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tv   Book Discussion on JF Ks Forgotten Crisis  CSPAN  February 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:04pm EST

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on the one hand iran and india on the other. just two years ago to proudly announce to allow live for the first time to target beijing with nuclear weapons. so the crisis averted in 1962 remains a problem to this day. and the story of the crisis and just like the world played and the role played by the cia but i will finish with one final word. but if they were only declassified for more than
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in 50 years because in some way are very embarrassing to ask the united states to bail them now. the letters are declassified this is the first book that takes the vintage of looking at those "in-depth". thank you for your attention and i will be glad to take questions. [applause] >> jfk never went to india or pakistan the thousand days he was in office. she did not go with him but
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then to request the meeting with the prime minister they said the intention and often failed because the prime minister's attention was bailing. and with into zero minutes of the meeting nehru was playing with his pencils. so i did get better but the auspicious start. but this is kennedy did travel to southeast and. in the spring of 1962.
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and then in the age of television and during the second world war ended never traveled by themselves overseas. with the detachment of the 25 people. per trip was a spectacular success schaede was hailed as the queen of america and sheet excited the crowds and people back in the united states of america. in pakistan he also heard she was a horsewoman and loved horses and she loved
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jumping so he gave her a 10 year-old gelding. she left immediate instructions back to the white house that he was to be given vip treatment flown home on his own airplane and no rules about checking the veterinary background for the horse to be shipped immediately to her farm. so he rides riderless during the of butyral of pennsylvania avenue is a unique reminder in the kennedy administration in she was a hostess for the state visit stick united
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states the state visit was unique only were his home used for this state visits. and it had just come back end we don't have any palaces. the immelt version was the site of a very special summit. but now with mount vernon what did you do to outdo that? so they took nehru to jackie's home in rhode
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island. it is called the cottage. their idea of a cottage is different than most of us but it was a complete failure. nehru was getting on in age. said no engagement. and then somebody on the white house staff fails to properly opened the flu and the meeting began with smoke going through all the white house. not a very auspicious start. with both india and pakistan.
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>> looking at the cia involvement with the guerrilla fight. >> i will back up just a little bit and in the 1950's called the most allied allied to have more treaties alliance with pakistan than any other country in the world. if we were firmly in bed with the administration they like pakistan because as it was clearly with us with the cold war when india was much more neutral. the cia as a result
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developed a close relationship with its counterpart in the '50s. one dundee's relationships is the aircraft were based in pakistan with the famous mission that was shot down in 1959. there was us that it operation of the tibetan resistance china moved troops into tibet the story if it is there isn't part of china there are bookshelves full logbooks arguing both sides but from the tibetan standpoint it was clear-cut their country was invaded by the chinese. the way of life was attacked by a china in their
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spiritual leader of the dali lama of brent into exile. but that was us teeeighteen that helped him to get out of tibet to cross the border into india where he remains to this day. the california was responsible for military support and that support was provided from the air base and at the time and blaise east pakistan. where king you get that easily? the cia with those operatives with the training
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facility in virginia but most were trained in colorado. with terms of geography and climate but that is the logic that used to capture dune german soldiers then flown to east pakistan and parachute into east tibet. there is no way with all of the american support in the world will defeat the chinese liberation army. the whole idea was crazy. even called it unsanitary.
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the operation continued after the eisenhower administration into the kennedy of frustration but the document that i alluded to that don't speak to it very much the indians were out of the loop. is immediately next door. but we do have fortunately good accounts of the operation and written by cia officers that were involved and got the memoirs published with the "in-depth" report of what is going on.
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i had stolen the month before to turn of use and wanted to send kennedy a message if you want to flirt with the indians to give them economic assistance it will cost you. he didn't want to do this in public with a public falling out so the easiest way to send the message was to is having a covert program the world did not have to know it was not a big issue. but kennedy in addition to senators and cabinet members invited the director of national intelligence while everybody was having a drink kennedy took him for a walk in the gardens and asked him where do the discontinue the
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operation? could we resume the use of the tibet base? it because of the charm of the night or the president but he agreed to resume assistance. flash forward len harrington arrives in india one is a political agenda. line is a military agenda. end what kind of assistance or trading operations we could pursue as a covert agenda because now that china and india have gone to war the indians were ready to replace the pakistan neece and they began to support with this see a
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flight coming to drop equipment the other was flights that said only, not of pakistan that now they come now secretly from air bases in india and from an indian facility that the chinese are in the final stages that gave the crucial intelligence to become a nuclear weapon states.
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but gold braid was the tall man and the graduate with the interior of school i of agriculture to become an economist it became one of the stars of harvard university but not the star. and also an adviser to kennedy. he kept a diary while he was ambassador to new delhi and later published to pitino billion you were. but at least review said
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that on the 19th of november is politically unknown dialogue. in the state department is constantly criticized working with the state department is fornicating through mattress. he also talks about people to have a very 1960's attitude toward gender flying from washington to hawaii with an american movie actress that says i fell in love before it ever took off. what did his wife think about his diary years later?
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about what the indians were thinking and how the united states government worked in the kennedy administration worked those inside workings by a somebody sitting in the white house that had a very different optic watching what was going on in the white house. but what appalled him they could see the kennedy administration in to the vietnam war to say don't listen to the general he will get you into a mess. of course, another great what death and then going the way it tragically did. and another perspective we will find in this book you won't find anywhere else.
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[applause] >> please come up to say hello and ran to get a book. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> the complaint not knowing about their history. and they reported they want to know where they could get that information on and jesse jackson but didn't know much but it was a typical southern town and black-and-white basically. and error of asian descent
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into our three families had come into this area when they normally live in a neighborhood did also would discriminate to some degree. but at that time with the bigotry that most of us have learned to live with but they learn their place and stay in it but it was the way they newsworthy and. as a child hearing stories of the young black man with though white cab driver also
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hearing everybody that talk about what happened and we would think about what happened. but as we get older for some reason the atmosphere less because if you can be a young leonora woman without the benefit of a trial what is there to be afraid of? with the civil-rights movement breakout they tried to put fear in ice that is how dangerous it was and
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realized it was but it did not bother us it was the possibility if we allow to be in the way they were that leads to our life but if you are willing to lose your life then you will save it. so we were spontaneous participants. many activities are covered by the local television station and. there were accounts as well as those of other citizens
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do not get the attention of birmingham alabama. but we did enough to spark a movement and then it spread to benedict college. even with participation in. and then through charleston is south carolina. and then evolves into an organized movement believe that are not i was at the age of 15 elected president
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freddie and -- naacp for the entire state of north carolina sun to get an attorney that works with us the later became a judge. to work on cases that could be filed. luckily we had an attorney and another local attorney and into a statewide movement so win jackie robinson came. and then coming to the
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waiting room. and then with jackie robbins to be refused and out of that been done january 1st and we marched and the new church is still there but we all march. that come fall over the state to march. after that very successful march that is when this it is began to occur.
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the peterson case became a landmark case in south carolina when high-school president end to be arrested at the five and dime. pharao were for a vice who were under the age of 16. and going to the youth detention center for almost eight days but it was seven days. the we can stop as soon as i
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turned 60 now was back on the trail again. and before the united states supreme court in those leaves you are on the record were overturned. and it was because we were under age at the time. but that march john the state capital in from all over the state to protest the fact that the representatives at that time had passed a bill to arrest individuals for disturbing the peace.
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so immediately we decided we would have a march. that was back in 1961. in fact, 183 students were arrested. in they were from all over the state. they were there from allen university. but then the congressmen cliburn was arrested. with the march on the state capital. but then next day with that faithful use was all night
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just watching over us. but we have those leaders in the movement. and sometimes i am hesitant with that civil-rights movement. with that elusive bird. that you cannot really put your finger on it. . .
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tonight it is my pleasure to introduce you to doctor ronald feinman for specialized within a business on political and diplomatic history. he is taught courses at florida atlantic university on the america 1900 to 1945 fdr and the new deal era. u.s. 1945 to the present and
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america in the 1960s. feinman is also the author of the highlights progress of the sum, the western republican senators and the new deal. he currently writes for a blog, i welcome ronald feinman. [applause] i want to begin by thanking certain people and stephanie and the center for inviting me to speak on the buck and i want to thank c-span for agreeing to put it on book tv in a few weeks and also my son david and paul for always being there for me. we are definitely a very close family and i want to think one thank one of my colleagues and former student who took me for courses at both broward and
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florida atlantic university. as i always say he majored in feinman and my american in my american history. [laughter] he now teaches at college and helped me with the powerpoint and going to use because i'm not a technically savvy and also with the chart in my books. he's the head of the center for the presidency at florida atlantic university for also having contributed a great deal and having reviewed the book and criticized it and help to make it better. the question is why i've been asked in fact i was asked on c-span q-and-a


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