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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 22, 2016 4:42pm-6:43pm EDT

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half of the country doesn't serve any more. >> i thought it was interesting there isn't anybody on the stage for president that has military service i think this is the first time that has occurred so that is a good question and. look at how people whom remember the military services of the first caller i state to offer that 20 year career in the military and when you have to fight for the freedom and defend the flag in the nation's sovereignty and of the front-line dicey that every time with from fort campbell
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live they are deployed it changes my perspective even those military families those individuals that truly love to defend this nation and ready to go all. i am grateful that god puts that in their heart to pick up the fight in individuals don't have to fight for their freedom may be they take for granted because they have freedom and can exercise that freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and religion we will always have that. >> host: who best things that role of
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commander-in-chief foreign and domestic? >> guest: any of the three on the stage will said that better than hillary clintonni or bernie sanders whoever is the comedy will have our full support this is an in the outsider year and it has been from the get-go isis months ago i thought the nominee would be tromp or cruz i still thank you will see either trump or cruz moving forward we need to back them and to make sure that they with the general and served as on the most distinguished and capable and active president's that we have had want to make certain they stamp -- she and firmly on the constitution for freedom and hope and opportunity for future generations.
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>> host: daddy formally supported a candidate? >> guest: go. i have been there to support each and every one i do think trollope or cruz will be the nominee in the next president. >> as far as the select committee what is the game plan for other hearings? >> we want to do a deeper look at the procurement organizations he cannot profit from the sale of human body parts and it is illegal we want to take a deeper look at the businesso. practices. >> host: you will continueue to subpoena? >> we will make document request handley are determined to complete our work to find out what is going beyond -- going on
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with this industry to get to the bottom of this. >> host: would is the report due? host: mt: we will have a report due at the end of this calendar year. >> host: the head of the select investigative panel representative of tendency thinks for your time
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giveback the most important issue is the refugee crisis. the largest he military and crisis as a first world nation and of privilege people we should help those in need civic the most important issue should be the national debt and how they plan to recover the country from that i am excited i am not sure who i like yet so i am anxious to
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see what happens. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> and the committee will come to order. the committee meets to date to have testimony from the secretary of defense of the national defense authorization budget request from the administration. white last year it has spent a number of weeks hearing from military leaders head outside this is before asking the secretary to testify of the courage budget request. what we have heard reaffirms the fact the u.s. faces a wider range of serious threats did any time did our history. , director told the committee the world is far more complicated than destabilized and complex than any other time. currently serving senior commanders have described
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the military that makes the threats as the only adequate every court cannot make commitments with one-third of those forces that levels of readiness the army is not at all levels appropriate what the american people would expect to defend them. also less than half of the combat units are ready for the high end fight the least ready force across the full spectrum of. best bet of testimony is consistent and candid a unit disturbing and my zero visits levy to suspect even this does not tell the whole story. we often discuss readiness but it is a vague term without concrete we begin i have heard first tuned from
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service members to look be in the eye the try to cannibalized parts from the museum aircraft in order to fly the overseas edition the aircraft said to the boneyard is back and revitalize to fly missions. the pilot's fully well below the of the above number of hours required and fewer trade be hours that the adversaries they were sent to me to provide further not having enough senior analyst -- a listed to trade the younger ones of those are working longer hours and i have heard from service members who have to buy basic supplies and cleaning supplies out of their own pocket because if they go to the military process it will take three or four months
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and it isn't worth that. i expressed concern last week of another indicator of a readiness crisis. general dempsey testified it was at the lower ragged edge necessary to execute the defense strategy and we have no slack or margin left for strategic surprise but yet the budget request is $80 billion lower of those basic requirements and is less than the budget agreement of last december. that russia would be a fred where terrorism was combined does not contain a year to be valid leading us to cut
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troops. both congress and the administration and is responsible for this state of affairs. cutting over half a trillion dollars from defense, get a cost. , and at a cost that the mission and will fail or we will lose the fight. what our hearings how showed is this risk is real with evidence to prove it is growing. the military is trade to a brachiopod wheat to help the political leadership understand the state of affairs on a final vote the
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edges had tragedy of a terrorist attack en europe. the administration a budget request asks were barred 92 fight isis that is appropriable what i don't understand is the law requires to provide congress with the strategy it was due february 15th and there is no indication anything is of no way. och we have cut the military too much to take the action necessary to defend american lives a and interest those who served deserved better than we are now.
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>> over the last several weeks we have received testimony from service secretaries and chief xu have given their best advice with the threats that we face our real add to growing. that tax embezzles claimed at least 26 lives and our hearts go out to the belgian people as they recover from this horrific act of violence. with his aggressive behavior with the number three and rashid to defeat ijssel and other manifestations. admits these challenges
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we're looking for a go for around to have fiscal certainty to perform critical missions with a lasting superiority that the shortfall rescued be mitigated as a comprehensive long-term solution. remember those heart is inflicted with standoffs with government shutdowns in the over reliance to produce debilitating uncertainty. it isn't clear if the house will pass a budget resolution of this year in a race is more questions than answers. partly it is compliant to offer increased of the
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defense base budget and would do so by simply that 23 billion of those contingency operations and is used for base budget purposes and not increase the top line of 74 billion for the funding side first question is which beneficiary would pay the bill? if requested from dod? or the state department? that also uses teeeighteen funding oco finding orders account for both? also another open-ended question allows the house budget to adjust levels going forward based on informations that means that some point supplemental funding could be used for bills funding levels.
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the deity in congress has to make hard choices, the to the nub modernizations to sustained readiness. . . at least initially in levels lower. we need to carefully consider the proposal and every other potential adjustment to the budget as you look to build this year's defense authorization bill. lewis also give the
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department additional flexibility to reduce excess infrastructure and overhead, phaseout platforms and adjust the benefit structure. the budget focuses on adopting the threats posed today and follows the law. including approximately $582.7 billion in discretionary budget authority for the department of defense. now we must uphold our end. thank you for being here today. only forward to your testimony. >> the committee is pleased to welcome the honorable ashton b carter, secretary of defense: general joseph dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff as well as the comptroller and chief financial officer. welcome to the committee.
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your full written statements will be made part of the record. >> thank you very much, chairman congresswoman, thanks to all the members of the committee. i want to begin by considering this one is by 2,000. our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the tragic victims families and survivors. and in the face of these acts of terrorism the united states standing strong solidarity with our allies built a continuing one situation including ensuring that all us personnel citizens are accounted for. we stand ready to provide assistance of friends and allies in europe is necessary. brussels is an international city that has been host to nato and the european union for decades.
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together we must and will continue to do everything that we can to protect our homeland and defeat terrorists wherever they threaten us. no attack will affect our resolve to accelerate the defeat i sil. i will have more to say later test. thank you again for host they steadfastly supported minimum and all of our military and civilian who serve and defend this. i am pleased to be here to discuss the 2017 defense budget which marks a major inflection. as i will describe in detail, the threat from terrorism is one of the five challenges that the united states now faces and we will in the future. this project we are taking
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the long view. have to. if it is fight today's fight must be prepared by is
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security environment dramatically different requiring new ways of investing in operating. five evolving strategic challenges, namely russia, china, north korea, area and terrorism are now driving much. to focus on the ongoing fight against terrorism and text iso- most immediately
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in the back in syria but also where it is metastasize give you a snapshot security forces the took the money and are now reclaiming further ground --dash simultaneously shifting their effort in the north. with our advice and assistance iraqi and kurdish security forces in the shaping and isolation face. that was the mission begin to work.
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our thoughts and prayers are with the family. their sacrifice will not be forgotten the global coalition will complete the mission. in syria and retaken the syrian town serving as an important logistical and financial hub and a key intersection between syria and iraq. in fact, so important that the minister of those involved in the defense of the town. we killed while local partners expelled the town. in doing so, the coalition campaign seven the last major northern artery and therefore between syria and
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iraq and the intent of the isolating and pressuring. in addition to local forces, 90 percent of military coalition partners committed to increase their contributions. increase strikes on cash depot's oil revenues, and sites associated with ambition to develop and use chemical weapons and addressing metastases as well. as they are accelerating, we are backing it up with increased funding for
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requesting 50 percent more than last year. before i continue, i want to say a few words this coming into syria to fight i sil, that is not what it did. the military has only prolong the civil war and as of now we have not seen whether they will retain leverage. one thing is clear. russia's entry did not impact our campaign. two of the other four challenges reflect the return to the great super
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was your take on significant proportion in my written
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testimony in detail how budget makes critical investments. investing 3.4 billion reassurance initiative,
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quadruple what we invested last year. training and readiness, a very important matter emphasize appropriately and reinvigorating the readiness and modernization of fighter aircraft. investing in innovative capabilities and maybe be increase their lethality with new of ion ships and extending a commanding lead in undersea warfare. more submarines with the 1st opportunity. module and we are doing more cyber clean electronic warfare, and space.
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the combined total of 34 billion in 2017. the letter cyber mission force, develop next-generation electronic jammers and prepare for the possibility of a conflict that extends in the space. arpaio seizes opportunities for the future, responsibility to all our success is to ensure the military and defense department they inherit is just a strong if not stronger than the one i have the privilege of meeting today. we always have to stay ahead of future threats.
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in the future we must continue to recruit and retain the very best talent competing for good people for an all volunteer force is a critical part of our military edge. and because we are to america's taxpayers to spend of his dollars is wisely and responsibly as possible, there also pushing for needed reforms and need your help with all of them. modernizing and simplifying, proposing new changes the defined much of our institutional organization as i intend to shortly. to continuously improve acquisitions, and on that subject commend this committee and especially its leaders for your continued dedication and strong partnership on acquisition
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reform. we have already taken important strides such as last year's reforms to reduce redundant reporting reforms. chairman,chairman, i know you laid out new proposals on this last week. some of what you are proposing would save critical time. that is important and we appreciate that. i know this is just a draft and appreciate that you put it out there for discussion. in the current draft there are some things that are problematic for us. i am hopeful that we can continue to work together and appreciate your willingness to share our ideas including ways to make it easier for program managers to do jobs in the
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following the service chiefs , alec forward to working together. let me close defense department does not have the luxury of one opponent. we have to do it all. that is what this budget is designed to do, and need your help to succeed. our submission focuses on the budget shape, making changes that are necessary and consequential. we hope you prove it. i know some may be looking at the difference between will be indicated last year and the but still gave us. and that total of 11 billion less is provided.
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we have mitigated that difference in this budget meets our needs. budget deal was a good deal. our greatest risk is losing that stability this year. as my going forward we need to for 3rd term sequestration. prevent hundred million living automatic cuts we have seen this before. the same support coming
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together is essential. national security will be on the right path and america's military will continue to defend our country and make a better world for generations to come. >> good morning and thank you for the opportunity to join. but like to begin by echoing the comments on the lossthe loss of staff sergeant card. his family and they others were injured this morning. i monitor represent the men and women of services.
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thanks to your support the united states military is the most fighting force in the world. we must maintain the joint force with the capability and credibility to ensure allies and partners, deter aggression, and overmatched adversary. this allows us to improve abilities, restore readiness the us is covered the challenges. the department has identified five strategic challenges. russia, china, iran, north korea continue to invest. they are also advancing their interest to competition with the military dimension the south
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china sea and the ravens malign influence. nonstate actors pose a threat to homeland from our partners and allies. as we contend the challenges we recognize successful execution requires maintain critical nuclear capabilities. his aging of requires modernization. therefore prioritizing investments and make investments to maintain a competitive advantage in conventional capabilities for the developing capabilities a vital increasingly contested in space and cyberspace.
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despite partial relief by congress the department has absorbed 800 billion and cats and faces an additional 100 billion risk fiscal year 21. specifically need to address the challenges. the fiscal year 17 budget begins to address the most critical investments competitive advantage. belting three major areas, investment, capability and capacity to meet our current operational event and the
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need to rebuild readiness. we will be adequate funding levels and predictability. the ohio class replacement so i continued cyber in space and best and there will be several years and of the committee is the service chiefs. satisfied the budget puts this on the right trajectory that will take your continued support. once again thank you for the opportunity to forward your questions. >> thank you. i understand you do not have an oral statement. the.
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appreciate you being here. i think you are exactly right to condemn the attacks in brussels to express the victims. the question is what people do that, lsu's bill section 1222 administration for a strategy of how we would implement the president's stated desire. as i mentioned, it has been radio silent. to be fair, it is not just a matter for the department of defense. it is not just military. requirement law was not just directed to the department of defense.
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>> thank you. all right. this reinforces the need to accelerate the defeat. isn't it. is where it started. if we can expel, that will
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show there is no such thing as an islamic state based upon ideology. that is necessary, but not sufficient. we also need to destroy it in the places to which it has metastasized brussels attack reminds us that important as the military effort command committed as we are not a it is necessary but not sufficient. leave the intelligence and homeland security space bar partners because of the kind of thing you saw brussels this morning. so we have to strategy need your help. finally we have before this
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committee and three other committees reprogramming request is relevant to our ability to carry out the campaign. have to ask permission of the committee three others. we have done so so far. different answers from everybody, but we need to get across the finish line. that is being as this matter >> i think i'll feel better what direction.
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what money you should support i think it is. let me just ask you one thing you are exactly right expressing sympathy loss of weekend. i am getting an increasing questions about the true levels because there are some people who are subject to some who rotated or not. if you are rotating people in that they are not going to have time to get back in
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my immediate increases risk. so my question to you is, do you believe there is reason to be concerned to have artificial true's to increase risk of service. >> with respect to those numbers but it has, there has been no change in that regard, and you're right. people who are temporarily assigned, a.
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i cannot go into it detail here. to the substance, trained in the marines. force protection was there mission. they were helping to protect the staging area where we are and our coalition partners are helping the iraqi security forces. that is part of the preparation. that wasn't necessary tasks.
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but it was necessary as we need to position their. the security forces both taken hold to retrain position near much. >> have been compromised force protection? i can tell you. i have routinely in fact, wilson 2nd. had requests. here in the process and
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recommendations we can maintain at this time is. of course, so i appreciate that. it makes no sense to put artificial caps anyplace. trust you to follow the question last question, but my comments about this issue.
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talk to these folks and they grapple with the year contingency budget stated
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equipment is one thing well. quite another. you can work this is best we can. statement i offered a set on this. going budget process and am wondering what the department straight up our easier these are supplemented within the bipartisan budget compliance top lines. is that helpful? what poses the greatest risk the level requested by the president. at least initially.
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wouldn't requested. one of the things that i know you have said so well is the best of all possible we are funding the base budget level we need very specific oversee contingencies. that is not exactly where we are. and we have to be certain other budget requirements are also working well with our budget is forward. you are right. generally speaking there are different managerial purposes. this is the variable cost the largely true. of the ways that you mitigate --dash 17 budget
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bipartisan budget this was to $5 billion to see the difference. cost for a ticket to
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the right balance which efficient investment to make sure the force we have today and that i am probably able to say is the best in the world is the best in the world in 2021 2022. that's why the secretary directives to make a slight course and speed correction to get better balance.
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>> and i think mr. mccourt as well, what may be understandable, folks are looking at the budget and other departments which is partly with rub comes. >> and just one point from your earlier question, to get a marginal increase without knowing that we could count on it in the future is pretty suboptimal terms of planning and using money. that is much better for us. >> thank you. >> thank you. i am going to take you in a different direction totally different subject. i want to personally thank you especially think secretary robert work. i have spent 13 years of my life trying to clear the names of two marine pilots crashed to be 22 osprey in arizona on april 8 2,000.
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the secretary carter i want to thank secretary work publicly because he did something that i could not get the marine corps do be -- evaluative moist -- information we put together working with experts, many of whom were marine pilots themselves aeronautical engineers who came to the same that the time if you remember secretary of defense scrap the 22 program. so what pressure and push actually. when i reached out to spend the time to meet several hours of days researching health information together,
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a team of experts help put together and came back with his evaluation of the record needed to be corrected, but it was unfair of john brown major. and i want to say today is families john brown i believe sincerely been investing in their graves these because of what you have done. this is got national attention, talk to turkish economy. they are hearing from marines retired) past sit is
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to pilots will not technically thank you for this truth is now known that they were not responsible for that accident. a chance to respond to that. >> thank you so much. i'm glad that the families are these now. i am pleased to say. >> thank you and i yield back. >> thank you for obligation response to something said
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yesterday attacks in brussels, since. i give you details more. you are doing. i am confident result defeat
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and he has the chairman wants to add anything to that. we have a strategy. i am confident that says you will succeed. >> i am not complacent i recognize the spread, particularly the last 15 to 18 months. with regard to syria and iraq in october i appeared before the committee it was fair to say they have the momentum. less territory, resources for free. this is a long fight and i
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am confident in telling you have the moment, the state that was identified, but there is also a long road ahead will not only the effort to deny sanctuary limit the freedom of the capacity required much greater cooperation. over 100 nations have foreign fighters syria and iraq. the cooperation as well as the military coalition is ongoing be critical take some time i am confident have the momentum and the increasingly taking actions to make sure we keep pressure simultaneously. it will be necessary to do
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that trends regionally. >> moved to the budget and talk about taking the long view. unfortunately you not to be here for the implementation or help us deal with the actual long view. i have been having this debate. ms. davis touched upon it. i am wondering how you envision the 40 these incredibly expensive programs outside the five years and even ten nuclear monetization is one but not the only one where we will be called upon to resolve and salt. >> well, we can afford. it would notit would not have started and if we did nothing to complete them. assuming continued budget
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stability there is instability will have to fundamentally reassess. you're right. the future congresses and administrations. i hope they continue to give us budget stability. that is what the country and department needs more whatever department trying to administer programs needs back to the sequester cuts new line to reconsider all of these. >> that's fine. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you. it is always an honor to have the top uniformed officer is safe for us.
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you directly questions to you. i can ask you 1st question we have asked all of our officers. david marks to anyone for approval you. >> i did submit a to the office of secretary of defense. no changes were made. >> one of the things that i heard you just say in response was that your greatest concerns based on stable. as i have strategies to budget presidents but a strategy, budget which one is predominant. the strategy is budget.
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>> i think this year it is fair to say that within the top one we were given the last several years as a rule strategy with the budget. >> i would say if you go back to school environment is had a bigger impact. >> only constant is people what you are saying is it is the budget director strategy as if i can give you a new wants to answer. today we have a defense strategy the enemy tonight and protect the homeland deal with violent extremism. i am confident that we will be able to do that. >> i only have three minutes. in document signed by president obama since and
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says pacific discussions was requested to cut spending coming decades. you have signed on january 5 the secretary panetta command this is what people have been coming in. pointing to. then we have in 2014 the quadrennial defense review. over and over people have sat where you are sitting so this is it. as the department of defense been following the person's guidelines? >> we have, but we happened with your new year's deferring modernization that will possibility out you. >> and i understand it. these documents are based on certain assumptions. did either of these account for the prize? >> they did not.
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>> did either of these two documents soon us forces will be back here casting. >> that is not. >> and we do have for something. did either of these to assume wetwo assume we would reset our relationship with russia and be able to cooperate with them? >> we did not perceive russia's current actions. >> the assumptions made were not correct with regard to russia. >> that is correct. >> did either of these two account for china's aggressive behavior in the south china sea? >> not to the extent we have seen it. the strategy would also have been invalid strategy needs to be refined. >> and also last question he said we start one major
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contingency operation. assumptions realistic and positive get these help guide president's budget. so there is this is the present strategies were based on faulty assumptions. >> this year -- >> am talking about the last several years. this is not putting us in a situation that the chairman talked about. >> wouldn't be fair to say that rather than just physical instability the reason we are in the problem is because of a faulty strategy? with that my time is up. >> thank you.
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i just have a couple quick questions. you have moment tired undersecretary exactly. mavis has appeared to talk about this question of law if you the undersea fleet, they are kind of things on defense is what is happening. this is a good budget in terms of investing, but down the road is a possibility that we will see a death at the worst possible time. the question is, is this an issue we need to work on 70 are able to keep eyes focused on the long view in terms of the emerging
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challenge. >> i do agree with that. undersea capability is a critical strength of the united states. we need to keep that and extended in the biggest issue we are going to face beginning in the 20s is the beginning of the ohio class replacement, and that is building once again of ssp in asthma attack submarines which we are doing today. some consideration of the need for an undersea nuclear deterrent. that is a major issue. >> thank you. we found ways to use
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different authorities to try to maximize. >> and again, this was emphasized
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>> >> based on non those changes following up the calibration or the resizing of our forces? >> the most significant changes is the rise of isis and behavior of title with the south china sea the development of pretoria iran remains a concern that if it was predictably has written
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but in the four other areas the capabilities of behavior or a combination of the two that teaches the operating did byron it over the last couple years. >> the american people need to understand the guidance and as you have stated to deny another aggressor with your statement it is challenged to respond to a major contingency of the shortfalls called to respond to a second contingency of the overlapping timeline. there is a significant risk with a beecher siegel contingency operations and. is that true? >> there is a of picaresque
6:02 pm
and to accomplish the objective. >> the guided called for the contingency operations defeated one aggressor and the idea there. but that current force today while at the same time defending the homeland? >> we are challenged to do those three things but it would take more time than we would see more casualties than we would want. >> it has cut the structure of the assumption with those assumptions that are there so given the current strategic indictment will
6:03 pm
the department need to? >> to be clear that that structure that we have has the proper resources to be well each from -- well treated and equipped so we have the structure that is affordable with the topline to achieve the balance to resource the modernization and support the all have to be combined. to say it is the best structure beacon have. >> welcome to the guest. a stark reminder of the challenges that you deal
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with every day that we're here to support you with and i appreciate your comments as to deal with the challenges of the day if you need to look forward because always commenting that we never quite know wherehe challenge will come from and the world we live in today means the company different places. secretary cartergi for the answeru have vet th is key to and maintain that technological edge. as anyone with the committee knows to face disproportionately large cut over the of last few years under the budget control act.
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i was especially encouraged to see the department will invest in new facilities the lab has ideas through decades in we thank you for your support in the important role on the massachusetts innovation it is part of sunday much larger but turning to sexual assault. i have spent troubled by a number of stories from the "washington post" about the senior officer sexual assault cases. with that military justice system in the willingness to pursue allegations against officers. and those osared by this committee with that on an noone system of
6:06 pm
tracking cases i would encourage the department to make the military justice system and less transparent as possible i hope it opens to survivors the of the public. we have all read the troubling accounts better read and -- later retaliated against teresa's them of justice those that have experienced retaliation according to their own survey data. have also read that recommendation is important to hold those responsible to maintain unit cohesion as well. what is the department doing
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to ensure they report sexual assaults are not retaliated against? >> thank you for that question. sexual assault is unacceptable anywhere in society but particularly unacceptable with our military. it is based upon trust and honor and the sexual assault to honor and trust more over to your point as you studythat e sexual assault i am pleased
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and we need to learn how to do better so that retaliation is something that in our department until the last couple of years but that creates additional victims of sexual assaults the skimpy peers or others that give the victim their caree onsehat they deserve. so it is important ingredient in retrospect to transparency you are right we have made a commitment
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about greater transparency. >> 8q for being here today with the attacks in brussels another reminder we are in a global war of terror. and i want you to know i have faith in you and we're counting on you to protect american families part of that is not forgetting and 11 this is a continuing war we will be in for quite a while with certain military endure command. as a chairman has mentioned the every core aviators in south carolina tell us for the museum aircraft to get them into the air they don't
6:10 pm
have the trading or get the parts for the more they have testified there are not he enough even to meet the trading san missions so i am very concerned that we fight unprepared and ill-equipped so how are we addressing this potential with multi adversary engagements and what else is a risk? >> thank you very much as i acknowledge your comments. >> we're in this together but the global war on terror must not be forgotten. >> before we get into that position that we are in or across the joint force of similar stories party that was deferred modernization
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part of it was with sequestration we had a backlog of people of basic aircraft so they exist over the joint force to manage the tempo to get the proper resources is lucky we needed it will take some years to do that. >> secretary carter last week testified before the armed services committee that iran internationally tt and 10 u.s. sailors taking 13,000 pages of information off of laptops is this the good assessment if so what steps have been taken against this breach of
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international law? >> this was unprofessional unprofessional, it was outrageous and i cautioned you all as you're looking into the circumstances of the matter please see something on television a new look to the lens of the iranian tv. those sailors did not deserve that we would never treat people in that manner but we only stood down that effort to be the sure they are returned safely but it is outrageous treatment but also want to commend him for the treatment of the sailors
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they the did what it needed to do inverting the full circumstances of that item now what the consequences are but that is not behavior we bush had exhibited. >> thanks for your efforts to promote cybersecurity but dead challenge is with trading so water be doing to prepare for the continuing cyberwar? >> you are absolutely right. we are spending more money than making investments and that is not picky we need to flesh out the team's to build up in cybercom.
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and we are doing better at crafting and retaining skilled and technical people seem that some of those will be trained. but in addition that the say that building bridges is critical historically the united states has drawn upon the great strength of this nation. satellites or missiles or part of thfuture.lf. in this regard i was in washington state a couple of weeks ago that insist those that work at talks not cash
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-- top-notch companies like microsoft it doesn't get any better than that. >> to talk about the rimm of the pacific exercises. to believe that china's participation with ideas to security challenges and increase transparency in mutual understanding? also a to modify a on the circumstances have you recently evaluated trident had you made any changes to participate?
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>> we're constantly evaluating the relationship with china including the south and tennessee. with the aggressive if militarization. they have an indication in we will continue to review that. but the strategy of asia pacific is not to exclude any but keep that security architecture and that has led over 50 years to the southeast asia and china and asia. we're not excluding china
6:17 pm
that is what the balance is all about. it's behavior is isolating itself that is what all the partners come to las also not just the big exercise but the japanese are investing, or even vietnam. but the chinese behavior itself in but that is not the way that china will continue to benefit. with the open system that we have the united states.
6:18 pm
if china build a runway to have totaled access across the south china sea. secretary are they preparing at the shoals that is all they wanted to 20 miles from where the navy operates? so with those objectives in the security environments? >> we are concerned about the prospect and is it consistent? no. but we will react and all regional partners to be self-defeating and self
6:19 pm
isolating the we are prepared for that eventuality. and by the way just to be fair our policy is nobody should be militarized. with these disputes is should be resolved peacefully. >> i do agree it isn't consistent with u.s. objectives in that shouldn't be militarized in that area so why should we reward china with their aggressive behavior to include them with support? it is the polar opposite of u.s. objectives in the region that is why prohibit
6:20 pm
the participation i hope you will reassess the situation. >> we are constantly reassessing in accordance with your letter. >>. >> last week it was stated before the committee less than one-third of the forces are accepted readiness level to conduct sustained ground combat in the environment in to illustrate that risk is associated with the military force is unacceptable.
6:21 pm
interims of numbers and percentages when asking a similar question then chief of staff made clear that direct correlation between increased risk and stated that people would die. it is critically important that they understand what it means when you say risk. currently with the debate of the debate -- of the budget that we can lower the cost. so what do you leave when you say risk? is there a direct correlation? also is there a direct correlation between risk and winning?
6:22 pm
knowing that we have issues of russia and china and north korea and isis can you give us an understanding how the word risk translates? >> it correlates against our objectives those are the two elements of risk. put the risk of sequestration means we have to go back to rewrite the strategy. >> so talk about with those cruz and adversaries and have been identified in my assessment is we cannot deal with those five challenges and violent extremism in to
6:23 pm
deal with those five challenges. >> when you were here last that it is so important to get the two year budget. we thought we had a two-year budget. looking at that budgetary process those that would result in stopping the cuts in to the increased for what would be needed for his operations with additional dollars so the additional
6:24 pm
things to take that out of the department of defense. and it is an expected because it is not part of the two-year budget deal. >> can you tell us the consequences? >> clearly there are things you will get to do if we put the money back. >> the president's budget request the numbers of the budget. >> secretary carter congress's expectation is settled thank you could have supported the two-year budget deal in the year 2017
6:25 pm
so what are you losing? this is what you were lute look at of the base budget. son to the answer the others what did we do of the difference from what we said blast your? id address that earlier of $22 billion difference because the oco and other economic adjustments and
6:26 pm
ended up to the net of $11 million what we did to adjust and mitigate risk we cut the minder procurement programs and scaled-back that is how we accommodated the 11 billion and i explained the debate go into a military pay of what the chairman has described we did not cancel any multi-year procurements with the army's strength of anything like that.
6:27 pm
and that we could mitigate that risk we have said it many times the biggest risk in our defense is a return to sequestration. that is our biggest concern. >> last week we could listen to testimony from the acting chairman and to say that to the effect of this budget places the rv at high risk. and though service level of -- members' lives.
6:28 pm
it couldn't be anything more serious. is that lovell of risk comparable what is your guidance to us? and looking a supplemental funding. >> first of all, let me associate myself with that team secretary murphy. that is the highest priority. and that is why the readiness recovery plan is fully funded in the budget.
6:29 pm
with the question of full spectrum so where we come from working extremely hard to beat the counterinsurgency battle and they're being trained for that. and now they're trying to restore the trading from the full spectrum that we highlighted and highlighted the budget. to do that they need to pass through their trading regions to fill that capacity in give-and-take sometime the budget stability. the other services have comparable readiness issues. all try to make those
6:30 pm
long-term plans. in the marine corps in then the the it is a the defense issue and they're working very hard on that. in the air force the very high up-tempo they're trying to try very hard in we have plans but they can be executed. >> irene reed doing all we can do to mitigate that risk?
6:31 pm
if not what do we need to do? to make those necessary changes? with chairman of the joint chie. to address the high risk that was disclosed last week. in this budget everything they wanted to do to get on the path to restore readiness it cannot be done overnight. it isn't a money issue but 70 stability issue.
6:32 pm
that is translated into risk is that reflected how the rest of the joint chiefs deal with risk with each service contribution? >> what is that nuclear deterrent commission? >> it is the bedrock. it is the bedrock of a safe and secure of bedrock priority is the highest priority currently the
6:33 pm
subject was raised to keep a nuclear deterrent in the future that isn't necessary evolution that we have to do it we have to read tsa food secure and reliable source. >> uc their recapitalization? >> uk and see it right now the sudbury recapitalization cannot be taken out of the budget without seriously crippling the budget. you can see that. it gets closer every year
6:34 pm
but we have to do that in to do the stress to come up so many times and a half to be replaced and is part of the triad it is essential and ready to capitalize that. >> are they convinced we must modernize the triad? >> i am. i have not talked to the courage agrippa achieve selected but when we met with my predecessor the joint chiefs you didn't the subscribe to. >> your predecessor of the pressure in violation of the imf treaty posed a risk to the security of our allies in europe.
6:35 pm
do you agree? >> i do also reflected in the budget is just the threat. >> we have waited for over a year in you assure me we will get that? >> with within the next three or four weeks civic fable come over to see you. >> yield back the balance of my time. >> to enroll a couple years ago you with a senior american in commander with 10,000 u.s. forces and i was back in afghanistan general campbell was operating and 9,800 troops now the general is on the ground in taking a
6:36 pm
review to make his recommendations if he would come back that term bothers me a lot better if he bush did it come back to say after some unspecified number or to say we need to lift the restrictions and cannot trade a advise and assist in said the the authority to target the taliban in the haqqani network would you support that going to the president? >> i know what the president has articulated to benchmar
6:37 pm
to meet the objectives that is what they do with my current position. >> you don't know if you support that recommendation? >> what i was made clear is a never capabilities unbeliever are necessary. but to say these are the account -- capabilities i would afford whatever capabilities are necessary. >> i will second that. gentleman thinks for being here to date and for your service. both of you talked about the threat of birth to read in your opening remarks i
6:38 pm
appreciate your leadership to maintain the focus with emerging threats from the asia-pacific north korea has launched short-range missiles how important this threat to is reading at the forefront obviously representing hawaii we are keenly aware as a threat from north korea us increase is with their capabilities even those on the west coast secretary carter you discussed those ongoing consultations. can you give us an update to share the commitment to enhance missile defense
6:39 pm
capabilities and we have the test site and i and others are looking to increase that protection. >> thank you. and that they do allow us to develop and test those missile defenses we're doing a number of things to protect ourselves from the north korean missile threat. we are absolutely committed to that. but our contribution to the defense of self caribe is important.
6:40 pm
we are doing things that all regions. with the peninsula we are discussing that to do that. is the reason is to protect in that is why you would to add but with the possibility but to have the icbm that we begin several years ago of the ground-based interceptor system in the capabilities to increase those in improving the kill vehicle
6:41 pm
it as we have seen yesterday >> every like to shift to your comments from ukraine and russia. going towards military funding and training in particular in the ukraine there are many challenges they are facing but specifically within the military we have seen it is impossible as different threats come from russia. but with regards to those tactics of guerrilla warfare that can take a toll what russia and is doing.
6:42 pm
>> with those ukrainian forces that you may call symmetrical with combat operations with a unique brand that i am afraid to say here to stay. >> we currently have five in one special operations unit recently received an update with the most effective training provided to date than much of that end of the cybercapabilities. i believe we are addressing that rig


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