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tv   US Senate  CSPAN  April 22, 2016 10:00am-11:27am EDT

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the it people tell you, you sit at the computer and make the website work and if you can't make it work ask him why. calling the 800 number in my state to see what you get for an answer and how long it takes to answer. i am serious about this. i was setting up a hearing as a staff member, i called someone and said who will be the witness? a deputy undersecretary, i said i don't know titles. who is this guy? the fellow gave an answer, this will be the title, he said the highest level where they still know anything. you and i are now above that level. so i really think it is important for you to be the ultimate judge whether things are working. >> i can assure you at this point in my discussions with
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mister barton who is the cio and permanent appointment, part of the difficulty they had, several different chief information officers, in our discussions he was able to explain things to me from petabytes to the security needs, storage and everything in a way that i could repeat and actually knew what he was saying and that gave me, and i worked with it professionals for a number of years, a very difficult project, and that is the test, they can explain it and also make you understand, and if i can get on the website function that is being
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presented. >> you touched on it, security is more important going forward in copyright and the digitization. >> appreciate you coming not long ago. very distinguished accomplishment, and strong arkansas ties. that makes her very special, you are special but she is very special. you touched on a few of these things, there is a lot of talk about the copyright and challenges there but besides copyright, what would be your biggest priorities? what are the biggest challenges with jobs that come in? >> thank you, especially for the
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shout out for helena. i must say my mom was very thrilled when i put the arkansas -- >> i was thrilled with her. >> legacy and everything. one of the biggest challenges now that the technology infrastructure and securing that base for all operations including special operations and congressional research service as well, will be to bring the leadership team and the wonderful staff members at the library of congress together with a shared vision to work as a team together to advance, sometimes as you probably know with larger organizations that have specialized aspects, it is hard to get out of the phyllo
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effect and the one that has the greatest rewards of any management, management, how do i put it? management opportunity. is to get everyone roaring in the same direction and meeting with senior staff members i am assured that they all have the same goal in mind, make the library of congress, all of it function. >> we do a lot of things in congress where there is a feeling that perhaps we do things that you could argue whether or not we should be doing. the library of congress is special, can't do that as an individual, states can't do it,
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it is a special institution and and, that is the most beautiful building inside any that we have, it is a national treasure, you touched on this before but i want to touch on it again because it is very important. not everybody gets to come up here and experience that. tell me again about some of your plans, how to get the library out. >> we leave at this time, you can see the rest of before we go live to hollywood, florida, the republican national committee continues with the spring rnc meeting, the chair reince priebus is speaking. >> you have been with us this weekend your presence is with us
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now. thank you for chairman ryan, fill him with courage and give him peace. we ask that you strengthen us, restore us and inspire us with your love, help us to listen before speaking, be respectful and considerate of each other, guide our hearts as we make our decision, we seek you first in all we do together, may our military men and women and their families be strong and know you and recognize that you are in their very midst and keep them safe from those who conspire against them. in your name we pray, amen. >> i would like to call upon national committeeman from florida to lead us in the pledge of allegiance, peter. >> please join me as we pledge this symbol of freedom. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and
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justice for all. >> i would like to call upon the following members to be designated to serve on the proxy committee, chris horner, national committeeman for west virginia, casey crosby, national committeewoman from kentucky, robert armstrong, national committeeman from texas and his birthday, happy birthday, robin. the national committeewoman from long island, jay shepherd, national committeeman from vermont, national committeeman from minnesota, kathy burden from michigan, cynthia henry, national committeewoman from arkansas. wait a minute. that is alaska. and the national committeeman for montana. chris warner will serve as chairman of the proxy committee. i would like to as close appointed members to convene on the side of the room with council's office, staff to consider any submitted proxies in councils offices to your right. the proxy committee is meeting, secretary susie hudson will call
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the role. >> if you are carrying a proxy please say proxy when their name is called. alabama, paul reynolds. vicki drummond. terry? alaska, ralph. cynthia henry. peter goldberg. american samoa. arizona, bruce -. sharon greasy. robert graham. arkansas, jonathan barnett. john fulmer. doyle web. california, sean steele.
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linda ackerman. jim. colorado, george laying, willie nunez, steve house. connecticut, john fry. j romano. delaware, leonard stabler. charlie copeland. district of columbia robert cable. jill homan. lindy cunningham. and peter fame and, sharon day, blazing magnolia. georgia, randy evans, linda herron, john fadden. guam. david, margaret metcalf, victor cruz. hawaii, ted, marion hell right. idaho, damon watkins. cindy, steve yeats, illinois,
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richard porter, tim schneider, indiana john hammond. martha coates, jeff cardwell. iowa steve scheffler, tamara scott, jeff costman. kansas, todd hart. helen, kelly arnold. kentucky, mike duncan. casey crosby. matt brown. louisiana, ross little. bernard whitney. roger. maine, alex willette. ashley ryan. rick bennett. maryland, lewis pope. ambrose. diana waterman. massachusetts, ron kaufman. kiersten hughes.
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michigan, dave, kathy burden, rodney mcdaniel. minnesota, chris peterman. janet flyhoffer. keith downey. mississippi, henry barber. jeannie lockey. joe massive. to missouri, lance sure. susie at the camp. john hancock. montana errol gault. debbie hill. jeff sessions. nebraska, jl spray. joyce simmons. dan welch. nevada lee hoffman. diana orrick. michael mcdonald. new hampshire, juliana bergeron. jennifer horn, new jersey, bill, jenny haynes, sam, new mexico pat rogers.
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rosie trip. debbie. charles joyce. jennifer rich. and cox. north carolina, david lewis. 8 a fisher. i saw that on her net. north dakota, fraley hoglund. sandy beeler. kelly armstrong. virginia gomez, james, jim dickie. joint davison. oklahoma, steve fair. carolyn mccarty, oregon, solomon you madonna king, bill carrier, pennsylvania, bob ascher, christine perretti, robert gleason, puerto rico, louise for tenure, jennifer gonzalez
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cologne, rhode island, steve previous, leanne senate, brandon bell, south carolina glenn mccall, cindy costa, matt birthday boy more. south dakota danna randall. sandy catering. tam roberts. tennessee john ryder. peggy lambert. ryan haynes. texas, rob armstrong, tony, paul meckler. utah, bruce huff. mickelson. chase evans. vermont jay shepherd. susie hudson is here. thank you, jay. virgin islands. louisiana o'neill. virginia, martin blackwell.
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kathy hayden. john withback. washington, jeff kent, freddie simpson. susan hutchinson. west virginia chris warner. not a potter. conrad lucas. wisconsin, steve king. brad courtney. wyoming, greg shafer. marty halverson. met michael. has anyone joined the meeting his name was not captured on the role? guam? yes. mister chairman, we have a quorum. >> thank you, susie. on the proxy committee, there we go. proxy committee. chris warner for the report. go ahead. >> 46 were in order.
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>> the proxy committee is accepted. the rules require the tentative agenda be sent to all members ten days prior to a meeting. in front of you is the final agenda for the session. without objection we will conduct the business according to that agenda. hearing no objection let's proceed. before you is a copy of the minutes of the 2016 meeting in charleston, south carolina. we will dispense them in reading of the minutes. i call upon the committee to approve the minutes of the 2016 winter meeting. do i hear a motion? is there any discussion? seeing none. those in favor say aye. those opposed no. the eyes have it. we have now one newly elected state chairman. it is my pleasure to introduce victor cruz. if he is here, state chairman for guam. is victor here, he was here. okay. we will say congratulations anyway. welcome to the rnc. all right. [applause]
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>> good afternoon, everyone. welcome, good morning and welcome to the spring meeting. i want to get started with a short video we produce the clarifies what happens at our nomination convention and you can find this at >> a lot of talk about a brokered convention. >> there has been a lot of talk about what might or might not happen at the gop convention in cleveland. today i want to summarize everything into a simple explanation. there are only two scenarios just two. the first is called having a presumptive nominee. that is when a candidate gains 1227 delegates at the convention. the second, having an open convention, a path that has been
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called brokered, contested, whatever. what it actually is is open. let's quickly go through most of this. first scenario the candidate become the presumptive nominee when he acquires a majority of delegates, that is 50% of the total number of delegates, plus one, which is 1227. you need a majority, the minority does not win. most of these delegates are bound according to respective state party rules and sometimes state law in conjunction with primaries and caucuses that occur across the country. if this sounds familiar it should. this is the way things usually go. but switch gears and look at the second scenario, an open convention. the goal is still to reach 1227 delegates. being open means no candidate won a majority of delegates their primaries and caucuses and candidates try to win a majority of the convention. who vote on these ballots? delegates do.
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i'm sure you're thinking who are these delegates and how do they get here? majority of delegates are elected by people that show up to their respective conventions or caucuses and they can be elected at the same time of the cast his or her ballot of the presidential candidate of their choice. of these decisions are governed by state party rules. what we are talking about a grassroots. most of the delegates are bound to candidates based on results of primaries or caucuses or state conventions but most are only found during the first ballot of voting. if voting goes to second ballot the majority of delegates now become unbound and can vote their personal preference. how about the rules that govern the convention? those are made by the convention rules committee which is made of delegates collected by the state. two delegates, one man and one woman who are elected from each state delegation, once formed the committee determines the rules for the 2016 convention. they write a report which is
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then presented to the convention floor. at that point a vote of all the delegates on the floor will take place to make the 2016 convention rules official. many of you still don't understand why all this is necessary. why can't the rules be the same for each convention? if you were a delegate you wouldn't want to be governed by rules of past conventions. there is no reason rules that govern mitt romney of delegates should be used to govern you. after all this is a new convention for new candidates. a few final points was the republican national committee's role at the convention is to ensure the process is open and transparent. their role is to referee the thing. lastly this all seems a little
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crazy. you may be wondering has this happened before? absolutely. in fact six of the gop's ten brokered convention to have produced a nominee who went on to become president. in summary, only two possible scenarios, either a candidate reaches 1237 delegates and become the present of nominee or there is an open convention. if you have more questions visit we can find all the info on the upcoming convention in cleveland, we will see you there. [applause] >> as you all know we have taken the initiative to push back against the misconception floating around out there that rules for how we choose a nominee have been transparent and effective for decades and this year is no different. i will say it is more about the convention and the process in a little bit, but i want to keep the rest of my remarks brief. i am proud of what we have done at the rnc over the past two years to put our party in prime position to win this election. we are holding our convention in cleveland in the heart of one of the most influential battleground states in america. our digital and data teams are adding staff and executing
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strategies across multiple platforms to raise money and connect with voters online. our national field organization is making an important difference in registering new republican voters in those states with permanent fields presence all over america, republicans have soared by 70% since 2012. these accomplishments are significant but they will mean very little unless we unite around whoever the nominee will be. it is essential to victory in november that we all support our candidate. this goes for everyone. whether you are a county party chairman or are in c member or presidential candidate, politics is a team sport and we can't win unless we rally around whoever becomes our nominee. i want to prove the doubters wrong and show the republicans will stand side-by-side with
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each other stronger than ever before and our communities have special opportunity to show leadership on that front. our candidates are running for the nomination of the republican party. they are trying out for our team. no one is forcing them to wear our jersey. we expect our candidates to support our party and our eventual nominee. [applause] >> i know our candidates are going to try to say something to attract attention. that is part of politics. we all need to get behind the nominee. unity make the impossible possible and division makes the possible impossible, scripture warns us how the root of bitterness can damage unity in the church but also describe how
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good and pleasant it is when god's people dwell in unity. the same applies for our party. millions of americans are going to vote in november but they are making decisions right now about who they will vote for down the line. the sooner republicans unite the sooner we will show america we are the only party ready to leave the course correction america is waiting for. [applause] >> that brings me to my second point. as you see from the video we are working hard to lay out what might happen at our convention. i think it is a good reminder to remember the preamble to the are in c rules in which it says be it resolved the republican party is the party of the open door. ours is a party of liberty, equality, and opportunity for all and favoritism to none.
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our duty is to be the party that lives up to the ideals put forth in our preamble and that is exactly what we are doing at the rnc as we prepare for a fair, democratic and transparent convention. in march we launched our website to make sure everyone is fully informed about what might take place at the convention. a few weeks ago we launched our grassroots assistance project to welcome, educate and engage delegates to the 2016 republican national convention. as the nomination process goes on we are preparing for all possible scenarios. we might have a nominee by july or through a balloting process at the convention. the rules say you have to have 1237 delegates to be the nominee. we are not going to hand the nomination to anyone with a
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plurality no matter how close they get to 1237. you need a majority. [applause] >> as the old phrase goes, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. we all remember the fight in 2009 over obamacare when it looked like obama was going to be three votes short. we didn't say he is almost there, just give it to him. you had to get a majority. thomas jefferson wrote where the law of the majority ceases to be acknowledged, government ends. if we don't abide by the majority, we don't honor one of the bedrock values of american government, majority rules is as american as apple pie and opening day. if no candidate reaches a majority of bound delegates during the primary process we will get when open or contested convention. the balloting process is nothing
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new to our party. is the way we have done thing since the 1800s. it took abraham lincoln three ballots to get a majority in 1860. it took me 7 ballots to become chairman of the rnc. big landslide. the process of writing the rules will be completely aboveboard. having a committee right the rules that govern the body isn't unique to the republican national committee. it is true for the boy scouts of the rotary club or any other group with an organizational structure. it only makes sense that the 2016 convention is governed by rules written by the 2016 delegates. the rules would be presented and voted on by the entire slate of delegates on the floor. everyone is going to have a chance to see and vote on the proposed changes if there are any. fairness and transparency will
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be the hallmark of our convention. .. [applause] >> and another thing we need to do, we need to stop hillary clinton. the country can't afford a dishonest, career flip-flopper who is jumping at the bid to rubber stamp obama agenda. our party is focused on the future, but she wants to drag us back to the 1990's again. i'm sure certify server probably still uses windows 95.
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[laughter] >> we don't know where the server is, i guess. speaking of which the fbi investigation is still going speed ahead. we are seeing former staffers getting immune to testify. if that's not sign of trouble, i don't know what is. [applause] >> and by the way, we had almost record turnout for the media at rnc meeting this week, but we never missed an opportunity to drive a message, if you want to access the wi-fi is hillary can't be trusted. every one of the media players had to type that in to get onto
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wi-fi. [cheers and applause] >> you know the clinton machine is on the warpath against republicans because they're desperate to hide all of their flaws and they're in the ditch. they know americans don't like her, they know americans don't trust her. we need to be prepared for how they're going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at our candidates because it's their only hope to victory to race to the bottom, in the ditch where they are. in conclusion, we know the stakes are higher than ever in this election. if we don't win in 2016, future generations may never know the kind of freedom and prosperity that has marked our nation from its birth. now, that might sound dramatic, but i think it's true. and maybe more difficult than ever to our party to make the case for our values in the face of a president who wants to put
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the obama agenda on steroids. it's not going to watch on our watch. it isn't going to happen because we are going to come together. there's inspiration for us in that great book about lincoln's presidency that came out a few weeks ago, team of rivals. there were four men running to be the republican nominee in 1860, whoever won was going to lead the nation in the face of a gathering storm, but we know the end of the story, lincoln won the nomination, but the three other men running that year went onto rally around him and later even served in his cabinet. they had their differences to be sure. but even though all four often disagreed with each other, they didn't just take their marbles and go home, they knew the challenges facing the country were too steep to justify splintering apart. they worked together because they knew it was the right thing
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to do for the country they loved. we as republicans today are bound together by the same shared love of country. we know the american story is precious and the freedoms we enjoy are not easy to keep. the legendary packers coach, once again you are going to hear from vince lombardi, the achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. i know that each of us does our part right now, and if we do that, our efforts will amount to something great. there's no other group of people i would rather be in the trenches with than with all of you here today. your patriotism is true and your convictions are clear. i'm proud to be carrying on the fight with you. there's no limits to what we as a party can accomplish together.
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let's make this year a republican year together. let's put a republican president in the white house together. thank you, and god bless you. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. all right. thank you. thank you very much. all right. thank you. all right. and now i call upon my partner in all of this, our cochair sharen. >> put the glasses on, right. thank you, mr. chairman. on behalf of committee members, blake and peter, we want to thank all of you for coming to our home state of florida for
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this rnc quarterly meeting. i want to thank blake and peter for the service they provide not only for our party but for our state and country. i want to thank corey, rebecca for making our florida sunshine even brighter with their efforts this week. [applause] >> and i want to thank shian and mike and steve for showing us that on tuesday it was 5:00 o'clock somewhere. [applause] >> this november we are committed in florida to make sure that with you, that we are back in the republican column and that we make sure that we elect the next president of the united states a proud principled republican. now, i know in this room some of us did not get the first choice in the candidate and maybe not even our second, or third choice for that matter. but i want to remind you that the ultimate choice we will face
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in november is a choice between our republican candidates and a lying hypocritical untrust worthy candidate by the name of hillary clinton or a socialist turned democrat by the name of bernie sanders, and if either of these candidates were elected, we will all be filling the burn and unfortunately that burn will be heartburn. with the choices the democrats are offering, it means that our only choice is to work as hard as we can to make sure that we win and not just for our party but for our country. we started with 17 candidates, 17 well-qualified and principled candidates who sought our gop nomination. we are now down to three. and along the way there have been days where we have heard and seen things our candidates and supporters have said that have made us cringe a little.
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and sometimes they made us want to reach our tv and block and use the pa rental block on our television. [laughter] >> and sometimes they even made us wonder why are we working so hard when it seems that our efforts are misrepresented and criticized by so many that all we are trying to do is make a difference. i know that some of these things have been hurtful because they hurt me and they upset me. but as republicans, us in this room, we know that we are strong and we know that we are positive about our opportunities and about our future. we see the best in our party. we see the best in our country and we understand that the republican party is made up of hundreds of thousands of volunteers that believe in the greatness of what you do and what our party does and what america is about just like you and just like me. we understand that we are a hopeful, joyful party that truly
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believes that our country is a proud beacon of hope and opportunity for every individual, not just in our country but around the world. but we can sometimes get caught up watching that media scrum about our republican party. we get caught up about what is being said about whom by whom and we wonder, we wonder as a party how can we ever come together again, how will our party ever be united again, but we will. we will be united and to make this happen i have a little bit of advice, just change the channel. [laughter] >> stopwatching and really start listening to what the democrats want to do to our country, to our military, to our values, to our children's futures, to our freedom, to our america and after watching and listening to the democrats, if you need motivation to unit our part,
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just think of the possibility of hillary clinton or bernie sanders become commander in chief of the greatest country in the world because that will unit each of us. [applause] >> think of what the american military would be like with hillary clinton. the military would have a commander in chief who has no problems lying to the families of american soldiers on why and how they died. our men and women in uniform would have a commander in chief who while serving as secretary of state has had one failed foreign policy after another. and remember when she was asked, given the choice if he regretted any of her failed decisions, she didn't take that opportunity to look internally, she blamed and placed the blame directly on the failures of barack obama because all she was doing was simply
10:38 am
giving him advice. now that's not true leadership. our military men and women, they deserve better. and the bottom line is our military men and women would have a commander in chief that they couldn't trust, that they couldn't respect and who would be unworthy of their salute. so what does american economy look under hillary clinton, people who create jobs would be punished, small businesses would suffer, taxes would rise, spending would rise, inflation would rise and people who are successful will be taxed out of existence and whole industries would be destroyed as we sat and watched our fellow americans all across this country continue to lose their jobs. what would america's health care look like under hillary clinton, how about socialize medicine on steroids, the damage obama has done to health care, would be the like the common cold compared to what havoc hillary
10:39 am
clinton will do to our doctors, hospitals, medicine and economy and destroy even further the relationships we have between doctors, ourselves and our families. what does america's values look like under hillary clinton? as hillary panders to every possible voting block out there, the only individual she is not interested in protecting with special rights is our precious unborn and, i guess, that's because they are unable to vote for her because she manages some way to protect everyone else. honesty, integrity, ethics would now be taught in history class because with hillary in charge, those values, those qualities, that character in our country would, in fact, become history. with hillary clinton's appointment to supreme court. our supreme court could take away our second amendment rights
10:40 am
and freedoms and rewrite the constitutions. and with hillary clinton we can count on the back obama apology tour for america's exceptionalism that would continue for another four years. that's what awaits america if we don't do our jobs, and that is to fully support whomever our nominee is and to unit behind that nominee. our party is as at a cross roads, we are either going dye extracted by the noise as for me i choose to defeat hillary clinton. we are registering like-minded women to vote republican in november. we are reaching out and inviting those individuals to be part of the solution to save our country. thanks to data team and political team we have been able to identify great women prospects in every one of our state and working with all of
10:41 am
you, we will get these individuals registered to vote republican come november because woman aren't automatically going to vote for hillary clinton simply because she says she's prowomen. let's be honest, hillary clinton thinks because she says constantly that she's prowomen and keeps repeating it that that somehow makes it the truth. the truth is when you are a prowomen, it's actually paying women the same as men and that's something that hillary clinton hasn't done in this campaign or as secretary of state or in the senate. the truth is that being prowomen is saying no to tens of millions of dollars given to your family's foundation when the money comes from countries like saudi arabia, kuwait, oman and other countries that commit atrocities against women. [applause] >> like sex discrimination and violation of women's human rights. the truth is being prowomen is called bocaharam a terrorist
10:42 am
group, but definitely after they did. but we know that she's not going to do that. the truth is being prowomen, that means setting an example and being a leader that women can trust. with republican even at high percentage of democrat women, hillary fails miserably not because what we are saying as republican or right-wing vast consipracy. being pro-life is telling the mother, sisters and aunts of loved who died in benghazi about the truth of what happened to the loved ones. to this day, hillary clinton has failed to do that. instead of looking at them and
10:43 am
telling the truth, she blames those families for misunderstanding the lies that she sold -- that she told them after their passing. my fellow members, every time we walk into any group, any time we talk to any media, no matter what we are asked take the opportunity to talk about what the democrats and hillary clinton have in store for this country. now, again, i don't know who is going to be our nominee in cleveland but i do know what -- one thing, he's going to be better for our children than hillary clinton could ever be on her very best day and that's why i'm staying focused. [applause] >> i'm staying focused on defeating hillary clinton, saving america, restoring our freedoms, making the country better for the next generation, our republican candidate will be smarter, more conservative, more qualified and better equipped to lead our nation to greatness
10:44 am
than hillary clinton. so i'm asking you to join me so together we are a part of a leadership team that unifies our party. i'm asking you to join me and be part of a leadership team that keeps our party focused on the job at hand and that is defeating hillary clinton and taking back the white house. together let's be part of a leadership team that continue to elect and reelect our republican senators and our house members. join me and be part of leadership team that together saves america for our children and grandchildren and the next generation. join us together in a leadership team that shows the world that america is still that bright shining city on a hill, may god bless our military men women and their families, may god bless each of you and may god bless our home, our united states of america. god bless. [applause]
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>> thank you, thank you, sharon. all right, i would like to call upon our treasurer tony parker for his report. tony. >> good morning. let me start out by saying that the financial position of the rnc is strong today. we have about $16 million on hand and only $1.8 million of debt, let me also say that we are on target to remain financially strong throughout the election cycle and through the end of the year. on december 31st of this year, we project to have over $6 million in the bank and no debt. but i must say, we are in an open election world none of us could have imagined. the financial world calls an event like this a black-swan event. for those of you who know swans, they're never black, they're
10:46 am
always white except the ones in a million years out pops a black swan. the concept of black swan events was popularized by the writer nasum in seminole book the black swan, the impact of the highly improbable. the essence of his work is that the world is massively impacted by events that are rare and difficult to predict. but the implications for markets, investment and politics are compelling and have to be taken seriously. the 2016 presidential process is a black-swan even. open conventions don't ever occur, that is until they do. to give you an idea the last republican open convention was in 1948. i'm glad to report that because of the machinery and the finance accounting team have put in place, the rnc is managing the
10:47 am
financial implications of this black-swan events. we have been good stewards of the money we have raised. we are not overextending and living within our means and managing disruptions caused by the fact that will probably not have a nominee -- excuse me, candidate prior to convention. karen and the finance staff have done a terrific job. they have met or exceeded their metrics every month. the financial dislocation has come about because there's a delay in the revenue coming about as a delay because of the delay of a presidential candidate. as you know, historically we've had a presumptive nominee sometime in april. at that point we would fund a fundraising and in normal
10:48 am
election year the flood of money opens in may that goodgate is probably not going to open until august. the delay in fundraising revenue may have impact though, it would cause delay in deploying field staff to the battleground staffs till may until august. other than that, the budget has not been materially impacted. the bottom line is that all of the machinery that ranks in -- put in place for 2016 nomination is fully operational except for deployment of field staff. that field staff would be deployed as soon as the convention is over. you can be assure that the financial integrity of rnc is sound and will remain sound throughout this election cycle. now, let's turn to a comparison between the rnc and dnc. as you remember, the national parties have to fund their
10:49 am
conventions. through february we raised 10 million, dnc has raised 3 and a half million dollars for the rest so how would they come up with the remaining 9? they have $7.7 million in cash as of february. bottom line is we have $16 million of cash on hand and we have only used 1.8 million of 15 million-dollar line of credit. in addition, we will be approving a budget later on in this meeting that shows that we will be debt free at the end of the year with over $6 million of cash. finally, i want to thank the administrative staff run by cfo's bob owens. bob and his team are doing a terrific job anticipating and responding to those changes.
10:50 am
katie and division directors are able to rely on that data in making their decisions, knowing that the financial information they get is accurate and timely. and that's my report. >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you, tony, six years as great service as treasurer has been remarkable, wonderful job. i would like to call on our general counsel, john writer for his report. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i keep expecting as we pass through the several weeks to hear the chairman's voice on the intercom saying, this is your captain speaking, i have turned on the seat belt sign because you may have noticed we are experiencing unexpected turbulence. [laughter] >> we are, indeed, in
10:51 am
interesting times and as we begin our approach to the convention u i would remind you that the primary season, the last primaries would be on june 7th, but that will not be the end. it's not even the beginning of the end. it is the end of the beginning because there are certain things that you have to do once the primary is over in your state or any other state. as soon as the entire delegation has been elected, you need to elect the convention chairman and the members of the convention committees, platform, permanent organization, credentials and rules. once the delegates have been elected and the committees and the delegation chair have been selected, you have to certify the delegates to the rnc secretary, susie hudson, and we are going to do this through a website this time. a secured website and anne, i
10:52 am
don't know, are you in the room? yes, she is way over on that side. she will be contacting your state to give you instructions on how to log in and certify your delegates online. the deadline for certification is june 13th. so as soon as you get instructions from anne, please follow them and certify your delegates. a couple of other items, chairman ash will give a formal report on business committee yesterday, but i have to tell you i have been feeling around in my pocket all morning and i have not found any change. [laughter] >> the committee was -- the committee was overwhelming of the view yesterday that here we are 90 days, less than 90 days
10:53 am
of the time the convention will meet that it's inappropriate for the rnc standing committee to make further changes or recommendations of changes to the convention. a lot of questions, you saw the video earlier about convention facts. i urge you to go to the convention website if you have questions about delegations or the process, please call the council's office, please call me, we will be happy to respond to your questions and make sure that you understand the process so that you can explain it to your states, to your delegates, to your media torques your constituents. finally, i want to say this, it is a tremendous honor and a pleasure to serve general counsel with chairman ryan
10:54 am
priebus. [applause] >> and it's also a pleasure to serve as general counsel with you, my fellow republican volunteers, and i recognized that all of us are volunteers. and we all are representatives of the grassroots and together as volunteers and together united and together i think we can accomplish what lincoln said, we shall nobly save or meanly lose the last hope. thank you. >> thank you, john, thank you john. and i want to call upon our great chief of staff katie walsh who has done a fantastic job, she has been fabulous. katie walsh. [applause] >> thank you, chairman. i just want to take one minute before i start remarks, together
10:55 am
we can congratulate chairman priebus being named tops 00 influential people in the world. [cheers and applause] >> and we will just so happen to have copies of this magazine for each one of you at lunch. you can read the great remarks that speaker paul ryan said about our chairman. [laughter] >> it's hard to believe it but after all the work on rules, debate, raising money and state-party offices in victory centers across the country. we are less than 100 days from our convention in cleveland. and i want to echo what the chairman said about what to expect, we are fully focused on preparing for a convention that will be fair and transparent from top to finish, we are excited to display for the whole world an effective democratic process that's been in place since 1850's, the rnc will play purely administrative role in cleveland. it's our job to make sure the playing field is completely
10:56 am
level and all the stakeholders are treated fairly, and that's exactly what we have done this entire cycle. the process of selecting delegates at the convention had attracted much attention lately. we leave it to your state. we as a party have never believed in a topdown, washington-dictated approach anything. there's no reason why the delegate process should be different. whatever happens in cleveland, we will unify around our nominee . so now if y'all indulge for a minute, which is to brag about my staff. the chairman and our communication's director have been tireless on working,
10:57 am
7:00 a.m. to 7:30 at night. .. i can't speak highly enough of a research team. if you see a hit piece on hillary you can bet if they had something to do with it. i'm not sure anyone person in the country were dedicated to defeating hillary clinton van raj.
10:58 am
it will be lucky for our nominee to inherit all the work he and his creaking of them. our digital team continues in outstanding work at this time in 2012 which is five digital staffers. today we have over 25 and counting. they have revolutionized the way we handle digital to mutation in our party ever so grateful for their commitment. so much of what they do everything will help us to make it with the very voters we've had trouble reaching up as. i want to thank her data entry teams. with accountability infrastructure is take back the white house and support our candidates up and down the ballot is impressive. i want to give a shout out to two key members of their team. leader, connor, ashley who traveled around the country to help them better use our data. i feel like a broken record for chris and his political staff are second to none. [applause] >> thank you.
10:59 am
i want to make sure folks understand the work they do. from our political directors, these guys are working five days a week and travel to the weekend to host trainings around the country. i urge you to follow lead right 2016 on facebook or twitter. you will see they are training new fellows of seven days a week. we should also be crippled for for making sure our nominee has a trained staff. ouour legal team is has also ben carefully navigating our nominee process while being under scrutiny like never before. i want to thank john for making sure we are a acting in accordance with state and national rules. karen and her team continued to break financing records. [applause] the oranges was $135.4 million this cycle, a record-breaking number for the end of march in a
11:00 am
presidential year without holding the white house. to raise that money with so much uncertainty and 17 candidates running for president takes an incredible out of work. as a former finance director i would know and i'm grateful to them for their tireless effort. while i'm on the topic of money, as we navigate this unprecedented nominee sees a want to make sure we realize how far we've come since 2012. at this point in 2012 we had for political staff. we have 203 on the grid today and they've been there for three and half years. we have over 2200 trained republican leadership and initiative fellows, a program that did not exist in 2012. between political data, digital technology we spent over 38 million more dollars this cycle than we had at this point in 2012. do not let anyone tell you with a completely revolutionized the way we go about winning elections because we have. [applause] >> for the folks will make all
11:01 am
this happen, torey, rebecca, catherine, thank you, thank you, thank you. everyone in this room is in all about easy you all of his work. we are forever grateful. [applause] i wanted to commit to thank our chairman's office of elizabeth, mike, alex, i cannot possibly tell you how much easier these folks make my job. these five individuals work as hard if not harder than anyone in the building. they are always making sure our chairman as well as myself have everything we need to continue to lead his party toward a victory in november. i would be remiss if i also didn't think sean, our chief operating officer who now on his fourth stint as an absolute blessing to us. i can imagine doing this job without this experience, expertise and leadership in it is our chairman is setting the tone for the rnc. whether it is focused
11:02 am
leadership, and williams hit the road to raise money for his vision for party, he is the one responsible for the success at rnc more than anyone else. we have the best team, setting the gold standard car and i could not be proud of people we have on board. we have the right team in place to win and they are excited to be partnering with you to do that. thank you very much. [applause] spent actually. good job. now we'll move on to the business end of our meeting. i like to call upon the national committeewoman for oklahoma to give a report. >> thank you, mr. chairman. pursuant to rule 10 of the rules the republican party, the standing committee on resolutions met this week to consider all resolutions submitted to the committee. copies of the resolutions have been distributed and are before all the members at this time. i would like to take just a moment to thank the rnc members who submitted resolutions and to
11:03 am
thank the members of the resolutions committee who came together to consider these resolutions which touch on a variety of important and timely issues. i do want to thank justin, deputy chief counsel who helped us with the many details of the committee's work. mr. chairman, the committee recommends for adoption today 10 resolutions. they are resolution concerning timing of u.s. the supreme court justice selection. resolution calling for support of sanctions against iran's ballistic missile testing program. resolution reaffirming strong support for the republic of china, taiwan. resolution calling for inquiries into the 2012 benghazi attacks to be sustained, and for the responsible parties to be held accountable. resolution supporting republican leaders fight against the
11:04 am
president's unlawful executive actions on immigration. resolution condemning hillary clinton for the usage of a secret e-mail server as secretary of state, and calling for her to be held accountable. resolution in support of criminal justice reform. resolution in support of regulation freedom amendment. resolution honoring supreme court justice antonin scalia. and, finally, resolution honoring the life of former first lady nancy reagan. mr. chairman, in the interest of time a request that the rules be suspended to omit the reading of the resolutions. >> hearing no objections were ordered. with out objectionable about all the resolutions asked a whole. >> this concludes my report and i now move that the 10 resolutions before the committee be adopted. >> is there a second? seconded. any discussion?
11:05 am
those in favor say aye. the ayes have it. at 10 resolutions are adopted. now we will move on to ron kaufman, massachusetts, for his report on the budget. >> the budget committee met wednesday, review the first quarter. we are pleased report the rnc of the best first quarter in fund raising in history. we did that by spending 5.3 million less than we projected. we came in under budget by about $6 million leaving us with 16 million cash on hand. going forward we adjusted revenue projections to reflect the fact we do not have -- i may not have one. the budget committee passed a budget to show the total revenue of $151 million. we will be the committee with $6.6 million cash on hand and no
11:06 am
debt at the end of the year. the budget committee likewise, the executive committee likewise passed the budget unanimously. this budget supports the largest field force in history of the party, and was the biggest investment in digital data in technology ever. mr. chairman, i would like to move the we adopt the budget of 2016 as amended. >> do i hear a second? any discussion? seeing that those in favor say aye. the ayes have it. thank you. next, contest committee. >> mr. chairman, the contest committee held its first meeting yesterday morning. we reviewed the contest process which is detailed in rules 21-25. the role of the committee is quasi-judicial. we are charged with fairly adjudicating challenges to certified delegates. in this role we discussed the need to refrain from any ex parte communications with individuals, the media, and
11:07 am
presidential campaigns regarding specific contests including contest we can reasonably anticipate will be filed. under rule 24 other contest committee has the authority to adopt procedural rules not inconsistent with the national party rules that govern the resolution of contest. the committee will reconvene in a few weeks via conference call to further discuss and adopt those procedural rules. i think we have a great crew. i think we will work well together and i look forward to working with everyone on the committee over the next few weeks and months. thank you. >> thank you for your service. rules committee report, bruce ash. >> he had to leave. he's got it. isa there. -- he's there.
11:08 am
all right, bruce. >> thank you for your patience. >> i've been very patient of this week. >> go ahead. >> for nearly three years to stand committee on rules has met on each rnc meeting to consider amendment proposals to the roles of the republican party. over that period of time the rules committee has drafted many thoughtful changes to the rules under rule 12 that have actually allowed our party to oversee a covert presidential process. and many others that every empowered our grassroots. yesterday the committee met once again. the standing committee on rules considered to amendment proposals which were postponed from earlier meetings. one of which dealt with the carveout states and the other with the manner in which we
11:09 am
handle our election for rnc chairman and co-chair. both of these amendments were withdrawn without opposition from consideration at the behest of their sponsors. the committee been considered an amendment proposed by national commitment from oregon that would change the procedural rules of the convention from house rules to robert's rules. after a productive discussion viewed by millions across the country, the committee voted to keep the house rules in place as the procedural rules for the convention. the rules committee will meet one last time in july prior to the start of the 2016 republican national convention, to finalize its package of suggested changes to the rules and submit the report to the full republican national committee. thank you to all the members of
11:10 am
the rules committee for your diligent work yesterday. the committee demonstrate democracy at work at its best. the party is embedded to your commitment to the rules, and your dedication always acting on behalf of rank-and-file, and always acting in consideration openly and transparently. mr. chairman, this concludes my report. >> thank you, bruce. next i like to call upon steve king to give the report of the committee on arrangements. >> before i get my brief report i would like you all to see a video that we played for the more than 15 almost 16,000 media that came to cleveland two or three weeks ago to see their media work space and to see the quicken loans arena. please play the video. >> and that is exactly why today
11:11 am
i am running speakers i have decided. >> i am officially running. >> for the republican nominati nomination. >> president of unite of the und states. >> republican voters are setting records of voter turnout. >> now the time has come for our generation. >> i am asking you to believe. >> so that we can create a greater opportunity for every american tomorrow. >> and that's why working together -- >> we can change this nation. >> is the super tuesday. >> our first projection in this race for the white house -- >> and then there were three. >> i believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up by staying together with our ayes on the horizon. >> and we will make america great again. >> these candidates will unify in cleveland and get behind the nominee. >> join us.
11:12 am
[applause] >> needless to say, there's a lot of media interest in our convention and despite what you may think about the media, almost excited people that were attending that week, to actually applauded them. so it's a little less, it's more than, less than 100 days, 86 days, 11 hours and some 30 minutes into we drop the gala, but who' who is counting other n jeff larsen and i? until about 2470 delegates to send on cleveland and probably greater than 15,000 media folks from around the world and, of course, more than 50,000 visitors are going to descend on cleveland, ohio, beginning jul july 18. we have but one mission the committee on arrangements and that is to organize and execute
11:13 am
the convention that we put on every four years. we have a staff now in cleveland of actually more than 70 people on site, and it's growing. they are there for one reason. that is to make your stay and others stay in cleveland safe, productive and fun to on wednesday of this week the committee on arrangements met here in cleveland and we heard first from the ceo of the cleveland host committee who among other things reported about the wonderful event that they're planning for sunday evening to greet you all. it's going to be on the lake erie front, almost a mile long and it will be open house at the rock 'n roll hall of fame and a lot of wonderful things. so it's something to look forward to upon your arrival. we also heard from jeff larsen, our ceo, and the stuff about housing and transportation and other such things. i'm pleased i think report that
11:14 am
i believe frankly that we are ahead of where we were four years ago in tampa in terms of our planet. finally, from the business side the committee adopted some things that have to do, resolutions. windjana with distributed materials at the convention. one dealing with prohibited items at the convention, and when dealing with for demonstrations. these resolutions are no different than previous conventions so there's no surprises there. the delegates representatives from each delegation will be arriving next week, next tuesday evening and wednesday, presumably each one of their delegations will have something in cleveland next week, hotels and other such venues. so thank you. that's my report. >> thank you, steve. [applause] that concludes our business at this meeting. and i want to thank sharon, peter. florida has been great and though keep in mind was to have
11:15 am
lunch with secretary donald rumsfeld. we have our going away party tonight which is always a because there's not really an agenda so we can talk and relax. but also want to give another shout out to the staff. torry, rebecca, katie walsh. thank you so much for a great week. [applause] >> all right. none could entertain a motion to adjourn. are right. is there any discussion quick same time, those in favor say aye. the ayes have it and the meeting is adjourned. thank you. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> the three-day spring meeting
11:21 am
is available if you missed any of it available online at our website blurred to the white house coverage coming up later today. as donald trump campaigns in delaware, that stood holding its primary on tuesday. live coverage on c-span at 4 p.m. eastern. i could of next tuesday's pennsylvania primary hillary clinton will talk to voters in a suburb of scranton, pennsylvania. live coverage at 7:30 p.m. eastern. >> madam secretary, we proudly give 702 of our delegate votes to the next president of the united states.
11:22 am
>> technology and law enforcement professionals testified about the use of encryption technology. amy hess said without access to encrypted data on smartphones they cannot investigate crimes to the best of their to build a. technology industry experts explain encryption is critical to our national security. the house energy and commerce committee held at this hearing earlier this week. >> good morning and welcome to the oversight investigation subcommittee hearing on debate over encryption industry a law-enforcement. before i start i want to let
11:23 am
witnesses of people with multiple hearings going on today. tomorrow a hearing as well so you will see people coming and going. especially to witness so you don't think it's chaos, members trying to jump a lot of things. it is chaos, okay. corrected. we are meeting today to consider a deceptively complex question should the government have the ability to lawfully access encrypted technology and communications. this is a question at the center of a heated public debate catalyzed earlier this year when the fbi obtained a court order to compel apple to assist in unlocking an iphone use by one of the san bernardino terrorists. this isn't a new question. strong encryption has existed for decades. for years, motivated individuals have access to the tools necessary to conceal their activities from law enforcement. and for your sake of it has repeatedly tried to limit the use of or obtained access to encrypted data.
11:24 am
the most notable example occurred in the 1990s when the development of encrypted communications equipment sparked fears that the government would lose its ability to conduct lawful surveillance. in response the nsa developed a new encryption chip called the clipper chip that would enable encrypted communications but would provide the government with the key to access those communications if necessary. this so-called backdoor sparked intense debate between the government and the technology community about the benefits and risks of the government access to encrypted technology. one of the principal arguments was that such a backdoor would create a vulnerability that could be exploited by factors outside of the governed. this concern was founded when a critical flaw was discovered in the chip design. i should note one of our witnesses today, matt blaze, identified the boulevard which made the comments back to work more akin to a front door. as a partial solution congress passed the communications assistance law enforcement act.
11:25 am
it address the governments concerned the public evolving technologies work attentively to conduct lawful surveillance by requiring telecommunications providers to provide assistance and executing authority authorized service. however, they'll include notable capital to the governments response to encrypted technology. after the government relaxed controls on encryption in 2000, the crypto wars entered a period of relative quiet. what has changed in recent years to renew the debate? part of the concern is once again the rapid expansion of technology. at its core this debate is about the widespread availability of encryption, by default. while encryption has existed for decades, until we so is complex, cumbersome an and argues that if that effort and sophistication to pull its benefit either for good or for evil. law enforcement was still able
11:26 am
to get access to the majority of the digital evidence they discovered in their investigations. but now the encryption of electronic data is the norm, the default. this is a natural response to escalating concerns both in government and from consumers about the security of digital information. the decision by companies like apple and the messaging application whatsapp to provide default encryption means more than 1 billion people have the benefit of easy reliable encryption. at the same time criminals and terrorists have the same access to secure means of fumigation and they would use it as their own mission control center. that is the crux of the recent debate. access to secret technologies beyond the reach of law enforcement no longer requires coordination or sophistication. it is available to anyone and everyone. at the same time as more of our lives become dependent on the internet and information technology, the availability of widespread encryption is
11:27 am
critical for personal, economic and national security. while many of the arguments and could abatement act with those of decades past, the circumstances have changed and so must the discussion. we can no longer be a battle between two sides come a choice between black and white. if we take that approach the only outcome is that we all lose. this is a core issue of public safety and ethics and it requires a very thoughtful approach. that is why we here today to begin moving the conversation from apple


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