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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Buffalo New York  CSPAN  April 18, 2016 8:09pm-8:31pm EDT

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he said he does well against hillary. as soon as they run the first ad that's the end of him. as soon as they run some negative ads on cruz and boy would he be easy, that's the end of him and think of it, 55,000 ads and we are doing well. 55,000 heads and we are going to win new york state. and i'm talking about in the general election. [applause] which no other candidate even has a chance at it we are going to win michigan. we are going to win pennsylvania. we are going to win states that aren't in play and we are going to win florida. you know what they did in florida, folks. you know what they did in florida. florida was rigged also. the governor florida jeb bush the ex-governor pretty popular, a nice guy. it's amazing the way that happens. and marco rubio one of them was going to win florida and so what
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they did at the last moment they made the state winner-take-all, 99 delegates. winner-take-all and then they had a problem. a poll came out this that said trump was going to kill everybody. these guys were at 17 and 12. they said wait a minute this is a disaster, what do we do. this was a winner, but a winner-take-all state that i was supposed be taking advantage of. there's only one problem i won it by 20 points. we wanted in a landslide and we got 99 delegates. [applause] so just remember and it works both ways but just remember folks we are going to win and we are going to win on the first and it could be we have to go longer but i don't think so
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because i'm seeing numbers that are very compelling that i will tell you this we are going to win and once we win our country is going to become so strong and so powerful and you are going to be so proud of your president. i don't care about that but you are going to be so proud of your country once again. [applause] [chanting] there is no place that is better or more fun or safer, or safer. remember that. there is no place that is better, more fun or safer than a trump rally. [applause] so we are losing a lot of business.
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let's talk business. i'm telling you let me handle it, we are going to make her military so strong and so powerful. nobody's ever messing with us. we are taking care of our vets and all of that but let's talk jobs because in buffalo we have jobs. in indiana and pennsylvania, was just in pittsburgh and we had an unbelievable crowd. our jobs are being taken away. they are going to mexico. you saw what happened with carrier air-conditioning, right? nabisco is gone to mexico. many other countries. it's becoming a mini-diner for ripping off united states. i'm not angry at mexico or the leaders of mexico. i'm angry at the leaders of the united states for being so stupid. [applause] you allow this to happen.
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so the other day, and i could substitute many names. i bought many carrier air condition -- air-conditioners. i'm not dying carrier anymore. they announced, and it was done with the cell phone, one of the folks down there with getting fired. covering a mid-level guy and he was nasty. he said essentially you are all going to be fired. we are going to move to mexico. they had been there many years in many cases and now they are gone. so what happens? they move to mexico prevail think they are going to make air-conditioners and they are going to sell them back to the united states with no tax, with no consequence, with no problem. it's not going to happen, folks. it's not going to happen. if they want to go there that's great but there are going to be consequences. and i said this before and there are only so many things that you
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can say. i told them before and again they could apply to hundreds of different companies. i say to my wife, you know i've want to -- she will say no, you must act more presidential. i don't want to act more presidential until we win. do we agree folks? [applause] more presidential is easier than working, working, working like i do because -- my batter ivanka came up in last debate. dad you have one every debate. we love ivanka and we love melania, right? [applause] but my daughter ivanka said dad be presidential and my wife said be very presidential. i said wait a minute i have won every debate. if they hitmack got hit them back. they said no, you don't. i said yes, i do. i was very presidential in that debate and i worked out really well and we are doing great.
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here's the story. i'm saying to my family this is pooley. can you imagine the present of a message calling the head of an air-conditioning company but the head of the air-conditioning company that didn't do right by us, okay and while i could give it to somebody gets just too easy. i love this stuff. i'm very natural at it and i'm really good at it. so here's the conversation and remember anyone of these people ted cruz, kasich, they are all controlled by their lobbyists are there all controlled by special interests. these are not stupid people. hillary is controlled by special interests. when their lobbyists call and winner donors call and they have to make a deal they are not going to do what's right for you i didn't take any money. if i would have accepted money, jeb bush have the biggest fund. big was 148 million dollars. can you believe that?
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you might as well throw it out the window. it's just a waste. and by the way you see what the consultants make? these consultant can retire. they have made millions and millions of dollars and they lost that here's the story. i will call or i will speak to or have somebody call but i want to do it myself. i will call the president of the united states. but here's the story. here is the story. every single air-conditioning unit that human make and you want to send across are now very powerful border whereby the way the border patrol, 60,500 people endorse me last week and they have never done that before. [applause]
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and where sheriff joe arpaio, a great guy, endorsed me last month from arizona and there's nobody better or tougher or fair at the border than he is. so i'm saying every unit that you make and you send across that border you are going to pay a 35% tax. [applause] and assures you are standing or sitting, look at everybody standing. you can sit down. you can stand comments more if if -- respectful. i'll tell you what's going to happen to it i will get a call the next day or maybe betty breaking up a lobbyist, they never gave me money. the special interest, no these people. i'm working for you folks. i don't need this. we are going to make america
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great again. that's what i want to do. what kind of a legacy, is that the coolest legacy? that's almost as good as owning the buffalo bills, right? so here's what happened. the head of carrier is going to call and say mr. president would you change your mind and i'd say absolutely not. 100% of all be ready to hang up and you will say mr. president sir we are not going. we are not going to leave the united states. 100%, 100%. i've been watching corporative version and i've been watching what's going on with these companies. leaving the united states. the politicians don't even know what's happening. it's happening far faster than anybody had even discussed. they have to do headline matters for this. there are not many things worse i will tell you that.
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the way to stop it, then watching now for four years politicians negotiating with each other and there are essentially bored. they are ordered and paid for by special interests. so what's going to happen is they will never ever come to the conclusion. now with fording carrier and nabisco is moving out of chicago and they are moving where? to mexico. so here's the story. here is the story. 100%, number one we have to work to keep them where they are. most importantly we have to keep them in the united states. most importantly, we'll get them to move to buffalo. but we are going to have, and we are going to attract so much business.
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we right now have a trade deficit with mexico of 58 ilion dollars a year, not including all of the dash across the border. we are going to stop when we let our border patrol people go to work and when they build the wall. we are going to stop the drugs from coming to buffalo and coming to our country and destroying our youth. [applause] so the conservatives, they would say like jeb bush is to get up, he is not a conservative. i am a free trader. you can only be a free trader, remember this if you have really smart people representing your interests. they are either not smart or they are paid off with campaign contributions and either one of those situations is not acceptable. it's not acceptable.
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so we are going to have the toughest, the smartest, the sharpest business people in the world. let me tell you the dishonest press, the world's most dishonest people, when asked about nato what do you think about nato? it was on "cnn" by wolf blitzer and i said here's the story. number one nato is obsolete. number two, but countries of nato are not paying their fair share. they are not carrying the baggage. they are not paying. we are protecting these and they take advantage of us and who could land them for doing so? we will not have to walk. they have to pay up. they was tremendous amounts of money. many of these countries are very rich countries. i want them to pay up and i want them to pay up all the delinquency, all of the stuff in arrears.
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they owe us the money. we have protected them. they are taking advantage of us because they have no respect for our leaders. they will have respect for us. they will have great respect for us. we will have a better relationship than our president obama has right now and they will be even. now, we as you know protect japan. we protect germany. we protect south korea. we protect saudi arabia and you know what? these deals are terrible. these are monster, monster companies and countries. these are the biggest companies in the biggest countries in terms of economics. why are we doing this? and south korea and i have buildings in south korea. i have great respect for south korea and japan and germany and and -- but they are protecting us. we can do this.
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they have to take care of us. we have to straighten out our country. they have to take care of us. [applause] and i want to keep doing it. i want to keep doing it. i want to keep it going but you know what it some point they are laughing at us. i have friends in saudi arabia. i have friends in germany. i have friends in japan. i have many friends in south korea. every time you order a television set, samsung, algae, you order it from korea. they are believable successful countries. they have got to help us out. they have got to pay. if we didn't take care of saudi arabia as an example, they wouldn't be there for six months nobody has more money. therefore, i will give you an example. saudi arabia was making $1 billion a day, a billion dollars a day.
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we are losing a fortune every single month. we lose a fortune. we have got to pay up, they have to pay up and we want to get along with everybody. they have got to pay up. [applause] so we are going to have something that's very special. i'm going against the books. you know i used to be a big contributor. i used to be i guess i was a member of the establishment. nobody knows the game better than i do, believe me. i know the game so well i can go to lobbyists and they have it stamped on their forehead. says cruz i can handle anything. you give these guys billions of dollars and they go and produce the vote and the vote very well could be bad for the country but it's good for the company or the country that they are representing. we can't do that anymore, folks. when you see some of these -- i
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have a friend is a very smart guy and he said to me i can't believe -- i can't believe in a certain senator was in charge. he's not stupid at all. he's not stupid smart. what happened was he was contacted by special interest in lobbyists and he was told to do this. he was given millions of dollars and it was very adverse for the country, extremely adverse for the country but they will be around for years and years and years essentially taking care of him. my friends i never thought of it that way because there's no way a deal like this could be made. with me folks, that's not going to happen. [applause] so here's the thing. it's so important and by the way we are going to have better relationships with all of these ripoff countries. you look at china, they are
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building military fortresses in the south china sea. you look at what all of these countries are doing and how they take advantage of us. we are going to have tough and smart foreign trade deals. you wanted to you and china they sent to west no tax no nothing. if you want to do business in china is virtually impossible to get your product in and if they do they tax you. this is not free trade, this is stupid, stupid, stupid trade and is not going to happen so here's the story. tomorrow is a big, big day because the thing i like most and i hope it turns out this way but we have these massive polls. i don't like massive polls for one reason. people say we might stay home. they say they have never seen a movement like this in this country.
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as much as the media treats me unfairly they do admit there has probably never been anything like this. we had 35,000 people in mobile alabama. we built a maverick stadium in dallas. so here's the story. you are going to leave here and say that was a great evening but more importantly tomorrow you are going to go and vote and make sure all your friends are going to go in both. [applause] and you are going to remember, and you are going to remember, you are going to remember this evening and you are going to remember more importantly tomorrow to vote. you are going to look back in four years and 12 years and 25 years and you are going to say that's the greatest single vote i have ever cast because from that point on as soon as we beat
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hillary clinton we are going to start as a country winning again. we are going to win on trade. we are going to win with isis. we are going to knock the hell out of them fast. [applause] we are going to rebuild our military. we are going to win with our military but we are going to make our military so strong, so powerful you are going to be proud again. the military has given me such support. what's happening to our military is a disgrace. so we are going to win votes with our military. we are never going to have to use it properly. we are going to take care of our bets. we are going to win on the borders. we are going to win with health care. we are going to win with common core and doing and bringing it that local. [applause]
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we are going to take care of our 2nd amendment. if we had guns on the other side of the room in los angeles with bullets flying the other way or in paris the toughest and most in the world. in paris they had guns with bullets fired in that way you wouldn't have had 130 people absolutely decimated and killed and hundreds of people in the hospital. it would have been a whole different story. [applause] so we are going to take care of our 2nd amendment. and folks you are going to look back and you are going to see we are going to start winning, winning, winning. this is the last speech and making in new york so i can say at it the way we want to say it. we are going to win at every element of what we are doing. we are going to win with the military. we are going to win so much you are going to get tired of winning.
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you are going to use the same from buffalo, we don't want any more of business. we are making too much money. no matter what you do we don't want to win anymore and i'm going to say sorry we are going to win, win, win and we are going to make america great again. america first. america first. thank you buffalo, thank you. thank you buffalo. we love you buffalo. thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪