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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Charleston South Carolina  CSPAN  February 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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here is another thing. recently a doctor cannot to me and said he had more nurses there never but now he has more accountants that this is never happened before. it is so complicated it will die of its own volition, as the republicans bailed them now. they are constantly bailing obama out. it will die. but he comes out in a highly respected in says that drug industry, a pharmaceuticals the largest purchaser of drugs by far.
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we all did the cost of drugs if we did we would save approximately $300 billion. 300 billion with friends said why? first it took me 20 seconds but then i realized the politicians i running against with tremendous campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry. if we did a favored nations clause forget about bidding united states pays the lowest price during that two-year period remember favored nation. we are a huge buyer.
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we would save $300 million. they are all getting money. would a johnson is the head of bush fund-raiser. the campaign chairman. think of it. ted cruz space is more than any human being i have never seen. i have never seen any human being looked at what he did to ben carson and the voter violations he will live more than any human being. the focus in the money? wall street and the oil industry. he doesn't put to tell the banks because those are the people he is robin hood he will protect them from wall street. big battle street he does
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and said he has a $1 million loan with goldman sachs. that the interest-rate on that loan is practically nothing. you would like to have that. believe me. it is all of them. and i just ted cruz in the country is messed up the a big reason that they're all taking care of by every industry. the automobile industry. they'll tell you why you cannot bring for back because they have campaign contributions. when i want to bring somebody back i am self funding. nobody will say you cannot do that. [applause] the other day i am watching television somebody has the crazy cellphone i by air
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conditioners from carrier in many others but i will not buy any more. 40 dash people they are firing these people. why? they're moving to mexico. how does that help us? they were moving to mexico mexico, sell them on the border to the united states. we get nothing we lose the jobs in factories mexico gets all of the working and we get nothing. you probably heard people say donald trump is not a true conservative. i and the most conservative of the border the most conservatconservat ive with respect to common core.
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the most conservative with getting rid of obamacare. [cheers and applause] the most conservative person doing with the military to take care of the vets. [cheers and applause] but i get a kick. many of these in private industry are running the country. so to say he is not a conservative first i believe in free trade and with china this year $500 billion.
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to have a tremendous amount of money. we send them nothing cahow. the farmers don't want anything from us. they said then back. [chanting] i like that. is enough.
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he was getting ready to do that again. we send them cattle then they send a back-and-forth finally they accept it this stuff is writing -- rotten because it is decayed a college kobe beef and charge you 10 times more that is to pay in in they are killing us. look what they do to caterpillar. he buys excavating equipment. what do you do it? they have devalued their currency for the first time in their life he is buying excavation equipment. what is the difference? he said they're both good caterpillar is better but i
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owe it to my family and my wife and my employees and my company. ice understand. take a look at the caterpillar stock. it is happening to all of the spurt you have going here they are being forced to build the number of mass of plants in china. unless i am president i know the game better. nobody knows that better. [cheers and applause] nobody. within a few years they will make all the planes in china and devalued their currency nobody knows currency manipulation better. nobody. then they will delay offense
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and here we go. we have to get smart. when i came down the escalator at trump tower i came down it started with trade and the border and they have a horrible incident in paris now the border was more important they love trump for the military he now sheriff joe he endorsed me. when he endorses you you are the toughest on the border. believe me. [applause] it was an amazing yvette. every single candidate has come through liberty
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university. to endorse donald trump that was a great honor. sarah palin. everybody wants her endorsement. a great woman that is a great person. we will have the borders and trade. when we started we talked about trade. when paris happened everybody started to say we want tromps 60% or 70% 72% now we're down at six. it is so great but we had six years 70 percent in terms of the military and the border the economy i expect it was all trump except for personality.
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[laughter] the personality was little over the and the economy. behalf your choice of a waterfall personality but bad on jobs, the economy economy, security, the border, of the wall, i will take the guy with the economy. you take the guy with the wall. [cheers and applause] and i and my serve then many of these. that i can tell you. who will pay for the wall? quickly. what are those running against me? you cannot put apple wall. rally? why not? i don't know. can you do that?
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wanted to do with 15 years ago because the environmental impact statement. they could not get that. they have a snail's. co looked they could not get the environmental impact statement. now you have celts' dynasties in china building a massive fortress with massive runways with the biggest military planes in the world with the excavators. they're ripping the hell out of that notion in building an island in the south of china to be a military fortress. they have no respect for our president or our country.
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i actually do a lot of business with china i make a lot of money with china. if you know, we we're doing you can make a fortune i have the biggest think of the world in manhattan from china we have more customers than the people in the country. for greg million customers i said to prefer and joking joking, joking when you start to excavate that island did you get the environmental impact statement? he said actually know they came up with the idea on friday at 4:00 p.m. they started excavation's saturday morning. it is true. he said that. we are in a different world. i loved the last debate some people said it was too rough
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that is better than those that are too weak but i have to say i won every single poll for the debate. [applause] but seven people coming at me from riverside. that is the problem with or country. hillary clinton said i don't like donald trump's tone. they are chopping off heads in the middle east of christians there chopping off heads of everybody there drowning people 30 at a time and she said i don't like his tone. so she asks ted cruz. i have been in the center every single debate.
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to say that is amazing he is a bad talker. he is dead at the debates. such talk about water boarding what do you think? i don't want to talk about it. the and then they'll the commis to say what you think? i have more money than all of them put together 25 times but every day they cannot with the new poll. 20 think of his hair? they spend millions of dollars to network.
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how much you pay your pollster? i said free. i say nothing. i don't have a pollster. the network is my pollster. i am so busy i cannot read them anyway. they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per month ted cruz could not pull that he cannot he answer the question. he is thinking it is terrible to say water boarding. say it. then they say mr. trump i say a chop off heads not since medieval times james foley now we're in the worse
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period however from medieval times back from high-school. when was the last time you heard about chopping off heads? so now they look at me. how do you feel about water boarding? it is terrible in fact, is a torture? how do feel? i said i feel great about it [cheers and applause] and then i said something that got me in trouble because it was not politically correct but i said we should go much
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further then water boarding. [applause] i said we have an enemy in the middle east better chopping off people's heads in drawing them in steel cages. can anyone imagine these people sitting around at night eating and talking talking about the united states to chop off heads? they must think we're the dumbest and weakest and stupidest people on earth. i read a story it is terrible should i tell you? earlier in this century general pershing had a
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terrorism problem with swine and p.i.g.s. and animals. with the tremendous problem with terrorism. en was a rough guide in the air of the 1900's he caught 50 terrorist to did tremendous damage and egypt 50 bullets in a pig's blood. you for that? and to dip them in a pig's blood.
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in the shot 49 of those people and said you go tell them what happened in for 25 years there wasn't a problem. for 25 years there wasn't a problem. with better store using our heads were we will not have a country. [applause] i love this country. that is why i am doing this. we want to keep the country. i will tell you something i have been saying things to millions of people he did
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not say this on the record but i have been doing this 25 years and have never seen like what is happening. is amazing. [cheers and applause] in a great compliment. when you go to oklahoma or new hampshire or new york or iowa the people are unbelievable. i have been saying this make america a great again weekend but i think we can make it greater than ever before. to have such incredible
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potential. bringing our jobs back from china. they will not have for a bill done in mexico vietnam's is a new one. we will be so proud. we will either right product that the generals want to not what the politicians want. [applause] in in in you will remember this evening to say in four years i was there for
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evening when donald trump representing all of us made a speech and i voted for him the next day. [cheers and applause] and our country started to win again. we cannot beat isis with our military we will knock the hell out of them will take care of our veterans with education and end second amendment people coming into the border but they will come legally in you will
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remember this evening no matter how you feel. you have to go out and vote tomorrow. i don't want your money. we want your vote. [cheers and applause] [chanting] you will say to yourself that was one of the great evenings of your life because we will make you so proud of your country you'll be proud of your president and you will be so proud of her president but you'll be so proud of your country we
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will start winning again not the country that makes the iran deal to give them $150 billion. they will become the smart country and a truly great country again. we will start winning and we will make america upgrade again. i love you. thank you. we love you. ♪ ♪
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some initialing a big lead in the race tomorrow nationwide with 35 percent of likely republican primary voters ted cruz send rubio calling for second then followed by a bullish cent per cent kasich. we'll be with bernie sanders hubie hat nevada tonight the caucuses are tomorrow and a series of ads are trying to sway and the voters. >> my father left my family things went from bad to worse this is about real
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lives. the reason why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. for those unwilling to think big and be bold. >> i am bernie sanders and i approve their message. >> [applause] >> i will do everything i can so you don't have to be scared. but you were being very
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brave and. you have to be brave for them to. they want you to be happy and successful. i do the worrying is that a deal? i will do everything i can to help. [applause] >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> the democratic caucuses republican primary both tomorrow today is 7:30 p.m. eastern with speeches from the candidates and in your reactions by phone or facebook or twitter. >> i am still trying to decide which candidate to support. betrayed and the governors to have executive experience
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for those late ted cruz zero or marco rubio. >> there are more than 5 million young americans who can serve their country for a year like the peace corps. . .
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spot. hard to believe looking at it. one of the best parks in the country, but this really was a very depressed nasty place and it's a great story of how a community can get behind a park and start to appreciate river and waterfall again. >> watch the c-span city tour on saturday noon eastern on c-span2 . next conversation with the author of united states of jihad, invga