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tv   President Obama Remarks to Wounded Warriors  CSPAN  April 15, 2016 1:18am-1:39am EDT

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but that is called the one nation program that was intended to coordinate or harmonize with the state regulations as much as possible. it has come to my attention to make compliance more difficult. it was to provide consistency with certain automakers. >> are you aware of the differences between programs that affect compliance. >> is their specific ones? >> epa credit so because of
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the difference of the epa credit is that a conflict as you work through this? >> for this specific instance the survey questions i would have to see that for what is going on. but the question about consistency is there is a review that is coming up so we can take a look at how that is doing and that will come not exactly those types of comments. >> that was a specific instance. somebody said they were written up to be compliant but there was a potential after what gets the -- is
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looking for. >> then they should let us know there is one rule they're going by we can look at it but in that mid term review so shifting their recalls what is the status of the new media recall campaign? >> safe cars saves lives in the are the agency that has collected at gore ticket and these national campaigns this is a new one. the other two are the automobile association and
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contact the insurance companies and also working with to cut debt and other researchers to give us their average plan so we can get it coming up with 20 new strategies. >> to look at the door handle and say i have heard i have never seen one but did you can recall the is? >> has obviously verses
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steve decker you concerned about them getting recalls? >> and people get so many notices the just for them to know they need to pay attention to with then that is up problem. >> to come up with to strategies. tranthree have got to do more. and with a couple of examples of that with the
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engines that our more efficient. >>. >> before being here with the command and knowledge and to look back at anybody believe you so i will commend you for that i've not capable of doing that. [laughter] i want to run on the recalls and fortunately we heard of the young lady that we talked about there was some questions how it was registered by have known to multiple vehicles and a still dash recalls from vehicles that i don't years
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ago. unless i am mistaken i thought the dmv was supposed to notify the individuals when they are registered? are they communicating with the manufacturers to let them know they change hands? because obviously it is not effective but iso at the same time when you buy a vehicle new or used you assume everything is perfect you are not looking for recalls you never would have purchased the vehicle. is there a communications. >> there should be but it is called the recall fatigued
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on another issue that we're in the communication did that break down? >> the used cars have been bought by multiple buyers and somehow there is the information that has been passed on. the manufacturer the dmv to have updated information on the owner. with then the other issue the kid said the of a bite to use you if you buy a car your assumption is and has no outstanding recall. >> be heather breakdown is i
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have a fleet but every vehicle has to get their oil change. very few do that in their driveway. i am open to discuss this further or simple ways to come up with important communications error for day average - - consumers. i have five kids in that
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helps. but the question is that the schools are having issues of revenue you will not find in to have the funding that goes rigo with this who does choose to but they could
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pull that off. >> but how long will it take ? >> you talk about years. i a matter of time her broke things for the year. i yield back civic 84 and then the eggs and reconnect
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there is something that has come up fairly recently that i hear on car shows on saturday morning which is the issue of us integrity we put our children in car seats facing we are but in some vehicle crashes the sea to integrity of the sieges of fails putting the adults in the compartment is that something you are looking into currently? >> yes. a and fortunately this severe impacts are very rare event when someone is specifically injured to determine that the bank -- that the back straight which just means to get the data and the safety benefits
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bubbly are looking yet that and from research still employed even if we don't have real world data it is said:yes dash that they would have to do to cover our the regulation in that area and other unusual thing the day after christmas, a very severe trader who blew up suddenly come medicaid mandates difficult to let people though, the greatest loss of life occurred on the tollway overpass those lived at the effect that we were traveling over the overpass said they were pulled off the road. the department to air transportation has science that they put up sometimes
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it is traffic warnings is there any thought to provide the the hailstorm that we had a few days ago in my area? the day after christmas of the everyone that is a city but this is something to happen and c before. ended with a great loss of life. >> you said that we use that for different things. we will see a federation in canby added. >> i appreciate that.
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>> thank you, mr. chairman chairman i appreciate it. where do we stand currently? if you can tell me that. put the department of to his petition but tupi connected vehicles with the infrastructure where we can all talk. but the studies so far showed the applications of the 600,000 crashes so there is a huge opportunity of 80%
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of crashes could be prevented so we have introduced rulemaking for review to set up a consistent piece of equipment for the whole system in the united states give me a timeline. >> it is under review. >> two years? >> nimble and flexible.
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because it can lead the outdated cybersecurity why is it the other is everybody identifies not just for protection for them to see these automations. >> the chair recognizes the gentleman from california. >> taking very much for kids three to our i just want to thank you for of the work you do and translate that to
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you did your organization to address these issues you should be getting in front of. >> i have a fun feeling that was the answer. >> this committee is helping us get there. >> i am, at but the best way to kick in french and its
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british isn't often the end states to europe and other countries could work not always but it tends to a the saloon but with all due respect different heads if
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it but finally a march 26. there an incident didn't look forward touche your friend members of this to be a in and did well i am pleased but with the early report a -- reporting


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