe in god. [laughter] [applause] no, it did not. we need to defend the second amendment.
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trying to undermine the second amendment to keep and bear arms. we will resend every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by this president. we need to defend the fourth and fifth amendments. our rights to privacy.
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how many of you have your cell phones? let me ask you to please leave your cell phones on. i want to make sure president obama hears every word we say today. we need to defend the 10th amendment. as president obama calls it, the what? fundamental protection that says the power not given to the federal government are reserved for the states and the people. that means there are certain responsibilities the federal government has that it needs to do well. it needs to defend this nation and defend the national security. we need to rebuild our military and honor the commitments made. we need to fundamentally reform the v.a. so that they have a
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right to choose his or her doctor. and we need to finally secure the borders and and sanctuary cities. there are other areas the federal government has no business sticking its nose. it chief among those is education. when he to repeal every word of common core. the third key to reigniting the promise of america, we need to restore america's leadership in the world. for seven years, america has stepped back. we have abandoned and alienated our allies and showed appeasement to the enemies. instead of a president that
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boycotts prime minister netanyahu, imagine america standing unapologetically alongside the nation of israel. we will have a commander in chief that stands up and says to the world, we will defeat radical islamic terrorism. [applause] we will have a president willing to utter the words "radical islamic terrorism." and we will not weaken. we will utterly and completely destroy isis. some of you may be thinking, can it happen? can we do it? scripture tells us there is
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nothing new under the sun. where we are today is very much like the late 1970's. the same failed economic policies. the same feckless and naive foreign policies. in fact, the exact same countries -- russia and iran, openly laughing at and mocking the president of the united states. why is it that analogy gives us so much hope and optimism?
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we remember how that story ended. all across this country, millions of men and women rose up and became the reagan revolution. and it did not come from washington. washington despised ronald reagan. it came from the american people. it and by the way, it began 36 years ago in the great state of new hampshire. and it has turned this country around. why am i so optimistic? why am i so hopeful? because the same thing is happening again. a look on -- all across this country, people are looking up. i am convinced the most long-lasting legacy is going to be a new generation of leaders that stand and fight for liberty , for the constitution, and for judeo-christian values that built america. [applause] and with that, i am happy to
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answer or dodge any question you like. yes, sir. >> [inaudible] ted cruz: thank you for that question. the reason a president can't write that order is that it is contrary to federal law. we have seen barack obama
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ignoring federal law and ruling like a dictator. i will be bound by the constitution and federal law. let me tell you what i think we ought to do about it as i share your concerns. we have seen jobs going overseas to china, mexico, all across this country. we need to turn that around. we need a president that stands up against foreign nations, which barack obama will not do. i want to highlight the tax plan . it you will find the full details on our website, tedcru the details are relevant to your question. a simple flat tax. the first $36,000 you earn, you pay nothing.
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zero payroll tax, nothing. every dollar above $36,000, everybody pays a simple tax of 10%. no longer do you have hedge fund billionaires paying a lower effective tax rate than their secretaries. it enables everyone to fill out their taxes on a postcard. we have the actual postcard. it you can see exactly what it will look like and it enables us to abolish the irs. on the business side, we eliminate the corporate income tax. we eliminate the obamacare taxes. we eliminate the payroll taxes which is the single biggest tax
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working men and women pay. and we eliminate the death tax which is cruel for small businesses, farmers, and ranchers. a simple 16% business flax tax. -- flat tax. you no longer have giant corporations with armies of accountants paying little or no effective taxes while small businesses get hammered with a 35% corporate income tax. there are two aspects that are particularly relevant to small business owners. if you buy new equipment, it is immediately expensed. no more complicated depreciation tables. it is a powerful catalyst for capital investment, jobs, and productivity. and this goes directly to the point you raised. the business flat tax is border adjusted. if you are producing goods here, if you are producing jobs and goods for export, those are 100%
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tax-free. you don't pay a business flat tax. but the flipside is all imports pay the business flat tax. that differential, that is a 32% differential right there. if you look right now, when we export to europe and asia, they impose taxes on exports. this tax plan is designed to put americans on a level playing field. i believe that ingenuity will win every time. [applause]
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yes, ma'am? >> [inaudible] ted cruz: one of the things that we hear over and over again is that you can't really change washington. the media tells us we can't win. and even if we do, the problems are hopeless. how do you turn the ship of state that is federal government? there are avenues to change the
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direction we are moving. the first is executive order. it has been the avenue obama has abused over and over again. there is a silver lining. everything done with executive power can be undone with executive power. it's why on day one, i can pledge to rescind the orders going after the second amendment right to keep and bear arms and rescind amnesty. opening an investigation into planned parenthood and enforce the law against planned parenthood. it is also why if you look at how obama administration has forced common core on the states
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, using executive power, using race to the top funds to effectively blackmail the states into adopting common core, i can direct the department of education on day one that common core ends today. that is an avenue of change that can be implemented immediately. everyone of those can and on day one. this second lover of changing the direction is foreign policy and foreign policy is perhaps the thing that can change the quickest. it is worth noting that iran released our hostages the day that ronald reagan was sworn in to office. that is the difference a strong commander-in-chief can make. it is why i can pledge on day one to rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear
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deal. it is why i can pledge on day one to begin the process of moving the american embassy to jerusalem, the once and eternal capital of israel. that is two levers of authority. the third is legislation. i will readily concede that legislation, particularly with this congress is difficult. changing it is not easy. think back to the last time we broke the washington cartel false -- cartel. i wrote a book last year called "a time for truth." i talk a long time about what i call the washington cartel. the career politicians in both parties that get in bed with lobbyists and special interests. the last time we broke the cartel was 1980 with the reagan revolution. think of how reagan did it. reagan in 76 had primary to gerald ford.
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you want to tick off republican leadership? come within an inch of beating the republican president in a primary. republican leadership loathed ronald reagan with the heat of a thousand white-hot suns. you can't work well with others they saidyou can't work well with others and you took on your own party's president. think about what reagan did. he did not get on a plane and fly to washington and sit down with the old bulls and say, you've got to stand for something. he knew it was hopeless. there was nothing he could say that would persuade them. he took the case to the american people and build a grassroots title wave that became the reagan revolution. and he change the rules in washington. there is an old joke that politics is hollywood for ugly people.
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my wife says i resemble that remark. if you want to change washington change the incentives so it is , politically more risky to do the wrong thing. and newly elected president 1981, reagan, tip o'neil, a democrat, was speaker of the house. he said, don't even bother sending your tax plan over to us. it is "dead on arrival." i have 20 votes to kill it. reagan did not saunter over to the capital, pour him a drink, and use the legendary irish wit. what he did, he went over congress's head and went straight to the american people and made the case. we need to reduce taxes. the phones lit up. the 20 votes became 17. we ended up passing legislation
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over the next eight years, cutting the top marginal rate from 70% on the way down to 70 -- 28%. the big initiatives, repealing obama care and adopting a simple flat tax. i don't think those are easy. the only way to change that, i intend to make 2016 a referendum on repealing obama care and adopting a simple flat tax. if we come out with a mandate from the people, that is the only way to change washington. every republican says they will stand up to washington. when have you ever stood up to washington. the special interest and the money in washington.
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>> what about the war on coal? ted cruz: the war on coal is an absolute travesty. president obama promised he would bankrupt every coal plant in america and he has gone a long way to doing that. you're talking about good, blue-collar jobs. entire communities depended upon it. the obama epa has waged a war on coal that is destroying jobs. that will end if i am elected president. as -- last question. a very good question. what is my plan to reduce terrorism in the country? we need to address it at home and abroad. let's start at home.
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one of the critical things we have to do is secure the borders. border security is natural -- national security. on our website, we have a very detailed immigration plan. 11 pages, singlespaced. design hand-in-hand with probably the two strongest champions for securing the border. on border security, we will build a wall. i've got someone in mind to build it. [laughter] we will triple the border control. we will put in place a strong verify system where you can't get jobs without demonstrating your here legally. we will end sanctuary cities. we will do that by cutting off
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federal taxpayer dollars. and we will and welfare benefits for those here illegally. all of this we know how to do. the democrats and far too many republicans are not willing to do what is needed. i will do it. i will solve this problem by enforcing the law. we've got to emerge from the lies of political correctness. we cannot keep this country safe with a president that won't say the word "radical islamic terrorism." and last i checked, the men that flew those planes were not a bunch of ticked off presbyterians. we need to be very clear that our enemy is islamism. it is a political and theocratic view. it is a perversion of islam that commands people to wage jihad. to murder or forcibly convert the infidels. by which they mean all of us. we need a concerted effort to prevent terrorist attacks. that means stopping them before they occur.
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fort hood. naddal hassan. the obama administration knew that he was communicating with a known radical islamic cleric. they knew he had asked about the permissibility of waging jihad against fellow serviceman. and yet, they did nothing. they walk through murdering 14 innocent souls. any rational administration, you find out a service member is asking about waging jihad, the mp shows up in minutes and put him in handcuffs.
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if you are fighting islamic terrorism -- it was political correctness that led them to do nothing. you know what? the boston bombing. we knew they were radical islamic terrorists. the fbi went and interviewed them. and they dropped the ball. they stopped monitoring them. the elder brother posted a public call to jihad. the obama administration did not know that because they stopped focusing on it. they said radical islamic terrorism is not the enemy. we should've stopped before that bombing and even san bernardino.
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then ghazi is the result of the failures of the obama clinton foreign-policy. toppling the government in libya that handed the government over to radical islamic terrorism. it set the stage for benghazi in the first place. we need a singularly focused commander-in-chief. not degrading them, not dropping a missile or bomb where it looks good on television. but directing the force of military power to utterly destroying them. and by the way, we should not be sending service members a combat with rules of engagement that tie their arms behind her back. [applause] that is wrong, it is immoral. if and when military force is required, we should go in with
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overwhelming force, kill the enemy, and get the heck out. so let me close with this. if you will agree with me that the stakes have never been higher, that it is now or never, that we are at the edge of a cliff staring down, and we risky doing irreparable damage to the greatest country in the history of the world, i will ask each of you to do three things. come out tomorrow and vote for me in the new hampshire republican primary. number two, bring others. pick up the phone and call your mom. it's a good idea to call your mom anyway. call your sister, your son, your next-door neighbor, business partner, college roommate. say, this election matters. it matters to my kids and grandkids. i want to ask everyone here to vote for me 10 times.
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we are not democrats. i'm not suggesting voter fraud. if everyone here gets nine other people to come out and vote tomorrow, you will have voted 10 times. if you're not old enough to vote , if you get 10 other people to come out tomorrow, you will have voted 10 times before you turn 18. [applause] that is how we win. this election will be decided friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, pastor to pastor. i ask all of us to stand together united. the third and final request is that you pray.
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that everyone here commit each and every day, continue this spirit of revival to pull this country back from the of this. let me tell you a bit of history that friends in the mainstream media will never tell you. in january of 1981, his left hand was resting on second chronicles, 7:14. if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray. i will and turn from their wicked ways. i will hear their prayers in heaven and forgive their sins. and i will heal their land. [applause]
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we have faced these challenges before. we have faced the of this before. the american people came together and pulled this country back. it started in new hampshire. we have done it before. we have done it before and we can do it again. thank you. [chatter]
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ted cruz: thank you. bless you.
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ted cruz: thank you. [chatter]
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>> would you consider carly fiorina for your cabinet? >> i think carly fiorina is a smart woman. thank you. [chatter] ted cruz: thank you. bless you. [chatter]
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>> you have my vote. >> we thank you very much. ted cruz all: god bless you. thank you. >> thank you. [chatter]
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ted cruz: thank you. god bless you. [chatter]
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>> we can fix it if we have leadership. >> i hope so. >> thank you. we are to do it together. [chatter]
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what is your name? thank you. thank you again. [chatter]
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long the largest vote share among reagan democrats and young we are seeing that on the ground in new hampshire. our grassroots come from the ground up. the last 24 hours, we had five state representatives endorsing. rand paul's statewide chairman ourrsed are -- campaign. aheadald trump is so far of you. how can you beat him here?
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>> that is a question for the voters here but i think the question every voter is asking is we have seen over and over again campaign conservatives who talk a good game but they haven't walked the walk and i believe what the american people are looking for is a consistent conservative. if you want a president that , yourepeal obama care should ask who stood up and lead the fight against amnesty. if you want a president who will defend the second amendment -- defend the bill of rights, i have sent my entire adult life fighting to defend the bill of rights. that is why we see the reagan coalition coming together behind our campaign. it's a grassroots campaign.
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that is the strength of our campaign. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. take care. that bless. >> what is the next step? >> where are we headed? manchester.
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♪ >> feel the burn, feel the love in our eyes for each and every life. lyinge no more empty talk all this money got it twisted walklks the he says every life is a first
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feel the burn feel the heat in our eyes burn, come on, feel the burn, feel the love in our eyes it is time to vote your mind we only want what's right life each and burn, the burn, feel the


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