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tv   Iraqi Prime Minister at Munich Security Conference  CSPAN  February 13, 2016 4:07am-4:37am EST

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will missefforts to bring economic and political stability to the country. pm. al-abadi: ladies and gentlemen, we are having a huge talents and a rock. we have succeeded in combating daesh on the ground. the area we have liberated so far is more than half of what was expected by daesh before. now, we have almost all -- liberated from daesh, apart from two locations. we intend, this year, to make it the final year, and the last year for the existing of daesh iraq.
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the task which is facing us is cripple his asian and the reconstruction of the areas which have been damaged by daesh. this is a huge task, at a time when oil income has dropped drastically. it is, at the moment, -- [indiscernible] of what it was two years ago. which is a huge drop in a country where the budget relies 90% on oil. we have managed, during the 2015, where oil prices were also very low, they dropped to something like a third to what it was before, but we managed the country. we manage the most successful -- 2015. and ramadi, tikrit as well. some people say, ramadi was lost in 2015, and regained in 2015, and in actual fact, we lost a
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small area of ramadi, but we began a larger area now. not only restoring or liberating the city ever mady, -- ramadi, we have liberated a large chunk of another location that was never under the control of the iraq secure divorces before. this a huge success story. where the population is welcoming the iraqi security forces, the brave forces, that are fighting alongside our military and our security forces and liberating their areas. the population, who under the control of daesh move toward the areas can show by iraqi security forces because they feel safer and they feel better under the control of the iraqi federal government. this is a huge departure from two years ago when relations in these areas did not want iraqi security forces to be there. the whole thing has changed,
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which means that daesh is using ground. in only losing military combating our forces, but losing ground among the iraqi population. at the moments, a lot of people may look at daesh as an internal iraqi problem, but it is not. we have many foreign fighters, many foreign terrorists, a lot of them from the gulf state. they are not fighting because they are -- they're not fighting because they are displaced. they are not fighting because they did not get their rights. many of these terrorists who are fighting in iraq come from european countries, their well-off, they are better placed in society, but still he fights. the problem is a bad ideology, and ideology which calls for killing, which calls for eliminating others. i know that there are a lot of people who do not accept that in the world, we have many of them, many politicians who do not accept that. of to go to the lengths
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eliminating others because they disagree with you, as they new phenomena which daesh has wrought. it is not islamic. islamiclls itself state, they are not islamic and they are not a state. fighting under two hats. had of terrorism and the hat of the -- it is very challenging. when we fight them -- it is easier for us. when we fight them at the terrorist organization, it becomes much more difficult. because, this is now, not an iraqi organization, it is not a steering organization, it is an international terrorist organization. the techniques that they use are so advanced in using the internet, and using the social media, and using the modern technology to communicate and recruit terrorists. from all over the world. it is so complicated, as we have
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discovered from documents and from captured terrorist leaders amongst daesh, which should like -- it shed light on the network that they are working on. unfortunately, not enough work has been done to combat the foreign terrorists from turkey to syria to iraq. and also, smuggling of oil and ourr valuables from heritage to the outside world. this is an ongoing business done by warlords in the region and we hope that countries can do enough to stop every thing that is smuggled will lead to killing of foreign people in a rack in syria. -- we are fighting a war and at the same time, we have to deliver. 18, -- 16 out of
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people expect services. people expect welfare. people expect infrastructure. they expect jobs and we have to deliver and with this severe fiscal problem, where our oil prices have an actual fact, they have not dropped, to have collapsed, and nobody understands why, there are many reasons, but i have to give a warning, the collapse of oil prices may lead to other collapses. it is so harsh, so hard on the it canducing countries, affect things. i think of it like a domino effect. once you start that, the gulf states are going to be taken. that will have a multiplying effect on the stock market, on our economy and activities in the world. we have to reform. reform of the first
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our armed forces. when i came to office, the first thing i passed was to restructure our armed forces. and we did. and this has been reflected a few months later and a better performance of our military. on the ground. we cut down corruption in the military, we cut on what we call -- and the military became more efficient and more willing to fight for their own country. it is huge. our military has self-confidence. --er ahmadi, -- after ahmadi ramadi, daesh has use what amounts to 100 armored detonations, armored cars, exploded, which some of them contain something like 2000 to of -- against our
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forces, but they have never won. such a technique would have led to the collapse of our front lines. that is exactly what happened at ramadi about eight months ago when we lost it because daesh is a very small state and in a very small time use a technique of using truck bombs against our forces, which led to the collapse of our forces. not anymore. -- chosenows in self-confidence in our armed forces to combat daesh. the reform is huge. the reforms to combat corruption, that is very important. they go hand-in-hand. with that, fighting corruption, he cannot have economic reforms. this government has, in part, on this test, and we are very much moving toward this. and, we have to be in one direction. what happened in the last 12 years in iraq? therewas liberalization,
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was the freeing of a free economy, but the problem is, every time the government takes this day forward, it takes another step backwards. this is not let anywhere. now, we have to be concentrated and steadfast in the right direction of reforms, no going back. we very much are encouraging investments. course, in the cities which we have liberated, tikrit is an example. 90% of the population are back. those people had been living in camps. like displaced people. now, we have brought them back. and people are eager to go to their homes, even if their job is incomplete. we were hoping to do reconstruction of these areas. that, of course, reconstruction takes longer time, and quite a lot of funds.
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decided,ion, we have there are essential elements, and these things must be provided for the citizens to go back. they must be cleared from explosive devices. like water,ervices electricity, schools, medical care, major roads in the cities must be able to be open for the population to go back. we are managing. there areonly tikrit many cities where populations went back. resources,ur limited we are waiting to repair what has been damaged by daesh and terrorism for the population to go back to that certain location. people are prepared to go back to their own homes. because it is better for them to live in their own homes than living in -- this is something that the
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usmittee of europe and should work together on. i think there is a crisis in europe about refugees. asylum-seekers. the number is huge. and i know a lot of politicians in europe, are suffering from this. is last thing that we want nationalism to rise in europe against refugees and for there to be a crisis, and some of them may win in the next election, in europe, and i think that the last thing that we want is this. this would lay in the hands of daesh. daesh once the collapse of civilization between europe and between the islamic world, so that their recruitments of innocent people, innocent young people will increase. we should avoid that. one way of avoiding its, is to address the popular -- problem at the source. we are doing this in iraq, but we have to do in syria. because of people refuse to go back to their homes and their cities, they do not have to seek refugee somewhere else.
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and what i have also mentioned, is what the chancellor here in criminals i think the who are preying on people. these are not criminal gangs. they are not being stopped, collectively, by countries. by europe and other countries. every country is working on its own. with that collaboration of others. i think we need a very clear -- against the spirit these criminals are misleading feminists. people to sellg their valuables in order to -- [indiscernible] i think we have to stop this. we are very eager to do this. and we are very eager to progress. of course, in addition to our military, we have the public mobilization force. , when daeshlunteers
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entered into iraq, some elements of our armed forces collapsed. so, we do not have enough combat troops belonging to the government to fight. have volunteered to fight alongside our military. and, it was very useful, because these volunteers are nationalists, while fighting for their country and for their own states, to defend their own countries. but, in the process, i think that there are groups who have spring out of this, some of them outside of control of the state. any arms outside of the control of the states, we do not allow it. it, andighting against it should be eliminated. the bms is an official organization under the control of the states. -- bmf. and it is controlled by him. it is like any other military
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and security. we have problems because we are at war, and we are artwork, security becomes weaker. most ofyou have to use your security apparatus, most of your military for that war, and there will be some crimes in the city. we are addressing this. baghdad is war, now as peaceful as it could be since 2003. and everybody admits that. [indiscernible] last year, for the first time since 2003, we have removed the -- from baghdad, and it is safer than before. have removed many of the checks and the city which makes it easier for the population to move in the city and other cities. we are winning. because the public is
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communicating with us, is helping us to find the terrorists. [indiscernible] i think it has something to do with the law of baghdad. we do not have wars. what we are doing, baghdad is a large place, but it is the capital where the 3% the population lives there. we know as a progress, and if the daesh, daesh will try again to resort to terrorism and to bomb, car bombs and other mechanisms to kill innocent people in the capital because this will take off in the media. and their media crazy. we have to protect the population of baghdad. our security checks, and our intelligence, most of the car bombs, in actual fact, more than 95% of the car bombs come from outside of baghdad. we do not want to suggest the population of baghdad to a lengthy search. what we have done, we are trying
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to control the entry and exit to baghdad. with modern equipment, so that you can control the flow of terrorists and car bombs into the city. this is very important for us. in actual fact, it makes it easier for the population to move in and out, rather than moments where you have to search people. that is our --. reconciliation is a fundamental pillar of my administration. and we are working on it. in the past, people were talking about external reconciliation outside the country, now we do not have an opposition outside the country. we are happy with her opposition, -- [indiscernible] i hope they would agree with me, that is -- to make the
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government more effective. because of the economy problems. i have to have 18. who works together. not a team who works on their blocks for their own part. we have to have a coherent team who know what is the problem and that contribute with the prime minister to solve this problem. i cannot work on my own. i have to have that team and that he must come from the ministry council. terrorism is harsh. it is an international problem. we should come together to address it. it must be stopped. --q, this year, [indiscernible] ul.s is mos [indiscernible] what happens next? what would daesh moved to?
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what will happen in syria? there is a meeting yesterday about the cease-fire in syria with foreign ministers. i wanted to be successful. we should contribute. it must be successful. because the situation in syria cannot continue as is. everything in syria was destroyed. there are many terrorist organizations in syria. dearly byid dearly, the blood of our own citizens. this must be addressed and we are hopeful that by the time -- something that happened in syria to stop the terrorists from syria to iraq. of course, iraqi sovereignty is important for us. troops should be allowed in the country without the consent of the iraqi government. all coalition partners, they
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have forces to train iraqi security forces. apply weapons. they are there to provide help from their own -- to protect our soldiers. they go together. but, we do not have armed soldiers, combat troops on the ground. we do not have anybody other than the iraqis during there are no irradiance, there are no jordanians. there are no breaks, no americans. no austrians. some are there in the training camps to train her own forces. apart from turkey, turkey since combat troops to iraq without the consent of the iraqi government. he said, this is not acceptable. we are neighbors. if you want to help iraq, we decide how to help, not you. we should not -- we should have a say in this. to have troops that rolling to the rack, and then deep into the country, in a city where historically, the --
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[indiscernible] i think that is very dangerous. we call on turkey and hope that our friends in turkey will listen to this. a friendshipve with turkey. it is important for us. we cannot move away from turkey and they cannot move away from us, we are neighbors. we should work together, and we have to solve this. this is undisputed iraqi territory. there is no way that turkey troops should stay there without our permission. we do not need them there. they cause more problems than they solve. they can help us in other ways, which we can define for them. we are glad for them to help us, but in a different way. we are very much extending our friendship to our friends, and our neighbors in the region. into international communities. we think everybody who is to with us. it is very important to have regional support for us. we should work in the region to combat this terrorism.
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thank you very much. [applause] >> prime minister, you spoke about how the city population was not comfortable under iraqi security forces, and the goal was to -- [indiscernible] beenity population has not feeling at all comfortable under the muchia, which is more dominant force in the iraqis to getting forces. what steps are you taking to assert a national force over the shia militia? pm. al-abadi: there should be no malicious according to our constitution. militias are unlawful.
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are people carrying a weapon and of the control of the iraqi government. this is unacceptable. there outside the control of the government. we have problems with them. they're trying very hard to eliminate them. we are bringing everybody under discipline. war, you may lose control over many elements. we have lost our -- to daesh. now, they are away. i think -- [indiscernible] created something very dangerous. use things against minorities. they have crated a lot of hostilities. differenten that in locations. we have seen against christians and muslims. we have seen against shiites in
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certain areas. and again, sunnis in areas that are controlled by daesh. we must stop this. sometimes, our military cannot. area.ou liberate and it is there to liberate not fight against the people. tikrit, forin example, there were problems, and issued a command for everybody to meet and handle the security. it was successful since then. we intend to do the same. we don't have a problem now. in a different location, we have about 9000 bmf. we have a local police were now controlling these places. we do not intend to leave army inside of the cities. we are not going back to the previous era. it caused a lot of problems. we are letting every city that we liberate to be handed over to the locals. that is why we ask the coalition
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forces of the training of the local police, which is been very successful, be accelerated. yes, there are problems, there are criminal elements, some of them we are trying very hard to combat. a lot of them you put in prison. a lot of them, we bring them in front of the judiciary. and their firms that we want, is to affect such problems. he asked that the judiciary be more effective in combating such crimes and we ask our security forces to be more effective in getting real information to combat this. sometimes it is hard to get fax. -- facts. providing reports is easy. it is easy to speak about events, but it is very hard to have --. that is a tough thing and we need the help of others so that our judiciary can work properly. question fromlast
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david. minister, you said that you believe that iraq's lecurity forces can clear mosu and other issa strongholds this year, but that leads to the question of how you be able to hold them and govern them. you answered the other man by talking about police forces and local security forces, but your passedent still have not the legislation that would allow the establishment of national guard of local sunni forces. i guess by double not allow that. how can you break through that problem. m that and allow sunnis in osul to govern themselves? pm. al-abadi: we submitted this
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law from the government to the parliament last year. we have waited two months for parliament to approve it, and they did not. there were some differences among political blocs. i cannot wait. i have started a new process of relying on local police. that is why we are -- that is what happened in ramadi. local police units work together with our other units. city, and most of the units have withdrawn from inside of the locations and handed the areas back over to local police. we have managed to change the view of these police units. and they're capable of holding the city. i think this is a solution. the solution is local. locals along to the local police. this is an imperative which we had to find out because the law has talked, and in actual fact, i cannot -- [indiscernible]
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we are working very hard on it. thank you. >> thank you much, mr. prime minister. [applause]
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