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tv   Senate Debate on North Korea Sanctions  CSPAN  February 11, 2016 12:24am-1:12am EST

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passports which you are a member. >> without objection i think every testimony today. without objection all members will have five legislative days to submit additional questions to the witness to the chair which will be forded to her response. i asked that you please respond promptly. without objections all members will have five legislative days to submit other materials for the chair. this meeting stands adjourned. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]
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[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> health and human services kateri sylvia burwell on capitol hill tomorrow morning to brief lawmakers on the president's 2017 budget requests. we'll take it to the senate finance committee herein live at 10:00 a.m. live at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span three. >> the reality is the best presidents, the greatest presidents have been willing to recognize they were not the smartest person in the room and
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to surround themselves with people who they thought were smarter than themselves. >> sunday night on q&a, former secretary of defense and former director of the cia robert gate discusses a book, passion for leadership. lessons on change and reform from 50 years of public service. surrogates has served under several presidents, most recently george w. bush and barack obama. >> at the end of the cold war when i was director of central intelligence i came to believe very strongly that the american people had given cia up pass on a lot of things because of the existential conflict with the soviet union. i believe that after the end of the cold war we were going to have to be more open about what we did and why we did it, even to an extent of how we did it to help the american people better understand why intelligence was important. why was important to the government and president. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m.
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eastern. >> wrote to the white house began in iowa, the caucuses which date back to 1972 in the weight moved to new hampshire, the quintessential first in the nation primary which has a long and rich history. now we begin history. now we begin to test the candidates and their message. we move south to south carolina, the for southern primary and then to the party caucuses in nevada for the democrats and republicans. more than likely we will see a number of candidates drop out of the race so the field will narrow. that we move into early march. super tuesday, the start of winner take all primaries which means the delegate count will be critical. we will see his messages resonating and who is on the path to the nomination.
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>> today, the senate passed the north korea sanctions enforcement act 96 - zero. before voting several senators came to the floor to discuss the bill. this is about two and a half hour. >> i want to start today by thanking the litter to bringing to the floor the bipartisan north korea sanctions and policy enhancement act. this legislation passed unanimous mostly out of the senate commission committee to address a critical national security issue. the nuclear ballistic missile threat of north korea. we know all 12 that the past few decades of north korea policy included both republican and democratic administrations have been an object failure. while there is no silver bullet solution it is clear that congress must play a proactive role in providing a more robust policy tool to the executive branch to confront this threat. there has been attention on north korea in the weeks following their fourth nuclear test but senators cory gardner
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and menendez demonstrated leadership on north korea long before recent events. i want to thank them personally. senator gardner leaving and sharing the subcommittee and senator menendez coming together with a robust piece of legislation. i want to to thank you for your leadership, your committee and not new to addressing problems that are pay nation faces. want to thank them for the efforts to focus attention of the threat posed by north korea and to work with senator and myself to develop a bipartisan senate bill. i want to sink a lot the senator for the collaborative and constructive manner for which they worked with our team on this important bipartisan piece of legislation. senator shaheen also made it important contributions as well. i was just boasting about your
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tremendous efforts here, please know that has occurred. it was truly all hands on deck bipartisan to make sure that the senate in the country can be proud of. >> .. convened every couple of years, at the full committee level to assess the state of u.s. policy towards north korea. there has been surprisingly little vair yition in their overall descriptions of the danger and recommended policy prescriptions. former u.s. officials have all characterized north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile activities as posing serious and unacceptable risks to the u.s. national interests. these same officials also stress the importance of standing with our close regional allies, south korea and japan, in the face of destabilizing north korean provocations. in addn, the >>
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>> further north korean provocation to prevent the threat of sensitive technology. and they note the importance of the u.s. security council sanctions since typically the need for china to exercise greater influence. but let me say this. i am personally very disappointed the way the u.n. security council has functioned with the ballistic missile tests but yet nothing has been done at the u.n. security council level. in the delegation right before the last test to influence them. the country and of china was embarrassed to go ahead with this test and in spite of that embarrassment that it
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is their neighbor on their border conducting the of provocations, and they still have not agreed to the u.s. security council resolutions to put them place against north korea and that is very disappointing. officials have spoken increasingly about the deplorable situation including highlighting the notorious prison camps. there are some differences in approaches with respect to the tactics north korea with the appropriate balance. with the past several decades of policy are not working. with the ballistic missile capabilities that orchestrated militia us to threaten allies as well as
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our own national security. suit and subject to brutal treatment and posed by north korea but however there is more than we can do and should be doing to address this issue. travel pleded place strong mandatory sanctions that establishes a statutory framework to north korean cyberthreats. the president will be required to investigate a wide range of contact with weapons of mass destruction and arms and related materials and luxury goods that affect the elites and activities undermining cybersecurity as well as precious metals to be in a
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tailored set of activities including proliferation activities and labor camps. the seizure of assets in denial of government contracts but this bill goes beyond just sanctions which by the way of very strong to wonder why a the words mandatory. to improve the enforcement to have a spotlight on the human rights record under the labor practices and requires a strategy for the m pollute -- improved strategy to combat cyberactivities to encourage international engagement of human life issues.
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and as well as the reports of political prison camps to provide communications to the people of north korea. and have a piece of legislation that will allow our country working with our allies to seize the initiative to constrain north korea's ability to trended its neighbors while also continuing to focus attention on the plight of the north korean people. the significance of this legislation will receive bipartisan support to become law. i yield the floor to my distinguished friend and ranking member.
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>> mr. president let me start by thinking chairman corker. the senate foreign relations committee has a proud tradition to working on national-security and foreign policy issues in to speak with a strong voice. the chairman has carry that out and elevated to a level not only in the best interest of the united states senate but of our country. so i fete him the manner to bring different views together with the same objective but dealing with 100 members of the senate and our committee we have different views. to harmonize that to get
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legislation done takes a great deal of talent in he has to bring the bill to united states senate to get overwhelming support to advance national security interest. as the chairman of the east asia as a committee he understood the importance of north korea and the nuclear weapon program and that impact it has when east asia is a particular concern to develop the leadership to have the international coalition because of its conduct.
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they key to the senator to introduce that original bill and to bring together legislation as a proper role for congress. >> this represents but congress needs to do we are the policy makers and pass a law then we have the executive branch that is critically important with foreign policy in we enable those tools to carry out to. congress speaks with the clear voice in the intimidation in the human rights violations in to use the strongest possible measures that type of
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conduct. the legislation before us in the congressionally mandated sanctions that made it clear we would isolate iran until they change course what this legislation does and it was said good bill but we strengthened it to the employment of the members of the senate foreign relations committee to produce a strong policy. with a foreign policy challenges known by every american in president to test for a nuclear weapon test of long-range ballistic missile of numerous
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obligations u.s. leadership is critical to prevent that to get international help and to prevent commercial interests anywhere in in the world to get the weapons and resources it needs to provide incentives and disincentives to form strong alliances in the region in working close coordination with our allies and quite frankly to be a unified peninsula over the lassitude
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decades the regime is move forward in the nuclear weapon development program and have continued to develop this program of hundreds of medium-range missiles and with their capabilities they have tried to help syria build a nuclear reactor with missile technology it is in just about one country but what they're doing to help other countries support terrorism and terrorist groups themselves number three represents a growing threat to the united states in the international community with a continued belligerence this legislation includes mandatory sanctions directed
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against specific entities united nations security council resolutions. human-rights violations. as part of the legislation those of us support those activities with industrial input such as coal to provide economic support for the al luxury goods that allows the regime to exercise control. the source of the financing of their illegal weapons program. natalie to direct that equipment can in order to finance that legislation it targets those sanctions.
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to engage jenner help facilitate these sections. even like north korea in ways to provide the international community with leverage. this legislation is with existing cybersecurity sanctions with those capabilities them provocations this is an important step when it comes to cyberspace. one of the areas is to make it clear it goes well beyond the nuclear weapon the vast majority have systematic violations of basic human rights. and many of these are crimes against humanity ended is well documented widespread
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malnutrition torture and freer make you one of the egregious human rights violations and parallel. to place of the congressional record with the democratic people's republic with the human rights council as a testament to those crimes estimate these crimes should shock the conscience of humanity. the important work of the un commission in the united nations human rights commission adopted by a in overwhelming margin for accountability human-rights abuses / share the security council took up those injustices for the very first time.
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bethesda exactly what we're doing to be held responsible for this legislation to do just that. not just nuclear programs put that provocative behavior with severe human rights abuses as well. this is ground for the united states the tough sanctions is important 2.0. sanctions still work as a money-laundering concerned with all u.s. financial institutions to deal with that bank. get worked it had a major impact but the problem was that was 2005.
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and keep the pressure up this legislation will correct that oversight to remedy their reasons why they are not effective today. this acknowledges when integrated into a comprehensive strategy to engage national policy the enhancement act of the multilateral sanctions in the overall strategy and other efforts to address human rights abuses it also protects important humanitarian assistance programs. we have no problem with the people of north korea it is the government then natalie threaded its neighbors but damage did trending killed
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its own people and making clear we will continue to give assistance to the people of north korea. finally is not something the united states can do alone. this legislation seeks of the multi lateral effort. chai is as much of a threat and can make a huge difference to change the behavior to denuclearize the peninsula and should not be blocking or supporting that
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to bring about the change of behavior so it is on china but we hope china that claims to share the same goals will agree on the meaningful steps necessary and let me be clear the alliance remains as resilient as ever against any and all provocations the alliance made a decision with the missile defense system and i support this decision as extended deterrent architect we will
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look for new defense systems have so wish to commend leadership with the necessary political will with a strong international response and was also continue to enhance tribal cooperation japan is self career are the most important allies in the region and we need to act together. that leadership would be necessary with ted denuclearization it calls for close coordination particularly of the areas of missile defense and calls to
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strengthen the regime as to work toward their elimination in this legislation does just that. has strengthened u.s. policy to ensure north korea will pay with the ambitions with a tool kit that it needs to implement a more effective approach i urge all my colleagues to join this in this important legislation. i would yield the floor. >>. >> with my colleague the work we have done over the past year to put this before the senate today the
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chairman was to speak with colleagues on the concern that we shared ball be rightfully focused on the conflicts in various places around the country we have worked together of a series of committee hearings to address cybersecurity issues on the north korean peninsula in the work over the past year set the ground for a strong sanctions bill. >> is support of the policy enhancement act coming out onto nyerere 28 it is a
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momentous achievement in and reticular senator rand and says with a strong bipartisan solution and also committee chairman to sponsor the house legislation for is work and dedication on this issue. and his passion and dedication and commitment to bring peace to the peninsula. this comes at a critical time for those of you who had a chance to see the news i woke up with at another top military official was assassinated with a long list of others that were assassinated or tortured
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including those killed by anti-aircraft. north korea poses the threat to its allies and a threat to our homeland of global security and while the threat grows daily the policies are fading of the forgotten maniac. at test of the intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. north korea conducted the fourth nuclear test during the obama administration this was a test of a thermonuclear device of a more powerful weapon it regardless if it was a
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hydrogen bomb or not it represents a significant advancement of the nuclear what bin capability. it violated a series of resolutions of while the stockpile of nuclear weapons continues to grow. nuclear experts currently have as many as 20 nuclear warheads in just the next few years. yesterday the director of national intelligence testified that north korea does started their reactor in could begin to recover within a matter of weeks or
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months. the ballistic missile capabilities have expanded the size it and capability of the ballistic missile forces to conduct those missile test launches this is capable to pose a direct threat to the united states in peterson air force base that north korea may have the ability to mount that on the icy -- intercontinental ballistic missile. that is ruth, is is they
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could shoot dead at the homeland. it is an aggressive ruthless regime to kill innocent people. several months later killing four more south korean citizens. john yang is developing cybercapabilities with a dangerous tool of capabilities and according to a report for strategic and international studies pretoria is the merging as military and clandestine i'd organizations but conducting cyberoperations.
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according to the heritage foundation technically as a backwardation has the active cyberwarfare capability. it overseas 3,000 cyberwarriors a south korean cyberexpress assesses the electronic warfare capability was surpassed only by the united states and russia we should also never forget this regime is one of the most for most abusers of human rights to maintain a vast network where is many as 200,000 men women and children are tortured and killed. on february 7 united nations and human rights commission had a ground breaking report
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on human rights if found its actions constituted a crime against him and a the policy is called is of strategic patients which started under secretary of state hillary clinton but that made a deal it seems is to patiently wait until all he peacefully surrenders it shows a we are reaping the rewards of this policy to the longer be allowed that the simple fact is it has been a strategic hillyer it has led the north korean regime to expand uh testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles to
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develop cyberwarfare technology while systematically continuing to torture their own people. we have not deterred this regime of sanctions policies towards north korea and as noted in this report the sanctions palin comparison compared to iran in disease hundred 43 sanctions by the united states but only 100 u.s. sanctions for north korea when we do oppose sanctions ended response to
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the north korea's cyber attack of which that was only recently implemented. those three organizations and then it ted individuals not involved. we have not impose specifics sanctions on any individual to a hundred thousand men women and children but it has not imposed a specific section on any leader. it is the disgrace given the gravity. working on legislation before us with that pressure necessary and last august
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had the opportunity to agree that the status quo was eritrea with a south korean allies to fire artillery across the border. in the danger of armed escalation. as well as high-ranking officials for my conversations became evident to grow exasperated with that north korean regime. with the ender standing -- understanding.
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the north korea's sanctions to think 17 colleagues in the senate for cosponsoring to be slightly modified version it mandates the president impose sanctions to the nuclear ballistic missile development but those mandatory sanctions against those perpetrators to engage in money-laundering were counterfeit goods to undermine cybersecurity. precious metals including aluminum and steel.
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these sanctions are tough. and a significant portion is portrayed with the precious metals and we know is through the relationship with china. and nobody face is the greater threat than even in china that kills its own people. with that determination is certainly from the united nations. and those are unique to the senate legislation and.
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in regarding cybersecurity it is also a unique feature. with those cyberviolators something we could take as a model to perpetrate cyberattacks with the income to build the weapons program in the views its own people. in the largest trading partner that united states will use every economic to lead its disposal and finally to'' the editorial board with a strategic patients it is mostly
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consisted of ignoring north korea to pressure the regime. both china and north korea must pay the price with the steps to the nuclear arsenal. it is no longer a viable option. >> this begins that process that we need to stop the forgotten. we can make a difference with south korea and japan to lift the threat of a
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nuclear korea. i yield the floor. >> mr. president i know we have the number of speakers actually most all the time to speak to that to fill in gaps to meet the senator stakes for their efforts as a very meaningful piece of legislation and if the key is okay with me sharing the fact that this and it does play of rolled to project a
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restraint that we continue to do so and also to the foreign relations committee and as a very strong piece of legislation. and face it to have such powers at their disposal this is where i am certain we will make a difference of the birth to reactivity is but i think it begins the process. since i am so disappointed the way the security council is behaving. i don't want to rehash old discussion but that the
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snapback provisions that if they want to buy oriole and i hate to say it but the european friends, said that snapback provision they mean nothing. in those that nothing has happened because russia and china that means for us to continue to project at this body themselves and were you have done to see this a long time ago to see all the
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20,000 troops that we have but to realize that what they face in the others with north korea right on the border but us but yet china again and but yet unwilling. and with the security council is not willing to take steps but it has to be proactive.
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end to be certainly interested to thank senator mcconnell and senator reid. and they have worked well together is us very good bill that will strengthen i hate to use the word collaborative by two bodies of congress into committees end it will become law end to make a difference in the way north korea is being. it is important what is
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happening there as the crisis continues in this address is that all so. thank you for your comments on the floor and to help bring this piece of legislation to the floor invalid for word to having a successful day in the senate >> the gentleman from tennessee we want to go back to those points in to mention the fact it has period in the effect


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