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tv   Book Discussion on Retaking America  CSPAN  March 5, 2016 11:45pm-12:50am EST

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involved? >> the first question is who had influence in the process and were slaves used to erect the monument? >> they had nothing to do with the washington monument. i do not, i'm not aware of slave labor being used. it was pretty technical where you didn't want on skilled labor moving blocks of granite that weighed two and a half tons each. this was highly skilled work. i doubt they used slaves but there just wasn't any slave labor available with the sufficient skills. :
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>> it was just dead weight to keep them where they were now is dead weight and there they go. there were 11 with one exception, it's now in st. peter's square. all had fallen down by the middle ages. in the popes, the fifth and sixth at the end of the 16th century he got most of them back up again and put back together. >> we can thank egypt for what little we do now for this whole process. >> yes. egypt dry climate so they were good scribblers. because of the dry climates a lot of that has
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survived. we have good antiquity of egypt. we have an amazing amount of information about the egyptians. >> we have time for one more question. in the book you talk about hieroglyphics and will go to the gentleman. >> he said it was the largest bone structure. >> is the largest stone structure, made entirely of stone. it is the one outside saint john in rome. it's about 110 feet high. feet high. it's about 30 feet higher than cleopatra. >> okay, so we are wrapping up. thank you all you all for coming and asking great questions. [applause]. thank you for telling us about your book. you'll find it to be a fun and
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engaging book. i learned a ton of things, i learned a lot that i quit paying attention to in class, you cover a lot of grounded 200 pages. it is a nice overview of the whole process to get our great monument here and also flashback to the agent time. congratulations on your book. i'm sure your audience will find it very interesting. we will have a book signing as well. i am reading off a script here, i apologize. the new station at the district in columbia, you can find us on 88..5 on the fm dial or w on a smart phone at npr app. if you're interested in talking about the stations i will be around for a little bit. you can ask me about anything. of course my colleagues are here, so you can talk to them, you can also have your book signed. thank you [applause].
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[inaudible] let's have another round of applause [applause]. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> when i tune in on the weekends it is usually authors about their new releases. >> watching the nonfiction authors on book to be is the best television for serious
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readers. >> on c-span they can have a longer conversation, and delve it to their subject. >> book tv weekends, they bring bring you author after author, after author. it's the work of fascinating people. >> i am a c-span fan. >> i first met adams about three years ago. if you understand history, think about the young man alexis who came from to the united states america in the early 18 hundreds. if you ever read the book democracy in america, he was a young man who came from france, he wanted to understand what made america so unique. what made america so different from all the other countries? he wanted to understand that single thing that is indistinguishable of america, it's the individual rights of freedom and liberties. so here today we have a modern-day alexis who has come to us from the land down under and he is sharing thoughts and
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perspectives with us. let me give you a brief overview of nick adams. he is a best-selling author, columnist and commentator. columnist and commentator. his appeared on every major television a major program, the 700 club, and hundreds more. he he is a columnist for, he also serves as a centennial institute, policy fellow at colorado christian university. his work has been published in newspapers around the world such as the washington exam, the career the career times, and online epoxies, daily color, the blaze, jewish world review and elsewhere. he was appointed an honorary texas in 2013. his most recent book, i present to you a fantastic young man
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nick adams. it's climax. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen, what an honor, pleasure and privilege it is to stand here before you this morning at the country club right here in dallas texas. i'm just thrilled to be speaking to the national center for policy analysis, one of the world's premier think tanks. it is a tremendous honor to be with each and every single one of you today. in the world's exceptional nation. in the world's indispensable country. to top it all off in the greatest state of that country. [applause]. i love coming to texas.
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i love being in texas. for me texas is the living and breathing embodiment, it's a free, open society. i so admire the moxie, swagger and bravado of taxes and texans. and their steadfast refusal to embrace the new seminars in the world that we now occupy. for that reason texas really is mold i believe for the entire world to follow. texas is to america what america is to the world. it is a guiding light. it is an idea that we should turn to whenever we seek guidance or counsel.
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that is why on the tenth of july, 2013 when former governor rick perry appointed me an honorary texans, i have to tell you it was one of the greatest days i've ever had. ladies and gentlemen, i'm here at the moment on a book to her. my my new book, retaking america, crushing political correctness is a book for anybody that loves america and hates the political correctness. i look for to sharing with you a lot about that book and its content today. i want to think a lot of people that made this event possible. i want to thank the wonderful staff of the national center for policy analysis, eileen, laurel, who went to great way of preparing this event to be what it is right now. we have a tremendous turnout. it is great to be here with so
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many wonderful patriots. i know many people in this audience have traveled far and wide to be here today. the gentleman that springs to mind in the front row, he is from bogata, texas, but go to texas. i stand corrected. it is on the oklahoma border there, big river county. what i think a a political correctness in american exceptionalism, texas really is the best place for that message. i find that texans have content for political contentedness. i have a great deal of power for an sean has been a great friend of mine for many years. i am always reminded that
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refreshingly politically incorrect this that does come from texas whenever i speak to sean. i had occasion last year to be in new york and i had a photograph taken with a young lady who i said is a fox news regular. she happens to hail from the opposite side of politics. it was posted on facebook and social media, and sure enough, enough, there i was on sixth avenue coming back from the hit on fox news. my cell phone starts ringing. no one else other than sean from but go to the, texas. he says nick have you got a minute, and i said yes yes sean i have a minute and he said i think you're making a mistake and i said okay and he said i
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don't mess and with those women now you hear me. so i always love that refreshing friendship and honesty, and forthrightness that really does emanates from the texas spirit. that's why spend so much time and texas. i also want to thank my friends of all times, colonel wes. and i think he knows that his humility he knows he does not enjoy it when people like me pray on him. i think i have all about 30 seconds before a paratrooper jumps into action and takes me offstage. let me say this, alan is an extraordinary continuing of graciousness, knowledge, and model for civic engagement. it's touching that he spent so much of his time prepare to help
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and helping young men and women who are up-and-coming and who share the values of the united states and traditional principles. for that, all of us are very grateful. well, ladies and gentlemen we do stand here in the greatest country in the history of the world. the constitution of the united states is the best political documents ever written. in the united united states military is the finest fighting force that mayank heinz has ever known. i want to ask today any active duty or veterans of the united states military to please stand along with any law-enforcement so we can thank you. america's free, the world the world is free because of you. [applause]. ladies and gentlemen, some of you may be wondering where i get
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this accent from and i'm here to tell you of course that is undeniably from south texas. [laughter] one that i've had for some time. i do indeed sound southern texas. you may be wondering why this guy with a funny accent cares about the united states. well it is very simple ladies and gentlemen, what is good for america is good for the world. what america does well the world as well. what america is weak, the world becomes an exceedingly dangerous place. that is not a hypothesis, that is not a theory, that is not something that i trumped up were written on the back of a cocktail napkin. that is what we are living right now, we are in that reality where the united states has been weekend by an administration
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that does not appear to be acting in america's best interest around the world, as a result, as a direct result of that right now america is not in the position that -- i happen to believe the primary reason for that is this totalitarian ideology called political correctness. political correctness is behind every single major problem in america today, whether we talk about open borders, the pleas having to wear their own handcuffs, declining educational standards, gun-control, receiving christianity and growing secularism. out of control firing, onset standard both federal debt. a diminished america on the world stage. every single policy, concern,
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and every matter of consternation in the every day, ordinary american is rooted in political correctness. the solution to those problems cannot be undertaken, i cannot think of any ideology that is to the foundational principles of the united states them political correctness, political correctness tries to remove three things, identity, individualism, and confidence. the united states of america has those three things in stock. there are three things that set them apart from the rest of the world, from other countries, this is the world's most
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optimistic, patriotic, religious nation in the world, initiative, risk, go much further in the united states than they do anywhere else, i happen to believe that anybody that was born in america or has become an american or as a permanent resident of the united states of america has truly won the lottery of life. this is the country that makes it happen. this is is still the country where anybody can rise above a circumstances and go on to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. that is an elegant and beautiful, and magnificence ideal in principle, it is is the reason why so many people want to come to the united states of america. for so long the educational elites have consistently sold
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the narrative that america is a hateful place. a terrible place and a righteous place. my friends, nothing could be further from the truth. i don't care what your color, what your sexual orientation, who you are, where are, where you come from, what you do, this is the greatest country in the world for you. this nation gives you the best opportunity to achieve the dreams that got put in your heart. that is the reality, sadly, tragically that is not what our young people are being told anymore, that is not what you hear on the radio when in your pickup trucks are on the television sets in your living her. something has to be said because apart from freedom the
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next greatest casualty of the political correctness is the truth, political correctness is not interested in telling the truth, political correctness is not interested in expressing reality, political correctness is only interested in asserting a narrative, and painting a picture, the the benefits, the objectives of the politically correct and their advocates. that that is why they are selective with the truth. that is why they are more than prepared to stick their head in the sand when something is so obvious, take for example the president of the united states, he refuses to name the enemy of radical islam, even when the enemy is more than happy and more than prepared, more than willing and does it over and over and tells us what their motivations are.
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but the president is not prepared to say it, such as the president, if lots of people, people, because of course all religions have to be able, all countries have to be able, ladies and gentlemen, i'm here to tell you that all people are equal but all cultures are not equal. all religions are not equal. you're not going to hear that at universities today. you are not going to hear that in classrooms of elementary schools are middle schools, or high schools. it is a crying shame. what is it done, it has led to an america right now with so many young people don't like their country. they have bought into this nonsense. they have bought into this idea that america is not a perfect place, that america that america has so much to be ashamed about. so little to be proud of. that everything it has done is in some way tainted yet, they do
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not realize that they have no clarity, they failed that the united states is special because it's not just a country, not just a geographical entity, it's an idea, it's an ideal, it is the experience of humanity, and his blood liberatory freedom, signal is h and of we know it, it depends on the united states, if we lose america there is no one else to pull us out, this is it. freedom lives in parishes in america. that is why i am invested in it. that's what people around the world no matter who they are or where they live, if they put foot on american soil they have an investment of america being healthy, being strong and
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absently crushing this cultural totalitarian that is political correctness. >> i wrote my book retaking america crushing political correctness because i believe that if america is to make it to the third centennial in 2076, this year ladies and gentlemen will be the 240th birthday of america, it is of course a celebration, unfortunately i must tell you that if you ask any historian what their thoughts about the longevity of the great nations throughout history, they will tell you the great nation tends to last between 20250 years. and i'm here to tell you ladies and gentlemen that puts america right in the kill zone.
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as we celebrate 240 years of the united states. if america is to make it through the third centennial, and 60 years time it is going to require all of us, every single one of us to stand up to protect and defend america and to crash political correctness. political correctness is stealing your confidence, it is stealing your joy, it is stealing your ability to lead, every single think that america is known for is being attacked. i'm here to tell you political correctness has dozens of targets. christians, men, there's lots of groups that is specifically targets but if the politically correct crowd had a deck of cards of most wanted cards, the ace of spades would be america,
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because america is the great hoedown to that leftist agenda. it is the only country that is showing resilience against what is going on. i know it may be hard for many of you who are in the thick of it to actually appreciate that but i'm here to tell you as it where he is worn and willing as america might be right now, it is still heads and shoulders the greatest country in the world, where would you want to start a company, where would you want to come and work, that is why more people want to immigrate to the united states than anywhere else. if america is such a hateful place then why does america have the problem on its southern border like it does? of course we have to ask yourself an obvious question why the political correct we can be
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right? ladies and gentlemen, as i have traveled all through the united states, i feel that ordinary, everyday americans are finally fighting back. that ordinary, everyday americans are sick and tired of being attacked from trigger warning then being accused of being racist, if they criticize president obama, they are sick and tired of these moral and intellectual, these pixies that want to bow you into silence and conformity, that want to tell us where to go and what to do, that is not america, america is about individualism, it's about pride
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in having an identity. we we do not want america to be a self-loathing detained suicidal race. we don't wanted wanted to turn into another european country. we don't want to aspire to a mediocrity. we want the young americans today to be proud of who they are. to be advocates of the american exceptionalism. to be more more than prepared to reassert the american idea. to know what is america and what isn't america. because if you believe in anything, you believe in nothing. that that is why it is so important that we step up and punch this political correctness in the nose, that we hit first, we hit hard and we don't stop because if we don't take that action, if we remain a punchingbag for these folks, everything they do to us, a
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neighborhood, all all of those things we know nothing. it will mean absolutely nothing. we may as well go up because we need to be able to defend ourselves. we need to to be able to have as much passion, hunger and desire to win then as our enemies do. we need to be able to match those who wish to diminish america. we need to match them with boldness and in strength and strategy. and all of us. that's what retaking america and political correctness does. it lays out a strategy to retake america and to crash political correctness. it involves reasserting the american idea, it involves
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engaging in the cultural. one of the fabulous things about our capitalist society is the if we do not like something we don't have to watch it, if there's there's a television anchor that we don't have time for something we don't like we are more than happy to simply turn off the television or change the dial. or simply take that channel off the remote. but if we are going to win, if we're going to take on the only way that we can wind is by understanding the enemy. by knowing the enemy as well as they know themselves. it's to anticipate what they're going to do, what they are going to say, they're called racist
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and sexist, homophones and bigots and i could go on. >> this new gospel that these links want to pull us apart not be repelled, it must be rejected , america is not about political correctness, it is not about not having confidence or having an identity and stripping away individualism, every day ordinary people that hold the traditional view on marriage or a view on climate change, they are no longer welcome in a polite society, you you cannot be a part of plates company if you don't subscribe to this new green day gospel. heaven forbid you blast against
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that gospel. and in that way my friend considered to be the americans are every day ordinary americans that just happen to have a traditional idea of family of country in the faith. they become the new communist. so what i mean by that what i mean is it was not that long ago that if you were a communist sort you had some association with communism whether it was real or perceived, you cannot get a job, you miss that opportunity, but how has the table turned, how have they flipped, today it is the precisely opposite, if you are a person of traditional ideas and values and you are prepared to express them in public, you are in a world of hurt and trouble,
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people are losing their jobs every day, not just in america but elsewhere, you may be wondering why i am specifically targeted the united states. it's a good question because i can tell you no matter how back political correctness is here, you would not believe how bad it is in other places. it is much worse in england, australia, canada, but it's my belief and it brings me no joy in saying this, it is is my believe those countries are too far gone, it's my believe those countries did not have the foundation principle and do not have the foundational principles that will allow them to come back, every time i step foot on american soil i am heartened by the patriotic bloodlines that
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still exist in middle america, i i do not believe that middle america has yet begun to fight. and i think when we do i think political correctness is not going to know what hit. that is so pivotal when that happens because it is not possible to hyperventilate about this. it's not possible to hyped this up. this really is a civilization issue. it really is a bout humanity as we know it. if we cannot erase the situation, if we continue to be pushed around by these political correct advocates that don't share the objectives with us that want american pull down several pages, that don't appreciate what makes america great, that are big on and doctor nadine young people we
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are going to lose this fight. we are going to lose this fight. i believe there is no greater moral imperative then political correctness. i believe america needs to come back and in order to come back it will take up the deck, limit the government, protect the borders, preserve christian traditions, exercise the constitution, keep the peace and cut taxes. in order order to be able to do those endings it has to be able to crash political correctness first. political correctness stands in the way of each of those things coming to fruition.
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anybody who wants america and civilization and loves opportunity and wants their dream to come true needs to understand the fruit of political correctness the rate that we reach is by making people understand that they are less likely to achieve the dreams they have in their heart that political correctness exists. that is what we need to get through to people, that political correctness is a hurdle, it is a setback, that prevents people from being able to do what they want to do including the thing that is closest to their heart and that is their dream. political correctness is about encouraging mediocrity not to encouraging greatness. nothing
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could be more antsy america than that. nothing could be more anti-american to the first amendment this intellectual pyramid that political correctness survives. i want all of you to pick up a copy of my book, retaking america christian political correctness. if you love american hate political american hey political correctness this is a book that i humbly and respectfully submit to you, you need to read. the stakes are too far on one side. this war on america, but i can tell you even as a non-american i am prepared to give my life for this country. i know all of you are as well. we need to call on that passion, we need to call on that unshakable belief and we need to be relentless to those that want
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to destroy us and diminish america. we can't let it happen, we won't let it happen, god bless you and i look forward to taking questions you may have [applause]. >> i would like to start with the first question, recently there was a poll out that said 43% of millennial's, 30 years and blow prefer socialism over capitalism. we also know about this growing movement on college campuses about safe spaces which really does look at the debate that is going on, what you you think is the most important thing we can do to educate our young people and get them to realize some of these false narratives. >> that's a great question and i
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appreciate you asking that, you are exactly right the problem really is in the classroom of america, it is in the theaters of america. we have always under stood far better than us that in order to control tomorrow you must have control of the children of today for the last 30 or 40 years two and a credible effect in great they have managed to successfully infiltrate the elementary schools of america, i think we need to encourage every day, ordinary americans to take up the jobs of teaching, of journalism now it's not for everybody but everybody can support somebody that wants to do that because unless we can arrest that situation, unless we can remove this red paint of history that insists on putting america out for a hateful and
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terrible place, we are going to lose everything that we have and there is no greater evidence than that, every single day young people in my country, young people in your country are going out and joining isis. that stunning when he first look at it but when he took a deeper look at it is it really a surprise? when for their entire lives that have been told they have nothing to be proud of for americans. nothing to be proud of as australians. they haven't been committed, they have no identity. and then the only one out there that are offering an identity to come join us they say well i like this idea of having identity. these guys are are evil, but they have an identity. that is why we are losing the fight because we have not allowed our young people to have
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an identity. so all of us have to be vigilant about this. if we hear about teachers we are going to employ the tactics of the left. this is something that i write extensively about with the retaking america, we need to use the tactics of the left, we need to have a watchlist and have university professors and teachers, we need to make sure that parents are looking at the school of their children and say i do not want this teacher to be teaching my kid because i've had a look and i do not want that kind of person teaching my child. so we need to stand up, we need to be bold and vigilance, we need to have ordinary people and their jobs that are obviously not really traditionally conservative jobs. we we need to find ways of incentivizing
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people to get into that particular path of employment. >> i am an adopted child of the united states of america. i love america america and i love what america stands for. how do we from your perspective how do we help young people or people like yourself understand the power of one, that is still america. do not look for somebody else to help, you start, you start speaking, you start the fight and others will follow you. what you think we should do following the question, what do you think we should do to help them and in the same time i want
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to ask you, we are christian, we look at people and we say none oh one and the republicans sometime we isolate ourselves and we do not think this is deliberate, no power or principle i should go and tell them so how do we do those two things? i like to say that i was born september 9, 84 that was exactly two months before ronald reagan and 49 states out of the 50, so i am very proud but it does put me in the millennial part, silly do not identify as millennial, reagan baby not as much as a --
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but not a superior. i happen to think the we need to get every child to be proud of being individual because america, on mike and the is an individualistic society, those of europe and even of english speaking does not fit in the america that we know, america cannot reach the full potential unless people embrace the individualism. i can tell tell you is a person from another country who comes to the united states what we love is an incredible diversity i want individuals to be diverse. , you're right, we do need to reach out much more to the other
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side, increasingly america has become polarized and we need to win the hearts and minds of people. we should not give up i encourage everyone of you to be involved in your local community, to knock on doors, to, to talk to neighbors, to go down the street, even if you're not going to convince that person, at least you will understand who they are and will be able to effectively combat that ideology. it is really important, that people understand that. i do not believe for example that today the allies could successfully prosecute the second world war. i think that our thinking has changed so much that it would be impossible for freedom to defeat
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nazi germany, mussolini, japan, we cannot do it we do not have the stomach anymore, not the patients, we, we live in a world of instant gratification, i know the military can do it and i know they want to do it but they have to prove the world war ii target list there's this idea that if the other side kills three of our guys than if we go and kill five of theirs than it was an overreaction. that is not how it happens. that is not how you win. you do whatever it takes to win. there has to be more clarity. political correctness removes that more clarity. seventy-five years ago your country and my country, in turn,
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japanese, germans and italians that were living in america and estrella. there was no proof that any of these people were anything but patriotic, there was no proof at all that these people were in any way colluding with the evil that was going on on the other side of the world. but the thinking back then was that we do not want to take a risk. we do not want to risk, we we want to win this thing, now contrast that to today, we have and we know that we have people of the faith that are living in countries all around the world that are prepared to blow us up, shoot us up, chopper had the, their plots almost every day and yet if anybody today were to
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raise the specter there would be pandemonium, it would be completely crazy, i bring this up not to advocate for the internment camps of muslim, but to tell you that our thinking has changed, that the way that we do things, the the way that we see the world has changed, there may come a day when our thinking has got to change back again because we have to win, we have to kill evil before it kills us. make no mistake about it, make no bones about it, it is real, the political correct have put their heads in the sand, but but we cannot afford to do so, and retaking america i talk about this islamic threat, this is been happening since the seventh century, the battle of constantinople, all of of us this is not a new thing, thomas
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jefferson was dealing with this, this is ongoing. and so what is going to happen and we need to do something about it. political correctness is stopping us from doing something about it and that is why we need to get rid of this political correctness. >> it looks like were just destroying ourselves in order to -- we need to unite as a conservative how can that happen >> that's a good question i think you for it. i live in chicago i keenly follow american policy. american politics much like the country and the culture is certainly exceptional. we are getting it right, look at it this time around i have had the great opportunity of the
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unit both new hampshire and south carolina the last couple of weeks, i flew from charleston yesterday and i had back there tomorrow. it is very interesting to see what is happening, i i certainly believe that in 2016 what we are seeing is the rise of the anti- pc politician and i think you are right, the pendulum is swinging back, i don't know know how far back it will swing, i do not know who the greatest representation of that will be, ultimately that is a decision for americans to make but i do want to tell you that the president of the united states is not just the president of america, he or she is the president of the entire world. that is why everyone has a stake in this. when i go to new hampshire and south carolina there is not only america media there it's from all around the world because everybody knows that the fellow
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occupants in the next occupant of the white house is going to be important. right now people in australia are not sleeping well because president obama is not keeping the world safe. he is not adequately fighting the scourge of radical islam. so that is an example, i would love to see american unity but i do not believe that will be possible unless a consensus is reached on what constitutes being an american. post-world war ii and into the communism era there is no doubt about what it meant to be an american but unfortunately in the last 30 or so years, as things have been to marker ties, as people have perceived devoid, all of a sudden now there is a
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lot of debate about what it means to be an american. there were a lot of americans, as colonel west sided with that poll that considered socialism to be a form of americanism. now to my mind anti- communism is the most profound america thing imaginable and that is what we really need to get back, there emerges a consensus which is increasingly unlikely as it appears to me than it is going to be very difficult to have unity, unfortunately right now it is unfortunately out of two-way have a conservative and liberal america and it's all about inviting people and putting people in groups, pockets and divisions in the
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culture of complaints, those things have got to be addressed because they are not american i would not even call it a hurdle, i'll call the recall is dealing with their understanding the threat of radical islam. it's the confusion of it being a religion opposed to it being an ideology that has aspects of all religion but it covers aspects of their entire life. how do we educate people on the concept that it is not just a religion, because we are confusing people and were looking like were intolerant to when actually were just ignorant >> you are full of good questions. you are exactly right. three years ago i sat down and i
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read the entire karen in english. i read all of it, i'm here to tell you that what these terrorists, what this islamic evil is doing is precisely what it says to do in that little black book. they are following it out word for word. does that mean they're not peaceful muslims? of course it does not mean that. of course there are peaceful muslims. but they're not peaceful when they're not strictly adhering to their faith. they are not acting in accordance to those that are presented in their holy book. so yes there are peaceful muslims but faith itself is not a peace factor. it is an ideology, america is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
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sharia law is about the pursuit of power. profoundly compatible, we do need to think people to understand that it is an ideology and not just a religion, it it is a public ideology, we need to educate people, it is all part of this idea that i talk about in my book and i also have been thinking today, we need to engage in the culture, for, for too long we have a loud these guys to play unopposed. there are people people on television and the radio talking about islam being a political ideology and we need to start doing that it will, as across my friends. what i'm suggesting is not easy and i talk up about this from very personal experience. but it's the right thing to do.
12:39 am
we are heavily outnumbered and out gun but as american history teaches all you need is a few good men to achieve great things. that is what i'm really hoping to call upon from you today, when you leave here today you take home message for you is that we need to be bold because being bold is american. we need to be strong, we need to be unwavering and we need to be unafraid of what these guys are going to do to us. >> it was shared with me that the muslim religion creates a shameful culture, in contrast to the american culture which is based on what is morally right and wrong, how would you contrast shameful culture created in the middle east to primarily muslim faith with political correctness now
12:40 am
created a shameful culture to those who do not adhere to its principle? >> it's in a comparison. there is a great degree of commonality. both encourage shame, both seek to remove freedom. so the objectives of radical islam and the objective of political correctness are one of the same. they are dangerous. i think that our war is one that brought down the buildings of the world trade center is much as it is with those that have continually run base camps for these guys. they are just as culpable, just as guilty and we have to be a
12:41 am
strong with them as we should be in dealing with the 70. it is growing. this is not something that is going to go away. this is not something where they are on the run. they are not run. they're sprinting right at us. unless we put out the arm of liberty and knock them flat on the ground is going to be a bad day for us. >> just said that radical islam is, is in effect politically correct when you use that term? based on what you just said the radicals are those who say they are peaceful. if the religion itself, if religion is a problem but we will not admit that. >> erratic and corrected i should not be using medical islamradical islam.
12:42 am
sometimes it's really stepped up and i appreciate you pointed it out sir. you're right. the religion itself, the ideology itself is radical. therefore really saying it, but something we have to get out of the habit of doing. i know lots of people do it just as a cover. that's what i was doing right now and i do apologize for that. >> so the basic tenets of christianity our love and forgiveness. as compared to the basic tenets of islam. yet, jesus christ himself did not hesitate to shame those who did not exercise love and forgiveness. in fact who are proud and arrogant and so forth. i will suggest that we need to take that example. we need to start shaming our friends, family, and anybody who
12:43 am
we associate with when they embrace this nonsense. the problem is we are not doing that were not exercising courage. i think what i'm hearing you say is we need to exercise courage. we do need to encourage people to be courageous. we do need to encourage people to get out there and fight. you are right, the left have all of these tools, political correctness is born on college campuses but it is being recognized through social media. that's wise become a potent force in our culture these guys have watch this. if you going google on a prominent conservative identity, the first google results will tell you how terrible and evil in primitive and awful we are.
12:44 am
but yet if you go and research less than prominent you'll find it devoid of any criticism. they have not really gone on there and destroy the reputation. you do need to encourage, courage. we do need to shame them because that is the only way we are going to. i do not like coming up here and telling you we need to do things better but it is. the matter has gone too far for us to not act. we need to ask. we are at the point where we had no choice but to act. we do need to call on that courage. we need to call on that. i want young americans everywhere to know that when they were born in america, they
12:45 am
won the lottery of life. i want them to call on the spirit of the 16th president of america, abraham lincoln. a common man common man who rose to become an, later. a man with extraordinary desire. a man who lived with full dignity. a man who went through so much loss but ended up emerging as a leader that america needed at an enormously critical time. >> .. :
12:46 am
he lost six election, lost three or four siblings, had a terrible relationship with his father and had no patience whatsoever. everything he learned was self-taught. born in kentucky, grew up in illinois. he rarely back down when challenged to a bout. that's the kind of spirit i want to see today.
12:47 am
i say to all those young americans watching on c-span, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve because the 16th president of the united states could do that. if you have extraordinary hunger and desire, you can do it if you get back up on that horse. >> i'm wondering, everything that you said, what you really think will bring us to the point of action, it suggests lincoln -like leadership.
12:48 am
only churchville stood up and parliament, we send people over admiring, we send out over the thinkers to --dash only when a catastrophe occurs do we appear to wake up. i'm wondering what you think about how we respond in a meaningful way that begins to change. >> winston churchill also said america always does the right thing after it simply out of
12:49 am
option. another said the greatness of america lay in her ability to repair her faults. two redirect. i remain optimistic that this great republic will be successful. i'm optimistic for a lot of reasons. i'm optimistic because of history. there is a remarkable boomerang spirit in american history.


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