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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 12, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EST

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embarrassed. so ben would would always be there. then we had one pole went been one ahead. this guy was was unbelievable. so i started going after ben. it is politics and ben understands that. i was really impressed with how he fought back. he fought back with silence and strength. i even commented on it. someone else would have gone wild. he has great confidence in himself. i was very impressed. it is true. he is the one person, i use the expression i could not the expression i cannot lose him, i cannot shake him. he did so well. he just just went up, up, up, so steady and solid. i thought back and hit him hard. it's just politics and he understands that. i talked to him about it yesterday. he handled it with such dignity i thought it was amazing. i gained a lot of respect for him. >> on that point, can you talk
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about the two donald trump's that doctor carson brought that up. when you say things like i want to punch a protester in the face or things about doctor ben carson, is it just politics? >> it is politics, it is fact. let me tell you. we have had some violent people and protesters. they are not just people saying -- these are people that punch, they are violent people. i get the biggest crowds by far, not even a contest. you people do not like to report it but one thing good about protesters is that you have to go into the stadiums with 25 and 30,000 people in the cameras never turn, hey ben, the cameras never turn it show the stadium. i want to say turn. but when a protester is a moot corner that make cameras turn. then it is a negative as opposed to a positive so they turn. we have had a couple who were really violent in a particular one when we set i would like to bang him. that was a very -- is a guy who
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was swinging, very loud loud and started swinging at the audience. audience. the audience swung back. he was swinging, hitting people, and the audience hit back. that is what we need a little more. i'm not talking more of just a protester, this was a guy who should not have been allowed to do what he did. frankly if you want to know the truth, the police were very, very restrained. the police have been amazing. the very restrained. the police have been amazing. the police were very, very restrained. >> did ever come to you and say this debate needs to be more -- >> i think it was time. it was very substance last night. it was an elegant debate. ben came in and said it was a very beautiful debate last night. it has gotten great reviews as a debate.
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i will not tell people that i won even though i did win. i refuse to say that, time magazine, 80, slate 84, fox 91 percent, that's, that's fox, i don't believe it. new, we had a debate last night and i think i had to do what i had to do. we have had enough debates in my opinion. they have been like vince mcmahon should've put them on be cause they were wwe. too much. i think last night was something that was very important to come off like that. we and the candidates didn't speak about it. it just sort of morphed into a very dignified debate. >> you said in the debate you had not decided whether you will accept fundraising for the general election. if you go that route does it
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undermined your plans? >> i would not be taking money. the party would be taken money. i don't want money. the party might take money, it's up to the party. it's not up to me. something i have not given much thought to, i have self-funded my campaign. i put in i guess i'll be in for 50 or $60 million at a minimum. i am someone that is a business person. even when i donate, the money is sort of irrelevant. i have a natural instinct to be a little careful with money because that is way i am, that's why we have to be at their country. i expect to have tremendous amounts of money of this by the time we finish. i guess right now mid-to maybe 30,000,000 dollars, maybe more. other people are in for one 50,000,000 dollars and they are nowhere. million dollars and they are nowhere. they are out of the race. i'm proud of the race we have one. i've only been doing this right months, i know the system better than anybody. the reason i know
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is because i was on on the other side of the system. when they talk about campaign finance laws in these different things, i have been there, i don't from the from the real side, not from the politician side. >> i want to go back to what was asked about doctor carson said this morning on the radio and hear about the two donald trump's. so many people know you and like you because of your public persona. is that the real donald trump, or is that something we do not see? >> it is an interesting question, i do not like to over analyze myself. i will tell you that i try to be who i am. i want to be honest. certain questions are asked of me and i want to give correct answer. i know the political correctness better than anybody. i answer truthfully. we are at a point where we have to start being truthful with our country. like the question on islam. i'm answering the question.
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i know the exact answer i could have given an answer the other night to anderson cooper which would've been perfect and no one would have talked about it, it would have been fine. there is a problem. we have to find out what the problem is. we have to solve the problem. you're not good to solve the problem unless you know there is a problem. i want to answer your questions honestly and forthrightly, even if i am on a big stage with tremendous numbers of cameras around i have to answer honestly. the only way we are going to sell the difficulties of a country's -- >> along the same line, why are there two donald trump's? did you at some point make a conscious decision to behave differently in public? >> i don't think there's two donald trump's. i think there is one donald trump. you can look at this and can see someone else who sits, reads, thanks, i am a thinker. i have been a thinker. perhaps people
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do not think of me that way because you do not see me in that form. i thought it was very. i thought it was very nice what ben said actually because it is another side of me. i am a a very deep thinker. i know what is happening. >> will we start seeing more of that side of you? can you elaborate on that. >> i'm going to work with ben on so many different things. i'll be honest, when i was with ben yesterday the thing that most impressed me, i know all about his views on health care because i have heard them and i is always felt that he knew more about it than anybody on the stage and perhaps he should because that is what he is doing. i was most of pressed on his views on education. it's a tremendous strength. ben is going to be involved with us in any aspect he wants to be, but in particular on the subject. >> i want to know more about the toned down version of last night with doctor carson referred to as your cerebral side. do plan to tone down your performances. >> it depends. you can't say. i did not go that there is a
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toned down person. whatever happens happens. you have to be able to swing with the punches. to be honest with you, i did not know -- if i was hit i would've hit back. there are those people who said to me, i was telling ben yesterday that said it doesn't matter, let them call you names, let them do whatever they want, stand there and take it. you are leading, you have a substantially, no, no one is going to be true. do not do anything. and i said i can't do that. when somebody hits, i have to hit back. so i thought they are very respectful yesterday. frankly that everybody did well. i use the expression, i thought it it was a very elegant debate last night. >> you said earlier that you felt we had enough debates, there is potentially another debate scheduled on march 21, is your suggestion to say. >> i think we've had enough. how how many times you have to give the same answer to the same
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question? do you agree with that been? same question, same people come same everything. it would be nice to finish with this one. i thought cnn did a fantastic job last night. i thought jake was a great moderator. it was a really nice way to finish up the debate season. i think there's enough debates, i don't think there's any reason for them. i know they are getting big ratings. the democrats are the democrats are not getting ratings at all. our debates are getting very big ratings. one of those things. i think we have had enough the networks want them. i don't think any other candidates want them. the networks want them. >> there is a breeze you have been using the last several days on the trail and in interviews, you said embracing the republican party. as you move forward, what are you going to do, are you going to find yourself surrounding yourself
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with more people who are endorsing you? >> i was saying that the republican party should come together and embrace these millions of people that are going and voting. millions. south south carolina, new hampshire, no matter where it is. millions and millions of people. i was going to bring down a list and i said i did i want to bore you people, we have had some states up one oh 2% from four years ago. one oh 2%. there is happening that is really beautiful to see. in many cases these are people who have never voted. i am talking about 40, 50, 60, 70 years old. so many people. they say i have never voted before and they have a trump shirt on. they never put a political shirt on in their lives. they they never had confidence in the people they are voting for. literally what i shake cans people or when i sign autographs, people are saying i
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have never voted before mr. trump. i'm so proud to be voting. some people some people go early voting. it's been amazing. what i said to the republican party, the establishment if there is such a thing, i guess i used to be a member of the establishment eight months ago. i'm not sure that there is such a things, i said embrace it, instead of fighting it and fighting me like these people for club for growth, people came to my office and asked for 1,000,000 dollars. i said who are they, i don't they are. i don't know who they are. they asked for $1 million. i said let me think about it. i found out who they are nice that i'm not going to waste 1,000,000 dollars, why what i do that? as soon as that? as soon as i said that they started doing negative ads. if i would have given 1,000,000 dollars they would not have been doing negative ads, their extortionists. i look on television and see negative ads and they are all wrong, they are all lies by the way. that is what you have. we should embrace it, the republican party should grab this. we will have a victory like the republican
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party has never had before. one of the things ben and i were talking about, i will win michigan, that is not in the playbook for the republican party. i have a chance to new york, that's not in the playbook. imagine if you win new york, they talk about the sick states you have to win, florida, virginia, just have to win, florida, virginia, just go down the line, pennsylvania, ohio, you have to win certain states. if you lose one of them is over the republican party. the fact is structurally it is much more difficult to get elected from the republican party. everybody knows that. with me i have states that are not in play for everybody else. i held states that, i will get states that are unbelievable. that are unthinkable for the republican party. we should embrace it. >> you said doctor carson will be handling education for you. in florida people are worried about common core, it's up to
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the states to handle that. how would doctor carson do something about the issues a lot of people have questioned. >> and ben knows the education and knows what is going on. personally i'm opposed to, core i to, core i like local education. ben feels very much the same way. i think ben will do a tremendous service for helping the states. we want to say. there is great love and education. when he circled those schools with the parents and teachers, and everything else instead of some bureaucrat washington, you will do better. [inaudible] >> not yet. i'm sure i will but not yet. >> what was your reaction to the news that vince mcconnell have been running away from you if you are the nominee? >> i'm sure that will change. >> those that are in washington right now are disconnected from the republican base, the electric, that who you see as a
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divider, uniting the electric to the party leadership. >> there is a big disconnection between the so-called leadership. i don't know what the leadership is. i can to find a. but there is a big disconnect between the so-called leadership in the people. the people to me are much more important. they are the ones doing the voting. that's why i am standing appear today and other people are not. >> what are they not understand a? >> the republican party lost its way. they have lost two elections that they should have one, certainly the last election they should have won easily. that should've been an easy victory, in my opinion much easier than the one we have coming up, and they lost. the republican party lost its way. the republican party now, something has happened, call happened, call it a miracle, call it whatever you want, they're talking about it all over the world, is is the biggest story in all of politics around the world, millions and millions of people that are
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pouring into the republican party. not to the democrat, the republican party. these are people who are disenfranchised, who have not had a pay increase in 20 years, people who have seen their jobs go to china and to mexico, and to japan and vietnam, and every other country the world but us. it us. it is going to all and. >> if you get to the general election, what are going to say to the democrats. >> one of the things were going to do. let me tell you about the democratic voters as you said. actually the democrat voters. one of the things were going to do is we're going to get some of democrats, it's already been proven. so proven. so many democrats have come and signed registration forms for the primaries where they are voting for me. they left, they have never done this in the life. they had an expression, the
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democrats for reagan years ago. we are going to have democrats were trump, but it's going to be bigger. i have people in hollywood, prince of mine who said everybody out there is voting for you but they are not going to admit it. i said why? aren't you proud? know because i have a tough stance on crime, on borders, they all know i'm right but they are liberal people they do not want to admit it, and they are going to vote for trump. >> can you acknowledge that if it comes down to the convention, if it does come down to a convention fight what are you doing? >> i think we will do it without a convention. i hope we will. i'd do feel and i said it strongly, whoever has the most delegates at the end of this trip, should win. >> i'm hoping to prepare, i think ohio should be great for me because they are losing tremendous numbers of jobs. you see what's what's happened with the coal industry in ohio. i think i will be junk asic. john kasich has been an absentee governor. he has been campaigning for the last -- he lived in new hampshire.
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in fact, chris christie said that absolutely junk asic was there much more than him which is true. junk asic then went as you know to other states, different states, very big in south carolina, he did not win in new hampshire. he guaranteed michigan, he said i will win michigan and i thought he he said and you can correct me if i'm where wrong he said i would drop out if i was i won michigan and a landslide. he was living there. so john has been not really there, he is very much in favor of transpacific partnership, tpp. that will be the destruction of ohio. now that the oil is down, ohio got lucky because they struck oil. the budget of ohio went up more than any budget in the entire united states. higher than any budget. they got lucky because oil was under the ground as opposed to some state that you not have
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oil. now that prices of oil or down, ohio ohio will have a lot of problems. >> to be clear, you are knackered to be in salt lake city on march 21 for the next big? >> i did not know there is a next debate. debate. i thought we had her next debate last night. look as better ratings at bonanza. i would do debates frankly if the networks agreed to give all of the money to let's say the wounded lawyers or veterans. but the networks are making a fortune on these debates. the ratings for these debates are through the roof. can i be honest with you? i think it is time to end the debates. i didn't know about it until lake city. >> they said even hearing from republicans, have you heard from anybody in the republican party -- >> i have been hearing from virtually everybody in the republican party. they are congratulating me and say we're
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going to get-togethers. look, they are not stupid people, they are very smart people. they want to they want to embrace it. going to take millions of these voters, do you know that if you look at the polls and people are tell me this every time, when i went i went to nevada which we won, people who work in the polling areas they have been there for 20 or 25 years, they love it and do it. they are political people. every time they go they said we have not seen anything like this. you go to nevada, they said the place would be empty all morning long and now you have lines five blocks long. it's amazing. >> last night on the debate stage you said that trade is one of the areas in which -- how would you say you different trade from hillary clinton? >> hillary is terrible entrée. first while he had she has no business in stink. she does not have the energy or strength to get the right trade deals may.
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you need strength, stamina, you need a lot to get these done. to do these deals where they wrap them up and put 12 countries and one, tpp is an example. i want. i want individual trade deals with individual countries. some deals will be so good, some countries treat as better than others, some are worse. china will take advantage of tpp, it is not in it now but believe me they were come through the back door, they are watching it so closely. i have so many friends in china, i have great respect in china, i have great respect for china, i'm not angry at china i'm angry with our people. we have a 500-dollar 500 billion-dollar deficit with china. we are going to become a rich nation again. we cannot become a great nation until we become reach again. i'm going to save social security. there are so many things we can do. it is going to go quickly too. >> want to talk about your
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decision over senator ted cruz, you indicated earlier in the week that you are open to endorsing one of the two. why not senator ted cruz? >> first of all, we had a lot of excellent candidates. i think any of the 17 candidates who are running could have done a fine job. one of the real factors for me is what will happen if we allow the political operatives to succeed in their endeavor to stop donald trump. i think it would fracture the party you're preferably. it would hand the election to the democrats. they would get to or for supreme
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court pics in america would be forever change. it's a very big picture. it is not about me or mr. trump. it is about america. >> why not senator ted cruz? >> because i feel that mr. trump is willing to do what needs to be done to break the stranglehold of the special interest groups and the political class. >> are there any remaining hard feelings toward senator ted cruz with what happened in iowa? >> i have forgiven him, that is a that is a duty one has is a christian. >> you said god has led you to the most important decision, did god lead you to donald trump? >> i prayed about it a lot. i got a lot of indications, people calling me that i had not talked to prolonged time saying i had i had this dream about you and donald trump, just amazing thing, but i also tend to think the way god speaks to us by giving you wisdom. that wisdom says to me, that if
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we allow this to disrupt at the will of the people to be successful, it it will fracture the party in an irreparable way. that will hand the election to people who i personally believe will destroy our country. the reason i say that is because, hillary clinton was a great friend of saul lewinsky, she was on a first name basis with him and she was a student. selwyn ski wrote the book rules for radicals. if. if you ever read it, i recommend that you read it. and see the kinds of things that are recommended to change, fundamentally change this nation from the great success that we have had to a socialist country. the dedication page of that book says, dedicated to lucifer. the original radical who gained his own kingdom. i don't i don't want anything to do with that. >> you talked about burying the
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hatchet, did you have any conversation with senator ted cruz? did he ask you for the endorsement? >> he did not specifically ask for an endorsement, but he did apologize, you know he was not really aware of what was going on, he did not agree with it. >> why mr. trump over ted cruz? >> you said just a week ago today that you are endorsing -- is found in that intervening time between then and now the central focus and want to hear you say ms. the effort to stop donald trump is what motivated you to endorse them, did donald trump's was at the movement against them? >> it was about we the people, we need to empower people. that is not going to be done through politics as usual. be that republican politics as
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usual or democrat, it requires somebody who is a bit of an iconic class but someone who has the ability to listen and to make wise decisions. >> we had a lot of evangelicals come out, do you think people will be representative of the america peoples and do you think you can help bridge the gap between the evangelicals as well as people of color now that you are endorsing donald trump? >> i hope we can bridge the gap with everybody. all of the policies that i have ever talked about and mr. trump is going to be on board with this to, we talk about things that are good for everybody. not for this group or that group, the whole concept of picking and choosing winners and
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losers is something that i think is antithetical to what we believe, don't you? that is simply is not and would not happen with a trump administration. we would be looking at ways to do things that benefit all americans that create a equal playing field. the equality of opportunity that is what we are looking for. that does not mean that we are not sensitive to people who are downtrodden, in fact we are very sensitive to people who are downtrodden and we'll put in place things that will allow those people to ascend. many people have been placed in a position for generations, they don't even recognize what is going on. we have to change that. >> what are you doing. [inaudible]
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>> i will let mr. trump answer that question,. >> do you see a future for yourself and politics even if there were no promises made as part of this endorsement, would you be interested in serving and a potential trump administration. >> i am interested in saving america. my concern is our prosperity. all of the people coming after us. we are destroying any possibility of the american dream for them. with the policies that we are doing. i'd be very interested in helping to achieve the goal of saving america making a great. >> you talk about to donald trump's. , the one we see in public, the one we see a private. does that where you for the american voters? should the voters know that second donald trump and as it relates to you,
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your mr. trump has started on transpired on a number of issues, are we now seen a second doctor carson with this endorsement? >> i don't think so, my point being that there is a different persona, some people have gotten the impression that donald trump is this person who is does not have the ability to listen and to take information in and to make wise decisions, that is not true. now you might get that impression from looking at debates and looking at some of the public appearances. but he isn't isn't much more cerebral than that. the much more reasonable person then comes across. as you well know because you've heard me talk about it a lot, the media, they are very skillful at painting people certain ways.
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it may not be who that person is at all. that person can spend all of their time trying to change the media or they can just move ahead. i think he has decided he will just move ahead and focus the attention on the american people, not so much on the media. i think that is the right way to do it. >> we will do some campaigning together. >> last question. >> are you interested in being part of a donald trump administration, have you been promised a running mate slot? >> we had not talked specifically about a role other than being involved in helping formulate policies, and trying to make america great. that is the real key. as was said by many, it is great but it is nowhere near as great as it can be.
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a lot of the things that are in place and have been in place, and growing over the last few decades have led us to a place of incredible stagnation. we do not need to be there. if we once again begin to embrace those policies that will create the atmosphere for entrepreneurial risk taking and capital investment, you will see an explosion like nothing you have seen before. we simply have not been doing that. i don't don't think it's going to be that hard. and i don't think mr. trump thinks it's going to be that hard either. >> thank you all very much. thank you. great honor. go outside, we go outside, we have coffee and drinks, go enjoy yourselves. thank you [applause].
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[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> since he spent two, bernie sanders holding a campaign rally in summit, illinois. then senator ted cruz wife heidi talking about what a cruise administration a cruise administration will look like. followed by chelsea clinton talking with volunteers in st. petersburg, florida. later news conference with republican presidential candidate donald trump and ben carson.
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>> this weekend on book tv, live all day coverage of the tucson festival of books from the university of arizona, it begins saturday at noon eastern and sunday at 1:00 p.m. eastern, teacher authors include douglas brickley on fdr. jonathan calls low on education, linda hirschman on the supreme court. sunday featured authors include margaret regan on immigration, linda all cough and sleep a on race in america. the politics of panel on voting rights and samarra on independent voters. throughout the live coverage many others will join us to take your phone calls and comments. on sunday night at nine eastern, it is afterwords, mr. dyson's interviewed by april like, white house correspondent.
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>> the considerations were ones who are elected you want to get reelected. it is one thing to be elected the first black president but to get reelected may be even more remarkable. maybe even more difficult. he had to overcome certain barriers because when he ran the first time he had no record in terms of national politics. he was a senator for a little while, he was a clean slate on which people could inscribe their hopes, dreams, dreams, visions of fantasies and project on his body their ideals. now when you have a first term, you did stuff that people either like her didn't like. they are supporting you are critical of you,. >> go to book for the complete tv schedule. >> our coverage for the road to the white house continues on c-span, first will take you to ohio where republican ohio donald trump will hold a
12:34 am
campaign rally. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton talking about jobs in the economy economy in st. louis. >> that's noon eastern on c-span. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders address supporters that a campaign rally in summit illinois today. voters in the state had to the polls on tuesday where 182 democratic delegates or state. this is one hour and 15 minutes. >> [applause]. all the bernie supporters let me hear you [applause]. >> i am jonathan jackson from chicago state university [applause].
12:35 am
also the national spokesman for the rainbow push coalition. i would like to do something very special. i'm going to bring on the person that will introduce our presidential candidate but first let me share word with you that is very personal. in 1984 i was 18 years of age, i just had my first opportunity to vote. thereafter my father, the reverend jesse jackson had one in vermont 1984, in 19884, in 1988 senator sanders was there and greeted us with open arms. he laid the foundation for coalition [applause]. why am i so proud to be here today? because it was 1962 when senator sanders fought to desegregate housing [applause]. there is a saying that where you stand in your latter years as a
12:36 am
function of where you stood early in life. why why did senator sanders took? because he is a believer in civil rights, he believes america. >> [applause]. why did he stand with reverend martin luther king in 1963? because it was the right thing to do [applause]. he was with my father reverend jackson and 84 and 88 because it because it was the right thing to do [applause]. in 2008, he did not run against president obama, he embraced him, endorsed him endorsed him because it was the right thing to do [applause]. this man is huge in my eyes, he is a hero of mine personally.
12:37 am
everybody talks the talk, but they but they do not walk the walk, he believes it, we need him, not another compromiser, we need a fighter for the students, a fighter for the workers, a fighter fighter for justice, for all of america [applause]. is my privilege now to introduce a great man who needs no long introduction because he is great. a friend of mine, mr. garcia from chicago [applause]. [inaudible] [inaudible]
12:38 am
>> sisters and brothers from illinois, the wins that blew across the state of michigan have crossed the great lake and are blowing in illinois [applause]. illinois, the parry state, the land of lincoln is on fire [applause]. it is a burning up [applause]. the people of illinois are feeling the burn [applause]. here is why, bernie sanders has put us on a new path of a real democracy for ordinary people, this democracy removes the rich
12:39 am
and powerful from controlling our political process and our government [applause]. this will enable us to create good paying jobs and ensure access to higher education for all, and healthcare for all is well. [applause]. but we are not there yet, we have three days that require little if any sleep, so in those three days we have got to put illinois in though winning column. are you with me? [applause]. here is what we have done so far and why we need everyone to be on their best for the next three days and nights.
12:40 am
we have opened up 15 offices over the past three and half weeks across illinois. we have events operating out of hundreds of homes across illinois [applause]. we have had marches from colleges and high schools all over illinois to early boat across the state of illinois [applause]. and if that were not enough, we have thousands and thousands of volunteers ready to bring a winner on tuesday, march 15. [applause]. so brothers and sisters, we know you stood outside for a long time, we know you have been standing for the last two or three hours inside. now it is five hours out there, thank you so much. go down, youngsters, sisters and
12:41 am
and brothers, ladies and gentlemen, everyone within earshot of this high school, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the man who has been leading this american revolution of the people, the next president of the united states of america, for for all of the people, senator, bernie sanders [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. [applause].
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[applause]. >> thank you all. what an enormous turnout tonight. thank you. [applause]. let me apologize to the thousands of people who are waiting on side to get inches we are going to get you in as soon as we can [applause]. let me think everyone. let me thank jonathan jackson
12:43 am
[applause]. and let me thank she we garcia [applause]. you know why we are going to win this election? we are going to win this election because the american people are sick and tired of establishment politics [applause]. they are sick and tired of establishment economics [applause]. and as she we just said, all across this country what people are saying is we demand a government that represents all of us [applause]. not just a handful of billionaire campaign contributors [applause].
12:44 am
what this campaign is about is the bringing our people together [applause]. not letting donald trump or anybody else divide us up [applause]. no, we're not going to hate mexicans [applause]. we are not going to hate muslims [applause]. we are not going to insult women [applause]. we are not going to insult veterans [applause]. we are not going to insult african-americans [applause]. we are going to bring our people together to make sure [applause].
12:45 am
[applause]. [applause]. the united states of america today is the wealthiest country in the history of the world, but very pew few people know it. the reason they do not know it is that people in illinois, vermont and all over this country are working longer hours for lower wages. people are working two or three jobs to cobble together; and some healthcare [applause]. then we end up with a situation in which the top one tenth of 1%
12:46 am
now own more wealth than the bottom 90%. you know what people are saying? they are saying enough is enough. [applause]. people are standing up and fighting back against a corrupt campaign finance system [applause]. men and women all over our country have put their lives on the line to defend american democracy [applause]. but american democracy is not about billionaires buying the elections [applause].
12:47 am
when you have the coke brothers and a handful of other billionaires, when you have a handful of billionaires spending more money in this election cycle then either the democratic or republican parties, that is not democracy, [applause]. you know what, we do not like that, we like democracy [applause]. that is why we are going to overturn citizens united [applause]. and why we are going to move toward public funding of elections [applause].
12:48 am
while we are on the subject, let me mention some fundamental differences between secretary clinton and myself. [applause]. when we began this campaign as many of you know about ten months ago we were 3% in the polls, about 70 points behind secretary clinton. we had no money or political organization and nobody in america knew who i was. other than. other than that we were in good shape. we have to make a decision early on and that is all of the political geniuses said look the only way you can raise the kind of money that you need is to set up a super pack. well, we thought thought about it for about a tenth of a second
12:49 am
and then what we said is look, we do not represent wall street, we do not represent corporate america [applause]. we don't represent the billionaire class, we are not going to beg them for money, we don't want their money. we we are not going to have a super pack [applause]. what we did an honest to god in 1,000,000 years i would not have told you that this would have been possible, what we said was to the working families of this country, if you want real change, if you want an economy that works for all of us, help us out. what happened in the last ten months as we have received over 5 million individual campaign donors.
12:50 am
[applause]. anybody know what the average contribution is? that is right, that that is revolutionary. what we are showing is that you can have, run a national, winning winning campaign without being dependent on wall street and big money [applause]. now secretary clinton chose to go in another direction, the way every other candidates is going and that is going to establish a super pack. will to establish several super packs who are already spending
12:51 am
millions of dollars against us in this campaign now. now what she reported in a recent filing she raised 25,000,000 for his for his super pack, 15 million alone coming from wall street. millions more coming from other special interest like the fossil fuel industry or the drug company. on top of that, as many of you know secretary clinton has given speeches behind closed doors to wall street, financial institutions and received 200 -- to 25000 per speech. now what i think if you're going
12:52 am
to get two to $5000 per per speech and must be a phenomenal speech. -- 225,000. for $225,000 it must be brilliant, insightful and i think if it is such a great speech it should be shared with the american people [applause]. now secretary clinton has said and her responses well if other people will release their transcripts she will release hers. so tonight's, i, i want to
12:53 am
make a very dramatic announcement. i am prepared to release all of the transcripts of my speeches to wall street [applause]. and that is pretty easy because there were no speeches to wall street. [applause]. i just do not know, it boggles my mind why wall street invited secretary clinton time and again to give speeches, but they didn't invite me. maybe it is because if they did invites me, if they didn't invite me, what i would have told them is that their greed,
12:54 am
their recklessness and their illegal behavior helped destroy this economy [applause]. i would have told them that it is time to reestablish a 21st century glass-steagall bill [applause]. and i would have told them that we are going to break them up [applause]. so that is -- i always find it amusing when people say i am an agent of change. yes, i get money get money from wall street, the drug culture, the fossil fuel industry but i am an agent for change.
12:55 am
i don't think so [applause]. and then people also say i'm getting zillions of dollars but it will not influence me at all. that is what every politician always says. you can say a lot about wall street, you can say they are running fraudulent operations, they are greedy, they have helped destroy the economy of the united states. you could say all of that. but what. but what you cannot say is that they are done. the question is, why would they be giving millions and millions of dollars to secretary clinton? there are other differences that i want to spend a moment on. one of the differences is that secretary clinton has received the endorsement of many senators
12:56 am
and congressmen, some of of them are my friends and good people but she has also received the strong endorsement of mayor ron emanuel. let me say i want to thank ron emanuel for not endorsing me. i don't want it [applause]. [inaudible] i don't want the endorsement of a mayor who is shutting down school after school and firing people. [applause].
12:57 am
there is a another difference between secretary clinton and myself on a very important issue that has impacted the entire country and especially the midwest, that is our disastrous trade policies that have cost us millions of dollars. >> when i was elected to congress in 1991 i could see in five minutes what these trade agreements with nafta and the other ones were about, not complicated, corporate america wrote the trade agreement, and cast in permanent trade relations with china for very simple reason.
12:58 am
they wanted to shut down factories in the united states of america, not pay workers here a living wage and then take their factories to mexico, china and other low-wage companies, exploit people there bring their products back into this country. since 2001, we have lost almost 60000 factories in america. not all attributed to trade, but a lot of it. we have brought millions of jobs -- lost millions of jobs because of these trade agreements written by corporate america. i am proud to tell you that i not only oppose, but help lead the effort against all of these it disastrous trade agreements [applause].
12:59 am
on the other hand, secretary clinton has supported virtually every one of these disastrous trade agreements let me tell you, right now i'm helping to lead the opposition to another disastrous trade agreement called the transpacific partnership. let me assure all of you that when american workers would be asked to compete against people in vietnam for 65 cents an hour for minimum wage, if i'm elected president, that agreement will never be implemented [applause]. i think we have an obligation as a wealthy nation to do everything we can to help poor
1:00 am
people all over america that is what we do, [applause]. but you do not have to destroy the american middle class to do that [applause]. >> ..
1:01 am
>> >> of wheaton president then natalie has experience but also a judgment.
1:02 am
[cheers and applause] our campaign is doing well and now we have one primary and caucus is in nine states [cheers and applause] we won last week in michigan when nobody thought we would win. [cheers and applause] rewind when we were 20 points behind in the polls of few days before the election there. [cheers and applause]
1:03 am
and we won because of the record-breaking turnout in michigan if there is a record-breaking turnout in illinois we will win on a friday. [cheers and applause] [chanting] what i have said throughout this campaign and this is the important point to no president alone can address what is facing our country we need a political revolution in. [cheers and applause] that is unjust campaign rhetoric but reality.
1:04 am
the reality is today with wall street and corporate america and the large campaign and no matter how well-intentioned the only way to bring about the change this country needs in l.a. we have not seen a long time. end of that is what the political revolution is about and how we transform this country.
1:05 am
with what they hope then pray for is low turnout did lead people to turn now they own the system they want to control the system. the antidote of that is millions of people saying saree this country belongs to all of us not just a handful of billionaires'. [cheers and applause] now our campaign elisas to the needs of billionaires'. with our campaign is to read is listening to the needs of the middle-class and working families of our country.
1:06 am
and this is what i am hearing from workers. we were in florida yesterday at disney world uphold people are taking nine or $10 an hour because they cannot make it on $0,910 an hour. [cheers and applause] do the arithmetic as well as i can. nobody can take care of a family on an $10 you cannot even take care of yourself. this is why we need to end the starvation minimum wage of 725 per hour. we will raise the minimum wage at $15 an hour. isn't a radical idea to say
1:07 am
that if somebody works 40 hours a week that person should not be living in poverty. [cheers and applause] talking about equitable wages for women. [cheers and applause] to say why is it happening go to work and then baking $0.79 on top of it? [cheers and applause] and minorities are making less. and said to have the fight for pay equity.
1:08 am
en a great nation is judged not by how many millionaires him billionaires' we have but by how we treat to the most deplorable amongst us. [cheers and applause] to aid millions of americans and disabled veterans are trying to get by on 11 or $12,000 per year social security. you cannot get by on $12,000 social security. given my republican colleagues in the congress
1:09 am
say we should cut social security benefits i have some bad news for them. we will expand a social security not cut it. [chanting] this campaign is listened to the men and women who put their lives on the line. to make sure they get the health care and other benefits they deserve and if i am elected president they will. [cheers and applause]
1:10 am
this campaign is listening to our brothers and sisters in the african-american community. and they know and we all though we have a broken criminal-justice system that must be reformed what this campaign is about is speaking outside of the box outside a status quo. think about this for a second we are the wealthiest country in the history of the world yet we have more people in jail than any other country on earth.
1:11 am
china is a communist country they are four times our size and we have more people in in jail than china. we will be tightening to bring criminal justice reform america that me briefly touch on a few points. i am a former mayor i have worked with police officers my whole career. hard-working and honest trying to do a difficult job. but like any other public officials and a police
1:12 am
officer breaks the law that he must be held accountable. second we have to demilitarize the police. third, we have to make the local police departments look like the committed dates they serve with diversity. [cheers and applause] it in my state of vermont and new hampshire we are suffering from a major epidemic of heroin abuse is a national crisis in the tide is to recognize of drug addiction and substance abuse are not criminal
1:13 am
issues. people who are abusing drugs and alcohol they need health care they don't need to be in jail. criminal-justice reform demands that we understood and that to a significant degree, this so-called war on drugs is a failure. [cheers and applause] right now today as part of the federal control substance act marijuana is listed as a schedule one
1:14 am
drug right alongside heroin. i hope everybody knows heroin is a killer drug. to the to list marijuana as the same schedule level as its heroine is basically insane. [cheers and applause] and that is why i have introduced legislation to take marijuana out of the federal register. [cheers and applause] is us decision of the
1:15 am
state's four states have already done that. , but at the federal level it should not be a federal crime for people to possess marijuana. [cheers and applause] in red we talk about criminal justice reform to make certain when people get out of jail they have the education and job-training to make sure they don't get back to that same environment that got them in jail in the first place. [cheers and applause] and when we talk about preventing young people ask
1:16 am
any economist to do a steady on youth unemployment. but it is a huge issue. this is what they found kids 17 through 20 that our graduates the white kids real unemployment 33 percent latino 36 african-american 51%. we will given best in education and jobs. [cheers and applause] we'll be investing in education and jobs not jail or incarceration.
1:17 am
i was in flint michigan a couple weeks ago i had the opportunity to talk with some people in a private conversation and i must tell you that i was shattered after hearing what they have to say. i was told by parents say half to observe in their beautiful kids mental deterioration because of the lead of the water in flint michigan. kid you imagine watching a beautiful vivacious bright kid go from being a good student two years later into special education because of its deterioration?
1:18 am
as a listen to what they were telling me i could not believe i was hearing this discussion in 2016. and i cannot believe what i am hearing in chicago that schools are being shut down. or universities closed. what is going on? how has it happened that 58 percent goes to the top 1 percent and we don't have enough money to provide clean in drinking water? that is crazy stuff.
1:19 am
[cheers and applause] if elected president we will fight for $1 trillion with the crumbling infrastructure 30 million decent paying jobs with the border system the waste water plant and field schools the airports and levies san diems and roads. end you will pay for that by ending that outrageously pull to make zillions of dollars per year to the cayman islands and not pay a nickel in federal taxes.
1:20 am
now everybody in this reminder stations that education is inherent to who we are. we would to be learning until the day we die in also understand that in a competitive global economy we need the most educated work force in the world. how does it have been that when we need the best educated work force with hundreds of thousands of bright qualified people who cannot go to college because their families lack the
1:21 am
income? that is crazy. [cheers and applause] today a college degree in many respects is the equivalent of a high-school degree 50 years ago. 50 years ago if you had a high-school degree you could go out to get yourself a pretty a good job. that was a lot of education back then. the world has changed. the economy has changed. people today need more education than they used to. and that is why i believe when we talk about public education it isn't good
1:22 am
enough to talk about first-rate we have to talk about public colleges in in universities. [cheers and applause] [chanting] people say it is a radical idea. it is not. it exists in germany and scandinavia a year-end given countries all over the world. in the used to exist in this country 50 years ago with public colleges and universities.
1:23 am
and here is something else that is pretty crazy. we have millions of young people who were not so young that are crushed by very high levels of student debt. anybody here? [cheers and applause] i talked to a young doctor a dream to go to medical school came out $300,000 in debt. the young woman in iowa went to dental school with 400,000 in debt. a young man two years in college had to drop out $60,000 in debt. a guy in nevada, 55 years of age has been paying off his student debt 25 years hindus
1:24 am
and more debt to day then when he took it out. brothers and sisters that is crazy. '' we're telling people in this country is you needed education and get the best education that you can't. but then we punish them with decades of debt. we have legislation that makes public colleges and universities to allow ousted in debt to refinance those at the lowest finance rate. [cheers and applause]
1:25 am
now the establishment of the "wall street journal" and "washington post" say i radical poddy pay for it? i will tell you how we will pay for that proposal. this country bailed out those? on wall street i believe we should impose a pact on wall street speculation now is wall street's time to help working families. that isn't a radical idea but common sense i am a
1:26 am
member of the u.s. senate committee on the environment i have had the opportunity of speaking with scientists all over the world and let me tell you the debate is over and climate changes real. [cheers and applause] it is caused by human activity and if we do not get our act together in the near future a bad situation will become much worse in future years. we have a moral responsibility to leave the planet in a way for our children and grandchildren.
1:27 am
many republican colleagues all over the country talk about family values how much they love family. i want everybody here to be crystal clear by what they mean of family values that no woman in this room or state or country should have the right to control their own body. i disagree. [cheers and applause] what they mean is our word gay brothers and sisters do not have the right to be married but i disagree.
1:28 am
[cheers and applause] my wife and i have been married 27 years and we believe in family and strongly in family but when we talk about family values we've been ending the international constraints as the only major country on earth not to guarantee paid kerry and medical leave. [cheers and applause] and getting into this and working up a little sweat. [chanting]
1:29 am
when we talk about unfinished business as a nation i want everybody here to understand that there are 11 million undocumented people in this country. and many of these people are exploited and are living in fear their right thing to do is for congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. [cheers and applause] with a path for citizenship.
1:30 am
and if congress does not cheat -- do its job by we is the executive powers from the presidency to do everything i can. [cheers and applause] now when we think outside of the box and the status quo quo, consider there is one major country that does not guarantee health care for all people. united kingdom, france, scandinavia canada i am a member of the committee and has done some very good things.
1:31 am
when i think president obama for his leadership in that fight. but despite the gains many if you are under insured with large deductibles and copays. and we continue to be ripped off with unconscionable ways with the drug companies to charges the highest prices in the world. if you want to talk about crazy one at a five cannot fill the prescription is
1:32 am
their doctors prescribe. that is crazy. and then we endeth paying more for health care than any of their country and that is why i believe health care is a right for all people. not a privilege. that'd is why i will fight for medicare for all health care programs. one of the criticisms is that he is a nice day he combs his hair beautiful and address as well. [laughter] but despite all of that he cannot win the general
1:33 am
election. so let me take the pleasure to inform you the last wall street journal poll had we beat "the donald" trump by 18 points. [cheers and applause] [chanting] is in fact, we're beating in the polls almost national poll by significantly higher margins they and secretary clinton. [cheers and applause] the pulque now last week in michigan we were beating them by 19 points.
1:34 am
the polls go up and down that their real reason we will be to if he is the republican candidate because the american people will not accept a president that insults mexicans, insults' muslims, i don't know how many of you know this but the united kingdom is our oldest ally and they decided if they would even allow him to visit. [cheers and applause] the american people are not going to elect a president
1:35 am
who insults women, african-americans, as some of you know a few years ago trump was a leader of the so-called movement that was vicious effort to undermine the legitimacy of president barack obama. , no i have police found it funny that president obama is bothered was born in kenya my father was born in poland. in chicago we have a few people from poland.
1:36 am
[laughter] but here is my point. it is interesting they wanted to see his for the certificate but nobody wants to see mine. maybe it just happens to be the color of my skin. the american people will defeat trump because the interesting and that bringing our people together trump's dividing us up. [cheers and applause] we will defeat trump because the american people understand that helping each
1:37 am
other to defeat selfishness and most importantly the american people know christianity that the end of the day love trump's hatred. [chanting] now what the political revolution is about millions of people standing up to fight back here in illinois
1:38 am
you have an opportunity to have them leave the country to move toward a political revolution. what does happen with previous primaries and caucuses we win/win voter turnout is high in lose when it is low. next tuesday less make certain we have a record-breaking turnout. thank you very much. [cheers and applause]
1:39 am
[inaudible conversations] [cheers and applause] everybody ready fer a little musec? -- music? ♪ >> powerball one more song? of little woody guthrie.
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♪ ♪ steel deck this strategy in encouraging voters to do so for john kasich said politics reporter for the website his thanks for being with us. >> it is great to be here. >> explain what is going on. >> clearly they are making
1:49 am
it a temporary alliance for what they see as the bigger threat which is donald trump. >> there is a number of polls showing kasich is ahead believe the low single digits so is the support across the state where is donald trump expected to do well? >> like many others it is hard to gauge because there are so many new voters coming '04 him especially in eastern ohio that democrats will ripple -- will pull republican ballots this time around. while the polls show he is ahead they could be proven wrong if these voters the reagan democrats in they
1:50 am
will support tromped. >> it is significant it starts the beginning of the winner-take-all 66 is at stake in? >> correct. go back to the strategy of the rubio campaign encouraging voters to vote for john kasich is there a reciprocal agreement where rubio needs to win a? >> i have not seen that. the end with the campaign with an ad campaign when they got wind of the rubio campaign urging the ohio to vote for john kasich they said if you want to help us out call your packed off in florida. >> what about the tuesday primary? >> in ohio with the
1:51 am
republican and democratic side it is pretty late to why it -- to rise up now we are with the hurricane activity. >> hillary clinton and senator sanders. what do expect in terms of overall turnout? >> we be this is as far as they go in ohio hillary is the conventional front runner because polls show her with a comfortable lead but the of reagan democrats coming out of the woodwork
1:52 am
and everyone i am talking to says it is a much closer race. >> covering politics for the website joining us from columbus thank you for your time
1:53 am
no new and ex and.
1:54 am
>> thinks writing we to chicago had the privilege of coming to your great city many times a lacerate the special full day in the southern part into my kids were with me realize they were never at chicago before so i said it looks just like houston my seven year-old said this is much bigger. [laughter] let thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak with you today it is great to have friends and colleagues here and also a friend from california. and we went to high school together. when ted and i embarked on this journey one year ago we thought the big thing was telling the girl said dad
1:55 am
would run for president what that meant to them so the main question was what will you do if you don't go to goldman sachs? i explained doing something so much bigger for yourself is worth taking a leave of absence. one of the first question is is will you get paid? i had to describe my role is not paid 100 percent to help dad with in the position of first lady is something you do for others because so many nea need of better schools and a better chance in than my seven year-old said if there were so great there would be more first meighen's so we're trying to prove it is a worthy role.
1:56 am
clear traveling the country for almost a year you know, you have been in that building before my team had told me we were never here before and i said we have been here before everything was facing the same way it was at the same angle i realize we were just dead another hampton inn but if he won a truly consistent brand experience stay at the hampton inn. but the most inspiring thing is when you have an opportunity to take yourself out of their own daily life? and to go meet so many different people across the country? but democracy is about individuals per the wouldn't be great if this process
1:57 am
were shorter if we didn't spend two years and so much money? and if you go through it you realize there is a good news to the rigor the american people put their kennedy through not only policy in values but what kind of a person are you what type of character this is one person one vote if the individual exercises the opportunity it is tremendous rigo elect people without that individual representation it is every single person to have that chance to meet you and your all leaders in this great state of illinois that the best of abraham lincoln the first republican
1:58 am
president and the man who preserved for our nation when the civil war threatened to tear it apart i hope i can provide insight as of the campaign in these few critical-- provided underscore the importance of tuesday. we have steadily been building the delegates' votes also living like a seven year-old up to watch the hawaii returns we were slightly second but we won idaho and now closing in on the front runner with that accumulation of momentum. i want to tell you about his election in texas to talk about what he is running on there was ted cruz administration but like you know, how the campaigns are
1:59 am
going to keep track of the numbers but now looking at a narrow field what would you do? , but when first elected overcoming tremendous odds in the primary. this is impossible race to win i did not ask a leave of absence i am not sure i would of he had to present name recognition so as his wi-fi had to remind him. [laughter] so i was very active on the weekends but i had a very full time job and when ted was running back in a landslide victory in one by a 17-point margin. [applause]
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