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tv   Hearing on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Oversight  CSPAN  April 14, 2016 10:47pm-11:55pm EDT

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the number tragically is higher than 22 veterans day. i was just a side note. since i have been doing this , i've been talking to members of congress the friends of mine specifically in texas. because the cost barriers are so high and many veterans join the military to get that sense of community. they don't have the family support that i have. they get told their way times over a year and they don't feel like to have that time. they go out and get a dog. i will note is i believe it was mr. russell who had said earlier that just being around a dog, he, he has made a personal connection with the animals he has been around. i would argue that if you don't think you believe that
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a dog can be therapeutic, and the service talk specifically,, then you probably have never owned a been around a dog. >> recognize the gentleman from massachusetts. >> the way this is structured on the chairman's bill, the va and the contractor. the 2016 va report so there was a problem with the va not getting out to the contractor for the home of the veteran. and that broke down.
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only able to cure that? >> yes. absolutely. relying on the service .-dot organization. that resulted in an effort is not getting timely information. which is why. >> okay. >> the chennai recognizes the children from texas for five minutes. >> we got 13 minutes. if there are other questions, we may have time. >> thank you, chairman. i think the gentleman from florida. from my alma mater. getting a magis. a long history of working with animals.
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the most active urban search. and student organizations called guide dogs. they are also part of the network, the operation k-9. and i want to thank you for your service. i have the honor of serving members of the military, sacrifices that you and your family make. appreciate you for doing this. >> has the va reached out to any other organization?
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>> we did site visits. >> suspended in 2012. realized we had to change our protocol. organizations like canine companion. why do they decide to reinvent the wheel? >> well, relied upon the organizations themselves to be very experienced and able to produce high-quality dogs. that did not turn out to be true. >> i don't even no where to go. so many questions. some of the experiences they have.
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world-class activities. >> admittedly we were not familiar enough with the service to our community. no question. >> we were not adequately familiar with the service dog community. >> how much money to spend? i have been told is no longer in use. >> i'm not sure the exact figure. >> 1 million. the 12 million figure through the entire phase one >> could that money have been saved? adopt dod standards. >> it was not just a veterinary standard. training standards were
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involved. the organization, dog trainers, all those things ended up being a major problem. >> the chief veterinarian chief veterinary medical officer. >> that's correct. >> what proposal to make sure we incorporate this? >> into the study? >> more veterans get access to care. >> directed by congress to do the study. there were other portions. to complete the study successfully. >> the next few needif you need to take. >> well, we are doing that now, sir. >> what is he going to be done. >> pardon me. >> when is it going to be done. >> we expected to be done. >> i have a little bit less
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than a minute. hopefully chairman. anything that has not been discussed during this hearing today. >> thank you, congressman. i think it is important to understand and to reiterate what i said, that the service dog not only will combat specific symptoms but there is an effect that they give to you of providing a sense of purpose. when veteran to get out there lose their military community, lose the chain of command. the intermission, purpose ripped away from the very quickly. nonprofits have done an
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admirable workadmirable work and trying to assist the veterans transitioning. but they are still struggling. i think the main reason is that they lose their sense of purpose and lose their mission. they don't have anything driving them anymore. i think the service dog also provides that. i would further note that i spent the last year doing this, trying to raise awareness about the issue talk to members of congress command it has taken me a year to do this funding all of this myself. we don't have until late 2018 to have the study completed in and understand the results and then try to have a program initiated at that point. twenty-two veterans a day committing suicide. anybody that is okay with that number, i would not say anybody is okay with that number, but we have something that we know
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works. with 22 veterans day return to what i said my opening statement, unconscionable that we don't explore alternative methods of treatment. >> thank you for your service. i yield back the time. >> the gentleman's time is expired. i would i would like to thank our witnesses for taking the time to appear before us today. the subcommittee stands adjourned. [inaudible conversations]
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>> tomorrow the national taxpayer advocate will
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deliver annual report and its relationship with american taxpayers. testify a house oversight subcommittee hearing. live coverage. >> washington journal live every day. policy issues that impact you. >> shenkman author of the book political animal. he tells us how us voters a using permanent that seeks to elect the next pres. they sure to watch live at 7:00 a.m. eastern. join the discussion. a signature feature is our coverage of book fairs and festivals across the country. this weekend live from maryland state capitol.
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the boat on my own. >> every year wounded warrior sponsors a cycling ride. pres. obama and vp biden met with participants at the white house. this is 20 minutes.
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[cheering] [cheering] [cheering] >> thank you. mr. president, mr. vice president, secretary distinguished guests, fellow warriors, it is my pleasure to kick off this year's warrior ride. [applause] as a look around the crowd i see a few things. numerous organizations whose logos will probably where. that shows the outpouring of public and private support
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for the men and women of our great nation's military and that it takes a village to support us as we transition. this is one of the defining characteristics. [cheering] the 6040 military to civilian membership has all the insight into the military population --dash service members and veterans understanding of the communities. second, i see a resilient population that is not let invisible orletting visible or invisible wounds for injuries defund the rather uses them as a way to reenlist strengthen inspire. third, i see ai see a population that is one of the country's greatest assets. going to do great things. as a father of four with a great wife of ten years and
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captaincaptain of the us team, none of this would have been possible without the support and services of our military community. i urge all of you to keep setting higher goals. in 2,005 sen. obama visit me at walter reed and in 2012 i sat behind president obama as we pledged to hire more veterans of the joining forces initiative. and now as team red white and blue member and board member it is my tremendous honor to introduce president barack obama. [applause] >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the white house. thank you for your outstanding service.
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a beautiful family. daddy. she is proud, too. i want to thank outstanding advocates on behalf of our men and women in uniform. i veterans, secretaries of veterans affairs secretary mcdonald. please give a big round of applause. and vice president biden. [applause] let me 1st of all say this needs to be an exceptionally good-looking group here. i do want to check to see. 1st of all, i understand
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we have some army here. [cheering] navy. navy. [cheering] air force. [cheering] marines. [cheering] coast guard. [cheering] all right. and we have got some of your biggest fans. [cheering] we held a lot of events here. if you are is inspiring as this. this has become one of our favorite traditions. this year we have got 40 525 veterans. many of you are recovering from major injuries. learn how to adapt to a new life, some of your so working through those that are harder to see.
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like countlesslike countless writers across the country, part of this great movement is to help each other for all of us to see each other get across the finish line. and thatline. and that is how america is supposed to work. they are joined. where is just a? injured in training the way on to serve in afghanistan. in addition to intense back pain she was struggling with posttraumatic stress and depression. the ticker six months to make the phone call for help. thanks to the love and support of her husband she finally reached out. as part of her treatment she discovered cycling. the soldier gives her the chance to do what she loves. your an inspiration.
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we could not be prouder. [cheering] we have army staff sergeant casey mcewing. casey is back they're. decorated veteran, served for 15 years with the 4th infantry division including afghanistan, injured in an attack on his outpost. he felt lost struggling to find work and living out of the jeep. the veteran service organization help them get back on his feet and today is still fighting for brothers and sisters working as hired euros which helps connect a returning heroes with job opportunities. we are proud of you. [applause] and that is what is so remarkable.
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some of my best ideas. you, too. [laughter] but this is one of those ideas. it is a reminder -- that was not in the script. it is a reminder of the power of one person to launch awatch a movement that changes people's lives. a reminder of the sacrifices that have been made to keep our nation free. a reminder that for those who are called the serve the mission does not end on the battlefield. it's when you carry with you for the rest of your lives. i veterans will tell you themselves, they may have put away the uniforms that are not finished serving the country.
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tell me that as soon as they can they want to serve the country again. services in their dna. but as we all know, many have a hard time connecting opportunities. to community and finding ways to serve. i want to thank our incredible veteran service organizations to step up for veterans every day making that connection. organizations like the mission continues. organizations like team red white and blue. organizations like team rubicon. i know you guys are ready to ride. a quick story. we are joined today by jason miller. there he is. jason served for combat tours inafghanistan and iraq, came out with his body intact but inside he was
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struggling with nobody could see. and jason does not mind me telling you know that he get depressed enough that he considered taking his life. four years ago he wrote me a letter about what he was going through. he told me about how hard it was to get the services and support he needed. as luck would have it, right around that time i asked to meet with team rubicon. and in addition to making sure the va was following up i asked team rubicon to get in touch with them. making phone calls. team rubicon -- rubicon reached out. jason is joining, deployed oklahoma devastated by tornado. he threw himself in the work of helping people pick up their lives and in the
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process found the path to a new life of his own. and jason talks about what this opportunity means he says the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. jason spirit is the spirit of all of you, the story of armed forces. dedicating forces. dedicating your life to a cause that is bigger than yourself. and it is about the country the pledges to be with you every step of the way, not just when we need you to when you need us. that is why every day that i have left in this office pocket doing everything i can to make sure we serve you as well as you have served us. making sure you get the care and benefits and making sure you and your families have
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the opportunity to continue to contribute to our nation success led to achieve your own dreams. you represent what is best about our nation. i hope it will, show their support. god bless you and on military family, all who serve. with that call it that way of up. going to blow the horn. [applause] >> of got my horn. >> i'm getting out of the way. >> i just realized. i've done this for quite a few years. i think i need volunteers.
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[cheering] >> are you guys ready? >> here's what we're going to do. [inaudible conversations] >> and unusual start.
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>> he has prepared? >> bessette. [inaudible conversations]
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♪ >> thank you guys. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> tonight on c-span2 the european parliament debating their response to recent terror attacks. the dow's hearing on highway safety regulations. >> live coverage continues tuesday night. taking you on the road to
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the white house on c-span2, c-span2 radio, and >> every action the terror attacks members of the european parliament discussed efforts. members debated intelligence sharing. european commission president. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: resume.
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from yesterday sitting, been circulated. any objections thereto? no, thank you very much. minutes are adopted. moved to the 1st item. commission on counterterrorism. first. >> thank you very much, mr. president. president, honorable members. the terrorist attacks we witnessed in brussels on march 22. our citizens are right to expect concrete action the counterterrorism. from the government and the eu.
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we share your strong will to fight terrorism as well as the threats posed by your representative. she said our unity and determination is only made stronger. action must cover every threat from prevention to protection and prosecution. and right she is. they you must build a coherent internal security policy. as co- legislator parliament has a key role to play. for example, strengthening border controls and information sharing is key to maintain the freedom movement. and all of us will have to accept our internal and external security is closely interwoven.
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in other words, internal and external security can no longer be kept separate. an integrated approach is needed. to give you a brief update immediately after the attacks in brussels reconvened for a meeting. the president was present together with representatives from europe. the belgian ministers brief their colleagues about the attack. ministers in a joint statement condemned the attacks and extended our sympathy to the victims and their families and our support and solidarity to belgium. they also set out a number of priority areas for action building on the efforts that are already underway. we do not start from scratch. since the terrorist attacks in paris in january priority
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submit agreed and progress has been made for implementation as set out by the eu counterterrorism coordinator his latest report. but more needs to be done. the minister statement underlines the urgent need. as well as consistent usage of our databases and interoperability. we need to make optimal use of the tools we already have. maximum use of the database is crucial. in particular the presidencies undertaking work the objective to agree on a number of actions of the council in june. secondly, as of january 1
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this year the european counterterrorism center is operational. they have been asked by french and belgian the support the investigations which you oppose doing. not only information collection and sharing but also therefore at the extraordinary meeting on march 24 it was decided to set up a joint team of national counterterrorism experts to join an investigating the variety of dimensions. special attention will be given. issued last week. improving interoperability of the information system is priority.
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it is important that police and law enforcement officials can quickly solve. that will play a key role in forward. and parliaments will be important once again. the presidency, counterterrorism has been added. the roadmap with concrete deliverables. in the use of information systems will be prepared for the june council meeting. there is more that we can do. the targeted amendments as a statement, preventive
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measures as well as repressive measures which is why it is also important for progress on prevention. as you know, they are actively sharing experiences developing for operational capacity. already made significant headway we know there is a strong political will to make progress on counterterrorism measures and we share the determination and look forward to working with you to advance as quickly as effectively as possible. thank you so much. >> thank you very much.
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ladies and gentlemen they can strike further and end are attacking the way of life. the 22nd of march they struck in belgium in brussels, they will be living in poverty with neighbors, and the commission's and wanted because in those cowardly attacks we lost a young italian women for the energy
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gradient, and she will be for very long time. let me pay tribute here to each and every one of the victims. let's have a thought for each of them. .. >>
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>> in the attacks upon passengers with additional cooperation between the states and remembering between the intelligence community it is essential with integration and cooperation and strength with the new commission handed particular the way that the informations systems can improve the management thereby reinforcing internal security.
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and with the police forces and with the security matters are its stake but it is not so much a lack of instruments with those existing tools and instruments and all too often there for we must have more interconnection and in dropper ability. and with the backing and support of those of which we deploy it is not effective
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to cooperate with each other more. that is why would we talk about coping combating terrorism. we can my lecture ourselves. >> this is not the first time in the first time in his truck and parts of europe. they have been able to draw lessons and with my good
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friend we swore we would have proper information retreated to richet and services. with the field of security and many other areas. and the county of the backing to bring to fruition to be a the harbingers going back to the attacks of paris after the commission am brought forward the package
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and for those proposals had with that adoption and commissioned to admit that security agenda with its content for implementation and and the counting because we talk here about the security and the liberties and above all else the, the obligations. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you very bench.
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had with the commission i am very grateful to make it clear talking about the 37 year-old mother who was killed at the airport those who died in the metro who resigned her way to school and that happened to the european city but we also needed to say thank-you to the firefighters and immediately after they didn't know if there was danger.
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those who spent hours for those who came from brussels and led to talk about the questions of our responsibility but more security means more cooperation with the u.s.. and be sure they have the support talking about the security agency. so with that secrecy and
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information about passengers to their plans. and with that important first amendment and with that data we have an agreement with the americans and with that financial terror of. where we not to evaluate that data?
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said to have standards in europe and to collect information from that member states and in the internet receipt hatred and the internet that there are rules for what you do to the internet and a structure that makes it clear and makes it a network with a
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security agency and though a light to express my thanks. but basically the terrorists want our way to live free democrat the way that we live and to come up against his hatred the way we have always done the way we thought it was right. thank you very much. [applause] >> there is a question for you. >> translator: the two questions of the investigative authority is important to know who is
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coming into europe? id rigo that demand is always called for for this standard. is essential for democracy. >> i am speechless we had a debate in the challenge and then i am amazed that the questions that are asked. reduce the very high levels of data production we do have our own solutions but in today's world to have
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legal rights or authorities to access to information i am very grateful for the questions because we can hear who was refusing to provide that data. >>. >> translator: the key president. luster many occasions that the notice of having to debate terrorism. of course, at the risk of disillusionment, we are used to route terrorism.
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but so many others have lost their lives. life is sacred. it is the basis of modern society because to fight to terrorism we have to ask ourselves how it is possible that their children could be denied the heart of our civilization. behind this ideology rather then looking into radical islam is to be on the radicalization. but this ideology is based
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on a desperate type is to do with multi-cultural is some. many people take the lead given the approach in they cannot live together in but in two distinct social groups. to look at what unites us that entails rights but they must have the existing instruments think of those
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data exchanges. and with the main weapons of intelligence. but the terrorists are united we need to rely on the european intelligence. but a real network with counterterrorism in to fight to ride across europe and also with the foreign policy and i am watching very closely to we need to be
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serene. because of regional interest with those who are buying oil from isis. we cannot have people attacking a spot on the same time for those who are finding it. in to do away with terrorism that we can all work together. [applause] >> thank you.
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>> i was told have a question for you. [laughter] it is will this like this with the chamber comes together to condemn the ex we have seen but after each attack we have questions for today's after it and those in south london to explain brussels his tweet upset the lot of people what does this have to do with terrific even said belgium? it also demonstrates whether we have no faith.
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a citied that we go so well that the citizens of families and colleagues and friends in an organized by their rand foundation with extremism while there may be people in this chamber that of the speakers are the experts present claim there is a single solution but instead day spoke about the need of the international level of diplomacy it'll hold rule of law. , the local community level to attack extremism. some searching for an identity, some individuals
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looking for a new cause. and then to believing a shortcut to paradise. the more we debate these issues are we clear what we can do to tackle this issue? yes we can have those concerns but this will only happen if they can trust each other to share information. but for those of us where young people are radicalized , i invited the unity of faith foundation and two speakers of a harness the power of football from different religions.
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a young lady told me after she was recruited by a social media. and to give her the choice of the premier league team that she supported it when she arrived she was so overcome she dealt down to encourage others not to be recruited. as the project's founder said it will prevent people from terrorism and those to support and encourage the benefit comes to your town or city. so we are encouraging the
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security forces. >> but to treat with suspicion and not drive more people into the extremists. [applause] >> translator: . >> mr. president last year in paris sitting at the table with the terrace in paris 45450 people of
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measure to counter terrorist as a real urgency with the troops to be pulled together by the member states in that situation in. >> but what we need is better sharing intelligence. actually they do not have confidence. how do you make sure we build that trust so that intelligence can be shared? actually we ignore the people in our communities to have been radicalized at the
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grass-roots level. for far too long we have ignored it because we want to make grand speeches about solutions but we need them to learn from each other hand come together. >>. >> but also i agree with him what we need to do now is repeat so that moment now is to act and go through a number of changes. that is the opposite of what they say with that fragmentation id europe but i cannot tell you we are


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