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tv   US Senate  CSPAN  April 14, 2016 6:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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there's a whole list of leaders from countries that are allies of the united states that are mentioned in this article. the president calls the president of a critical nato country a -- quote -- "failure" and he he is openly disaapproving of the leadership of britain and france and openly complaining that neither did their part with regard to libya, where the obama administration famfamously -- or infamously announced that it was leading from behind. the jabs and the stories in the goldberg piece that other leaders -- at other leaders like the leaders of jordan and israel and saudi arabia are gratuitous. now, madam president, these might be appropriate for later in the president's memoirs, as he's talking about world leaders and how they measure up, where
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they're week. but not while he is still the president, while he still has work to do for our kufnl -- forw country. and the president even trains his fire on american leaders, a big section on how the president viewed president reagan's leadership and foreign affairs and shies shortcomings, president reagan's, and members of the foreign policy establishment, and even general lloyd austin, the well-respected and recently retired commander of u.s. central command. everybody seems to be lacking in the president's eyes. and i.t it's not just individua. it's the way we as a nation supposedly conduct our foreign policy. by the president's own account, he has been a bulwark against american hubris -- that's his words -- self-righteousness -- his words -- and foreig in fore.
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let me repeat that. his view is h he's been a bulwak in hubris, our self-righteousness in foreign affairs. well, mr. president, as you know, whether it is alaska, or west virginia, most americans understand another, more historically accurate narrative of our role in phon affairs throughout the world. it's not one of hubris but one of of sacrifice and commitment and courage in defending freedom for hundreds of millions of people across the globe. that's been the role of the united states. and for decades, especially
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since world war ii, there's been a bipartisan, long-term effort by truly some of the smartest people in american foreign policy who were present at the creation, as dean atchison said in his auto bo biography, in deepening our relationship with other countries and as part of doing that, the establishing of u.s. military power around the world. some of america's best minds, marshal, atchison, george shultz -- why did they do this? because forging these alliances ultimately not only advances the goal of freedom in a more peaceful and prosperous world, but it helps ensure that american influence and power remain preeminent and, most importantly, that our citizens
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remain safe. so, madam president, in assessing our significant international challenges right now, one central truth stands out. many of our enemies, potential adversaries andrrivals are ally-poor while the united states is ally-rich. think of countries like russia and china and iran and north korea and terrorist groups like isis. very few allies that these countries have. very few other countries running to them right now. then think about our allies throughout the world. it's time to recognize and doubledisowdouble-down on this y comparative advantage in foreign
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affairs. we're ally rich. our rivals are ally-poor. we need to take advantage of it. and yet the obama administration seems to have ignored it. indeed, secretary of state john kerry has spent more time wouldg adversaries like iran and russia than doing the hard work of deepening the bonds of trust with our allies. this, coupled with the president's remarks in the atlantic, h's missives directed at friends, makes it seem like they're actually repealing allies -- repelling allies, not working with them, not building up trust. this, of course, is a mistake. and like many in this body, i've had the opportunity to serve my country in different capacities trying to work to advantages the national security of our nation.
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and i've had the opportunity to see the positive results of the carefully woven fabric of decades of bipartisan american diplomacy, military engagement, and leadership throughout the world. without american leaders who understand history and the important role our allies play in america's security and prosperity, the fabric of our alliances put together over decades threatens to unravel. and if it does, madam president, the world is going to become a much more dangerous place. now, our founding fathers provided the senate with significant responsibility in terms of foreign affairs. and i am hopeful that every member of this body will redouble our efforts to reach out and work with our allies so
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we don't continue this trend where leaders currently in the white house or perhaps potential occupants of the white house view our allies as a burden when in reality they're a key component of of our security and our prosperity, and we need to continue to work with them. madam president, i yield the floor.
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mr. sullivan: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from alaska. mr. sullivan: i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to the immediate consideration of calendar number 377, s. 1436. the presiding officer: without objection. the clerk will report. the clerk: calendar number 377, s. 1436, a bill to require the secretary of the interior to take land into trust for certain indian tribes and for other purposes. the presiding officer: without objection, the senate will proceed to the measure. mr. sullivan: i ask unanimous consent that the committee-reported amendment be agreed to, the bill, asaged, be read a third time and passed and that the motion to reconsider be considered made and laid on the table. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. sullivan: i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed
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to the immediate consideration of h.r. 1670, which was received from the house. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: h.r. 1670, an act to direct the architect of the capitol to place in the united states capitol a chair honoring american prisoners of war missing in afntl action. the presiding officer: without objection, senate will proceed to the measure. mr. sullivan: i ask unanimous consent that the bill be read a third time and passed and that the motions to reconsider be considered made and laid on the table. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. sullivan: i ask unanimous consent that the judiciary committee be discharged and the senate proceed to the immediate consideration of s. res. 311. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: senate resolution 311, honoring rutgers, the state university of new jersey, as rutgers celebrates its 250th anniversary. the presiding officer: without objection, the committee is discharged. the senate will proceed.
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mr. sullivan: i ask that the resolution be agreed to, the preamble be agreed to, and the motions to reconsider be considered made and laid on the table, with no intervening action or debate. the presiding officer: without objection. sol i ask unanimous consent that the senate now proceed to the en banc consideration of the following senate resolutions which were submitted earlier today: s. res. 427, s. res. 428, s. res. 429, s. res. 430. the presiding officer: without objection, the senate will proceed to the measures en bloc. sol i ask that the resolution be agreed, the preamble be agreed to, the motions to reconsider be considered made and laid on the table en bloc. the presiding officer: without objection. sol i ask unanimous consent that friday, april 15 count as the intervening day with respect to the cloture motion on the motion
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to proceed to h.r. 2028. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. sullivan: i ask unanimous consent that when the senate completes its business today, it will adjourn until 3:00 p.m. monday, april 18. following the prayer and pledge, the morning hour be deemed expired, the journal of proceedings be approved to date, and the time for the two leaders be reserved for their use later in the day. finally, that following leaders' remarks, the senate resume consideration of h.r. 636. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. sullivan: if there is no further business to come before the senate, i ask that it stand adjourned under the previous order. the presiding officer: the senate stands adjourned until 3:00 p.m. on monday.
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>> >> senator herb leventhal.
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[applause] senator rubio. [applause] secretary murphy and secretary mcdonald for joining us as well. finally i would like 2.0 we have here with us jose is here with us today. [applause] manuel. [applause] john? where are you? [applause] he now lives in milwaukee.
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go packers. [laughter] i will just say we are for ever in in your debt and this metal is long overdue. [applause] >> please stand for the presentation of the colors by the united states color guard with the performance of the national anthem and the retiring of the colors. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentleman please read standing for the invocation by reverend black >> to our prayer, we thank you for the honor and fidelity of the u.s. army's 65th army regiment composed mainly of puerto
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rico soldiers serving with distinction during both world wars and the korean conflict. llord we praise you for this opportunity to abolish their courageous contributions to american's freedom. with the congressional gold medal. llord, forgive us for segregating our puerto rican and let diderot's soldiers to a knowledge their contributions. made this congressional gold medal ceremony at -- remind us that all humanity is wrapped in a blanket of neutrality and tied to a
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single garment of destiny. [speaking spanish] send heavens richest blessings upon this their body as you hasten the day does justice will roll down waters like a mighty stream. we pray it your sovereign name, amen. >> please be seated. >> the resident commissioner [applause]
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>> the u.s. territory of puerto rico high as challenges it is difficult to see the islands suffered with a good neighbor of your home is tarnished and associated with the negatives rather than the positives that is why even though the korean war ended 50 years ago today a ceremony could not be more timely. the american soldiers from puerto rico who formed the infantry regiment reminded of public that puerto rico has paid to this country in times of both "war and peace".
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with a 3.five bleeds u.s. citizens why we're so proud to be puerto ricans and our sense of pride has been shaken but never shattered. we should draw strength and inspiration but after all and to fight the enemy on the front lines of the battlefields. so these warriors may have spoken english with an accent but their service and sacrifice for universally understood. the neck of the 65th regiments' many are here today but did not live in to enjoy the glorious moment with the human spirit at its
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best. devote -- devoted italy's had in this nation's back in times of crisis. with patriotism to fight the country that you love. to those who are leaving or have left us i want to simply say thank-you. [speaking spanish] god bless. [cheers and applause] ha.
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>> and the eighth district of florida bill posy. [applause] >> good afternoon. distinguish casting them as heroes of the 65th infantry regiment. a momentous day in and in honor of the decorated unit to the valor of each of the soldiers. during the korean war fighting some of the fiercest battles under the harshest conditions it as a last segregated unit as a testament to their character. one of the greatest withdrawals of american history that the 65th infantry regiment provided
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cover for the first marine division. their actions are in high praise from douglas will start -- macarthur as they're riding a brilliant record of heroism in battle and i am indeed proud to have them under my command. i wish we could count many more like them. the current a nederlander nederlander, nine distinguished service service, approximately 250 silver stars over 600 bronze stars in more than 2,700 purple hearts. today they joined the ranks of the most intrepid warriors who have never received the congressional gold medal probe like to recognize the efforts of hundreds of people whose
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dedication resulted in this were the distinction per our right to a college a group of students from florida who took it upon themselves to embrace of legacy and paid tribute of the 65th infantry regiment. they give for your fears courage and may god continue to bless you and the united states of america. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and children in the united states senator from connecticut. [applause]
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[speaking spanish] because i will be followed by a marco rubio flow will correct me when i get a wrong. [laughter] also thanks to lou senator rubio for his partnership in this effort as well as my colleagues who were so instrumental to make it possible in the extraordinary day. there are few magic moments but this time it is one of them. it was made possible by a truly a bipartisan effort. from the united states congress. [applause] thanks to those you are here to date specifically my friends from connecticut. [applause]
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thanks from being -- for being here. they inspired me in connecticut it then and i visited them in puerto rico to see their history displayed in photographs and to hear from them, the story of their bravery and others of men who did not come back. they are american warriors. they are american fighters with the best band of the bravest. [applause] and we honor them today in a proud tradition of the tuskegee airmen men who braving and overcome and
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divide discrimination and segregation who showed us how to be better americans. [applause] the men and women of puerto rico are americans and their contribution to america's defense in the eighth deals of the american dream of freedom, opportunity and equal rights under though lot. our remarkable. not just war but in peace and continued to serve and sacrifice for our great nation. we are the greatest nation in the history of the world that we're not perfect and
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it reminds us that in their journey and ours will never end as long as we tolerate the imperfection of discrimination in this country and i want to thank them for giving us this opportunity to recognize and celebrate their patriotism their courage and strength and resolve to make irrigation better and continue to make us a better nation in the world. god bless our country. [applause] >> the honorable marco rubio. [applause]
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>> first of all, for those of you don't speak spanish she said he saved the bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to gigo. [laughter] the one to thank him to work on this important issue and quite frankly many years overdue. from the outset as a member of the u.s. congress i wish we could have ordered you sooner. i joined everyone present to remember your cousins in arms he passed away including those who have died since this legislation was signed by the president who ended is my hope that those who have fallen and departed or are missing in action with the service has
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received the ultimate tribute. over the years of the regiment never faltered to prove just how valuable it is to the cause of freedom. my favorite example is when they were tasked to play their role in the military exercise their able to halt the group of 32,000 american troops after seeing the skill of army commanders quickly deployed then into the heart of the korean war after their capabilities it is one of my great honors in the effort to secure the congressional gold medal by having the opportunity to co-sponsor the legislation of 2014 double-a-2 think el the suns who work to ensure error be as impressive as it turned out.
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and also i'll echo what the congressmen said about the school in florida. her students raised thousands of dollars in their community toward the ongoing national effort to ensure every living fighter woodson received a replica of the metal. [applause] the passionate efforts of so many others who have labored to make this day a reality is part of what makes the legacy of that past generations who fought and died for america is a living legacy today it is alive and
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well to remind us that america is truly an exceptional country we are made up of people from all different backgrounds and cultures because we share a common idea that everyone deserves the freedom to exercise their rights each member of this 65th regiment they fought for the freedom so in closing to the borinqueneers congtulations on the unveiling of your well-deserved congressional gold medal on behalf of our children and the people of florida they give for your service san your courage and for fighting to make this nation the best candy. [speaking spanish] makes god always bless the
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united states of america. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the democratic leader of the house of representatives. nancy pelosi. [applause] this afternoon. it is my honor to join our speaker to welcome you to the capital of this special day for all of us lamp privilege to have you here along with the secretary of veterans affairs and acting secretary of the army patrick murphy i am happy to join in this personal gold medal is such a special day
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and with the other sponsors as well. and with the house of representatives and we are happy to welcome the governor from p.r. -- puerto rico it is an honor to bestow the congressional gold medal that honor and fidelity ratings the motto of his greatest regiment of americans. as a unit of puerto ricans volunteers.
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the 65th infantry overcame with that american story. with the panama canal zone with the world war i later on the doorstep with the defining principle of the korean war is beyond the freedom abroad for latino americans at home and the korean war in particular and with the strength of service and the power of their bravery.
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it was nothing short of legendary the u.s. army's first let rfid general are you here general? please rise. the third, a four-star general. i can speak directly to your service it is surely one of the greats american stories. it just is not about a proud legacy and dignified but the fact that puerto ricans and others follow in your footsteps with a very important part of our
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country. i know but colleagues would agree if we ever travel in the world including the of hospitals around the world for those men and women in uniform we should take some satisfaction with this part of your legacy. >> this day hands with some of the most honored in names of military history. for the right to defend our country. today we add to the rolls of the gold medal lotteries of
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the code talkers would receive the 100th infantry battalion and fighting for freedom. again making america. [applause] it is our privilege with the veterans of the 66 regiment with us today and your families to all those throughout the human country
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they q for your honor and fidelity and into a rich hour great democracy. thank you. [applause] >> said democratic leader of the united states senate. [applause] >> on may 19th in 1986 with the dedication of the monument i will never forget that day and it was a
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beautiful day that i can remember. i can remember the clouds that were there in the dedication in my mind's eye. but then to be reflected off the wall. with the foreign defense of the united states but what i remember most of service members with the immense gratitude in this a motion
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is are with us today. but the korean war as long as well as other conflicts as ben ward far too long by congress one regiment said the american people don't know the sacrifice of those who died in korea which was the bloodiest war. sacrifices of service members from puerto rico. dying in the conflict and many were wounded.
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the 65th regiment is the price for freedom. with an example of service and patriotism by enlisting in the armed services. for all of those conflicts. so puerto ricans worse still sacrificing our country. with iraq and afghanistan but i show others following in your footsteps. you will always be remembered and all puerto
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ricans with their sacrifice and we should do the same. that we should never forget the 65th regiment. [applause] ladies iran gentleman, mitch mcconnell. >> christmas eve is a special time for many of us. it is in evening filled with love and anticipation affection and devotion and whether of red flag to be in
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one area in particular affected have the same family celebrating. you may have contested the smells of frozen pork and the smell of the sauces and maybe you may have detected the neck and -- the echo from half a world away of soldiers sitting in spanish. it could have been a song of gratitude for hot showers and warm meals or song of remembrance for of with the greatest with dolls of military history.
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the the 65th infantry regiment. they're faced a daunting mission from over 100,000 chinese troops. and as the 65th may have been through mountainous terrain and through heavy gunfire. the 65th infantry regiment provide assistance to the first marine division but
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they stayed behind to the job was done and then told to evacuate christmas eve. no wonder they were riding in a brilliant record of the hellish theaters of world war i and world war ii. and what they have achieved considering the other obstacles at the very same time. so we are proud to have these men here with us to
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honor the soldiers that cannot be relied the wounded or the missing the soldiers that distinguish themselves with high honors of the korean war. with other 250 silver stars and 2700 purple hearts. oread to that today the congressional gold mont blanc dash gold medal is an honor with the navajo code talkers in the tuskegee airman. we now presented to a group of soldiers who present themselves with prairie and determination with that
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brilliant record of achievement. [applause] >> ladies and gentleman the speaker of that house of representatives. [applause] when you start learning about borinqueneers in history, the question the keeps coming to mind as we do fight for a country and has committed crimes against you? would you fight in an army that puts you in a segregated unit? would you fight without any guarantee that one day deep down to finally recognize the service because these men did that.
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it takes a certain caliber of man to do that. a recently heard a story that makes this point beautiful. a doctor serving in caria coming to his aid with a very sick baby with a severe case of pneumonia this new wonder drug called penicillin he knew it would save the boy but there restrict rules to give it to american soldiers only. he later said i could not simply let the baby dies so he gave him an injection. six weeks later a couple came to visit john at his station. and then with a camp for
6:56 pm
carrying their son. he gladly accepted the bank of tex-mex. because it illustrates what we admire of the of borinqueneers they show up again courage is not a color in these men did not fight to preserve but to make their country better. there decency was so plain plain, their courage was obvious that now whole country has honor them. with the sacrifice and we we've that story into this fabric of american history
6:57 pm
and now it is so much brighter for it. [applause] >> it is my pleasure to invite the colonel and a sergeant major to the stage for the presentation. [applause]
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[cheers and applause] >> ladies alien gentleman. >>
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[applause] >> mr. speaker of the house and members of congress, fellow borinqueneers. [cheers and applause] friends, they give for the
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yonder to allow me for dead distinguished members of congress to represent the regiment of the 65th borinqueneers of which i was a part on behalf of the men that were members of the regiment for this highly prestigious award of this metal and had fought many battles in korea. those to survive or lost their lives in combat for many acts of valor with the
7:01 pm
enemy with the united states. and william harris to combat in the early part of the korean war said, ' to now have better list of people. [applause] nor have i encountered any
7:02 pm
of the principles on which the united states stands. i accepted this medal in the name of all leaders the families of those who lost loved ones in the remains have not been recovered for the extreme sacrifices in many cases god bless. [cheers and applause]
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ladies then gentleman. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> the acting secretary of the united states army. [applause] how can you follow that? [laughter] you were on some. [applause] i thought that was our job.
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with the speaker's permission steady lawyer was dancing. [laughter] [applause] thanks for hosting us and for your leadership. [applause] and of course, the other speakers i will echo those remarks of the never grey adjunct general. it is a historic year the
7:09 pm
keys so much. [applause] we also have the vice chief of staff here. [applause] and the general. [applause] we are here to recognize the borinqueneers for their time in in korea. with leading was all the efforts for our nation they key is so much. and let me just say their
7:10 pm
service and uniform is extraordinary. with that vietnam generation to be opened so faq very much. [applause] as the speaker said it could the ec so all of you show to be a soldier for life.
7:11 pm
it is stamped and you continue to be served all over the world. and when speaker ryan told us i saw you shaking your head. we are professionals and tried to have more confidence. wherever the american soldier goes to make a positive difference it is hard to see that'd realtime. millions are going to school that never went to school. [applause] there is a lot to be grateful for.
7:12 pm
>> but your output speeches appreciated. you look like a paratrooper. but he does look good. the heart of the borinqueneers in the american soldier is what we're celebrating today. as secretary of the army to celebrate with each hand everyone. god bless you and god bless america.
7:13 pm
the secretary of veterans affairs. >> good afternoon. i am pleased to add my congratulations to everyone and especially for veterans. my mission and of my department is to care for those who have borne the battle for families and survivors. the best and the most inspiring mission in government to serve the best and most deserving clients and though world. bear right here among us is the borinqueneers it is long overdue but i want you all
7:14 pm
to know the veterans of puerto rico were never forgotten by the american people. to provide the same benefits and care at the national cemetery with wartime services and each one of them are etched in stone for all to see. a native of p.r. is listed in the army in 1948 ended 51 surveying in korea with the 65th infantry regiment. when his company was forced to withdraw by enemy attack
7:15 pm
to single-handedly stop the enemy that his company was defending he held his commission through the entire night for his company to regroup and successfully counterattacks. for his bravery and awarded the nation's highest reserve - - award for valor. i will be en puerto rico later this month to visit the medical center in san juan in participate to mark the wording of the congressional gold medal to the veterans of the 65th infantry beneath fell walls of the old spanish fort on san juan harbor were the 65th fire the first american shot while there i
7:16 pm
will visit the national cemetery to pay respects on behalf of the nation of the teethirty who did not live to see this day but now receiving about recognition they so richly deserve. there will always be remembered that is president reagan's promise and the veterans administration promise and my promise as well. may god bless you and the united states of america. [applause] >> please stand as the chaplain of the house of representatives and gives them a benediction. >> let us pray.
7:17 pm
made their hands and hearts of this nation mp raised in prayer for this unit of puerto rico who served with hope and freedom all over the world. through three wars, the borinqueneers chose to serve while still not to share in the full list of the american social fabric and even so with thousands of military ought -- honors for their service. made a breath of god uphold their story with the message to inspire citizens
7:18 pm
everywhere to serve without counting the cost. and those who made the ultimate sacrifice, those who edged out historic victories and suffered personally that paid of discrimination in the dark days of our world and asian -- asian and peace. with all women and men in military service and their families. god bless america and to speak with you forever a man. >> please remain in your seats for the departure of the parties.
7:19 pm
[applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[cheers and applause] mr. president dash mr. vice president mr. secretary and distinguished guest it is my pleasure to kickoff though warrior ride. [applause] as i look around the crowd first oic numerous service members that we all proudly wear show with the outpouring of public and private support for the gradations military to support this as we transition one of the defining characteristics. [cheers and applause] with a 6040 membership gives
7:24 pm
the insight to the military population to understand the community and is the brazilian population that does not let invisible balloons illness or injury define them to use them as a way to inspire. ic a population all of you will go on to do great things for your community and country with a founding board member captained of the team that this would have been possible without the support and services of military community and i urge all of you to keep setting higher goals senator obama visited me at walter reed every pledged to hire
7:25 pm
more veterans as part of the initiative and now today captive and the victim steam it is my honor to present president barack obama. [cheers and applause] >> good morning everybody. welcome to the white house. they you for your outstanding service and your young is one saying daddy. daddy. [laughter] [laughter] an outstanding advocates for men and women in uniform
7:26 pm
with the secretary of veterans affairs secretary mcdonald. and somebody also vice president bided. >> first this seems to be exceptionally good-looking group. [laughter] i want to check to see the distribution we do have some army here. [cheers and applause] navy? air force. [cheers and applause] marines? [cheers and applause] coastguard.
7:27 pm
[laughter] and several of your biggest fans your family's. we'll hold the line of events here at the white house but few are as inspiring over the past seven years this is one of our favorite traditions 40 active today's writers so our veterans seven your still working through wounds like post-traumatic stress and like countless others across the country to try and see each other across the finish line. enjoyed by the marine captain jessica and there
7:28 pm
she is back there. and went on to serve in afghanistan also struggling it took six months to make a phone call for help and also discovered cycling as a treatment on her first ride she said she felt so free like go wait was coming off so it gave her a chance to do what she wanted and casey back there? serving 15 years including
7:29 pm
afghanistan something that fell to a loss and struggling and then some veterans service organizations helped them to get back of his eight -- on his beat with the job opportunities. >> this is one of those ideas. [laughter]
7:30 pm
al is not a descriptor as a movement that changes people's lives from the women in uniform. . co-legislatures >> the president: who tell me as soon as they can they want to serve the country again. service is in their dna. giving back is what you all do. but as we know, many returning heroes have a hard time connecting opportunities throughout community and finding ways to serve. i want to thank our incredible veteran's services organizations
7:31 pm
who step up from a veterans every day making that connections. organizations like the mission continues, organizations like team red white and blue, organizations like team rubicon. i know you are ready to run. i want to close with a quick story. we are joined by air force technical sergeant jason miller. where is jason? jason served four tours and came home with his body intact but inside was struggling with wounds nobody could see. jason doesn't mind me telling you he got depressed enough he thought about taking his life. four years ago he wrote about what he was going through and how hard it was to get the services and support he needed.
7:32 pm
as luck had it, i met with team rubicon which deploys emergency response for disasters. and in addition to making sure the va followed up with had him i asked team rubicon to reach out and jason ended up joining rubicon and deployed to moore, okay and feeling an immediate bond with teammates he threw himself in the work of helping people pick up their lives and found a path to a new life of his own. when jason talks about the new opportunity to serve he quotes gandhi saying the best way to find yourself is lose yourself in the spirit of others. jason's spirit and the spirit of all of you is the story of our armed forces by dedicating
7:33 pm
yourself to a cause bigger than yourself. it is about support and love for the country that flows through everybody that serves. it is about the country that pledges to be with you every step of the way not just when we need you but also when you need us. that is why every day i have left in this office i will keep doing everything i can to make sure we serve you as well as you served us and that means making sure you get the benefits you deserve and making sure you have the opportunity to continue to serve our nation. you represent what is best about our nation and i hope all american people come along the route and show their support for these heroes not just today but every day. god bless military families,
7:34 pm
those who serve. and god bless america. with that, we will let william strap up and i will blow the horn which i really enjoy. i just realized i have done this a few years but i think i need volunteers to help me this career. [inaudible conversations]
7:35 pm
>> the president: i am going to blow the horn first, but we will let everybody get a chance. there is going to be 11 blows of the horn. [inaudible conversations]
7:36 pm
[horn blowing] [applause] [applause] [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] >> this week the c-span city tour hosting with comcast partners take you to alabama to explore the literary culture of the city which is home the the university of alabama. we will learn about had history of the university of alabama in the 1960's.
7:43 pm
>> i think, above all, they were trying to get the university of alabama away from this party school-football school focus and get it heading into new direction to become a viable academic institution first in the south and then nationally. it took a while to do that. pist you had to hire faculty. only a third of the faculty had degrees when he was hired. by 1965 two thirds have degrees. today we have our share of some of the finest faculty in the country. we are also attracting students that could go to harvard or yale. we lead the country in the number of nationalal merit scholars that come.
7:44 pm
>> and we will visit an ark logical sight and see how the native americans lived during their day. >> mound ville was the largest city north of mexico in its hay day and contains the remains of 30 mounds. this is the largest containing about 112,000 yards of cubic dirt and this would have been where the structure of the highest ranking member of the highest ranging clan would have been. scientist thought the mounds were built by one basket load at a time but recent research indicates the base and mound were initially bought with sod block which were filled in with clay. this would give more stability to the structure as they were building it.
7:45 pm
we know tat after the mound was built it would be capped over with different colors of clay so if you sliced into the mound it would resemble a layer cake. >> watch the city tour on saturday and sunday on c-span3. the c-span city tours; working with our cable affiliates and visit cities across the country. >> during campaign 2016 c-span takes you on the road to the white house as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio and >> new york holds its presidential primary this coming tuesday with 95 republican delega delegates at stake.
7:46 pm
tonight the three republican presidential candidates are attending a party fundraising dinner in manhattan. a live picture from new york city where we expect to hear from donald trump, john kasich and ted cruz this evening in that order. the event should get started shortly and we will have it for you live here on c-span2. while we wait for it to get underway we will bring you house speaker paul ryan's weekly briefing from earlier today. >> good morning, everybody. let me give a shoutout to our interns. raise your hands. good to see you guys. he turned it off. yeah, right. i could keep going but i am not going to do that. the oversight and government committee approved bipartisan legislation to renew the school
7:47 pm
choice program here in washington, d.c. as you know, this is an initiative long championed by john boehner. the d.c. scholarship program has helped thousands of kids get an education. when we give families choices students succeed. the condition of your birth doesn't determine the outcome of your life. where you grow up should not determine how far you go in this country. so i want to thank chairman chaffpitz and mayor bouser for her support. second, i would like to discuss our visit to the middle east last week. right now there is a sense broad that american policies are
7:48 pm
turning away from our allies and partners. we in congress speaking on behalf of our constituents, the american people, we remain committed to beating isis and destabilizing the region. we are still in this fight. i chose as the first location of my visit in my first delegation as speaker to go to israel. i chose to go to israel because i thought it was important to show our saolidarity with our allies. and saudi arabians and jordanians we want them to know we appreciate them being on the front and we understand that a failed government right now would unravel the region. on the iran deal, there is great concern about what this regime is going to do with the billions
7:49 pm
of dollars it now has access to. this is one of the reasons i a oppose any steps to making iran have access to the dollar. my biggest take away is this, our friends and allies want leadership. in the absence of american leadership our partners will go looking for alternatives, inferior alternatives. we need a strong america, leading with our allies to confront the threats in front of us, but the threats tat occur over the long-term as well. we need to deal with this problem so our children don't have to confront it. this is a generational defining moment for our country at home and broad. questions? >> can you talk about further conflict -- and addressing puerto rico?
7:50 pm
>> oh, addressing puerto rico. i thought you were going with the budget. yeah, right, go to the budget after that. there is chaos occurring. puerto rico passed a law negating their debt. we want to bring order to the chaos. the need for puerto rican legislation is to bring order to the chaos and my number one priority is keep the american taxpayer away from this. there will be no taxpayer bailout. we want an oversight board like we did with the district of columbia a number of years ago we want them to provide the structure to get their fiscal house in order and guide the debt restructuring that is necessary so puerto rico can continue to access the markets
7:51 pm
and keep the taxpayer out. helping bring order to the chaos that befall puerto rico if the status go continues in the direction it is going. >> speaker ryan, there has been a lot of discussion on the campaign trail about whether or not the selection of delegates, the process, is fair. in your view, as chairman of the convention, is this fair? >> it is up to the state. every state has their own way. i am familiar with my state but not others. that is the state's choice >> is the process rigged? >> i will refer you to the republican national convention. >> i heard from representative collin and they feel like the dealt is stack for candidates running for president. what do you say to the voter out
7:52 pm
there saying what is going on? these guys are making up the rules. >> i am not going to comment on it day to day in and out of the presidential campaign on these issues. the rules commit will set the rules and we will follow the rules by the book. we are not at the convention now and what happens between now and then is up to the states. >> to get back to the budget process -- >> thank you. >> from a 30,000 perspective, you were having trouble this year and democrats had trouble in 2010, and back in '99 was the first year there wasn't a budget at all. who is to blame for the broken budget process in your mind? >> the authors in 1974, i suppose. look, i spent my adult life looking at the federal budgeting process. i have strong opinions for how
7:53 pm
broken the federal budget process s. this is why as chairman of the budget committee i brought scores of reforms to the floor and they are being followed up. i believe the sunday budget act needs to be overhauled. i think the current budget is stacked in favor of more spending. i can b i believe it needs to be overhau overhauled to limit government and bring more accountability to the way we spend taxpayer dollars. i think you know the budget reforms i have been pushing for. the challenge is you have to a house, senate, and president all the way to sign these into law and we have not had that lined up well enough. to the budget itself, part of the problem is we are a victim of the success of the fact that we have appropriation numbers in law.
7:54 pm
we have an agreement in law and that has taken pressure off of the budget situations. that is one of the challenges we are dealing with. i want to support -- you know me, i am a regular order guy and i want our committees to do their work. tom price has been busy working on the budget but i know for a fact he is very motivated to get moving on budget process reform and i encourage his efforts. >> you had a pretty good back and forth with the chairman of the irs on this -- >> which time? >> there was one particular june of that year i remember. that said, do you think that it is time for him to go? do you think he should be impeached? some members of the house oversight committee called for that and it has been sitting out there for oith or nine months. >> i think the irs is not being led well. i think the irs misled americans
7:55 pm
and are not on top of their game with respect to preventing hacking from occurring in the future. cyb cyber theft. this is a problem. but i think the irs is implementing a horrible tax code and the real solution is tax reform. i support chairman chaffitz is in oversight and subcommittee chairman and the full chairman on the irs work. we would not have gotten as much done with the riders in the appropriation bill at the end of last year, uncovering of the political targeting by the irs is because of oversight in the house of representatives. i believe we have been doing our jobs by bringing transparency to an agency that has gone beyond
7:56 pm
its duties. this is an agency that needs to be cleaned up. as far as the other issues, what i think we need to do is win an election, get better people in these agencies and reform the tax code so we are not harassing the average taxpayer with a tax code we cannot understand. >> yeah, if you cannot get the votes -- i am sorry. >> go ahead >> if you cannot the votes to pass the budget would you support leaving the window open for acting on a budget resolution later in the year? >> we have not foreclosed any of those options. we have not decided one way or the other. we do want to pass a budget resolution. granted there is an appropriation bill out there. we are having conversations with
7:57 pm
members and there are lots of options out there. >> pack to puerto rico, what is the task force and what are you doing to bring together profits? >> chairman bishop has taken to lead on this and has done a good job. he would not have votes on the other side of the aisle going into the markup. we are having conversations around members but they are coming around to the consensus of keep the government out of this jow need a good oversight board to bring the fiscal house together and order to the chaos. i think we will get there. a lot of members are just coming up to speed with this. it is why tomorrow morning we are doing a policy conference on just the issue of puerto rico and the members who have been
7:58 pm
spending on this are going to have a meeting to bring everybody up to speed. a lot of our members need to come to speed with the issue. >> last question. >> mr. speaker, million dollars worth of ads have been aired that say this is a bailout and a bankruptcy. what is your take? >> i am not going to characterize who is behind what ads but a bailout is getting the taxpayer involved. our whole entire purpose is to prevent the taxpayer from getting involved and not having a taxpayer bailout. so that is why we will prevent the taxpayer from being involved. what is the second part of the question? >> >> many of your members are adopting that rhetoric. are you committed to respecting the majority -- >> i think once people understand what is actually
7:59 pm
happening and how the direction we are headed with the oversight board, just like we had a control board for d.c., is the best possible way to prevent a taxpayer bailout and bring order to the chaos. thanks. >> we plan to bring you live coverage from new york city. new york holding its presidential primary next tuesday. 95 republican delegates at stake in the election and tonight live coverage as three republican presidential candidates are attending a party fundraising dinner in manhattan. we will hear from ted cruz and john kasich and donald trump tonight. the event should be getting underway shortly. we will bring it to you live when it does so. until the weekly briefing from
8:00 pm
house minority leader nancy pelosi from earlier. >> good morning. i guess you all stayed up late to watch the golden state warriors break all records? did you see kolby scoring 60 points for the last game and bringing the lakers to victory. two things going on in northern and southern california but i am glad i can focus on the regular seas season saturday. but more important thooamerican people the jobless claim numbers released today are the lowest since 1973. the lowest since 1973.


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