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tv   US Senate  CSPAN  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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collaboratively to deal with them. longest term transportation bill passed by congress in two decades, project you and i have done together. but i have to say, the social contract is user pays in the social contract on transportation is user pays. in the great state of georgia hello tax jurisdiction, just raised 1 billion in new transportation infrastructure money because we have needs that are unsatisfied. george's most conservative county offered $200 million bonding initiative for transportation is that are going unsatisfied. a user pays the system monitored out well intended, brings out the same tired ideas of what the folks who already pay and let the
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businesses already going overseas get taxed more. we need to do this together and locally, lead by example >> i thinki think the gentleman and will yield the remainder of my time. >> thank you. i just begin by making note of the sponsors words talking about the great economic recovery. many people i talked to my children graduating from college from heaven to live with their parents not out of choice because they can't find work. 47 million americans still on food stamps. high unemployment rates, not the type of robust economic recovery i would be bragging about. with regard to the infrastructure aspect of asked this question. do they know where route 23 is?
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where the road is in bergen county? and they all say no. if they are the ones we have to go to had in hand begging. florida is a donor state. if you want washington to control your dollars, that's basically what your asking for here. the people in your district are saying why is my representative advocating for sending our tax dollars? can't we control our own destiny? it should be a user paid system. >> the gentleman yields back. recognized for one minute to close. >> america is not a tired idea. america is already great and we have to act to keep it that way. the united states of america has the strongest, most
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durable economy in the world. the longest streak of private sector job growth. our automotive industry just at its best year ever. manufacturing jobs are up. the best way to build on this recovery is investing in jobs that can't be outsourced and will help us rebuild. this is our future, one that will boost paychecks for everyone. everyone will benefit. i ask you to support this investment and to keep america great. >> the gentle need to cut gentle lady yields back. there was close. [roll call]
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[roll call] [roll call] >> have all members voted? the clerk will report. >> on the boat guys are 12 and the nose or 20. >> the amendment is not adopted. we are now moving to amendment number 19. the clerk will designate the amendment. >> amendment number 19 offered by mr. mcdermott relating to afford welfare coverage. >> recognized for three minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman.
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we have taken the food out of the poor children's mouth. there is money for this bill to the balanced. those of you need that report. this amendment is just another example of the attitude of the majority. it ought to all the user fees. you don't get the benefit from and why should we pay for it? how that sounds pretty good on roads, but talk about healthcare permanent. if you get sick while you are on your own we don't care. we don't want everybody to have health insurance. over 20 million previously uninsured americans have gotten coverage under the aca. that is 12.7 million
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americans enrolled in the marketplace plan, 83 percent are consumers who qualify for tax credits and value to around 300 month. anyone who knows anything about the insurance market knows the average family of four cannot go out and buy health insurance. and that is why the credits are there. this provision and budget that tears out those credits is simply making way, coverage for millions of people because they will not be able to afford it. if you don't pay your premium insurance company closes your account. the 2nd your on your own. and this was an attempt by the democrats to figure out, to use the private sector,
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everyone wants to talk about the private sector and the free enterprise system. well, we use the insurance companies and all the mechanisms of the private sector and said, people have to have a little subsidy. further to be a provision in this bill, to take away that is to get aca. i understand what your doing. when those people lose their health care coverage because the insurance companies didn't get paid, this money does not go to the individual. they go straight from the federal government to the insurance company command the subsidy on the premium for the individual taxpayer does not no anything about they don't see a check, touch anything, sign anything. they will simply lose the coverage. in this, if you care about your neighbor when he or she gets sick you want them to have insurance.
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you want to vote for this amendment to make sure you can buy insurance. >> the gentleman's time is expired. >> i think my chairman. what i would say to my friend, not one man or woman in georgia chose this path. folks at policies that they wanted and lost, and this is not one of the billion-dollar amendments, as if that is not a lot of money. this is 625 billion dollars that we are talking about here. i happen to come from the state that did not expand medicaid. if you are truly low income earner you absolutely nothing. you are more and begin to access tax credits. that is not fair.
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and rather than taking 625 billion and perpetuating , i want to see that remain in the hands of georgia taxpayers and citizens so that we can solve it together. i have no doubt my friend is concerned about providing high-quality care. we'll have $625 million to spend to support other jurisdictions. my particular congressional district still not the right answer. i would like to yield to someone who knows more. >> thank you. i also care about my neighbor. you know, now that the affordable care act is in
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place shifted my hours to part-time. requires me to pay for a premium ia premium i can't afford. it makes me pay for deductible. we continue to move down this path, even for those with subsidies. those working poor to try to make ends meet. one thing i would say, a little bit disingenuous, talk about paying for this. the same idea that you talked about for a number of some of these bills. again, it is disingenuous in the sense that even the ceo bonuses of a million, the
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tax code limits the amount of deductible compensation the company can pay to 1 million annually. it conflicts with what you're saying. 625 billion being spent by practicing cpa who can tell you, of all of these gimmicks we use in washington, not pay for the subsidies are talking about. again, many of these are just funny money. i might as well as keep throwing them out. i yield back. >> this is just one of those other circumstances where there is room to work together.
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this just is not that right solution. >> doctor mcdermott. >> i appreciate my good friend from georgia. if you guys ever put anything on the table to make coverage universal be willing to work with united and a. but you will never do it. the only were state's florida, 49 in texas 51.
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another example. >> all those in favor say i. the clerk will call a role. [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
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>> have all members voted? >> thirteen to 21. the clerk will designate the amendment. >> number 22 related overseas contingency operation. >> thank you very much. once again this budget will balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable. that is a given. i am really saddened but not surprised to see that once again you are using these sham by counting mechanisms
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are leaving the overseas contingency operation loophole in order to get around the spending your budget. my amendment would add enforcement language to the bill this is the budget committee chair will not adjust the allocation above the level of the bipartisan budget up. this would prevent the use as aa budget gimmick to get around the budget. there has been bipartisan agreement over concerns regarding this slush fund and is being used as a source of our long-term pentagon spending. your budget before us assumes 23 million of the 74 million provided in the budget deal is for base budget activity at the pentagon as a cleara clear violation of the budget agreement congress passed a few short months ago.
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even former chair paul ryan has stated on a bipartisan basis the budget committee has expressed concern that this budget is been misused by both his administration and the previous. we know it has expanded way beyond any reasonable measure of what a contingency funda contingency fund should be and is a black box with no oversight. with another were underway that congress has yet to vote on this account continues to grow. in recent years we have paid nearly all operations out of the fund i was meant to be a small contingency fund. this has resulted in less oversight, less certainty command higher levels of waste. no longer serves its intended purpose.
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in this loophole that allows the pentagon died the true cost of these wars without end. they're considering a budget that includes a backdoor loophole to get around the agreed-upon budget. this is just the opposite of making the budget process more deliberative and transparent. we will also add to the fact that -- let me just add that it is time to audit the pentagon. it is beyond comprehension that the pentagon is lost tens of billions of dollars to waste, fraud, and abuse i'll be sit idly by. >> i recognize the gentle lady from missouri. >> thank you, mr. chairman. the threats are vast camarillo, and expanding. isys has proclaimed the caliphate.
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russia is continually making headlines with aggression. china continues to build its military as a gains more power globally in the unstable leader of north korea claims of detonated a hydrogen bomb and that they have the ability to put fissile material and a nuclear warhead. it is important to understand that we don't necessarily know what is next, where we will be needed next, but the threats are going and we have to have the capability to beat this. that is what contingency funding is. because overseas contingency operations for reason. last time i checked the middle east was overseas. russia and the overseas. more troops. north korea is overseas. military operations in that area.
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he's a legitimate use of taxpayer dollars providing for the common defense to address overseas operations in our country. we as representatives are charged with providing for the common defense given that increasingly brutal nature probably should feel obliged that we create a budget that gives our military the tools necessary to address today's threats. we are not talking about a backdoor loophole. they are talking about making sure our military is able to do what is needed. now i'll yield one minute each. >> thank you. this congress should never play around with national security.
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and you don't have to have been around too long to know that we have an evolving of the threat around the globe. it is because of this type of environment that we currently operate in that it is absolutely essential that we have the ability to respond but we need to respond without being logjam by a lot of discussions about whether or not it should be funded. so if we were to adopt this amendment it would preclude us from being able to adjust to the emperor seen that goes on around the world. for that reason i urge a no vote and recommend we turn this amendment down.
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i yield to the gentleman from ohio. >> i think the gentleman for yielding. you are exactly right. my colleague is exactly right. the world is a changing dynamic place. if we were to adopt this amendment it would preclude us from being able to adjust time for seen circumstances. the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff testified the global security environment is as uncertain as i've ever seen it. the world is rapidly changing command we are seeing significant shifts in an already complex strategic landscape. this budget is in line with the bipartisan budget act. i heard a no vote. >> vigilance time is expired. >> you all have tried to
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change and misrepresent what this is about. all of us are concerned about the threats that face our nation. i am the daughter of a veteran. i serve on the subcommittee. i clearly understand these threats. however, with this issue is about is on budget and transparency and accountability and oversight. and leaving the door open to using this account plus a baselevel funding is just downright wrong. the president and the defense department have provided congress with the funding request that they feel is justified to meet our needs. so let's be for real and talk about the issues. we are talking about the way this account has been presented in the base
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funding of the pentagon's budget. if we are serious about deficit reduction and balance budget. >> the question is on agreeing to the amendment. the nose have it. the role calls requested. [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
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>> the amendment is not adopted. number 23. the clerk will designate the amendment. >> mr. ryan. >> recognized for three minutes. >> thank you. we no manufacturing is a big component of what we do here in the united states. ..
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>> >> figure eight now have to innovate with manufacturing. and with these products you don't have to buy huge amounts of the product but
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even print them up in the field like us desktop printer. rigo manufacturing is that big proponent one of the biggest multipliers for every job this is the future of our country this is why i say this is about deferred maintenance the devil is been successful in the united states because he made investments whether the space program, department of energy where congressman johnson and i come from eastern ohio the issue of fracking. with the technology that came out of that was a public-private partnership over 30 years that allow this to develop technologies through the department of energy to figure a how to extract this energy out of
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the ground. this is the nation's eighth -- generation of manufacturing it will happen here or china or india. to say we were slashing this program. >>. >> eight you very much and for your interest to put in the wood is impacted by this industry but here is where i differ but i'll tell you
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right now in this economy and industry would love to have anything near 25% with the private sector. that is not the direction to go with. we all want to see manufacturing growth the weight provide support to enhance the industry in the united states with the stated the union let's reduce regulation we can say that it is the number one direct impact of manufacturing decline. into performing that tax breaks and to provide subsidies.
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>> i just talked to a constituent from alabama. but to get the rival chinese manufacturers. the because of lower energy cost i cannot help to note this week to open net more offshore drilling. it is a $1 billion tax code to the american economy. we would pay for this i
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would say to my friends to support the public-private partnership with the transportation bill that we sign into law to have the least competitive tax cut on the planet. we cannot raise taxes further on this job creators >> you are recognized for one minute. >> the billion dollar investment i hope my friends on the other side will give the president the credit because i know you would blame him if gas went up $8. >> here is all i want to say. but i just feel you don't get it.
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this industry hasn't even growing gap. and that takes public investment looking at what happens with nasa and was sprung out of it with massive government commitment long term for the industry. they sprung up and we're benefiting we cannot play small ball anymore it will take the government to go behind some of these ideas. >> the question is of the amendment offered those in favor? the nose haven't.
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-- the no's have it. [roll call] [roll call]
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said neck the amendment is not adopted. >> demand and number 24 relating to poverty and unemployment. >> historically we run the top of the list for the highest rate job growth in employment in the united states however with the
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discussion has devastated the mexican economy. now give mexico was on the bottom of numerous economic indicators. the highest and obliterate more than 20 percent of mexicans living in poverty the highest rates in the country. the number of high school students for those young adults one out of every three children of the nation. we'll devastate other communities and states west virginia those represented by those of this committee on both sides of the aisle to have persistently high poverty levels.
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for the community development block grant program. this is the catalyst of the economic growth. to experience educational opportunities and revitalize the economy. and all of us are aware with that strength of the social safety nets to better prepare to be successful in the flexibility of state and local government.
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and with those opportunities a 45 million americans i introduce my amendment in the same spirit and dared to colleagues and i yield back. >> the gentleman from virginia. >> thanks for offering the amendment. with the home state than to the localities the federal government does not have the track record it doesn't have a good record of job creation.
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and with special interest it is interesting like i was closing the special interest tax loopholes i am all for that. so just back to the basics to talk about a recession and with that housing disaster and i never have by the way. that is the backstop. it is a nasa that has never gone wrong ever. it has never been in question.
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in this day with this with job creation with the war on poverty to go up up up to put in on though war on poverty. and then to have self-sufficiency. with the sequestered to do five pinterest $40 billion this year. if he economy had anything to do with it to the tune of five before the billion this year. if that isn't enough with
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the zero interest policy turning into money supply. so there is a hundred billion deficit spending stimulus for chilean with the deficit reserve. it is the cause of our problems and folks disagree that is they're all in favor to be a broken record there is plenty that we can agree on if we want to get serious in the classroom to do mentoring programs it is the solution i am all on board. they key very much. >>.
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>> get to disagree of the premise and that is always the source of the problems it is a huge factor with the housing and security market aspect. to make ed difference in the economy. into make successful i hope we can find some common ground with its sun strategy is proven in supported in the past by the bipartisan efforts every dollar stimulates and i yield back.
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>> all those in favor? all those opposed? it is not adopted. [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
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the amendment is not adopted. >> amendment number 25 with the long-term care services and other supports for seniors and other americans. >> mr. chairman my voice is almost:the hope this is what we can all agree on. long-term care affects all americans and we all have loveland's where we face the possibility of long-term services. in fact, as a nation continues to age over the next 40 years.
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we spend time talking about medicare and medicaid but neither is designed to help seniors with the task of daily living medicaid is the largest player of cost with 42 percent but it has very strict and ineligibility limits. medicare provides skilled nursing and home health care services but only limited periods of time as part of a patient's recovery and is not designed for long-term care. private long-term care insurance is not affordable for even available. even when people have it they saw as the benefits to quickly.
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however the typical family caregiver spends 40 hours per week providing unpaid care to a family member for nearly five years for the maximum amount of and reimbursed time it is clear changes needed. this amendment allows, it does not require the house to consider a deficit neutral bill on long-term care could be a pilot program or a change to medicare and medicaid or sunday in a truly comprehensive solution for regardless, is simply identifies long-term care as a priority for the house and urge you to vote for it to. i will not yield to my friend from new mexico. >> thanks very much to bring
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this amendment premier growth caregivers and i have spent 16 years as secretary of hhs with several in congress i work with many seniors and families and people with disabilities who cannot get the care and assistance that they need even if your choice of a nursing home is no longer available it is too expensive and not the care that people want. 72 million older americans americans, 49 million caregivers today $520 billion worth of care. for the committee to mark
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this as a priority if it isn't i don't know what does we need to make sure we're working toward a solution for a real problem. >> the amendment calls for creation of a new benefit the amendment would add a new deficit neutral with no specifics for funding but the potential of program could cost millions in increase the national debt that is already at $19 trillion. the only one that is owned and operated long-term care facilities for over two decades and can tell you the one-size-fits-all program from washington does not work long term care insurance programs to not work in the private sector but this one's to move it to the federal government. there are reasons it doesn't work and i would not with the federal government to oversee any new program especially one that doesn't
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work in the private sector. for the more we have heard from several states that want more flexibility for the medicaid program. they would like to shake their program to fits the needs of their population with the funds for medicaid they will have the freedom of tax benefits such as long-term services and support. 25 state governors wrote the members of the house and senate in jean-marie to say we are convinced the states would provide greater flexibility to control funds over a multitude of programs to be more efficiently served. they go on to say over the last decades the government has lost regulations to restrict the ability of states to innovate. those improvements of proposals saves it for future generations to foster
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freedom and patient choice and competition of health care services at this time i yield the balance to my colleague from florida. >> of what to focus on the medicare portion. medicare is on the unsustainable path. at its current pace we estimate medicare will go bankrupt in 2026. it would be great if we could provide all sorts of wonderful well intentioned benefits without paying for it are not being too concerned with the reality is frankly adding a new health care benefit to a program slated to become insolvent in a decade just makes that quicker putting the seniors that great risk only insuring that medicare is at a faster rate.
6:58 pm
this is according to the cbo. with those improvements and for future generations to secure those programs. even though it is well intentioned to do more and more but when you talk about putting medicare further at risk, with that i yield back >> the gentlelady is recognized. >> i have no voice. >> the reality is to that scenario and now we're talk about leveraging this is medicated is a principal priority to make sure people
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get sicker longer and are in the hospital the number one reason medicare has a solvency issue we spent the bulk of that money in the last two weeks of life in a block grant for flexibility situation most states did not innovate with care giving support in fact, they continue to hold a nursing homes as a protected priority most expensive most restrictive care in their states even though they are not required. they have done nothing to not to lead on this issue. if we indeed we can help states create many more solutions to these problems. >> all of those in favor? all those opposed? a recorded vote is requested.
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[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
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on that vote the amendment is not adopted. with no being 20. >> amendment number 26 to prevent cyberattacks. >> mr. chairman, our federal government has been and still is vulnerable to cyberattacks. last year a massive breach
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with the resignation of the director of millions of social security numbers of federal employees and over 20 million security clearance records that have been called the crown jewels of american intelligence we had our records stowe and as part of the breach enough foreign adversaries likely have them. part of the problem is that legacy is part of the outdated system and the need to be upgraded with language that is simply not equipped with what the attacks we're getting now with the other problem is we have systems that run across federal agencies sometimes it is hard to upgrade a system of runs across the federal government the administration has proposed and what that does is to fill the proposal to put
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together the information of $3 billion to allow for upgrades across agencies as well as upgrading a delicacy and outdated systems. that is something we need to do it in the long term it is important for national security and every time a breach happens we lose security but also put our employees and people at risk. i will yield my balance. >> that said security represent is a clear and present danger to our national security and the economy. we cannot wait for cyber9/11 attack. with the house foreign services committee with these threats if all of you sat in that committee i thank you will pass this amendment tonight. the vulnerabilities are everywhere that we talk
7:05 pm
about the hits that we took everyone in this room is susceptible and i would bet all live your information is one of our enemies hands because that is what we face and a daily basis. with u.s. trade secrets are all across the board even if very airplanes they are flying very much like a russian or chinese fighter the electrical grid they took a shot in israel a few weeks ago they all will shut down ukraine. we are in the same area. it is common sense to vote to prevent that cyber9/11 i urge all members to vote yes >> derecognized -- you are recognize.
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>> we will stipulate cybersecurity is ever increasing threat to the homeland as the rest of the world. we know who the players are. but when you offer the amendment you make it sound as though we are operating with twentieth century equipment. i understand the term is legacy systems and i understand also that there should be across colonization among the agencies that deal with cybercrime but the federal government spends a lot of money on cybersecurity progress a matter of fact fiscal 16 be provided over $1 billion to redress cybersecurity concerns in infrastructure and upgrades to minimize risk proposal once again we have a classic case to take a populist problem or issue like cybersecurity to throw money
7:07 pm
at it. in a perfect world there would be money to do all of these things but it isn't perfect as has been mentioned in this hearing over the span of hours. the federal deficit in excess of half a trillion dollars within $19 trillion debt on the shoulders of the young people standing in the back of this room, requires this congress is judicious about the way it appropriates money for the problems for christ agree with the issue it will be with us for a long time going another $3 billion added today in a program like this i don't think will be the panacea for the issue. with that i will yield the balance to my friend from ohio.
7:08 pm
>> i am actually surprised at how much agreement there is with what you gentleman had to say. i am a 30 year information technology professional myself i'm sure we could have entertaining conversations our colleagues would get bored with talking about the four divisions of the cobol program. cybersecurity is an issue that will not go away. not only have we been under attack we are under attack and will continue to be under attack as long as we have networks and computers work of a series of number ones and number zero the bad guys will figure out how to get into it. we already know some nations like china have entire
7:09 pm
agencies in buildings full of people trying to figure out to break into your network's. we don't need another cyber9/11 and for that reason coming from corporate america, i can tell you that if not properly handled information technology can be one of the biggest sinkholes for many in misappropriation as there ever has been. it is dangerous because there are so few people that understand moving cybersecurity to mandatory spending and pay for with tax increases is not the right way to go. of the above to work with you gentleman to find real solutions and that is an honest offer. we can do it better we have to do a better but i don't
7:10 pm
believe this is the right approach. >> i look forward to working with you on a bipartisan basis to attack this issue. it is something that will continue we will face and it is true the government does spend money on cybersecurity but we do not spend enough because of the increasing sophistication and we have outdated systems that need to be upgraded as well as modernized i yield back. >> all those in favor? those opposed? would you like cable call vote? call the roll.
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[roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
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[roll call] [roll call]
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[roll call] [roll call] >> 14 / 22. >> amendment is not adopted. amendment number 27. >> amendment number 27 offered to prevent gun violence. >> my common sense amendments will prevent terrorists from legally buying guns and bombs to use americans.
7:14 pm
there is ever a topic we come together ever hope we would agree to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. with the house budget committee i do sit on the emerging threats and i try to sleep with one eye open we can never predict when or where that we can make some common-sense prevention we don't need any more incidents out there or have access. gao reported on the u.s. terror watchlist those who try to purchase guns or explosives are 233 times, 200043 were successful. i will do the math 94% on the terrorist watch list could not fly were able to purchase guns. those on the watch list have
7:15 pm
legal opportunity to buy the guns the policy is very simple no-fly, go by and i will yield to my committee member from california. >> thanks for this very important amendment which prevents gun violence by increasing funding at 500 million over two years also increases the criminal background check system at the president's request of 35 million. gun violence really is a public health epidemic including my home district in the state of california the statistics are clear each year there are more than 30,000 deaths a nationwide but this does nothing to address the epidemic in fails to address comprehensive background checks and mental health services and surely does not
7:16 pm
provide new research in general gun safety. but our job is to protect and defend the american people. to address the ongoing epidemic of gun violence congress has failed this duty. we need common sense can reform to prevent gun violence the amendment does that it is very modest hopefully we to get support bipartisan and i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from arkansas. the gentleman from ohio. >> this is another example we have a lot of agreement i
7:17 pm
also do not want to see guns in the hands of terrorists i do not want to see against in the hands of the mentally ill. i, too, want to see a more comprehensive national conversation and movement to redress the mental health crisis that we have in our country especially in light of recent events. however, the disagreement we have is on process, not field to nicole the disagreement is how we pay for it. we are deeply deeply in debt. we just heard from the cbo director a few weeks ago that tells us our problem is not revenue the spending and moving programs like this to
7:18 pm
create new mandatory funding extremes only exacerbates the problem. these are funding streams that should be appropriated on the discretionary side with due diligence and oversight by the house every single year the federal dollars should not be squandered on antiquated programs that fail to meet the mental health patients needed we have in the budget river of blood dash resolution investments to approve health care and awareness in light of recent events. with that i yield to my colleague. >> increase mandatory budget authority for a criminal background check system and by providing additional
7:19 pm
resources to the substance abuse and mental health services administration for those who are affected by the violence. this is a very personal issue for me. had called people's attention to "the washington post" article where they reported gun crime has been on the decline over the last 20 years except for high-profile zones that is a concern of mine 60 percent of those perpetrators have displayed some sort of a diagnosis in the arena have the family member of a mental illness and i never direct caregiver over the last 20 years it is an emotional and personal issue want to do everything we can and we should make sure we have access to treatment and it is clear but that is not happening right now in this country.
7:20 pm
i blame states with some of their decisions and i also look for more honest assessments of programs with 100 distinct programs supporting individuals with serious problems but there is little interagency cooperation and i have seen that firsthand were someone who has a mental diagnosis and a hospital or emergency room sits in the waiting room that looks like a jail cell sometimes for days then to get to the state or local facility they could be there after maintained with medication are there for weeks wasting money that has to be changed above to work with you on it. >> appreciate the fact we're willing to work but it is said about the responsible
7:21 pm
law-abiding citizens who enjoy hunting and the things that go along with it but if somebody who will pledge allegiance to isis can purchase a gun in this country. i don't think they had the terrorists in mind when they created the second amendment we will either pay for it with dollars or blood and i yield back. >> all of those in favor? oppose? the no's have it call the roll out. [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
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[roll call] [roll call]
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[roll call] [roll call]
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>> 14 / 22. >> the amendment is not adopted. there are two more amendments remaining. next is number 28. >> offered the corporation for national community service. >> the gentleman is recognized three minutes. >> since its creation more than two decades ago the corporation for national in community service has been a model of public-private partnership working with thousands of organizations helping to expand his efforts to strengthen civic
7:25 pm
to foster innovation. cncs as a gauge millions of americans with the greatest challenges we face as a nation cncs is improving our education system with the social innovation fund volunteers with local organizations across the country with the greatest need to be community. to support military families are building on the legacy of the 1930's for national parks and public lands. most recently a state of emergency was declared in flint miss japan -- michigan cncs assisted our reach for the installation of water filtration systems. much like the gi bill called the most successful piece of legislation congress ever enacted returning $7 in benefits for every $1 of cost, numerous studies show
7:26 pm
the economic benefits they far outstrip the cost exactly the smart investment my business minded republican colleagues say they want the government to make. even greater than what they're doing it is how. we cannot monetize the way that they foster community with the shared values to change lives for the better. programs engaged millions of americans with volunteer is about more than 50,000 urban and rural locations across the country like my district for cry struggle to think of an issue since beyond taking care of our veterans that enjoy is more enthusiastic wide-ranging completely bipartisan support. at least one talk to people in america. the fit is bipartisan out there and should be bipartisan in here.
7:27 pm
the amendment i am offering today to accommodate deficit neutral legislation for mandatory funding for cncs to provide vital services in each district is headed more tax breaks to millionaires we should be investing in thousands of americans who were serving their country every day to approve a river communities and strengthen our democracy for the future is strongly urge my colleagues to support this amendment. >> i yield back. >> net 150 odd years ago that alexis de tocqueville came to visit the country and did a tour of america to find out why we were prospering while europe was in turmoil, when he went back he wrote about it and he said by visiting every hamlet and berle and village that when indeed a rose in
7:28 pm
the community people with spontaneously rise at banks collectively get together and volunteer services to the address that need. that was 150 years ago and where we today? had the ironic phase we have to have the federal government paid volunteers volunteers, of the word does not make sense and programs administered to students and others who are volunteering not based on need all the we do have need based programs. and to provide them with assistance it is a program that runs counter to the american principle also running counter to fiscal
7:29 pm
responsibility and other accountability issues. with that i yield to the gentleman from california. >> the republicans want to pull the plug the democrats have said it is a model of public-private partnership. this agency in subsidiaries have inspector general reports withal lack of oversight and misappropriations and violations of a lot. was responsible to channel billions of taxpayer dollars with widespread voter fraud in central 272 o involving
7:30 pm
sexual abuse of young women in the use of taxpayer funds of hush money to cover it up. id used taxpayer money for political advocacy ended june 2014 with a shocking waste of taxpayer funds unauthorized commitments and widespread rules and regulations the performance measures that it was poorly aligned to lack any quality control and had no credibility. . .
7:31 pm
i would ask the sponsor that pajama and withdraw his amendment. >> the gentleman has 10 minutes remaining. the dome is recognized for one minute to close. c thank you mr. chairman. my colleague from california's comments sound more of a description of the parties presumptive nominee for president than they do this organization based on the widespread support and the very bipartisan support brought the country but i do want to address the issue of paid volunteers because this is a phrase that the tea party is used to dekraii these programs.
7:32 pm
i was a volunteer in the united states marine corps. i was paid. now i was paid to low market rate as the volunteers are paid as well. do you think that i shouldn't be paid? do you think i should have been paid for my service lacks are you saying that we should cut all pay to the united states military volunteers who they themselves are serving the country in the same way that volunteers prescient c.s. are serving as well? hearing no response i yield my time. c pajama nields back. the question is on agreement to amendment offered by the gentleman from massachusetts mr. moulton. all those in favor say yea. all opposed no. the no's have it. the gentleman requests a roll call vote.
7:33 pm
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
7:34 pm
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
7:35 pm
[roll call] [roll call] spina the clerk will report. >> mr. chairman to ayes or 14 in the nays or 22. >> the amendment is not adopted to we are now on our final amendment which is republican amendment number two or the clerk would designate the amendment republican amendment number two opera by mr. garrett to modify the procedure for considering mandatory savings in the chairman's mark. >> i recognize the german from new jersey for three minutes. you may start the clock and i will make an opening comment. i want to thank the gentleman for his work on the committee and the contributions that he is
7:36 pm
made for moving this legislation forward and i support his amendment and urged all members of the committee to do the same and i yield to the gentleman from new jersey. >> i began the cb 9 hours ago by referencing a chart in the backroom that we have the spending driven debt problem and although we have talked for the last nine hours there's a problem in this country and this congress is spending. the history here is this budget committee actually did good work last year in trying to address that and begin the process of reining in. unfortunately that was up-ended turned on its head and in september and october when a majority of the majority said no to her proposal that would increase spending but despite that we did something anyway. we passed the bba which actually did an uptick in spending.
7:37 pm
a report from the cbo came out in january of this year which shows the consequence of that. when you want to reign in spending and tree trace your deficit you had better not increase spending because the deficit because of that increase by $130 billion, one point $5 trillion over 10 years rate so how do you address that? you don't address that by continuously increasing spending and spending more money this year than he did last year rate unfortunately that's where we are right now so what can we do? is amendment tried to do that. the amendment pertained to the mandatory savings included in this budget and working with the chairman we put together package that would save $30 billion over 10 years. the savings are mandatory spending programs returning compounds over time. it only calls for the house passing a stand-alone bill.
7:38 pm
my concern is the senate will not act on that so my amendment provides the senate doesn't do what it should do which cannot be par for the course and is not considered a stand-alone build a house will move to other letters that the measures as vehicles to get the senate to consider this priority in our budget. so i recommend we pass this amendment, do what we said we were ultimately going to do a year ago, do what i think the majority -- do what the majority of the gop conference said back in october and that is not keep on increasing spending but again to rein it in both on discretionary and most importantly on the mandatory side as well. with that i yield back the remaining time. >> the gentleman yields back and mr. van hollen is recognized for four minutes. >> thank you mr. chairman. i oppose this amendment and as we said at the outset of this budget markup we have activities going on in other committees
7:39 pm
that made very deep cuts and important investments for our country including some that target the most vulnerable. image and specifically the social services grant program which is one of those programs that are former chairman said at the kind of flexibility in it that republicans like. they like to so much that today the ways & means committee they got rid of it entirely. half of the funds from that lock grant goody kids. the other half go to seniors and people with disabilities including things like meals on wheels and for the most vulnerable among us. also provisions that eliminated the child tax credit for millions of americans. so this is an attempt to try to expedite that package that passed in the other committees. i think the gentleman is right. the senate is not going to take up the budget that's going to
7:40 pm
come out of this gathering this evening. i can assure you the senate is not going to pass the $30 billion in cuts but i do think it's important for the american public to see the differences in priorities that are reflected in this budget process and again i just want to stress as we have talked about budgets and deficits this committee today has refused to cut one single special interest tax break to help reduce the deficit. instead cuts in programs that help seniors, about $450 billion in cuts in medicare, trillion dollar cuts in medicaid, deep deep cuts in the area to budget that we make investments in education and infrastructure and innovation and on top of that the $30 billion we are talking about here so i am now going to yield a bit of time to miss cast her who was on energy and commerce committee and saw some of the damage that was done. >> i think the ranking member
7:41 pm
and here's another example of how the gop budget targets children while trying to safeguard the wealthiest across the country and special interests. remember a year ago a less than a year ago we passed a repeal of the sgr. it was called the medicare access and children's health insurance program reauthorization. it was really good news for kids across the country because it set a policy through 2019 of a higher matching rates of children across the country could see it doctor. it was a nice bipartisan achievement so we were taken aback when out of the blue the republicans propose to renege on that agreement from last year to the detriment of kids in her this republican bill appeared out of the blue at the insistence of tea party members who said we are okay with pulling the rug out from under our kids and families and states because states have relied on it.
7:42 pm
many states are through their budget for the year paid the florida legislature just finished the legislative session last friday. this is no way to charge and hold porton health policies for kids. it's no way to treat american families. it's no way to treat states that are supposed to be our partners. this is just an insight into shenanigans and how far the gop will go to protect the special interests, the wealthiest and find one special interest tax break in the code and instead they are going to go in renege on the medicare access to the children's health insurance program, a bipartisan bill would pass less than a year ago. >> doublespeak, devils thing. we are going to help the poor by eliminating the social services block grant. congratulations. >> time has expired.
7:43 pm
>> i will yield to the chairman just one second. pulling the rug out from under our kids? along as we are spending money that we don't have where not only pulling the rug we are pulling the table the bed in the bank he has because that's what you're tapping into each time you spend on a program you don't have the money to spend and your or going into little kids betterment saying give me your money because i'm taking the red bank and everything else out. that's what an overzealous spending pattern we have had over the last few years but i yield to the chairman of the committee. >> i think the joe munn and i appreciate his work on this and appreciate the amendment but this notion that the budget doesn't result in any reduction or cessation of any quote special tax break special interest tax break, is just nonsense and the gentleman knows it they the fact of the matter is that's not the role of the budget committee. this budget presumes and assumes and directs a program of tax policy that will most definitely
7:44 pm
result in a significant simplifying of the tax code and consequently i look for the joe must support as we bring those bills through committee and to the florida house. time has expired. time has expired. the question is on agreeing to the amendment but mr. garrett at all those in favor say yea i cope. all opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair the ayes have it. the clerk will call the roll. [roll call] [roll call]
7:45 pm
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
7:46 pm
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
7:47 pm
sin mr. chairman on that vote the ayes are 22 and the nose macker 14. >> the amendment is adopted. there being no further amendments i recognize the gentleman from indiana. >> mr. chairman i move that made up the budget categories and other appropriate matters. spent the functional category and other appropriate matters those on papers will say aye. oppose say no. the ayes have it. pursuant to committee rule nine i now call up the text of the concord resolution on the budget and corporate in the budget agreed functional levels and relevant items as previously agreed to and i recognize the german from indiana for a motion to order the arrest was reported in i move that the committee and the budget order the concurrent resolution of the budget report to the house with her condition of the resolutions passed. that question is ordering the conference budget to beef it will report to house. all those in favor say yea.
7:48 pm
all those opposed no. the ayes have it. the clerk would call the roll. [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
7:49 pm
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
7:50 pm
[roll call] [roll call] >> mr. chairman audit that both the echoes are 20 and the nose or 16. >> the ayes are 20 and the nose or 16 the or 16 the motion is agreed to in a concrete budget for fiscal year 17 as ordered reported the house of representatives. i know for the record a quorum is present. a few more motions to go here
7:51 pm
that are perfunctory but before folks leave i want to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the committee for working. i think we have completed this in record time. mr. van hollen i want to thank the staff both republican and the democrat side for doing incredible work as we worked on this. [applause] i recognize mr. van hollen. >> thank you mr. chairman and i want to underscore your complements for the staff and members of the committee and with that isp the customary amount of time to file minority views. >> so order today recognize atonement from indiana. sea mate mr. chairman garissa the house of the committee operas the chairman to offer the motion to the house as may be necessary to go to conference with the senate on the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2017. >> without objection so order. i again recognize the gentleman. tonight i asiana's consent is that the authors to make
7:52 pm
conformant collect -- corrections prior to the filing of the resolution. >> without objection so order payback in this today's business on the house budget committee and this committee stands adjourned. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
7:53 pm
[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
7:54 pm
[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] members of the house budget committee have been working on the 2060 budget resolution to the bill faces opposition from the house to the committee considered
7:55 pm
members of the measure were to cut $6.5 trillion in spending over 10 years and assumed the repeal of the 2000 health care law pity can see this hearing again in its entirety later tonight here on c-span2. [inaudible conversations] the supreme court is vested with this outsized amount of power and with that power comes greater responsibility to the identity of individuals sitting on the court for an unfettered for 30, 35 years is just not, just doesn't pass the smell test when it comes to our modern democracy. >> of the supreme court decisions affect all americans.
7:56 pm
all americans are worth the third branch of government and of the last 10 or 15 years the third branch of government has become so powerful. the idea that issues on voting and marriage and health care and immigration and women's rights, pregnancy discrimination i could go on and on come these issues that 20 or 30 years ago congress and the executive branch would get together and figure out a compromise or put together built that is map anymore. the buck stops at the supreme court in a way that i feel is unprecedented in our history and given the supreme court is making these very impactful decisions in our lives through least we as a public and is present to comport with modern expectations of transparency and accountability. >> when i tune into it on the weekends usually it's authors sharing their new releases. >> watching the nonfiction authors on booktv is the best
7:57 pm
television for serious readers. on c-span they could have a longer conversation and tell them to their subject. >> booktv weekends, they bring you author after op thereafter offer that spotlight the work of fascinating people. >> i love tv and i'm a c-span fan. president obama heads to cuba next week. earlier today senator bob menendez of new jersey came to the floor to express his opposition to the president's trip and the administration's policies regarding cuba. >> the president prepares to go to cuba. i rise in memory of all of those cuban dissidents who have given their lives in the hope that cuba one day would be free from the yoke of the castro regime. it is that freedom i had hoped president obama was referencing when he said, what i've i have
7:58 pm
said to the cuban government is and i'm quoting, if we are seeing more progress in the liberty, freedom and possibilities of ordinary cubans i would love to use a visit as a way of highlighting that progress. if we are going backwards, then there is not much reason for me to be there.says but that is obviously not the will vis globe" headline on february 25 subset owl. obama breaks pledge, will visit cuba despite worsening humantorp rights. instead of having the free world's leaders on latin america is only dictatorship with a visit he could have visited one of 150 countries which he has not visited including several in latin america that are democracies. the president has negotiated a deal with the castro's and isue understand his desire to make this his legacy issue but theren
7:59 pm
is still a fundamental issue off freedom and democracy at stake that goes to the underlying atmosphere in cuba and whether or not the cuban people will i still be repressed and still be imprisoned or will they benefit from the president's legacy or will it be the castro regimen that reaps the benefits? unless the casters are compellet to change their dictatorship the way they govern the island and the way they exploit its people the answer to this won't be much different than the last 50 some odd years. the castro regime will be the beneficiary. at the very least the president's first stop should be meetings with international recognize dissidents. prize recipient farinia and prize recipient farinia and
8:00 pm
mac and collecting thousands oe signatures petitioning for an democratic change under the cuban constitution. and so threatening with his peaceful drive that he was w assassinated by security agents. and he should meet with -- at her home and neighborhood with the ladies and wife, and that should be the front-page photograph we see next week. sts only then will the message that the united states not give in oo give up on our commitment to a free and democratic cuba be clear to the world and to the cuban people. to lead a truly honorable mark in history this would mean the president leaving the tourists own and seeking the ladies in


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