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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2016 6:05pm-7:00pm EST

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imagine phil robertson as embassador of the united nations. [cheers and applause] >> now let me just ask you how much would you pay to see that? [cheers and applause] >> can you just imagine sitting in the un general assembly, the russian embassador says something and he leans over and says, well, that doesn't make any sense at all. [laughter] >> and if you look at the leaders who have come together whether it's phil, whether it's jeff, whether it's the 350 pastors all across the state who have endorsed the campaign and stood together -- [cheers and applause] >> the unifying theme is a passion and love for this country and a willingness to stand up and speak the truth.
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you know, this past saturday we had kind of a quiet little debate. [laughter] >> but i will tell you, i think the debate really helped focus a lot of the issues in the minds of the south carolinans and two questions have raisin to the top. the first highlighted saturday morning with the pass of justice scalia. justice scalia was american her hero. [cheers and applause] >> he was a lion of the law, he was somebody i knew personally for 20 years, in fact, tomorrow i will be up in washington in his funeral, i will make it back here for election night.
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[cheers and applause] [shouting] >> justice scalia's passing leaves an enormous vacancy, enormous void for a principal fighter for the constitution and let me tell you as bad as the supreme court has been, we are one justice away from a radical five-justice liberal majority like this country has never seen. you know, before i was in the senate i was the solicitor general of texas, chief lawyer for the state in front of the u.s. supreme court, spent five and a half years in that executive position defending the constitution and the bill of rights. we brought together a coalition of states defending the federal ban on partial birth abortion
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and we won 5-4. [cheers and applause] >> 5-4. we are one justice away from the supreme court striking down every restriction the state have put in place over the last 40 years on abortion and mandating unlimited abortion on demand up till the moment of birth, partial birth and no parental notification. [shouting] >> you know, the single biggest decision of justice scalia's three decades on the court was heller versus district of colombia. now i am very familiar with the heller case because i represented 31 states defending the second amendment right to keep bear arms and we won 5-4.
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[cheers and applause] >> 5-4. and what was the position of the senators? it was not that some gun control is sometimes permissible. now, what they said that no second individual protects from keeping bear arms whatsoever. corrective right of the malicia which is fancy lawyer talk for nonexistent right. we are one justice away from the supreme court overruling heller and holding that not a single one of us here have an individual right to keep bear arms and the government can ban firearms and we have to second amendment right to challenge it. that's what's at stake in this
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election. you and me both, my friend. [applause] >> you know, phil talked about the ten commandments, in texas we defended and went to the supreme court and won 5-4. [cheers and applause] >> 5-4. we are one justice away from the supreme court ordering the ten commandments torn down in city halls and public parks all over the country. in private practice i represented veterans pro bono for free. [cheers and applause] >> a loan white latin crossed
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over 70 years ago to honor men and women. you could not display a cross on public land. they won in the district court, they won in the court of appeals, the court ordered a giant sack with chain and padlock at the bottom. i will say this, the court was right in one regard. power of the image of the cross. [cheers and applause] >> we went to the u.s. supreme court and we won 5-4. [cheers and applause] >> 5-4. we are one justice away from the supreme court striking down
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veterans memorials all over this country and we are not far from the court ordering the chisels to come out. [shouting] >> i will tell you the biggest case of my ten-year solicitor as general, was the case called medellín versus texas, a horrific crime of two teenage girls were assaulted and murdered by a gang, one of those gang members josé ernesto medellín was and illegal alien and then the court issued an order to the united states to reopen the conviction of 51 murderers across this country. first time in history a foreign court has tried to bind the u.s. justice system. texas stood up and fought the world court.
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[cheers and applause] >> i argued this case twice in front of the u.s. supreme court, on the other side we had the world court, we had the united nations, we had 90 foreign nations and we had the president of the united states. and i'm sorry to tell you that president was not barack obama. it was george w. bush. now, i will tell you -- listen, heidi and i, we met back in 2000 working on the george w. bush campaign. we were one of the eight marriage that is came out of that campaign. [laughter] >> so i will tell you allowsy joke i've told many times, whatever anybody says about george w. bush, in our house he will always be a uniter and not a divider.
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[cheers and applause] >> but in this instance president bush received some very bad advice because he signed a two-paragraph order to obey state courts. now, it was an interesting conversation when i sat down with my boss greg abbet, the governor of texas, it was an unusual thing to stand up for texas to oppose the president of the united states before the supreme court of the united states particularly when that president was a texan, a republican t former governor of our state and a friend. you're reading the head. [laughter] >> and yet i'm proud to say that twice i stood up before the supreme court and argued number one that the world court and the
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united nations has no jurisdiction over the u.s. justice system. [cheers and applause] >> and number two, that no president of the united states republican or democrat has the constitutional authority to give away u.s. sovereignty. [cheers and applause] >> and we won 6-3. [cheers and applause] >> and in the final of that case it too dropped to 5-4, so we are now one justice away from the supreme court giving away sovereignty to the world court to the united nations to international law taking away sovereignty from we the people, the american people.
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this election is not just one branch of government, it's two. and i believe that justice scalia's passing focused the minds on the people of south carolina and this country on what those stakes are, because we know if we elect hillary clinton or bernie sanders or some other socialist, we will see the supreme court lost for a generation. but i will tell you the unfortunate reality, if we elect the wrong republican will always see the supreme court loss for a generation. [cheers and applause] >> you know, democrats almost a thousand, almost every justice they put is left-wing on every major case that comes up. republicans, we bat worst than
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.500, many of the worst judicial activists have been republican nominated. earl warren, harry blackman, author of roe versus wade. why did that happen? it's not that republican presidents secretly want to put liberals on the court. that's not actually what's happening. what happens instead if you look at the justices that honor their oath that remain faithful, anthony scalia, thomas, my former boss chief justice william renquit every one had a proven record of defending conservative principles and being criticized and standing up in the face of criticism. [applause]
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>> but what happens is if you nominate a proven conservative, the democrats are going to fight you. they get the joke, they're fighting about the court so over and over again we get republicans who don't really care about the court and their team goes and says, hey, we have a stealth candidate, he's perfect, no paper trail whatsoever. and let me tell you something, if you've lived 50 years of your life and never said, written or done anything to prove you're a conservative, you ain't. [cheers and applause] >> and every time a republican president goes with a stealth nominee they turn out to be a disaster. so the decision here that the men and women of south carolina are making is they look at that
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debate stage is who do we know, who do we know to an absolute shadow of a doubt will nominate principal constitutionalist to the u.s. supreme court. [cheers and applause] [shouting] >> and i will tell you if a presidential candidate doesn't have a record, a history of standing and fighting for the constitution, if, for example, for 60 years of their life they've described themselves as very, very pro-choice and supporting partial-birth abortion, speaking hypothetically, of course -- [laughter] >> we know for a fact they're not going to spend the capital it takes to nominate and if we get one more liberal the second amendment goes away, right for life goes away, one more
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liberal. [shouting] >> amen. and i give you my solemn word that every justice that i point to that court will be a principle-constitutionist that will be faithful and protect the bill of rights for your children and your children's children. [cheers and applause] >> and the second major question that the people of south carolina are asking, is who is best prepared to be commander in chief. [shouting] >> who has the experience, the knowledge, the judgment, the temperament? you know, we saw temperament on display saturday night. [laughter] >> who has the clarity of
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understanding the strength to resolve, just this week, mr. trump said publicly that he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. let me tell you this as president i have no intention of being neutral. [cheers and applause] >> america will stand unapologetically with israel and when you hear liberals like hillary clinton, john kerry, barack obama, let's be neutral, they are buying in to the false moral equivalence that we see in the news every day. it's not moral equivalent that a
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terrorist straps himself with bomb and murderers women and children is not more equivalent to the innocent that risk their lives to keep people safe. just this week, here in south carolina i rose -- rolled out a major plan to rebuild the military and restore ability to defend ourselves. [cheers and applause] >> we are going to rebuild the army and increase our troop strength and we build the air force and bring back our jets, we are going to rebuild the navy and bring back our ships, we are going to use the marines and have the strongest military on the face of the planet. [cheers and applause]
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>> now, some folks say from the press, well, gosh, that sounds expensive. you think defending us is expensive, try not defending ourselves. and how do we do it, you know we've seen how to do it, 1981 when other president came in to office with another weak democratic president who had weaken and degraded the military and ronald reagan came in, started with tax reform and regulatory reform. he lift it had burden on washington on small businesses. small businesses are the heart of the economy, two-thirds of all new jobs come from small businesses, you want booming economic growth, unchange small businesses. [cheers and applause] >> regan did that, the economy exploded. millions lifted into prosperity, generated trillions in revenue. he used that government revenue to rebuild the military and
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that, in turn, bankrupted the soviet union and won the colder war. >> i intend to do the exact same thing with radical islamic terrorist. regulatory reform and tax reform, we are going to repeal every word of obamacare. [cheers and applause] >> and tax reform, we are going to adopt a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. [cheers and applause] >> and we will see millions of new jobs, we will see wages rising, we will see young part-time coming out of school with two, three, four, five job
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opportunities. we will be winning so much, we will get tired of winning. [laughter] [applause] >> and by the way, it's easy to say you want to make american great again. you can even put that on a baseball cap. [laughter] >> but the question to ask is do you understand what made america great in the first place. [cheers and applause] >> let me tell you what we are not going to do, we are not going to continue to listen to political correctness in the military. [cheers and applause] >> we are not going to be admitting refugees who could be infiltrated with isis terrorists. [cheers and applause] >> we are not going to be
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granting u.s. citizenship to people here i illegaly and i say this as a father of two young girls, we are not going to be drafting our daughters into combat in the front line. [cheers and applause] >> i have to admit two debates ago when i was standing on the debate stage and three republicans marco rubio and two others stood up there and said, yeah, i think that's a great idea to be drafting women. [shouting] >> i was standing there saying, are you guys nuts. [laughter] >> look, i frankly was expecting rod sterling to walk into the stage, you have entered the twitlight zone. we can't just say that doesn't
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make any sense. we are going to speak the truth and we are going to speak the truth with a smile. and i will tell you, one of the most shameful things of the last seven years has been this president sending our fighting men and women into combat with rules of engagement that tie their arms behind their back that do not let them win and let them keep themselves safe. [cheers and applause] >> that is wrong, it is immoral and will end 2017. [cheers and applause] >> if and when military force is
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required we should use overwhelming force, kill the enemy and then get the heck out. [cheers and applause] >> and when it comes to radical islamist terrorist, we will know longer have a president terrified to utter those words. [applause] >> instead every militant on the face of the earth will know if you go and join isis, if you wage jihad against united states of america, you are signing your death warrant. [cheers and applause] >> tomorrow morning, that's when the south carolina primary starts. it's been a while and willy
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ride. y'all have been subjected to millions in attack ads, millions of tv ads, millions of mailers and phone calls all of the nonsense, you know, the time for the media noise is over. this is our time. [cheers and applause] >> this race will be decided friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, pastor to pastor, south carolinan to south carolinan. [shouting] [cheers and applause] >> i want you to look around at the men and women gathered here, in the next 24 hours if each of you not only comes out and votes tomorrow and picks up the phone and callses your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, every one you know and say it is now or never --
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[cheers and applause] >> this is my future, this is my children's future, this is my grandchildren's future. the next 24 hours we are fighting to determine if the next generation will have the same constitutional liberties every one of us has been blessed to enjoy. you look around at the men and women here, every person here gets ten other people to show up and vote tomorrow -- [shouting] >> i didn't say pretend to be ten other people. [cheers and applause] ..
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>> lou and. >> and though wanting that they forgot it did sani election night in iowa we saw record shattering turnout in not only won by a big margin but we want the conservatives, evangelicals conservatives, evangelicals, reagan democrats.
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a and the young people. [cheers and applause] that is the reagan coalition is and how we win the nomination and hand how we beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders and the general to bring this country back. [cheers and applause] and finally i asked each of you to lift this country up to stand together on the promises of second chronicles if my people which are called by my name to humble themselves from their wicked ways and will hear their careers and will
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hear them. [cheers and applause] january 1981 and ronald reagan took the oath of office his left hand resting on an second chronicles seven sleaze 14 that promise from the word of god we have faced this before in the american people come together to pull the country back. we have done before it if we stay end together tomorrow here in south carolina we came in and we will. [cheers and applause]
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[inaudible conversations] ♪ this ted kenney resigned right copy? [laughter] ken i take a picture with you?
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>> thank you. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] this did megadose became president done the same day.
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[laughter] we are with him. [inaudible conversations] and. ♪ [inaudible conversations]
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>> and i am really glad the you are here. thank you i like your pink ribbon. it is pretty thank you
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thank you [inaudible conversations]
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>> how old are you? is the sure brother? >> i intend. i am seven and. >> thank you and for being here. do you have a camera? do you want a picture? >> can i get a picture with you?
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>> thank you [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> can i squeeze in here? thank you for all that you are doing for us [inaudible conversations]
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>> can we take a photo with you?
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thank you. we appreciate everything.
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stick ted kirsch did mellowness believe he has voted twice field obsessed then democrat to pro-life his ben to every weekend why we are still encouraged. thank you. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] the republican primary is tomorrow now we go to in the event with donald trump. >> they called me. i did not call them. they said please come. we want to do our job. they are told to stand back. stand back. beautiful people they have the guns and the weapons they can do whatever they have to do. they want to do it. and told to stand back as
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people walk through. people drive through the border loaded with drugs. we get the drugs they get the cash and they drive back. we will run never country properly. we will run the country properly. [cheers and applause] obamacare is a disaster. obamacare is going to be repealed and replaced. [cheers and applause] a big part of a problem that we have the people i running against him and others they get so much money. jeb bush gets $150 million? gone. wasted. if there is a window in here someplace throwed out and it
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will do the same amount of good as that money. this campaign stuff is unbelievable. they took money and suspended so fast because those that heard spending the money gets 15 or maybe even 20 percent. so why are they doing so many commercials? because they are paid commissions. he pauly does even know this happens. she doesn't have a clue. he doesn't have a clue. but is then the money so fast because those in britain charged the manners -- the manager's role making a fortune. a certain candidate raised $6 million. very impressive after all the conditions how much was
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left after? $140,000. powless $6 million, $140,000 was left this is a crooked business. i am still finding my campaign. [cheers and applause] -- self funding and putting in my own money i would have like $25 million. in new hampshire i spent $3 million jeb bush and 27 million i was in first place with a landslide he was toward the bottom and. isn't this the way we should run our country? right?
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so out of the top 30 in the world, the 30 countries we're number one. so i never to does not exist norway denmark sweden and china. the best countries they're ranked the top four or five. they spend a fraction in the year number 30. and yet we're number one of money saved to the difference is that number two is so far away you cannot see that. we have to change. we have to do like my campaign.


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