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tv   White House Briefing  CSPAN  April 16, 2016 1:10am-2:23am EDT

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[inaudible conversations] >> happy friday. [laughter] i had eight meetings so help me get out of here on time. [laughter] cannot tell my usual joke about getting started on the weekend. but i will do a short mention of some of the news coverage today about the president's focus of eliminating anti-competitive behavior. we have seen the administration for a look
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for opportunities to promote competition in markets because we understand it is good for our economy for older consumers in is promoting greater competition in the health care market. the president is supportive of the effort of greater competition with the set top boxes in and lead provided in to save consumers money. and no fuel for the president talk about this in the interview about this. there is a core priority that we intend to continue
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moving in the direction over the last nine months the president has to read the in office. >> started with north korea and the missile launch. that the rocket potentially hitting the u.s. facilities facilities, is that the case and the threat that is posed having u.s. facilities in range. >> let those missile test recently united states will monitor and assess the situation in with the regional allies and partners.
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and as before the united states strongly condemns the north korean government and it is in violation of u.n. security council resolutions that specifically prohibit their use of ballistic missile technology. is contributing to the defense of our allies in asia that includes the republic of korea and japan and we will continue to stand with them and also to reiterate our commitment. as it relates to the threat to u.s. interest her, i have talked or had occasion to discuss several times over the course the last three or four months the steps the
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united states has taken for missile defense capabilities that have been shifted to this region of the world with this threat including the deployment of naval assets as well as to alaska to ensure the u.s. homeland remains safe. that we do have the capabilities necessary to protect united states the we continue to work with the international community to make it clear to face the prospect of further isolation as a result of their provocative acts. >> he really went off this morning to say that your
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side of the nuclear deal to take significant steps to the financial system. are you confident at this point? >> to answer bluntly, i guess. the united states is fulfilling our commitment to a the j. p. co pay consistent with the spirit of that letter really agreed to do so was he to verify the international community that iran had fallen through on their commitment. that is good news the reduce their nuclear stockpile by 90 percent, they to thousands of centrifuge out of operation they have taken steps tomake the plutonium
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reactor harmless in it incapable of producing nuclear weapons material and as a result the community is committed to living up to our end of the bargain. just to clarify, that is not involved giving a iran access to the financial system that was not part of the deal and not what we are contemplating but there is sanctions relief is in the agreement and we intend to follow through to grant the sanction relief as a result that it has complied with the terms of the agreement. >> so what are the specific things that was said in an interview, based on their
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understanding that it will begin to allow the actions? so given to you just said is the head of the iranian central bake incorrect in the understanding of the hard-fought deal? >> it is highly technical. i will try to speak as bluntly as i can. the agreement that is included with the jpcoa that does not give access to the u.s. financial system or to allow the execution of transactions. we have ruled out giving iran access to either of
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those two options. but we are committed to ensuring we fill our commitment to the jpcoa with giving iran that kind of sanctions relief to which they are entitled as a result of the following through on the steps they have taken to rollback significant aspects to make it clear they will not acquire nuclear weapons. >> get the debate last night bernie sanders said if he becomes the nominee, that he has not shown he would be committed to this decision in a given the amount that we have heard with the
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president lambasting how far is the white house? >> what i can tell you is the president has complete confidence that the chief judge has demonstrated over his career on the bench to interpret a the lot and understands the responsibility of the judges to interpret the law. as we also undiscussed the president did not have a specific discussion how they would rule in particular cases that raises some questions because there are some cases for the executive branch before the supreme court attorney-general argues a position but to consider jurisprudence of
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the nominees. chief judge karlin cataloger track record he has more experience serving on the federal bench and in any other person ever nominated to the supreme court. there is an opportunity to consider his approach to the lot and the president believes his approach is consistent of the framers of our constitution intended. republicans feel this way and senator hatch a conservative and republican who has served on the committee for years also described chief judge garland is a consensus nominee. i don't know what that means for how he might rule in a hypothetical case in the
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future but i do know that the president has complete confidence that they would do with they are supposed to do to interpret the law and that is why the president nominated him in the first place in your pleased to see republicans indicated in private conversations they are impressed with credentials and character and his approach and we believe those conversations that have taken place in private with the process pursued by the senate we believe the next up should also look curve that the members to give the american people the opportunity to hear from chief judge roland
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how he approaches the job when it comes to offering an opinion on issues like campaign finance reform that have significant consequences for our country and democracy. >> [inaudible] is this something the president hopes to discuss next week? and calling for emergency aid. >> i have not seen the specifics of the proposal but the united states has taken important security relationship with egypt and
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that has not eclipsed the human-rights policies on display from the egyptian government. these concerns relate to the treatment of political opponents and we have not papered over those differences and we have set some time this week talking about the mission from the sinai peninsula the mission in the treaty between israel and egypt is something that is critical and has one
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element of volatility isn't the interest is high in we will watch the situation and carefully. i was wondering with china and the chinese state media they call that the latest in a string. oh. >> as we have seen provocative acts from birth korea over the last few months we are pleased to see the international community continues to stand with the united states in insisting that north korea put an end
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to these provocative actions so we will continue to work closely with the chinese government to apply pressure to north korea we did succeed earlier this year in imposing sanctions against north korea to have an impact on certain industries that we know are critical to financing these military activities that is inconsistent with human security council revolution -- resolutions implementing these would not be possible without the constructive diplomatic relationship between china and the united states. to work with the rest of the international community in a way that has important
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benefits for our allies and we will continue to apply that pressure to make sure the north koreans understand going down the path of repeated provocation is not in the best interest of the region obviously that has not changed but moving forward when we need to do for that behavior to change? >> at this point it is too early to assess the completes impact from a month ago but i would knowledge the promise of the question is it isn't clear
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exactly what will succeed in compelling a north korean government to pursue a different approach. the good news is that we know there is no country that has more influence in china ended fully shares the concerns we have expressed we will rely on the relationship and lead the international community because of these significant consequences for u.s. national security and our concerns of increasing destabilization in asia. in to destabilize the situation for allies in japan and south korea.
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>> and in the last year-and-a-half about 150 attacks? but where have most of these bin can you shed some light? of the coalition is pounding isis print do you expect those attacks to continue? after a year and a half the desire to attack does not diminish at all. >> to announce specific information is righted but
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what i can tell you is that they have attempted to establish a safe haven in syria because that is the best way for them to try to plan to export their brand around the globe that is why he is always made a priority of increasing the pressure of the leaders in iraq and syria with the most high-profile attacks we have seen have been western europe and there is extensive reporting of the likely ties between those in western europe in the leading figures of iraq and syria. that is why it is important to ramp up the pressure.
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you have heard this in a different context. landed is less time and attention with the external activity. that being said with increasing pressure with isil in iraq and syria to become more focused with activities outside of the region. and the capacity to carry is diminished why we remain vigilant in in in iraq and syria to document some of that progress but that is why even though we made important progress and we do expect that will have some impact or positive impact
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and it will be vigilant about protecting those external attacks they will be more desperate to undertake operations and other places. >>. >> what i am trying to say is while those numbers are an illustration outside of iraq and syria to measure how dangerous it is even with those capabilities their diminished with syria and iraq that is the complicated dynamic to explain that strategy in
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with those around the world to counter those outside the region. >>. >> i a remember parts of that but not all of this. >> i continue the white house does not have an opinion. >> with the lows leading candidates. >> i do believe bin transparency is when it comes to the government of the united states of america that public servants to have a responsibility to be transparent about official government activities but obviously none of that is an
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accurate description the of the situation at the crux of the disagreement in the debate last night so i will let secretary clinton and senator sanders explains. >> i don't feel the need to weigh in on that to have that argument and explain that position in the voters will decide. >> with the answers you already provided we need to be at a standstill. >> that is not enough to says he needs more specifics will you provide them? >> with the desire with members of congress so to
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protect the american people from a the zika virus is is the position since february when the president initially asked for the additional funding purposes that time and to testify under oath answering questions to congress including the appropriations committee and repeated the like secretary for well - - her well from to testify before congress and also may be february february 25th before the house and the senate and i
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can tell you that the director of the national institutes of health testified before congress repeatedly in there are 48 hearings over the course of this year where the zika virus has come up. there has been a willingness on the part of the administration to engage in this conversation nec's senior administration official spoke to congress to make themselves available about this issue. this is the republican explanation because they didn't do their homework on zika they had ample opportunity to ask questions to read the of legislative proposals put forward by
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dunno if they are concerned about the reaction from the extreme right wing base and i don't know if it is the need republicans field to oppose everything obama suggest that what i do know the republican approach thus far to not take any action and to provide the funding that public health experts say is necessary is bad for the country and dangerous. >> that is a dollar amount they need right now for this fiscal year. >> secretary buhr weld testified on a number of occasions about the president's budget before the house appropriations committee on february 25
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about the budget was an opportunity to ask then. why didn't they? were they not prepared? it is worth asking. she testified before the committee somebody could have faster there that was a more recent hearing for march 15. what is more likely happening we are seeing republicans changed their explanation for their inaction they're grasping in the darfur an excuse. several weeks ago you heard speaker ryan say there is plenty of money in the pipeline to go to zika. earlier this week he said funding should go through the normal process considering that today is the deadline and they will not meet that, i am not sure
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pursuing a the normal process given congress's ability to handle the budget is a good idea. that is why that now saying they have enough information >> it is getting warmer by the data you confident? >> our success, let me say it this way public-health professionals is seems like a while ago that they are not doing everything that they should be doing right now to protect the american people from the zika virus.
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the other core priorities been trying to extract but there is important work being done at the national institutes of health and cdc in to try to protect the american people we should not do everything we should be doing with these health professionals have the resources they need to protect american people. this is separate from the basic funding to ensure that state and local governments can respond there on the front lines. that additional funding would help local government fight the mosquito populations.
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and then to lou discuss that someone who has tested positive one of the things that would make sense is to gore around the person's house in the neighborhood and try to kill all the mosquitos that are living there to prevent them transmitting to someone else but that will require a local government response that is very nimble to dedicate a couple of people to go a couple of hours around one house. that requires resources. if we make those tactical decisions we will need additional funding.
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it will not be available until republicans in congress begin to recognize in the safety and security and well-being that depends upon their job. >> i guess i would be hard-pressed to hear a republican explain how that improves the financial standing of the puerto rican government. the republicans engaging in tactics hoping that they can score the unrelated ideological victory by holding somebody else hostage.
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with the liquidity yoda puerto rican government. there is no reason we should let the longstanding political argument have an impact on the ability of the government to pay its bills. just did the clear there does seem to be misinformation spread. this is not a bailout. the administration does not support a bailout. we have never and we don't now. the irony is to give them authority to address their challenges renowned? only makes the future bailout were like the. if we are focused trying to
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prevent a bailout from the necessary then they need to act a bipartisan fashion to find a solution to just give puerto rico the debt restructuring authority those across the country have been by using that authority that is the best way to restore the financial situation and they're not placed on the hook if it has nothing to do into the and mentioning them.
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>> i am not aware of specific conversations but the public policy questions it is not uncommon to be in touch with the stakeholders. i've not rollout with the bondholders has occurred but not specifically. >> the she doesn't think especially after the of pushed back $422 million. do you agree with that assessment? and what are the ramifications? >> to be in a better position to assess the likelihood of the timely passage. i have not heard that
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assessment but i don't have the standing nora the knowledge. this is a writer administration is focused since last year to get congress to act i dunno what consequences this will add to make that payment on time but obviously it is a good illustration of why we are concerned about this situation. >> with the tone in between the democratic candidates in to a territory raising concerns in the white house or if there are plans to maintain the procedure?
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>> i am not aware of any about the strategy they have chosen to pursue. they do still feel confident that the tone and focus in then have pressured to do well in the general election because the race has been focused on things other than substantive policy issues. i am not aware of any a conversations like that but but it is a way for democratic toters to become more engaged in the debate in now will pay dividends to especially 2008 with a primary lasting longer than
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expected. >> you will take a position to disclose is there concern it could hurt her in a general election? that is the hypocrisy at the same time claiming she is an agent of change. >> ensure its user but this policy it is possible it could come up for discussion in the general election but right now there is a democratic we're unsure who they will be. hillary clinton based on her
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sex and the process it is not. [inaudible] is there anything that the secretary has done that concerns us put to emplace? director were when the president was in office that did to limit the activities of former officials that mostly related to former administration officials the maybe interested to come back to lobby former colleagues.
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we can take a look of the president has weighed in on this in the past. but it is understandable an issue like this gets attention. >> a hillary clinton said he. [inaudible]
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mr. the travel and to the couple the fairways. the united states cousin were turgeon tour trade to new it has reduced the
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violence to allow sinn interior gives nations to do important work is in some communities. is much more complicated route -- and then who would ensure an the safety to you where and the interest curve and from and those illusions and the thief -- is a sober
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kerry will also require deployment of security personnel to insure the security of those who are there. that in essence that the president does not believe is consistent with national security because the situation on the ground and
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what because of this successful implementation in that his the then perfect by any stretch budget has
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proved to be more durable them previously expected live the that his sister says she felt will move us more closely in the direction of by reaching use his six to bring about a political solution ahead if syria. the creation of a say so in into munin but they try to
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preserve the current shape of that nation is a push to your life savings. put it seems with a pretty tight to window. so the they had a 60 day and 98 teeeight timeframe and in some cases with this in anticompetitive behavior is going on in the president wanted to make it clear to address that. the consequences are
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significant to try to promote greater competition competition, we can do things that have obvious so if we can standardize the signal when in the ince. it is an area of technology and innovation would be one edged you to give them an opportunity that allows them
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to compete better for the chorus of the year you could pay more to read to the low-cost to build it.
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>> this is a simple other differences they space have a specific benefits head end that in some cases has to deal but when given a choice there is obvious potential they could save money with better service. . .
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